i hope people actually enter

me: damn i want to see book of mormon while it’s in town but there’s no way i’d actually be able to go

targeted ads: yOu CaLlEd?

me: :/


ok so here’s the contest 

if you follow me you’ve got an opportunity to have a part in my dancetale comic

how to enter

create a single comic page that is a 6:5 size ratio i dont care how big it is, i mean as long as its not tiny i just know that not everybody uses huge canvas sizes 

the contents of this comic page include the following: 

a panel of Frisk laying in their bed at Toriel’s house, the tutu and ribbon beside them either on the ground or on the dresser beside them, and a second panel of their dream. (if you want the dream sequence can be in multiple panels) 

the dream can be however you interpret, so long as it seems to be some hardly visible form of Asgore saying the following “Chara, please wake up. You are the future of humans and Monsters.” 

and thats it 

it doesnt have to be colored, it can be if you want, so long as its something like that. you are allowed tons of creative freedom. 

the deadline is August 31st but i might consider extending it if you need me to 

to enter you just need to reblog this post and spread the word, then email me your entry at silverscarlet99@gmail.com

and thats it :D 

The first prize winner will have their page in my comic, obviously, as well as a full free commission from me, in this style here: 

second place will receive a full commission but with lines and block shadowing like this: 

third place will receive a sticker style commission that looks something like this 

in addition to that, three honorable mentions will receive sketch/doodle commissions that look like this: 


i’ve never hosted a contest liket his before so be patient with me. i 

can’t wait to see the submissions. 

and thank you thank you thank you so much for 1000 followers 

i really really love you all so much i’m unbelievably grateful 

seriously i would draw everyone free stuff if i could 

in fact tomorrow i’m going to hold a stream all day just to draw sketch requests 


so since im on my winter break i decided to start up these awards because basically everyone has done them and i feel left behind ha


- follow me 

- reblog this post (please reblog i dont count likes)

- just be nice i guess????

so the categories are:

- best url

- best posts

- cutest theme

- nicest tumblr user

- funniest tumblr user

- cutest boy

- cutest girl

- best couple

- overall winner

OKAY and the prices are:

  • A place on my blog
  • promo’s whenever u want
  • my friendship/kik/skype/virginity/whatever
  • i could also send u pretty pictures of lasagna if you want?


anyway that was that i hope people will actually enter i spent like 10 minutes looking for tasty looking lasagna photos

GOOD LUCK i guess

So I recently 4.5k and I’d said I’d do something special when I hit 4k so I’m a bit late, but better late than never. I’m shocked that so many people chose to click the follow button on my page, like thank you so much. I love you guys so I thought I’d do something fun for you all :)

Hence, my very first blog awards I’m really excited about this



  • Best band URL
  • Best Luke URL
  • Best Calum URL
  • Best Ashton URL
  • Best Michael URL
  • Best bromance URL
  • Best 5SOS related URL
  • Best 5SOS blog OVERALL


  • Ashton girl
  • Luke girl
  • Calum girl
  • Michael girl


  • best theme
  • best icon
  • best writer
  • best AU memes
  • best edits
  • funniest blogger
  • nicest/kindest blogger
  • dirtiest blogger (hehehe)
  • raddest blogger (pretty much best blogger)

What You Will Get

  • a follow from me if I’m not already :)
  • A spot on my blog on a special page I’m going to make
  • Promos whenever you want
  • We can be friends if you want
  • My eternal love

How To Enter/Win

  • send me a message nominating yourself or someone else
  • reblog/like the post with the nomination
  • whoever gets the most reblogs/likes will win
  • there will be at least 2 winners in each category.

It’ll end when this has enough notes and enough people enter. Good luck! and I hope people actually do this