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Here’s my meta about the last clip of episode 5.

  • Our intro shot of the karaoke bar introduces our players. I’m especially interested in how we see Mari and Sara twice each (and sharing one shot).
  • May I just say: I am glad my son Eskild is alive and Extra.
  • We have Chris talking to Sara (we don’t see Sara’s face but it’s her jumper) 👀
  • In general we have a big focus on couples (including Evak) and russebussen people. Showing, again, this season’s themes (love and identities/belongings).
  • We have some Chris and Eva talking about wiring money, which seems like foreshadowing to the russebuss contract and payment.
  • Even is about to sing and no one ships Evak more than Magnus.
  • @newlevelofdesperate​ wrote a great meta about Even singing “Imagine” by John Lennon. I agree with most of it.
    I’ll just add that the song is ironic, just like “I’m Not In Love” in s3e5. “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” Sana is feeling the song at the moment. She feels that everything came together, finally. But it’s not true. She wished she could create world peace (if you gave her the power to do so she would, she really would). But she can’t. Some things are beyond her reach and she still hasn’t managed to reconcile her two identities (Norwegian & Muslim).
    Also, I think the song is as much an Even song as a Sana one. Once again.
  • We barely see Mikael walk in, and Elias and the gang look around. Yousef seems to be looking in the crowd for Sana. 
  • No shot of the squad until we get a shot of Even seeing them. Then Magnus and Jonas turn to see where Even is looking (not Isak or Mahdi) and we get another shot of balloon squad: no Mikael. Adam and Mutta seem unconcerned. Elias though sees Even and is not smiling (but he’s not looking mad either).
    He grabs Yousef who was smiling towards Sana and…the smile falters.

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Hey! New to simblr. What are your fave blogs? :D

Hello, welcome to the community! I’m turning this into a follow forever so prepare yourself for some bomb ass blogs. :) 


I love everyone I follow, I followed them for the long run so they all made the list! :) 


@geekmoodlet, @peasims, @simseternity, @neverloore, @nadehzdia, @pxelmango, @randomcoffeesimmer, @sim-bubble, @sim-tastic, @cat-nerd-sims, @loniden, @bonehlda, @theartofqueenie, @stephanine-sims, @lilleputtu, @sp00kyfruit, @dank-owski, @skadisim, @pink-tea, @cactuscreeks, @calexasims, @fadinqflame, @simatrix, @littlenettleheart, @wrixles, @simemi, @simnook, @sarrasims, @vicarious-sims, @mysteriousdane, @simlydarling, @sul-sul, @kiwisims4, @pixielated, @nolan-sims & @shysimblr ♥


@tea-sims, @crazycupcakefr, @dewdropsimsie, @corruptedhoods, @kabunasims, @thefoxandhersimblr, @blarffy, @lovablebuffalo, @seafoamflamingo, @iridescencel, @scarletsundae, @rosieshideout, @seabubblee, @glitchysims, @inspiredmoodlet, @simsy-baby, @pearlescentsims, @butterscotchsims, @graentea, @sim-body, @sunnyfriendell, @citrontart, @theuniquepoutine, @vividlore, @crimsonsims, @foxbie, @nadinemaee, @malcolmlandgraab, @obisims, @cabsim, @publicwoohoo, @thecactus, @pxelbutt, @bekstie, @simmyhymns, @bratsims, @ivo-sims, @tophlair, @wanderlust-sims, @plentyofplumbobs, @wild-pixel, @banana-sims, @stargirl-sims, @treefish, @blushing-cherub, @midpoosimmer, @sunflower-sim, @pxlbobs, @ohare-lane, @loopysims, @brntwaffles, @laenyrie, @kleptosims, @penny-plumbob, @pixelateddust, @pxeldoll, @salsifychip, @pxelplants, @simduction, @sugarsweets93, @lumialoversims, & @wildlyminiaturesandwich


@alwaysimming: Zoë has very quickly become my best friend in this community and I am ever so thankful for her, I’ve been able to tell her everything and her me, I appreciate her so much we speak every day and it’s great, I don’t think we could be anymore similar if we tried, I love you Zoë, truly I do, I can’t put into words how much you mean to me. 

@lilsimsie: Kayla and I have only interacted a few times but she’s lovely, and was actually my inspiration to start my own simblr, which I am so thankful to her for inspiring me to join this community because I’d be in a very different place in life if it wasn’t for her. Thank you Kayla, she was actually the first person I followed and I wouldn’t have it any other way, I hope we can be friends one day but I understand she’s super busy, but here’s hoping.

@dustflwr: My god I love Ashley, every time I see she’s streaming I drop whatever I’m doing and head straight over to it, I just really enjoy spending my time with her she’s so friendly and I admire her so much. 

@koffeecake: Maddy is so kind and sweet, she was nice enough to welcome me into her friendship group and even though I’m too nervous to speak she still invites me to join the Skype call every time and hangout playing Drawful and Town of Salem, I really appreciate Maddy.

@literallywhothe: I love you, bitch. I ain’t gon never stop loving you, bitch.

@blursims: Bre is amazing, it’s no secret she’s my all time favourite legacy and a really good friend, I love her.

@sandy-sims: She’s alright, I guess… No, what can I say about my wife that would even do her justice, I love Sandy, she’s been a constant great friend during my time here, she was the very first person to welcome me into the community and I’m so glad she did, I love you sandy, as with Zoë my words can’t do you justice, just know that I think you’re amazing, you really are.

@momobunniisims: My first follower and the light of this entire community, I adore Momo, she’s constantly showering me with love, hope and positivity and this place wouldn’t be half as great without her, ily Momo!

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Hello cutie pie!! Can I request hcs for Mina and Katsuki when their s/o is a nice, calm person but when they are playing videogames they go on agressive mode and start swearing a lot and going like "die @&#^!!!" i do that and when i game with my friends they always say i'm scary xDD have a nice day/night and rest well!!! Thank you ♡♡♡

(Omg, same. I hope you have a great day as well!!)

Mina Ashido:

  • Mina loves her significant other’s calm attitude and how chill she is in most every day life settings. She aspires to be as nice and collected as they can be one day.
  • One of her favourite free time activities is playing video games while her partner watches her. So, to maximize the fun, she invites them to join her for a couple of rounds.
  • She remains absolutely baffled when her usually calm and sweet partner turns into raging player, ready to break anyone that gets in their away. She doesn’t know if she’s more shocked or scared.
  • Mina would also find out that they make a fantastic opponent, but their aggressiveness takes her by surprise and she can’t get used to it for the first rounds they play against each other.
  • She stil remains amazed when she sees their natural calm attitude from then on.

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • Most people are intrigued how comes Bakugou has such a sweet and content significant other, considering his usual rude and explosive demeanor. The two of them are the different sides of the same coin.
  • Even Katsuki himself is still questioning himself and what did he do to deserve the grace of such an amazing partner that can calm him down and love him, despite of the ugly things he says/does.
  • Once when they invited him over to play some video games, he was pretty amazed to see that they wanted to challenge him to some rounds of Mortal Combat.
  • His amazement grows into shock when he hears them throw an angry fit as they try to kick his ass. Of course, his surprise does not last long enough to give them the time to win the round.
  • All the evening will be spent with the two of them screaming “Die” at each other and shouting in victory.
Boxed Up

CS. Because I cannot accept the notion that Killian wasn’t searching for Liam 2.0 after meeting Emma and turning over a new leaf in Storybrooke. And thank you to @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable for looking over this. She’s a saint, that one.

Word count: 2k

He disappears for hours at a time. She finds notes on the counter, tucked into the door frame of the Bug, propped up on the pillow she’s taken to thinking as his.

Just a few words in his elaborate script:

“I’ll be home in a couple of hours.”

“Back soon. Will bring dinner.”

“Didn’t want to wake you.

So succinct, so unlike him, she thinks.

She does the reasonable thing and calls or leaves him messages, but he has figured out that leaving his phone behind is the most convenient of excuses.

More often than not she finds him squirreled away aboard his ship.

“…just some things I’ve been working on, Swan,” he tells her time and time again, standing hurriedly to take her hand, pulling her up the stairs, through the hatch and up onto the deck before she can make heads or tails of the stack of papers on his desk. She wonders if he really believes a sailing lesson will distract her or quell her curiosity, her growing concern.

“Damn it,” she mutters when she wakes the next morning, sun burnt and salt kissed, hands sore with new rope burns, but still no closer to understanding the mystery that Killian Jones has wrapped himself in.

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