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Name: Naomi
Age: 15 almost 16
Country: France

I love to read, my favourite books are “Looking for Alaska”, “Harry Potter” and “The Sisterhood of the
Traveling Pants”.
I’m a huge fan of series too, I watch a lot of them: Vampire Diaries, Friends (obviously), Scrubs and Dear White People are some of my favourites.
I also listen to music all the time. I listen to every type of music but my favorite french rapper is Orelsan and my favourite band is The Chainsmokers.
I’m fluent in french and I’m almost fluent in english, I’m trying to learn german and I’m looking for someone to teach me some of the languages. But I would love to meet someone with a different culture and languages so it don’t have to be someone from germany. I hope one day I can travel the world so I want to know as many languages as possible.
I’m just looking for someone I can talk to about anything. Also I hate small talks.

Preferences: I would like somebody around my ages, just not less than 14.
I would like someone with an open mind but that’s it.

iilesgemeauxii  asked:

I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!

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Hey! From that huge au list that you said you were accepting prompts on, could you possibly do stucky, the "I hit you with my car and I'm the only one who visited at the hospital, you okay?" with steve being the one hit by the car? It's a sick day for me and it feels like I've exhausted all good fanfiction... you're my only hope!

“Which flower arrangement says ‘I’m very sorry for running you over in my car’?” Bucky asks into his phone, frantically looking between an arrangement with tulips and an orchid.

There’s a long pause, then Natasha asks very level, very calm, “James?”


“What did you do?” she asks in that same, calm voice.


“Excuse me sir,” says the little old woman shopping next to him.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry for yelling,” Bucky says. “I’ll be quiet.”

“No, no, dear, that’s not the issue,” she says.

“Oh, then am I in your way?” he asks.

“No, it’s just that I’m about to leave the store, and drive home. I’m hoping that you’ll give me a few minutes’ head start before you leave, too.”

He nods and smiles at the old lady, then goes back to his phone. “I wish I were dead,” he says, still smiling.

“Daffodils are nice,” Natasha says.

— —

It’s probably presumptuous to go visit the guy you hit with your cat in the hospital and Bucky’s pretty sure that if his insurance company knew about Bucky going over there they’d be pissed, but you can’t just run someone over with your car and not visit them in the hospital. That’d just be bad form.

Bad form like not stopping all the way at a stop sign and grazing the pedestrian who is crossing the street.

He knocks on the door. “Uh, hi,” he says, looking at the guy laying in bed.

The guy sits up a little, then winces. “Hi,” he says. “You lost?”

“No, at least… I don’t think so. You’re Steve Rogers?” The guy nods. “Okay, well, I’m Bucky Barnes and I maybe sort of hit you with my car,” he says, hiding behind the bouquet of daffodils a little. He peeks out from behind it. “Sorry about that,” he adds.

The guy snorts. “Believe it or not, it’s not the first time I’ve been hit by a car,” he says, “and you just tapped me.” He shrugs. “Honestly, I wouldn’t even be in here if it weren’t for my pre-existing conditions.” He perks up a little. “Are those for me?” he asks, looking at the flowers.

“Yeah,” Bucky says, walking forward towards the bed and holding the flowers out to Steve. “They are! They’re… daffodils.”

“I’m horribly allergic,” Steve says, grinning. “Gimme.”

“But you’re—“

“Already in the hospital,” Steve says, taking the flowers and smelling them. The yellow looks nice with his soft blond hair and it’s kind of cute when his thick black frame glasses slip down his nose while he sniffs. “Wow! These are great.”

“I’m glad you like them,” Bucky says, trying not to blush because the guy he ran over with his car is really stinking cute.

“Thanks for coming,” Steve says.

“Oh, uh,” Bucky says, shoving his hands in his pockets. “It was the least I could do.”

“I’m I the hospital so much that my friends don’t even notice at this point, so it’s nice to have some company.” He’s still holding the flowers, and looks down at them again like he can’t believe he really has them, and Bucky wonders why his friends wouldn’t come visit him in the hospital when he is obviously the most adorable dork in all of New York City. He looks back up at Bucky. “You want some pudding?” he asks. “I have some extra.”

— —

Two years later and Steve feeds Bucky a spoonful of pudding. “Yum,” Bucky says, smacking his lips together.

“I can’t believe you convinced the caterers to serve pudding,” Steve says, grinning.

“You know how some couples have special songs or places?” Bucky asks.

Steve nods. “Yeah,” he says.

“Well, our dessert is pudding,” he says.

Steve rolls his eyes. “I can’t believe you,” Steve says.

“And I still can’t believe that you agreed to marry some guy who ran you over with his car,” Bucky says.

Steve shrugs. “You didn’t have enough money to be worth suing,” he says. “And,” he adds, “you only grazed me.”

Bucky grins, leans in and kisses his new husband.

“And you grazed me with your love,” he says. “Same thing.”

“Not at all!” Steve squeaks and Bucky laughs and around them their friends and family dance awkwardly to a mediocre DJ and they’re husbands now, and Bucky will never, ever, run over anyone else for the rest of his life.


Considering the incredible artists in this fandom I’m almost hesitant to show this, but since I have spent the last month in TFC hell, I kind of find it right that this goes to the one person that made me pick up the books in the first place. 

So this is a kind of thank you for making me aware of this awesome series and all that it entails :) I hope all your days are filled with sunshine, even though you kind of made me check ‘On the impossibility of reality’ around 10 times today :D

Oh my gosh guys, look at this amazing thing someone called agathe sent me and said I could post! I’m like… 90% sure it’s pixel art??

  • friend: do you just look at someone and you try and imagine how they're so perfect
  • me: yuuri katsuki
  • friend: i mean i was talking about my significant other bu-
  • me: yuuri katsuki

@bitchycollectionfury-78be5e8b here ya go, thanks, this was fun to write ^-^ nice to write about people being dumber than you are to make yourself feel better


McCree was…

He was…

Well, he was definitely not panicking, that was what he was not doing, because Jesse McCree was one cool customer that could take things as they came and laugh it off.  He’d survived the foster care system and his weird adopted father and his overly intense adopted sister.  He’d survived losing his damn arm, alright, and everything that went down that made it necessary to bundle a young Jesse up and whisk him away to the houses of strangers rather than leave him at home.  And by the end, he’d survived everyone that had thought they could make judgment calls about him without even trying to get to know him, every teacher that had shaken their head and decided some idiots couldn’t be helped, every classmate that had turned their nose up at his accent – a vestigial limb left over from a childhood in the south – or his manner of dress or his sense of humour.  After all, it hadn’t been as bad as all that.  He’d wound up with a great family (he’d die for Gabe and Sombra), and plenty of friends.  He’d learnt to let people go.  Some people just would never see past his shaggy hair or his loud mouth or the cowboy hat he refused to “grow out of”.  Fuck ‘em, that’s what Jesse had learnt.  Shrug your shoulders, turn your back, and go find people that matter.  There had been a time when he couldn’t do that.  There was a time when he’d been living back with his birth family that every disappointed look the teacher had sent him when he’d acted out in class had been like a slap and every report card returned home had been… well, not just like a slap.  There’d been a time when he’d hated everything about Gabriel Reyes, but mostly the fact that he was forcing him to confront a brand new school with people that stared and laughed and huddled among themselves in the cliques they’d formed years back, no space for a new, pushy, desperately loud kid.

Then things had changed.  Then he’d made friends, real friends, and found out what people could be like – what he could be like.  And suddenly the people turning their nose up didn’t matter any more.


And so that was why, as Jesse McCree sat in school library across from Hanzo Shimada, he definitely was not panicking at all.

Even if Hanzo Shimada was hot as sin, with long, dark hair cascading down his back, the most intense eyes Jesse has ever seen, and holy fuck those biceps.

The guy did archery apparently.  Archery. Who the fuck did archery unless they were preparing to run off in some goddamn fantasy movie?  Jesse had never even really given archery much thought as a thing people did – it only really existed in historical documentaries and the Olympics – but now when it was nearly thirty degrees outside and Hanzo Shimada was sitting two feet away from him in a tank top, Jesse was really, really thinking about archery.  And how it must take a lot of strength to constantly be drawing and holding a tense bowstring if you wanted to aim with any degree of accuracy.  And how that sort of strength made it look like your arms and shoulders had been carved from fucking marble.  Especially when one of said statuesque arms had a sleeve of vibrant, blue tattoos running all the way down it.  Jesse could get lost in a bicep like that, with or without blue dragons staring back at him, but the dragons definitely didn’t hurt.

The thing was though, it wasn’t just that.  Jesse had met hot kids before that were out of his league and it generally didn’t really trouble him.  Whatever, laugh it off, move on.  No, of course it had to be more complicated than that.  When Jesse had first entered this class he’d wound his way through the filling seats until he’d found himself sitting next to a boy whose name he would learn was Hanzo.  Jesse had then immediately had his smile met by a flat stare, and he’d figured, oh well, here was an uninteresting asshole.  A hot one, maybe, but an asshole all the same.  It hadn’t seemed important at the time because he’d already turned to the person on his other side – a girl named Angela who apparently wanted to be a doctor (or a researcher…? Something like that, which involved more of the human body than Jesse wanted to think aobut).  She was friendly and laughed easily.

Everything would have been so much easier if Hanzo had just stayed an asshole. The guy was quiet, sure, but Jesse sat elbow-to-elbow with him three times a week and he slowly began to realize that underneath the prickly, don’t-look-at-me-don’t-speak-to-me aura the guy projected, there was something far sweeter down there.  The guy chuckled at every single one of the prof’s bad jokes and Dr Winston had a lot of them, and they were always nonchalantly that most of the class didn’t realize they’d happened… heck, Jesse usually didn’t realize they’d happened until he heard a soft snort next to him.

(And yes, it was a snort. Absolutely and completely undignified and it made Jesse stare at Hanzo until he’d been glared back into submission by the man, who’d seemed flustered that someone had heard him.  How do you tell a guy that may or may not hate your guts just for existed that you thought his silly snort-laugh was cute?  The answer was you did not do that and focused back on your own notes if you value your life.)

As for Hanzo’s notes, well, they were painfully neat and precise.  But amid the sharp ballpoint and careful diagrams, Hanzo Shimada apparently had a habit of making snide details about the lessons in the margins (Jesse knew this because it was a two hour long lecture and sometimes watching your neighbour writes notes out of the corner of your eye was better than trying to listen to a prof drone on at the front of the class for another hour and a half).  It made Jesse start fantasizing about taking out his own pen and writing a little comment in the corner of Hanzo’s page.  Made him think about getting into some sort of stupid note-passing conversation with him like they were eight year olds rather than college kids.  Made him think about getting to have all those weird, witty little comments directed at him, and then seeing where the conversation took them.  (And, occasionally, it made him think about continuing that conversation out of class, possibly down towards a pub he knew for a chat and maybe, oh just maybe, a date.)

Jesse, however, did not dare try – to write the note, that is, entertaining anything else would have been madness.  Hanzo looked like the sort of person that might try to tear your head off if you messed up his notebooks.

Then, just to top it all off, during their lecture breaks, Hanzo often got calls from what Jesse could only assume was a brother.  And, against every expectation, Hanzo Shimada was sweet. Well, still a bit of a deadpan asshole, but no one who’s a hundred percent bad uses his ten minutes of free time to talk with his brother every single day.

“Don’t look at me, I am not playing wing-man for you in a class I need to ace if I wanna keep my GPA up,” Angela had said.  Jesse had pouted at that – he hadn’t even gotten a chance to ask her, had just glanced at her with maybe a slightly-too-hopeful gleam in his eye during one of the breaks Hanzo had left the room to talk with his brother.

And then the fateful day of the class project had arrived.  Winston had told them just to group up with someone sitting beside them rather than running piecemeal through the class.  Jesse had, of course, turned to Angela only to find she had turned around in her seat and was quickly making plans to team up with a girl sitting behind them named Mei.

Frantically Jesse had spun around, but everyone else was making groups with the people to their left or right who they had been getting to know since day one.  With Angela breaking the system, that meant he had only one person left sitting next to him.

Hanzo Shimada was watching him with an unimpressed face and an eye brow raised.

Traitor, he mouthed at Angela.

You’re welcome, mouthed Angela, the Stealth Wing-man.

And so here Jesse was, sitting in the library with someone who presumably hated his guts and thought he was – what, loud? Obnoxious? Lame? – but who Jesse still pathetically, wistfully wanted to impress.  Life, sometimes, was enormous unfair.  At this point Hanzo hadn’t even given Jesse the time of day, he’d been sitting at one of the study tables since before Jesse had arrived, nose an inch from his phone as he texted someone.  Presumably someone cooler than Jesse McCree.

Jesse wanted to groan.  Or shove his pencil in his eye just so he could get out of this project.  Instead he mechanically started pulling out his books and waited for Hanzo to be ready to start on the project with him.


Hanzo Shimada:


Obnoxious Little Brother:
oy give me a sec some of us are still in class and don’t want our phone to be taken away
besides i’m trying to tell zen about how i, the lowly highschooler, am helping my university-bound brother pick up boys

Hanzo Shimada:
Don’t you DARE

Obnoxious Little Brother:
too late
he wishes you luck by the way and says he has complete faith in you
goes to show which one of us  knows you better eh? not him!

Hanzo scowled down at his phone before he gaze flickered briefly up to the person who had sat across from him.  He’d been painfully aware of Jesse McCree since McCree had arrived in the library and pulled back the chair with a scrape that had made the hairs on the back of Hanzo’s neck stand on end.  So far McCree had made no acknowledgment that there was another person at this table, another person he was going to be forced to work along side for the next two weeks.

Hanzo didn’t know whether Zenyatta had faith in him or if Genji had just been trying to wind him up, but Hanzo certainly did not have faith in himself, not about this.  He had never been good at… people. He made, in Genji’s words, “seriously just the worst first impressions.  Like wow.  So bad,” which just wasn’t fair because when it came to a professional setting, when it was about work or networking, he was fine.  He could move effortlessly through the crowds, introduce himself, chat, plan, negotiate.  He’d been dogging his father’s footsteps since it had been decided he would one day take over the family business and he was a devoted student.  But as soon as it was real people in real life Hanzo may as well be carved out of wood; somehow he always managed to put his foot in his mouth.  Which was why he had fallen so low as to turn to his baby brother for advice, because at least Genji, if nothing else could be said about him, was good with people.

Too good with people, if you asked their father.  Genji was a social butterfly who wasn’t so much a butterfly as a housefly, flitting about around everywhere and getting where at lot of people would probably wish he wasn’t and really not caring who he chatted with or what they thought about him.

Obnoxious Little Brother:
look, just don’t do the Hanzo Special and you should be fine

Hanzo Shimada:
Excuse me??

Obnoxious Little Brother:
u kno, your patented Grunt & Growl technique
don’t do that and assume other people can actually understand you bc they can’t

Hanzo wanted to snap back that he did not grunt or growl, thank you, he was a mature adult unlike Genji, but he found his fingers hesitating on the keys.  Frantically he scanned his memory to figure out if he had grunted or growled at Jesse McCree.

God help him he probably had.  He had almost certainly stared stupidly at him.

McCree… glowed, though, and Hanzo wasn’t sure what to do with that.  He spoke so easily.  All it had taken was one glance from McCree on the first day of class for him to apparently decide that Hanzo was a lost cause.  Before Hanzo had managed to scrounge up a single coherent, reasonable thing to say to the sunshine bright, smiling boy who’d sat down next to him, said boy had turned his attentions to the much more receptive form of Angela Ziegler, the girl sitting to his right.

McCree was loud and raucous and ridiculous and he wore the stupidest hat Hanzo had ever seen but god help him he wanted to see McCree smile at him, rather than catch glimpse of it from the corner of his eye while he laughed with someone else.  He wanted to have McCree attention at some point other than when he’d made a fool of himself with his ugly laugh or by seeing McCree stare judgmentally at his notes.

Obnoxious Little Brother:
at the risk of sounding too much like a disney movie have you tried just…. being yourself???
(this was zen’s suggestion btw i’m personally pretty sure being someone other than yourself would be a step in the right direction but you never know maybe disney knows whats up)

Hanzo thought about what McCree had looked like when they had been forced to choose partners.  He had wanted to be anywhere than with Hanzo. The look he had shot Ziegler when she had found a different partner… the helpless, defeated look when he had accepted that the only person nearby not taken was Hanzo.

No, being himself was definitely not going to help him here.

Hanzo Shimada:
Never mind I’ll figure it out

What he was going to do was pretend that Jesse McCree was just some other random student, keep his head down, get this project done with the least amount of fuss, and move on to his next set of class next semester and hopefully forget that McCree existed.

“Shall we get started?” he asked briskly, pocketing his phone and pulling out his own book.

McCree’s face was despondent and it sat like a stone in Hanzo’s gut.  He would rather be anywhere than here.

“Might as well,” said McCree.

Culture Shock part 3 (Jungkook angst)

His heartbreak wasn’t fresh and all-consuming. It was old and dull.

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Part one Part two Part four

Word count: 1.8k

Genre: Angst

“Be honest. Deep down, could you see yourself marrying someone like me?” Your voice was cracking. He could tell you were trying not to cry.

Yes,” he said without hesitating. “One day, in the future, yes. I’m not ready to think about it seriously right now, but I hope that we’ll get married someday.”

You blinked at him. He gave you a reassuring smile, hoping that he had salvaged the situation.

“And what about your parents?” you asked.

He looked thoughtful for a moment, then picked up his phone from the table. He opened his recent calls and tapped his mom’s name. It started to dial.

“What are you doing?” you asked quietly, afraid she might somehow hear.

His mom answered quickly. He put her on speakerphone.

“Hello? We only just hung up, Jungkook, what’s wrong?”

“Hey, Mom,” he said. “You’re on loudspeaker.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I’m here with my girlfriend,” he said, then held the phone up to you.

“Hello…” you said warily, frowning at him.

“Oh. Hello,” his mom said, equally wary.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mention her before. I was worried about what you would say because she’s a foreigner and I thought that might make you a little uncomfortable.”

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The cars you find rotting away in Japan… 

I’ve passed by this R32 a few times over the past few years. Each time I do, the car looks in an even sorrier, and decayed state. The overgrown garden is slowly consuming it. It sits outside what looks like an abandoned house in a town in south-east Gunma. A friend of mine tells me it had been sitting there long before I moved to the area. I hope that one day, someone with the funds and the know-how can save it.

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Ever since New York and I can't stop thinking about Liza and Harry ❤️❤️❤️💔Can you write a little something for Liza and Harry ?

Eliza Sutherland can’t believe she’s in New York. She had no plans to leave her flat this weekend, let alone make the trek through Heathrow to the States. But here she is—out of breath and thirty minutes late—running across the street to Studio 8H. She’s practically arguing her way in when Jeff finally shows up and insists she’s the list. She’s annoyed for all of five seconds. She hears his voice float through the halls with grit and grace and her heart stops in a way she wishes it wouldn’t.

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Headcanon that Orion and Walburga occasionally wrote to McGonagall to hear if their son was behaving.

The first few years McGonagall replied listing all incidents and pranks. Until she noticed how defeated and unhappy Sirius always looked when he returned after the holidays. (She could have sworn she saw bruises on his wrists one day).

So she changed tactics. She sent the Blacks detailed letters telling them how much Sirius had changed for the better and how well he was performing. And instead of telling his parents she called Remus into her office and told him everything Sirius had done hoping that he would have a good influence on the boy. This happened quite a lot so that one day when Remus was told to go see McGonagall in her office he just dropped the books he was holding and lifted his arms desperately yelling: “OMG, PADFOOT! WHAT IS IT NOW? WHO DID YOU KILL?”

When McGonagall ran into Sirius and Remus snogging in a deserted corridor in sixth year she nearly lost all hope. Remus was never called into her office again (at least not when it concerned Sirius). Instead someone else had to live with this burden. A very furious Lily Evans who one day climbed into the common room face red, a knive in her hand with James Potter following and trying to hold her back.


maybe my sky doesn’t look like yours anymore
maybe it’s raining on your end and the sun is shining for me
maybe our sunsets don’t line up anymore
but i can guarantee
as long as we’re looking at the same sky
we’re still together

maybe you’ll meet new people
new faces will take my place in photos
and maybe i’ll find someone else to spend my days with
but they won’t replace you
no one ever could
i hope you won’t replace me either

i know it’s going to be hard
and you may not be gone yet, but i miss you already
but we can survive this
and we will
we have endured so much worse
these miles won’t wear us thin
and i know you’re on the other side
waiting for me
as i’m over here
waiting for you

i’ll see you soon
i promise i will.
—  stargazingsdreamers said: can you write a poem about being away from your best friend because you are studying abroad, with very different time zones which makes it pretty much impossible to communicate.
Anonymous said: Could you maybe write one about your best friend moving all the way across the country and the depression that ensues because of it?

(cc, 2017)
Your friends told me that you still look to see if I’m writing about you and I bet that just boosts your already massive ego. I try and refrain from writing about you but I can’t do it, but you know what I can’t wait until the day I stop. When you go to check what I’m saying about you and I’m writing about someone else, I hope it breaks your heart. But for now, here’s another one. Grasp it while you can.
—  B.L letters I never sent
Eyes On Me (Pt. IV)

Title: Eyes On Me (Pt. IV)

Pairing: Josh/Reader/Tyler

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Namecalling, Rough Sex, Spanking (but not much), oh, and a Polyamorous relationship HA.

A/N: I had such a hard time writing this, and most of you knew that.  I was just trying to wrap up this fic in a kickass way, and hit a huge mental block when I tried to write it.  THANK GOD for my amazing, beautiful friend Laura who wrote the most of the smut in this story.  She is amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without her, she gets me through more than y’all know. Her tumblr is @joshdunslipring so make sure to follow her and read every one of her fics twice because they are so GOOD.  Enjoy Kids!!! Also, sidebar, please be old enough to read this, all of the stuff I write is NSFW, so if you’re younger shield your eyes or don’t tell me that you read it bc I couldn’t live with myself if I knew I was supplying middle school age kids with erotic fiction.  MMMK this is the final part and it gets pretty wild, so enjoy!

Here are the links for earlier parts of Eyes On Me

Eyes On Me (Pt. I)

Eyes On Me (Pt. II)

Eyes On Me (Pt. III)

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She’s perfect (but you’re the one)

Headcanon again. JiKook college AU. They’re best friends and Jimin is really in love with Jungkook, who has this beneficial relationship with this one girl. Little angsty, but they love each other very much and it ends happily. Yes, I know it’s not very original - but it came into my mind while I was listenening Perfect by Selena Gomez :D, and I just had to put it down. Enjoy :)

• Jungkook’s sitting next to Jimin on his bed, both of their backs leaning against the wall, duvet covering their legs. In front of them is situated small chair with laptop on it. They’re currently watching third episode of The Flash.

• Constantly, they’re interrupted by vibrations of Jungkook’s phone, signalizing (together with small blinking notification light) he’s got a new text.

• Jimin has finally enough. What’s the point of turning the phone into “silent mode” when both of them are very well aware of every single time he receives a text? Instead of the buzzing, Jungkook can put it on normal mode. Maybe it would be less annoying. Jimin stops the series.

• “Sorry Kook, but is this really – really necessary? Do you have some important thing going on now?” Jimin looks at his best friend, annoyed expression on his face. Jungkook bits his lips, and then smirks.

• “Well, she likes to know what I’m doing now. And the more talkative I am, happier she is. That means she’s more likely to let me do things the next time we shag.”

• Jimin feels the familiar cringe of his insides, always the same one that appears when Jungkook talks about his friends-with-benefits relationship. He’s just hoping Jungkook didn’t notice the twitch of his shoulders he felt for a second. But Jungkook seems oblivious to things like that, too lost in his mind full of sex – or whatever he was thinking about just now with that look in his eyes.

• Jungkook sees the way Jimin almost rolls his eyes and laughs. “Hyung, you should try it, too.”

• Jimin glares at him. “Like, to find a boyfriend who’s not even my boyfriend? Why?”

• Jungkook blinks and leans closer to Jimin. “Or a girlfriend. Didn’t you mention that classmate of yours – Rina? Or what was it… you liked her, no?”

• “First off, I liked her, but in a she’s-so-cute way. She is a really nice person, you know? And second off, can you just stop with this lame attempts to force me into something like this? You know very well that I’m not that kind of person. At all. And I don’t find slightest pleasure in pure sex without feelings.” Jimin stabs Jungkook with his stare and he just sighs a little.

• “I’ve never said I don’t feel anything for her. We’re just keeping this open…” Jungkook says quietly, eyes focused on Jimin’s furrowed brows. Yes, he knew how much Jimin despises the thing he has going on with YeonJu. But, Jungkook needs that thing; in a way…

• With this lame attempts to “convince” Jimin to find someone like YeonJu is for him, he was actually trying to make Jimin admit he likes someone. Because Jungkook feels like Jimin does, but he denies it every time. And Jungkook has to – just has to – know who it is. How he or she looks. Are they prettier than him? Older, even?…

• Jimin shakes his head. “I could never do that. If you love someone, you commit. If you don’t, why mess with their head? Or yours, for that matter.” He shrugs and adds: “I really hope one day… I’ll end up with someone who loves me. Fully.”

• Jungkook turns to him with strange look on his face, hands gripping the duvet covering Jimin’s legs now. “But until then… Nothing? You don’t want even a small kiss? I’ve heard it releases serotonin and oxytocin – it makes you happy and relaxed, you know, Jimin?”

• Something around them changed the second he said it. Jimin’s not moving and just stares in his best friend’s shiny eyes – almost like two black mirrors, he almost can see himself in them. He feels the arteries under the skin of his throat pulsing.

• Jungkook leans closer with small smirk, touching Jimin’s right hand that was still landed near the laptop after he paused the series. Jimin doesn’t move when he feels the tad, neither he does move when Jungkook’s face is suddenly too close for comfort to his own. For a second – which actually feels longer for some reason – they just look each other in the eyes, then Jungkook finally overcomes the small space and his lips touch Jimin’s.

• Jungkook immediately closes his eyes, but Jimin is too struck to do so. His neck and shoulders are tingling, his skin burns. He closes them just after he feels tears trying to form – tears of shock, but mostly tears of affection he has for Jungkook. He allows himself to get lost for a while in this sensation, Jungkook’s soft lips gently moving against his, touch almost similar to movements of butterfly wings. Then he moves his lips, too, not thinking about it.

• They just nibble on their lips, sometimes one of them biting the other with more force, quickly running their tongues over the bite in case it hurt. Careful at first, Jungkook’s tongue enters Jimin’s mouth. Jimin responds by his own tongue circling around Jungkook’s, tilting his head to the side so he’ll be more comfortable. After small fight of their mouths, Jimin wins and sucks in Jungkook’s tongue, to what Jungkook responds with small whine. There’s a whole universe of intense feelings, forming in Jimin’s stomach, so good it’s almost torturing. But after Jungkook’s hand – the one that covered Jimin’s until now – grabs Jimin’s hair, tugging, Jimin snaps.

• He tears himself from Jungkook, shifting on the bed. Jungkook opens his eyes, confusion in them. Jimin’s not looking at him, so he can’t see the way Jungkook’s chest trembles with uneven breathing, his cheeks pink. But Jungkook looks at Jimin and all he sees is his pale face, watery eyes and lips fiercely pressed together.

• Jimin can’t believe what just happened – it was just few minutes, but anyway, he allowed himself to kiss his best friend! Last time this happened they were drunk as fuck, back at high school. And Jungkook hadn’t had a girlfriend. And Jimin wasn’t in love with him. This much.

• He punches Jungkook with his fist in his arm. “You stupid dick, really, what did you just do?!” Jimin shakes his head, relieved that his voice sounds steady. “Whatever lesson you wanted to give me, DON’T YOU EVER DARE TO DO THAT AGAIN. You have YeonJu and we’re friends and—“

• Jungkook interrupts him. “So what I have YeonJu? You know we’re in open relationship… let me correct that, not even a relationship, just something.”

• Jimin bursts in laugh. “I don’t care you brat. For me, you’re taken. And why do you need to make this awkward now? Ew. We’re not even drunk.”

• Jungkook just smiles. Jimin hate that smile now. He also feels pain forming in his chest, spreading to his whole body, almost like a bucked full of ice cold water was poured over his heart. But he remains calm on the outside. “I thought I will produce some serotonin in you. Also we’re best friends and we love each other, so I thought it’s acceptable for you.”

• That was a lie for two reasons. First, he certainly wasn’t thinking anything when he kissed Jimin; he just let his desire and body take the control – what a bullshit, “serotonin”, really? And second, acceptable for Jimin? More like acceptable for Jungkook. He just used this chance to… okay, to put it simply, he wanted to feel Jimin’s lips so much and he couldn’t control himself.

• Jimin snickers, hitting Jungkook again, this time more playfully. “You’re an idiot, Jeon Jungkook. Never do that again. I will kill you if you do!” Jungkook smiles, relieved. There was still some sort of tension in the air, but then Jimin pressed play again – Jungkook completely turned off his phone now, hiding it under the sheets – and they leaned against their shoulders, watching undisturbed.

• When they lay in bed together, Jimin on his back and Jungkook pressed to his side with his leg thrown over Jimin’s waist, Jimin stares at the ceiling. Younger one sleeps peacefully, of course, thinks Jimin bitterly. His insides didn’t burst just two hours ago like Jimin’s. That kiss was everything. Every piece of his body hurt when he pictured it again, and again. It meant so much for Jimin, yet it meant nothing at all. Stupid Jungkook, bold as shit now, when he’s having regular sex with some girl.

• YeonJu is a picture perfect girl. She’s smaller than Jungkook, but not too small, skinny, but with curves. Slim legs but plump ass, thin waist but visible, full breasts. Perfect beautifully pale skin, with light brown eyes dominating her symmetrical face. And that hair of hers – light blue, she almost looks like a fairy.

• She’s just too different from Jimin and perfect for Jungkook. Jungkook always claimed he’s not looking on the outside of a person – but the truth was, he preferred girls. A lot. And Jimin kind of lied when he admitted that maybe one day he will date a girl – because one can never know, maybe his perfect person for him is a girl – but he liked guys. And anyway, he knew that his perfect person isn’t some girl, but Jeon Jungkook, his best friend of more than six years.

• So it all just hurt too much. Jimin just lay in bed until sunrise, not being able to sleep.

• No one knows about this situation with Jungkook, except one guy he met online. They began chatting about their favourite movies, then one of them mentioned this, second one that, and they found out they’re quite similar. So every once in a few days they text each other through this chat app, provided by the page about movies where they met, sharing their tragic stories of unrequited love.

• This one guy – called “ReallyKnowsBest19” – always encourages Jimin, telling him he should try and come out with his feelings to his best friend. Jimin always scolds this guy when he mentions the girl he’s been sleeping with, so he could “forget about his love-alike situation”. But then again, he kind of understands. ReallyKnowsBest is deeply in love with his best friend – how relatable, really – but he’s got no idea. Also ReallyKnowsBest is completely sure his friend doesn’t like him in that way.

• “You always tell me I should go and tell my crush about what I feel, why don’t you do the same? We have similar chances,” writes Jimin on one evening.

• “He literally pushed me off when I kissed him one day. No way he likes me.”

• “Maybe he was just ashamed?”

• “No. Trust me on this one. After all, I really know the best.”

• Jimin knows a lot about the feelings this guy has towards his best friend. He knows about the way he thinks his lungs are ripping off when they hug, he knows about the way he pretends to sleep just so he can cuddle closer to him and press his nose to his neck. He also knows how he sometimes imagines his friend instead of the girl he’s seeing when they’re having sex, not purposely, but still.

• “ReallyKnowsBest19” also knows a lot about Jimin. Every angsty thought, every insecurity caused by Jungkook, he knows and always encourages Jimin to tell him anyway. “But it’s just that I’d wish my best friend told me if he loved me. You know, maybe that’s why I try to convince you,” he admits once.

• Three weeks after Jimin’s and Jungkook’s kiss, Jungkook claims that he will probably go official with YeonJu. “We talked about it, and well, I like her and she likes me… it will be probably the best and we will see from that on.”

• Jimin notices the weird look – almost expectation – in his dark eyes, but he has no idea what it means. He shrugs and congratulates Jungkook, hugging him. “You know how much I approve this, right? Finally, you’ll stop being an uncommitted asshole.”

• Jungkook just laughs. Few days later he calls Jimin, telling him he’s going to do some groceries and he will stop by his dorm later. Jimin hears YeonJu in distance, laughing about something. After the call ends, he snuggles in bed, hugging a pillow. He felt like crying in that moment. He waited and waited for Jungkook to show, but he didn’t for hours.

• “You know, they went official or will go, soon. I guess it’s for the best, but I feel like I’m gonna die,” he texts “ReallyKnowsBest”, who responds almost immediately.

• “Whoa, I can’t believe this coincidence. Because I, too, now wonder about officially dating this girl I’m seeing. But just because he reacted so… mildly, you know? I’m sure now he doesn’t want me. But please, friend, don’t be sad. Look, I’m sending you your fave cat compilation video.”

• As Jimin opens the link, he laughs, but after first few seconds he bursts into tears. It’s been just so long that he felt this way and he can’t do anything about it, just pretend it’s okay, which, well, is not going so well in his opinion anyway. Jimin lets his tears stream down his face and hugging the pillow, he falls asleep.

• Jungkook unlocks and opens the door to Jimin’s dorm some time later. He finds him sleeping on the bed in fetal position, hugging a pillow, with right hand tightly clutching his phone. Jungkook feels butterflies, flying from his stomach to his throat. Jimin just looks so cute like this.

• He goes over the table settled under window, and places groceries he bought earlier there. Then he looks at Jimin with so much fondness, it would probably melt heart of the coldest person on earth. Jungkook sighs. He loved Jimin so, so much, he couldn’t take him not loving him back anymore. So when this opportunity with YeonJu came, he took it. And it helped him in a way – to release the stress he’s been feeling over Jimin, liking someone else. Because, and he was sure of it, Jimin really liked someone for quite some time. He was too lost in thoughts sometimes, his expression too weird when Jungkook asked him about it – Jungkook just knew, Jimin couldn’t fool him. So he was hurting, quietly, rambling over and over about the sex he had with YeonJu, subconsciously hoping Jimin would interrupt him one day and tell him to stop, because he loves him, because he wants him, too.

• When YeonJu asked him about being a real couple those days ago, he wasn’t seriously considering it. He just told Jimin, hoping once again he will oppose against it. He did not in slightest, even hugging him, almost happily. So now Jungkook probably will date her, like, what could he lose anyway? Jungkook grabs a blanket that was on the chair and carefully covers Jimin with it, so he wouldn’t get cold.

• He carefully takes the phone out of Jimin’s hand, when he notices the notification light going off. Curious about who texts him at this hour – almost 1 AM, he unlocks the phone to see the notification. His breathing stops on the instant. Few times he blinks, wondering if his eyes aren’t lying. But it doesn’t seem like it. He sees his own nickname on the display. With shaking hands he opens the message – he knows he shouldn’t, but he has to know.

• He almost lets the phone slip of his grip when, sure enough, he sees his own last message sent to Jimin, or “cloudsAREsmiling”: “Hey, you okay? You didn’t respond; hope you’re not getting drunk or something.” He felt so worried about his internet friend – about Jimin – and now he knows he was just sleeping.

• Jungkook can’t believe this. But no, it is true – Jimin knows about his feelings this whole time. He just has no idea it’s HIM. And now, Jungkook realizes, he knows about Jimin’s feelings too. So… these years… they were in love?

• Oh, God. Jungkook puts the phone on the table, strokes Jimin’s hair and kisses his forehead affectionately before leaving. He needs to go to his own dorm and think about next steps. He was full of nervousness, but at the same time the happiness he felt was freaking overwhelming.

• Jungkook decides he’ll wait for Jimin to reach out tomorrow, and then, when they’ll be watching The Flash once again, he will bring it up.

• Jimin doesn’t reach out the next day, though. He completely ignores Jungkook – not responding to any messages – not his, nor ReallyKnowsBest’s. If it wouldn’t be for a song he posted on his Facebook, Jungkook would be afraid he died or something. Jungkook feels uneasy about this, did Jimin notice he looked over those messages? Is he mad now? There’s just one way to find out.

• It’s 9 PM when Jungkook knocks on Jimin’s door, entering without waiting for a permission to come in. Jimin looks at him, slightly surprised, and sits on the bed.

• “Hey, hyung.” Jungkook smiles, those annoying little butterflies almost restricting him from talking. “Why are you ignoring me?” He walks over to Jimin and sits next to him. Jimin frowns.

• “I’m not. I’ve been in my classes all day.” That was a lie; he was here in this room for whole day, self-pitying himself. Truth was, after Jungkook did not come for hours after he called him the other night, just stopped by who knows when to drop the groceries, Jimin was hurt. He felt like Jungkook picked YeonJu over him and it made him feel terrible, no matter how many cat-videos he watched.

• Jungkook knew that’s a lie. He suddenly wondered, if it’s about him and YeonJu being official. Just now he realizes that Jimin’s hurting over this, Jimin must’ve been hurting all this time. How many times Jimin almost cried when they were texting, desperate over “his best friend” and “that girl”? Jungkook couldn’t even count.

• So he grabs Jimin’s shoulders in a bold move, surprising both of them. Jimin looks at him, startled. “W-what is it?”

• “Jimin.” Jungkook starts, his stare buried deep in Jimin’s eyes, now widened. “I have this… friend, you know. He’s in love with his best friend for the longest time. He suffers over it a lot, because his friend has a girlfriend… well, something like that.”

• Jimin blinks, feeling heavy all of the sudden. Oh god, this sounds familiar – did Jungkook find out?

• “He could’ve just told him he loves him, but he didn’t. It’s not helping that his crush has no idea what to do, so when he does everything he can to find out if Ji—I mean, my friend – likes him, it just makes my friend believe he doesn’t like him. But you know,” Jungkook’s voice lowers. “Funny thing, really, he loves him, too. Probably even more than my friend loves him. He just tries to get over him in all the wrong ways, causing my friend to hurt even more.”

• Jimin’s not breathing and he feels tears, forming under his eyelids. He wishes it would be like it sounds to him – that it’s their story. But it‘s not – that can’t be, right?

• “So one day his crush accidentally finds out that they are not only best friends in real life, you know. But online, too.” Jungkook’s gaze was flickering over Jimin’s face for a while now, not being able to look him straight in the eye suddenly. “So…”

• Jimin sobs. Loudly. Jungkook grabs his hands and settles closer.

• “So he discovers that they knew about each other’s feelings for a long time. Without a single idea it’s them. And…” Jungkook’s voice trembles a little. “And my friend then confuses the hell out of his crush for the next day. And his crush, I mean—“

• “Just stop,” whines Jimin, crushing Jungkook’s hands in his. “Stop it, Kookie.”

• Jungkook looks in his eyes once again. “I’m so sorry, Jimin. I know how much I was hurting you. I had no idea… I’m sorry.” Jimin frees one of his hands and caresses Jungkook’s hair, sliding the hand down his neck, brushing Jungkook’s cheek with his thumb.

• “I’m sorry I made you believe I don’t want you, Kook-ah. But…” Jimin suddenly laughs. “You’re such an idiot. Did you really think that telling me about your sexual escapades and kissing me all of a sudden would make me admit my love for you?”

• Jungkook pouts. “In my head it made lots of sense!” Jimin stops laughing. “But, what about YeonJu?”

• “I met her earlier today and ended it. I feel kinda sorry about it. She was disappointed, but… she told me it will be okay. Not in these words, I admit. And I’m not supposed to contact her, ever. But…” he looks little flustered.

• “I’m sorry about that.”

• Jungkook just nods and bumps his forehead with Jimin’s. For a while they stay like this, with closed eyes, smiling happily. Jungkook then hugs Jimin, pressing his face against his shoulder, inhaling deeply. “I love the way you smell,” he says, voice muffled by Jimin’s body. Jimin laughs.

• “That’s not surprising, Kookie,” he says while his hand slides up and down Jungkook’s spine. “I shower with your shower gel and I use the same detergent, too. I just wanted to smell like you,” he admits, shyly, biting his bottom lip.

• As Jungkook hears this, he laughs happily, letting those butterflies out of his throat. Then he pulls away and cups Jimin’s face. Jimin licks his lips in expectation, but Jungkook asks anyway, no more lies about serotonin now. “May I–”

• Jimin doesn’t even let him finish that question and kisses him. This time he’s not gonna pull away. At least for several hours, he thinks, as they slowly fall onto the bed in tight hug, still kissing.

This time I fully believed this will take me like 20 minutes and one page in word. NOPE. 7 pages. I just can’t put things simply, can I? I’m sorry if there are mistakes, I tried to correct what I found, will check again, later.
Oh! And if you’re wondering how they could chat and not even know their names - they simply refered to their “best friend” as “best friend” and Jungkook refered to YeonJu as “this girl”. So it wasn’t too suspicious for them :D
Edit: Oh my, I went full Google Translate Bot mode in some parts/words! Sorry! :D I corrected what I was able to find, but I suppose there’s still more. (-.-)

BTS reaction when they see their gf is self-harming

anon: we got the BTS Reaction of when they found out that their GF struggling with self harm but can we get one when they walk in a room and see them cutting themselves           

Trigger warning: mention of self harm

BTS reaction to conffesion about struggling with self-harm

Tbh I’ve never do things like cutting myself or something similiar so requests like this are somehow hard for me. I don’t want any one to be hurt because of things which I write. So please don’t take it too deeply and if someone have any contraindications let me know. I hope that people who are struggling with self-harming will find happines in their lifes and stop doing this. ;-;


Originally posted by syubbie

He saw your scars on your wirst 2 weeks ago but when he asked you about this you told him that you stopped huring yourself. Still he was worried and thinking about you all day. When he backed from shopping, he saw that scissors are missing. Black thoughts show up in his mind. He started to looking for you to find his love in bath looking at this scissors. He came in time before you did something to yourself. When you saw him you started to crying. Jin came to you, kissed your forehead and hug you tight. He gave you to cry in his shoulders how much you want. Single tear fall from his eyes too. He would try to convince you how special you’re and give you some self-confidence

“I love you jagi. You’re the most precious, beautiful and kind-hearted person that I know. You don’t deserve to do this to you. Next time please come to me”


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

View of blood in kitchen made his heart stopped. He would find you in the corner of your room, making more cuts on your wirts. Yoongi would yell your name and come to you to take from you   knife and take you to bathroom to take care of your cuts. He wouldn’t say anything which make you even more crying, you wanted him to yell at you or make a big deal of this. The truth is that he was lost in his mind. He felt frustrated, hurt, angry, shattered in same time. The only thing that he was sure then its that he need to help you and watch you carefuly.

“If you will feel like doing this again, please at first call to me. Don’t do this again, Y/n. I’m begging you.”


Originally posted by jhopingforhoseok

When you don’t pick up the phone and you don’t answer to his messages he started to have bad minds. He knew that you used to self-harm. Hobi rush to your apartament. When he walk into bathroom seeing you with knife, he would quickly take it from you and started to crying. JHope would hug you to comfort you and him at the same time. His tears don’t want to stop. He would stay like this with you till both of you will be more calm. After that you two will have long and full of tears conversation. Hobi would take everything deeply to his heart and still thinking that it’s his fault that he doesn’t notice how much pain  you are hiding.

“Why are you doing this to me? And to you? What did I do wrong? How can I help you? Please, say something to me! Y/n, I love you so much.”


Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

Problems in shool, with parents, fans, friends. It was enought for you. You wanted to de-stress. After school you took your razor and go to the bathroom with tears slowly falling from your eyes. Namjoon was in your apartment and you didn’t notice him. He take your wirst before you even get to bathroom. Pain was painted on his face. He took you to bedroom and start a serious talk with you. Tears don’t want to stop falling so he hug you, trying to wipe your eyes and comforts you. He was talking with the most soft voice ever. He wanted to know why you didn’t tell him about your problems and minds. Jonnie want you to know that you don’t have to deal with everything alone.

“I know that sometimes life is giving us a lot of pain. But around you are people who loves you and want to help you. You have me. You’re not alone, Y/n”.


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

You were receiving hate messages from Jimins’ “fans”.  Jimin thought that he dump every letter before you can notice. His bad. You saw some of them and it depressed you. “Why he choose you? You’re nothing. He deserve someone better. You should die!” It was enough. In past you had a problem with self harming and now you feel like you need this. Jimin come back home earlier to make a surprise for you. But when he hear that you’re crying and letters on the table, he quickly reach to the bathroom and took razor blade from you. Fear in his eyes and the worst scenarios in his head.  He don’t want to lose you. He would assure you in this and would make steps to stop your self harmig once and forever. Jimin would also try to do everything to his fans stop hating you and sending you this hate letters.

“I can’t lose you okay? You are important. You’re mine, Y/n. We’ll go through this together. You’re strong and I know that you can stop yourself from self-harming.”


Originally posted by donewithjeon

Weirdo Tae would disappear and serious Taehyung will show. Seeing your wirst all in blood and you with a razor would make him in daze. Quickly taking razor from you, take charge of you and your new sores. You were crying the whole time. When Tae finished and turn to you, you could see how worried he is and dissapointed. He was dissapointed but in him. He didn’t notice anything and when he was all happy and bubbly, you suffered with problems. He wanted to make sure that you’ll talk to him next time and give you small talk about how you can lean on him and that he is always here for you.

“What’ll you do if you’ll see me in the same situantion? Maybe you want me to do this with you? I know that you don’t want to. So please don’t do this to yourslef anymore. I’m here for you.”


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

He would feel lost. First of all like everyone would take sharp thing away from you. Second-take care of your cuts. He wanted to talk with you about this but not knowing how to begin this. Jungkookie would kiss your old scars and new cuts maybe wondering that they’ll disappear. When you felt asleep he would go to the salon and give his feelings to get out. He may be softly cry but not to much. Like sobbing.  It would be take him a while to pick up the pieces of his broken heart. Next day in your kitchen, bathroom-anywhere, won’t be anything sharp for your safety. He would try to talk with you the best how he can and comforts you.

“Why do you do this to yourself? It hurts me when I see you in pain and yesterday I felt like dying from worring about you.I love you, Y/n. Please don’t do this to yourself  anymore.”