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Could I request the RFA+VandSaeran reacting to MC who doesn't let herself sit on her SO's lap, doesn't do cute piggy back rides, won't let her SO pick her up, won't lay on them or snuggle too close because she thinks she too heavy? Like she isn't abnormally big at all, she's just always been told she's too heavy so she's crazy self conscious.

Aww I sincerely hope that this hasn’t happened to you! Always remember that your weight doesn’t define you and I’m sure that you’re a fantastic person! Everyone should love themselves no matter what! Plus I know that the RFA members would love you no matter what you looked like! I really hope that you enjoy and don’t forget to stay awesome!! :) 


  • After another long day at his university classes, Yoosung wanted nothing more than to snuggle the night away with you
  • Yoosung came home to find you already laying comfortably down in bed
  • Without warning, Yoosung decided to join you and flopped himself down next to you and snuggled into you
  • But you immediately pushed him away leaving Yoosung very confused
  • “Why do you always push me away when I try and snuggle with you MC? Do you not like me or something?”
  • You have to explain to the poor boy that you’ve never really felt comfortable with your weight because of past comments from others and that you think you’re too heavy for snuggles
  • Yoosung eyes you up and down in disbelief because um what how the heck do you think that you’re heavy?
  • “MC, please don’t think that you’re heavy, you’re really not. I don’t want you thinking that you’re any less than perfect in my eyes.”
  • That finally caused you to realize that maybe Yoosung was right and maybe you weren’t as heavy as you thought
  • So that night Yoosung finally got to have his cuddle session with you as he kept telling you over and over again how perfect you are to him


  • Things were getting a little heated between you and Zen one evening
  • Zen had you pinned against the wall, kissing you passionately as his hands crawled to your waist
  • He was about to lift you up and carry you to the bedroom until you shouted in protest for him to stop
  • Zen sighed because you never let him carry you around and tonight, he was going to get answers
  • “Why don’t you ever let me carry you around like the princess you are MC? You know I’m your knight and I can handle it right?”
  • You sighed and decided to finally tell Zen that you didn’t want to be picked up by him since you think that you’re on the heavier side
  • Zen just kind of stares at you for a minute because how in the world do you think that you’re heavy?
  • He’s seen it in himself about not feeling confident in his looks when he was younger and he never wants you to feel that way
  • “MC, I hope you know that you’re really not heavy at all. I didn’t fall in love with you because of your weight, I fell in love with you because of your kind-heart and compassion for others. Please, never forget that.”
  • Leave it to Zen to use smooth words of love to make you cry
  • Zen smiled down at you and gently picked you up and for once, you didn’t protest
  • The rest of the night was spent with Zen taking about a hundred photos of you and telling you how one each one you looked absolutely stunning


  • Jaehee was coming home that day in an especially good mood
  • She had just received approval from the landlord that you and her could expand the cafe even larger
  • So Jaehee walked in the door, quickly taking off her shoes, and raced to find you to celebrate
  • You were in the kitchen, getting dinner ready, when Jaehee spotted you
  • Jaehee told you the good news to you and she picked you up and spun you around
  • That is, until you exclaimed for her to put you down, much to Jaehee’s confusion
  • “What is it MC? You never seem to like me touching you in certain ways, especially if I lift you up. Is it something that you want to talk about with me?”
  • You decided that it was finally time to tell Jaehee the truth, that you felt that you were way too heavy for her to pick up
  • Jaehee was puzzled by what you said, never in her life would she consider your body heavy so she smiled and reassured you
  • “Is that all MC? I hope you know that your body is fine to me, in fact, you’re probably in better shape than I am. You’re definitely not too heavy for me to pick up so please, don’t worry about it anymore okay?“
  • You smiled at Jaehee’s kind words as she finally told you the exciting news about the cafe
  • This time it was your turn to celebrate as Jaehee picked you up this time to properly celebrate with you, constantly assuring you that your body was perfect to her


  • The stars must have been aligned in a certain way that day because Jumin was able to come home early from work
  • So it was understandable why you were more than a little surprised to see Jumin come home mid-afternoon
  • But he smirked at you, taking off his jacket and loosening his tie as he sat down on the couch beside you
  • Jumin had missed you dearly that day, so he leaned over to pull you onto his lap
  • The moment you realized what he was doing, you immediately told him in a stern, panicked voice to stop
  • Cue super confused Jumin
  • “Why don’t you ever let me hold you MC? Am I too inadequate to even have you sit on my lap? Is there something you need me to improve on?”
  • Not wanting him to be confused any longer, you explained to Jumin that you didn’t want to sit on his lap since you thought that you were way too heavy and would hurt him
  • Jumin was even more confused at this point, how could you possibly think that you’re heavy? So Jumin decided to correct you
  • “Please don’t take offense to this MC, but you’re crazy. Your body is the definition of perfection to me, don’t ever feel like you’re heavy around me because I think that you’re perfect just the way you are.”
  • Jumin noticed a couple of tears fall down your cheeks and he gently grabbed your arm and pulled you onto his lap to comfort you
  • He made sure to prove to you that you weren’t too heavy at all, that you would always be perfect in Jumin’s eyes


  • Seven finished up his coding for the day and noticed that it was still early in the day
  • He was extremely bored from working all day so he decided to mess around with you
  • Seven wondered around the house until he found you cooking some dinner
  • He smirked and sneakily grabbed you and put you on his back for a piggy back ride
  • You shouted in protest for him to put you down and realizing how upset you sounded, Seven out you down
  • “What’s wrong MC? You always seem like you don’t like me touching you certain ways or picking you up. Piggy back rides are fun and you should enjoy them!”
  • You explained to Seven that while piggy back rides were fun, you felt as though you were too heavy for them and you didn’t want to hurt Seven
  • Seven is extremely confused by what you said and has to make sure that he’s not hallucinating from working too much
  • He pokes your tummy and then lifts up his own shirt, revealing his slight protruding tummy
  • “Look MC, if anything I’m the one who’s heavier here. You’re definitely not heavy, in fact your weight is a lot better than mine! I don’t want you feeling like you’re heavy because you’re perfect to me!”
  • Leave it to Seven to always make you feel better whenever you’re down
  • Once he saw your smile, Seven smiled himself and positioned himself so you could hop on his back, which you did, as Seven ran around the house screaming how perfect you were, leaving a very annoyed Saeran in the other room


  • When you came home one day, V noticed how sad you looked
  • He asked you what was wrong, but you just brushed it off telling him that it was just a long day
  • But V knew better so he got up from his desk and went to go sit down beside you on the couch
  • V wanted to give you as much comfort as possible so he scooted himself closer to you and tried to carefully move you onto his lap
  • You immediately told him to stop, making V even more confused than before
  • “Please MC, you know that you can tell me anything. What’s bothering you? I want to help you out in any way that I can.”
  • At V’s kind words, you let the tears fall as you explained to him that you made a brief visit to your parents and they commented that you were even heavier than they last saw you
  • V tensed up, what did you mean that your parents said you were heavier before? V cradled you in his arms, giving you sweet words of love
  • “MC you aren’t and have never been heavy. I’m not quite sure what your parents are thinking but to me, your weight doesn’t matter. Please don’t ever think that you’re any less than perfect to me.”
  • He slowly slid you onto his lap and grabbed a nearby camera to show to some of his nature photos to help calm you down
  • You and V stayed this way for the rest of the night and eventually fell asleep on the couch with you having no more worries about your weight


  • Saeran was feeling especially moody one day and needed some snuggles
  • He found you asleep on the couch, he huffed but gently moved you over a little so he could fit in
  • Just as he was about to fall asleep, Saeran was startled when he heard you exclaim for him to stop snuggling as you pushed him off the couch
  • Now even moodier, Saeran stood up and rubbed his back as he asked in an annoyed tone
  • “What the hell was that for MC? I just wanted some snuggles geez. You’re the one always telling me to try and get closer to other people.”
  • You apologized to him, looking truly sorry Saeran sighed and sat down next to you
  • Saeran deserved to know the truth so you explained to him that you weren’t comfortable snuggling with him since you use to get teased in school about being heavy and thought that you still were
  • With an eye roll, Saeran brought his arms around you and told you
  • “Those people are idiots MC. That’s all in the past anyway, I think that you’re weight is fine now. And when I want snuggles I’m going to get them damnit!”
  • Saeran pulled you down onto the couch with him as he buried his face into your neck, sighing in contentment
  • You asked him if he really meant what he said, with Saeran of course telling you yes
  • Saeran softly stroked your hair as he whispered to you how perfect your body is and how he would never change a thing about you

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Hi! Can I request how the RFA + V + Saeran react to if MC if she spoke Arabic? Like an Arab? Hope this isn't too bothersome ^^ thank you! <3


  • doesn’t understand nothing 
  • he loves it 
  • but is so hard for it to understand what are you saying
  • even when you try to teach him a little 
  • but enjoys a lot hearing you 
  • finds it so exotic the way you speak 
  • and loves arab culture 
  • so he’s really having a good time with you 
  • “MC you should go with me to college one day. I found some Arab guys so you can speak to them. I guess they are better than me haha”


  • he’s impressed that you can speak both languages so good 
  • he’s not even trying to learn arabic 
  • he knows he will fail 
  • but is constantly asking you for some words 
  • “How do you say hello beautiful?” 
  • “how about love you?”
  • .really wants to be part of you so he actually tries to learn a bit 
  • but ends up learning how to ask for the restroom only 


  • gets a couple books about it 
  • she wants to be part of your life in every aspect 
  • so she kind of wants to do this 
  • always ask you to speak arabic for her to learn more 
  • you two end up having little conversations in arabic since not much people around knows it 
  • but only casual things since she’s not an expert 
  • like talking about weather or coffee 
  • but it makes her feel more connector to you
  • so you love it


  • he’s not sure about how to speak nothing
  • but wants you to have someone to talk to 
  • so he contacts every person he knows that is arab 
  • probably you end up having a party with tons of them 
  • just because this guy wanted you to speak your language as much as you wanted to 
  • doesn’t learn a word 
  • but always make sure you have someone to talk to 
  • and makes Jaehee learn a bit too 


  • he knows how to speak it 
  • so you two have tons of private conversations in front of people 
  • like saying mean things about other in front of them
  • and that includes planning jokes on Yoosung in front of the poor boy 
  • most of the time you only speak arabic since it becomes a normal thing 
  • so when you go somewhere you have to remind him not to 
  • because the rest doesn’t understand 
  • is like you two created your own word without the rest 
  • where you can be free to say anything just for him 


  • he loves it 
  • but mostly loves to write it 
  • wants you to teach him 
  • but is not really good 
  • his pronunciation is not the best 
  • but he tries really hard 
  • ends up speaking a bit in his own way 
  • most of the times say a thing and you hear a total different one 
  • is funny 


  • pretty much a fan of it 
  • like he praise everything about you 
  • and the way your lips move while you speak is fascinating 
  • of course he doesn’t understand but he loves it 
  • anyways he wants to know more about your culture so he ask about other things too 
  • likes when you call him names in arabic

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Hi! So, if he goes with the I am better than my ex-bandmates and het narrative, then we surely cannot say anymore that this isn't what he wants? (Btw, I hope it doesn't happen, but there are signs out there for it...) If he has the best deal and most powerful team, then he should be able to have a say in it, right?

I’m literally afraid to answer this because I do not want to get involved in discourse surrounding it since we have seen NOTHING yet about how he plans to move forward image-wise.

But I’m jumping in anyway.

Here’s the thing, when Harry and Louis are married with three kids, some tabloids will STILL be pushing “Lothario Harry.”  Not because he or his team want that, but because that’s what tabloids do.

So during this promo season, if he is seen with a woman that is not a relative, I do expect tabloids to salivate at the tawdry headlines they can write. But I also expect many of them to be shot down. Not all of them, or it becomes a game of “well he denied that he was dating Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence, but he hasn’t mentioned that Helen Mirren rumor!! Therefore Stirren is CONFIRMED!”

Plus, sorry to say, but getting linked with other celebrities is good PR, so as long as it’s not salacious, I’m not going to be bothered by it.

As for “better than my ex-bandmates”?  Really? You’ve seen signs of that? When? When he showed up at the XF for Louis’ performance and neither hid nor widely publicized the fact? When he said absolutely NOTHING about his exciting new movie role?

And even if that was true, which I do not believe for a second, it’s bad PR. It worked for Zayn because of the nature of his departure and the image he (or his team) wanted to create. I think we’ll see something very different for Harry.

All that said, the answer is yes.  For the most part, whatever image of him is pushed through reputable channels (that do NOT include The Sun, Celebs Now, or Life & Style) is on him and his team. Not Syco. Not Simon. Not Modest.

Wattpad will still probably push the “old Harry” image because he’s a jackass like that, but that’s not going to be Harry’s team at work.

Vettel fans are getting so much hate nowadays and I don’t understand why are we so offended just because we are doing….ehm….what fans usually do?!

Yeah, I know sometimes we can go crazy but which fans don’t?
Yeah, I know sometimes we are extremely happy and don’t care about the others’ results just spread tumblr with happiness and love.
Yeah, I know sometimes we flood the dash with tears because we are disappointed and very very very sad. 
Yeah, I know sometimes we complain a lot just like our hero does.
Yeah, I know sometimes we say or do things we regret later.
Yeah, I know sometimes we can be very irritating.
Yeah, I know sometimes we go too far.

But this is what it’s all about. WE ARE FANS. And hey, other fans are doing the same!

We are here for one man.
We are one of the biggest and strongest fandoms of all. 
We are as emotional as our man himself. Maybe some of us became a little bit Italian like our hero did and many of us became a Ferrari fan as well (and maybe you know or you can see how stressful it can be.)
We are just like our hero in some aspects.
We never give up.
We fight for him until the end.
We support him, doesn’t matter what he does or what he says.
We stick with him forever.
And we always want the same: our hero to win.
But we win and lose together. That’s why we are so strong together.

You can’t blame us for doing what we should do. You, other fans are doing the same right?

So instead of insulting each other let’s just do our job: supporting our favourite driver.
I hope we can peacefully coexist here.

Jokes aside, this isn’t that bad a compromise, if you think about it. The first normal solution would have been for Louis to spend thanksgiving with his son, at least a little part of it.
The second very normal option would have been for him to spend it with his girlfriend and her family, as we’re talking about a traditional US holidays that theoretically means a lot to her and nothing to him.
What we’re seeing might lack any kind of sense, but what’s new? Louis getting to spend some quality time with his family, avoiding two pretty unpleasant options and just having to deal with minor aspects of his very annoying stunt, now that’s a little new.

A Guide to Writing Captain Swan Fanfiction: By lifeinahole27 and oubliette14

(Less enthusiastically known as: a guide to accomplishing fucking nothing.)

The following excerpt comes from Chapter 1: How to Be a Writer.

Roll around in indecision for a long time, then open up a doc file.

Stare at document for an even longer amount of time. Write 10 words. Erase 7 of them. Stare at document again.

Write three paragraphs that sound okay now, but later you’ll go back and discover you’ve just babbled about kittens and rainbows for two and a half of them and you’ll have to try again.

Make disparaging notes to yourself about what you should be writing.

Open up the internet and tell yourself that you’re doing research.

If you say it often enough, you might just start to believe it.

(Important Note: Tumblr does not count as research and is only acceptable when writing smut that requires staring at gifs of Killian’s O-face.)

Perfectly acceptable research includes phrases such as “Colin O'Donoghue shirtless” and “Captain Swan kiss”. It’s research after all, and you need this kind of inspiration to write passages that will move your readers to tears of joy.

There is however a time limit that should be set for such research. If you find yourself staring at Colin’s face for over an hour, it MIGHT just be time to back away and admit that you’ve actually accomplished nothing.

However, if after that hour you are suddenly inspired to write the smut, just go ahead and write the smut. Plot can come later. Write the damn smut. It’s why you started the story anyway.

Unless of course you find great pleasure in cock-blocking those poor, poor souls while also driving your readers mad with frustration.

If that happens to be the case, go ahead and write over 100k words before you let anyone get near third base.

(Side note: If you do this, your name is probably Carley, and a lot of people will claim you are evil and ruler of the underworld and flail at you a lot. This is encouraging. Keep cock-blocking them, but throw them a bone with some hot make-out scenes whilst doing so.)

Also, do not juggle two (or more) multi-chapter fics at a time. I don’t give a fuck what your muses say. THEY KNOW NOTHING. Just don’t do it.

(Disclaimer: Very little in this guide should be taken seriously as it was written while both authors were avoiding any sort of ACTUAL writing.)

And on a rather unfortunate note, the guide was never finished because both authors decided to “research” shortly after they began and never returned to the project.