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Handplates True Lab in Virtual Reality!

I made this for @zarla-s as a kind of fan project. I wanted to make her something I know nobody has done before. I hope you like it! :)

Music is Megalovania Piano Cover by ChrystalChameleon

Built in Anyland

I lost my sock

A/N: Well, I have a small Sam crisis and I’ll appreciate all the feedbacks on this one since it’s my first A/B/O. I hope I got everything correctly, I really look forward to write more in the future. :)

Words count: 1700 ish

Alpha!Sam x Omega!Reader

Warnings: no plot, unprotected sex (use condoms IRL), A/B/O dynamics.

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“That’s not mine”

You stare at the long, grey sock like it is some kind of new discovery nobody has done before you. Honestly, you feel a little like a chicken who found a toothpick and you keep observing it as if it is going to move and run away from your fingers.

You breath in the faint smell that is still on the sock even after being cleaned. You tremble a little as the scent triggers something deep inside you. No doubt an alpha owns this. But why does it make your stomach burn this way?

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Taking Care Of You

♥ Hi Guys, here is a quick little, fluffy imagine with Bucky. I hope you guys enjoy. This one is especially for the lovely @ididntasktogetmadedidi I hope you enjoy it as well. Feel free to leave some feedback, drop an ask, send me a message or a request. I love to hear from you guys! Deutsche Version wird in der nächsten Zeit noch ergänzt!

  • Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
  • Summary: Imagine Bucky takes care of you while you’re sick.
  • Warnings: throwing up, and fluff
  • Words: 983 

Exhausted, your eyes fluttered open, immediately you wrapped your fluffy blanket tighter around your body, making sure to move as less as possible, so you won’t irritate your sensitive stomach any further. You closed your eyes again, fatigue and exhaustion were keeping you company since this morning, along with nausea, headache and dizziness. To say it hit you bad was an understatement! When you got up this morning, you had already felt a little dizzy, but you had ignored the annoying feeling.

As you went for training with Bucky and Steve things got worse, after a few minutes of sparring with Steve, your view became blurry again and your vision slowly faded into darkness. You could hear Bucky calling your name before you finally lost consciousness.When you first woke up, you found yourself wrapped up in your bed, and immediately a wave of nausea had hit you, as fast as you could, you ran into the bathroom.
You nearly spent an eternity on the cold floor, throwing up until your stomach was completely empty, clenching in pain, your chest aching from heavy breathing, and your face was tear strained.
You sat trembling, next to the toilet on the ground, and tried to calm down a little, you avoided moving to much fearing you might need to throw up again.

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Monsta X Reaction #19 - Their s/o cusses when they normally don’t

anon asked: Monsta X reaction to their s/o accidentally cursing (he/she doesn’t curse normally)? Thank you! :)

Hyunwoo: You two would be walking down the street when some guy made some vulgar comment to you. He’d tense up but was going to ignore him and keep walking when you instantly whipped around and cussed him out for being disgusting.

As shocked as Shownu was, he’d see how mad that guy had made you and be disappointed in himself for not standing up for you instead of letting you do and say something you’d normally never do.

He wouldn’t know how to apologize so he’d act a bit weird towards you until you asked what’s up with him. He’d rant about how he felt bad for not protecting you and how sorry he was.

He’d make it up to you any way he could and would feel horrible about it for weeks.

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Hoseok: His extra ass would be standing there with his mouth and eyes both wide open, gasping loudly as he’d back away from you.

“JAGI?? Did that dirty word just come from MY JAGI’S mouth?!? What happened?? Are you feeling sick?!?”

He’d feel your forehead with his hand and when you’d bat his hand away saying you were just surprised and it slipped out. He’d still be so shocked that he’d bring it up periodically through out the rest of the day, shaking his head at you in disbelief.

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Minhyuk: Some people you worked with didn’t like you very much so they went out of their way to ruin your day even in the littlest of ways.

You’d finally make it home but you’d just keep replaying what happened over and over until you finally snapped and started ranting to Minhyuk about how horrible they were. He wouldn’t even have the time to be shocked at you calling your co-worker a ‘bitch’ as you continued on, pacing back and forth as he silently took in all the information.

When you were done and felt a little better he’d kiss you and give you a back rub, feeling absolutely horrible that you were so upset about this. He’d try and help you come up with whatever solution you liked best to get rid of that stress, even if it meant quitting your job and starting over fresh.

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Hyungwon: You’d be walking in the park when a seagull swooped down closer to you two then either of you expected.

Hyungwon screeched as he ducked low to avoid the bird, hearing you screm “Shit!” as you did the same thing.

“Y/n!!” He’d pop back up laughing once the bird had gone, “You cussed!! Oooh, I’m telling Shownu!!”

“Hyungwon! It made me drop my fries!! It was an automatic reaction, don’t tell him!”

“I’m telling!” He’d run away from you then, smiling at you playfully until you ran forward and knocked the ice cream out of his hand. He’d stop dead in his tracks, suddenly serious, and he’d stare at you as you laughed at his pained expression.

“Y-You know how it feels now Hyungwon! That’s what you get for being a tattle-tale~”

“That…was incredibly unnecessary Y/N. That was just mean.”

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You didn’t even realize that word slipped out of you. You were so lost in everything I.M was doing, the feel of his hair in your hand, his tongue slowly moving along your entrance, his deep, low humming vibrating your clit as he moved to softly suck it

You tugged his hair a little in encouragement and you came, hard, when he gave a low, guttural growl in response.

“F-fuckk Changkyun…”

His head popped up from in between your legs to smirk at you evilly, one of his eyebrows quirked up in question.

“Baby girl you’re going to have to watch that language around me or I might loose myself in you completely. You’re being an awful bad girl, cussing like that for me but… Damn I want to hear that again though. I want to be the one making you say things you’d never even dream of saying… You know where this is going, right?”

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*okaay I’ve never written anything the least bit smutty before so please forgive me if it was bad. Idk what came over me…Jesus save me lmao

On to Jooheon!!

Jooheon: You both got scared easily so it was no surprise that the other members would do everything in their power to scare you two as much as possible.

You two were absorbed into your own world as you walked into the room that Kihyun was in. When Kihyun jumped out and screamed ‘boo!’ Jooheon started screaming and the combined words “shit!fuck” came out of your mouth.

“YAH KIHYUN!” Jooheon would recover immediately and hit Kihyun’s arm angrily. “YOU SCARED Y/N SO BADLY THAT YOU MADE THEM CUSS!! What are you going to do to make it up to Y/n?? EH??”

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Kihyun: You had been on a live chat with Kihyun when one of his anti-fans started bad-mouthing him for dating you.

They didn’t shut up even after Kihyun respectfully asked them to stop and you finally got frustrated to the point where you felt like you would explode.

And then you finally did. “Listen up you little shit dick, we’re dating and we’re happy so instead of going out of your way to ruin someones day why don’t you go and try to find some happiness of your own okay? You’ll just be sad forever if you spend your time trolling people on the internet all the time. It’s just sad.”

Kihyun would end the chat as quickly as he could, apologizing if you had offended anyone and shutting off the camera. He turned to you and immediately collapsed into a fit of laughter.

“I’m strangely proud of you jagi! I didn’t know you were so passionate about our love.” He’d smile for hours afterwords and no doubt would tease you about this for the rest of your lives.

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A/N: Because I got a crap ton of monsta x requests right before I closed my ask box (and had none before) I decided to do some of the Monsta X reactions inbetween the other ones I’ve gotten. This way I have more variety instead of doing a bunch of BTS reactions, then a bunch of Monsta x, and then a few other groups. I’m just mixing it up!! Lol I hope nobody minds. I’ll get everything done asap I promise.


AUs that nobody really asked for - 2/? Lawyer Steve/CSI Detective Natasha AU

Natasha was on a twelve-hour shift, investigating a homicide, when she’d met hotshot lawyer Steve. He had gotten on her nerves the moment he’d stepped into the room, arguing with her about everything under the sun. Forced to work together on the case, they learn that nothing was what it seemed as they unravelled the past.

Trust Me [Changkyun Angst / Fluff]

Word Count: 2100++

| A request from anon for a song fic - Don’t Judge Me by Chris Brown. The ‘I’ in the lyrics refers to Changkyun. |

Summary: Changkyun used to be a playboy but that was before he met you.

A/N: Sorry for taking horribly long! There was so much school work to do and just when I was done, my computer decided to give up on me :-( But I hope you like it!

You’re hearing rumours about me

And you can’t stomach the thought

Of someone touching my body

“Well, I don’t know ________…that definitely isn’t the Changkyun I know,” Hyungwon shrugged and you frowned, not understanding why nobody believed you when you told them that you and him were going to be in a serious relationship. You didn’t like how Minhyuk, Kihyun, Jooheon, and now Hyungwon, gave you the exact same unsure, doubtful look when you told them what had supposed to be a dream come true for you.

“Okay, fine. Then you tell me, who is the Changkyun you know?” Since you first met the boys, you had always kept a distance from Changkyun because he seemed untouchable, not in a bad sense, but you never felt confident enough to approach such a perfect man like him. And now, you were slightly scared, afraid because it seemed that there was a lot about your boyfriend that you didn’t know.

Hyungwon looked away and you thought to yourself, this is bad. “Committed, long-term, these aren’t really the words to describe him. You understand what I mean right? I don’t have to spell things out, it’s harsh,” he winced and you nodded, trying to keep cool. So he’s a playboy? Okay, what a great start.

“Playboys never talk about being serious but he did this time Hyungwon. I’m sure he means it,” you say, trying to sound as hopeful as possible but you knew that you already had your doubts. As much as a pig couldn’t fly, Hyungwon wouldn’t lie, and even if he wanted to, he couldn’t. It would be written all over his face which was why none of you ever let him in on plans for surprises.

“Did any of the boys tell you anything else?” He said warily and you raised an eyebrow.

“Anything…else? Like?”

“I don’t know…his times with other girls? You know what, forget that I brought it up okay?” Hyungwon took a quick sip of his coffee and looked out the window. At that moment, your mind was a warzone. You didn’t know whether to press further or to let the whole thing slide but then again, this was your future you were talking about.

“Tell me everything. Whatever is on your mind now. This is really important to me Hyungwon…I know, I know it’s as if I’m asking you to tell on your friend but I need to know what to expect,” you sighed and hoped that you weren’t sounding too demanding.

The chat dragged on longer than expected and the whole time you were quiet which was rare. Hyungwon told you everything from Changkyun’s small acts to big ones and you left the cafe feeling horrible. You were worried, hurt, doubtful, every possible negative feeling there was. The only thing left was to hear it from Changkyun himself and you wondered how he would feel that you had dug up every single thing about him. But then again, did he consider how you would feel when you found out about everything he did?

You didn’t think he did.

I won’t deny what they saying

Because most of it is true

But it was all before I fell for you

You spent the weekend thinking hard. Was it really wise to confront him about everything? There was so much at risk and you were so close to letting it slide. But you wanted a transparent relationship, one with no secrets.

“Are you okay?” he waved a hand in front of you and you nodded your head.

“Yeah…there’s just a few things I need to ask you.”

The boy’s facial expression changed and you sat up straight, trying to decide how to even start.

“Were there like, a lot of girls before me? I’m not expecting to be your first girlfriend or anything, but were there that many of them?”

At that moment, Changkyun felt his mouth go dry and his mind was completely blank. Barely a month in and you were already doubting him, not that he had done no wrong.

“W-why this all of a sudden?”

Now it was your turn to be stuck. You didn’t want to tell on his friends and make it sound as if they were all out to ruin him, but you didn’t know how else to say it.

“I heard some things okay? And they’re probably not lying so can you please just be honest with me?”

He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed, leaning back against the bench.

“That was a long time ago _________. Nothing is the same now-”

“Things might be different now but it doesn’t change the past! Were you going to let me go on without knowing anything?”

Realising that there was no way around this, Changkyun tried to think of the best way to put things. But no amount of sugar added could make the truth less harsh.

“Whatever they told you, it’s true okay? I went around, never sticking for more than a week…But that was all before you came along. I’m not going to treat you the same way and you must trust me on that!”

In your heart, you could feel his sincerity. He didn’t sound like he was lying but you didn’t know whether you were blinded because you loved him so much.

So please don’t judge me

And I won’t judge you

Cause it could get ugly

Before it gets beautiful

And if you love me

Then let it be beautiful

“You must be having a lot of doubts now but please, can you give me a chance?”

You rarely went into relationships, in fact, this was your second relationship and after the first, you became extremely careful. You didn’t want to get together with someone just to ‘try things out’.

“I really love you, liked you ever since we first went out together with the rest for lunch. I know that people change, but for you, it’s being going on for so long I just, I don’t know whether you’ll start getting bored.”

For sure, you weren’t a party girl, the one always in the spotlight. For someone like Changkyun who had such an outgoing, loud and bright personality, you didn’t know whether he’d see any point of being with someone who couldn’t match to his level.

“What? Bored? ________ please - “ he sighed and you could tell that he was getting slightly frustrated. You were pushing it too far, weren’t you?

“I’m sorry I’m just,” you paused. What exactly were you feeling? Scared? Angry? Jealous?

“Can we not have doubts before things can even become what we want it to be?”

And he was right. You loved him, and so you would give him your full trust. But saying it was way easier than keeping that trust.

You’re hearing rumours about me

And saw some pictures online

Saying they got you so angry

Making you wish you were blind

Time went by and his past was never brought up again. He loved you with all his heart and so did you, you were so sure of that. Four whole months passed and you felt so happy that you decided to give him a chance and not ruin it because you assumed the relationship wouldn’t last for a week. But there is no such thing as a forever perfect relationship with no bumps, isn’t it?

It was a Sunday and you were alone at home, waiting for Changkyun to reach. You had spent the Saturday alone because he was out for some party which you didn’t think much of. There was a lot of talk about the happening party and you were curious. Parties were never your thing but you always wondered what went on there. Could people really spend half the day just eating, talking and dancing to music?

Grabbing your phone, you went to various social media platforms where hundreds of photos of the party were posted by all the people who went. It looked loud and messy and you were reminded again just why you never went for such things.

All the pictures were mostly the same, people dancing, food, bright lights and you were about to put your phone aside and watch some videos but something caught your eye. Changkyun had a can of coke in his hand, which was perfectly fine, but your gaze shifted from his right arm to his left which was wrapped around someone so familiar.

Isn’t that the girl Hyungwon showed me once?

You zoomed in on the picture and it clicked. The girl was his ex. You scrolled down, eyes scanning the comments which were full of how the both of them were back together, how perfect they looked together, how they were inseparable throughout the entire party and how they couldn’t understand why they broke up in the first place.

At that moment, you felt great uncertainty and your heart was beating fast. There were so many thoughts running through your mind, emotions flooding your heart and you didn’t even realise that Changkyun was standing at the front door. He saw you staring blankly at the screen, not moving a single inch.

“__________?” he called as he started walking towards you and snapping out of your thoughts, you shut your phone immediately. “W-what were you looking at?”

You didn’t reply, keeping silent and trying to hold back because you didn’t want to lash out without thinking. Suddenly, he grabbed your phone out of your hand and you instantly regretted telling him your password. Changkyun saw the overwhelming comments and he knew just what you had seen.

“__________ trust me this isn’t-”

“It isn’t what it looks? Oh boy, that’s the most cliche line in every single romance drama.”

“Yes, she’s my ex but all these ‘inseparable’, ‘back together’ things are bullshit. I’m still her friend and you know that.”

“Friend? Are you sure? Why would all these people lie about the two of you at the party? And it’s not even one comment Changkyun, it’s tens of them!”

You felt the tension rising and you hated it but at the same time, you needed him to explain himself, although you didn’t know what there was to explain.

“Those people are exaggerating things. I talk to her for a couple minutes and they see it as hours!”

You got up and grabbed your phone back.


“You’re leaving, or I’m going into the room.”

You saw panic in his eyes but it didn’t affect you a single bit.

“We’re going nowhere. I’m calling Hyungwon and he’s gonna tell you for himself that I didn’t do anything at the party.”

Hyungwon. Hyungwon would never lie. But now you were wary of everybody.

“I bet you talked to him about this before. You knew that I’d see it didn’t you?”

“Now you’re being ridiculous. Okay, you’re doubting me because you still don’t trust me, my past is still all that you think of me! But Hyungwon. You’re even doubting Hyungwon now?”

And all of a sudden, you felt a pang of guilt. You just implied that your boyfriend and bestfriend were working together to keep you in the dark. Changkyun felt that all you thought of him was a playboy and that the past four months didn’t change a thing, didn’t convince you one bit.

Changkyun saw your expression change and he knew that what he had said made you feel horrible about yourself. He didn’t mean for that, he didn’t want to guilt trip you into forgiving him.

“I’m sorry, I’m the one at fault here and I’m not trying to come up with excuses. It’s just-”

“It’s okay, I don’t need to talk to Hyungwon.”

Was that it? Were you done with him? Changkyun knew that he screwed up and his was starting to think of ways to beg you not to break up with him.

“I trust you.”

The boy’s eyes widened and his entire body felt stiff. Did he hear you right?

“I trust you Changkyun and I’m sorry. If you’re thinking that these four months has done nothing to make me trust you, you’re wrong. You love me and I know that.”

Changkyun’s vision started to become blurry and he felt a lump in his throat. He had done horrible things in the past and he even doubted himself sometimes, but to know that you had decided to have complete trust in him? He felt a sense of joy and thankfulness that he had never felt before.

“I am who I am, not who I was,” he smiled and you nodded, feeling your entire heart melt.

“I promise, I’ll be the one that you can trust.”

You gave him all your heart and all your trust; he gave you all his love as you were the only person for him.

Giving Too Much

Generosity, both a curse and a blessing. I was raised to give because giving was never viewed as something unwanted. My parents always told me to be more considerate towards my brother, continuously giving him the last piece of cake, letting him win an argument, and at times doing his errands for him. I was built up thinking that the more I give, the better I’ll be as a person. I was too young and naive, never knowing what’ll do to myself later on. In school I’d always join volunteer clubs, consistently lending a hand to my peers. I tried so hard, trying to satisfy everyone’s needs, never putting my own first. And people will think, what’s wrong with being selfless? There’s nothing wrong with being humanitarian, but everything has its limit. I gave too much of my time and effort to the people I cared for. In friendship, I’d always put my friends before school, trying to keep a consistent balance between the two. I’d spend countless hours, creating something I know my friends would enjoy. I baked for their birthdays, I made them videos for their laughter, and even packed them lunch, in hopes to see a smile appear on their faces. Nobody told me to stop, nobody told me it’s okay, you’ve done enough. So there I was the girl that would cross the ocean for my friends when they wouldn’t even cross a puddle for me. They always accepted my kindness, taking it for granted. And of course, deep in my heart I always hoped that when my turn comes, they would do the same for me, yet I was wrong, thinking that would happen for years. Until those friends who I’ve cherished so dearly left me. I was confused, asking myself if I’ve done something wrong. It hit me, I wasn’t the problem, I never was, it was always them. They had the easy end of the friendship, unfailingly getting want they want. Like a servant, I fed them too much of my love and compassion, filled them up to the rim and so they got full, satisfied with what I’ve given them, packed up their stuff and left. In a way, I was glad they left me. I was able to learn a lot from the heartbreak. That sometimes it’s okay to be generous to me, that sometimes it’s okay if not everybody is happy, and that it’s okay to let things go. Although too much generosity had its toll on my relationships, I will never stop being generous. Because I know a small kind gesture can heal someone else’s pain and brighten their days. It’s just that through life, you’ll have to figure out who’s worth your kindness and generosity and who’s just taking advantage of it. 

IKON reaction to you being afraid of the dark

Done!! hope you like it <3 
~Admin Marshmallow~

Bobby: *hugs you* ‘Its okay. I’m here.’ *gets equally flustered* 

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Hanbin: *smiles and pulls you close* “That’s so adorable!”

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Jinhwan: “Oh really? You should have told me before. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you!” *squishes you*

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Yunhyeong: “Aww. Come here, you baby. Nobody is ever going to hurt you. Don’t carry the burden of such trivial worries.” 

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

Chanwoo: “Really? Its okay. I bet most of us are scared too but just dont admit it.” 

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

Donghyuk: *looks at you, deeply fascinated* “There is nothing to be scared of. Nothing will happen to you, I promise. Don’t worry.”  *smiles and takes your hand*

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Junhoe: *laughs hysterically* “You are such a baby! How did you even live this long without me. What are you even scared of?” *stands in a dark place making funny faces*

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by imochan (badspacebabies), rated R, 15.5K
By Organization for Transformative Works

classic kylux, hux-womp, sad frottage & spooky space mysteries

Ren is gone. Hux is fine. The past can’t hurt you.

(All of these things are lies.)


Here it finally is!  Part two of the Tidal Force Series, sequel to Wracklines. Writing this fic was not exactly a labor of love, much more similar to a labor of, uh, pain—it took me close to seven months, and it’s been the first thing of real substance I’ve managed to finish for Kylux fandom since the end of last year. I’m so relieved and thrilled that it’s finally done, and I really hope y’all enjoy it.

That being said, despite my best efforts, this fic really is more of a sequel than a stand-alone. If you haven’t read Wracklines recently, I highly recommend that you do so before diving into this one (But Wracklines is very short! It’s a little weird! It sets the stage!)

Nobody likes a huge disclaimer on their sad smut, so in closing I’ll just send a huge thank-you shout-out to @reserve @eralkfang @nacho-witch @xan-drei @yeats-infection, and all y’all buddies on tumblr and tweetie (anon and otherwise, irl and online) that watched me suffer through writing this and helped me believe that it was worth doing.

Angel  [ J.J ]

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Sister!Reader

Request: Hey :) Could you please write an imagine where the reader is Jughead’s little sister (by a year or two, whichever you like) and when she starts high school some people bully her and he’s never around to witness it but one day he sees her getting bullied, maybe pushed down the stairs, and he just gets really angry and over protective, and then like sister/brother fluff? Thank you ❤️❤️

Warnings: Bullying and mild-ish language

Word Count: 1010

A/N: I am sooo sorry this took so long to get up omg. Anyways, I thought this request was super cute! 

Jughead and you were always like two peas in a pod. There wasn’t that much of an age difference between the two of you; Jughead is just over a year older than you. You were practically best friends.

But ever since Jason Blossom’s murder, Jughead had immersed himself into other things. Things that you had known were important to him yet the slight possibility that he valued them more than you still hurt you more than you would admit. It’s not as if you didn’t talk to each other at all because you interacted the same as usual just not as often as you did before.

Jughead still cared for you more than he cared for anyone else and vice versa.

So, when people started to treat you badly at school, you didn’t have the heart to tell him. What made it easier for him not to know was that he was just never around whenever a bully would step up to you. Students would tease you or shove you and you had no idea of the reasoning behind it. You knew that you weren’t exactly like the other students but what did you do for them to bully you?

It wasn’t that you were embarrassed to tell Jughead, it was that you knew it would make him angry and you knew that it would upset him. Besides, he’s dealing with more important things. Right?

You were walking to your locker after last class, your books held tightly against your chest. You ignored the stares that you received from the same group of students who found it so damn amusing to make your day horrible, silently hoping that nobody would address you.

You sigh as you pass them without contact, your fingers loosening around the books in your hands. They were only a few feet behind you but you had assumed that they wouldn’t bother you now that you had passed them. You were wrong.

“Hey, loser,” A strong male voice called from behind you. “Heard your brother was on the list of suspects. Wouldn’t be so surprised if your name’s on there too. I bet it was you–”

You snap, turning around abruptly with a strong glare aimed at the whoever had spoken. You couldn’t have cared less about his words but you were sick of their attitude towards you. Honestly, you had surprised yourself by having the nerve to finally confront (even it was just a stare–it still managed to catch them off guard) them without making everything ten times worse.

You’re eyes held a look that sent them all a step backwards. Who knew that the Jones girl had so much flare? Obviously they didn’t. You absolutely hated when anybody said anything wrongly of your brother. It always flicked a switch inside you.

The boy scoffs, rolling his eyes as a smirk crosses his lips. His eyebrow raises as he nods his head in your direction, waving at his friends to follow him. You stay still, unaware of his intentions.

As he walks past you, he juts his arm out roughly, shoving his elbow into your side. The force of the impact sends you into the locker, your arm hitting the metal with a loud noise. You wince at the added pain. Tears well in your eyes as you bend to pick up your fallen books as the group of kids laugh, the hurt in your side and side throbbing in sharp bolts of pain.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” You let out a wrangles noise at the familiarity of the voice; Jughead. You look up at him, immediately ripping your gaze away.

Jughead was infuriated, his jaw clenched and his skin reddening as his fingers curl into fists. The glare he sends at each and every one of them was almost terrifying before he turns to you, his expression softening as he grabs hold of your arm to help you up.

“You know what? I don’t care. All I care is that you’ve had the audacity to hurt her as you did. She’s an angel–she’s never done anything to you! And this is how you treat her?”

Nobody says a word as they watch with what you hoped were regretful expressions. They were scared of Jughead at this certain moment and your heart swelled with pride at how he’s standing up for you. You were so thankful to have him as your brother.

“You can all shove a damn knife up your asses and go to hell for all it matters to me. But don’t you ever mess with her again, you hear me?” He almost yells at them, his eyes sending daggers at each individual. The boy who had shoved you looked as if he had messed his pants, gulping as Jughead spoke angrily. “Otherwise, I swear to god you’ll all be begging for–”

“That’s enough, Jug.” You softly cut in, shaking your head at the group of students. Jughead takes a deep breath, waving a hand at them, motioning for them to bugger off. And they scurry away quickly, murmuring between themselves.

Jughead pulls you into his chest, his arms tightly holding you firmly against him as he kisses the top of your head. You bury your face into the soft fabrics of your brothers clothing, letting a few tears fall.

His heart shatters as he holds you, his little sister, as you cry. He bites his lips, squeezing you tightly. How could he have not noticed? He shakes the thoughts away.

That was the last time anybody messed with you. You would see them glance at you with hateful glares now and then but many of them were caught by your brother. If anybody so much as looked at you the wrong way, you knew Jughead would have at their throats. But he made sure nobody did in the first place and the rest of your days at school weren’t so dreaded anymore.

You had nothing much to worry about from now on. And it was all thanks to Jughead.


Part 1
Part 2

Request: so for secrets for part 2 you should write it where the reader gets hurt by some bad guys on the street and Peter saves her and the swing back to the avengers tower and tony gets really worried and upset and mad at Peter since The Reader got hurt? but the reader admits it was her fault and she shouldn’t have been out so late at night ? lots of fluff and angst ???

A/N: So, here’s part two. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not too proud of this one. I hope it’s good enough and somewhat enjoyable. Just in case… NO REQUEST FOR MORE PARTS, PLEASE! I just don’t have the time, I hope you understand.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Words: 2,280

Warning: some angst and fluff, I guess. NOT PROOFREAD!

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