i hope nobody steals this


I want to do a dnp inspired makeup look i feel like its a kinda unique idea (lol i hope nobody steals this) but i cant think of anything i can do that will go well! If you have any ideas please tell me. I want to like do something with eye makeup or smthing idk

Octodad: Dadliest Catch {Sentence Starters}
  • "He's just running late. He's always late!"
  • "The wedding is starting. Are you ready?"
  • "You're not even DRESSED!"
  • "I knew you wouldn't get cold feet."
  • "You look so handsome."
  • "Will you get me a unicorn?"
  • "You'll say yes one of these days!"
  • "Oh, you're finally up. Nice to see you, sleepyhead!"
  • "We've got more somewhere, right?"
  • "Oh, honey, how could I stay mad at you?"
  • "I made your coffe just the way you like it."
  • "I will mow you down!"
  • "Honey, what's going on over there?"
  • "Can't you make an exception this time?"
  • "I hope nobody steals it while I look over here!"
  • "You're always up to something odd."
  • "Not now, I'm composing my masterpiece!"
  • "I wanna climb something condemned!"
  • "Are there any more lights around here?"
  • "I think there's something really scary in here."
  • "Here, use these. I don't want them anyway."
  • "Nowhere to run this time!"
  • "Well, now we're both in trouble!"
  • "That was a close one. I hope that man is okay."
  • "Well, someday I'll get an answer out of you!"
  • "That... doesn't make any sense."
  • "Just because you're right doesn't mean you're not crazy."
  • "I will not bother you again."
Straight White Boy Problem #455

I left my keys in my jeep in the school parking lot! I’m so nervous i hope nobody steals my jeep *leans over and talks to friend* dude if i told the teacher I was going to the bathroom do you think I could run out to the parking lot

Okay, here’s my thing for Bbrae Week Day 1: Arguing.

I’ve never posted any of my GOOD drawings on here before because I’ve been terrified of people stealing them legit terrified, so I really hope nobody does.

Also, sorry about the bad quality. I used my Magic Wand 2 to upload this and I had SOOO many problems, it literally took me three hours to get it just on my laptop. Don’t ask how long it took me to get it onto Tumblr.

So yeah. Enjoy? Sorry it’s not very good. My handwriting is scratchy because I had to go over everything and make it darker so you could see it and it’s still not dark enough wtheck as you can see, I am really annoyed right now.

But yeah. End rant. Enjoy.

>And I am Original Character Devon, a normal human from this normal world.
>You do not say. I only hope nobody steals us from our well-crafted story.
>I am afraid I cannot allow you that.
>Because there is something called personal MySpace.
>I do not know. It seems people will stop watching this promo right now.

“A Rose By Any Other Color” : Pokeshipping, part one

Disclaimer - Of course, I don’t own anything! I’m just your average shipaholic klepto!

Author - Warlordess

Notes - I have been feeling very uninspired to write lately… I’ve had less than zero ideas… but I came up with this one tonight while I was shutting down my department at my job… What if I took a well-known line/moment from another OTP and applied it to this one? That being said, I’d love to thank the writers who made Drew such a butt because, without his stupid rose line, I wouldn’t have felt this wave of inspiration I’ve so desperately been in need of!

(I hope nobody hurts me for stealing this moment and forcing it onto Ash and Misty!)

Chapter two can be read here!


Title - “A Rose By Any Other Color” / part one

Summary - … Would not have nearly the same effect on them. Either of them. What the heck has Ash gotten himself into? Pokeshipping!


He can’t explain it, but he’s had to pump himself up quite a lot to come this far.

It’s the first time in quite awhile that he’s had enough free time to visit his friends around the Kanto region. Usually he has just long enough to stop at home for a couple of days, see how his mom is doing, celebrate with her over his latest placement in the League, visit Professor Oak’s lab to check up on his Pokemon, and then research wherever he’ll be wandering off to next.

But the unforeseen free time has given him an opportunity he hadn’t previously had the chance to take advantage of.

“Oh, Ash? You’re back already, huh? Sorry, I’m still cleaning the…” his redheaded friend, Misty, falters after taking into account his preoccupied hands. “Wait, what’s that?” she asks him, earnestly curious of his intentions.

His nerves are set afire again, his unexplainable anxiety threatening to take complete hold over him. The whole thing was supposed to be real quick and simple… He couldn’t understand why it seemed so awfully complicated and confusing!

“Oh, uh, this?” he replies innocently, holding up the bouquet he’d bought from a local floral vendor. “Yeah, sorry - I mean, uh, here you go!” And he tosses them into her arms, causing her to drop the mop she’d been previously using to clean the arena floor.

“I - I’m - I mean, I don’t…” she rambles on, face flushing furiously at this sudden event taking place between them. She’d known for a long time of course that Ash would someday (maybe, hopefully) come around and finally understand how he felt about her but she hadn’t noticed the time had come to pass already. There had been no indicators since her best friend had first arrived the day before that he’d managed to bridge the gap of his own romantic unintelligence…

“Oh, wait! Right! I guess I should explain!”

“Yeah,” the redhead says cautiously, “I guess you should.”

“Well, it’s not a big deal. Those roses are for Gyarados.”

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