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All That You Are

request: hello! could you do an ani x reader x obi, reader is a jedi knight like them and is very passionate about stuff she likes (space, creatures, etc.) and she gets excited very easily and she always puts others before herself, blushes really easily and looooooves kids, especially helping those in need? and ani and obi are both in love with her but she’s really oblivious to it and they just find her adorable? i’d like to see a reader insert with my personality, so fluffy end with lots of love pls❤️❤️

a/n: Hi everyone! Before you read this one, I just want to make the small disclaimer that I’ve never written a polyamorous relationship before, nor have I ever really had contact with one in my life. So if it’s a little clunky, unrealistic, etc. I do apologize, I’ve done my best! I hope I can do this request, as well as the reader’s personality, justice! This one’s pretty long (around 5k words) and actually pretty sad, but it has a happy ending so I hope you’ll be happy with it!! Enjoy! - Eliza

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Do you think CC will have a reconciliation scene or do you think he thinks that they have already reconciled with the Babylon hand hold?

So, the last ask asked what I wished for, and this one is asking what I think. Sigh…I don’t even know. Honestly, before S10, I would NEVER have imagined that he would break them up. I thought that, after all our suffering, he had finally given us the thing we’d been waiting for for so long – maybe grudgingly, but he had done it and it was done. They were together at the end of S9, and in IWTB they had that confusing semi-breakup, which was annoying, but it was treated as a conflict subplot sort of and they were happy at the end. I hoped, for S10, that he wouldn’t repeat that and would just let it be and let them be together fighting aliens or whatever and move on, but I did worry that there would be some similar plot where they get in a fight or whatever. 

But truly, never a million years did I think he would actually just…break them up, go backwards and try to reset their relationship, that lived-in, patina’d, hard-won, organically and painstakingly woven and brought to life by David and Gillian, unique in all of television relationship back to how it was in Season 3 or whatever when people used to get excited about the sexual tension. We are SO far beyond that and it is SO out of step with what the show is at this point and what we’ve seen with Mulder and Scully and all that they’ve been through. It’s a waste, is what it is. And I honestly, I just could never have imagined that CC would do that. I worry about EVERYTHING and I didn’t worry about that. And yet, he did. I will never forget hearing those spoilers and the sinking feeling in my gut. Never. 

And so…I really don’t know. My hope, now, is that he envisioned the two seasons as a continuing arc, broken in the middle by a cliffhanger, and that Mulder and Scully’s relationship will be resolved in the second half of that arc. I don’t know if he considers it “resolved” after Babylon or not. In the language of television and in expecting people to understand what you’re conveying through the scripts and the direction, if he was trying to convey that Mulder and Scully were back together and their conflict was over after that scene, after all the setup and exposition about them no longer being together, it was not successful. If that’s what he was going for, it didn’t come across. So I hope that, IF that was meant to be the resolution of the relationship “arc,” it will be reinforced by our seeing them together in Season 11 and it being unambiguous that they’re together, and I hope to god we don’t get ANOTHER version of trying to inject “conflict” in this way. 

I’m getting off track and talking about my hopes again. I THINK that, even for Chris Carter, he doesn’t think that the handholding in Babylon was a sufficient resolution to the setup that he did about them being broken up. But, I don’t really trust my thoughts anymore because I was wrong about his willingness to break them up in the first place. I just truly did not dream that he would go there. So I don’t know. But I hope we get more resolution than that, I really do. And I hope we get it early enough that we don’t waste the entire last season tapping our toes waiting for the thing that we want instead of being able to actually enjoy watching the season. 

ivoriholmes  asked:

hey I watched your live stream and I've only ever done traditional art so watching how you drew was so cool!! Thank you!


I really hope you had a fun time <3 and you know.. one of my basic reasons that I only draw (or mostly) digital is that you can erase your stuff AND YOU DON’T FOLD THE PAPER ACCIDENTLY !

Hihi and I have to thank you C:

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I liked the ending, some parts at least, but I feel like this season was worthless because we're back to where we started. The time jump is gonna give the chance to Hope to control her craft and get rid of the Hollow so the Mikaelson can reunite, kind of like the beginning of the season where Hayley was looking for a cure for Marcel's venom & Freya's poison.

One of my biggest issues with the episode was its repetitiveness. The circumstances may be different, but this was done before. This great sacrifice was already done last season. This klope separation was already done last season. These goodbyes were already done last season, and much better done if you ask me. In season 5 klaus will have to try to reconnect with Hope once again. The Mikaelsons will be reunited once again. It’s the same over and over again. I can’t believe they would be satisfied with a series finale that is just a downgrade from the last season finale they did.