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Roman’s Nicknames

I’m so sure I’ve forgotten some and that someone has done this before, but I hope this is useful for anyone who needs it for fics or whatever you might want to use them for haha I figured I’d put my memorization of the videos to good use.

PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF I FORGOT ONE. I’ll add it to this original list in case people want to link back to it. I’m also gonna update it with each new video.

FYI: I didn’t add ones like kiddo, teach, or ones that weren’t originally said by Roman. This list is just for ones Roman himself came up with.

Listed per character with the name followed by the episode it was said in.



- Emo Nightmare (A New Year of Lying to Myself)

- Hot Topic (Alone on Valentine’s Day)

- Sunshine (Losing My Motivation)

- My Chemically Imbalanced Romance (Am I Original)

- Jason Toddler (Am I Original)

- Negative Nancy (Am I Original)

- Jerky McJerkface (Am I Original)

- Surly Temple (Growing Up)

- J.D-elightful (Making Some Changes)

- Doctor Gloom (Becoming A Cartoon)

- Marilyn MonROSE/Morose (Becoming a Cartoon)

- Count Woe-laf (Accepting Anxiety Part 1)

- Creepy Cookie (Accepting Anxiety Part 2)

- Brad Pitiful (Accepting Anxiety Part 2)

- Panic at the Everywhere (Fitting In: Hogwarts Houses)

- Jack Smellington (Moving On: Nostalgia Part 1)



- Calculator Watch (Accepting Anxiety Part 2)

- Erlenmeyer Trash (Fitting In: Hogwarts Houses)

- Specs (Moving On: Nostalgia Part 1)

- Sub-astute Teacher (Moving On: Nostalgia Part 1)



- Noosy, hipster, theatre geek, Mark from Rent (Losing My Motivation)

- Pouty McSpecs (My Personality Q&A)

- Padre (Fitting In: Hogwarts Houses)

- Softest Little Puffball (Fitting In: Hogwarts Houses)

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could you write some gen for deku and all might as 32 doctor/companion au? it's okay if you're only doing ships tho i just thought they might have a fun dynamic :D

Don’t worry, I’m not only doing ships! I hope you don’t mind if I use Deku as the timelord again like I did in this ficlet. This one would probably be considered a prequel since it’s before Shouto. Anyway, Yagi Toshinori Best Companion Award. I have a lot of feelings about the Toshi Izuku father son dynamic.

32. doctor/companion au for non-romantic Deku and Toshinori

In the fall of 1983 Yagi Toshinori retired from the Japanese Self-Defense Force after over thirty years of service. As a decorated veteran he thought that the rest of his life would work out. He had done his duty and now his injuries were too much for him. He hoped to live the rest of his life in peace.

Unfortunately, no one wants to hire a veteran who coughs up blood on a regular basis and his medals only win him a token appreciation. Life after service was hard.

In the spring of 1984 Yagi Toshinori disappeared without a trace.

To everyone else this is a sad story. To Toshinori himself it is a happy one.

Toshinori has seen the distant future, the far off past. He has walked with the dinosaurs, spoken with pharaohs, rescued people from the bombings in World War II. He has been to far off planets. He was there for the christening of the first multi-generational spaceship.

He has adopted a son.

Okay, so the last one isn’t technically true. Deku is a millennia old alien with a magic blue box, not some child that needs taking care of. Still, Deku cries at the drop of a hat (example: Toshinori had Deku help him revitalize the whale population after hearing a student explain their endangered status. They went to the future to see if it worked and when it did Deku broke down into tears). He looks like he can’t be more than twenty and sometimes his expression gets sad. He often responds to strangers showing their appreciation with anything from embarrassed platitudes to outright flinching. Overall, Deku reminds Toshinori of some of the new recruits who joined up to get out of bad home situations. He wonders when the last time Deku had a family was. There are some things you don’t ask, however.

Despite knowing that Deku doesn’t need Toshinori to be a father to him he still finds himself walking into the main chamber of the TARDIS with a smile on his face and a plan.

“Deku, my boy,” Toshinori calls, “Are you in here?”

Deku’s green head pops out from around the central control column. “Colonel,” Deku says brightly, still refusing to drop Toshinori’s rank. “What can I do for you?”

“I have a request,” Toshinori says, walking slowly until more of Deku is in view. He seems to be tangled in the TARDIS’ wiring. “Is this a bad time?”

“Not at all.” Deku beams.

“I was wondering if you could take me to Europe for ice cream.”

Deku blinks. “Ice cream?”

Toshinori nods gamely. “Yes, ice cream. I hear it’s different in Europe.”

Deku nods back. “Totally. I’ve heard that too. I mean, I’ve never had ice cream but I’ve heard it’s different everywhere.”

Toshinori can’t help but chuckle. “Is that so.”

“Usually,” Deku says.

Toshinori doesn’t bother trying to figure that one out. He might strain something. Deku is an odd one and Toshinori has learned to go with Deku’s odd little moments.

“Well then, whenever you’re done with that we can go.”

Like magic Deku slides out of the wiring like a fish through someone’s fingers. “Ready.”

Toshinori laughs.

The travel, as it always is with the TARDIS, is bumpy but quick. They land in an alleyway next to what Deku claims is the best ice cream shop in Paris circa 2029. Catching sight of the scrolling news bar of a neighboring bank shows that it’s 2039.

They settle in. Deku is disappointed that they don’t have melon but he settles for peppermint. Toshinori gets plain vanilla. Deku flashes his fancy piece of paper that the cashier reads as a coupon for free ice creams.

“Having a good day, sir?” the cashier asks while she’s making their cones.

“Pretty good,” Deku says, rocking on his feet from toe to heel and then back to toe. “Just taking my dad out for some ice cream.”

Toshinori jumps in surprise and then coughs up blood. It runs down his chin and he wipes at it quickly. The cashier looks panicked and Deku is at Toshinori’s elbow in an instant. 

“Colonel, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Toshinori says, clearing his airway with one last cough. “It’ll pass.”

The cashier hands Deku napkins, who hands the to Toshinori. He clears the rest of the blood. “I’m so sorry,” he says to the cashier.

“It’s okay,” she says. “My grandfather was a World War II vet so I know how it is.”

Deku and Toshinori glance at each other, both probably thinking about the house full of people they saved.

“That’s amazing,” Deku says. “We owe our veterans everything.” He turns to Toshinori and meets his eyes. “They’re our heroes.”

For once Toshinori is the one to start to tear up. He reaches out and ruffles Deku’s hair. “No, my boy, you’re the hero.”

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Nanofimo Day 21: 1058 words on the Xmas fic. Hoping to get one final idea for it and finish that this week, leaving me some wiggle room for editing time before the deadline.

“But what about TMWTBTW!” you cry? Well. The last few days I’ve done all my writing in very public places where there are people know me, so I haven’t been able to work on the next scenes because it all gets a bit:

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If you know what I mean.

Christmas Stockings

A/N; This is for Steph’s Winter with Dean/Jensen Challenge, my first ever challenge. I think I failed the 1,000 word limit tho, sorry Steph I just kept one with ideas. I hope you like it, it’s my very first one ever. (Bites nails) thank you @secretlyfurrydragon for beta’ing this for me, all other mistakes are my own.  My mom passed away in 1998 with Multiple Myloma Cancer that part in the story is true, and for me. I stayed in my room for two weeks before I faced the world again, she was my best friend and we done everything together as if we were sisters. She protected me from my abusive father until the day he decided to turn on her, I took matters into my own hands. the van con package the reader gets, its only a dream that i wish to go. only my mothers cancer is truth in this. but here I said it was four years ago, but in reality it was 20 years ago this week on Thanksgiving that I lost her. I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving. #winterwithdeanchallenge (Thank you Steph for letting me participate) 

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, scared reader, pregnancy news, mom’s memories Mentions of Cancer

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Here you are sitting in the living room with your husband’s family on Christmas day, you had some news to tell them but at the same time you were scared out of your wits. Your left leg was bouncing like crazy, and your palms were sweaty. Your heart was racing, and you bit your bottom lip so hard you knew it would be bruised tomorrow. You were scared to tell them, because you haven’t even told Jensen, so there’s no telling how he was going to react.

You decided to wait to tell them, since you’ll be together, as you would have backup just in case Jensen wasn’t happy. You knew he would be but in the back of your mind you still had your doubts. You really haven’t thought about having babies right away after only being married a year, however, things changed and now you’re pregnant.

You had been down all day, but you had your own reasons why. You lost your Mom on Thanksgiving day four years ago, and things haven’t been the same for you. She was your best friend and you done pretty much everything together. She even helped you with meeting Jensen, and that will be a day you won’t never forget. Her death took a part of your heart when she passed of cancer as you stayed in your room for days ignoring the world.

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i met the guy🚶🙋‍♂️once ☝️1️⃣ and once👇1️⃣ was enough🙅‍♂️😠🤧

He went into the forest so no one could take his teddy bear away from him again :(

(sorry for being kind of late because I didn’t post that sooner and now everyone is talking about the finale aaaah ;u;)