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Gay, Lesbian, and Bi Horror: A Masterpost

Below the cut is a list of films, books and television shows that feature gay, lesbian and/or bisexual characters that are in the horror genre or have elements of horror in them.

If you know of something that I forgot to include, or notice an error (such as something being included if it doesn’t have gay/lesbian/bi content), please send me a message and I will add it. I hope to see this list grow.

Please note that some of the media here may not portray gay, lesbian, or bi characters in a totally positive light, and just because I included it doesn’t mean that I am endorsing that.  

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underoni belongs to @noxiatoxia
no, I don’t forget to draw gaster!sans, had too lazy to do ¬3¬ and the second drawing in ink and error, I imaginedt the situation of England and Amerika, as an unofficial idea!:

ink had practically lost all its magic and could only create small things, unlike others who only had lost some (like the ability to be transported), when at last recover a considerable amount of their magic, error mocks him “I hope so stop being so weak and you can fight, shorty” ink was upset and shouted that if he could do it, ran out of the room to face one of the parasites of fresh, error was been  alarmed as they had seen a memory that something bad going to happen to ink, and ran after him, upon arrival (along with us!sansy) found that ink had managed to defeat him, but had struggled too, while blue looking in another room something useful , Error stayed talking with ink, but while talking error noticed that ink not looking at him and instead stared at the floor nervous, afraid ask “how many fingers do you see?” but ink just apologized, he could not see, even though his eyes were bright, his magic no longer saw, the great effort made had damaged the magic that had recovered, causing blindness, error was lamented about that, because he knew that would happen,  but instead of help he had caused, and as both began to get along better (almost), error decided to stay with ink until the end of both.

…. I’m so sorry for the bad English, anyway it is similar to the scene of HetaOni … maybe that is not good, but I liked it, plus I wanted to see ink with bandages.
so this is just my idea

To the anon who hopes I’ll get fired for almost “traumatizing” my students with my “gross Reylo kink”:

  1. I’m a college professor. My students are adults.
  2. They didn’t actually see anything, as the projector wasn’t on when I noticed what was on my screen, so the discussion is moot.
  3. Considering I’m interviewing for other positions at the moment and have both students and staff openly begging me to stay, I don’t think I’m getting fired anytime soon.
  4. Which is good, because your lack of capitalization and punctuation errors indicate that you might want to consider enrolling in one of my intro comp. courses post-haste.

Thank you and goodnight.

How to Hold a Torch

‘Heh, you’re really pathetic.’

Hiccup jumped, turning on his saddle as he adjusted his gauntlets after their dragon race. Snotlout was giving him a self-satisfied smirk which made no sense in the current circumstances.

‘Um, I just won that dragon race?’ he replied leadingly. Snotlout snorted.

‘I didn’t mean that,’ he said dismissively. ‘Even if you take into account this game I let you win,’ he went on, ignoring Hiccup’s eyeroll and mumble, ‘out of the goodness of my heart to make you look good, you are still pathetic.’

‘And how, pray tell, is that?’ he said, more than a  little irritated at this point.

Oh, thanks Aaaastrid,’ he replied in a tedious, exaggeratedly nasal voice. Hiccup felt his stomach plummet and his cheeks heat again at his momentary error which had caused him a great deal of embarrassment before. He’d hoped no one had noticed his moment of failed hubris with her comment on the colour red; apparently, no such luck. ‘Do you need some flint for that torch? Because it’s about time you put it out, but you show no signs of feeling the burn!’

It was Hiccup’s cheeks that burned all the more.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ he tried for feigned nonchalance, knowing he was failing utterly and terribly. His palms started sweating and his heart beat a panicked patter in his chest, like he was cornered and awkward and awfully exposed. He didn’t dare look around to see if Astrid was close; if he crossed eyes with her right now he wouldn’t be able to hide how mortified and utterly embarrassed at Snotlout’s taunts he was feeling, and that would give him away like a flour covered changewing.

Fiddling with his saddle and his wrist guards some more, he tried to concentrate the suddenly blank, panicky scape of his thoughts. He could keep his head cool while facing giant monster dragons, from Screaming to Red Deaths, and ox-sized humans, from his dad the chief to Alvin, and even Dagur to a certain extent. But if he tried to face Astrid and come to any sort of conclusion about where he stood with her - or tried any sort of flirty move - he was stuck and jitter-bug out of luck. Astrid’s little comment earlier on how red was his colour had lifted him right up to the clouds, and then slammed him right back down. Snotlout didn’t have to remind him of it.

‘Sure you don’t,’ his cousin jeered. ‘You’re still crushing on her like a teenager and she doesn’t even give you the time of day.’ That actually hurt because it was a little too close to the truth.

‘We’re friends, nothing more,’ Hiccup replied, and he hated how his voice wavered. Chords in his chest he didn’t like to think about twanged at a dissonance, leaving him shaky and unbalanced. He would have liked to point out that Snotlout had been holding the same torch for just as long; only recently he’d removed his attentions to Ruffnut. Hiccup already knew that Snotlout would simply turn that around to show that he was grown up and mature and Hiccup was not.

‘Ch’yeah, exactly,’ Snotlout snorted. And then took off on Hookfang, yelling a ‘you are sooooo saaaaaad,’ after him. Hiccup hunched his shoulders and allowed himself to pout as he looked after his cousin. So he still liked Astrid; what of it? So he still hadn’t given up. Was that really that pathetic?

Perhaps, a tiny voice in his head whispered. She had kissed him a few times after the whole Red Death thing. That first Snoggletog had been almost like magic, with how she’d comforted him and then sat down beside him through the evening, even with dragon drool all over him. He’d been terrified of offending her, so he hadn’t really ever done anything that could be considered forward - he’d let her set the pace, and taken anything she had given him with happiness and eagerness. How he felt was obvious, according to practically everyone, so he’d decided to let her sort through how she felt and decide if she wanted to go for it.

In the end she never did. The Kisses dried out to occasional Friendly Punches, and then those too made way to just words and jokes. Soon, they were spending their time lounging with the others more than they did whispering together as they had done that first year. She was often beside him during the day, but mostly because they liked to consult each other on most matters and he valued her opinion on anything that needed to get done, as well as anything in general. She was a good sounding board for his inventions, and conversation with her was simply … it was good.

But they were friends. Astrid hadn’t kissed him in three years, and if they had to go anywhere, they would have gone there by now. He knew this very well, and yet…

‘You know, Toothless,’ he said, ‘I think he’s right. I should really just-’ His voice dried out and he stopped, swallowing a lump in his throat. A sharp pain welled in his chest, and the very thought of giving up that tiny hope he still had just felt like too much. He really was holding up this torch, wasn’t he? Hiccup hadn’t really thought too hard about it, but Snotlout was … right, surprisingly enough. Perhaps, he really aught to…

Again the pain. Hiccup just sighed. Toothless warbled at him, and Hiccup scratched his head for both their comfort.

‘Let’s go for a spin, bud? It’ll clear my head.’

The night fury took off, determined to make his rider feel better. Unbeknowst to them, a blonde viking woman observed their retreat, a thoughtful look on her face.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm the one who asked about the grafic novels, thank you for your detailed answer! I think I'll check volumes 4 and 5 as you said. I just really like to see them on my shelf, together will all the other HTTYD books and art books... ^_^ And about the artistic errors you mentioned, can you please talk about it? I didn't notice anything except for them drawing Hiccup with blue eyes (which is SO annoying!)

Glad to help! I’m glad the response was useful to you, and I hope you enjoy volumes four and five (I agree… they look rather pretty on the bookshelf)!

I tend to avoid complaining and usually prefer to speak of the positive within the material we receive. The graphic novels have so many wonderful things going for them, too. Still, I’ll happily bring up a few of the artistic errors here… I did mention them myself in the last post, after all! People can choose whether or not they want to see where the artistic inconsistencies are (and hopefully still be able to appreciate the story for all the good things there are, despite some minor details being depicted incorrectly graphically). I personally use the art mistakes as a point to laugh.

Eye color is the main problem, as you yourself noticed. Hiccup is frequently depicted with blue eyes. Nor is this a problem dedicated to one or two volumes; the fifth volume has some very close-up images of Hiccup with clearly blue irises. The eye color problem, however, is not isolated just to Hiccup’s irises; other characters have some surprising eye colorations, too. What I think happened is that somewhere along the line, the artists got their key mixed up between Hiccup and Astrid’s eye colors, for Astrid is very frequently depicted with green eyes. The picture below comes from “The Ice Castle,” showing Hiccup and Astrid with their eye colors switched.

Still, they’re not even consistent with that. Regarding “The Legend of Ragnarok,” Hiccup is shown with both green eyes and blue eyes, and this cannot be considered a factor of mere shading. The artists definitely gave him two different eyes colors. Check it out:

…and just a few pages later…


It’s not just isolated to Hiccup and Astrid, but also includes characters like Snotlout Jorgenson. This kid has blue eyes, not brown, yet this still happens in the short at the end of “The Ice Castle.”

Another thing that happens in “Dangers in the Deep” is the artwork gives Hiccup the wrong handedness. As a proud lefty myself, I’m pretty quick to notice when a character is holding a pencil in the wrong hand. We don’t just see Hiccup holding his writing utensil in his right hand, but writing with it. Hiccup doesn’t do that. He writes with his left hand and his left hand alone in all other canonical materials.

So this picture has him blue-eyed and right handed. A little odd for detail-oriented HTTYD fans.

Two panels in the sixth graphic novel, “Underworld,” shows Hiccup with two full feet, too.

As a side-comment about these visual representations of our beloved protagonist: Hiccup in the books is blue-eyed, two-footed, and probably writes with his right hand (he’s left-handed but only learns this when he’s eleven years old, well after he’s started writing). If you’re really distraught about tiny details like this, bear in mind that Hiccup in the books is visually quite different, too! The character “Hiccup” in and of itself is someone who actually has a lot of visual variation throughout all the canonical materials. He’s still Hiccup, regardless of his eye color, his hair color, or the number of feet he has, and we can still love him in every way, shape, and form. The embodiment of Hiccup, the legend of Hiccup, the essence of Hiccup, remains true.

I also think the eye color mistakes are done. “Underworld,” as far as I remember, is completely correct in all the eye colors. It could mean that, when the new Defenders of Berk comics come around by the same people, we’ll get our typical eye colors again.


Here are some of the main art mistakes I’ve noticed in the graphic novels. They’re certainly present, they might be a little irritating to people who like to get details right, but they don’t affect the storyline in any way, shape, or form. They’re still great stories. And, frankly, other HTTYD canon materials have their errors, too. It’s not like it’s just the graphic novels. As far as talking about errors go, it’s amusing to point these things out and get a few laughs over things like seeing Hiccup with two feet.

Beyond that, I also want to point out that there are some pretty cool artistic moments, too! Since I’ve gone on talking about some of the weaknesses of the art, I might as well do some strengths, too, right?

Check out this dramatic full-page art in “Underworld”:

As well as this unforgettable moment, one of my favorite panels in “The Stowaway” for both the content and the art:

And the different costumes! We get to to see the full gang draped out in furs. Or, as we see in “Underworld,” bedecked in winter gear. I really love the designs of the clothing to every character in “Underworld,” especially Hiccup’s. I mean, just look at how cool that is!

Makes me want to see him with fur, a long cloak, and gloves all the time, to be honest. At least some fanart of the boy in this outfit!

Or can we talk about the variety of art styles? We see quite a few different art styles throughout the graphic novels; there’s a slight change in the art personnel lineup for every comic, so each volume gives us something new. Sometimes even multiple things new! Like…

The simple but effective style in “Dragon Down,” which gives Hiccup such endearingly POOFY hair on top of a gangly, skinny body.

The colorful, bold, exaggerated, somewhat edgy style of “The Ice Castle.”

This bubbly, cutesie style at the end of “The Ice Castle” which makes Snotlout and the baby Monstrous Nightmare too cute for their own good. Say it with me: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

The saturated, pragmatic style of “The Stowaway.”

This rare, hand-drawn style at the end of “The Legend of Rangnarok.”

This endearing style at the end of “Underworld,” which frankly makes all the characters look amazing and adorable.

Like, oh my Thor, look at Astrid and Snotlout in this art! I adore the style.

These aren’t even all the art styles. But you get the idea.

For all there are some notable art mistakes in the Riders of Berk graphic novel series, there are also many things to appreciate. I won’t deny that there are many art mistakes, and that they bother me slightly, too. At the same time, I can’t get over the fact that we have graphic novels of this fandom. I think that’s downright cool, too!