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Can I have a Bokuto scenario where the reader calls him Koutarou for the first time?

Yes a request! Of course :)) There wasn’t much info so I hope you like what I made of it

Bokuto Koutarou x Reader
L/N = last name
Y/N = your name

Being a manager of Fukurodani is a… how do you say it? It is an adventure really. You will never know what to expect every training. It’s not a bad thing, but for someone as shy as you it has its difficult moments. Akaashi was the one that suggested you becoming a manager as well, seeing that you hadn’t joined a club yet. You didn’t really have a choice but to agree as Bokuto took you under his wings immediately after meeting the team. You did everything like Akaashi, calling him ‘Bokuto-san’ and trying to cheer him up from one of his emo modes. Boosting his ego was also a thing you did regularly, but you didn’t mind.

“Bokuto-san, Akaashi asked for you” you were fidgeting with the hem of your shirt, standing in the doorway of the now nearly empty gym. Bokuto however, did not hear you. He was concentrated at God knows what. “Bokuto-san” you tried again, a little harder now. “Akaashi has asked me to send you to him.” you were becoming a little red now, but Bokuto didn’t hear you the second time either. “Bokuto-san.. Bokuto.. KOUTAROU!” you shouted, desperately trying to get his attention. Your eyes widened, realizing what you said as Bokuto turned around with the most enthusiastic expression on his face. “I- I’m sorry Bo-” His strong arms wrapped around your waist as he lifted you up. You made a squeaking sound and he quickly put you down again, starting to rant about the most random things. “That sounded so cute L/N! You can always say it again!” suddenly, he gasped. “Does that mean I can call you Y/N now, too?” his eyes seemed to glow as he asked this question, and you shyly looked at the ground. “If you want to.. Bokuto-sa - Koutarou” you said. “So cute Y/N!”

More Evfra headcanons bc shush im obsessed

  • He’s a light sleeper. The quietest ping from his omnitool will wake him right up.
  • He’d enjoy chess, sudoku, and strategy based video games if introduced to them (not like he has time for that, anyway).
  • It’s impossible to sneak up on him. Someone could enter the room while his back is turned and he’ll know without ever turning around.
  • This one is kinda canon already but he loves debates. I’m sure he takes part in council meetings as much as possible.
  • Though all in game models are about the same, his height is a fair bit taller than average. He’s pretty well built too, though age has made it harder for him to stay in shape. Thus he keeps to a strict diet and exercise regimen, subtly ignoring the fact that he tires out much more easily than he used to. Occasionally he slips up and skips sessions to get enough sleep, or finish a few more reports, meaning he has to work twice as hard next time.
  • Growing up on Voeld meant little sunlight exposure. They had sun lamps, but they don’t provide the same sort of nourishment as the real thing. Angara from the planet, Evfra included, can get by with less sunlight than those from other homeworlds, meaning he doesn’t have to spend much time outside and risk falling behind in his work. The giant window in the control room definitely helps too.
  • All the bioelectric fields from Angara around him get on his nerves. Even after spending so long trying to detach himself from others, he’s still Angaran and has a strong sense of empathy. If someone nearby were upset, their static signals would push those feelings onto him. It’s proved to be distracting. He keeps his own field pulled in as much as possible. This isn’t exactly healthy, so he uses a lot of electric-based attacks in combat and training to let out that built up energy. Because of this firaans are his favorite weapon.
  • He mostly uses assault rifles out in the field, but his sniping is decent as well. His fighting style is pretty hands on, medium to close range and relying on strategy. Lots of dodging, clever use of surroundings, surprise attacks, etc. Rarely does he lose his cool or make a hasty move.
  • Unfortuantely (in his opinion) he doesn’t get to leave Aya very often. Leadership means a lot of giving orders rather than taking action. Plus he knows he shouldn’t endanger himself needlessly. It seems selfish, and he does feel a little complicated about it, but he prioritizes his own life over those of lower rank soldiers since so many look up to him as a symbol of the Resistance. One of his commanders could do the job just as well- and I’m sure he already has a successor picked out, maybe Anjik Do Xeel- but Evfra has a history and a reputation that gives the people hope.
  • His biggest weakness is a stubborn sense of pride. He can’t stand a situation getting out of his control, or when others make stupid decisions. I’m pretty sure Paraan (or the Moshae? can’t remember) even called him a control freak at one point.
  • He dislikes Ryder even more than his behavior lets on. Yes, he seems okay with them in game- if a bit cold and professional- but those moments where he gets snippy might be more than just sarcasm. He and most living Angara have spent their entire lives under the Archon’s thumb, struggling to survive and making sacrifices every day. Then along come these new aliens who invade their homelands and practically turn the war around, as if it were no trouble at all. Evfra especially would be angry, considering what he’s lost and how much effort he’s put into the fight. What has the Initiative lost? They know nothing of the impact this war has had on his people, and if they think he’s supposed to be grateful for their help they can forget it. The Pathfinder’s youth and casual attitude doesn’t improve this viewpoint, either. He wouldn’t feel as strongly as a Roekaar, seeing as he even denounces them in canon. It’s just a silent, unspoken grudge. Of course practicality would win out in the end, as he can’t be reasonably upset that the Kett are losing, but there’d still be that inkling of resentment.
  • However I do think a ship could be possible, under the right circumstances. A logical, professional Ryder might grow on him. The relationship would be built on mutual trust and respect for each other’s struggles. It wouldn’t be intentional either. More like they start talking, first about professional matters and eventually getting more and more personal. Evfra would try his best to remain distant but it’s hard when you find someone you click with (plus the guy’s gotta be lonely as hell, self-imposed or no).
  • It would take well over a year for him to develop romantic feelings for anyone. In my own personal headcanon he had a mate and kids. You don’t move past that sort of loss easily. He’d also be afraid to put the Resistance at risk. He can’t afford to be emotionally compromised should something happen to Ryder, or whoever else he’s with.
  • He’d be surprisingly affectionate, though not blatantly. Lots of small touches, unexpected gifts or favors, and rare slips where he accidentally speaks too freely. Not that Ryder minds it lol. But it would only happen in private, never publicly. Harsh as it sounds, he cant afford to ruin his image by showing favor towards one person, especially not a member of the Initiative. There are many Angara who would disapprove, and the last thing his people need are more reasons to fight each other. Likewise, Ryder could get into deep shit with Tann, who already gives them enough trouble without them giving him a reason for it.
  • They don’t get to see each other often. Its more of a long-distance thing, except for those rare occasions where Ryder lands on Aya for a few days. Even then they don’t really go out. Their ‘dates’ consist mostly of talking, napping together, or simply enjoying each other’s presence.
  • Evfra worries for Ryder’s safety every time they leave, and Ryder worries for Evfra’s mental wellbeing. He handles stress really well, all things considered, but he’s also repressing a lot of negative things rather than facing them. It’s necessary for the sake of the war, yet concerning for Ryder. Regardless, they share enough trust to let each other handle their own problems until one asks for help. Only problem is that both are usually too independent to do that.

I’ve got more but this list is already too long :v Feel free to add your own or argue these

I'll Always Come Back For You. (Barry Allen/The Flash Imagine)

Request: Could you do an imagine where The reader fakes their death in order bc of Waller and when they appear back in STAARS Lab Barry explodes. Maybe even Barry telling her, “You made me love you, you made me let you in. And then you freaking died in my arm”

Has anyone seen Suicide Squad yet? I’m about to go watch it tonight with my family! 


I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by sanctilacrimis

Amanda Waller targeted your abilities. She was intrigued as to how you could control the minds of others and she was relentless on your recruitment. Eventually you realized that she’d start sending members of her Task Force X, also known as the Suicide Squad, to hunt you down or even harm your loved ones, as in Barry and the team… More so Barry as he was your… something… 

You reemerged from your chemical lab, you had just taken the vial that was filled with a substance that could send you into a death-like sleep. It seemed to be taking a while to begin. You began to take note of everything you’d be leaving. Caitlin, Cisco, Joe, Iris, Barry. You’d be leaving the most important people in your life. You began to see black dots in your line of vision and your brain began to feel numb as well as your heart began to feel weaker. “Barry-” You called out before you fell, everything going black. 

The team tried to cope or go on after your death and so did you. And the both of you had similar outcomes, you couldn’t. The team lost its spark and its happy groove. Cisco missed pissing you off and you telling him to take a hike in which your powers would overcome his mind and actually take him on an adventure in the woods. Caitlin missed analyzing data and having you fuss over everyone on the team. Joe missed the coffee you’d make and you visiting him at the station with the stereotypical police donuts in hand. Iris missed giving you advice on how to pursue Barry’s love, but you didn’t need it, you already had all of it without even trying. And Barry… Oh how Barry just missed you. 

You tried to move far away. New York City, Beacon Hills, Mystic Falls, New Orleans. You tried to leave Central City, but you just couldn’t. So you stayed in the outskirts of town, learning more and more about your powers and about yourself. But you’d hear about how team Flash would be falling apart. The news would say how the Flash had gotten hurt on another mission, ones that he would normally come back from unscratched, or that he was too reckless. 

Before you knew it, you found yourself back at the lab. The elevator still led straight into the heart of S.T.A.R. Labs but it didn’t feel like a heart anymore. Everyone looked so tired or out of it and they didn’t even notice you coming in. “I thought there would’ve been a welcome home party.” You said, gaining their attention. 

Barry was the first one to look over, but having to to do a double take. “(Y/N)?” He questioned, speeding in front of you. “You guys see her, too?” 

“Crystal clear.” Iris gasped as she slowly made her way towards you. “How are you still alive?” And that’s when you dove into a long explanation on how you did what you did and why you did it. 

After your story, you looked over to Barry. “Barry, I’m-” 

“I can’t believe it.” There were no signs of any excitement, relief, or even any emotion in his tone. But then it all burst out into anger. “You should’ve came to me! You knew I that I would’ve helped you! But no, you decided to run off and play Jedi in the outskirts of the city! I lost my mom when I was eleven then my dad fifteen years later. Then I lost you, (Y/N)!” Tears started streaming down his face now. “You made me love you! You made me let you in! And then you freaking died in my arms!” He fell onto his knees with his head in his hands as he began to sob. “You left me!” 

Your heart broke at the statement. “Barry, yes, I left the team. I left you. But I was miserable out there, too. You had the team to be with you and I had no one. Every time I’d speak to someone I’d have to erase their memories of me. I came back because I knew you weren’t okay. I knew I had to fix what I broke in the team and in you.” You said, tears rushing down your face now too. “But I came back, Barry. I run out on things, even though I’m not the Flash, but Barry, I’ll Always Come Back For You.” 

He looked up at you, his eyes glassy as well as yours. “Good. Because I love you.” 

“I love you, too.” 


A/N: Oh my goodness I’m so sorry this took so long. School’s been stressful; throwing one big project after another at me and my brain has just been fried. But I finally made that Zen x Jumin fic @mystictickles requested of me, so I hope you enjoy!

Syn: Zen is furious when Jumin forgets about their date. Jumin thinks Zen is overreacting and decides to “calm him down”.

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hey guys remember my sketch of my vers. of older Wrathion ? (X

this sketch has been 10 month and I haven’t finished yet xD I decided to let me kicked on the butt to finish it ( it’s still in WIP tho orz ) 

the second one is Anduin ( aka king now ) and Wrathion together! I’ve made this sketch right now and I will probably color it soon ~ but first I had to finish the other one lsgdlagd hope you guys like ~  ಥ‿ಥ

Dropping Anchor 1/5

SUMMARY: As if returning home penniless and heartbroken isn’t bad enough, the last thing Emma needs is for her mom to get her a job – and for her future boss to pull her out of the harbor before she even knows his name. But Killian Jones has never been afraid of the water…

Rating: M (later)

Ao3 or FF.net 

Oh, look, yet another time I meant to write a one shot and it got completely out of hand. Hope you like it @32variations

I love the photosets @lenfaz made for this (yep, there’s five different ones) and am so happy she offered when she heard about this project! And a big thank you to @evil–isnt–born for beta duties, even if it did earn her odd looks at Starbucks. 


Being back in Storybrooke is familiar and it should be comforting, but everywhere Emma Swan looks, she sees the bad choices that landed her in this mess.


Living with her parents.

Twenty-five and starting completely over.

If only she could go back in time and tell her eighteen year old self that dropping out of college to follow her boyfriend’s band around the country was a terrible idea; that said boyfriend would develop a drug problem, that he would begin stealing to fund his addiction, and that one day she would find herself picking up a payphone – a freaking payphone – to call her father in tears from a truck stop in the middle of Texas with a rapidly swelling dose of reality on her face.

Just over twenty-four hours later, she’s back in her father’s beat up pickup, the scent of cracked leather and gasoline wrapping around her like a childhood blanket. It’s a cool afternoon in Maine, and after the Texas heat, she’s shivering before they’ve even left the airport despite it still – technically – being summer.

And like nothing ever changed, David reaches into the narrow backseat and silently offers her his old flannel coat, his scent mingling with wood smoke on the worn sheepskin lining. Burrowed into the coat, the soft plaid under her nose, it almost seems like maybe coming home is a good idea.

Before her mother’s pursed lips and thinly veiled judgments.

Before the not-so-subtle hints that Emma got herself into this mess and it’s time to be an adult.

Before the humiliating announcement that Mary Margaret called in a favor and got Emma a job before the week is out.

The job is the last straw, and the end of that conversation sees Emma down by the harbor, desperate for a bit of solitude and peace. Her eyes fall shut as she steps onto the dock, the sun warm on her skin. Summer’s lazy days are fading into the golden haze of fall, the brine of the ocean beyond the harbor carrying on the faint breeze. Soon she’ll be able to see her breath like clouds of smoke puffing out in front of her with every step she takes, and the brilliantly bright sun she’s grown accustomed to several latitudes south will give way to the watery, muted light of winter in Maine.

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Hetalia Ship Meme

Five ships you’re into right now :

1. USUK - America x England
2. RuPru - Russia x Prussia
3. Spamano - Spain x Romano
4. GerIta - Germany x Italy
5. AusHun - Austria x Hungary

Three ships you liked, but don’t anymore :

6. RoChu - Russia x China
7. Germancest - Germany x Prussia
8. AuSwis - Austria x Swiss

Three ships you never liked :

9. AmeBela - America x Belarus
10. SpaBel - Spain x Belgium
11. FrUK - France x England

Three ships you’re curious about, but don’t actually ship :

12. RusAme - Russia x America
13. PruHun - Prussia x Hungary
14. NiWan - Japan x Taiwan


1. Why do you dislike #11 so much?

Just… no. I don’t know why, but I can’t see them as couple, I’m used to see them as rival and how England is so eager to kick his ass lol. France is a perfect big brother in my eyes so I love to see him giving advice about love, despite that I just like France with Jeanne d'Arc more. Anyway, France support USUK so why not? :“)))

2. Who is someone you know that ships #14?

One of my cyber friend… but then actually I’m not ship it because of her. I just like them since Hima-papa made a strip about valentine when Taiwan gave her chocolate to Japan, its pretty cute x"D

3. What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3?

It will be wonderful if they can have a happy ending :”) The dismissed of Romano ruin everything, but I will think that tragedy never exist. /nah After Spain proposed to Romano, they will live happily ever after even with Romano’s tsundere side x"D They both need love for each other <3

4. Which is your favorite moment for couple #1?


5. How long have you been following couple #5?

Since the first time I watched Hetalia xD They first show up as husband and wife, take care of chibi Italy and Holy Roman Empire, how can I’m not following them? :)) I just love straight pair like them when a guy is calm and cool with a girl who energic and cheerful. They complete and understand each other, just like a perfect husband and wife in my point of view.

6. What’s the story with #8? What made you stop liking them/caring?

Maybe because I’m too hung up with AusHun I can’t even pair Austria with another guy haha even though I’m still okay with PruAus or AusPru. But I saw Swiss already attached by his ‘sister’ too, Liechtensein, so I don’t see any problem there.

7. You have the power to make one ship non-existent. Choose from #10 or #12!

#10, because I definitely can’t like them. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with Spain or even Belgium and I’ll admit the fact that Spain ever want to 'get’ Belgium. But I can’t get feels from them, just no. Maybe its based of my taste too. I enjoy look at Belgium with his brothers and even want to pair Belgium with all of them haha.

8. Which ship do you prefer, #2 or #4?

Aaaargh, I love both of them! How can you ask this to me…. /hey But if I have to choose, then its definitely #2… I just love them too much I can’t even handle it… their angst stories always torture me, but I love it… maybe this is why I don’t mind being called a masochist because of them :’( This is the ship that actually make me wanna torture Prussia so bad because he hurt Russia’s heart without even know it and sometimes some stories made he didn’t care ;;A;; Of course I know Russia is wrong too but… I just hope at least Prussia understand… ah okay, I’m out, too much feels here :“” but still…. they can be a cute couple too <3

9. What interests you about #14?

Well, I’ve already told you in question number 2, right? “I just like them since Hima-papa made a strip about valentine when Taiwan gave her chocolate to Japan, its pretty cute.” Anyway sometimes I saw Japan and Taiwan just like a perfect sibling–because I’m more into NiChu.

10. Why did you stop liking #7?

Because… believe me, when you know more stories about RuPru, you will feel it. Russia is the third person in this relationship, I don’t mind as long as Russia still doing fine, but in some headcanons of Germancest, they made Russia is a very cruel, sadistic, heartless psychopath who want to take Prussia away from his lovely brother. I don’t want to accept that, well yeah, Russia is pretty cruel and sadistic but it doesn’t mean he’s heartless. Russia is the most beaten country when WWII end. And don’t even make me remember how some headcanon made Germancest laughing their ass off when they saw Russia falling to the ground. So, the point is… I do like Germancest as brothers and if they’re going to be a couple don’t make Russia as a third cruel person. It is REALLY pissed me off.

11. Did your waning interest in #9 kill your interest in the fandom?

Actually not in the fandom, but just in some people who ship it. I will never ever accept America with a girl, even with Belarus who is my favorite female chara in Hetalia. This is my NOTP, but just to be clear America with any girl is my most NOTP. I love them being a step-sibling or partner in crime, but as couple is definitely no.

12. What’s a song that reminds you of #5?

Ai Kotoba by Hatsune Miku. But for more feels, I prefer Shounen-T as singer with Ai Kotoba Piano version.

13. If you could have any of these two pairings double-date, who would it be?

USUK and RuPru. THESE FOUR TOGETHER WILL BE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT YOU KNOW <3 <3 America and Russia are rival but partner in the same time too, they can discussed anything about their lover while England and Prussia are friends who can chit-chat about anything. Recently, there are many people who ship these two ships too and draw them all together, I know they will work somehow x"D Well, even though in real history USUK is the one who made Prussia fell in Russia’s hand but then after that they are the one who take them apart too. This is a rival pair anyway :“))

14. Have #2 kissed yet?

YES, THEY HAVE…. I HOPE……….  /hey 

15. Did #4 have a happy ending? If the show hasn’t ended yet, do you think a happy ending is likely?

NOT YEEEET ;;A;; but in some conversation, Hima-papa already said that he want to made HREIta has their own happy ending. Anyway, I’m pretty sure Germany = HRE if you want to know. But this is Hetalia… what do you expect? :”)

16. What would make you start shipping #13?

Not yet but actually I’ve started like to see them together. Prussia is gentle enough with Hungary after he knows she is a girl. I like that kind of boy xD Just unfortunately I ship AusHun too hard I can’t even let this ship in. My headcanon for them is… Prussia actually love Hungary–he just too clueless to realized–but Hungary love Austria and then they got married. After that, just imagine what would happen hahaha.

17. If only one could happen, which would you prefer, #2 or #5?

#5 already happen nyahaha~ that’s why I choose #2 :“)

18. You have the power to decide the fate of #10. What happens to them?

Spain and Belgium realized that they are just friends, no more than that, and so they come back to their own true love. I don’t want to hurt both of them after all.

19. Which of these ships do you love the most?

USUK! DEFINITELY USUUUUK!!! <3 <3 They are my main OTP which pull me back to hetalia after all :”) I love them so much huhu……..

Have a nice day! (O ̄▽ ̄)O(O ̄▽ ̄O)O( ̄▽ ̄O)

Credit gif to the owners

@demonicdice from X

                        “ Dice, honey, you know I got all sorts of stories to tell~. Some of them you don’t even know yet~. But is there a price even someone like lil’ ol me has to pay for you to keep ‘em to yourself~? More importantly, am I in the mood to share~? I do know one thing: I’m always in the mood to chat you up, babe, business or not~. Could never resist that handsome mug o’yours~. ” 

                    The succubus flashed him as coy smile and a wink, before lightly trailing her clawed finger up and down his jacket lapel, tracing it lightly. It was true - she found that she couldn’t stay away from this guy for too long. Like a moth to a damned flame, never failed - but she wasn’t gonna complain~. Hell, he was one of the reasons she popped back into this joint for a spell. That, and to…check up on things. 

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Don't worry, I got you- Name the top 5 things you love about Jungkook, your top 10 bts songs, top 10 songs that ARENT bts, and favorite Bts mvs? I hope these help a little ~🌸

ahhhh sweetie thanks for sending this !!!! sounds so fun to answer heh 💕💕

top things i love abt jungkook !!

  1. his angelic voice ofc 
  2. his cute giant ass nose kfjfkdh noot noot :((
  3. that innocent yet playful personality he has !!
  4. his endless love for his hyungs and armys 
  5. and how talented he is in literally everything !! 

top 10 bts and non bts songs !! (made everything into one list so is not that boring to read x)

  1. save me // consideration (rihanna)
  2. fallen leaves // young and beautiful (lana del rey)
  3. blood sweat and tears // everyday (ariana grande)
  4. dimple // 1-800-273-8255 (logic)
  5. cypher 4 // get you (daniel caesar)
  6. mic drop // electric (alina baraz ft khalid)
  7. love is not over // it’s you (zayn)
  8. intro: boy meets evil // lost in your light (dua lipa)
  9. spine breaker // knew better (ariana grande)
  10. i like it // as if it’s your last (blackpink)

favorite bts mvs: i like all of their music videos tbh hfjgh but mmmm i have a top 3

  1. blood sweat and tears (both korean and japanese versions are lit)
  2. spring day (i don’t rlly like the song but the colors on the mv were amazing)
  3. every short film including boy meets evil !! 

anonymously (or not) ask me any question you’d like to know about me

Alice Marie

Raven cry and fly away, you’ll return to me one day.
Let me lie, and sleep, and pray, deep in my Master’s library.
Keep my ‘nine’ close to my chest, upon the wings that bear it best,
when his iron shoots it down, his name will suit him well.

Darling, red shall both us be, in the night that welcomes me.
Drop a tear or two or three, deep in my Master’s library.
Your ‘eleven’ heavy lies, I’ll see my whole aviary fly,
when all the feathers meet the ground, his name will suit him well.

Raven dear, I’ve gone away, I hope you’ll fly someday,
‘till then, I wish you sound and safe, from deep in my Master’s library.
I will hold the token yet, with ‘ten’ I could ne’er forget
when my raven has no voice, his name will suit him well.

Darling, red shall both us be, when ‘nine’ is on the air and free.
‘Ten’s the token made for me, his name will suit him well.
His ‘eleven’ heavy lies, his name does suit him well.
Raven, love, why can’t you fly? His name does suit him well.

Song written for ’Nine Eleven Ten’, one of the most fantastic X-Men fanfictions I have ever read.


I can’t believe it’s actually the end of 2014!! (I’m gonna keep this short and sweet) I started this blog this year and never expected it to grow like it has and I am so grateful to all of you so a HUGE THANK YOU -This fandom is so supportive and lovely and I feel like I have made friends and ITS JUST BEEN AMAZING! Wherever you are in the world I hope you have a fantastic New Year and let’s make 2015 the best one yet🎉🎉❤❤

- Katie x

This Is Gospel
Patty Walters x Panic! At the Disco
This Is Gospel

This Is Gospel - Patty Walters x Panic! At The Disco

Left ear = Panic! At The Disco (official)

Right ear = Patty Walters (cover)

!Best with headphones!


This is my first ever attempt at mixing audio so I really hope this turns out as hoped and no one has made this specific mix yet ahhhh.

You can download the song —-> here <—- by right clicking on the main, black screen and clicking save as ^_^

P.s. Please don’t steal this/claim this to be yours or anything. That would be very mean. Thank you <3