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Oh oh, for 10 Years On, please write a fic exploring how Sam felt when he and Matt were rescued and he found out what happened between the seperation & rescue, and how he feels when Shiro shows back up 10 years later and Sam finally sees the damage the Arena did and none of it has healed even though he and Matt have had a decade to move on from their big shared alien abduction trauma? :D (PS I'm loving & kudosing all your AO3 stuff and thought you'd like to know that re: hair, mused =/= mussed.)

(Aghhh I know, I’m the worst at that mistake and I never ever catch it.  One of these days I’ll remember.  But thank you so much!!  And thank you for the delicious prompt.)

For those who missed it, a sequel to this fic

It had been nearly three years since Sam Holt had seen his wife and daughter.

There was no way for him to know that for sure, of course.  There were the nearly exactly six months it had taken to get to Kerberos, but after that it had been the Galra ships and then the mining planet, and he knew those day cycles didn’t match up perfectly, or even very well, to Earth’s.  Then they’d been tapped by the Rebellion and spirited away to yet another planet.  By then, Sam and Matt were both well used to the mining planet’s day cycle, and so now it was impossible to tell how it would have felt against Earth.

Still, it had been about 853 cycles since they’d been captured, and 184 on the Daedalus.

Nearly three years, give or take.

Nearly three years since Sam had left home, buoyed on the excitement of discovering something new and exciting about the creation of their very solar system, of the universe itself.  Accompanied by his son and Takashi, he’d gone with the kernel of hope of learning about how life was created and supported in the universe.  One step closer to his life’s work, to First Contact.

At this point, it didn’t even feel ironic anymore.  It felt like they’d been asking for it.

Three years of struggle and heartbreak, of losing Matt and then Takashi, losing his freedom, slowly losing hope.  Of holding onto his son as tight as he could, lest he be taken away yet again.  A year of being a different kind of prisoner, the kept technicians for a rebellion Sam supported in theory but not in brutal action.  Of thinking ‘today is at least not worse than yesterday’, and that being enough.

But something had changed, not too long ago.

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Note: NO SPOILERS PLEASE, in the comments or anywhere on this account. We have not finished reading the novel. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes/comments are highly appreciated. (◎ヮ◎)

Translator: Sae    Editor: alecvise

Hi everyone, so I took alecvise hostage and made him edit while I sat to the side and ate cookies MUHAHAHA. BUT, XD Thank you, thank you, thank you! *super bear hug* ( ̄ー ̄(。-_-。*)ゝ        

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Translation: Shakespeare

Hellooo! So despite this taking ~way~ longer than I originally intended… here is the Shakespeare translation!! *cue fanfare* And it seems like it’s just in time as people are getting their Bluray/DVD copies of the show! Awesome. 

I’m sorry I don’t have the means to create a subtitle file. If anyone is experienced in those, and would be interested in making one, please feel free to contact me and let’s see if we can get something to work. :) 

Otherwise, I hope you can enjoy reading along while watching the show to enjoy it to the fullest! 

Update 4/03: I had a chance to watch the bluray while reading through and made some changes. And added some missing lines oops. Hopefully it is easier to follow now.

I’ll make a few notes at the beginning, but everything else under the cut is the full script! Please enjoy! Thank you so much :)

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I think, too, the subtext debate can tear the fandom into two groups: those who are happy for it to stay subtext and don't require more to see it as valid, and those who are invested in it becoming textual canon. To the second group, eps like the finale can be very disheartening, because the casual viewer is going to hear "oh, well, they're brothers." And if the show, at this point, isn't laying out more easy breadcrumbs for the GA to catch, it doesn't look good for textual canon.

Hi there. I feel like this is addressed to the line I wrote in a reply yesterday, saying that I was happy to wade around in the subtext… and while that is factually accurate, that’s not to say that I’m not invested in it becoming canon, or that I will be content if it remains forever in the subtext and never addressed in the text.

Yeah, I’m splitting hairs, because these are hairs which, as you pointed out, seem to be dividing the fandom. I think it’s an artificial “divide,” and we all want the same thing, but our approaches differ.

For ME, PERSONALLY (and I am ONLY speaking for MYSELF and not issuing a blanket statement to cover anyone else, so PLEASE don’t try to twist this around), I simply don’t have the mental and physical energy to stake my entire investment in the show on this singular outcome, i.e. Destiel becoming explicitly, textually canon. I just… can’t. The show would essentially lose all its power to entertain and engage me if I allowed myself to become bitter because that one singular thing was just not happening RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT.

And as I have also said before, I have a very limited understanding of how the GA actually engages with the show. I’ve come to the point where the way I personally engage with it, reading the subtext, recalling parallels with past episodes, understanding the characters through the filter of my past experiences of them and having watched the entire series through probably 25 times… It’s like asking someone who writes the Tax Code to translate it into plain English, and they have no idea what you’re talking about, because to them, that IS plain English.

To me, I don’t understand how the show makes sense without understanding that subtextual layer, and I tend to assume everyone IS picking up on it, at least to a certain extent. Even Mr. Mittens does.

And I’ve said it before, and I guess I have to say it again: The subtext isn’t stagnant. It’s evolving. It’s become more consistent, and shown more development over the last few seasons. If the GA isn’t picking up on it, I’m left to seriously wonder if they’re not picking up on it because they *are actively refusing* to pick up on it at this point. And that’s not a function of the writing, but a function of the audience.

10.05 literally pointed to the subtext, used the word “Destiel” and “CasDean” and involved Sam and Dean having a DEBATE ABOUT WHICH TERM WAS BETTER, and then finished up with the approval of Real Actual God endorsing that reading of the show.

The GA was handed a platinum-engraved invitation to take a second look and put all the sub into that text. If they’re not at least peripherally reading a God-Approved layer of the story, THAT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE WRITING.

They’re telling their story, they’ve literally told us that this other story is happening in the subtext and that hey, lookie here, this might be important *wink wink*

What I’ve also come to realize is that, to a certain extent, the writers are going to write the story the way they want to. They have an understanding of fandom, they understand that a lot of us are heavily invested in the relationship between Dean and Cas. They’ve TOLD us this by mentioning it in canon. They told us that subtext isn’t there by accident.

We also know it’s taken eight freaking years to get to THIS point, where both Dean and Cas are of sound mind and body at the same time, are both free of obligations or duties to save the world or fix heaven or anything else. Neither is being mind-controlled or manipulated. Neither is dying or cursed. (Well, Cas thinks Dean’s dead, but he’ll find out in 12.01, or 12.03 AT THE LATEST that he’s definitely NOT dead… so.)

We know they’ve been aware of and utilizing the subtext to tell us this story going back AT LEAST TWO SEASONS. And what have they be doing with that much subtext? Mostly they’ve been using it to tick off a checklist of obstacles that would make bringing the destiel out of the subtext either impossible, or squicky, or contestable by ANYONE.

They established Castiel’s sole ownership of his vessel, overcoming consent issues surrounding using that vessel. They’ve taken it one step further, having Cas and Dean both acknowledge it’s not even Cas’s “vessel” but HIS OWN BODY.

They established Cas’s loyalty with humanity over his heavenly family. And now they have Dean fully accepting Cas as a member of his own family specifically. Cas has a home. He’s no longer adrift.

They have both established that not only would they be willing to die for each other, they’re ALSO both willing to LIVE for each other. (and yeah, I had one angry anon upset because Cas offered to go die with Dean in 11.23, but that’s not what he was offering, and in the end Dean gave him a continued purpose in looking after Sam for him, and Cas accepted that, and there’s far more to it than just that surface reading, but that’s beyond the scope of this particular reply).

So in effect, they’re going to keep telling this story. They’re going to keep progressing it, and evolving it, and developing it, even if it’s “just” in the subtext for now.

And BECAUSE I see that progress, I refuse to give up hope that they do eventually intend to make it textual canon. But I also refuse to make myself angry and miserable on an ongoing basis because they didn’t make it textual canon TODAY. Because I really don’t enjoy being angry and miserable.

052516 Sukira Kiss the Radio
-all translations below are from omggminho

“This position is originally Leeteuk sunbaenim’s position but he is at an overseas schedule.” 

“It has been a while since I’ve been on Sukira, how long ago was it? I think the last was during view promotions.”  

“I think I can think that I have communicated with you all for 8 years. There are times when I made a lot of effort for the past 8 years and this was important to me” 

“Please send where and how you are listening to this broadcast!”

“Today is another meaningful day. Today is the day SHINee has debuted for exactly 8 years! Congratulations! Thank you.  Onew-sshi  congratulated us, the past 8 years was a very precious time for me”

“I arrived in Korea today, the weather seems to have gotten better, therefore my mood is great~~”

“A lot of you came! Shutter shutter! (From cameras)”

“Today is SHINee’s 8th anniversary! Can I ask you guys to sing?”

O: (after singing the second song) the singing is hard 
O: (after singing the third song) don’t they usually play the song (instead of him singing ) 

One of the audience sent a message asking Onew to sing ‘뜨거운 안녕’ again, Onew mentioned he’s sang it at SHINee’s concert before

The end of one of the listeners’ phone number was ‘2016’ and Onew was stunned bc it’s the year 2016

4 minute’s Sohyun and Jinki discussed their collaboration stage during Juliette era briefly

Sohyun was talking about how she came across an article about her that hurt her feelings then that’s when Onew talked about the blurred pic.
O: I was once walking with the members and manager hyung and my face was blurred out. We had to contact the reporter to remove the blur      

The next story sent by another listener is how a friend asked them to meet for a drink but they didn’t end up paying, Taehyun and Sohyun said that’s not very nice since they’re the one that called first and the listener that sent the story had to make time for them but Onew said if this situation is viewed positively then the friend might have forgotten to pay.    

A different listener said her brother teases her by saying she has ugly legs. Sohyun said that it would be offensive and it would be better if the brother didn’t say anything even if they were ugly.  Then Onew said it could be a way of expressing his affection for his sister

“I like spicy food or chicken, if the chicken is spicy then that’s the end!”

O:  My eyes change when someone is trying to wake me up
Sohyun: Do you have to wake up by yourself? (bc of him being sensitive) 
O: No someone has to wake me up 

“Last year of high school for me went smoothly.  It was a year before I debuted and I studied really hard”

“Thank you Taehyun-sshi and Sohyun-sshi. I was really all over the place”

“I liked making things when I was little and had interest in architecture but it was forgotten when I began singing”

L: “My girlfriend is a SHINee fan since debut, we are listening to the radio together. Can you say hello Jieun-ah to melt her heart?”   
O: Hello Jieun-ah~ Hello Jieun-ah, hello Jieun-ah~~ 

Onew just said “Should I apologise or should I confess” DOTS LINE

Onew said hes gotten used to fans and he hopes to continue seeing them in the future

“I’m not the type to notice if someone likes me, I probably won’t realise until they approach me.” 

“What should I do now? Oh it’s closing time.. I was too flustered today I didn’t even realise 1-2 hours went by”

“I really want to be a radio DJ, I’ve mentioned it in interviews”

“Thank you, I will farewell you with the last song. This is the last song. Ah.. This song is our song, Onew ‘In your eyes'”

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Challenge: Mind Reader
User: fluffifullness
Rating: sfw
Beta: None

Summary: When Haru finally gets tired of always being on the receiving end of Makoto’s so-called “mind reading,” he decides to give his boyfriend a little taste of his own medicine.
Title: Lost in translation

It hadn’t been all that big a deal, really.

They’d all been sort of hyped up after an especially successful joint practice, and Nagisa had been extra obsessed with getting every member of their little group to join in on some conversation. Haru can’t remember exactly how it had started, but he knows that he’d been tired and looking forward to dinner at home, maybe with Makoto or maybe alone, and he had stubbornly refused to contribute much to the talk.

Rin’s friend had been there, which Nagisa naturally couldn’t help making a big deal of – “Ah! Ai-chan hasn’t seen Mako-chan translate for Haru-chan yet!” and so on – until Makoto finally gave in with a little apologetic smile. That might’ve been fine if he had made just one or two little mistakes – or put an end to it despite Nagisa’s perpetual enthusiasm – but that’s never how it goes with Makoto. He was so close to right most of the time that it was almost as good as Haru answering everything himself.

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Ahhh hello! ;u; It's me again. I'll be taking my first Japanese exam in about two weeks, and I'm still having problems using the particle "wa". Sometimes, it's used in only one part of the sentence, and sometimes both, so I'm having a hard time figuring out the rule (like, when to mark a subject/object). Would you mind reading a few example sentences I took notes on during class and explaning to me which is right or wrong?


Sorry this response is so late! How did your exam go in the end? =D I hope it went well, x.

But yes, of course! If you still would like me to look at the sentences, I’ll try and help you out with it. It’s Christmas holidays, so I have a lot more time on my hands now too. =)

Thought I would try my hand at explaining は without the sentences, however. Not sure if what I’m about to mention applies to your question, but still thought I’d go for it!

This will only really talk about when sentences have two は particles in them/the contrastive は. But here are some links to useful places that talk about は and the differences between は and が:

Regarding having two は’s present in one sentence, the first は is the topic marker and the second is the contrastive は (as would be the third, or forth, etc). E.g.:

→I drink beer, but I don’t drink sake.

→Mr. Tanaka will go (there), but I won’t.

As for me, I don’t eat fish.
On the topic of yourself, will you drink milk [although you do not eat fish]?
→I do not drink milk either.

I translated the above in such a way to make it a little easier to see the difference of the particles. However, I will translate this next conversation more naturally:

→I don’t eat fish.
→Do you not drink milk either [like you don’t eat fish]?
→I [do] drink milk.

Now, when used in negative sentences, the contrastive は negates what it has marked too:

→I won’t play tennis today.
→→As for me, I will not play tennis [although I’ll do/play something else] today [although I usually play tennis on this day/will play it on another day].

To show a case similar to the above…

→I didn’t go to London yesterday.

*Simply states that the speaker didn’t go to London yesterday.

→I didn’t go to London yesterday.

*Negates yesterday, implying that the speaker went to London on other days or that he usually goes to London but didn’t go there yesterday

→I didn’t go to London yesterday.

*Negates to London, implying that the speaker went somewhere but it was not to London.

But just to make it clear, the contrastive は can be seen independently of the topic marker は. This means that it can depend entirely on the context as to how the は is being used. E.g.:

→I don’t drink alcohol (topic marker)
or →I don’t drink alcohol [but I drink other things] (contrastive or emphasis)

However, if the は is stressed, then it’s being used for emphasis and(/or) contrast. Also, just in case there is any misunderstanding, this sentence does not mean, ‘The alcohol does not drink’. It is more like saying, “As for alcohol, I do not drink it”.

Here’s another example of は being used for emphasis:

→I would not eat a carrot if someone paid me to do it.

I’ve posted sentence examples of how は sometimes emphasises the verbs before here.

Hope any of that was able to help your understanding! And I hope I explained that all okay.

The bulk of the information and example sentences I got from A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar. It’s really good, so I highly encourage everybody to get it (or view it online).

Feel free to send any of those sentences you have anytime for if you still want me to look at them too! =) x.

Soon 3

One thing I find interesting about historical AUs is the way one has to think hard about women’s roles, and where boundaries can be pushed, and where they can’t. And where actual historical women did push them, to great and/or disastrous effect. And what would motivate them to do that in the first place. Incidentally, in the early 1950s, the CIA had a higher percentage of women in its workforce than nearly every other federal agency did: almost 40%. That’s a lot of women. I care most about two of them, though, as you can tell from part 1 and part 2.

Soon 3

Myka’s days are, in a word, predictable. She boils an egg or pours a bowl of cold cereal before work. She packs a sandwich in a brown paper bag to carry with her. She walks down the three flights of stairs that take her to street level and pushes open the door that will take her out of the cramped, mailboxed lobby, where it always somehow seems to be dusk.

The walk to work takes a little over ten minutes in good weather, fifteen in bad. When it takes fifteen, Myka tries hard not to curse every step, but by the time she reaches the complex on E Street and trudges up the leafed drive, she is either freezing or sweltering. She reminds herself, on those days, that if she were still at home in Colorado Springs, she might not have a job at all. She certainly would not have the job she does now.

So on sizzling days she fans herself; on frigid days she breathes on her hands to bring life back to them, then cups them around her ears to help hurry along the stinging return of blood. Then she puts on her headphones, turns on the reel-to-reel tape machine at the exact point she left off the day before, and begins again the laborious work of translating everything from radio broadcasts and public speeches to tapped telephone calls and other covertly recorded private conversations from Russian into English.

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