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Reader x Chanyeol x Kyungsoo

Warnings: implied smut


His name escapes in an airy pant as pleasure shudders through every inch of your body.

He follows quickly behind you, gripping your hips as he thrusts upward; slower now to pull you through your high.

After he’s savored the feel of you for as long as either of you can take, he pulls you down to his chest, wrapping his strong arms behind your back to hold you tight.

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Hiyaa!! Can I pls request for a bts reaction to accidentally hurting their gf's feelings? (Angst with a fluffy ending pls) thank you 💛💛💛

BTS To Accidentally Hurting Theirs Girlfriends Feelings

To the anon who had requested this, towards the end I realized you had put accidentally, I think how I wrote it I made it still be an accident but I’m not sure I hope you still like it though and maybe you can comment on this or contact me to let me know how I did, because I was really worried rather this is up to your expectations or not.

A/N: Warning is probably the longest reaction post I have ever done joesonghamnida(I’m sorry) (シ_ _)シ  
(also sorry for errors I didn’t proof read this beast yet)
P.S. Don’t take it personal if one member has a longer text then someone else since I try to think about their personalities and how they would really act someone of them get shorter answers because I believe that’s how it’d be.


What Happened:

The two of you were hanging out in the dorms playing mario kart “haha I win again” Jin cheered doing a victory dance in your face. “Yah! No need to rub it in” you pouted crossing your arms in front of your chest like a little kid. “Hehe I’m just joking jagiya” he laughed standing up “ah it’s been so long since we were able to spend time like this, what else do you want to do?” he asked heading into the kitchen.

“I’m ok with whatever you want to do, say got anything to eat?” you asked hearing your stomach grumbled in the need for something to eat. “I’ll make something you can lay down if you want I’ll call you when it’s ready” taking his word you went into his room and sat on his bed, Looking around you giggled spotting his mario collection “aww that’s soo cute” you squealed getting closer to the shelf.

“Hey what’s that up there?” you stood up on your tippy toes reaching for the shiny object “almost..” you mumble pressing yourself more onto the shelf in hopes to grab it. Little did you know that the shelf and the figures on it were wobbling, about to come down. “I’m done-What are you doing?!” you heard jin yell which had startled you after you had quickly grabbed the shiny toy you fell, your loss of gravity from force of pulling the object off had caused the whole collection to come down.

Jin rushed over to his fallen shelf in shock “What did you do?” you frowned “I’m sorry I didn’t mean-” before you could finish he had cut you off. “GET OUT! YOU’RE SO CLUMSY (Y/N)! I SHOULDN’T HAVE INVITED YOU HERE!” his voice boomed throughout the room. “But Jin I said-”  “just leave!”

How You Made Up:
A whole week had passed since you and Jin had last spoke and the mario collection crumbled had happened. You didn’t bother going back to the dorms anymore to apologize, simply because whenever you did he would shoo you away or another member would say he wasn’t home or he was busy. You walked with both hands in your pockets as you kicked a stone down the sidewalk, passing many shops as you were about to head home, but paused when one shop had caught your attention that shop being the nintendo store.

Smiling you reached for you wallet before heading into said shop “maybe I can buy him everything that broke, this way he’ll have to forgive me” you chirped eyeing around the store. Your happy spirits were soon going south for your search with certain items weren’t available “what am I going to do now” you sighed with your head down. Not paying attention to where you were going you had bumped into someone “oh I’m sorry I should have-”  “(Y/n)?!” the stranger had cut you off. “Jin!” you said with equal amount of surprise “what are you doing here?” you both said in unison. “You first” you told him.

He nodded “I felt really bad with what happened last week, I was hoping to come buy you a princess peach..because you’re my princess peach in my castle..” he mumbled cheeks turning red “but they didn’t have any so..”  you smiled some “I wanted to restore your collection, but they don’t have what you had…and I’m really sorry I didn’t mean for those to break” you looked down “sorry you’re stuck with a clumsy person like me” you sniffled.

He quickly pulled you into his embrace “Ani! Don’t apologize, you don’t have to apologize to me any more. I should be the one apologizing…I’m really sorry for yelling at you like that (y/n) you know I didn’t mean it right?” he asked with some hope “you really scared me” you spoke truthfully. “I won’t ever raise my voice like that to you ever again I promise. I didn’t mean to scare you” you finally returned his hug along with giving him a quick kiss on the lips “all is forgiving..prince Jin” you giggled.


What Happened:
Suga finally had a free day off and the two of you decided to spend it together since it was so rare for him to have a day off especially towards the beginning of their comeback. What you thought would be a peaceful day turned to be the opposite since suga decide to bring you to the studio it was a odd place for a date you thought at first,but it wasn’t a  date at all he was just working on a song the whole time which made you upset.

“Can’t you stop working for just a second and pay attention to me” you pouted in annoyance
“Can’t you stop complaining”
“I would if you’d just spend a little time with me”
This had caused him to snap at you “spend time with you?! I always spend time with you and all you do is complain I thought you’d understand,and maybe if you helped me I’ll be done faster, but all you’re doing is whining and it’s really annoying I can’t concentrate..you want someone to spend time with you how about you spend time with the maknae, because I’m sick of this!”

You were shocked at his response and frankly quite hurt, your eyes began to get cloudy due to your tears. “If that’s how you really feel then, I won’t bother you anymore since I’m such a nuisance I’ll just leave you to your work then!” when he saw tears start to roll down your face he’d instantly feel guilty “wait (y/n) I didn’t mean-” but it was too late, for you had already stormed off.

How You Made Up:
Since he felt bad about blowing up on you, he thought about how you must have felt, just because he was an idol didn’t give him the right to completely blow you off all the time that would mean being in a relationship was pointless. Closing his laptop and turning off his computer he went to the nearest flower shop and picked up some pink/white roses your favorite, along with some caramel chocolate. You were sitting in the dorms living room watching a music video, your knees pulled up to your face, your eyes were puffy from crying “pabo yoongi..” you mumbled seeing the couple in the MV share a kiss. You were so busy feeling sad that you didn’t hear footsteps proceed over to you, covering your eyes you heard someone whisper “guess who” you knew it was yoongi,but decide to not say right away “could it be my best friend in the whole wide world one that actually likes to spend time with me more than my boyfriend does…jungkook?” at that he quickly removed his hands from your eyes “ouch” he mumbled before walking in front of you “I know you must be mad at me, but I wanna make it up to you” he gave you the flowers and chocolates he had bought. “I’m sorry I should have thought more about your feelings, I’ll try to spend more time with you, please don’t be mad/sad anymore” you sighed hugging him “I forgive you, I guess I can learn to not be so clingy, after all it mustn’t be easy having to make your own songs” the two of you hugged it out in the end. (^.^)

Rap Monster:

What Happened:
You sat at your room staring at your laptop you had debated rather or not you should call him since he was away for tour and must be super busy, but even though your mind was telling you too just wait your heart was saying something else and without realizing it you had clicked the green little call button it was already ringing and you knew there was no turning back now.

“Damn it who is calling me now!” you heard a voice say over the mic
“H-hi namjoon..” you stuttered out now feeling guilty for calling him all of a sudden “(y/n)?” his eyes widen for a brief moment “why are you calling me?” he raised a brow and for a brief moment you thought you saw him glaring at you, but shook it off. “I just missed you is all” you blushed a small smile coming you your lips “because you missed me? (Y/n) we made a deal that when I’m on tour you only call me for emergencies not because you miss me” he sighed irritated “i-i’m sorry I just-” but you were cut off by him.

“When I’m on tour I have very important work to do, I have to practice for the concerts and as the leader make sure everyone is doing what their suppose to, I don’t have time to chat with you because you “miss me” do you understand” not giving you the chance to say anything else he had hung up. You stared at the now black screen and seeing your reflection you saw that tears were running down your face ‘huh, when did those get their?’ you sniffled, you were hurt because he had never been this harsh towards you and no matter if he was away or not he always made time for you. You laid in your bed covering yourself in your big fluffy blanket.

How You Made Up:
You had drifted off to sleep from crying so much, a few hours had passed until you had woken up thanks to your laptop ringing signalling that someone was trying to call you, groaning you opened your eyes and checked the time on your phone “mmh it’s 1 in the morning who could be calling?” you questioned yourself before getting out of bed. Opening your laptop you were surprise to see who was calling you “nam-namjoon” you mumbled staring at your screen dumbfounded. After what had happened earlier you thought for sure you wouldn’t be hearing from him anytime soon.

Looking over by his username you saw that he had tried to call you 3 times and had left 10 messages to you, deciding not to keep him waiting anylonger in fear he’ll snap at you once more you quickly clicked the accept button. “Namjoon..” you whispered out seeing his face appear on the screen. He held up his hand “don’t say anything..I mean…if you will just hear me out..” he spoke. You nodded your head “look I know what I said to you was wrong, and I apologize for blowing up on you like that, it’s just this comeback is really having me on edge, but that still shouldn’t be an excuse for my behavior towards you I should have never spoke to you like that” he looked down in shame.

You stared at him for a little bit “I should have known better than to contact you in the middle of your tour I’m such an idiot…” you felt like crying all over again for some reason, but what he said next had made you smile pushing that sad feeling away. “No you’re not an idiot I am, what kind of man snaps at his lady just because she misses him, this idiot right here that’s who and I’m really sorry for doing that…do you think you can forgive this idiot?” you giggled nodding your head “I forgive you, and even if you say you’re an idiot you’re my idiot” he smiled “I got to go now, but I’ll try to call you tomorrow, I love you, sleep well”


What Happened:

You were so happy to finally able to spend a day with your precious hope, since you knew he has been working hard lately and for his hard work PD-nim finally decided to grace the boys with a few days off to chill, spend time with their loved ones or just hang around the dorms and be lazy. You had reached the dorms in record time, not needing to knock because the boys had gave you a spare key to the place, you entered excited to finally have some alone time with your boyfriend.

“Hobi~ I’m here” you yelled gleefully, while taking off your shoes, heading deeper inside the place you noticed it was a little too quiet. “Hobi?” you questioned looking all around the place, he wasn’t in the kitchen, his room, living room it was like he had gone up and disappeared. You checked your phone on more time making sure he for sure wanted you to be here. ‘Yeah, as I thought  he told me to meet here at the dorms’ you frowned sitting down on the couch.

You don’t know how long you were waiting for him, but the alarm on your phone had ringed signaling it was time to head home and get to work. You woke up with a yawn escaping your mouth, letting out a sigh you stood up “(y/n)?” you heard a voice call to you, looking in the direction of the voice you frowned even more “what are you doing here?” it was hoseok, and by the looks of it he had been practice due to his sweaty attire. “Well I did come here to spend some alone time with you but..” you bent down slipping on your shoes about to speak up he had beat you too it “well wait don’t go let me take a quick shower and we can spend some time together” he smiled.

You sighed once more standing back up as you had finally put on your shoes, grabbing your purse from the door handle you shook your head “I can’t do that I have work now” this wasn’t the first time he had blown you off to practice when the two of you were suppose to hang out “well how about tomorrow then” you shook your head once more “No you’ll just keep practicing like you always do and I’ll be left here waiting” he frowned “you know I have to-”  “no you don’t!” you cut him off “How much longer do I have to see you push yourself?…until you collapse of exhaustion? No I don’t think so”
Hoseok: “You know it’s not easy for me either”
You: “And what does that mean, huh?” sass clear in your tone
Hoseok: “It’s not easy dating someone who isn’t an Idol, you wouldn’t understand”
Hurt you looked down “so what..you don’t think I understand?” he nodded his head “how could you? This isn’t your world (y/n)” with that said you ran out the place with tears in your eyes.

How You Made Up:
It had been days since you and hoseok, talked after him completing making you feel like you weren’t important in his life. To help cheer yourself up you had walked to a nearby ice cream truck “one mint chocolate chip ice cream cone please” you had said in unison with someone that had arrived at the same time you had to the truck. “Two mint chocolate chips coming up” the guy in the truck spoke letting out a chuckle.

“I’m sorry you should have been first” you apologized bowing towards the stranger “(y/n)?!” you looked up in surprise to see him here. “Ho-hoseok..what are you doing here?” you asked standing up. “I didn’t feel right, with what I had said to you a few days ago and I wanted to make things right, and I Had this big thing I was going to do starting with getting you your favorite ice cream and then a picnic, but I didn’t think you’d be here and then we both ordered the same flavor and now I’ve gone and told you almost everything so I guess I should really shut up now, huh?” he chuckled scratching the back of his head.

You stared at him blankly before laughing while holding your side “ahahah” he stared at you in confusion “ahah oh no I’m sorry it’s just that” you giggled a little “I was mad, but after hearing all of that keke I can’t stay mad at you” you smiled wiping a tear from your eye from laughing so hard. Even though you had found it funny hoseok pulled you into a hug “I really am sorry you know, I didn’t mean to say that, I know you understand, heck you must understand more than anyone, I’m really thankful for you ya know (y/n)” he whispered in the crook of your neck.


What Happened:
You were going to see Jimin since he was finally done with his comeback, and you finally had a day off work the timing couldn’t be more perfect. “Jiminie surprise~!” you chirped walking into the boys dorm. The room was filled with people whose attention was now focused on you. You blushed feeling embarrassed for shouting when it seemed like every BTS member and staff was there everyone expect your boyfriend. “Um.. I’m sorry” you slowly spoke backing up some “I must be interrupting you guys..I-I should come back-” before you could say anymore a voice had cut in stopping you from continuing your sentence “(Y/n)?!”

It was Jimin, he had walked in “what-what are you doing here?” he seemed very shock to see you here in their dorm just out of the blue. “I got off from work and your off from the comeback…so I thought maybe I could surprise you…” you spoke awkwardly still feeling everyone’s eyes on you “..surprise!…” you mumbled out softly. Jimin had asked everyone to leave so he could talk to you in private “I have some good news, so you don’t have to leave” he smiled some “how would you feel about going public?” you frowned your brows looking at him in confusion “public..?” he simply nodded his head “our relationship, announcing it to everyone” you looked down shaking your head. “What’s wrong with how we are now?” you asked looking up at him through your lashes.

Jimin gave a pity chuckle for a second “I thought you would want this, you make it seems like you’re cheating on me” he spoke combing his bangs upwards. You didn’t say anything which made him frown “(y/n)? You’re not cheating on me right?” you looked at him somewhat panicked “..you know I wouldn’t” you say softly, but he wasn’t having it “wow I can’t believe you, ya know so many people would die to be in your position and you go and cheat behind my back…I didn’t think you were like that but I guess I was wrong” not letting you get a word in he stormed off to his room.

How You Made Up:
A day after you and Jimin’s little talk, you finally decided to talk to him “why did you invite me here? Nonetheless with all this people around?” he asked adjusting his face mask while taking a seat across from you. “Jiminie, I only rejected going public with you, not because I’m cheating on you, but because I’m scared..” you told him honestly, tears now coming to your eyes “I didn’t think you would react that way..I’m sorry” you bowed your head towards him, which caused others in the cafe to give questioning looks at the two of you.  He chuckled nervously “you don’t have to bow towards me (y/n) raise your head” he whispered, looking around the cafe before back at you “and don’t apologize I shouldn’t have just assumed such things about you, you’re my girl gosh damn it, I've must have been crazy to ever say something like that to you, I’m sorry jagiya” he took hold of your hand and stared into your eyes lovingly.

You smiled a look of relief coming to your face “Well, I didn’t just invite you here to apologize to you..” you spoke standing up out of your chair. Jimin looked at you with curious eyes “what are you doing?” he asked “trust me” you whispered “excuse me everyone can I have your attention please” you raised you voice, now having everyone in the cafe look at you. “This man right here” she pointed at him “this man is the love of my life, I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world and I think it’s about time we went public…I’M DATING PARK JIMIN!” you blushed saying the end part the loudest. Jimin looked at you with shock “(y/n)..” he smiled standing up, he quickly pulled you into a hug “you didn’t have to do that for me” he whispered in the crook of you neck “I wanted to” you whispered to him “I love you so much” he told you planting many kisses on you, which made everyone in the cafe clap and applaud the two of you.


What Happened:
He was never the type to get mad easily at someone let alone blow up on anyone verbally, but here the two of you were in the back room of the fansign event that would be taking place in just a few minutes from now. “I don’t understand why you’re so upset about this (y/n) you’re my girlfriend not them, plus it’s A.R.M.Y you know they won’t try anything” he defend, that’s what irritated you, he seemed to always take the fans sides, when one fan had gotta extremely close and extra touchy, he went on about that’s a close longtime fan of bangtan and how she was going to be sad because she couldn’t see them for awhile, but you knew you could tell after all what fan kisses an idol who is taken?

“That’s the problem Tae, you’re too nice to them, when you do that they’ll just take advantage because they know you won’t do anything about it” you huffed crossing your arms over your chest. Taehyung frowned, a look of disappoint coming to his face also with anger. “You shouldn’t be jealous, what do you even mean take advantage? Are you saying I’m some kind of doormat? Because that’s not even true. Or is it you think I may just run off with one of them” he smirked. “Yah! Don’t say that!” you frowned now feeling more sad than mad. Taehyung continued to smirk and gave a look almost as if he was thinking about it. You huffed, your cheeks turning red and eyes filling with tears you turned away from him right as a staff member had entered signaling it was time to start.

How You Made Up:
‘Maybe I should tease her some more, that’ll teach her to think so low of me’ he chuckled grabbing an album to sign, he smiled deciding to turn on his charm on full blast. You stayed in the back with the staff,but still made sure you were mostly hidden, your eyes focusing on Taehyung. You glared at him seeing him talk so friendly to the fan, but that glare was soon wiped off your face and replaced with a look of hurt as you saw the fan had interlocked her hand with his, they smiled and continued to talk so buddy buddy with each other “Taehyung-oppa~!” she squealed after he had whispered something into her ear sending her a wink, he looked back at you to see your reaction, but it wasn’t the one he was hoping to see.

He frowned seeing you cry silent tears as you stared at him, the two of you made eye contact and for a second it felt like no one else was around. He quickly broke contact turning back around to look at the fan, how was glaring at you before showing a fake smile when Taehyung had looked her. Removing his hand from hers he excused himself, while walking over to you. “Come here..” he said softly taking your wrist in his hand and bringing you further back so no one could see the two of you.

“Did I really hurt you this much” he mumbled cupping your face while his thumb softly wiping away your tears, you just sniffled looking down “I’m sorry (y/n) I was only teasing I didn’t mean for this to happen” he whispered resting his forehead against yours “don’t cry anymore please, I won’t be as intimate with them anymore..please don’t cry anymore” you sniffled one last time “y-you mean it, I didn’t mean to come off so possessive/clingy I’m sor-” but before you could finish his lips met yours “don’t apologize, you’re my number one lady, I should be giving you all my attention” he spoke before diving back into your lips for another kiss.


What Happened:
The two of you were chilling at the dorms just enjoying each others company, he was playing overwatch while you were on your phone, occasionally looking up to watch him play, as you were looking down at your phone you saw that you had gotten a notification on soompi, you clicked it ‘I wonder who they’ll be talking about this time’ you giggled , it was your favorite past time to read celebrity drama, but you would never believe it since you knew they always spun the story to catch more readers such as yourself.

Your eyes had widen when you saw it was about jungkook, pulling the phone closer to your face, the headline read ‘BTS Jungkook In A Relationship With One Of His Fans!’ at first you thought nothing of it, thinking they were talking about you, since you technically were one of his fans, but as you scrolled down what you thought would be cute pictures of the two of you, was pictures of him with someone else, they seemed a little to close than what you would consider appropriate for a idol-fan relationship “jungkook-ah” you spoke out deciding to confront him on this. “Hm” he hummed. “Why am I reading on the blogs that you are in a relationship with a fan?” you asked your tone giving away you were not pleased.

“Babe, you’re my fan, and we’re in a relationship haha” he chuckled “then what’s this?” you acted dumb while showing him your phone. “Jagiya you shouldn’t believe everything you see” you had gotten mad because it didn’t seem like he was trying to deny the pictures “I know you love your fans and all, but doesn’t that seem a bit much..”sneaking out to see her”” you quoted from the article. “Oh my gosh! You gotta be kidding me? Are you seriously going to be that kind of girlfriend? What, next your going to tell me I should stop attending fansigns? You should really stop looking at those dumb blogs and stop feeling so insecure about yourself (y/n)..it’s not very attractive!” you were hurt, and also mad “well excuse me for being that kind of girl!” with that said you stormed off, before he could see you cry.

How You Made Up:
Once you had stormed out, he continued playing his game, but it only lasted for a few minutes for while he was playing, it had finally hit him what exactly he just did to you. He paused the game no longer feeling in the mode to play anymore knowing he had hurt your feelings. Knocking on the door to his room he called for you, when you didn’t answer he slowly opened it “I’m coming in (y/n)…” he scanned the room for your figure, but was confused when he didn’t see you “that’s odd..” he whispered out, where else could you have gone? He was about to leave when he heard some sobbing coming from his bed and that’s when he saw a small lump under the covers “(y/n)…” he called for you again while approaching the bed.

“Go away! I don’t wanna see you anymore!” she cried out holding herself tighter under the blankets, jungkook removed the blankets off your body and pulled you into his embrace his face buried in the crock of you neck. “I’m sorry (y/n) I didn’t mean to say any of that” he whispered in your ear. “So you really do think I’m unattractive then..” you mumbled out tears rolling off your cheeks and hitting his white shirt leaving little marks. “Of course not, you’re the most attractive girl in the world, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say any of those things I know your insecure about yourself but..” he pulled away from you for a second to cup your cheeks “you don’t have to be, I’m all yours, I’ll try to not be as close to the fans if that’s what you want” you shook your head “no you don’t have to do that” he smiled some “you’re my number one girl you got that and don’t let anyone or those stupid blogs tell you otherwise” he spoke giving you multiple kisses.

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Whilst I am disappointed with the results I still want to support wanna one. I see a lot of people saying they won't because only one nu'est member got in but I don't think nu'est would want that. These boys are their friends who they worked hard with for over 5 months. I'm grateful that nu'est made it to the final 20 and have gained new fans. As fans I feel all we can do now is try to get their video views and album sales up and hope pledis sees they're worth keeping. I'm not giving up hope yet

We have to support all 5. We can’t let Minhyun be left alone and forgotten, we can’t give him one moment to believe that he could be left behind so easily. No matter where they go, they are NU’EST, even if it means one of them has been pulled someplace else. NU’EST is made up of 5 wonderful, talented boys. Nothing will change that. 

Supporting them fiercely is all we can do right now. It’s the one thing we can do that will make all of this mean something. We can’t let that suffering be in vain. 

It’s been a while since I made one of these rant posts. 

However, this one has a lot more meaning to it, and I’m sure a lot of you will disagree with what I have to say. Hell, I know a few of you will be calling me a petty bitch or some shit like that, but I do not care. This is how I feel, and if you don’t like it, kindly show yourself out. 

First off, I have been a Giveaway Blogger since July 2014. Don’t believe me? Here’s the archive from the birth of my old blog at Ciphergiveaways, where I got my start at. Yeah. I’m an old GA Blogger. 

When I got my start, there wasn’t really many Giveaway bloggers around. From what I recall, there was at least 9, maybe 10 of us? I’m not sure, it’s been a while. Things were rather simple back then. You could give out anything back then and draw crowds. Whether it had a rare Egg Move, had 6 IVs, was Battle Ready, or Shiny, it didn’t matter. 

As the years passed, more and more Giveaway blogs started popping up. While the numbers had grown, the appreciation we got never changed. As usual, no matter what we gave out, everyone was super thankful and was as respectable as can be. I’m still friends with a good number of my followers I met during those times, such as @masterimpsyplays and a few more whose blog names I can’t quite remember at this time. All in all, no one complained about what we were giving out.  People appreciated us regardless of what we gave out, and Giveaways were super fun for us to do!

Last year, though, there was a noticeable change. It wasn’t really noticable before Sun and Moon’s releases. In order for some of us to get attention, we couldn’t just do what we used to do. It had to be more intricate and unique for us to get attention for our Giveaways, such as my Battle Ready Giveaways. Last year, I did one for a Blastoise and another Pokemon, and while the turnout was a little lower than usual, it was still a success, and many thanks were given.

Then, came the Great Giveaway Blogger Boom.

Out of the woodwork came many, MANY Giveaway blogs, which shot the numbers up into the 60′s. While this is a good thing, I feel that however, this is also a bad thing.

Here’s the part where the torches and pitchforks are gonna be summoned at my end, 

Because of the 60+ Giveaway blogs around, it’s making the ones who have been around for 9 months or more to find and give out Pokemon that haven’t already been done to death. Another thing is that the standards for Giveaway blogs have been set way too fucking high. For example, for a Veteran Blogger to even get someone to look their way nowadays, it has to by a Shiny, 6IV, Battle Ready Pokemon. Anything else being given out, and they are ignored. And god forbid that if you aren’t giving out 5+ Pokemon, then you’ll be ignored for that too, as 5+ Pokemon seems to be the set amount for Pokemon to be given out. And in the case of Legendaries, if it isn’t a completely flawless shiny, then you can just forget it. Veteran Bloggers have to resort to doing unique Gimmick Giveaways, such as @suicunegiveaways Forget Me Not Giveaways and my own Battle Point Giveaways to just get some kind of attention, and even THEN we may only trade out half a box of each Pokemon we give out. 

What’s even worse is that even if one was giving out a 100% legitimately obtained Shiny Pokemon, if it doesn’t have the proper IVs in the right places, right nature, or even the right moves, they get ignored as well. 

It has come to a point where some Veteran Bloggers are starting to dread doing Giveaways, as now they have to come up with gimmicks that no one else had done yet and hope to Arceus that the Pokemon they picked for said Giveaway hasn’t been done to death or isn’t being done by another GA Blogger. 

Our expectations have been set way too high, and some of us aren’t able to meet those standards at all due to life or other factors. As a result, I believe that due to these high expectations, it’s made a lot of people spoiled. If a GA isn’t meeting the expectations, we’re passed over for one that does. And do you know how that makes us who can’t meet those expectations feel?

It makes us feel like it’s not worth being a Giveaway Blogger anymore.

We do our best to get you guys great Pokemon, but to have low turnouts and hardly any nice thank you messages (which is completely optional, but we love getting these messages, as it makes our day), along with not even clearing out a single box of Pokemon, it does dishearten us greatly, as now we have too many leftovers and have to resort to banking them or Wondertrading them to get back some box space for another GA that will likely yield similar results. 

Another problem a lot of us face is people not reading the post or the FAQ when we do our Giveaways. Seriously, we have FAQs for a reason and if you have to ask about the Pokemon being given out, then you’ve clearly didn’t read the post and will be called out on it. It gets tiring after getting a lot of messages regarding to what’s being given out or people complaining about us not getting to them fast enough. We are going as fast as we can, people complaining about it to us won’t make us go any faster. 

Regarding myself personally, I do not gen any of my Pokemon that I give out, They are hand bred, EV trained, and leveled up before being turned Shiny by Powersaves and cloned to be given out, or in some cases lately, go and get the shiny through SOS or Masuda Method. I pour my heart and soul into what I give out, and to have barely any turnout? It’s depressing. 

Giveaways are meant to be fun for both the holder and participant, not for the GA Holder to be stressing out over whether or not the Pokemon we’re giving out is good enough to draw in a crowd. No Giveaway Blogger should EVER be dreading to do a Giveaway. 

Tl;dr, Some of us Giveaway bloggers are feeling very unappreciated and are getting stressed out over doing Giveaways to the point of dreading them. And some us like, like myself, are really considering retiring altogether, as it’s just not worth it anymore. 

Take one moment.

A moment out of this minute that will slowly turn into an hour and this will all be in the past. A memory. You can’t ever go back to it again.

Just stop.

Memories are what make you up, because you’re human. Every day, we go through seconds of time and they make homes within our minds.

Will you think about the stars at night? They’re like us.

We’ve managed to evade the mirror maze and walk into our lives, facing the way that humans are so beautifully intricate but destructive at the same time. I don’t know when our reflections will scintillate upon the glass and we’ll realize what we’ve done, but nothing erases the way that we’re all made up of the thoughts that have gone through our minds and the way we compose music with what we say.

“We were loved, but we did not love, and the eclipses erased our shadows.”

Reality is real and it is evil.

But one day you’ll know that there has to be light for the darkest supernova to burst into flames of laughter on your lips and the feeling that this,

this is right.

This, that you haven’t had in a long time.

One day, the universe will finally piece itself together, but that day has not yet come. One day, fires won’t be set alight by dreams.

And all you have to do is watch the world with your eyes made of silvery whispers of words, because this, now, is beautiful, and

just breathe.

—  I Hope These Words Will Stay With You When You Face Someone Else // e.d. //

succubuswitch  asked:

Examine: Angel Halo (I hope nobody has asked this before)

((Surprisingly, no, nonody’s asked this one yet! You’re in luck, friend!))


*Adds a sealing effect to attacks.
+50% damage against monsters.
+50% damage against unsealed envelopes.

Description: “A sword made from 666 melted angels, all of whom look like they’re orgasming all over the sword. No need to make anything up for this one; its crazy enough as is. Also, it’s like the most inefficient thing out there. The only part with a blade is that little ring at the top; everything else might as well be an ornamental club. Also, some eggplant-headed shota saved the world with this, but that’s not important.”

Take one moment.
A moment out of this minute that will slowly turn into an hour and this will all be in the past. A memory. You can’t ever go back to it again.
Just stop.
Memories are what make you up, because you’re human. Every day, we go through seconds of time and they make homes within our minds.
Will you think about the stars at night? They’re like us.
We’ve managed to evade the mirror maze and walk into our lives, facing the way that humans are so beautifully intricate but destructive at the same time. I don’t know when our reflections will scintillate upon the glass and we’ll realize what we’ve done, but nothing erases the way that we’re all made up of the thoughts that have gone through our minds and the way we compose music with what we say.
“We were loved, but we did not love, and the eclipses erased our shadows.”
Reality is real and it is evil.
But one day you’ll know that there has to be light for the darkest supernova to burst into flames of laughter on your lips and the feeling that this,
this is right.
This, that you haven’t had in a long time.
One day, the universe will finally piece itself together, but that day has not yet come. One day, fires won’t be set alight by dreams.
And all you have to do is watch the world with your eyes made of silvery whispers of words, because this, now, is beautiful, and
just breathe.
—  i hope these words will stay with you when you face someone else /// e.d.

ok wow this chanyeol hate is getting too much idk who else was given hate for unfollowing tao but i do know that chanyeol has yet again gotten death threats. give yourself an applause bc u just made the situation that much better. good job.

the thing i hate about this fandom is that fans have expectations from the boys. i guess i dont blame you guys for hoping that the boys will stick together forever, i myself like that idea. but you’re kinda looking at the members as characters in some play that you’re directing and one of the actors somehow strayed away from your plot and ur mad af bc this is not what I wanted!!1

listen. ever severed any bond in ur life? ever distanced urself from negativity and whatnot and chose whatever suits u best for ur own welfare? so what if chanyeol unfollowed tao. so what if friendships were ruined. be sad about it all u want (i am. esp when i look back to showtime) but ur being a fuckin ass for thinking that a human like chanyeol can actually feel differently about the situation than u do, when ur the one who knows less about it. you’re from the outside, and chanyeol is inside. dont u think he thinks about this all the time without u reminding him? he’s more affected than u are. stop being selfish. stop whining and stop being so fuckin low to push chanyeol to kill himself bc he failed to keep to your script. 

the members are not for u to play with like fuckin paper dolls. they can think and act for themselves. they won’t reach ur expectations at times and guess what

u a dickhead ye

I'm gonna say this once, then shut up.

Emma has been ALONE and felt UNWANTED AND UNLOVED her WHOLE life. The two people she thought gave a shit about her either tried to kill her (Ingrid) or straight up ditched her and sent her to jail (Person).

Now not to knock anyone in her life now and the family she loves, but Killian Jones is the ONLY PERSON WHO HAS COME INTO HER LIFE WHO HASN’T DISAPPOINTED HER (and stayed for more than five minutes, sorry Elsa). Snow and Charming had to send her through the wardrobe for both her safety and the greater good. Regina’s the reason she grew up alone in the foster system. And Henry, bless him, shares his attention with Regina.

None of them belong solely to Emma. And now Snow and Charming have their son. So romance aside, Killian Jones is the MOST significant relationship she’s EVER had. He fills in the broken pieces of her with his own, doesn’t expect anything from her, he puts her first in a way that NO ONE ELSE CAN.

Is it too much to ask for that relationship to be played for more than adorable snuggling and kisses? I want Killian to be the one pull her back from the edge (whatever that is), to be given his proper due. I don’t know if I’m making sense, but I kinda need to show to acknowledge his importance to her and we haven’t really gotten that…YET. I want to remain hopeful that we will in 4B because I understand that Emma doesn’t do…feelings and has gotten terribly burned the few times she’s tried.

So yeah, I would be a bit pissed if someone ELSE (no matter who it was) was the one to ultimately “protect her heart” or whatever. It took me a while to get over the Elsa thing. But this SEEMS tailor made for Killian. He was a villain, fought his darkness (inspired by Emma) and is now a hero.

He is her person. I knew he was the moment we met him in 2.04. Now I’d simply like the show to acknowledge that. I’m getting antsy, Adam and Eddy. I don’t NEED a TLK but I do need SOMETHING. I think three seasons is long enough, no?

anonymous asked:

What a coincidence that you ignore asks that might prove your theories wrong...you are seriously so biased that I can't even believe you're in your late 20s.

Orrrrrrrrr it means that I’ve been away from my computer for the last eight hours and only ever answer asks on my laptop.

Or it means that I receive far more asks that I have the time to answer and unfortunately a large number of them go without reply. 

Or it means that my tumblr ate your ask and I never saw it.

Or that I saw it, thought ’not this again’ and prioritised other, actual new questions and haven’t gotten around to yours yet. 

Either way, I have no idea which ask you’re talking about and I have literally never once received an ask that has made me think “uh oh, this disproves my beliefs that Harry and Louis are together, better delete it and hope the information stops existing!” because I’m not a coward and that’s not how my brain works. 

So you’ve got two options, either calmly re-send your ask or go and throw your tantrum somewhere else.

Eyes Part Two (Jungkook Fluff)

Summary: falling in love with Jungkook through his eyes

Part: One, Three

Word Count: 916

It took you two months of dating Jungkook to learn what that emotion in his eyes was. It was confidence, excitement and amusement mixed into one. It was one of your favorite looks he gave you. Although you had a few other favorites as well.

There was pure amusement, sometimes that’d be the only way you could tell he wasn’t upset at you for breaking something or talking too loudly. It was a small spark in his eyes, normally hidden unless you knew to look for it. It’d taken you three months to learn that one.

There was adoration, the look he’d given you while he was teaching you Korean. He’d sometimes just gaze at you while you attempted to speak in his native language, a small smile on his face when he heard you pause in search for the next word. That one only took a month.

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anonymous asked:

I know you probably get thousands of messages a day from people that are greatly inspired by you. I bought your book this summer and it woke me up from a depression so deep that I might not have made it back otherwise. I don't know if it's possible to love you, but I feel like I know you so well from your poems and tumblr that I think I love you anyway. How could you not love someone who saved your life? I wish that we lived closer so that I could show my gratitude to you, but unfortunately I ca

(cont.) “do nothing but say thank you SO much. My boyfriend and my son are so much happier now that I’m awake again—as am I. I know I just took a lot of your time(if you’ve even gotten to read this) blabbering but I would like to ask another favor of you…which doesn’t seem totally fair but I value you and your opinion. I want an amazing senior quote that no one else has and my first thought was to ask you for ideas. I want it to be beautiful and sweet and inspiring and—that’s you. That’s you. My senior quote could simply say "Caitlyn Siehl” and my life would be made, although my mom would probably say “is that that poem girl? I like her but should she really be your senior quote?” My mom is funny about things like that. I’m sorry for this long message in which I’ve thanked and begged for saving yet again. I hope it finds you in a good place today and that nothing brings you down. Btw this color reminds me of your lips. Love love love"

Hi there, lovely. I’m so glad that you are in a better place, and that things are lighter for you. This message shows that you are an incredibly kind, loving, tender person, and it’s probably so wonderful knowing you.

Here are a few quotes! I hope one of them is right for you:

“let me say right now for the record,
I’m still gonna be here
asking this world to dance,
even if it keeps stepping on my holy feet. ”
–Andrea Gibson, from “The Madness Vase/The Nutritionist”

“I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.”
–D.H. Lawrence, “Self-Pity”

“Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting–over and over, announcing your place in the family of things.”
–Mary Oliver, “Wild Geese”

so originally i wanted to get this out before 2k15 ended but life just got in the way. tho i guess loving on y’all sounds like a pretty good way to start 2k16 so here we go !! the past year has been a difficult one for me but getting to meet so many of you cuties & crying over kpop, tv shows, gaming & everything else with you all has been one of the few highlights of the year. i’ve made some amazing friends on here & i’m forever grateful to all of you nerds for putting up with my shit laughs. & for those i haven’t had the opportunity to talk with a lot yet i still enjoy seeing you on my dash. basically i adore you all & i hope in the new year we’ll get to know each other more ! wishing you all a wonderful new year babes.

the cuties in no particular order xoxo

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We live as if we created one
another, as if these bodies
do not exist separately.

We are dangerous; two
firecrackers living together
beside pools of gasoline,
the same ones we swam
in as children.

I wake up to my hair on
fire some mornings and
hope that it has not made
its way to the core of me,
yet. I’d like to think it
never has.

We live as if we constructed
one another, as if, once
torn apart, neither could
continue to be.

—  the problem with existing within someone else ~ Emma Bleker