i hope no one else has made this yet

ok wow this chanyeol hate is getting too much idk who else was given hate for unfollowing tao but i do know that chanyeol has yet again gotten death threats. give yourself an applause bc u just made the situation that much better. good job.

the thing i hate about this fandom is that fans have expectations from the boys. i guess i dont blame you guys for hoping that the boys will stick together forever, i myself like that idea. but you’re kinda looking at the members as characters in some play that you’re directing and one of the actors somehow strayed away from your plot and ur mad af bc this is not what I wanted!!1

listen. ever severed any bond in ur life? ever distanced urself from negativity and whatnot and chose whatever suits u best for ur own welfare? so what if chanyeol unfollowed tao. so what if friendships were ruined. be sad about it all u want (i am. esp when i look back to showtime) but ur being a fuckin ass for thinking that a human like chanyeol can actually feel differently about the situation than u do, when ur the one who knows less about it. you’re from the outside, and chanyeol is inside. dont u think he thinks about this all the time without u reminding him? he’s more affected than u are. stop being selfish. stop whining and stop being so fuckin low to push chanyeol to kill himself bc he failed to keep to your script. 

the members are not for u to play with like fuckin paper dolls. they can think and act for themselves. they won’t reach ur expectations at times and guess what

u a dickhead ye

so originally i wanted to get this out before 2k15 ended but life just got in the way. tho i guess loving on y’all sounds like a pretty good way to start 2k16 so here we go !! the past year has been a difficult one for me but getting to meet so many of you cuties & crying over kpop, tv shows, gaming & everything else with you all has been one of the few highlights of the year. i’ve made some amazing friends on here & i’m forever grateful to all of you nerds for putting up with my shit laughs. & for those i haven’t had the opportunity to talk with a lot yet i still enjoy seeing you on my dash. basically i adore you all & i hope in the new year we’ll get to know each other more ! wishing you all a wonderful new year babes.

the cuties in no particular order xoxo

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