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Hi :) I love your headcanons/stories, they're just amazing ♥ You already did with Nevra, so can you do with other guys (Ezarel, Valkyon and Leiftan) a Guardian X 7 minutes in Heaven ? please :)

Hey, Anon! You never told if you wanted scenarios or headcanons for this ask, so I went with headcanons cause they’re easier for me. They’re gonna be a bit shorter than the Nevra one since I’m doing more guys. I hope that’s okay, Anon!

If you(or anyone else) want them as a scenario, please let me know! (Just know because of the difficulty of scenarios, I’ll only be doing one boy at a time)

Also, you guys have probably guessed this already, but the ask box will not be opening up today. I overworked myself, so I’m a bit behind schedule. It should be open soon though, so don’t worry!

Enough yammering! Here are your headcanons, Anon! I hope you enjoy them!

Sort of NSFW below!


  • Ez hadn’t want to come at all.
  • But Nevra had wanted a wingman, and after blackmailing asking Ez, had dragged him to the party.
  • He had been in the process of sneaking out when Alajéa grabbed him and forced him to join a game of seven minutes in heaven.
  • He really doesn’t want to play, but his complaints and objections quiet down into nothing when he saw who’s picked his item.
  • A blush blossoms across his cheeks as he reluctantly claims his item and enters the closet, deliberately ignoring the ‘encouraging’ calls behind him.
  • Ez is way more comfortable chatting with you than playing the game and will happily engage you in a battle of wits until time runs out.
  • If you do want to play, Ez is a bit hesitant, worried about messing up and driving you away.
  • Because of that, you’ll have to take charge until Ez is feeling more confident.
  • Your kisses are slow and passionate, with his hands twined in your hair and yours cupping his face.
  • Neither of you notice the door opening until the loud chorus of wolf-whistles and cat-calls catch your attention.
  • Ez is as embarrassed as all hell, and can’t look at anyone.
  • He almost regrets getting in the closet in the first place when you press a soft kiss to his cheek and invite him to sit next to you for the rest of the game.
  • There’s more cat-calls and teasing, but Ez finds he doesn’t care and he seats himself comfortably next to you, a content look upon his face.


  • Valkyon had willingly come to the party with Caméria, but now wishes he hadn’t.
  • It’s much too loud, too crowded and there are waaay too many drunk women trying to hit on him.
  • When Kero came to him and said they were playing a game in the other room (i.e away from the drunk people), Valkyon had agreed to play before the unicorn even asked.
  • He’s quietly chatting with Ez when you pick his item out of the hat, and before he knows what’s happening, he’s thrown into the closet with you.
  • It’s quiet for a few moments before Valkyon turns to you and asks: “So, how do you play Seven minutes in heavens?”
  • He’s confused as to why you’re spluttering with laughter and asks what’s the joke.
  • Your answer leaves him quiet and red-faced.
  • He actually wants to play the game with you, but is too embarrassed to ask.
  • Valkyon has never been a good conversationalist, but if you don’t want to play he’ll try his best to be good company.
  • If you don’t seem against playing, he’ll summon up his courage and gently kiss you.
  • Kissing and all it’s nuances are foreign to Valkyon, but he’s naturally good at it and only gets better the more he kisses you.
  • Though he’s not keeping tabs on the time, you are and you reluctantly tell him when your time is up.
  • When the door opens, it looks like you both spent the seven minutes talking and Caméria makes sure to scold her captain for screwing up his chance to make out with his crush.
  • Valkyon only smiles.


  • Leiftan was only supposed to escort Miiko to the party, but somehow got dragged into joining it instead.
  • Not that he minded. It was rare he got time off work, and he thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend time with his friends outside of work.
  • He wasn’t so happy when Caméria suggested Seven minutes in heaven, but agreed to play anyway.
  • When he picked your item out the hat, he was so surprised he almost had to be forced into the closet by Miiko.
  • Inside the closet Leiftan would be a mess. Gone was the suave gentleman, replaced by a stuttering man with a massive crush on you.
  • It’ll probably be better for his nerves if you rather talk than play the game, but he’s determined to get at least one kiss before he leaves the closet.
  • So he gently kisses you. It’s more impulsive than anything else and he’s halfway through an apology when you return the kiss.
  • It’s like a switch has been flipped, and suddenly Leiftan has you pressed against the wall, moaning lowly as he kisses you fiercely.
  • Despite the ferocity of your make out session, Leiftan is still sensible enough to keep tabs on the time and pulls away just before the door opens.
  • He escorts you back to your chair with a goofy grin on his face before returning to his own, a light blush on his cheeks.

The ending of Rogue One just makes what Leia did in the beginning of A New Hope even more badass than it already was. Vader literally watched her ship leave with the Death Star schematics, and when he catches up to her she straight up lies to his face, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan…” and before that she threatened action from the Imperial Senate. She literally threatened the second most powerful man in the galaxy to his face! Like she has to know that he knows she’s lying, but she does it anyway, what a badass!


“i don’t know how to say goodbye”

the lift kiss for @snowscharming ❤​ part ii of your valentine’s gift!

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I just found an interesting parallel

I was a bit surprised when Victor said that Yuuri is selfish because I though he should know Yuuri wants to retire for him and it didn’t sound like Victor at all to blame Yuuri so much even if he was angry and disappointed. 

But then you know who’s the only other person called selfish in this story?

Yep, it’s Victor himself in the second episode when he decides to go to Japan. When I watched this first time I was sure Yakov is mad because he’s losing his fame as being Victor’s coach but actually Yakov still has the strongest team in the world with Mila, Georgi and Yuri so I don’t think it’s really about Yakov the coach. As we learn in the next episodes Victor trained under Yakov most of his career and that in some way they were close (just notice that Yakov is the only person apart Yuuri and eventually Yuri that Victor hugs). So what I think is happening here is Yakov being hurt and angry that Victor wants to leave him, not just competitive skating, for the sake of some drunk Japanese boy. He’s an old grumpy Russian so obviously he won’t admit his feelings but he doesn’t want Victor to retire because he cares for him and believes that he still has the potential to get better the next season. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

It’s said that Victor shows his love by being demanding coach and that Victor’s coaching style is very similar to Yakov’s (quite natural as Yakov was “the best coach he ever had”). So for them to be rejected as coaches mean also to be rejected as persons. No wonder Victor is so devasted when Yuuri wants to retire - he doesn’t know how to express his feelings in another way, just as Yakov, with whom he spent most of his life, ignores him after he stops skating. But then he recognises that Yuuri needs to make his own decision just as Victor wouldn’t listen to Yakov when he decided to go to Japan and he lets Yuuri decide as independent human being. 

So I don’t think I have a brilliant conclusion to this but I suppose that because Yakov and Victor seem very different at first many people forget how close they were and how many things did Victor learn from Yakov.

guess who ;)


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I know some of you already saw the official manga art (top image) and noticed that Chuuya is the only one alongside with Fukuzawa and Mori that is on the upside down position but I noticed something else…

We can see the others with their masks EXCEPT Dazai who is facing his back and of course just as I said Chuuya is also on another different angle, the only one among the smaller “puppets”. Let me think that Fukuzawa and Mori are on the upside down because they’ve already fallen on Fyodor’s trap which is the truth as of now. They already fell so there is no need for the strings unlike the others. But Chuuya on the other hand is still on the process of “falling” and what’s worrisome is Dazai is facing his back.

My conclusion: Its like telling that Chuuya will “fall” (corruption) and Dazai isnt there (facing his back) to save him..thefore supporting the other theory of Fyodor making Chuuya to use corruption without Dazai..and we all know what will happen if ever-

Let us stop here

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What was in Victor’s mind in episode 9?

So today I was thinking about the airport scene today again and what struck me about it is that it is never explained what was Victor thinking while saying this:

While it’s obvious what Yuuri has in his mind at the moment (i.e. having Victor by his side these last few weeks before his retirement) there is no reason why would Victor reevaluate their relationship then. Leaving Yuuri for that three days for Maccachin obviously doesn’t make him a bad coach at least Yuuri would never think so. And Victor doesn’t overthink things much normally so while it’s his natural reaction to throw himself into Yuuri’s arms (and Yuuri’s only but that’s another story) it’s why he speaks about coaching first what puzzled me the most.

But then I realised something else about this whole situation and I think that was the same realisation that really made Victor look so miserable on that airport. Because what is interesting is the fact that Victor couldn’t decide what to do when he learned about Maccachin at the first place.

He was seriously torn between staying with Yuuri or going back while really there shouldn’t be a question. Sure, he takes his coaching responsibilities very seriously and he cares about Yuuri a lot and he doesn’t want to leave him especially since they’re finally in a relationship like he always wanted but still we’re talking about Maccachin whom he had for over 12 years? He loves that dog more than anything, Maccachin was the only one to greet him home, the one to care when Victor was down, the one who slept with him… Like Yuuri was apart from his dog for five years and he was still devastated after Viccan’s death can you imagine how Victor would feel? For Yuuri, it’s obvious that Victor should go back, he tells him he needs to because it really is the one right thing to do and Victor. Still. Hesitates? 

Side note, I love the fact that Victor trusts Yakov so much he believes he may take care of Yuuri in his stead but anyway he finds a solution, he flies to Japan and now, we don’t know what happens there but what I think happened is that Victor looks at his miraculously saved dog, he looks back at what happened in Russia and he realises he truly loves Yuuri. I’m pretty sure that the only thing that Victor thinks about while sitting by Maccachin’s side is Yuuri and I’m also sure he gets aware of that too. It’s not a crush anymore it’s not the eros matter, it’s not the fact that Yuuri inspires him more than anything. I believe that while alone in Japan Victor realises that being apart from Yuuri terrifies him because he loves him more than he ever loved anyone. He literally was choosing between two persons he loves the most in his life.

So what I imagine Victor has in his mind when he sits on this airport is “what can I do to be with Yuuri for longer”. Now, there was a great meta on how much insecure Victor is about revealing his feelings and we know from what Kubo said that it is not until he has a ring on his finger that he lets himself think about their future together but I’m sure that Victor already tried to think of something he could do to stay longer by Yuuri’s side and as they communicate mostly thru skating he was probably thinking something like “I’ll tell him about the technical things we need to improve and also maybe suggest him that he may still win at Four Continents and Worlds so he would need me to stay” but even if he wants to play it cool he can’t wait to make sure Yuuri will make him stay and basically the second he holds Yuuri he starts to ramble about that. Like when I look at this scene now it all makes so much sense, that Victor is so touched when Yuuri asks him to stay because that’s what he wanted to hear all along. And then that marriage proposal remark that comes out of nowhere or rather comes from Victor’s realisation that he loves Yuuri so much he could marry him. And then this?

They are emotional because of being apart and because of how much in love they are but I think that what really explains this whole scene is looking at it as at the first time they are together while Victor fully understands his feeling for Yuuri. And Victor is so emotional and honest while saying that last line that it makes Yuuri cry? Yuuri has no idea what Victor has in mind but I think he feels something changed and I really wish Victor wouldn’t be afraid to tell him the truth at that moment. But anyway this scene somehow is even better for me now and I thought I should share it with you guys.