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Mouth o’ Mine

Harry X Reader: Angst, smut

In which Harry’s no good with his words but he sure is good with his mouth.

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some harry face sitting action maybe?

Author’s note: This is a continuation of “Mess o’ Mine.” I would suggest reading that first, if you haven’t already. I thought this was gonna be the end but then I fucked up so… there’s also a part 3. Hope you enjoy! I did!

Part 1: Mess o’ Mine // Part 3: Mind o’ Mine

You’ve been running through the events that have occurred, confused at the escalation and the outcome. No issues have been resolved, and there wasn’t really a conversation or discussion. You don’t know any more than you did when you heard Harry singing your poems. Has he used your writing in more songs on his album?  Has he read your whole journal? God, you hope not. One poem is bad enough.

Harry hasn’t been around, hasn’t tried calling for the two weeks since he showed up on your doorstep. You’ve flipped the channel whenever he shows up on your television and scrolled at record speed when he’s popped up on your social media feeds. Maybe you should feel relieved and cleansed of his toxicity, but you don’t. Instead, you feel a little broken, like your stomach is splintering into pieces, and your mind still feels split open. Not only that, but you can smell him, feel the weight of him on top of you, taste the foreign flavor of his mouth. This isn’t what you need.

A whole other wave of confusion has rolled over you in terms of your relationship with Harry, if there still is one. The two of you have crossed a line without any prior thought or contemplation. Years upon years of friendship have been threatened, and you’re not even sure how it happened. Why did he kiss you? How did the two of you end up in bed, naked between the sheets? If you were confused about it before, trying to figure things out has only worsened your introspection.

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History Maker (RUSSIAN)
History Maker (RUSSIAN)



***UPDATE*** Okay! So I just want to make it clear that the person who created this amazing cover, is named Jackie-O, and he is on YouTube! https://youtu.be/pLkXmLXkggE This is the link to the cover, all credit goes to him! He provides a link for download, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows who sang this. I adored the song and I’m glad a lot of you have enjoyed it just as much as me!

ALSO! VERY IMPORTANT! so the image that I used for the cover is by a Tumblr user named Junetg , PLEASE go and check them out, their Tumblr is: 


and they have all the credit for this beautiful artwork! :)

***SECOND UPDATE*** Hey guys!! So there seems to be something wrong with the audio for some reason??? Some of the comments are saying that it’s not working for them, and I just tested it myself and for some unknown reason, the audio isn’t working for me either. The only thing I can conclude is that it’s due to Tumblr updating, or it could be you’re browser. Google chrome sometimes doesn’t catch up with updates or something gets screwy and it won’t play with google chrome sometimes? But I apologize to those who won’t have it play for them :( if you want to listen to it, I’ve already sourced it, but if case anyone missed it, the persons name is Jackie-O on YouTube and he’s the one that did the cover- I will provide another link! https://youtu.be/pLkXmLXkggE I’m hoping this issue gets resolved soon :/

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oh my god, I'm so sorry about the jerejean :( .... then how about “So why did I have to punch that guy?” with Allison and Neil (I always feel so happy thinking about their -very possible good friendship)

babe don’t be sorry at all!! it was before i even put it in my faq :’) (and thank you for an allison prompt… THANK YOU)

Allison doesn’t seem surprised to see a stranger approach her. It’s an almost funny sight; he’s barely up to her chin and has a shiny patch on the top of his head that could be balding. It’s even funnier to watch her shut him down, all sharp smiles and bored tone.

But he doesn’t get the hint. He keeps talking, and Neil thinks he catches him say, “Playing hard to get, hm?”

Allison’s jaw tightens. “Not playing anything. You’re just hard to want.”

He shakes his head, almost pityingly. “Sweetheart, if you keep acting like this, no one’s ever going to want you.”

She laughs in disbelief and Neil thinks he’s never going to give up. He puts out his cigarette, in no particular rush because he knows the rude man isn’t paying him an iota of attention. Just as Allison decides that actually, fine, that’s worth a verbal cut down, Neil brushes past her and reaches up slightly to punch him in the face.

The man takes a few steps back and starts sputtering immediately, clutching his face. He says something along the lines of ‘How dare you?!’ but Neil finds he barely cares. “Hey, if you keep harrassing women in public, no one’s going to want you. And don’t worry, I do the facial reconstruction for free.”

Allison doesn’t hold back her laugh as she links their arms and walks off. “I had that under control.”

“Sure, I just wanted to punch him in his smarmy face,” Neil responds with a shrug.

Allison pats him on the shoulder. “I knew there was a reason we kept you.”

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headcanons for the moment the Paladins realize they're in love with their s/o love your writing btw

lthank you omfg ! I hope this is alright :)

- shiro gets a lot of nightmares, and his s/o has always been there for hims when those times come.
- one night he’d wake up abruptly, seeing them already awake next to him. They would straight away pull him closer and give him a soft kiss
- shiro would be confused, because usually s/o wake up when he’s awake. so he’s like “how did you know”, ‘i don’t, instinct i guess’
- he’d realize how attentive his s/o is, how they always notice the little things.
- he’d gaze into s/o’s eyes and smiles softly. they just giggle and stroke his cheek lovingly
-“god i love you (y/n), thank you for always being you”


- being Lance, when his jokes goes wrong the whole fam would groan. he’d whine and probably starts a fight with keith

- soon enough everyone is trying to pry them apart, so ofcourse it’ll be a riot

- when the fam are desperately trying to pull them apart, s/o found herself giggling at everything. the whole room becomes silent as Lance looks at them in awe realizing how adorable and pure she looks.

- he’s absolutely starstruck, he could feel his heart doing jumpingjacks.

- by the look of his face, the rest of the space fam leaves the room, leaving the lovebirds alone.

- lance would intertwined his fingers with s/o’s and  kisses their nuckles gently

- s/o would be like “what has gotten into you”, “nothing, i just love you thats all”


- it would be after he’s done training and is exhausted, he’d just staright away fall into his bed, giving s/o a quite a shock because of the sudden bed dipping because of his weigth

- he’d be so tired, he couldn’t move to take of his jacket and chage into a more comfortable position. His s/o would gently take of his jacket and his belt thingy.

- they’d pull him closer and kiss his forehead, playing with his hair gently

- when keith woke up he’d see his precious s/o sleep soundly, pressed againts him. he couldn’t help smiling to himself, he’d also realize how caring and helpfull they’ve and couldn’t help blush. 

- he’d stop denying all his fears of telling them how he truly feels

- keith would softly shake his s/o awake. “what’s wrong Keith?’, he’d lean in for a kiss and say “i love you so much (y/n)”


- it’ll be when pidge was rambling about this new tech she found.

- s/o’s head would be rested on pidge’s lap, admiring how passionate and excited she looks. they would smile to their face and take a mental picture of her face

- atleast once day this occasion occurs and s/o would be used to iy

- s/o was out on a mission one day leaving pidge alone just messing around with her laptop when she foundsomething, she’ll straight away calls s/o but then remembering that they’re out. she’ll start to ponder about how s/o always listens profoundly to everything she says. she’ll smile to herself at the realization and couldn’t wait to tell her s/o how she felt


- he’d be back from an extreme mission and his s/o would be waiting for him.

- s/o would quickly launch themselfs at him, embracing him tightly in their arms.

- hunk would so shocked because he never felt this much fondness from anyone at all. he’d quickly hug back telling s/o that he’s alright

- and theats when he feels it, the fuzzy feeling in tummy making him blush and wanting to pepper your face with kisses. he realizes how deeply you care for him and vise versa

-”hey i never got to tell you this”

- “what hunk?’ “i love you”

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Any fluff headcanons for ASL, Kid and Law? :D (first request! ermergherd! OnO i feel so scared >..<)

(Here you go! Since I already did a cute/fluff one for Sabo, I’ll just be putting the link to it right here. I’m glad you made a request! Since it’s your first request with me, I hope I was able to do it well for you! ^_^)


  • He would love to give his S/O kisses on the cheek. To him it would be a small, sweet thing that he could always do anywhere. It would also be a bonus if his S/O would blush when he would do it.

  • If his S/O was tired after a long day dealing with the other crew mates, Ace would pick them up and carry them to bed. Although he could fall asleep at any time, he wouldn’t ever let his partner do that because he would worry that they would get sick or hurt.

  • Ace would have a habit of giving his S/O food as a gift. If he happened to find a rare fruit then he would wrap it and present it to them. If anyone would ask him about it, he would just tell them that food wouldn’t get lost or destroyed and it was something his S/O could enjoy with him. He would then tell them that food is the best gift.

  • He wouldn’t be the type of person to constantly show off his S/O like a trophy, but sometimes he wouldn’t be able to help himself from telling people how amazing they are. He would mostly do this when they weren’t with him since he would know that it would embarrass them. For him, it wouldn’t be about bragging, but more of the fact that he still sometimes wouldn’t be able to believe that someone as amazing as his S/O would really love him, so he would have trouble holding back when it came to talking about them.

  • He would enjoy hearing his S/O laugh or giggle, so he would do things on purpose just to hear them laugh.


  • Luffy never liked it when anyone sat on, what he named, “the captains seat”. That, however, didn’t apply to his S/O. He would pull them with him when he wanted to sit there and just hold them while staring at the sea.
  • He would be huge on hugging his S/O everywhere. He would always end up holding or touching them, but he wouldn’t be able to wrap his head around that being the reason they sometimes became flustered in public.

  • Despite being a hugger, he wouldn’t be one to kiss his partner too often. It would be foreign to him and it would take him a while of getting used to. However, when he did kiss them, Luffy would enjoy kissing his S/O on their forehead.

  • He worry about his S/O if they ever got hurt, even if it was just a small scratch. If they even just got a paper cut, he would rush them to Chopper and panic slightly. When he was told they were fine, he would laugh about the situation.

  • Whenever he would be tired but his S/O wasn’t, Luffy would snuggle his head into the side of their neck. He would mumble a sleepy “Come sleep with me” that would probably sound a little bit like a whine.

  • Since he wouldn’t be used to being with anyone romantically, he would probably go to Nami and Sanji for a little advice if he really was confused about doing something for his S/O. It would be a common thought for the two not to mention the slight blush that he would have whenever he would ask.


  • Despite his harsh exterior, Kid would act a lot like a cuddle hungry teddy bear. Of course, he would only act that way when he was alone with his S/O. He wouldn’t want anyone else to know about that side of him. He would enjoy being able to just hold his partner.
  • If his S/O had any hobbies or talents but didn’t have the things to do them (gardening, playing music, etc.), he would go out of his way to find what his partner would need so they would be able to be happy doing it. If his S/O liked to garden, he would have an area where they could do that. If they played music, he would buy them instruments.

  • That being said, he would enjoy watching his S/O do something they loved. However, he would also sometimes end up interrupting whatever they were doing so he could kiss them.

  • He would love holding them when he slept at night. If his S/O fell asleep before him or if he woke up in the morning before them, he would take a little time to just look at their sleeping face. It would be times like that when he would wonder how he was lucky enough to have them fall in love with him.

  • He’d be so used to being the dominant one in the relationship, so if his S/O ever ended up doing something to make the first move (kiss him randomly), it would actually probably make him a little flustered. Of course, after that he would have to turn around and kiss them more passionately just so he can act like he wasn’t embarrassed a moment before.


  • He would always have to be touching them so he could make sure they were alright and right beside him. He would usually hold them in a hug or have one arm wrapped around them, but sometimes he would just hold their hand.
  • If his S/O was in a bad mood, he would do what he could to make them happy again. He hated seeing them upset. Unfortunately, his method wouldn’t be good for most other people. He would sometimes use his powers to mess with people just to get his lover to laugh.

  • When Law would be alone with his S/O in their room, he would stop, grab their hand, and just slowly dance with them. It wouldn’t matter if there wasn’t any music, it would just be a nice way for him to be with his partner and hold them close to his body.

  • More often than not, his S/O would find themselves standing with him hugging them from behind. He would bury his face into the side of their neck or into their hair. If his S/O was ticklish in their neck, he would rub his nose against their neck a little extra just so he could hear them laugh.

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Hello! I hope this blog gets more love and popularity as time goes by; you already won me over ٩( ᐛ )و Um, can you make a fluffy scenario where Yuri Plisetsky catches his s/o out at the skating rink early one morning and they're just mimicking his moves on ice (or at least attempting to) like how Yuuri K did with Victor? And then the s/o would get all flustered and shy~ ^^ I hope this made sense!

First request!  ☆ ~(‘▽^人) Don’t worry it makes sense! I hope you enjoy this!

Yuri walked around in the city of Russia, the sky was bright as ever and the rays of sunshine brights up the city. It was early in the morning and there were many people passing by Yuri, and he was on his way to practice his daily rutine of everyday which was skating on one of his ultimate places to skate. By the time he got there, he got himself ready and looks up to his cellphone.

He was a bit worried about his s/o since she always sends him a text to him or a call in the morning, but this time was diffrent. Yuri looks at the wallpaper that was a photo of him and his s/o in front of the St. Basil’s Cathedral during a date in december. One of the things he is a softer person besides his late grandfather is his s/o, she makes him feel special in a unique way, everytime he is around her his mood slightly changes and wants to be the best boyfriend to make her the happiest woman alive, and protects her in all cost and if someone touches her wrongly he will beat the crap of them.

Yuri puts his phone on his excersise bag, and heads out towards to the rink. He notices a silhoutte skating in the rink, inmediatly his mood got angry  since he rented the rink only for him. He walked fastly with an angry expression, and grabs tightly the countly.

He was about to yell but radpidly calms down to notice that the mysterious person was his beloved s/o, she was skating “Agape” he stood there quitely and watching her skating beautifully even better than him. 

When she finishes it and turns around to see Yuri, and inmediatly she blushes hard. 

“How much time you been here!?” she questioned at him loudly with embarresment. 

He looks away and his cheeks  turns rosy, “Long enough to watch it completly.” he answers.

She blushes ten times darker, “I thought you were coming at 9 a.m.!” she asked him.

He puts his skates shoes on and skates towards to her, “I need to practice ten times better to win the tournament. ” he reply scratching his neck with a serious but with tinted cheeks. 

She looks at him then at the floor and hugs herself with shyness. “Well, i’m going now to let you practic-”

He grabs her arm soflty and she greets with a hug. “Are you okay?” she asks him, as she felt his hand caress her hair like a kitten. 

“What were you thinking when you were skating? ” he asked her. 

She hides her head in the crook of his neck with shyness, “About you, i loved that performance you did and i wanted to do it by thinking about you since it makes me happy.”  she explains.

“You did great. I’m going to practice hard while thinking about you (Name)
since you always makes me happy.” he spoke. 


From the Palettework thingy. (Closed! Please send no more.)

I might have listened to ‘sweater weather’ one too many times… but I finally did it!:D not even my hurt hand can stop me now

m-o-n-o-t-o-n-o-u-s: I’m sorry, but I had to cancel drawing Ed since I already had two requests with this palette:/ Hope you still like it!:3