i hope my handwriting is ok


johndaveweek DAY 1: Fanart Trade

Blue Skies 
by kancake 

i have so many favorites but i went to the short and sweet route. it’s a pretty old fic and i don’t know if the author is still active but it’s a really fluffy read.

I’ve had quite a few asks in my inbox from GCSE students asking for general advice, so o jotted down a few little things I learnt/that I think are important. Hope they’re ok for you guys! (Think I’ve tagged every possible GCSE subject haha)

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Celeste, do you know Japanese?

we are learning!

anyway, today’s lesson is about expressing desire to do something, now let’s write about something we want to do!

(explanations: in the first frame they say greetings and one of the chus says “-ohayou gozaimachu” instead of “-imasu”. taken from this adorable reading book

in the second one they wrote: “[i] want to become a raichu” “[i] want to eat sweets” “[i] want to go to the moon”

lesson is by @easy-japan)

thank you everyone who wrote me messages abt the phil reblog i love y’all lots <333

ok a few things:

-my handwriting is terrible and kind of ruins the picture sorry

-i think i have sort of narrowed down how I draw Rick and want to keep improving, so further art will likely be in this style, so i hope people like it!!!

-i was going to shade this but i kind of really like the flats so i think i’m going to keep it that way

-why is Space Grandpa so fucking hot

-Daycare Rick is the top sorry i don’t make the rules i just follow them

-MOST IMPORTANTLY this is for @stickyickysmut because their art is actually how i got super obsessed with this show and i wanted to thank them by drawing their Pocket Morty ship

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hi seo!!! how do you feel abt the muji retractable 0.5 pens vs. the zebra sarasa pens vs. the "normal" muji pens vs. the uni-ball signo and jetstream?? ok i know this is a lot to answer i hope i'm not bothering you ;; anyway have a great day, keep being amazing <3

uhhhhh ok let’s start

muji retractable 0.5 pens - they’re great + smooth + comfy to hold + i rlly like them! my handwriting looks rlly nice with these if i write tiny ahahhahaa !! you gotta let them dry before highlighting though (but that’s the case with all muji gel pens i’ve used)

zebra sarasa - the lighter colors are terrible in the thinner tips but the smoothness is a++++. i like the 0.4 pens i have in the darker colors but i’d probably recommend 0.5.

capped muji gel pens - aesthetic, but not rlly that comfy to hold in the long run for me. the black can be very wet (?) when you first use it, so i prefer a few other black pens over this. some of the other colors like the medium light blue and green are absolutely lovely though.

uniball signo - i only have black in 0.38 and 0.5 + i infinitely prefer the 0.38, lmao everybody knows that the 0.38 black is one of my faves so no need to say too much about it

uniball jetstream - the darkest ballpoint pen i’ve ever used! i usually don’t like ballpoint pens so i was surprised to find out that i rlly like using this one! rlly nice to highlight and use for quick lecture notes bc it doesn’t smear + there are smaller tips available. the 0.5 and 0.38 have almost the same exact writing line, but the 0.5 feels smoother to write with while the 0.38 feels sharper and more precise. i like both regardless.

this was rlly long and took a long time for me to type out ahahahah sorry about that but there are my opinions about these pens !!


그저께 제가 또 다시 매일 매일 외국어 공부할 거라고 시작하기 경정했어요. 이번 장난 아니에요! 저는 한국말을 공부한 기간이 길기 때문에 지금 잘 해야 하는데 공부를 많이 하지 않아서 잘 못해요. 또는 제가 중국에 3개월?4개월? 있었는데 아직 중국말 실력이 늘지 않았어요! 그게 말이 안 돼요! 아까 변명이 많이 있었는데요. 일이 힘든느라고 공부 못 해라고 했는데 이제부터 피곤하기도 꼭 공부해야돼요. 5분밖에만 못 해도 괜찮아요. 그냥 매일 매일 뭔가를 해야돼요. 제 외국어 목표를 이룰 수가 있으면 좋겠어요! 열심히 할 게요! 시작!



Ayer yo decide que yo quiero tratar empezar estudiar los idiomas todos los días otra ves. Antes de que yo tenia muchas escusas para no hacerlo. Trabajo es muy dificil porque es cansada y dame mucho estres y finalmente yo me enfermè mucho. Pero ahora mi cuerpo esta mejorando y entonces quiero mejorar mi mente tambien. Ahora es la tiempo! He estado aqui en una pais nuevo para 3 or 4 meses y todavía no explorar nada. Y tambien todavia yo no he mejorando mi Chino! Es ridiculo! Voy a tratar fuerte. Cuando sentir puedo solo hacerlo para 5 minutos tambien. Cuando no tengo tiempo tambien. Aunque estoy cansada. Aunque es dificil.  Se puedo esto! Voy a hacer esto! Vamos!

I can do this(?)!

This is demon!Sans from the ArcHeroTale AU, which belongs to artist @ursik-l-in-junk-mind

Very 👀👌👍

(Like, hope this doesn’t suck? Maybe even hope you like it??)

(I actually drew it nearly half a month ago but I’m always insecure about posting art sorry buddy)

(What do you mean ‘’we’re not friends’’)

(Ka-sigh.. Das fine.. Alex understand. Alex ALSO allergic to Alex eue;; )


I don’t know what I should say, or what to say; basically take this silly comic born from a talk with a friend and enjoy it! xD

I support team MunaTotsu to make a hell of Mikoto’s life. B^)

Also this is a tribute to Ridia’s Fushimi Fan Club: my thanks to @ridiasfangirlings for giving me the permission, and for being an endless source of inspiration. ^^



Merry Christmas, @missmarilove​! Have some awkward and cute (and very pink) “morning after” talk. This is your gift for @creekalldayeveryday​’s secret santa, I hope you enjoy it!

I also hope you can read my shitty handwriting, haha…

Wing tutorial :D

Yea yea yea gonna do wings in general ok? Ok.
—Let’s start with some basic shapes!

1. ok, this is the wing arm, so to speak


a. These feathers cover the ‘armpit’ of the wing, but are not attached at the base ((Important))
b and c are the middle part of the wing (note the separation line where the joint is!)
d. The wing tip! As you can see here there is no bone there, only feathers.

The wing shape depends a lot on how you want your creature to fly

You may have seen the first wing type on small birds and not-so-small birds (like seagulls).

The second type you may have seen in owls and eagles, for instance. (I haven’t really mastered these as you can see, but you can note the primary feathers (wing tips) are spread wide apart.

Now, for the feathers!

As the note there says, feathers are NOT square, they have rounded tips. However I have chosen to draw them like that for the sake of style and clarity ;P

Please ignore this horrible thing

The same thing I said above applies to these wings:

Also optional bit of info <3

Ok, so that’s the end of this tutorial!! And it’s also my first decent one hey :D

Also, I’d like to say that this is in no way meant to be completely realistic because I’m not that good at drawing yet but It’s merely a basic thing in my drawing style :3 With a couple of the tricks I use while sketching. Please tell me if you can’t read my handwriting I know I write horribly hehe

Soooo I hoped you enjoyed it! Feedback is really welcome too!

uh , iiiii’m pretty sure thats mine ,    a pause , brows knitting together as she watches the others’ fingers wrap around the holographic fidget spinner .  ariadne leans in , just slightly & fast enough to catch a glimpse of her own handwriting . she clears her throat .    yep . mine . as in , it belongs to me . i own that . bought it with my hard earned cash , or whatever . give it . uh  —  please ?  


Ok so yeah, my first tutorial yay! I’m bad at teaching but I wanna make everyone’s life a little easier by sharing my knowledge. I’m so sorry if you can’t read my handwriting I tried my best to write neatly 

This is just the way I do lines and definitely doesn’t fit everyone’s styles but I hope you can get at least something out of this!! And feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

I’ll be doing more tutorials in the near future so heads up! 

old flames [eren/jean]

i took a little bit of creative liberty with this one, but this is one of my fav tropes ok so i hope i did this prompt justice ahhhh thanks again for sending it in! (also, i told u i’d be able to incorporate tickling into it 8))

Eren runs into him at the grocery store, of all places.

He’s blocking the aisle with his cart as he stares at the list Armin made him, delicate handwriting and detailed measurements as if Eren’s going to know what a few pinches of allspice means. He looks up and grabs the largest bottle of generic brand allspice he can find, tossing it in his cart, and when he turns around he almost drops the flimsy paper list in his hand.

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