i hope my faves win

Day please go to the Diary Room
  • Day: so I get called to the Diary room and. .
  • Julie Chen: it's always the right time to have the talk so let's talk about the secret room that you can only find if you dial 211 cause it's secret destinations departing now, so look at the destination board and call Paris but first you are my fave I hope you win bye!!
  • Day: okay off I go to Paris

red-uckto  asked:

I cried so much my brother had to ask me if something was wrong. I was literally screaming, i couldn't stop myself. I was hoping Yurio to win the gold and when he did i died, he deserved it so much (Yuri deserved it too but i'm a Yurio lover so). This is totally my favourite anime of all times. Love you guys for keeping me updated!

I was hoping for Yurio to win the gold too he’s my fave so shhh  and was so happy when he did *cries with you*. And I’m also so happy that this anime is your favourite. Loves you back <33 We are very glad our blog helps you to be updated :)