i hope my day isnt too shit

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Hey, hey.. It's gonna be okay. Take a deep breath, try concentrating on what makes you happy... The thing that's bothering you....even if you don't exactly know what it is and is making you even more frustrated, it's going to pass eventually. Its shit advice, but I hope that you will feel better. I love you, truthfully. You're one of the most amazing people I know and I hope that your day is gonna be good. 💕💘

Awww thank u for this. I definitely needed the messages of positivity i have recieved. You are right. I never know the reason for my anxiety attacks. Its spontaneous and its annoying becuase i could be doing fine and then BAM. This makes my mild OCD worse too so my mind starts racing with thoughts and i lose sight of whats real and what isnt. Hopefully it doea get better. Thank you so much again :)

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i literally just followed you. and man oh man do i wanna punch that anon. like??? you can control if you have a mental illness, but you can control how you talk about it. and you making art and venting abt it is actually p normal! like ppl do that all the time. and fuck them for coming on to your blog and attacking you. that shit isnt okay bc this is your space. this is your domain to write and draw and fuckin ran about whatever tf you want. fuck them and their views. also, i love your art 💕

Ehe thank you, and welcome to the trash can XD

Yeah, I’ve come to that conclusion too. If anybody doesn’t like the art they can just unfollow. And, as I said before, the meanie pants anon has been blocked- so we’re safe for now!!

I’m glad you like my art ♡ I hope you have a great day and get lots of love from those you care about

Hey bro
me lol(Instrumental by Flying Lotus)
Hey bro

I decided I should rap this out cause I liked the turn out of this rap I wrote

I’m rapping in my voice and not as Dirk or Alpha Dave so keep that in mind lol

Also I would like to point out that this song has a romantic connection between the two which you can find out so yeah, don’t except just platonic bro love lol

Song is Between Friends- Flying Lotus (Check em out!)


Aye yo Bro
Where did you fucking go
Oh yeah, that’s right you became the star of the new show
called Hollywood
and your movie is getting more popular than it really should
it’s not like I’m hating, I just want to know how you’re doing and I’m glad you made it
I give Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff a 10 star rating
You’re the best director that the worlds ever seen
You’re stacking green and the ice is mean and accomplishing all your dreams
But why am I getting upset every time I see your face on the TV screen
Every time I hear Strider, I assume they’re talking about you
And I tear up a bit because you’re not here to say “thats right lil man, thats how i do”
We know how it’s like to have no mother
But do you know what if feels like to miss your big brother
I know Bro, this ain’t cool
and I probably look like a childish fool
But I love you, Bro
Jake asked why I cried over a crow
But I think we both know
You’re not here with me to play in the snow
You’re not here to wonder what happened to my elbow
I think I’m getting too obsessed with you
Cause these clouds in my head spell “I love you”
But I really hope you write back soon
hey lil man how you been you doing okay
that last letter sounds like youve been having a real bad day
but its okay bro i wrote right back
how could i forgot my favorite brother that shits straight up whack
yeah ive been making money and making fans scream
but there isnt a day that you arent in my dreams
all the women and cars and all this fame
but a day without you dirk is fucking lame
hey guess what bro this shit is sick
but i told kanye west to suck my dick
it was great i wish you there to see it him flip
damn dude im getting sad that the pen is crying straight from the tip
i know you said that being sad aint cool
but its okay to cry dirk youre not some tool
and no i dont know what its like to miss your big bro
but do you know whats its like to not see you in these chairs at the end of each show
and my obsession with you is leading to depression but your name is the reason for that prevention
so yeah stay cool dirk
i love you bro and ill keep showing the world how striders do work