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Picture Preference #277 - He Tweets A Picture Of You Bringing Home Your Second Baby


@Harry_Styles: Meet Mary Belle Styles <3 My baby girl is finally here!! @Y/T/N and I couldn’t be happier so as little Henry :)


 @Louis_Tomlinson: After twelve years, Ben can say he has a little sister!! Audrey Ella Tomlinson is coming home today! Thank you @Y/T/N for making me the happiest man alive <3


@NiallOfficial: I’m in love with this picture <3 My two beautiful children! Big bro Nathan giving a kiss to his little sis Ireland Ava Horan :) Love you so much @Y/T/N!


@Real_Liam_Payne: I’m no longer the only man in the house!! Noah Lucas Payne is finally home and Sarah is really excited about being a big sister! @Y/T/N, thank you for giving me this little man :)


@zaynmalik: @Y/T/N is dressing my little angel! Brooklyn Leah Malik is gonna meet her new home today and Samuel is really excited about his new sister! My life is perfect :)

@Y/T/N: Your Twitter Name

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OMG, I can´t believe I’m gonna see The Rolling Stones live tomorrow!!! I’m so excited!! I’m going to the Rock in Rio in Lisbon and I couldn’t be happier! I’ll post some pictures friday so you can see it :)

Love you all <3 <3 <3