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Not my most favorite spread, but it did its job right. My mental health has been kind of iffy this week so I’m hoping that keeping my mind on cleaning/re-decorating/re-arranging my room will keep my focus on something more productive. There’s nothing like a good spring cleaning and my room definitely needs some tidying up.

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Who needs sleep? 

Okay, well… you do. But who has time for that? You’ve got too much to do and not enough time. You’ve just got to plug in your headphones, get to work, and hope that the beat keeps you awake.

Welcome to Voluntary Insomnia: a playlist for all-nighters. 

Above is the Spotify link. Here’s the track listing, so you can listen on whatever music platform you prefer. 

You don’t have to listen in order, but I suggest you do. There’s a crazy mix of styles and genres in there, and I mixed them together to keep one particular type from getting boring, and to sprinkle the really powerful ones throughout. Also, its got a nice little interlude right in the middle.

What is this playlist good for?

This playlist is to keep you awake when you want to be anything but. I called it “a playlist for all-nighters”, but it’s useful for any situation in which you have to stay awake. This isn’t a playlist to help you focus when you’re working or studying- it can get your energy up so that you can get yourself back into a state where you can focus, though. 


The Nanny

A/N: I know, a new series. But I just needed a new idea. Anyways this is the first part to what I’m hoping to be a 6 part series. Let me know what you guys think

Word count: 2,000 something words

Warnings: Mentions of a house fire, minor death not graphic

Summary: When Bucky Barnes hired a Nanny, he thought he was going to hire someone to take care of the kid. But when she starts, he knows that she is more than just a Nanny

The Nanny MasterList

“Looking for a full time Nanny. Must be able to work late and be able to take care of both a kid and a dog. I am willing to provide a room for you to sleep in. In interested please Email me your resume at jbbarnes6412@gmail.com

Thank you,
J. Barnes”

As you read what seemed like the millionth job ad, you copied the listed email address into the empty email box.

Dear Mr. Barnes,
Below I have attached my resume. I hope I am a good fit for what you are looking for. My hours are flexible and I love dogs almost as much as I love kids.


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so...a Victuuri version of that Adam Scott, Mark Hamill clip needs to happen y/y?

“38.7 million views in 24 hours. Do you know what that means? You beat Adele. You beat the Avengers. You beat that Psy video where he wears harem pants and pushes people off treadmills. You are in a very exclusive club, my friend.”

The audience laughs, and Yuuri should laugh too, but Kerry Washington’s skin is perfect and he can’t stop staring. And her teeth are so white that they don’t even look like teeth. It’s like when he was writing his thesis and spent so much time staring at the opening sentence of the discussion section that he had to check four times to make sure he spelled “the” right. There’s a name for that sort of brain malfunction, but hell if he knows what it is. 

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things i like about Steve Roger’s character development in the MCU

  1. probably speaks French and German
  2. probably learned how to drive while at war
  3. DEFINITELY spars with Nat because in every movie he picks up new moves she did in the previous movie. Moves that are made for someone with a small body using physics to fight larger bodied people. Moves that he does with his large body anyway.
  4. his hair slowly becomes more modern with every film, so at some point he probably fingered the ends of his hair and thought about letting the past go before heading down to get a new style
  5. he loves Sam so much
  6. he is the only one who pays serious attention to Sam
  7. he is the only one other than clint who can genuinely be described as “Nat’s Friend”
  8. he likes birds
  9. he’s nice, because when buck’s sadness notebook full of pictures of him was out, he could have embarrassed bucky but didnt, and pointedly drew attention away from the object. and that was very nice. 
  10. he draws still life’s and portraits and probably would go to art school if he didn’t have to be Cap
  11. he grew up in a poor/predominantly black area of NY and likely lived with predominantly black people during the jazz age, which warms the cockles of mine heart.
    And is also probably the reason he was like * sees Sam*  “ 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit” 
  12. Rides a motorcycle in a very dramatic and reckless fashion
  13. Is sad and lonely, but no one seems to notice but Nat and Sam
  14.  There is a clear divide between Steve Rogers the man and Captain America and he appropriately treats his body and his power like its on loan from FREEDOM and SWEET LADY LIBERTY. like, if you look close, you can see him shutting off steve to be Cap. 
  15. likes grandpa music
  16. makes dad jokes
  17. runs away from being set up with people, and I identify with that heavily
  18. Likes strong/smart/powerful women. would probably get jelly knees if he met Wonder Woman.
  19. Likely a virgin. Very Likely. 
  20. Doesnt care about the America of now, with its corruption and horribleness, instead, loves and fights for the America that Could Be, because he sees that America has all the ingredients for Glory and he just hopes that one day we can put them together in the right order and fairness so we can make a pretty good apple pie of freedom and justice.
  21. fights people constantly and has no chill at all
  22. Punches like a Heavy, but is almost as graceful as Natasha 
  23. dare him to do something and he’ll probably do it. A v Reckless Man.
  24. he likes to wear  khakis and plaid.
  25. But balances that out by lowkey being a leather daddy
  26. he wears so much leather oh my god
  27. Blushes when he gets embarassed
  28. all steve/bucky bed sharing AUs are pretty much canon because that was A Thing Men Did back in the 1930s when poor
  29. an anxious pupper 
  30. dat ass

ɢᴀʀʙᴀɢᴇ ʀᴏᴄᴋs

heyo @garbage-101

i wanted to thank you all for making my summer holidays one of the, if not the most amusing and enjoyable experience on this website!! it wouldn’t have been this fun without you guys tbh… and i can’t emphasize enough how sweet and funny everyone is!

special thanks to @db-anon & star anon for spreading the love along with me! (ya can’t believe you two are my children now… :’^) me: a proud mom)

see ya in your inbox~

[🗑 anon]

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If you’re a fan of conspiracy theories, especially ones revolving around New World Order, then you’ll love this one. 

Denver International Airport was commissioned at 1.7 billion dollars (1989) and finished at the cost of 4.8 billion dollars (1995). Conspiracy theorist believe that there is something fishy about this airport.

External image

The 1st thing people notice when they come by the airport is the giant blue mustang with red eyes. It was created by Luis Jimenez, who died in 2006 when the head of the Mustang fell down on his leg and severed an artery. Some people think its a tribute to the Broncos, but the statue has no symbols relating to them on it. Conspriacy theorist believe that this is the Pale Horse of Death.

It doesn’t help that the runways are shaped like a Swastika.

External image

Once inside the building, the murals are even stranger, like the gas mask wearing, sword/ AK-47 weilding man killing the dove of peace.

External image

Magnified picture of the note on the bottom right.

External image

Then there is this mural, which either comes before, or after the story depicted in the previous one. Everyone is giving their weapons to the German boy in the middle and it all results in peace.

External image

Then there is this mural which shows a burning town in the back, a girl holding the Mayan Calendar which predicts death and rebirth.

External image

Then comes the final mural. Which shows total peace and rebirth after a genocide.

External image

Another interesting thing pointed out inside the airport is what is on the floor. 

External image

At 1st it seems like its the symbol for Gold and Silver, but conspiracy theorist take it to mean the abbreviation for Australia Antigen (but the symbols for that is HBsAg). It has been rumored that Australia Antigen could be used in biological warfare. The symbol in the picture is also placed right before the biological warfare mural.

Don’t let me forget about the underground bunkers.

External image

Conspiracy theories are far-fetched most of the time, but are still fun to read up on. I hope you enjoyed this one.

Dear Arthur, 

It was nice, as always, to have you and your entertaining children for tea last week - I haven’t laughed so hard in months. Really, your daughter should be a comedian. And Emily and I are ever so fond of Ron. 

It was hard, as always, to watch Hermione leave so soon after arriving home, but she feels so essential in your politics. She’s only a child, as much as she likes to believe otherwise. Please don’t let her do anything heroic this year. (I’m told is a trait of her “house”). Emily and I have retrieved too many letters about her hurt and breaking rules and helping her friends escape near-death experiences. 

Father to father, you must know the feeling. Is it less scary for you, knowing the world you send them off to? I’ve never even seen her school. Or maybe, God forbid, you’re aware of dangers there I haven’t even thought of and you’re more scared for your kids. With Voldemort (Voldemore? Voldemorre?) back on the loose…I almost couldn’t let her leave the house. 

Enough about me. You asked about our pipes system - I had to spend an hour or so in the library, but here’s a diagram of where the water for our suburb comes from. It’s just a brochure from the city, but I drew on it a bit so you can understand. My return question is this - after reading Hogwarts, A History, (great read, by the way), I’m baffled as to why there are so few students at currently, compared with the date of its creation, especially with the fairly recent addition of Muggleborns. Where have all the wizards gone? I can’t get the numbers to line up. 

I hope all is well with the Order of the Phoenix. Please remind Hermione to write from Headquarters…Emily and I are praying for Harry. 

Thanks, Arthur. Looking forward to your next letter. 


PS - Emily was wondering after Molly’s scone recipe - is that something shares with mere Muggles? They sure taste like magic. 

anonymous asked:

I work at a grocery store and one of my coworkers told me that recently a man tried to scam her and pay for his entire order with fake twenties. I always check 50s/100s but now I check 20s as well. In this grocery store, we have a bank right by the registers and I swear to god if I hear "haha I hope it's real, I just got it from the bank over there!" one more time I'm going to SCREAM.

miyamanga  asked:

I've seen you describe Fate/Zero as "too nihilistic and cynical to be considered a complete body of work." I disagree overall but understand why some consider it to be excessively nihilistic, but I've never heard the criticism that this SPECIFIC Urobuchi work is cynical. (Some of his later works undeniably are.) Can you elaborate on that point? Lastly, what changes to Fate/Zero would make it a "complete body of work" in your eyes? Please answer my question in 140 characters or less.

When I say that I had a hard time considering Fate/Zero to be complete, I meant that if I were ever to recommend it to someone, I would advertise Zero and UBW as being a package deal, because I cannot accept Fate/Zero by itself simply due to how it all ends.

I believe in tragedies still having an uplifting message despite their gruesome ends. While the protagonists go through hell, the audience should still be left with something to go on, and I do not think Zero has one. 

You can argue that the message being conveyed is Kiritsugu’s folly, how his ideals were wrong when they led him down such an evil path, but I don’t think that alone was meant to be everything. The time between the Grail’s fire and the ending is so short, and while we do see Kiritsugu have a realization that he was wrong when he rejects the grail, his realization is rewarded by the great fire. What are we left with? Hundreds, maybe thousands, dead. Kiritsugu is never allowed to see Illya again despite having just lost Irisviel and Maiya. He dies of a broken heart after only 5 years, and passes on his wretched philosophy to Shirou without telling him of any of its dangers or where he went wrong, cursing him to a broken psyche.

You could say this is what makes it a proper tragedy, since Kiritsugu deserved all of this, and I would agree with you if Kiritsugu was the only one left standing, but he’s not. Kirei and Gilgamesh are alive and well, the two self-serving characters who not only lack humanity like Kiritsugu, but straight up enjoy the suffering of others. And unlike Kiritsugu, they get out practically scot-free (though Kirei does lack a heart).

What the hell is that all about? (Thematically I mean, obviously these two needed to be alive.) What does brutally killing off or harming every character with even a shred of integrity (sans Waver) while leaving Kirei and Gil alone tell the audience? That none of it matters? Kirei and Gil’s selfishness literally saves their lives, Angra Mainyu revives both from death in order to further inflict pain upon the world. Taking Zero as its own standalone work, seeing these two be rewarded and proven right IS cynical. Zero’s disbelief in human goodness is the literal definition of cynicism, IF it is viewed on its own. 

Connecting Zero with any three of the Stay Night routes however, turns Zero from a cynical work into one-half of a hopeful one. Zero asks about the worth of Kiritsugu’s idealism, showing how it failed spectacularly, and Stay Night’s three routes providing different answers.

So yes, I don’t think Zero is meant as a complete work (I mean, y’know, apart from the fact that it’s a prequel.) when it works so much better as an amazing prologue that actually ends up improving Stay Night from a thematic standpoint. 

March 15, 2017.
its been way too long since the last time i post an original post. ANDD HOW ARE YALLLL I MISS YAAAA💗💞
so hi! i finally had a pack of mildliner and theyre the yellow pack (and already ordered the rest of another packs; pink blue and peach yay) such a dream come true omg i finally have the enough money to buy them!!
they came in mail like 3 days before the-i-broke-my-bone-accident😅😅
im still in recovery right now!! (the doctor said it need a month or so sigh)
but i really hope as soon as i get well i’ll use them more for my notes💗💞💓

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Can I get any sort of Tony whip? Maybe even a character death? It's been that sort of day

I’m sorry, anon. I hope you feel better soon.

This is in relation to the recent Infinity War info.

Tony can’t breathe. 

There’s dirt flying around the air, the ground trembling with agony. Around him are his teammates, the ex-ones and the ones that stuck by him. The Guardians are forming a flock behind him under Quill’s order. Other’s like Strange and Mantis, are off to the side; down but not dead. At least, he hopes.

Standing before them all, with his twisted smile in place, is Thanos. On his right hand is the infinity gauntlet, the infinity stones gleaming despite the overcast.

But Tony can’t get air into his lungs. 

His suit is damaged but functioning. His stats are low around to FRIDAY, barely above critical. Oxygen is pumping into his suit at desperate speeds.

“Sir,” FRIDAY sounds worried. “Sir, breathe. Please.”

“D-damage?” Tony manages. 

When FRIDAY doesn’t reply, Tony closes his eyes. He can’t give up, regardless of his limits. None of them can give up. No matter what. The fate of the world is riding on their shoulders. He promised Pepper he’d come home. He promised Rhodey he’d take him to Italy for his birthday. He promised Peter he’d make it into MIT.

“What do we do?” Natasha’s voice calls softly. 

“We fight until we can’t fight anymore,” Tony hears himself say. “Because it’s our duty to not give up.” God, he sounds like Steve.

Nobody replies. 

Nobody can when Thanos raises his covered fist and a green beam of light shoots from his palm and smacks right through them like a knife through butter.

Tony is thrown back several feet, slamming into a stone wall in full force. Alarm bells go off in his suit, but he can barely hear them. His ears are ringing. He tastes copper. His vision blurs.

“The next aim is for Peter,” FRIDAY says, her voice falling softly. “Sir, orders?”

Get up.

Get up.

Get. Up.

“FRIDAY, put all power into the foot thrusters and get me to Peter. Now!”

He doesn’t feel himself move, but he knows he is. He sees himself fly past everyone -

- and he doesn’t make it.

Peter is sent back several yards, body smacking into the ground over and over and over and - Tony hears someone screaming. It takes him a moment to realize it’s himself. He’s screaming. Pleading. The words tumble out of his mouth when he lands next to Peter and yanks off the face piece. 

“Kid!” Tony calls. “Peter! Peter, wake up!”

“T-Tony?” Peter answers, voice raspy and full of pain.

“Yeah, I’m here. You’re gonna’ be okay, you hear me? You’re gonna’ be okay.” Tony hears the others fighting in the background - the sound of Thor’s hammer smacking on something metal, the sound of Steve yelling his voice raw, and Barnes and Rocket firing off their guns - and tries to block them out for a moment.

“Tony, I’m sorry.” Small tears start trailing down Peter’s face. “I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for,” Tony replies.

 Peter sobs.

“I’m getting you out of here, okay? Just give me a sec - “

“Tony! Watch out!”

Tony knows what that means, but he doesn’t move. Instead, he leans closer and covers Peter, using his hand to shield Peter’s exposed face. He plants himself in the ground next to Peter, ordering FRIDAY to secure him to the ground by any means necessary.

The blast smacks into him, but Tony hangs on. He keeps Peter covered despite pain riddling his body like someone taking a hammer to him. His heart is beating fast - too fast - and then the pain stops. All at once. He can’t feel his hands. Can’t feel anything. His vision is blurry again. There’s a ringing in his ears.

Tony can’t breathe.

Everything fades away. 

- End

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'd like to request a thing for the RFA+V and Saeran. Can you make a reaction of them visiting Mc's & Jaehee's cafe and MC makes a down right dirty flirt to Jaehee that can only be looked at as raving romantic feelings. Jaehee just brushes it off and isn't even phased by it and thinks MC is just being friendly. (PS I love your blog I just scrolled through all of it it's wonderful)

This is a great request! I didn’t think I would enjoy Jaehee’s route but I found it surprisingly fun and pretty emotional. I also had a great time writing this request but I have no idea how to flirt so I looked a lot of pick-up lines up and made them little NSFW just so you know! I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • This poor boy walks into yours and Jaehee’s cafe right before it closes
  • You’re trying, yet again, to get Jaehee to notice your feelings for her
  • Yoosung orders his usual hot drink and sips it as he watches you and Jaehee talk
  • “You know Jaehee I’m getting hungry, why don’t I eat you up?”
  • Yoosung spits his drink out and becomes bright red because omg did he hear you right?
  • But Jaehee just smiles and tells you that you can just grab any pastry you want and it’d be her treat since the two of you are best friends she’s got you covered
  • Yoosung is still recovering from shock and once you leave, he whispers
  • “Jaehee, I think MC meant she wanted to eat… your um… female part…”
  • She’s S H O O K
  • Once you come back, Jaehee grabs your hand telling you that you need to go with her to her bedroom now and asks Yoosung to close up the cafe
  • Yoosung stands there, still blushing and takes a broom and starts sweeping as he starts to hear moans


  • You invited Zen over to the cafe to try and give you some new pick-up lines to try on Jaehee
  • Zen highkey really wants you two to be together so he’s happy to help
  • He watches as you and Jaehee say goodbye to the last customer for the night
  • Jaehee sighs and complains about her feet being tired
  • You and Zen nodded to each other, turning to face her you said
  • “Well if you’re tired Jaehee, you could always sit on my face.”
  • She just giggles and says that she’ll just sit down on a chair
  • Zen can’t believe Jaehee and once you walk away feeling defeated, he goes over to Jaehee
  • He tells her that you have romantic feelings for her and that you were just flirting hardcore with her
  • Jaehee finally gets it and excuses herself from Zen to go talk to you
  • She whispers something to you and your eyes go wide as she leads you her car
  • You give Zen a thumbs up and he smiles back, feeling happy that you two are finally together, even if he is a little bit jealous


  • Jumin usually didn’t like going to yours and Jaehee’s cafe but he made an exception once you insisted that he come by
  • Once there, you took Jumin’s order and swiftly got his drink
  • He sits there and asks if you and Jaehee advanced your relationship any further
  • You sigh and say no that she still just saw you as a friend
  • Jumin tells you to give up since Jaehee has always been stubborn so you two would probably never date
  • You huff and walk straight over to Jaehee and making sure Jumin can hear, you tell her
  • “I bet you taste sweeter than sugar Jaehee, mind if I check?”
  • Jumin’s mouth is hung open, completely shocked at what you just said
  • But Jaehee just says that she probably doesn’t taste like anything and calls you silly for saying something like that
  • Jumin stands up and walks over to her telling her that you love her
  • Jaehee thinks that he joking at first but your blush from embarassment proves otherwise
  • She quickly says goodbye to Jumin as Jaehee leads you to the back of the kitchen
  • Jumim smirks, silently praising himself for finally doing something nice for Jaehee


  • You had told Seven that today was going to be the day that you would confess your feelings for Jaehee and you wanted him there for support
  • Seven shipped you and Jaehee hardcore so he excitedly agreed
  • When he got there, Seven noticed how nervous you looked and asked what was wrong
  • You told him that you didn’t know exactly how to confess your feelings to Jaehee so you were getting anxious
  • Seven pulled you aside and told you what to tell her, your face went red from what he said but you agreed
  • You walked over to Jaehee and grabbed her arms asking
  • “Jaehee, I seemed to have lost my panties, do you mind if I borrow yours?”
  • She blinks a couple of times in confusion and asks you how in the world could you lose your panties?
  • Seven wants to scream to Jaehee that you like her but he plays it cool and tells Jaehee to think about what you said
  • It takes her a minute but once Jaehee realizes what you meant, she is BRIGHT red
  • You smile as you tells you that she’ll drive you home and quickly takes you to her car
  • Before the two of you leave, Seven unzips his hoodie, showing his shirt that says ‘MC and Jaehee are My OTP’ as he keeps shouting


  • V’s basically the dad of the RFA so he knows all about your feelings for Jaehee
  • You invite him to come to yours and Jaehee’s cafe to get some advice from him
  • You set V’s drink down and sit down yourself across from him and sigh telling him how you want to confess to Jaehee your feelings but you just don’t know how
  • V smiles gently and tells you to just let her know how you really feel about her then surely your feelings will get to her
  • With V’s advice, you stand up and excitedly walk over to Jaehee, grabbing her shoulders, you say
  • “Jaehee, I want to touch you all over and you to touch me. Let’s stay together forever.”
  • V almost spills his drink when he hears what you say like what?
  • He watches anxiously as you both await Jaehee’s response but of course she just tells you that she bumps into you all of the time and touches you then
  • Your shoulders slump and you sigh feeling defeated but V comes up behind you and simply tells Jaehee that you love her, you just didn’t know how to express your feelings
  • Jaehee smiles and intertwines her hand with yours and says that she’s more than willing to try a relationship with you  
  • V smiles, feeling genuinely happy for the two of you


  • Saeran loves visiting yours and Jaehee’s cafe since neither one of you ever judge him about his past
  • Plus the two of you make killer drinks so it’s a win-win situation for him
  • One day when he visits, Saeran notices you look a little down and keep staring at Jaehee
  • When you give him his drink, he asks what’s wrong
  • You tell him that you want to be more than friends with Jaehee but you don’t think she likes you in that way
  • Saeran tells you to go over to her and wait since he has a plan
  • You’re willing to try anything at this point so you do as he told you, walking straight over to Jaehee
  • Before you can do anything, Saeran gives you a push and your lips crash onto Jaehee’s lips
  • Saeran smirks at his work as the two of you become blushing messes
  • You finally have the courage and tell Jaehee that you love her
  • Jaehee is taken aback at first but smiles and tells you that she’s secretly felt the same way for a while now
  • The two of you thank Saeran and walk up to her bedroom
  • Saeran grabs a bunch of pastries from the display case and figures that he’s earned them seeing as the RFA finally had an official couple now
One Night Stand (Hoseok X Reader) College! AU Drabble

Anonymous said: Alrighty last one college au + 7 + 8 + hobi (I’m feeling angsty rn but I know I’ll regret it when this comes out. Like legit I’ll be reading it like why did I do this to myself) ~band anon

7.“Just please be my best friend and not the guy I just confessed to” 

8. “ you can’t keep pretending like it didn’t happen! Because it fucking did!”

Originally posted by gotjhope

“Hoseok! You can’t just keep ignoring me!”

You practically screamed following the boy who just acted like you weren’t there. That’s what he always did when he was irritated,or in this case when he wanted to avoid the conversation. You knew what happened last night was wrong. You wanted to blame it all to the alchohol but you knew you were damn aware of what you were doing. The desire was so strong though.  You thought that last night meant something to him too, but no. To him you were just.. His one night stand. 

you can’t keep pretending like it didn’t happen! Because it fucking did!”

“did I ever fucking said it never happened? Why are you making such a big deal out of it?!!”

“Because I have fucking feelings for you!”

Covering your mouth with your hands you instantly looked down regerting the fact that the words rolled off of your tongue. Hoseok’s eyes filled with regret as he tried to find what to say. You knew him long enough to realise he wanted to find the right words, in order not to hurt you. You could feel your heart breaking into million pieces even though not a single word had escaped his lips. It was at this moment you realised how much you had really screwed up. Not only had the guy you loved for as long as you can remember, just rejected you. But you possibly had just also lost your best friend.

“Just please be my best friend and not the guy I just confessed to..”

Volunteering (Peter x Reader)

Requested by @barry-stilinski

Summary- You and Peter are volunteering with little kids, and Peter can’t help but admire how you are with them.

A/N- So I kind of tried a different style with this one, its also a bit longer than my previous stories. Hope you enjoy, ask box is always open! (I’m working through them, I’m doing them in the order I get them.)

Word Count- 1,691

Peter watches as all the children run over to his friend, they’re both volunteering to look after the kids at a festival. The children love him too, after saying hi to Y/N they always come to him to say hi, normally he’s right next to her when they come in so it’s as if he’s invisible until they’ve all had their hello from her. Peter likes being invisible in that moment, he gets to watch Y/N’s face light up as they come running at her, and watch their faces light up as she gives each of them a hello. She makes them all smile just by smiling herself, and in that moment when Peter is invisible he gets to admire her smile and smile at it too. 

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Fort-nine Years

@halfbreednight @illyrian-high-lord @readinglikewildfire @crazybossbitch1 @2-bookmaster-2 @lovemeinnercircle @lovelygirl-3 @micmac21 @myhighlordrhysand @alienathedreamer @kateflowrchild13

Thank you all so much for your comments and in return, I give you and everyone else who liked my last one, I give you all this.

She was in the gardens the day he returned to her.

Viviane floated through the gardens, a ghost among the icy flowers. That was all had been, a ghost, since he’d left. Moonlight thread pulled away from porcelain skin, curled and woven into a braided masterpiece of icy flowers, vines, and hair, the rest left to dance down her back, like a frozen waterfall against the snow white plains of her back. White chiffon sleeves patterned with crystal vines and flowers crept up her arms to grasp at her shoulder, but stopped its journey upon her skin there, instead deciding to go southward again, this time to merge with the more solid rayon and voyage the swell of her pearly white breasts and down her chest, tight, like if it clung tight enough to her, it could bar any danger from marring the smooth flesh beneath. But that is not your job, her mind sighed, that job belongs to him. The tight fabric protected her only past her rear, where it blossomed into an icy white cascades of chiffon and lace, surrounding their mistress, with ends that danced with the wind. The only whisper of color lie in the piercing aquamarine eyes that seemed to glow against their background. She lifted a slender moon kissed hand from her lap, to lightly drag it across the snow covered bench she’d chosen as her perch, leaving a blossoming swirl in its wake. As beautiful and fair as winter itself the servants would tell her each morning as they dressed her in white and wove jewels into her hair. Usually she would take it in stride, allow it to ignite the flames of confidence she’d need to survive the day and rule in her beloved’s place, just as she’d promised him that day forty nine years ago. But days had passed since the anniversary of that day, and with every day her hope was ebbed away by the unseen icy winds of despair. Forty nine years Tamlin was given to find her. The one who would free them from the mountain. But forty nine years and he still hasn’t come home. He still hasn’t come back to me, he promised he would. Ever since the anniversary of the curse, she demanded to be alone and came out here to wait. In this garden of snow carved archways and flowers of crystalline ice and white stone benches she’d wait, in this garden where they’d danced as children and dreamed as adults, dreamed of the world as it could be while they debated on everything and nothing under snowy days and clear nights where stars glimmered like snowflakes trapped in the unending sky. Viviane felt her right cheek warm as a tear spilled over and raced downward. Inside she felt like glass, splintering an breaking, but only in her solitude would she let it break, for as much as she wished she could wither away along with her hope, or cast herself into the fire that was Amarantha in order to join him. But no, I promised him I’d be strong and protect our people, I cannot fail him now. An icy wind brushed her face, whisking away her fallen tear and whispering her name in her ear. Viviane, oh my Viviane it whispered to her as it caressed her cheek. Her pale lips parted in shock, and her head turned to the right of its own accord, like a tether was pulling her toward it. There he was, standing atop the stairs of the entrance to the small garden, right under the snow carved archway, frozen.  His snow white tresses slightly disheveled as he panted, out of breath. Only his thick white cloak billowed in the wind, the rest of him frozen in place, icy blue eyes glued to her form. Slowly, Viviane rose to her feet, unsure if her beloved Kallias was truly there or if her crumbling hope had fabricated him. Slowly she placed one foot in front of the other, afraid if she got too close then he would vanish in a gust of snow and wind. But when his lips broke out into a watery smile and shaky breath of relief, relief that she was there and she was safe and that Amarantha hadn’t touched her was what finally undid her. She felt the ends of her own lips curl into a smile and a small whimper escaped her parted lips just before she ran to him. Strong and sure arms already open wide to receive her she fell into the broad chest she hadn’t touched in forty nine years. Large arms crushed her to him so tightly she almost thought she thought she would become a part of him, and perhaps that was what he wanted, to hold her so close she couldn’t physically be parted from him, something she would not mind in the slightest. Her armed snaked around and ensnared his neck bringing his face down to allow her to crush her lips against his. Forty nine years she had been waiting, only imagining what it would feel like to kiss him, and the feeling was electrifying. While the rest of his body was like hard stone and chiseled out muscle, his lips were feather soft and warm as they sent electric currents through her nerves. Her knees began to buckle but before she had completely lost her ability to stand those large, protective arms had lifted her into the air as he swung her around, lips never parting with her own while snowflakes swirled around them in a silent praise that their master and mistress were once again together, once again whole. Once her feet were gently placed back onto the stone Kallias ripped his lips from hers and buried his face into her neck, body wracked with sobs. “You’re safe, you’re safe, thank the cauldron your safe.” He whispered over and over again. Tears of happiness and pure, unending love fell freely from her cheeks and froze into little diamonds in her lover’s hair. “You’ve finally returned to me.” Was all she could manage before closing her eyes and bursting into a laugh. At least she thought it was a laugh, or maybe they were sobs of relief, she couldn’t exactly say. “Marry me.” Kallias whispered into her hair. Viviane’s laughter froze and her eyes flung open. “What did you say?” She knew exactly what he had said, but she couldn’t believe it. Kallias pulled away from her and kneeled down into the snow, grasping both of her tiny hands in his much larger ones. “Marry me, Viviane. Today. Right now.” He asked her again with more love and hope in his eyes than stars in the night sky. Viviane wasn’t sure if her smile could grow any larger or if her body could contain any more joy than it held in this moment as she threw herself on top of him and with the High Lord of Winter gazing up at her, she finally gave him her answer. “Yes. A thousand times yes.” Kallias grinned and with one arm her wrapped it around the back of her neck to pull her down into another time stopping kiss. The Winter Court would officially have their Lady and the long years their lord had spent in unrequited love had finally come to an end.

Things I almost remember

Klaroline Reincarnation AU! This is without doubt the longest drabble I have ever written. I have no idea if its any good but I couldn’t stop.

Based on the idea floating round tumblr of a vampire dating a mortal who finds pictures of their past selves because the vampire is hoping they’ll remember their first love.  Also on Ao3 because like I said. This is fucking long. Over 7,000 words (x)


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I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in

And be with me forevermore

For some reason, this time, her eyebrows aren’t right.

Klaus’ own eyebrows furrow in response as he reaches distractedly for the eraser beside him in order to scrub out the offending pencil markings. It’s been too long since he’s seen her, he always thinks, when the quality of his renderings begins to slip. Using previous work as a reference, the countless portraits, sketches even the occasional statue which is still in his possession is of no use. Photography, one of the more marvellous developments of recent times has become one of his more favourite mediums but seeing her standing ramrod straight, smile long gone in the boring wait for the photograph to be taken is not how he wishes to see her. Every mode of remembrance available feels insincere and imperfect. What he needs, what he craves is to have her in front of him; tapping her foot on a stool, stretching on a chaise to see for himself the exact touch of the sunlight on her skin, blood palely staining her cheek in a perfect blush under his gaze.

Instead, the room is empty except for himself and the haunting presence of her memory, dancing just beyond recollection. Restlessness vibrates under his skin, skips along his nerves, itching for the balm of her presence. Yet at this moment he doesn’t even know if she walks the Earth, if she exists in this time and place. Dashing aside his pad, Klaus stands and quickly crosses to his desk, a large mahogany creature, which despite its size has intricate carving, which has followed him faithfully from house to house. Her music box sits open in one corner, playing on, the two figures twirling to the old village lullaby. There are few things of hers that she is ever truly attached to; her jewellery, her music box they are the constants. Everything else comes and goes for her. Still there are one or two pieces in storage and Klaus still keeps in mind a boudoir for her in whichever house he buys.

From the upper left hand drawer he pulls a narrow velvet case, gently putting aside the two ring boxes that atypically accompany it and popping open the lid to reveal a delicate diamond bracelet. He’d given this to her centuries ago, gazing up at one of his landscapes that still hangs in room in the Hermitage where he’d proposed to her. Klaus runs his fingers over the sparkling gems and closes his eyes, the smile she always brought to his lips appearing as he remembers the squeal of delight she gave, on first receiving it and then having it returned to her. How she had kissed him, the briefest teasing touch of mouths before running off, skirts swishing down the corridor to tell her father the Tsar, even though the Emperor already knew and have him announce the Princess’ engagement to the entire Imperial Court. How perfect her declaration had been whispered in his ear “Я буду всегда любить тебя”. His thoughts sour, remembering the last time he had heard her speak those words in Russian, ragged and rushed, unsure of when her strength would leave her. How his name had been her dying breath, her locket of the Romanov’s double headed phoenix pressed into his hand. Again. He opens his eyes once more, to stem the flow of anger, regret that he could never save her. The longing too has increased tenfold, the desire to feel her hand in his own, warm, alive and safe. He looks around the room at the mementos of a thousand lifetimes, centuries of encounters, of failed promises and vows by whatever force returns her to him like a phoenix that this time, this time, will be different. That the next time she will live eternal.

The chime of his phone draws Klaus from his resolution and irritated as he always is by the interruptions that the demands of the outside world makes upon his attention he snatches it up. Initially he intends to merely glance at the screen, perhaps bleat out a command to deal with whatever trifle troubles his hidden empire when he sees the sender’s name.

Lorenzo St. John has been one of his inner circle for just under nine hundred years. Outside of his siblings, of his son Marcel, he is one of the few Klaus would call family. He probably would have killed Enzo decades ago if not for the connection to her, their shared desperation to save her. As it stands now, they’re actually rather fond of each other, odd as the notion may seem after all this time.

L.A. Immediately. It reads, without elaboration. Klaus doesn’t dare consider beyond a fleeting hope that it could be actual news, discards the notion as mere wishful thinking on account of his recent state of recollection. But then a second text arrives and Klaus’ undead heart sings for the first time in over a hundred years.

It’s her.

Klaus looks from the phone to the discarded drawing of earlier, his eyes finding those of his muse.


Caroline Forbes sighs heavily and turns from her drawings back to her tablet, scrolling down her reference pictures to find the particular portrait she’s using as a reference for the gown’s outline. Or supposed to be using at any rate. She’d been brought onto the movie to design costumes for a retelling of Catherine the Great but despite her best efforts rather than 17th century Russia, she’d been hunched over desk drawing a 1920’s flapper dress for the last thirty minutes. It seemed so vivid in her mind’s eye; dripping with pink beading, a long string of pearls at the neck, hair ruched up in that trademark bob. Russia’s court dresses were of a different kind of opulence and whilst they possessed a glamour Caroline was certainly fond of, ever since her research trip to the Hermitage, she’d found the project left her cold rather than adding to her inspiration. The place had felt so alive with the past, as if she might accidentally walk in on an orchestra rehearsing or some political intrigue, or a Tsar at breakfast with his family that it left her sad that these things were dead and gone. Even re-watching Anastasia, one of her go-to childhood movies, wasn’t doing anything to revive her.

In short, she was blocked.

Every-time she forced herself to consider long trains and extravagant amounts of ermine she felt ill, pounding migraines impeding any type of progress. She refused to quit the film, the exposure it would grant her work and her love of Russian culture stopping her. Catherine the Great was one of her favourite periods so what the ever loving fuck had her in such a state? Thankfully, the studio were bringing on a historical consultant, a Mr. Lorenzo St. John whose brains she could pick.

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