i hope its easy to follow lol

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Hey! Your art is just amazing and it inspires me so much, but what stands out to me the most is the hair. Do you have any tips for painting it?

edit: link to dA vers!


ah thanks! i always liked the way i did hair too tbh heh;; i was asked to make a tutorial eariler this year but i never found the time to do it but i guess ill do it here OTL

1) sketch! 

as you may know early in the morning, hair is very flimsy and uncooperative! even straight hair isnt going to be perfectly straight. there will be loose ends and parts that stick out. hair is not one block!

2) painting! for the way i paint you might want to see my colouring walkthrough coz i wont explain in detail about it.

fringes and hair that is against the face would tend to be more transparent/lighter than the thickness of the hair in over places of the scalp.

3) shade!

colours are all on the same layer to allow for colours to blend over smoothly. for certain parts of the hair such as a the fringe/block areas i liked to use this brush

it gives a nice streaky texture. dont use too much/only this brush though! then it looks tacky :T. you want different widths in colour/lines.

4) overlay colour to brighten and darken! refer to the other tutorial!

5) merge and paint!

i added the glow coz it would have related to the colour of her eyes

the ends of the hair are more streaky and loose while the roots can bee more blocky and less detailed

theres a bit of blue glow that appears on my fringe  from her eyes which i sometimes like to add. this is obviously a stylistic choice coz aint no eyes that glowy enough for that to happen LOL

streaky, flimsy, loose hair makes things look more realistic. you dont want things that are ugly like this

…which happens to be my first attempt at painting LOL

you dont always have to do a lot of hair details though. esp if say… the face isnt the main subject in the painting. short hair can tend to bypass all that flimsiness i suppose??? @@

flimsy long hairrrr. when theres more hair its less easy to sidestep it looking weird if its one big chuck e__e

in the end everything still depends on your own personal style though!! if your style gives things a lot of detail, everything tends to have to follow through or itll look awkward.

6) finISH HIM IT

woot! i hope that was vaguely helpful!!!

>.>  <.< …So. Apparently. For the Secret Santa…


And if anyone who doesn’t know what I mean by that, hasn’t been following me long enough. ;) But I’m pretty sure the person who this is for will know. It was kinda both easy and hard because of the subject matter… cause the sheer number of things I could do for it. XD Hopefully this’ll do.

Illustration of this. :D

…Which really should now indicate who this is for. XDDD ♥

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what would be some good things to invest in? i already have tons of gems and idk how to explain buying herbs to my mom, so what are some other items you would recommend? i'm just a bit overwhelmed and don't really know where to start

OK, so before you go and start buying stuff, I suggest you find those ‘Free Witchy PDF” posts that are just masterposts of free, online books. And usually, the older the book, the more likely it is to have its own free PDF. 

Another free thing you can invest in are witchy apps. There are apps that tell you the moon phase for the day and for the rest if the month. There are apps for tarot readings. There are rune apps. There are herb info apps. A nice way to include technology into your witch craft~

You can buy different size jars. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they can be used in spellwork or for just plain ‘ol storing.

Journals. You can use them to write down all your witchy experiences, make a tiny grimore, write down your dreams, its all up to you! I personally use different journals for different topics and use one journal for each of my tarot decks.

Oh yeah, get candles from walgreens! This is a easy way to buy candles and not be so outwordly witchy. They surprisingly have a nice little array of them. They’re always on sale. And right now its autumn, so they have alot of autumn inspired candles (which to me are always the best lol)

Alternatively, battery operated candles are wonderful for if you cant burn candles. You can even get some that change to different colors~

Hope this could help you out a little bit!

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