i hope it's the same cat haha

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i've been wanting to play the sims for ages but it's become a chore what should i do ??????

Hello! I will admit that I haven’t played The Sims for a while myself - I’ve been very busy recently, but I’m also personally waiting for Cats & Dogs to come out! :)

I did see this post a little while ago with some suggestions for challenges or ways to change up gameplay if you’re finding yourself bored with the game. I know that I personally play with the same traits and careers over and over again haha. I definitely want to try and vary my gameplay.

I hope that some of the suggestions in the post linked above appeal to you and help you have some more fun with the game!


Well I am French at the base and in the spoils I saw ben er his was not talking about his DNA test said that Suigetsu and Karin are married and so I think he had a child, probably Mitsuki xD Which means full moon in Japanese and apparently Suigestu brother, Mangetsu meant the same thing after good so I can not confirm anything it’s only rumors for me as I do not read it, for me spoils the rest rumors, I’m worried no one will see the point xD Anyway I secretly hope that Karin and Suigetsu xD haha ​​sotn already married his foreclose the Sarada Karin track and then right dog and cat together just too hilarious xD And apparently Sakura will be saved by Naruto Sasuke sarada chocho xD and have an emotional reunion between Sakura and Sarada his remains to be seen;) I hope ^^ Anyway its not talking about DNA testing so good after as I said High will be seen;)

Must be strong to be SasuSaku !!!! His is still some mental level xD haha