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Muñeca Traicionera

Summary: Sam decides to pull a prank on one Bucky Barnes - how far will it go? 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Latinx!Reader

Warnings: Language, Sexual Innuendos?

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: I’m real scared about this fic b/c I feel like its not good but ANYWAYS, about 85% of the dialogue and some descriptions are in Spanish - NO English translations so either ask me or google translate for help lmao sorry - the songs mentioned are Propuesta Indecente by Romeo Santos and Loco by Enrique Iglesias!  I want to dedicate this to all my Hispanic/Latinx/POC writers and readers who have felt the lack of representation; hopefully this is the start of something good for all of us :) Enjoy! [PS: this is definitely not the last time I write a poc!/latinx!reader fic!]


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Tease - Winwin (M)

A/N: Here it is, definitely not one of my best but I’m glad I got something out… Just a heads up its kinda fem!dom and very.. hm giver like? which is why im so fckn wet like im 100% giver yall dont even know send help so if you’re more into receiving you’ll probably be disappointed I apologize… I plan to proofread this tomorrow since I know it’s rushed, but yeahh… hope it’s not too shitty

-Admin Kay

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Pairing: Winwin x Reader

Genre: Semi-Smut - SEXUAL CONTENT

Word Count: 1,874

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Sanvers Week Day 5 - Domestic

Cw: hospitals/illness, mentions of police brutality, homophobia

The first time Maggie felt him move, she’d woken Alex so frantically she thought someone had died.

But when her wife took her hands and pressed them to her belly, beaming and insistent (“There, right there, do you feel it?”), Alex could only shake her head.

That was always her greatest fear, in the beginning. That he wouldn’t feel like hers right away. That he’d never feel like hers at all.  

She remembered the pain of having Kara stand before her dressed in black, snarling that they didn’t share blood, and imagined her son spitting the same thing at her, mid-argument, in fifteen years.

It had been drilled into her from day one, every time someone would congratulate Maggie but not her, or a stranger would ask how far along her friend was. Every time Eliza would make a shotgun subtle suggestion about ensuring that he had enough male influences in his life. When she would try to visit Maggie during her check-ups and the nurse would ask her, cautiously, if she was a family member. When she would do 3am runs to the grocery store for ginger beer and the cashier would ask how far along she was, only to say “Oh I’m sorry, I just assumed you were the mom”.

Now, she couldn’t be more grateful for that distance. It was the only thing keeping her from screaming.

She clenched Maggie’s hand on the way out of the doctor’s office, feeling the tremble of her wife’s skin, stopping to take her ashen face in her hands. “It’s gonna be fine,” she found herself saying, only because that’s what you said at times like this, even when the words were hollow in your throat. “We’ll figure this out.”

Still in shock, Maggie could only shake her head, glazed eyes drifting somewhere over Alex’s chest, repeating the only thing she’d been able to say since they were told. “We haven’t even named him yet.”

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Anonymous | pt. i

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Scenario: Tumblr AU
Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader
Word Count: 1671
Rating: T 

Summary: You just shot to tumblr fame when the latest chapter of your webtoon went viral. Messages start flooding in – hundreds of people saying things good and bad alike. One anon catches your eye, and you find you just have to reply to them… 

next part >>

You knew when your friends all started calling you. That morning, you woke to your phone bursting with notifications – your twitter, tumblr, texts, everything. You picked up your friend Jia’s next call, your groggy hello met with the sound of her excited screaming. “Y/N! You’re famous! You’re all over the internet today?”

Groaning, you rolled over and checked the time. 8:37, too early for anything. “What?”

“I said, you’re internet famous,” she said. “Strawberry Shortcake just hit it big.”

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Shifted - Part 7, Chapter 6

In Shifted, the premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated  their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

Part 7 - The Visitor

Lallybroch, Autumn 1762

In the end, introducing Roger as someone from Claire’s past hadn’t surprised the family too deeply – except for Brianna and William, of course, who knew full well that their mother didn’t truly have a past.

Dinner had been pleasant enough. Claire watched Roger clearly enjoy himself, seated at the place of honor at Jamie’s right, Jenny on his other side, Young Jamie across from him. Roger pleasantly inquired about the size of the estate, its agricultural output, and the features of the nearby countryside. He’d explained himself to be a scholar of some sort, born to Scots parents but raised by an English uncle after being orphaned as a small child. This being his first journey back to Scotland since he could remember, he was trying to re-acquaint himself with the land of his forefathers.

It didn’t escape Jamie’s notice that Roger was also trying to acquaint himself with Brianna. She sat diagonally across from him, in between two of her female Murray cousins, and only directly addressed him a few times. The lad had spent a good deal of time stealing glances at her. And from what he saw, Brianna had stolen more than a few glances of her own.

So. Better to puzzle it out with Claire before taking any action.

Claire sat stiffly on his other side throughout dinner, barely touching her food. It must have been the hell of a shock – not just to meet another person from her own time, but someone she knew, who bore news of her first husband. The man with Randall’s face. From time to time, Claire still woke from dreams where she was living as his wife again – and only Jamie’s touch could bring her back.

His hand found hers under the table, pushing the C on his left thumb against the J on her right thumb. She squeezed his hand tightly, desperately.

I am here, his fingers told hers. We will figure this out.


And much later, after whiskey and toasts and Jenny finding Roger a place to sleep, Jamie and Claire slowly ascended the stairs to their bedroom. They paused to kiss their children goodnight before locking their door and gently stripping off each other’s clothes. Jamie took Claire’s hand and led her to their bed. He folded back the covers, slipped in beside her, and drew the blankets up over their heads.

Nestled in their dark cocoon, he drew her to his chest and she wrapped her legs around him, drawing her hips flush with his. She buried her face in his neck and breathed deeply. Gently he drew a hand up and down her back, murmuring quietly in the Gaidhlig.

They lay quietly for what could have been minutes or hours, savoring the feeling of skin on skin. Claire breathed Jamie in, and he rested his lips against her forehead.

Claire’s mind raced – full of so many disjointed thoughts and images.

Frank’s motorcar, the same car she’d driven to the stone circle. Whatever had happened to it? She’d left the top down when she parked at the stones. Had the beautiful leather seats been ruined by the time Frank found it?

Young Roger, adorable in a brown sweater and polished shoes. Where had she seen those eyes before?

The fragrant oolong tea leaves Mrs. Graham had read for her so long ago.

The rectangular leather suitcase she’d brought with her to Scotland, stuffed with her few worldly possessions. Dear God, she’d even packed her wedding portrait with Frank.

And then the feeling of falling through the stones. Seeing Randall. The scent of damp in Murtagh’s plaid as he held her in front of him on his horse.

And Jamie’s eyes, glowing in the firelight, the first time she’d touched him.

So the loop ran over and over in her mind. This time, that time. Frank, Jamie. Roger. Randall. Dougal. Murtagh.

And Jamie’s voice – her anchor, whispering into her hair in the Gaidhlig.

Hush, my heart. I am here. I am with you. Hush. Come back to me, my love. My blood. Mother of my son and daughters. How I love you.”

After a long while, Claire blinked hard and returned to herself. She raised her head and drew her nose along Jamie’s chin in the darkness. Her fingers twined in his hair and she brought his mouth down to hers.

A bit later she pulled back, breathless. He butted his nose against hers. “Are ye back, then?” he whispered.

She nodded, resting one palm flat on his back, thumb caressing his scars.

“What’s upsetting ye more – that Frank marrit again or that wee Roger sees the stones as playthings?”

She sighed. “I shouldn’t feel guilty about anything Frank did after I – after I left. I did love him, Jamie. I’m glad he found happiness.”

Jamie gathered her closer into his chest and hitched her leg around his hip. She gasped as he eased into her, and he smiled against her lips.

The Englishman never made her feel like this, he reflected. He never felt her belly when it was rounded wi’ child, or kissed its silver marks after she delivered a healthy bairn. He never lay wi’ her side by side like this in bed, joined as one flesh, sharing fears and hopes and dreams.

“You are my happiness,” he breathed, tilting his hips to penetrate even deeper.

He felt her smile and hum against his lips. “I never regret staying. I can’t leave you, Jamie. I can’t. My heart couldn’t take it.”

He pushed in and out, gently. “You are my heart,” he breathed into her ear. He felt her cheek flame against his.

“More, Jamie. I need more.”

Still he kept up a slow, shallow pace, one hand firm on her hip. His thumb settled in her navel, digging into the indentation, and he felt her belly quiver.

“You are all I want,” he whispered. “Each time is never enough.”

She swallowed, throat dry. “Jamie,” she gasped. “More. I need more.”

He smiled and bit her chin, stilling within her. “Ask me again.”

Her back arched, eyes closed. He felt her nipples press up against his own as she panted.

“No, you bloody Scot,” she laughed. He moaned at the sensation. She seized the back of his head and kissed him, hard.

He rolled on top of her and gripped her hips. She wrapped her legs around him. He brought his forehead against hers, and licked a bead of sweat from the tip of her nose.

“I said more, Jamie. Harder,” she panted.

He drove home once, hard. She cried out.


He did so again. And again. And again. Driving all thoughts of her time and his time from her mind – until all that was left was her, and him, and their love for each other, shielded from the world.

Much later they lay in the dark, side by side, blankets pooled around their waists. Jamie held Claire’s right hand between his, resting on his stomach, fingers twining and untwining.

“Did ye see the way wee Roger was looking at Brianna tonight?”

She squeezed his hand. “Yes. He seemed quite taken with her.”

He raised her wedding ring to his lips for a kiss. “What do ye want me to do about it, then? He said he wasna going to stay for verra long.”

Claire settled her head on Jamie’s shoulder. “Maybe Brianna will give him a reason to stay.”

“Mmphmm.” Jamie turned to kiss her forehead, unconvinced.

“He’ll treat her right,” Claire said at length. “He comes from a time where men really do respect a woman’s wishes.”

“Aye,” Jamie said softly. “But it’s my daughter, ken? I dinna care how he feels toward all women – I only care how he feels and behaves toward my women.”

Claire sighed against him. “Let me speak with her in the morning, before breakfast. See what’s on her mind.”

“I suppose.” He yawned widely, gathering her against him and drawing the blanket up over their shoulders. Claire settled her head closer to him on the pillow. “Now then. Sleep, mo nighean donn. Let me protect yer dreams.”

I was asked if I could make a tutorial of how I made the line art in this Castiel graphic. Well, I think it would be good to say that I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to make it. But if you don’t have Illustrator, don’t worry, Photoshop will be enough. Even though, I’ll try to explain how to do it on both ;)

Well, let’s go to the tutorial, right?

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Fan of a Fan // Park Jinyoung

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Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader (feat. the rest of GOT7 + JYP)

Genre: Fluff

Summary; You’re a famous foreign celebrity and a good friend of the owner of JYPE. Jinyoung has always had a crush on you, and upon meeting you in person, he finally realises what it’s like to be a fanboy who meets the love of his life in person.

(Y/C) = Your country

Being in the limelight came with many perks as it did downfalls – but you were always the type of person to count your blessings first. And one of the many pros of being a celebrity was the fact you got to visit so many countries around the world, and right now you were on your way to Seoul for a well deserved vacation and to meet with your good friend, JYP – owner of JYP Entertainment.

You had first met JYP back when you began acting – he was in (Y/C) at the time attending the same convention as you.  Your manager introduced you both - and the rest was history. You were thankful for the invaluable advice he gave you, and always telling you that if you ever decided to visit Seoul to drop by the JYPE building to say hello; and that’s exactly what you had planned on doing. You were of course a huge fan of JYP, listening to and searching up new music by the talented artists that he produced – GOT7, Twice, Wonder Girls and Day6 just to name but a few.

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Characters:  Marty Scurll / Reader

Notes: I was inspired by @unabashedwwesmut fic, sneeze, so much that I had to do this! I hope you all love it!

Warnings: Nothing but fluff! A hint of language and some sexual references

Word Count: 1556

Tag List: @unabashedwwesmut @vipervenomisgoodforyou @ambrosegirlforever, @valeonmars, @thebadchic, @nickysmum1909@ortonaholic, @seths-skinny-jeans, @lakama15, @southernbelle24, @wwefangirlllll, @spiderman2289, @nickie-amore, @blondekel77, @princess3733, @toosweetme @vsturgeon5489 @jade4062022 @georgiadean37 @cfloyd776

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Winter Chills

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: You were trying to go home to the bunker for the holidays, but things don’t go as planned.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader, random characters

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1900

Warning(s): Angst, falling, near death experience, light fluff at the end, PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE PRONE TO PANICKING OR IF YOU CAN’T DEAL WITH EMOTIONAL PIECES

Author’s note: Thanks to the lovely @teamfreewill92 for being a beta for me and reading this! You’re absolutely amazing, sweets! ❤ 

Also this was made for @impala-dreamer​ ‘s one prompt writing challenge. The prompt is “I promise, I wont let go.” Thanks for giving me this opportunity! You’re wonderful! I hope you like it!

Winter was the only season you despised. You loved the snow, sure. Christmas was awesome, okay. But frozen water and cars? They don’t mix, nor should they ever be mixed. But that’s your current situation right now.

You were headed to the bunker to meet up with Sam and Dean so you could spend the holidays with them. As much as you could celebrate without hunts getting in the way that is. For the past couple months after a good torturous year of hunting with the boys, and after Dean’s numerous failed attempts at picking you up, your heart was slowly captured by Sam.

The way his hazel eyes always seemed to sparkle with joy when he found what he was looking for during his research, the dimples on his cheeks whenever he’d smile, the soft and gentle tone of his voice whenever he was comforting someone, that secret look of adoration that he’d send in your direction when you were happy, when you were excited, when you’d solve a case before them and when you were eating your favorite dessert.

He was everything you imagined a perfect boyfriend would be; sweet, caring, gentleman in the streets, devil in the sheets, gorgeously handsome, was there even enough adjectives in the English language to describe him?

Either way, you were utterly and hopelessly in love with him, which is why you offered to meet him instead of the other way around. Neither of you had planned to even have a break from hunts during the holidays. Surprisingly, there were no hunts at all. Nothing suspicious to consider, nothing unusual happening, nothing.

This week, you had only one case, and it was a simple ghost haunting. It was as if all supernatural activity had just paused, like someone hit the stop button or something.

Not that you were complaining. This is the most peaceful it ever gets and you were going to try taking advantage of that.

Keyword. Try.

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hmmm, prompts... prompts prompts prompts. how about 21/26 from the new list, burrcules (or a different ship if you prefer)? sorry, it's late and i'm tired so the creative juices aren't exactly flowing C:

I am Burrcules trash save me please.

Send me a prompt if you want me to write something for you! If you use a list just specify old list or new list.

“No one has a heart of stone” and “I didn’t intend to kiss you.”

Aaron couldn’t stand his roommate. He was an insufferable loudmouth bother who never slept, and never stopped talking.

Even more insufferable than Alex, however, were his friends. There was the Frenchman Lafayette, the artist John Laurens, and the tailor Hercules Mulligan. They were always in Aaron and Alex’s room, shouting and just generally being a distraction.

Most days they left Aaron alone, but when they got bored they tried to drag him into their conversation.

“Sooooo,” Laurens cooed one day, wheeling Alex’s desk chair over to Aaron’s side of the room. “What about you Burr?”

Burr jerked his head up from the book he was reading. He had managed to tune out the other side of the room pretty well until that point.

“What?” Burr asked.

“Who do you like?” Laurens asked, as if it should have been obvious what they were talking about.

Burr blinked. “What do you mean?”

Laurens rolled his eyes. “You know what I mean. Who do you like?”

“Give it up John,” Alex said. “Burr doesn’t have emotions.”

“He has a, how you say, ‘heart of stone’,” Laf said.

“No one has a heart of stone,” Aaron muttered, attempting to go back to his reading. “It’s physically impossible.” He knew he sounded stupid, but there was no way in hell he was going to tell this group of people who he liked.

Alex and his friends tried and failed to hold back their laughter. However, Hercules wasn’t laughing.

“Leave the guy alone,” Herc said, silencing their laughter. “If he doesn’t want to tell us he doesn’t have to tell us.”

Aaron looked up at Herc with gratitude in his eyes, but he quickly realized that that was a mistake. He accidentally made eye contact with the tailor and he felt his face go bright red. He hurriedly buried his nose in his book, desperately hoping Herc hadn’t noticed.

John spun in his chair so he was facing Herc and squinted at him. “You’ve been suspiciously quiet.”

“He’s right,” Alex said. He poked Herc in the chest. “You haven’t answered the question either.”

Herc looked unaffected by the question for the most part, but as Aaron peeked at him over the top of his book he noticed that the tips of the large boy’s ears had gone slightly red.

“No one,” Herc shrugged, but his friends noticed how he glanced at Aaron as he answered.

Laf nudged Alex and said something in French. Alex nodded and stood up. “John, come to the vending machine with me and Laf?” he asked, his eyes making it clear that the correct answer was yes.

“I’ll come with you too,” Herc said, starting to stand up.

“Non, non,” Laf said quickly. “You stay here.”

“Why?” Herc asked.

Laf said something in French, and Herc turned to Alex for a translation.

Alex grinned. “There’s no English term for it but I assure you it’s a valid point. Stay here with Burr. We’ll get you guys snacks. On us.”

Herc sighed as Alex slammed the door. He and Laf did that a lot: Laf would ramble off some random French words and Alex would pretend he was making total sense.

Aaron, aware that he was suddenly alone in a room with Hercules Mulligan, buried his face even deeper in his book.

Herc spent a moment studying the smaller boy, then came to a decision and cleared his throat.

“So, um, I’m sorry about them,” Herc said, rubbing the back of his neck. “They don’t really know when they go too far.”

“It’s okay,” Aaron mumbled, praying to God that the others would return quickly so he could get out of this conversation.

“It’s really not… I mean, if you don’t want to tell us who you like, they shouldn’t try to pressure you into it. Actually, we probably shouldn’t even assume that you like anybody, because it’s totally fine if you don’t.”

Aaron couldn’t take this anymore. He stood up quickly, keeping his face down to hide how red it was.

“Thanks, that means a lot, but I just remembered that I left my textbook in Washington’s office, and I need it to study for this test tomorrow, so if you’ll just excuse me—”

Aaron was cut off when his foot caught on the wheel of the chair John had been sitting in. He went flying forward, and he panicked as he realized he wouldn’t be able to break his fall fast enough. He was going face first into the floor.

Then two strong hands were on him, stopping him just short of hitting the floor. Herc pulled him onto his feet and then suddenly the two were very close.

They stared each other, Aaron trying to find the words to thank him and Herc trying not to get lost in Aaron’s eyes. Very hesitantly, Herc leaned down and kissed Aaron’s lips.

“Oh,” Aaron gasped.

Herc pulled back. “Is this okay?” He asked, panicked and kicking himself for not asking first.

Aaron nodded. “Yes… Yes, well, it wasn’t my original intention to kiss you when I tripped over that chair, but yes.”

Herc beamed. “Good.”

When the others returned that’s how they found Herc and Aaron, still kissing.

Laf and Alex were ready to bow out and give them their privacy, but Laurens wouldn’t have it.

“Y'all are the worst liars I have ever met,” he declared, barging into the room and startling the two of them back into reality. He started ranting about how he couldn’t believe Hercules would lie to them, and how he couldn’t believe that Aaron had feelings.

Herc and Aaron just watched him with smiles on their faces, and eventually tuned him out and went back to kissing.

“Oh real mature,” John said as Laf dragged him out of the room. “We aren’t done here. We’re having a full discussion later.”

Without breaking the kiss, Herc waved goodbye to John as the door slammed shut. The discussion would have to wait, because Herc and Aaron had no intention of leaving anytime soon.


As the title says, this list has fanfictions where APH England is the main character. If you are here searching for fics with that characteristic (APH England as the protagonist), I hope it will be useful. This one only has USUK and UKUS fanfictions.

  • If you are a writer and see your fic here, and don’t want it to be here, please, tell me and I will remove it. Also if you want me to add another link on it.
  • If some of the links don’t work, please, tell me so I could fix it.
  • I like to read angst, drama and hurt… (I’m a weirdo, I know) so some of them are on those lines, I warn you. Not all of them, there are fluff and things like that too. If you are very conscious or sensible to some topics, please, check the warnings and disclaimers of the fics, if they have.
  • I love long things C: and I love long fics too, so the stories posted here are at least 10,000 words count.
  • All the stories are COMPLETE.
  • The numeration of the lists doesn’t mean anything about the quality of the fics (all of them are great!). Is beacuse is more easy for me to have a control of the fics posted, no other reason. So just ignore it.
  • If you want to read the second part of this USUK list, click here.
  • If you want to read some FRUK fics, click here.
  • If you want to read some FACE/ACE family fics, click here.
  • If you want to read some other fics with APH England and another partner (not USUK nor FRUK) and also some fics without romance… or the ones I didn’t know what to do with them, click here.
  • I’m up for recomendatios!

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Takumi x Female Kamui Support Convos (C-S)

Translated from the Japanese version, with notes. This is my own translation and will undoubtedly differ from the official North-American version English conversation and from any other fan translations, due to differences in writing and translation style. I try to stay as close to the original Japanese as I can, but still sound as natural-ish as possible.

Kamui’s dialogue will differ somewhat depending on her speech style, but the meaning stays approximately the same. The Kamui this was taken from is the informally-speaking “atashi~yo” type female Kamui.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS!! And this is a long post. Like, insanely long. So I hope you have some time!

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this past year on tumblr has been amazing for me and that’s all thanks to you guys. thank you for continuously liking and reblogging my art, sending me the sweetest messages and encouragements, and just in general supporting me and inspiring me to work as hard as i can to improve!

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At Your Service (Peter Maximoff Imagine)

A/N: So, I found this draft laying around in my unfinished folder (cause I have one, okay?) and I just finished it and thought I could post it. This has no plot whatsoever, it’s pure fluff and silliness. I hope you like it! :)
Word count: 1563 words.
(Oh, just in case it wasn’t clear: Y/N - your name, Y/F/N - your first name, Y/L/N - your last name, Y/E/C - your eye color.)

He could maybe go bug Scott. It was always easy to get to him and his reactions were always priceless so Peter got a good laugh. But since he and Jean started dating, she has been somewhat helping him and it was becoming harder and harder for Pete to rile him up. Which was disappointing to say the least.

Maybe he could rearrange Charles’ office.

Nope, he did that last week, it wouldn’t bring him the same joy it had then.

Peter groaned.

He was so goddamn bored. Going to class was out of the question – Hank was giving lessons on control and the right way to use your gift. Peter was more than adequate in that department, thank you very much. Well, the control part. The other part – not so much.

He had promised the Professor he would try to refrain from his habit of stealing and he really intended to keep that promise – he liked these people, they were freaks like him and it made him feel like he belonged. It didn’t hurt that the place gave him endless opportunities to amuse himself like quickly doing a wedgie on the chemistry teacher in front of the class.

Peter snorted to himself. That was a good day.

Anyway, the point was – he was here to stay. He had friends here, he had opportunities to go on missions and help however he can and he almost felt like he was living a normal teenage life, if you set aside the whole mutant thing.

(The fact that his father was in the same building as him may have been a factor in his decision to stay.


Peter sighed. That was the reason he wanted to do something – it would take his mind off things and it would be a great barrier between him and those dangerous thoughts, wracking his brain. Now that he had no other choice but to stand still and let his mind wander, he felt his mood sour each passing minute. Peter let his gaze wander around the courtyard in hope of finding something to occupy himself with. Off to his right side there was a physical training session going, led by none other than Mystique herself. She really had assumed the role of leader and spokesperson of their little group and Peter had to admit that she fit into her position with great ease and little effort. What grabbed his attention, though, was the girl all the way in the back. He had seen her around the hallways a couple of times but she always seemed to keep to herself and her little circle of friends. Peter didn’t pay her much mind, other than acknowledging she was hot but now that he stole a glimpse of her training, he found himself immensely interested.

He moved closer, settling himself against a tree, not even bothering to pretend he wasn’t looking. What was the point anyway? Somebody was bound to catch him sooner or later and Peter didn’t think the effort to sneak was worth it. He leaned forwards, squinting his eyes, focusing his entire attention (as much as he could muster anyway) on her. Her hair was in a messy bun which had been up for quite some time judging from its state of disarray – strands of hair were falling around her face and sticking in various directions, while others were firmly attached to her skin due to the sheen of sweat that covered her whole body.

(Damn, she was hot.)

She was wearing the standard training suit – tight fitting black top and leggings which went to her knees along with complementing running shoes. Her expression was hard, focused – she rarely let her opponent get a hit in, but when she did, it was only to activate her trap and retaliate in kind.

(Damn, she was smart, too.)

Her movements were graceful but there was an immense amount of force held back. Like she was trying only to bruise and not hurt – trying not to lose control or maybe…

Peter shook his head. He didn’t know anything about this girl. He couldn’t make assumptions like that. She could be the polar opposite of the image he had conjured of her in his mind. What surprised him was that he wanted to find out. He wanted to crack that shell of hers and find out what her deal was. Right now, she was the most interesting person around. Almost everyone in the school wore their hearts on their sleeves – Peter was good at reading people and enjoyed a challenge when he saw one. But these people – they were easy to read. It was all the same and while he was happy that none of them seemed like bad guys he kinda wanted the excitement of unraveling a mystery and that girl was exactly what he sought.

“Alright, that’s enough for today. Gather your stuff and head for the showers. You’re running 8 miles tomorrow, I’ll be waiting for you here at 0600 sharp. Understood?” Raven shouted, assuming the ‘Hey, I’m your teacher and if you piss me off, I’ll kick your ass’ face. Peter shuddered every time he saw it. Before he realized what was happening, his legs were taking him to where the mysterious girl was packing up her training gear. He had nothing to say. What was he gonna say? Oh shit, he was really close. What if he makes a complete fool out of himself and she kicks his ass? What if…


Stupid, stupid idiot, he thought. He just couldn’t keep his body in check and now there he was, staring right into her slightly widened Y/E/C eyes with a stupid grin on his face. He couldn’t help it – even without an ounce of makeup, covered in sweat and hair sticking out in odd places, she looked absolutely beautiful.

(Oh hell, he was so screwed.)

“Hi…?” she replied a beat later, clearly confused at his quick appearance. Peter realized he used his super speed without even noticing. When did that start to happen? “How did you…”

“Oh, I’m super fast. I mean, I can run really fast,” Peter stammered, inwardly cursing himself for being so inadequate in front of this girl. This never happened, he was smooth, he could talk to girls without blushing and… oh shit, he was blushing.

The girl laughed through her nose which brought a smile to Peter’s face. Well, at least his idiocy had made her laugh. He didn’t know whether that was a good or a bad thing.

(It could never be a bad thing – he desperately wanted to hear her real laugh.)

She bent down to pick up her sack while Peter struggled with what he was going to say.

“So, what can you do?”

What was wrong with him today?!

“I’m uh… complicated,” she answered, facing Peter with a small smile on her face. He noticed her finally examining him entirely, going from his shoes, through his outfit (he had his Pink Floyd shirt on) and ending with his hair. He thought he saw her expression soften slightly and her smile getting wider but he couldn’t be sure. He felt like he was in a thick fog and he couldn’t breathe properly around her but at the same time she was like a breath of fresh air which made him want to get closer to her.

Peter held his hand out to her.

“Peter Maximoff at your service,” he said, finally getting back some of his mojo, managing to even bow slightly, prompting an amused raise of eyebrows from her. Peter thought she would leave him hanging forever but she grasped his much bigger than hers hand a heartbeat later.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N, glad to have your service,” she said, her tone no longer guarded but teasing. Her voice was lovely that way and Peter grinned.

(Even her name was beautiful, what the hell?)

“What can I do for you, milady?” Peter teased back, even going as far as doing a horrible English accent which to his delight made Y/N chuckle lightly. He found that it was now his favorite sound in the world.

“Well,” she started, pretending to be unsure with an adorable look of fake contemplation on her face, “For starters, you could maybe take my bag and walk me to my locker?”

Peter’s grin widened and he cleared his throat, seemingly to get into character again. He bowed deeply with an exaggerated flourish and then swiftly hung her bag onto his shoulder.

“After you, milady,” he said, having abandoned the terrible English accent, and gestured with his hand to let her walk before him. Y/N playfully rolled her eyes but started walking. Peter tried not to stare at her but he couldn’t help a couple of glances. He was only human, after all.

“Oh and once we’re there, maybe we could discuss your reward? For helping me so selflessly?” she turned around briefly, touching her heart, her eyes twinkling with mirth. Peter almost choked on his own spit at her implication but he quickly reminded himself that she was only joking and he hoped she would ask him out. Y/N laughed breathlessly, allowing him to catch up with her while he shook his head with a small smile on his face.

If they ‘accidentally’ brushed hands while walking, Peter never pulled away.

(Yup, he was definitely screwed.)

What I have learnt from and about Germans
  • Berlin is not actually part of Germany, its completely different to everywhere else

  • Germans are always on time. A-l-w-a-y-s

  • Myth: people don’t actually wear lederhosen or dirndls here.

  • Bretzels are only famous because they are a tourist icon

  • same for bratwursts

  • and beer …although germans drink a lot of beer

  • beer is generally cheaper than water :|

  • yes you have to pay for water a restaurants, bullshit right?

  • The water here is safe to drink, people just really like mineral water

  • Myth: germans are not fat, on the obesity scale it goes USA - AUS - GERM

  • So many people do further education here (university)

  • ^^Probably because the education system for uni is so much better here in the outside structural features such as fees, course options, number of universities

  • However, while the Australian education is slowly bringing in alternative ways of learning the german way of learning is still comparatively very formal and old fashioned,

  • Don’t be casual with your teachers; you know each other on a strict last name, I am not your friend, I am your teacher only basis. I call all my lecturers in Melbourne by first name …and go drinking with some of them that doesnt happen here.

  • Neo nazis do exist, but most people are highly regretful and open about their countries past

  • people here really like to save money …in every possible way

  • Their public transport system is brilliant, but expensive and very controlled

  • Most Germans are highly organised and structured in everything they do, less things happen spontaneously here …in less a foreigner starts it.

  • Their organisation can be good at times; more gets done in the office, a building will be built faster, the gym class is more intense; but for work it’s all less productive and more fun in Australia

  • Germans and most Europeans are direct in the way they say things. Australians and Americans are not, so at first it feels like everyone is out to insult you, they’re not. It’s just a cultural difference, but takes some getting used to.

  • Germans are more stylish than us

  • No one would leave the house in a wife beater, boxes and thongs (heeeey Werribee Plaza)

  • But for a night out people don’t dress up to the extent that they do in Melbourne; walk up swanston on a saturday night and every girl is six inches taller and eatting the cake plastered to her face. Girls actually go out in jeans here, shock horror.

  • No one wore heels in dresden, and people believed in the statement “don’t you know you’d look a little better if you wore less make up?” god I loved that.

  • People don’t actually care more for the environment than Australians; its just that the government give Germans far better ways of looking after their world than good'ol T. Abott does; aka good prices on apartments, brilliant public transport and great recycling systems

  • Germans can and do manage to look stylish riding bikes; this contrasts greatly with Melbourne’s horrible lyrca clad men, seriously I have friends here who ride bikes in heels

  • Children are tougher here.

  • Almost no one over 18 still lives at home …I love still living at home in Melbourne

  • Germans tend to be specific about things; if they reserved a seat on the train, the carriage is empty, except you, sitting unknowingly in their seat, tough titties, you my non-german friend need to move and quick.

  • While many native english speakers talk (for lack of better words) “a lot of shit” germans tend to only say something when they have something of vague importance to say.

  • I wish someone had told me ^that^ before now, Germans hate small talk, so do I but I thought the silences were “awkward silences” no they were just silences, they don’t always need to be filled

  • the lack of small talk makes them seem wiser (emphasis on the “seem”)

  • Germans take life more seriously (than Australians anyway), its good in a lot of ways but means people tend to get insulted by sarcasm …by my sarcasm

  • Workplaces are more serious; people get more work done but I miss yelling “thats what she said” between offices at my Melbourne graphics job, and the chill atmosphere.

  • Germans do have a sense of humour (myth busted) its just while Australians like relatively stupid humour, german humour tends to be smarter, so despite being relatively fluent most things go over my head and people think I’m an idiot

  • “your mum” (deine Mutter), is used in the way we use “thats what she said”. Why have I only just discovered this? Everything makes sense now.

  • I don’t care what people say, coffee in Germany cannot compete with Melbourne coffee. Coffee here is crap, c-r-a-p, it really is.

  • Germans are not racist (compared to a lot of Australians), although many people tend to have a problem with the turkish immigrants. Or if they live in Brandenburg…

  • Turkish coffee is actually really good, germans should be nicer to turkish people

  • Despite considering myself an introvert, the german society is far more introverted than Australia’s society and it leads many foreigners to come to the conclusion that germans are cold, rude or shy, ALL WRONG.

  • Customer service in restaurants here is brilliant but in most shops its terrible

  • People do what their job is but don’t tend to do more. While doing retail jobs in Australia I was always told “customer comes first” and “customer is always right” or “if you haven’t gone out of your way to help a customer it’s not far enough”. It’s not like that here, go to the supermarket and pack your own bag buddy, if you take too long people are going to get angry.

  • Young people here stress over stupid things that they don’t need to think about for decades.

  • It’s harder to make friends here initially than in Australia, people take a while to open up and you need to be the one to make an effort not the other way around.

  • However if you become really goods friends with someone in Germany they’ll never forget you. While my Australian godmother has long since forgotten who I am my german host parents always write and send care packages. While I’ve lost contact with most people from school in Australia my best friends from when I went to school in Emden when I was 16 always check up on me. While my Melbourne art teachers aren’t so interested in what I’m doing, my art teacher in Emden almost started crying and wouldn’t stop hugging me when I visited her.

  • In general German people are deeper, more introverted, hospitable, friendly and brilliant people.

  • So perhaps some of my comments are generalisations, obviously they are, they’re all generalisations. And they’re all based off the people I’ve got to know. Which is about 0.001% of the German population.

  • But at least I didn’t give you the tourist book example which talks of only oktoberfest, beer, bratwurst, bretzels, cars, rough language, german is too hard to learn, lederhosen, castle, squirrel, bullshit story. I hope that was an appropriate waste of 10minutes for you.

College Roommates: Part 3

Character: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 950-ish 
Meanings: Y/N=First Name L/N=Last Name H/C=Hair Colour
A/N: I hope you people like this one ghehe. Next chapter is the one with the uhm… plot…elaboration? Which I’m so insecure about so… I’ll keep wondering what you gals think! Keep me posted!

Masterlist (including all parts of College Roommates)

Three days later. You hadn’t eaten a descent meal since Dean’s cereal. It was 9 in the evening, your stomach kept growling and you were now just trying to study to forget the hunger.

“Y/N just eat something, I’ve got enough food.” Dean said from the couch. “No thank you.” You said as you kept looking at your books. “Why not?” “I’m not hungry.” Of course at that moment your stomach started to growl. Dean didn’t say anything and you kept looking at your books, feeling your cheeks burning up. Not long after that you went to bed.

The next morning there was a box of cereal and a box of milk standing on the kitchen counter with a post it, saying; Eat me. You wanted to sigh but instead let out a small laugh. You took only a little bit and put everything back.

Classes went okay, better then okay actually. At least the learning bit did, social wise was another story. There were two girls you could get along with but they weren’t in all your classes. The rest had apparently gotten word from the blond bimbo that you took her guy and she punched you, which they could still see the proof by looking at the nice coloring around your eye. This made you the biggest loser of all the first years. Fantastic.

After classes you went back to your room and saw a pretty brown haired girl walk out of your room. You opened your door and saw Dean sitting on the couch, watching TV. “What happened to the blond? Thought you were dating her.” You said, putting your bag on the table. “Are you kidding me?” You looked at him and he had a look on his face which said ‘Are you crazy?’. “Okay, well does the brunet fit rule number one then?” You said grabbing yourself a glass of water and sitting on the other couch. “Yes and up until now she’s my number one as well.” He said, looking proud of himself with his new catch. In these first 5/6 weeks you think you’ve seen like 6 different girls and after bimbo, who is number 7, you hadn’t seen one. That is, at least, up until now but anyway that would make the new brunet number 8.

“I just keep wondering when you’ll run out of girls.” You said taking a sip of water. “C’mon Y/N, you’re kidding me right?” He said with this really offended look. “Okay, okay, geez.” You said in defense.

You sighed as you saw the paper on the table and pulled it towards you again. “Having any luck?” now you looked up at him with a ‘Are you crazy?’ look. “It’s near impossible, all the good jobs are already taken and if I do find something then it doesn’t work out because of classes.” You sighed again and looked further for new job interviews.

You took a sip of you water. “Fine. Will you tutor me?” You nearly chocked in your water. “What?” you  said coughing. He looked dead serious. “Tutor me. I’ll pay you.” You shook your head. “Dean, I’m not taking your money.” And put your glass on the table. “Why not? I’m the one who got you fired.” You didn’t look at him and mumbled. “It’s not your fault.” He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. “Well not directly but…” You nodded “True.” You could hear him cringe loudly, you looked up and saw him leaning back again with his hand on his heart. “Don’t sugar coat it, will ya?” You laughed softly at that. “I won’t.” You looked back at the paper. “C’mon Y/N.” You looked back at him. “I could really use your help with English.”

You weren’t in any of Dean’s classes so you don’t know how he is in class or how his grades are. All you know is that you’ve only seen him study once, maybe twice, since you live there. “Fine, when would you like to start and what do you need help with?”

“How about right now?” Dean took out his books. You looked at him as if he was crazy as you had a quick read threw his books. It was the same stuff you’ve had in class last week. You went to your room and took your notes, sitting yourself at the table. Dean followed your example, even thought his notebooks were as good as empty.

You tutored him for about an hour or two, time flew by and it seemed like it was going pretty well. “Okay, I’ve had enough for one day. Here’s a 50.” He said, taking your hand and placing a bill of 50 in it. “That’s way to much, Dean.” You said looking at your hand. “No, its not.” He said putting his wallet back. “Yes it is.” You said again, he sighed in response. “Fine then it’s also pay for next time.” You looked at him, feeling a smile creep up your face. “Thank you!” You turned to him and hugged him. He seemed surprised, even frozen stiff, at first but pretty fast he gave a quick hug back. You stood up and grabbed your bag. “Where are you going?” He said surprised. “I’m getting some food to cook, I’m starving.” You said with a smile as you skipped out of the apartment.

You had bought enough food for a week. You had also bought some extra ingredients so that you could make enough for two. As a thank you to Dean but when you came back to the apartment he was gone.

But that didn’t matter. That evening you had your first descent meal in nearly a week.

Part 4?x

In A Way You'll Understand

Uni AU, f/c is an exchange student who is learning English but whose native language is different. Reader learns enough of f/c’s native language to ask them out. (OC) is original country and (OL) is original/native language. (F/n) is your best friend’s name OR a second fave character who poses as your bff.

Written by AJ


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These transcriptions are provided for educational purposes only.

We’re a bit short on time, this time, so we haven’t made subtitles, however, I’ve made the transcriptions available below, for those who want to know the contents of the documentary.

Feel free to use this transcription to make subtitles, but please give credits to Stellar Twinkles if you do! (This will help others find the English subs for Stellar videos!) If you make subtitles and let us know, we can make them available here as well. Thanks!

You can view parts of the MBC Documentary in the official samples provided below:
(1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxp09d2zMKo
(2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pyx8LIHpn4Q
(3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmO9lqF__nM

I’ve marked the corresponding sections of those sample videos in the transcriptions below.

Preview Image Copyright: Stellar Twinkles
English Translation Credits: So yeon

=== English transcription below ===

Narration: (About 30 girl groups released their new tracks this summer)
(It was truly a great war of girl groups)
[Summer 2015 is a great war of girl groups]
(Yet, here’s another girl group who ambitiously threw their hats in the ring)
[5th year girl group Stellar’s revolt]

Gayoung: [We’re not a popular girl group yet, but we’re Stellar and want to be a popular girl group]

Narration: (These ladies are heavily armed with sexiness. They look familiar, but you are not sure who they are?)

Minhee: [Hello, I’m Stellar’s Minhee]
[Rookie of the Meokbang world, Minhee] *Meokbang is a neologism and a shortened term for “meokneun bangsong” which means eating/food show

Gayoung: [Hello, I’m Stellar’s Gayoung]
[Honest leader, Gayoung]

Hyoeun: [Hello, I’m Stellar’s Hyoeun]
[“Good housekeeper” lead vocal, Hyoeun]

Jeonyul: [Hello, I’m Stellar’s Jeonyul]
[Full of potential, maknae Jeonyul] *Maknae: youngest in Korean

[Stellar’s struggle to survive]
Narration: (Not-so-rookie-anymore, this year is their 5th year since debut)
All: [Stellar fighting!]
Narration: (Stellar’s dizzy girl group survival starts now)

<Not-so-rookie-anymore, Stellar’s Girl Group Survival>

Located below the documentary title on the top left corner: <걸그룹 생존기 스텔라>
<Girl Group Survival Stellar>

[Gyeonggi-do Suwon-si] * “do” in “Gyeonggi-do” means province and “si” in “Suwon-si” means city
Narration: (Suwon’s baseball stadium)
(This is known as a gateway to become a daesae girl group) * “Daesae” means “top trend”
(The ladies are here for the baseball pitch)
Gayoung: [Ah~ what to do?]

Gayoung: (Two, three)
All: [Hello, we’re Stellar)]
Narration: (Baseball stadium is the best place to promote the group to many people)
[It’s a girl group~ :D]
[Gayoung/Stellar: good luck (with the game) and hope you all get good results] kt wiz, fighting!
[Girl group Stellar, fighting!]

Narration: (However, their first baseball pitch and swing ended in the blink of an eye)
[Girl group Stellar’s baseball pitch was hotter than baseball]
(Still, someone out there today would probably remember Stellar’s name, right?)

Narration: (But you see, they are seniors, who are greeted by others when they arrive at their home ground, the music programs)
[5th year girl group Stellar is greeted by others]

[Hyoeun/Stellar: Since we’ve been singers for a few years now, our bodies get stiff]
[My body doesn’t feel like what it used to be]
[I was full of energy when we debuted] like this
[The stage floor was too slippery last time, so my high heels kept going like this. I kept skating…]

Narration: (This is their 5th year already as singers since their debut)
(It’s not a big deal anymore for them to have a wound or two like these on their pretty legs)

Hyoeun: Huh? Who? No? When did you hear that, unnie?
[Girl group Stellar has matured after going through the pain]

Narration: (After getting ready, it’s finally time for them to go on the stage)
[Stellar “Vibrato” fighting~!]

[Vibrato by Stellar]
Narration: (This stage is for the song they recently released a few days ago)
(It’s their 7th song since debut)

[People tell me that I’m like a flower bloomed in ice]

Narration: (Although there are people who don’t know Stellar yet sometimes)

[I understand you want me but you’ll end up with cold hands, what to do?]

————— (1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxp09d2zMKo —————

[Jeonyul/Stellar: When idol groups hit their 5th year, most of them either do well or disappear]
[But I think we’re right in the middle of that. We don’t really have a hit song,
[but then we’re not disappearing either and continuously doing our best]
[so we talk (about us) and say that ‘We’re in the grey area’ a lot]

[Gayoung/Stellar: I envy those who became successful but it’s a shame that we always seem to be like rookies]

Narration: (Do you remember this girl who caught the attention of the public as ‘Gugak National High School’s ulzzang’ on a popular variety show?) * “ulzzang’ is a neologism used to describe someone who has good looks
[Gayoung caught the attention of the public as ‘Gugak National High School’s ulzzang’]
(She joined the group produced by Shinhwa’s Eric and attracted attention at the time of their debut)
[Fabulous debut as a group produced by Shinhwa’s Eric]

Narration: (However, shortly after that, people’s interest in them has decreased dramatically because their cute concept was not much different from other girl groups’ concepts)
[Stellar’s cute concept was completely ignored]
(They couldn’t draw enough attention with every song they released and it became harder for the label and the members)

[Gayoung/Stellar: Music programs and the (stage) spots are very limited and there are dozens of teams who are waiting for those spots]
[There aren’t many spots left once the top and popular seniors take their spots]
[Then the small record labels fight for those spots]

Narration: (These ladies needed a breakthrough)
(And they finally escaped from their share of grief as an unknown with the incredible sexiness of all time)
[From an unknown girl group to a girl group who mesmerized people with sexy choreography]
(And these ladies have made their comeback with a sexy concept once again)
[Chose a sexy concept again to survive]
(People’s attention was intense yet harsh)

Title of news articles:
[Stellar ‘Vibrato’ 19+ Music Video]
[Stellar, Are those panties or pants? Hauisiljong Stage Outfits ‘Overexposed]
* “hauisiljong” is a neologism which means “missing bottoms” or “no-pants” fashion
[Stellar, Are They Singers or Adult Movie Actresses…]

Narration: (They realized that fame brings misunderstanding and prejudice as its best friends)

On Naver website:
Question title: Girl Group Stellar
Q: Is Stellar an unsuccessful group??
A: Stellar totally failed. That’s the group that only wears stockings kekekeke
*** Group (I think this answer was partially blurred b/c it was rude and offensive :()

[Hyoeun/Stellar: First of all, we’re not that kind of girls and were scared that people viewed us in that way]
[Then, we thought many times that it’d be scarier if everything ended like this]
[because we have a lot more to show them]

[Gayoung/Stellar: I think if we can make them listen (to our song) at least once or watch the music video and listen to it,]
[then they can hum the song and maybe they’ll look for the song themselves and listen to it again]

[Jeonyul/Stellar: We think ‘It’s just a performance’ so we express.. On the other hand, singers are like actors/actresses, you know?]

——————————————– END (1) ——————————————–

Narration: (How would a girl group in their 20s look like after they left the performance on stage?)

Hyoeun: [(laundry) piled up a lot!]
[You have to pour detergent]

[Jeonyul/Stellar: After living together, I think (Hyoeun) is the number one prospective bride. She cooks well and does a really great job with housekeeping]

Narration: (Hyoeun is the good housekeeper in the dorm where four of them live together)

[Jeonyul/Stellar: Don’t you think a girl group’s toilet is revealed way too much?]
[Hyoeun/Stellar: When (the toilet) is dirty, my heart aches]
[VJ: I’ve never seen a girl group cleaning their toilet before]
Hyoeun: [Really? This must be surprising to you then]

Narration: (It looks like pleasant guests have arrived. No wonder they were doing a general house cleaning)
(Member Gayoung’s mother and Gayoung’s dad walked into the dorm with a huge pot in his arms)
[Park Myeong-nam/Gayoung’s mother]
[Kim Nam-gyeong/Gayoung’s father]

Gayoung’s mother: [I cooked and brought side dishes]
[Did you eat?]
Gayoung: [No I, (Gayoung’s mother: You didn’t eat, huh?) (ate) fruits only]

Narration: (She stood in front of the gas stove for half a day for the daughters who are exhausted from the heat)

Gayoung: [It’s samgyetang] * “Samgyetang” means ginseng-chicken-soup that consists a whole young chicken filled with garlic and sweet rice, and also scallion, spices, jujube, and Korean ginseng.
Gayoung’s mother: [All of you need to improve your health with this] * Koreans often enjoy “Samgyetang” during hot summer b/c it restores one’s health after sweating and being exhausted from the heat

[Park Myeong-nam/Gayoung’s mother: All of you have to eat a whole chicken for yourself]
Gayoung: [What?]
Gayoung’s mother: [have to eat a whole chicken for yourself]
Gayoung: [How do we eat them all?]

Narration: (It’s a moment like this when they realize parents’ love)

[Kim Nam-gyeong/Gayoung’s father: (Gayoung) looks like me from her nose and up and looks like her mom from her nose and down]
[Both of us don’t have double eyelids]

[Gayoung/Stellar: When I’m with my younger sibling, the top half of my face resembles my dad and the bottom half of my face resembles my mom and my younger sibling is the opposite of me. It’s fascinating]

Narration: (They seem like little girls sitting right in front of the parents’ love)
(Can’t even remember when it was the last time they had a decent meal since they have been busy going places to places with a new song that was released a few days ago)

Gayoung’s mother: [There’s a lot of good stuff in there (chicken)]
[So delicious~!]
Jeonyul: [It’s so delicious]

Narration: (There’s no doubt that parents are the best supporters, but it wasn’t easy for the parents to become the best supporters)

————— (2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pyx8LIHpn4Q —————

[Park Myeong-nam/Gayoung’s mother: (Gayoung) came to get an approval from me, but I really wanted to go against her decision] *Gayoung’s mother is making that hand motion to express that she almost said “No” to Gayoung’s decision
[Kim Nam-gyeong/Gayoung’s father: We opposed because she’s a daughter. But I trusted my daughter]
[and she didn’t really disappoint us or did wrong things in her life,]
[so I thought it was best to support her for the things she wants to do]
[Park Myeong-nam/Gayoung’s mother: The thing I feel bad about is that our children got bruises like that, you know?]
[They practice like this but it breaks my heart when people around them, for example, tell them bad things]

[Gayoung/Stellar: I was really thankful that (my family) supported me a lot after I decided to do this]
[and I want to be successful like others so I can give them better things and all but]
[I was upset a lot of times because our reality doesn’t allow that to happen]
[I feel sorry for my family and I’m in my mid-20s now but]
[I feel like a child who keeps depending on her parents, so I want us to be successful already but]
[I keep hurting them by showing this side to them]

Narration: (Pretty sure these daughters have been writing a letter of apology endlessly in their hearts)

[Kim Nam-gyeong/Gayoung’s father: Never told us it was (hard). I guess it was her unspoken way of expressing that she’s going through hardships by not telling us]
[Didn’t tell us at all that it was hard]

Narration: (She finally burst into tears after holding them back with all her strength as the oldest daughter and the team leader)

——————————————– END (2) ——————————————–

Narration: Now, it’s time to transform into Stellar’s Gayoung again
[Gayoung/Stellar: I’m not just a regular Kim Ga-young but I am Stellar’s Gayoung, so I think I change according to the concept and the stage]

————— (3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmO9lqF__nM —————

[Seoul-si Jung-gu Myeong-dong] * “Jung-gu” means “Central District” and “Myeong-dong” is located in this district

Narration: They came to a place that is a bit more special

Minhee: [More people are coming as time goes by]
Hyoeun: [Let’s shout this together again]
Gayoung: Two, three!
Stellar: [Hello~ we’re Stellar!]

Narration: (The heart of Myeong-dong is crowded with people)
[Girl group Stellar is on the street!]
(They stood there bravely)

[Gayoung/Stellar: We’re not a popular girl group yet, but we’re Stellar and want to be a popular girl group]

Narration: (These extraordinary ladies have guts. Drawing people’s attention is a success for now)
[와~] [우와] [와~]
[Wow~] [Woah] [Wow~]

[Gayoung/Stellar: Many of you misunderstand us since our concept is sexy but]
[Jeonyul/Stellar: We’re nicer than we look]
Gayoung: [We’re innocent kids. Please love us a lot]

Narration: (It was purely their decision to face the prejudice and promote their song themselves)
(This tiny speaker is the only thing they lean on)

Narration: (They had many concerns before they decided to go on the street as 5th year singers since debut)
(They wanted to perform on stage and received attention with the sexy concept, but there were days they couldn’t perform on stage because of that)
Narration: (Even if they’re not on the wonderful stage, they’re happy as long as they can offer their sincere hearts)

Gayoung: (Thank you)
Gayoung: [Couldn’t hear the song well, right?]
Jeonyul: [When we become more popular, we’ll bring a good speaker and come]
Hyoeun: [We’ll meet a lot of you with a better speaker]

Gayoung: Please hand these out a lot
Jeonyul: [We’re girl group Stellar!]
[Jeonyul/Stellar: I wish all of them would become our fans]
Jeonyul: [S.TEL.LAR.]

[Jeonyul/Stellar: We lack a lot to put an advertisement (or do other promotions),]
[so we’re on our feet like this]

[Gayoung/Stellar: I think our voices got louder because we’re trying to promote us]
[but we don’t have a megaphone or something like that so our voices are slowly (going away)]

Narration: (Don’t you think someone will understand their longing hearts that just want to perform on stage in the near future?)
[Stellar from distance: Please love Stellar a lot]

——————————————– END (3) ——————————————–

Narration: (They have endured all these years to survive as a girl group)
(If they didn’t have skills as their shield, then they probably wouldn’t have been able to survive in this battlefield)
(Because performance exists to make a song stand out)

Singer/Vocal Trainer: [Can’t stumble in verse 2. Make sure to have strength in your abdomen and chest even though it’s tiring]
[Don’t gasp for air]
[Good. Okay, we raised the (pitch) together. Guys, do you think you can you gasp for air or no?]
Stellar: We can’t
[If that happens, then we’d hear the sound like this through the microphone in verse 2 and verse 3 during the live performance, right?]
Singer/Vocal Trainer: ‘What to do’ ready, go
Stellar: What to do~ what to do~ what to do~~

[Yun Hwajaein/Singer & Vocal Trainer: It’s quite upsetting because it seems like people only focus on what they see instead of focusing on (Stellar’s) music]
[I hope there would be a wonderful stage where the girls can showcase their singing abilities only]

Narration: (The responsibility rests heavier on Hyoeun because she’s the main vocal of the team)

Singer/Vocal Trainer: [I told you not to sing prettily. You need to make your (voice) a little thicker]
[Our Hyoeun needs to get on her knees. I can’t even-]

Narration: (But it seems like she strained her vocal cord when they were promoting the group on the street. Today isn’t quite her day)
(Days like these drain your energy because things don’t go well no matter how hard you try)
(There’s no better medicine like family in times like these)

Hyoeun: [Give auntie a ppoppo~] * “ppoppo” is a peck/kiss

Narration: The entire family showed up after hearing the news that youngest daughter
Hyoeun: [Recorded two programs]
Hyoeun’s mother: [It must’ve been tiring]
Hyoeun: [Did an interview and yeah]

Narration: (Hyoeun’s mother has found something after cleaning Hyoeun’s room after she heard Hyoeun is coming home)
Hyoeun: Ah~ what is this~ Omo omo
[Kim Mi-jeong/Hyoeun’s mother: (Hyoeun) made the family newspaper for her homework on August 18th, 2004]
[Lee Yun-hui/Hyoeun’s father: I didn’t know before but realized she wrote ‘I want to be a singer in the future’ on here]
Hyoeun’s mother: [(Hyoeun) wrote ‘my dream is to become a singer’ like this]
[Hyoeun/Stellar: I’m telling this to them now but I actually have never told my parents that I wanted to become a singer in the future when I was in elementary school]
Hyoeun: [They probably don’t know]
Hyoeun’s father: [Hyoeun said she wanted to go for popular music instead of classical music]
[Kim Mi-jeong/Hyoeun’s mother: I’m always worried about (my daughter)]

[Hyoeun/Stellar: (My parents) didn’t watch the music video and I only showed the choreography video to them but]
[mom quietly went to her room]
[Lee Yun-hui/Hyoeun’s father: But it’s okay to have a group like Stellar in Korea]
[Kim Mi-jeong/Hyoeun’s mother: I’m the opposite of your dad. He’s very open-minded and understanding]
[but I’m worried because you’re a daughter]
[Lee Jeong-ye/Hyoeun’s second oldest sister: (you) have a family that supports you and prays for you]
Hyoeun’s mother: [Cheer up]

Narration: (Actually, Hyoeun has three older sisters and they all studied classical music)
[From left to right: Second oldest sister Lee Jeong-ye, Stellar Lee Hyo-eun, Third oldest sister Lee Jeong-yun, Oldest sister Lee Su-yeon]
Narration: (But when their baby sister, who they thought would follow their footsteps, decided to be “the ugly duckling,” the sisters and parents became Hyoeun’s biggest supporters)
(That’s the reason why Hyoeun is even more thankful for her family for comforting her)

[Hyoeun/Stellar: They (my family) encouraged me a lot by telling me ‘You can overcome this’ many times]
[(I think) it might’ve been a tough journey if my family wasn’t here for me from the debut until now]

(Today, the ladies go on the stage again)
(They have learned the way to become stronger by overcoming their share of grief as an unknown group and the center of the controversy throughout the five years)
(The ladies miss their next stage already)
[We support Stellar’s passionate stage]

Gayoung: [We will continue to work hard and do our best to create good music for you to listen, so]
[we hope you’ll keep your eyes on us and support us from now on]
Until now (All: it was Stellar. Thank you~)
[Until now, it was the hot girl group Stellar]

[Directed by Kim Eun-mo]
[Scripted by Cho Se-ra]

==== End English transcription ====

An Awful Fix - 5

Marianne and Dawn curled up together in the single bed, feet in each other’s faces.  They’d changed into their pajamas in relative silence with the occasional hip check and muttered complaint in the bathroom.  Dawn could have gotten her own room but neither of them suggested it.  They’d been apart for a week and then with Roland…  Even with her issues, Marianne appreciated being close to her sister just then.

“So the house is a boy?”

Or maybe not.

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The Melting Pot - Chapter 1

{ITS HERE!!!!!!! FINALLLLYYYYY!!!!!! Alright so VERY important note. There are multiple languages in this story. They will be written in english BUT, in different fonts. Each chapter will have a guide to tell you what is written how. Now, finally. THE MELTING POT


Malayalam (Indian Dialect) }

Levy was exhausted, plane rides always managed to do that to her, and she had to keep herself from drifting off while waiting at the baggage claim. By the time her powder blue bag finally arrived, she had memorized the welcoming speech playing over the speakers in several languages. “Welcome to Gold Coast Airport. Please make sure to take all of your belongings from baggage claims and thank you for visiting Australia. For arriving passengers-” The voice droned on and on, Levy was afraid she’d be hearing it in her sleep. She left the cool of the airport lobby and quickly flagged down a cab. It wasn’t a particularly hot day out, but the air was muggy, and her thick deep red sari was a poor choice in attire.

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