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Studio Time (Hanbin)


Contains: Office Sex/Dirty Riding/Dirty Talk/Oral/Teasing/Friend Sex

Request: Yes. I hope this makes you purr Kitten! 


“Hanbin!” You cry from around the corner as you jump out and wave your hands quickly around your face.

You laugh as you watch Hanbin jump at the desk. His hand coming to his chest as he removed the headphones wires from around his neck and tries to calm down.

He had sent you a 911 text that read:


That was all. You had laughed at the word.

Hanbin had been working on the new comback for some time now. He worked really hard, too hard even. Of course you would bring him Pringles.

“Here you go.” You said with a smile as you handed him the long green container and hopped up onto the desk.

Hanbin pushed back in his rolling chair to give you some more room. He held up the can, his eyes going wide.

“Oh.” He stressed, the sound was so cute that it made you giggle.

“Thank you, Y/N!” Hanbin said your name like it was a prayer.

His fingers working quickly to rid the container of its plastic.

“What are friends for?” You said.

Hanbin nodded at your words as he pushed three chips into his mouth at once. His fingers sliding back into the container and pulling out another chip. Hanbin outstretched his hand, the chip still in between his fingers.

“For me?” You asked.

Shock filled your voice and you truly were. Hanbin never shared his Pringles. He nodded at you and reached your hand out for the offer.

Hanbins hand pulled back quickly with a smack of his lips. You tilled your head at him as you scooted up on the desk. You reached for it again, this time with your lips and Hanbin let you take the chip from his fingers.

You both laughed at the situation. Hanbin looked up at you on his desk as he reached back into the container and pressed his tongue against his teeth seeking out any remaining sodium bits.

You looked into his eyes, his beautiful eyes. Hanbin was really handsome but he was also one of your best friends. You nodded away your rising thoughts.

“So?” You dragged the word and Hanbin nodded up at you.

“How’s the song going?” You asked as you swing your legs a bit.

Hanbin looked into your eyes as he pushed his tongue to his teeth. A sound coming from his mouth that sounded a bit like disapproval. You shook your head at his response.

“Stop stressing it, Hanbin!” You whined at him.

“Your work is good. Believe in yourself a bit.” You encourage.

He didn’t have anything to worry about. Hanbin was always giving himself a hard time and for no reason. You stretched out your leg and kicked the side of his chair a bit.

Hanbin swerved a bit in his chair before pushing his feet against the ground to come closer and then he looked up at you. He didn’t move, he just stared into your eyes. You could feel as your cheeks got hot and the fabric of your jacket suddenly became heavy.

Hanbins eyes panned down, falling to your lips. You bite at the flesh in response, suddenly shy about your best friend looking at you.

Hanbin placed the green container on the desk and stood up. Your eyes follow him as he suddenly dwarfed you.

Something started to knot in your throat and you hurried to swallow it down as hard as you could.

His gaze came down. Hanbin was no longer looking at your face. His hands came to your knees and he softly placed his fingertips on the material of your jeans.

“Hanbin?” You question.

“What are friends for?” He asked quietly.

You tilted your head up at him, you tried to see his face but ultimately failed.

“What?” You asked.

Hanbin kept his fingers on your knees. He pushed his hands down flat, his thumb slowly doing circles on the inside of your legs.

You were embarrassed at how your body reacted. How you pulsed around his touch and had to swallow down your thoughts of him. He was your friend. You couldn’t think about him like this.

“What are friends for? You said it earlier, but what does it mean?” Hanbin asked as he looked up to your eyes again.

His eyes flicked down to your lips but he forced his gaze back to your eyes as he licked his lips.

“Friends are for..” You swallow at the sudden humidity in the room.

Hanbin was so close to you. You could feel his warmth, smell his cologne, you could see how much his eyes were dilated. For you?

“For, how ever you need them.” You answer.

Friends means many things, but of course if you need something your friend should be there for you.

“Need.” Hanbin tested the word on his lips as he brought his eyes to yours.

You sucked in your bottom lip as your response. Your body tensed, his gaze made your body hotter. You looked down in embarrassment at your own body.

“I need you.” He said, causing you to snap back.

“What?” You hurried as your head filled with other things he could have possibly said.

“I need you, Y/N.” Hanbins eyes searched yours quickly as the hands on your knees tighten just a bit.

“Hanbin..” You didn’t have anything else to say.

Hanbins hands on your knees pulled them open and he stepped into your personal space. His hands sliding up your knees to your thighs as his lips come to yours.

A surprised sound came from your lips and Hanbin easily muffled it. He groaned into your lips and the vibrations tickled your lips just a bit. You feel Hanbins tounge on your lip and you reached for it with your own. The sodium on his tongue tasted quite delicious and you moaned softly  against his tongue.

Hanbin groaned again. Turning his head and pushing deeper into your mouth. Hanbins hand came to your lower back to pull you onto his lips even more. Your chest pressed against his as you ticked your tongue against his.

“Holy shit.” He groans as you break the kiss for a short breath before you push your lips onto his again.

You reach for his shirt and ball some of it into your hand as you lean back just a little to make him work for your lips.

Y/N.” He groans at your game.

Hanbin leans into the kiss and you push him back with your lips. His hands racing to the hem of your shirt and pulling it over your head slowly to fully enjoy his show.

A whine comes from your lips as he pushes his against yours. You steal his bottom lip and suck on it, causing him to groan. You tug on his shirt but he ignored you.

Hanbins hands slide down from your breasts and settled at the sides of your thighs. His lips taking yours and sucking them both before letting them go and pushing his tongue past your teeth. You moan into his mouth and bring yourself closer to him.

His hands pick up your thighs a bit and you wrap your legs around him and squeeze to get him even closer.

Your hands go to his waist line and you feel his hips buck towards you with need. You trace his arm down to his hands you then unwrap your legs and grab onto one of his hands.

“Come on, Hanbin.” You say as you hop down from the desk and pull him away from your kiss.

“Why?” He asked as he opened his eyes slowly.

He looked sleepy all of the sudden but the tent in his pants said he was wide awake. You pulled him toward the recording booth.

“These things are sound proof right?” You asked.

Hanbins eyes widen as he sudden comes forward. His head lowering as he grabbed onto your lips with his own and you jumped into his arms.

After a quick second of adjustment, Hanbin moved. His steps taking you both into the recording booth before he kicked the door closed.

Hanbin took you to the wall. The suddenness making you cry against his lips. Hanbins tongue moved around your mouth as if he owned it and you loved every second of it.

You gasped for air as he broke the kiss to lean back. Hanbin pulled off his shirt, supporting you only on his thighs as he did so. You watched him with greed for his body and impatience for his lips.

You were still panting when the rapper returned to your lips with ease. Hanbin pulled at your pants, the force causing you to come off the wall a bit before he helped you out of them as much as he could. A groan coming from his throat when he saw your bra and matching panties and then his lips couldn’t stay off of you.

His lips came to your collarbone and quickly up to your lips. You parted your lips for him and hummed at how you could still feel his lips imprint on your neck and shoulder from his force.

Hanbin turned, walking you into another wall and deepening the kiss. You wrapped your legs around him and kicked at the back of your socks so they would fall off. Hanbin groaned against your lips and the vibrations made your want for him even stronger.

Hanbin reaches down to nuzzle his head in your neck as he tosses you up in his arms a bit to make you slightly taller than him. You gabbed at his hair with a groan of your own. You wanted his lips on yours but he stayed on your neck. Marking it over and over.

You lean forward to grab for his cheek with your lips. Anything to kiss him more. Your body was tingling with desire and your lips felt dry if they weren’t pressed against him in some way.

One of the hands on your ass left and started sliding up and around your body. Coming up your chest and finding your neck. Hanbins fingers pressed tenderly against your thyroid and you moan softly as his motion pushes your head away from him and against the wall.

Your hands tighten on his shoulders as Hanbin starts to pull his bottom lip between his teeth but cancels the motion. The gesture was extremely sexy and made you whine for his lips.

“Hanbin.” You mewl as your hips rock against his chest.

You could see the hunger in his eyes. They were bright and focused on you.

His eyes travel down your body and you were sure he saw everything, every inch of you.

When Hanbins lips returned to you, they returned with more hunger than even in his eyes. You pushed your lips harder against his as he hummed onto your soft flesh and your teeth started looking for something to sink into.

You pull at Hanbins lip and watch as he closes his eyes with a groan. The hands on the back of your hips getting tighter as you pulled at his chewy flesh.

Hanbin pushed forward. His lips crashing on yours and making you release his lip as your head pushed against the wall. You suddenly felt a wave of energy and you wanted to act on it.

Quickly, you hopped out of his arms and broke the amazing kiss. Hanbin looked down at you and moved to return to the kiss but you moved quicker.

Turning with Hanbins forearms in your hands, you pushed him against the wall. A small groan coming from his throat as you bite at your bottom lip.

You dropped to your knees and marched your fingers up to his belt.

Hanbin groaned as he watched you undo and pull off the leather strap. The tent forming in his black boxer trunks was all too tempting. So you hurry to pull them down and allow him some time to step out of them.

Hanbin stepped out of the fabric and with his hand on your head he readjusted the position so that your back was facing the wall.

You waited impatiently. Your hands were rubbing up his stomach or down his legs. Your mouth was watering with the thought of tasting your best friend. The fantasy of kissing every letter of his tattoo pushed into your head but you released it with impatience.

You could hear Hanbins heavy breathing before you even hand your lips around him and the sound was amazing. You worried about him being uncomfortable so you quickly peeled off his socks before adjusting on your knees.

Your eyes slowly panned up to Hanbins eyes. He licked his lips slowly as he breathed down toward you. Your hand came up to his member and you pet his length as he groans a breathy groan.

Your hands were shaking with adrenaline and you bite your lip as Hanbin twitches in your hand. You saw as precome started to shine at his tip and you leaned down to lick it off.

Hanbin moans as he flattens his hands against the wall and you scrunch your nose at the salty substance. You couldn’t help the thought that he tasted a bit like Pringles.

You wrapped your lips around as much of him as you could and brought your hand up to softly twist the flesh you couldn’t fit in your mouth.

Your lips and hand were working in opposite directions granting you groan after moans before more groans. You told yourself to focus only on sucking Hanbin dry but you felt your smile as you pleased your best friend. The whole situation turning you on even more.

“Y/N.” Hanbin groaned and you hummed around his hard cock.

Hanbin held your hair as he leaned forward. You pulled back but you soon hit the wall with a whine. Hanbin hit the back of your throat and you gagged around his length but you refused to stop. Hanbin pulled his shirt over his shoulders before leaning toward the wall again. His hand coming back to your hair to pull you forward.

“Sorry…” He groaned weakly under his breath.

Hanbin groaned again. His hands were in your hair and running down as far as he could reach on your back as he leaned forward and went farther into your mouth. He rubbed your shoulders and the sides of your face before leaning forward again.

You bring your cheeks in tight and then let them relax a little as you pull up on his heat and then you suck them in harder as you sink back down onto him and your hand comes up from his base. These movements have your name spilling out of Hanbins gorgeous lips and it was so freaking hot that you whined around his heat.

“Shit, Y/N.” Hanbin groaned before rolling his lips.

Your hips were picking up at the sounds coming from Hanbins lips and throat. Your body was hot and only getting hotter. You could feel Hanbins veins popping against your tongue and you moaned around him at the feeling.

“Y/N.” Hanbin groaned lowly as you rocked your tongue under him and pushed him to the back of your throat.

His hand in your hair gripped tight but he didn’t push or pull you onto him.

“Y/N.” Hanbin groaned again.

Your hips twisted between his legs at your name from his voice. His weak tone was driving your ears crazy and you didn’t think you could suck him any harder.

“Fuck, Y/N.” Hanbins hand that wasn’t in your hair balled into a fist and he quickly slammed it against the wall in the recording booth.

You jolted slightly at the suddenness causing your mouth to move a little too quickly.

Y/N!” Hanbin growled and you hummed around him.

“I want to come inside you.” His plea twisted with a bit of an order.

His voice sounded weak because of how close he was and you looked up at him while you removed your lips from his throbbing cock with a pop that made him groan again. But Hanbin didn’t like that and the hand in your hair tightened.

You figured it not best to tease him too much so you kissed down his length before licking up the base and popping him back into your mouth.

Hanbins hand pulled you onto him and you hum with surprise as he pulled you in again. You decide to sped up. Your nose touching his tummy again and again and he groaned loudly as you moved forward to hold his thighs.

“Ah~ Y/N!” Hanbin groaned before he sucking some air in between his teeth.

The sound made you moan. Tears were pooling in your eyes and things were getting blurry. You close your eyes to concentrate. You moved on Hanbin hard as your cheeks filled with his throbbing length. Hanbin groaned and shifted as you continue.

Hot lines of tears fell onto your face but you ignore them as you push Hanbin deep into your throat and he twitches again and again.

“Oh! Y/N.” He drags your name as he comes in your mouth and you whine at the hot surprise.

You swallow as you try to keep moving an unladylike sound coming through your throat.

Hanbin backed away and grabbed his boxer trunks before he walked out of the studio. You didn’t know what he was doing or where he was going but you took the second to breath off his length. You ran your fingers under your lips to see if any of Habin had been left there.

Hanbin returned with his four wheeled chair and pushed it into one of the corners. He was wearing his trunks and sat down into the black seat. A huff of air pushing at his weight.

“Come here.” He ordered and you stood.

Hanbins legs were wide open but he closed them a bit as you came closer. He brought his hands forward and pulled down your black lace panties.

Hanbin groaned as he rubbed circles onto your pelvic bones with his thumbs.

You stepped out of them and his hands immediately grabbed for your thighs to pull you forward, the chair coming with him a bit. He pulled you into his lap and you placed your legs on either side of his knees. You scoot up so that your knees are by his thighs instead as you rope your arms around his neck.

You trace over the tattoo over his arm as you didn’t get to do with the lower one.

One of his hands holds onto your thigh the other is petting your backline. Hanbin leans up a bit and kisses your lips, you lean back a bit and his legs open wider causing you to fall and your legs to stretch.

You whine your surprise and Hanbin pulls at your lower back to pull you closer and continue the kiss. Your hips start to rock softly closer to him as he groans into your mouth. The hand holding your thigh releases and trails its way over and down your inner thigh before going even lower and finding your clit.

You break the kiss to moan at the soft touch. Hanbins hand on your back brings you closer again as his lips search for yours.

His fingers tick down to your entrance and you moan against his lips. Hanbins tongue comes to your lip and you part them for him as he twists his fingers at your entrance.

“Hanbin.” You mewl at his lips before his pushed his back onto yours.

Hanbins fingers continue to tease you as he runs his other hand up and down your back. His hand sliding under your bra and around you play with your breast.

Hanbin pushes up on your bra cups and leaves your lips to kiss your nips. Your head rolls back as you moan and push your chest into his lips. Your hips moving harder as you try to gain more friction.

“Hanbin, please.” Your plea had Hanbins lips popping off of your skin.

He waited for you to look him in the eye and then he puckered his lips. You come forward to kiss them and then his hand held the back of your neck while he finally pushed in.

You moaned on his lips and he pushed his on you harder to muffle your sound. His fingers pushing all the way inside you and pulling out only to return.

Hanbin let go of your lips so you moan and his eyes went to watch as he slid another finger inside of you. You held onto his shoulders as your body pushed harder against his fingers.

He pushes off on the wall and you grip his shoulder as the chair turns against the wall. You moan at the movement and Hanbin starts slowly curling his fingers.

You wrap on of your arms around his neck and push on the wall with your other hand. Looking for that stomach twist that you were granted last time.

Hanbin pushed his lips into your chest and kisses down one of your breasts as he moved his fingers a bit faster.

“Hanbin.” You moan as your back arches.

Hanbin grabs onto your nipple and pulls at the sensitive nub as he looks up at you. You moan at his teeth and move your hips down harder.

“Y/N.” Hanbin says and you moan at your name.

“Tell me how you feel.” Hanbin groaned and you pressed your lips together with a whine.

“So good.” You breathe and Hanbin rewards you by moving faster.

“It feels so good.” You cry and he moves harder, causing you to moan loudly.

Hanbin turns the chair until your back is facing the wall.

“What feels good, Y/N?” His tone was towards a growl mixing with a groan and it made you shudder.

“Your fingers, Hanbin.” You moan and he curls his fingers at your words causing your voice to break.

Hanbin starts moving his fingers faster and harder and you cry out at the overwhelming feeling in your stomach. You were going to come. You were going to come so hard.

“Oh God! Hanbin!” Your cry had him groaning and your back was arched so far that your head touched the wall.

You pushed into the wall to try to get more of Hanbins fingers inside of you.

“Are you gonna come, Y/N?” Hanbin asked with a teasing tone and you nodded your head at your friend.

“Come on.” Hanbin groans.

“Come for me, Y/N.” His offer sounded like an order and one your tight body was all too willing to obey.

Something in you snaps and your ears ring as you let go and your hot body explodes with pleasure. Warm delightful waves crash over your body as you try to breathe and you fall limp over Hanbins arms. Your head resting in between his shoulder and neck. You panted onto his smooth skin as he hummed.

“Ah, Y/N.” His tone sounded like a praise and you took it as one.

Hanbin turned the chair and started moving his legs to move the seat. You whimper on his shoulder at the sudden movements and you pick your head up to see him moving toward the door of the recording booth.

He wheeled you up to the desk and you unstuck yourself from his body. You heard a strange sound and turned to see him offer you a chip.

“Pringles?” You laughed at Hanbins offer and took one before laying back on your best friends shoulder to continue your heavy breathing.

Anyways, Fareeha “Pharah” Amari is great and wonderful

I currently have three commissions of her in the works, and plan to spend even more money on her once I get back from San Diego Comic-Con

She is the light of my life, and a truly wonderful being. She’s invigorating and refreshing to see in a world where most women (especially Arab women in particular) don’t get to be the protagonists and heroes of their own stories.

She’s also a brave and noble soul, a courageous leader; a hero, who’s willing to make the necessary sacrifices needed in order to protect those who can’t fend for themselves. She’s also a tactical genius (on par with both Conte and Sacchi), and smart enough to have a STEM degree.

Not to mention the fact that she’s incredibly attractive too, with the most symmetrically perfect facial structure that I’ve ever seen. She also has the delightful distinction of having the best hair out of any character in the whole entire game, and I’d like to imagine that she has a really nice body underneath all of that armor.

She’s also funny and makes a lot of puns (and I’d like to imagine she’s the type of person who starts laughing uncontrollably before finishing her joke – because she’s just so slick and smooth like that). And she’s a show-off who juggles her rockets and plays air guitar (with sound!)

I love Fareeha Amari with all of my heart and soul, and I hope you all learn to love her as much too.

(And P.S: Jeff Kaplan said they had ‘Big Plans ®’ for Pharah. And they better follow through on them, otherwise I will hold them to account for it.)


“He missed Hogwarts so much it was like having a constant stomach ache. He missed the castle, with its secret passageways and ghosts, his classes,  the mail arriving by owl, eating banquets in the Great Hall, sleeping in his four-poster bed in the tower dormitory, visiting the gamekeeper, Hagrid, in his cabin next to the Forbidden Forest in the grounds, and, especially, Quidditch, the most popular sport in the Wizarding World. But more than anything else Harry missed his best friends.”

Here’s to a colorful 2016 with EXO 🍻

The Shade of it All (Shalaska) - Vixen

So this is my first Shalaska, idk if it was because I’m pmsing or what but I cried writing the end tbh. I hope you guys enjoy it, its angsty as fuck with no pay off but aye. I’m not really too happy with it tbh, I think it couldve been longer but awk well theres always next time. So aye, enjoy it, send me adoration and long reviews of love - your friendly neighbourhood Vixen

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