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another meme i won’t finish | animated movies [1/10] » the lion king
Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance, and respect all the creatures from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.


Today I received a package from @asamino 💕
I’m still shedding tiny tears;;;;
I already enjoyed some tasty candies!! Look at that cute Touka drawing she drew for me✨💕👌
Now excuse me, I will drown with my own tears (again).

For the best person in the world @rniq

Les Mis aesthetics - POC collection


He affirmed that man becomes magnetic like a needle, and in his chamber he placed his bed with its head to the south, and the foot to the north, so that, at night, the circulation of his blood might not be interfered with by the great electric current of the globe. During thunder storms, he felt his pulse. Otherwise, he was the gayest of them all.

mood: *standing in an overflowing bathtub wearing a cloud print scuba suit with cups of chocolate milk and candles scattered around the room, screaming “I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY!” repeatedly as I look up through the sky window and dramatically bang my fist against the tiled wall next to me* 

i’m so used to carrying so much guilt with me all the time, so much shame for every emotion or interest or thought i have, that if you feel safe enough to come into my inbox to celebrate something, or vent about something, or honestly even to be mean to me, then i can be happy with my presence on this website tbh

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sapphire reminds me so much of dirk because he has trouble expressing himself and dave reminds me of ruby because he tries to chill but doesnt know how to be alone and he gets so angry and could you draw them as a ruby and a sapphire (not with their fusion being a guardian though cuz.. a!bro is literally dave and b!bro is literally dirk...) oh and just for the record i see fusions as sometimes platonic so yeah it doesnt have to be weird lol

Here ya go. I didnt do them as the SU sapphire and ruby because those two are in a relationship and these two are bros so.. yeaaa…. but i hope its still okay as it is

A sapphire and a ruby still make a garnet though. So heres Spessartite Garnet.

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*a cackle is heard in the distance*

15 Reasons why Kevin Beckman (Chris Hemsworth) is delightful in Ghostbusters

Chris Hemsworth was amazing in Ghostbusters and here’s a list of reasons why. Warning: This list contains spoilers!

  • He looks good enough to eat and Erin’s reactions to him are pretty much the same reactions that most people have towards him 
  • He wears glasses without lenses because he realized that it would be easier to keep them clean that way 
  • He drew a ghost with boobs for the Ghostbusters’ logo 
  • He thinks he created an original logo with the 7/11 sign
  • He drew a hot dog floating above a house as another possible logo because obviously the hot dog was being held by a ghost
  • He has a dog called ‘Mike Hat’, well his full name is Michael Hat but he just calls him ‘Mike Hat’ which sounds an awful lot like ‘My cat’
  • He covers his eyes when he doesn’t want to hear something or when something is too loud
  • He thinks a fish tank is a fish submarine
  • He tried Abby’s coffee to see if he put sugar in it, then spat it back out immediately because he hates coffee
  • He’s the worst receptionist in the world and hardly answers the phone/hangs up when he doesn’t like talking to someone
  • He uses shirtless pictures of himself with a saxophone for his headshots and was asking which picture makes him look more like a doctor
  • He tries to speak ‘scientifically’ like the Ghostbusters and ends up saying utter nonsense
  • He got a jumpsuit because he wanted to join them and be part of the team
  • He went to get a sandwich while the Ghostbusters saved the world
  • He is a pretty, dumb/pretty dumb cupcake who needs to be protected at all costs

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He dreamed of a better place, a snug little cottage by the sunset sea. The walls were lopsided and cracked and the floor had been made of packed earth, but he had always been warm there, even when they let the fire go out. She used to tease me about that, he remembered. I never thought to feed the fire, that had always been a servant’s task. “We have no servants,” she would remind me, and I would say, “You have me, I’m your servant,” and she would say, “A lazy servant. What do they do with lazy servants in Casterly Rock, my lord?” and he would tell her, “They kiss them.” That would always make her giggle. “They do not neither. They beat them, I bet,” she would say, but he would insist, “No, they kiss them, just like this.” He would show her how. “They kiss their fingers first, every one, and they kiss their wrists, yes, and inside their elbows. Then they kiss their funny ears, all our servants have funny ears. Stop laughing! And they kiss their cheeks and they kiss their noses with the little bump in them, there, so, like that, and they kiss their sweet brows and their hair and their lips, their… mmmm… mouths…so…“
They would kiss for hours, and spend whole days doing no more than lolling in bed, listening to the waves, and touching each other. Her body was a wonder to him, and she seemed to find delight in his. Sometimes she would sing to him. I loved a maid as fair as summer, with sunlight in her hair. “I love you, Tyrion,” she would whisper before they went to sleep at night. “I love your lips. I love your voice, and the words you say to me, and how you treat me gentle. I love your face.”

Favorite Character Meme - [2/4] Relationships - Tyrion & Tysha