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I think it’s extremely unfair when people blame two actresses of queerbaiting when they show us some support.

There’s a big difference between saying “Oh, you never know what could happen… Keep watching!” and saying “I know where the shippers are coming from. Once you put a scene out there it will be perceived differently by different people and that’s OK. It’s how this works and all the views are valid even though the writers may not have written this way specifically.”

The first one gives hope, false hope. It makes us believe it will happen eventually even though it might not to. It’s just cruel. You keep watching until the very end… to end up in utter disappointment (also, there’s the teasing aspect of it. They keep selling and promoting it, misleading the fans. A cruel move too. And yes, I’m looking to a certain someone from the Riverdale cast. THAT. THAT’S queerbaiting at its finest, my friends. I’ll mention the cast and production of PP too, they mean well, at least I think they do, but teasing us relentless with Bechloe to promote the movie just to let us down later is kinda wrong).

The second one validates our views as one of the many possibilities and states that they’re all fine, sure it gives you a sparkle of hope too, but it’s honest. It’s not deceiving, you know it’s possible it won’t happen.

At the end of the day, it’s not the actresses fault, you see? It’s not even up to them, they don’t write the shows. They could very well ignore us, pretend we and our ship don’t exist *cough* I say J you say Mo *cough* or… they could see us, interact with us and make us feel supported and loved. Make us feel like we belong and what we see is valid and beautiful.

With that in mind, I believe what Katie Mcgrath is doing with Supercorp is great! She’s doing the right thing and I think other actors should follow her example. She’s being honest with her fans, loving, caring and supportive . Sign fanarts, fanfics and other stuff of the ship doesn’t mean she’s saying “Look, it will happen, just wait and see!!!”, no, she’s saying “I see you guys. I think it’s amazing all the love you have for these two characters”. She chose to embrace her Supercorp fans and for them, for me, this means SO much.

So moving on to Lana now. When the whole cast, the writers, production ignored our existence or treated us badly in general, Lana was the only one who acknowledged us and Swan Queen. She was the only one making a real effort to make us feel like we belonged and a little more safe in a fandom full of hatred. I’m relatively new to the fandom and I know she wasn’t always like this, Lana made a lot of mistakes along the way, but she tried to be better and I believe she’s a good ally now. At least she didn’t avoid us like the plague like her co-star did… *cough* Again, I say J you say Mo *cough*

So to sum this all up… Show support and some love to your queer fan base is NOT queerbaiting. It’s not them fooling their fans into believing the ships will become canon eventually. It’s them saying that we matter!!! When you’re surrounded by toxicity and bigotry all around in your life and in fandom, this support, this validation from your favorite actresses? It’s the only thing you have to keep going. It means a lot and they’re such simple gestures really, so don’t blame people like Lana or Katie… Blame the writers that put innuendos and romantic undertones IN ALL THEIR SCENES, make parallels with other canon couples, coordinate their wardrobe, make them FILL PERFECTLY ALL THE DEFINITIONS OF TRUE LOVE THEY SET UP (sorry, I’m still bitter about it. Fuck you Adam and Eddy!). Blame the actors that act like we’re not here or just plainly use us to promote themselves and their shit show. Don’t blame the only ones trying! Especially when one of them it’s a WOC and already has to deal with this racist, misogynistic, homophobic industry. It’s just not fair to do so.

Cry Wolf - Part Five (Drabble)

Summary: Dean loves his little sister, just as much as he loves his little brother, even if she isn’t technically his sister. But there’s a reason his Dad took her in, and it’s not purely out of the goodness of his heart. Could the girl who believes herself to be Sam’s twin really be a bomb just waiting to go off?
Words: 818
Warnings: Angst??
AN: MINI DRABBLE ISH TYPE THING. This part is short. Cos I wanted it to be. So I’m counting it as kinda like… Tis an interluding drabble!!!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!



He could not believe Dean had the nerve to break into his apartment in the middle of the night, and just expect him to run off into the unknown with him. Especially with his interview so close.

Yes, he’d missed his brother, horrifically so, but this was not how he’d wanted to be reunited after 4 years apart. Not to be dragged off on a wild goose chase after their father who was, no doubt, just taking his sweet time on a hunt.

Not to mention how he just had to bring up that final argument.

“It was Dad who said if I was gunna go I should stay gone, and that’s what I’m doing” he snapped, trailing his brother.

Dean scoffed, barely looking back at his brother. “Yeah, well, Dad’s in real trouble right now, if he’s not dead already. I can feel it” he told him stubbornly.

Sam couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the ridiculous comment. In the hunting life, you were pretty much in a perpetual state of ‘real trouble’. It just came with the territory. Whatever Dean was thinking, he was clearly just overreacting.

He seemed to grow tired of his silence and finally turned to face him. “I can’t do this alone” he said, the vaguest tone of defeat in his voice.

Something about that comment didn’t sit right with Sam.

Why was Dean alone? Why wasn’t Y/N with him? Or had she disappeared with Dad…

“Dean” he started, his heart skipping a beat at the thought of his sister in danger. “What about Y/N? Why can’t she help you?”

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The Beginning Of The End: It All Ends

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Scott, Stiles, Jordan, The Pack

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (MALE!READER)

Warnings: Angst, character death, regret, self hatred and blame, alcoholism, cliffhanger!

Word count: 1402

Summary: Derek’s whole world comes crashing down.

This will all be Derek Hale x Male!Reader

A/N: Last part of this miniseries!! Ended it on a cliffhanger, cos that’s how I’ve always seen it going. There may or may not be a sequel series, but that won’t happen for a long while. But yea, hope u like it!!

P.S. If u wanna be tagged in anything, send me an ask and I’ll add u!!

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The Beginning Of The End Masterlist

“Y/n! Come on, open the door! Just…just let me explain”, I begged, needing to let him know what really happened.

When he didn’t answer for the seventh time, I sighed, banging my head against the door a few times.

“Y/n, please! I swear, nothing happened with her”.

Once again, there was no answer.

I wondered if he had come home.

It’d only been maybe an hour since y/n saw Braeden kissing me.

I wondered if maybe he’d gone somewhere else.

But where the hell would he be?

“What the hell did you do?”

Hands gripped me and pushed my face into y/n’s door, breaking it down as we both fell to the floor with a bang.

I growled, trying to push whoever it was off me, but they managed to keep me pinned, heat beginning to burn my skin.


I slammed my elbow back, jabbing him right in the chest as he fell off me.

Jumping up, I turned, about to rip this his head off, when I noticed Jordan was literally on fire, rage pouring out of his body.


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RFA finding out fem!MC is obsessed with makeup and has tons of it (especially highlighter cos glow af) and is always trying new things out with her look so somedays you can barely recognize her?? sorry if its too specific, I love your blog btw!! :))

anything for you fam :) I hope you like it! I’m really sorry if I made it too short but I have something special coming soon for you all, so I hope you can look forward to it until then! Also~ thank youuuuuu soooo much! 


-He doesn’t really understand at first why you want to wear make up “You’re so pretty, MC.”

-He also doesn’t understand why you have SO MUCH of it

-You have drawers full of eyeliner


-eye shadow like every color imaginable 

-highlighter bc yes. glow af.


-literally just brushes 




-ok lets just say you have A LOT of make up

-Sometimes you’ll walk out looking like a goddess

-and Yoosung is speechless



-He’ll even let you do you little make up sessions on him 

-He will admit it looks pretty good on him sometimes


-Jaehee completely understands you necessity for make up

-but why

-so much?

-You sitting on the floor

-you gigantic case of make up sprawled out in neat piles

-”My mascara, my eye shadow, my concealer, my foundation…”

-Then she saw the kind of things you create 

-”Wow, MC, that’s amazing.”

-Jaehee will literally ask for your opinion on with make up to get

-sometimes you just end up doing all her make up too

-she’s not complaining though

-because as far as she’s concerned

-you are a professional 


-He thinks it’s totally cute when you hum to yourself while doing your make up

-He also thinks it’s totally cute when your shouting at the top of your lungs

-your favorite song 

-while doing your make up

-It may take awhile sometimes more like all the time

-But he understands he is an actor so, he too, uses make up sometimes

-He really likes the finishing product though

-if you know what I mean ;)

-Like “dayummmmmmmm MC”

-”You lookin fiiiiiiiiiiine”

-Ok, but he’d say something along those lines. 

-He thinks you look bootiful

-But he also can’t ignore the buckets full of make up



-”Zen, that’s called an eyelash curler.”

-And you thought he knew everything about make up

-*insert disappointed look*

-But he actually does find it a bit interesting


-mostly because your face lights up whenever he asks you to show him all the “make up tricks”

-Like he could sit for hours watching you talk about “the origin of the make up wipe” …..?

-He’ll brag to all the RFA 

-”Look at MC, isn’t she gorgeous!?”




-”MC, we’re going to be late.”

-You “take forever” getting ready every morning

-”Sorry Jumin! I was applying the last touch of blush!”

-”What so great about make up?”


-You drag him back into the house pent house 

-*Que throat clearing*

-”Make up is one of the many wonders of today. It’s truly a blessing. With out make up..”

-He’s already zoned out

-He looks over your shoulder 

-revealing bags full of make up

-”MC, I think you’re beautiful with or with out make up.”


-”Silly Jumin! I like make up because it’s so fun! You get create beautiful art!”

-Now your pulling over to your make up station

-”Ok, let me just work on magic on that already oh so stunning face of yours.”

-”MC, don’t-”

-But your already started

-He doesn’t really mind all that much when your face get really close as your applying more “highlighter” ??? to his face

-He can smell your perfume you applied

-and he can hear your small little sighs when you “messed up on the wing” ???????

-He squirms when your hair brushes against his face

-And when you needlessly touch his face to blend some of the “eye shadow” ??? you’re applying

-his heart beats really fast

-until he looks in the mirror 

-He looks pretty

-pretty ridiculous 

-and now your bursting out laughing

-but he doesn’t really mind

-this experience was quite 

-satisfying ;)


-You have CABINETS full of make up

-”MC, I could hide all my secrets in all those cabinets”

-You are always touching up your face with a bit of something

-I mean

-He does use make up for certain things





-You’re always talking about this and that

-”And then! Wow! It really works! DEFINITELY keeping this in my notes!”

-But when you laugh at yourself bc you messed up and look terrible

-He can’t help but smile too

-Because your laugh

-Is just so lovely

-And when your turn with a confident look on your face

-and he sees that you look

-absolutely beautiful 

-Of course he says

-”Whoa! Who is this girl I see, staring straight back at me?” 

-and now you two are dancing together

-singing Reflection such nerds 

-bc Disney was your childhood even tho this is in Korea come on ppl i LOVE Mulan it was a great movie ok work with me here I’m also pretty sure there are Disney World’s in Korea too, right?

I hope you liked it!!! Thank youu sooo much for the awesome request! Also sorry for going off on that tangent..;;;;  Anyways~ keep sending those requests in! 


Avengers Of The Caribbean - PART TWO

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Summary; Welcome to the ship! Bucky’s not happy you’re here but whatever.

Warnings; Swearing, I think? Pirates have a potty mouth ok, a lil sexism but its period typical so…

tagging; @princeofsassgard @justageekypieceoftrash @generalgoldfishldrm @buckybarnesisalittleshit @hollysleeps


You slept like a god’damn baby. The slow rocking of the anchored ship took you into a deep sleep as soon as you closed your eyes. Steve let you stay in his cabin, one with red features and golden details in the rug and curtains. There was a small cabin bed in the wall over on one of the walls, we went to his bed on the boat and let you sleep there in his office like cabin with a thick blanket and feather stuffed pillow.

Bucky, unaware of the woman sleeping in Steve’s cabin, waltzed in like he did most days. He looked around in search of his tunic Steve borrowed the day before. It wasn’t on the back of his desk chair or the wardrobe in the room. Bucky, with his logical thinking, wondered if maybe it was on the cabin bed, where Steve sometimes set his clothes and jackets.

He ripped back the curtain of the confined bed. The sudden rush of light behind your eyes woke you up with a start. So much so that you shot up straight, forgetting where you were and that this was a wall bed that only just fit a person. Your forehead smacked the wood roof above you, then, while still in pain you saw the long haired man staring down at you, awfully close in your opinion. You yelped in surprise.

The man’s eyes went wide, his mouth was agape. “Who the fuck are you?”

“Excuse me? Who the fuck are you?”

The man said nothing more. He stood up straighter and backed up toward the door. His eyes stayed trained on you, still in bed and rubbing at your sore head.

He pulled open the door. “Hey boys!” He yelled. “Looks like our captain got lucky last night!” He was grinning at that point.

Dear god no. He thinks you had sex with the captain. He thinks he caught you the morning after. Shit.

Quickly you go to explain to him your real reason for being in his captain’s bed but it’s too late, men, all in their sailing gear start piling into the room. You cover your chest with the blanket. You had clothes on of course, but only an underskirt and stained gray tunic.

They cheered and whooped and laughed.

“Would you all get the hell out?” You snapped but they only laughed more.

It wasn’t long before all this noise and laughter drew the attention of Steve himself. He looked confused at first, weaving between the bodies to see what they were all gawking at. Then he looked angry. “Get out! The lot of you, Buck, you stay, but the rest of you pervs can get back to work. This ship won’t clean itself!”

They still muttered and joked, one guy even patted the captain’s shoulder in congratulations. Steve, once all the men had left apart from Bucky, made his way over to you. He held out a hand which you took to help you get up from the bed.

“Sorry about that,” He said. “But good morning, how did you sleep?”

“Far better, I’ve missed this,”

Bucky looked less confused and more angry when you glanced over Steve’s shoulder at him. He stood tall, waiting for an explanation. Steve lead me to face Bucky.

“This is Y/N,” He told him.

Bucky shrugged his leather clad shoulders. “What do I care?”

Steve laughed. “This may be your new co-commanding gunman,”

You didn’t think the guy could look any angrier, but boy did he. You swore you could see steam coming from his reddening ears.

“No,” He stated as easily as he breathed. 

“You don’t even know her, Buck, give her a chance,”

“No way, look at her,” He said, like you were deaf or just not even in the room. Rude. “She looks like she weighs nothing, she probably can’t even pick up a cannonball,” You did your best not to let your anger show, it built up inside of you instead. “Maybe she could help Vision in the kitchen instead, girls love to cook,” The anger was building faster. “You’d prefer that, right princess?”

That was it. You socked him right in his nose. His head flung back at the contact. And his hand snapped to cover his nose. Good, you hoped you’d broken it. Now you waited, with eyes on the floor, you waited for the captain to kick you off his ship. After all, you did just punch his commanding gunman in the face.

But then, a second later, you heard a deep laugh in your ear. You risked a look up at Steve to find him smiling at laughing at Bucky, whose hand was dripping with blood and covering his nose. He didn’t look too impressed.

“Come on, Y/N, I’ll go show you the cannons,” Steve said. “Bucky, go clean yourself up, and try to be nicer to the women on our ship, yeah?”

He rolled his eyes and walked past you with heavy footsteps to the keg of water in the room. Steve led you out of the room to the deck of the ship.

“Duty calls, I hope we have a better meeting later,” You said quietly to Bucky before you’d completely left the room.

BONUS Q: I might mix a little love triangle in this, like a Steve x Reader and a Bucky x reader. I need opinions!

PART THREE (will be here when I post it)

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Omg, u saw kaisoo irl ???!!! How luckyyyy!! T.T, I really would like to know how did you feel when u saw them, and I would like to know how they were irl!!

I’ve only seen them twice in my life, both being exoluxion concerts held in my country (SG) and I’ve always been exceedingly lucky because I somehow always managed to squeeze through the pits of hell and end up in the first/second row. 

I got into kaisoo before I legitimately got into exo, you could say they were the reason why I got sucked into this bottomless pit of hell and pain that is this fandom so THE ANTICIPATION WAS UNREAL. I’m not a screamer in concerts, I just stand there and stare to be quite honest, so the members I get to make eye contact with always do a double take cos imagine in throngs of raging screaming faces there is silent one there unmoving and quiet (i tell you it actually really gets their attention, you really stand out from the crowd tbh, but then again I have really bright hair so). 

But yes back to kaisoo. I’m telling you they are unreal. Idk if you want to know about just them tgt or seperate so I’m just gonna ramble because I am trying to ignore my real life responsibilities.

Individually they are very striking. I kid you not when I say Jongin is a fucking Adonis in flesh and blood. Jongin comes real close to Kyungsoo in my list but he knocks him out of the ballpark irl. He is so goddamn good looking, you can’t help but stare at him and try and catch your breath tbh. And it doesn’t help that he is very aware of the fact that he does things to you. His legs also goes on for miles. But his solo baby don’t cry stage is the one that will get you, I’m not a crier but his stage belongs to him. It feels like he’s telling a really sad story and it is so beautiful, I was shocked when I felt tears rollin like a buffalo down my cheeks ok. Tumblr pictures and gifs do no justice to the emotion he emanates in that concert stadium. 

Kyungsoo is just super duper adorable and he is very handsome irl. For such a small person he has quite the presence. He is extremely professional, it’s very personal and impersonal all at the same time with Kyungsoo. He draws the line between idol and fan as well as the fact that it’s a job and it’s very very clear (at least to me and I appreciate that). He waves and bows a lot at his fans and sometimes seems a bit scared tbh hahahhaha its adorable. His live runs makes my ears bleed

But together, daMN. I can’t even describe them tbh. Everything you read online about the atmosphere is really real, don’t even take it with a pinch of salt, just take it. I would consider myself not in the least bit delusional lmao I’m not the kind that overexaggerates every moment they stand within a 5 ft radius of each other but they really do gravitate towards one another in a way that is very very fascinating to watch tbh. I spent the entire concert just watching them tbfh hoping to catch kaisoo moments, and I’m not lying when I say the entire concert is the moment. It always seems like Jongin trying to get Kyungsoo’s attention at first, he always looks around as though looking for someone, then glances in the direction Kyungsoo is in, then in the next one minute is lurking in the background behind Kyungsoo. And it is very obvious he tries to be subtle about it but it’s really not lol. This sounds delusional but really it’s very hard to put words to that unless you see it for yourself. I said at first in front because Kyungsoo actually reciprocates but he is the subtle one, he doesn’t try to get Jongin’s attention at all tbh, it’s more through actual actions like caring for him etc. He doesn’t stare at Jongin except when they are talking privately and guys.

When they are standing near one another, you can literally FEEL THE TENSION. I can’t find words to describe it, it’s just different. And it’s just with them. It’s not like kyungmyeon or sekai or chansoo or baekkai or any other ship. It feels very intimate(??) like you feel abit embarrassed and intrusive when you look at them just talking to each other, let alone whispering. Like you feel like you’re looking at something you shouldn’t be looking at? It’s almost like you want to look away to give them their space and to look away is the last thing I want to do as a kaisoo shipper but you just do. If I had to put a finger on what makes it so intimate is the way they look at and move around each other. The way Kyungsoo looks at Jongin is beyond my comprehension tbqh. It’s so gentle. Like the way you look at a child because they are so endearing and precious, that’s how Kyungsoo looks at Jongin. He softens his edges for Jongin and you see it through his actions and the way he treats and looks at him compared to the others. That day of the concert was the famed “kaisoo birthday hug”, and if I’m not wrong that was abit after that period where the kaisoo tag was “dead”, that’s why that moment was all the rage. 

The hug was, imo, a little awkward, compared to say this hug;

but they were in front of a HUGE crowd that was watching them, if I were them I would be equally as awkward and embarrassed, it felt more of an obligation than a real “aww hpbd bro”. And they are known to be very private individuals and imo don’t exactly love to be in the spotlight esp when it comes to personal relationships/lives etc, making them do such an intimate thing on stage when everyone is obviously watching and focussing on just them and the act of hugging is gonna be weird and uncomfortable. 

But it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t genuine. The tension during the hug was so real it was almost scary, even for me tbh. I think that was what made it look uncomfortable. Imagine if it were any other ship, like say sekai or baeksoo or kyungmyeon or chankai, they would have bear hugged the life out of each other

Its the fact that kaisoo was too real and they knew very well that everyone had their eyes on just them, I swear to god the tension was palpitating and rolling off in waves, I felt uncomfortable for them tbh. But other than that, kaisoo is a force to be reckoned with irl. I can only say this much because it’s so unexplainable, you have to see and feel it for yourself to really really see what tumblr and fanaccounts don’t do justice to.

Friends? Soulmates!

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Characters: Y/n, Claire, Alex, Jody, Cas(mentioned), Dean, Sam

Pairing: No real pairing, hinted Cas x Y/n(female reader)

Warnings: Not much, fluff. Basically it. Past angst i guess. Awkwardness. 

Word count: 2052

Summary: Y/n runs into Claire Novak, the troubled girl she hated in the past. 

A/N: Requested by the anon-  Could you please do a female reader x Claire Novak where Claire and Y/N hated each other in the group home but they find each other on a hunt and become friends and then Y/N goes to Jodys house for dinner because Claire wants her to meet Jody, Alex, Sam and Dean and she finds it awkward when Jody brings up the whole sex thing and says she needs to be careful and not get pregnant and the reader says she’s gay so Jody doesn’t have to worry and it’s kinda awks. Ok, so stuck to most of it, but then Cas idea came to me, cos I love him. 

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Y/n ran from the lone werewolf she hadn’t been able to kill, entering the damn forest.

This was what she wanted to avoid, knowing the open space all around her, hidden by trees would make everything so much more difficult and dangerous.

She hid behind a bush, keeping her breaths steady and silent, making sure not to move a muscle.

Hearing a growl behind her, she turned, seeing the werewolf ready to pounce onto her.

Jumping out of the way, she hit her head on a rock, scrabbling to her feet and running as best she could, not taking a second to look back, ignoring the blood that was pouring down her face.

Sprinting through the spiny forest, a hand grabbed her from behind a tree, a yelp leaving her mouth as it was covered.

‘Shit, this is how I die. Suffocated by some soft ass hand. Fuck my life. I couldn’t even get that shit right’.

She clamped down on the hand, tearing through the skin, the person pulling their hand back and squealing.

A girl. Y/n could tell this was a girl from the pitch of the scream.

“What the hell dude”, she asked in a hushed whisper.

Y/n turned to see the girl, who she was praying was going to help her.



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how does Scott have the control in Scira relationship?

ok i never rant about TW’s ships but i feel like saying this

first of all NONE of them are the dominant one. They are both co-dominant they both do as they like and they both are submissive when they want/need to.

Scott doesnt influence what Kira does nor Kira influences what he does and his decisions. They are simply equal and i dont even know how  you concluded that Scott is dominant over Kira because i must not be paying attention then.

Second please why you gotta come to the tag to compare it with Scallison? There are people like me who though respected that relationship never shipped it so why you come here to shove your shipping preferences to us??

Yes you’re right in a way even unintentionally Allison had all the power because the way Scott loved Allison (which i was never a fan of in the first place) was very childish-obsessive like which is normal when you’re in a kids relationship. Thats why the Scallison breakup was really good for both of them in my eyes . At least to take a break.

Im never a fan of those type of relationships because i felt like it needed to mature more, though in a SANE way was way too co-dependent. Again thats like when you have a very teen hormonal relationship Which is why i prefer Scira. Scott is in a different place when it comes to that now. Scott and Kira are just a boy and a girl and they are falling in love. Scott is way more mature now and balanced and he doesnt need to put Kira as a password and username just because he breathes, eats, drink, sleeps, dreams Kira. 

WHICH I PERSONALLY PREFER (everything is up to preference)  and mostly i imagine everyone in THIS tag.

and next times people want to point the flaws on Scira. AT LEAST be accurate in it and not just type a bunch of bull

You Still Sleep with a Teddy Bear!

Hello My Lovelies,

For ease of access please find below links to all my previous stories.

                                           Reader Title Challenge
You Still Sleep with a Teddy Bear!


Dean watched, his heart in his throat as she moved involuntarily through the air. He went to scream out for her, but knew it was pointless. He shouldn’t be worrying. There was no need. Light reflected off the blade of her machete as it glided through the air with precision and speed. He looked down at the head that now rolled across the floor. No, there was no need to worry.

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The Carnival

A/N: hello I’m back so soon with another fic. Ok so this is part one of a two part fic. Its an AU that takes place in modern day, Rae lives in Stamford working for a small magazine, one day on a cold October evening she gets off at the wrong bus stop to find a carnival that she’s strangely drawn to. This story was from a otp prompt I read a while back but I’ll tell you what it was in the second half of this story, I thought it would be a perfect story for this time of year and for Halloween coming up. So hope you enjoy feedback is always appreciated. Word count is 7744

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Hi, love) Could you please do a timeline for when in your opinion we are going to get next big things with HL like being papped together or acknowledging each other on stage or on twitter, etc., considering that they're going to come out in april/may? Thanks in advance) Lots of love)

Hi love, things are in a bit of a halt right now, I do feel something big (good big) will happen/ is planned for April, but it’s very hard to say anything solid right now that people wouldn’t take as “carved in stone”.

Right now everything is a mess, there’s little somethings but those are mostly coming from H’s IG activities.

On the other hand we have (the rumor) of 3 key members leaving from their team, including a vocal coach 5 shows into an 80 shows tour. Their departure was exactly 3 months from the album release, and there’s clear evidence that someone works with the boys, especially Harry, helping him save his voice and sing smarter. Modest had never cared about that and this in itself that it IS happening fills me with hope that there’s a group of people indeed caring about the boys and definitely thinking in long term. (Now that’s my own opinion that this group of people are the new team and not Modest).

There was some next level shadiness going on with Niall&Melissa, I felt like I was watching a tennis game, one team wants them papped, dancing, kissing. The other wants to keep this virgin but also womanizer image and claim he and Mel are only friends and then there’s an article about Niall dating Samantha. It sounds like two teams to me. Same for HL: Lairport happened, they COULD STAY and COULD TRAVEL together, but in a way they couldn’t. They didn’t walk next to each other, they didn’t arrive at the same time (win for team HL, win for team het), we had little somethings but we also had Eleanor there (win-win), also there were some UA actions, they started pretty blatantly report on shared hotels, toilet breaks, even a pic “leaked” from South America WWA. Then it all stopped abruptly. We had the gay video and media went rogue, I know for a fact that Italian and Spanish media reported it as outing and they never bothered to debunk it. On the other hand though Yahoo Celeb UK wrote an article about it, claiming he said gay and made it all about Larry. Then very surprisingly the next day the same outlet - and the same Stephanie may I add - denied it which OK, still caring about newspaper credibility, eh? But what really raised eyebrows is that she totally turned it an Elounor article. Same w Inquisitr, usually very much Larry articles since Nov 1st, but with this gay vine they did the same as Yahoo.

And probably that was when they pulled the break.(?) it all went out of hand. They realized that fans can out them and which team wants to NOT have things under control? No, control freak Modest would definitely want that and if there’s a new them then HECK YEAH it’s their best interest to plan the CO so it becomes a success story and not a fan outing them. (I don’t think HL cares anymore how it happens, all I can think about are Harry’s silent cries on his insta. They just want out).

But it cannot be NOT under control. Because the fandom itself is uncontrollable and I talked to a few people and they all confirmed that Modest was never able to control crowds.

Remember, there was such a reaction when Lairport happened, everyone was on a high, 2 bandmates traveled at the same time MADE THE NEWS. (?)
Harry and Louis trended without hashtag, no 1, worldwide for almost two days. Did they not count with such a massive reaction? Was it too much too soon?
Were the 7-8 Larry trends (2 not planned) too much in February? Or that was the whole point? Keep the Larries and the hets happy at the same time?

Would we want more? Of course we would but everything has its pace and it looks like there is a plan in place, because AUG, NOV and DEC did happen, as well as FEB. If a plan has actions scheduled at a pace, they have to follow it and we can’t go from 0 to 100 instantly.
It’s clear as the sun that something is holding them back to continue the intrafandom seeding. Time? Contract? Waiting till the next phase? It shouldn’t happen yet? It was not planned for February? Or was it planned BUT seeing the reaction of the fandom in its whole they figured that 1 papping would out them?
Was it because they thought that if they are papped then twitter would be full of all the Larry evidence? (On the day of #HappyAnniversaryLarry the aimh got 70 K retweets!!!!!!!! People see the tags and they click on them.)

It does feel like the fandom is uncontrollable. Another example just look at what that innocent vine started.

Or shall I bring up Louis saying Harold? Have we ever seem trends from 1 bandmate calling the other on a nickname??? It trended for hours! The fandom cannot be controlled.

Ok, but that doesn’t mean we should be complaining, we are all craving for seeing them but this is about Harry and Louis, and they look very healthy and happy. Be happy for them and be happy for Louis calling him Harold, but also be patient if things don’t change immediately, try to find the middle ground. Maybe lower the expectations indeed.

Sorry that was very long. To me the next phase is to seed HL friendship in the fandom, have them papped w ot5, and when the time comes have them papped alone, at this point I think one solo pap pic would unleash everything and there would be no other chance but to rip the bandaid off.

When will that happen? I don’t know. But if I look back at December in a span of a week we had winter girlfriend mocking question, not that important and apple tshirt and the media was all over it. All I want to say is when they get the green light or the final nod, things can get escalated very quickly.

Scaring The Kids

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This is for @cici0507​ Heaven vs Hell Challenge. I got the prompt Krampus-Heaven with Gabriel 

Characters: Y/n, Gabriel, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Gabriel x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Angst, scared Weechesters, tiniest bit of violence, arguing, dumb ass Gabriel, fluffiness and cuteness in the end.

Word Count: 999

Summary: Y/n is left to deal with Dean and Sam after a witch’s spell turns them into children, but Gabriel always seems to make things more difficult than they need to be. 

A/N: Ok, so I was gonna do a pure fluff thing, then it turned into this instead. Still some fluff, but bit of angst as well. And I had to make the kids adorable, just cos. Hope u like it!  

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“Dean, I’m scared”.

The older boy nodded, his oversized clothes hanging off him, both brothers having been turned back into children.

“I know Sammy. I’ll protect you”.

Dean held the gun in his hands, now a lot heavier than it was just a few minutes ago.

“Stay behind me, Sammy”, he instructed, aiming the gun at the bedroom door, the hoofs clomping in the hall.

The door burst open, the monster covered in a tattered rag, its ugly face on show for them to see.

“D-Dean”, Sam squealed, his childhood fears now rearing again, not able to defend himself right now, too reliant on his older brother.


The gun went off, Dean’s smaller body falling to the floor as the bullet hit the thing right in the shoulder, his aim a little off now that he was no longer the trained man, but the boy in training.  

The creature flinched, snarling at them.

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what are your top 10 rose/ten angst fics

Hi Nonny! I got this from you last night and actually spent quite a while today putting this together, so I hope you like it! There are additional angsty fics I would have rec’d here but which are already on my lost gems reclist, and I didn’t want to be duplicative! I could also probably have answered this with a ton of post-GitF fics but I resisted the urge and have included just one XD

In no particular order:

  1. A Little More TimeThe Doctor takes care of Rose toward the end of her life. by the epic (and sadly inactive now) unfolded73, who was a very prolific writer when she was active in the fandom. This and Behind Closed Doors are the only 2 fics which have ever made me cry, and this one made me freaking sob. It’s more than a Ten/Rose story – I don’t want to give away the ending, but it’s about how the Ten/Rose story inspired others, which makes the story even more meaningful and poignant … the entire thing is just gorgeous. It takes place in her Lostverse – pretty much all you need to know is that Rose found her way back after Doomsday, and the Doctor and Jenny and Jack are still in contact. FWIW, my first reaction when I saw this ask was to be cheeky and answer it by just linking to her masterlist and being like “Just 10 excellent angsty fics? Here’s 50.”
  2. Echoes of SummerHe was left with his lips against her jaw, her figure pressed to him as if she belonged there. One of many moments between the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler after he breaks his own rules to retrieve her from Bad Wolf Bay. However, as consequence, the walls between worlds begin to fall, two different realities merging. And on the horizon a threat rises that threatens to destroy everything the Doctor holds dear. - I feel like I could also answer this ask by linking to tasogareban’s entire masterlist.
  3. The Last Stop (Rose’s POV) / Stopping Time (Doctor’s POV)He knew what tonight meant. Tonight was the night that Rose would go back to the TARDIS smelling like him. He held out his hand to her silently, waiting for her to take it. Because she was going to take it. Of that he was quite sure. – a pair of stories from different POVs by the extremely talented tasogareban, very angsty and NSFW.
  4. Cheating Time - He’s saved the universe over and over again. He’s lost everything, including his own race. Doesn’t the universe owe him something in return? – this fic (particularly the ending omgggggg) is so creative and gorgeous, and was co-written by the prolific and epic gillian taylor and wmr. There are a lot of s3-s4 Ten crossing his own timeline fics, this is one of the longest, and one of the best – as well as one of the first.
  5. Stolen - He was only supposed to look, that’s all. Post-Waters of Mars and pre-Doomsday. – by goldy_dollar. OK so I also sort of might have a thing for Ten crossing his timeline to be with pre-Doomsday Rose, if you haven’t noticed the pattern already. There are many such fics, but this one and Stopping Time and Cheating Time (rec’d above) are my favorites. This one is angsty and unf and all sorts of lovely and in-character.
  6. Two PlanetsHe takes her hand quite suddenly. Her knuckles feel like a string of pearls in his fist, and he says, “Everything is closing.” by halia. This one is Ten/Rose, Eight/Rose, Eight/Charley. And it’s gorgeous and romantic and angsty and shows what an absolute ass Ten can be. It starts off in a way that makes you think this fic is going to be fluffy – but no, that’s just this epicly talented writer slowly drawing you in.
  7. Ghosts of Departed Quantities - It is 57 years, 3 months, 27 days, 8 hours, 27 minutes and 7.26 seconds before he sees her again. by tangledaria. This isn’t your typical Doomsday AU, this is much more of a character study of Ten with hints of Ten/Rose at the end but it is gorgeous and so bleak.
  8. Belle de Jour - After the Madame de Pompadour interlude, Rose realizes that loving the Doctor is a far trickier affair than she thought. What kind of girl must she be, to accept the man he is now? Answering that question will stretch her loyalty—and her sanity—to the breaking point. By chase820. OUCH. And UNF. And you’ve probably already read it and if not – THEN DOITDOITDOIT
  9. Effeuiller La Marguerite – Chapter 1Chapter 2 (they’re not linked to each other) “Seems like.” – by whollyuncertain. This is one of those fics that has just really stuck with me. The inverted love story is creative and … idk, there’s something about it that has just really stuck with me.
  10. I Need YouTen has screwed up, and for once the whole of space and time may not be enough to make her stay – by fayth, who again was a prolific writer whose masterlist would easily more than suffice to put together an amazing top 10 angsty fic list. As many of her fics, this one is both Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose and is wrenching in its depiction of Rose’s feelings of loss … and hope


The One Who Stays“You still can’t promise me. What if she gets lost? What if something happens to you, Doctor, and she’s left all alone standing on some moon a million light years away - how long do I wait then?” – This one is UA Ten/Rose, from Jackie’s perspective, by pinkyellowdangerous. OUCH. OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH. Just … read it.

Hope this helps, Nonny!!

Over It

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Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Angst, unrequited love, fluff, smut, unprotected sex, just plain sex really, biting kink kinda. That’s it. Oh, language. 

Word count: 2187

Summary: Y/n has had enough of seeing Sam sleep with every blonde he can. 

A/N: Ok, so @oriona75​ reblogged this thing with prompts, and i was like ooh i like these. So i wrote, it turned from pure Sam angst to Sam angst with Dean fluff and smut, cos i love Dean. So yea, hope its ok. 

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He just watched as Sam flirted with the bitch he was stood with at the bar.

Dumb skinny blonde bitch. Fucking Jess still in his god damn mind.

It had been over a fucking decade and he still chased ghosts of her, in the form of other women. It was getting pathetic.

“Dude, I’m sorry. Why don’t we go back to the motel?”

Y/n looked to Dean, smiling at his best friend and nodding.

Dean knew about the man’s crush, or love, for his brother. He found out three years ago when Sam almost died, y/n admitting his feelings in the heat of the moment.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for y/n, Sam didn’t remember a single thing from the hunt. So y/n was given the gift of watching Sam hit on random women, who were obviously just looking for a quick fuck and weren’t good enough for him.

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1D Preferences: Coffee Shop AU

Zayn:  You tap your pencil against the table while the notepad on your lap stares up at you, blank.  Sighing, you sat up and took sip from your warm hot chocolate.  It was hard to start a story when you had writer’s block, and your solution was always to visit the local coffee shop and get inspiration by simply observing the lives of strangers, rushing about their day.  You started to tap your pencil again when it slipped from your fingers.  ”Great,” you groaned, bending over to pick it up.  ”It’s okay, I got it,” someone said from behind you.  ”Thanks,” you mumble, blushing, as you found yourself looking into a set of dark eyes.  It took a second for you to take in his chiseled profile and another second for a wave of hot embarrassment to wash over your face.  He glanced down at your notepad, with a shy half smile.  ”What are you working on?”  Your mind went blank for a moment before you started to regain your senses.  ”Just a story,” you reply, stirring your drink to keep your hands busy.  He seemed intrigued despite your vague words.  ”What about?”  You press the pencil’s eraser to your cheek, looking thoughtful.  ”It’s about a girl, and the story ironically also starts at a small coffee shop…”

Harry: Nothing seemed to relax you more than a cup of hot, black coffee and a nice book to enjoy it with.  With finals going on all week, you were more than in need of a moment away from the hectic campus with one of your all time favorite books. You settled into your usual booth near the back of the shop, and took time to admire the worn pages before starting to read.  ”Excuse me, miss?”  You looked up, a little startled, unsure if the question was meant for you.  ”Sorry to bother you,” the man in front of you says.  ”But…um, I think you dropped this when you came in.”  He held up a bookmark.  ”Oh, I didn’t even notice!” you reply, surprised.  ”Thanks!”  You gave him a grateful smile.  ”Ok, good, cos for a second, I thought I might have gotten you mixed up with someone else.”  You noticed that when he smiled, he had two cute dimples, and that fact alone got you practically melting on the inside.  His green eyes were so piercing you found yourself unable to hold his gaze for more than a few seconds without blushing madly.  ”I never caught your name,” you finally said.  He shook his head slightly, curls bouncing, dimples still showing.  ”It’s Harry.”     

Louis: “Hi, I’ll have one peppermint mocha frappucinno, please,” you tell the barista.  There was something about peppermint that really got you into the holiday season.  As you waited near the counter for your drink to come, you found yourself standing next to a rather cute guy wearing a green hoodie.  You could hear some faint music coming from his headphones.  Oh what the hell, you quickly decided and after another quick peek at his angular cheekbones and golden brown hair, you spoke up, trying to sound casual.  ”Is that The Fray?” You pointed at his earphones, when he turned to look at you questioningly.  With an apologetic smile, he took one out of his ear.  ”I’m sorry, love?” His voice alone made your heart beat twice its normal rate.  ”The band that you’re listening to,” you repeated, stammering out the words now that he had turned his full attention towards you.  ”The Fray?” you asked again.  ”They’re one of my favorites.”  He hummed in agreement.  ”Good taste,” he joked, and you found yourself unable to hide your smile.  You felt almost disappointed that the barista called your name so soon.  On your way out, one side of his mouth quirked up as he caught your eye.  ”Can I at least get your name?”  he asks, and despite his confident tone of voice, he seemed rather nervous.  ”Can I get yours first?”  you tease.

Liam: There was something about being in a coffee shop that you absolutely loved.  The sharp smell of coffee beans to keep you awake, the warm atmosphere especially when it was cold outside, or maybe it was the fact that there was a chance for you to see that one cute guy who stopped by regularly.  Every Thursday night, you would be curled up on a chair closest to the window, doing homework, reading, or doing other work.  Each time the door opened, your heart would speed up, until you realized it wasn’t the person you were waiting for.  But eventually, he would show up.  Tonight, he was wearing a checkered red scarf and a dark overcoat.  As he walked in, you felt a refreshing gust of cold wind blow past you.  When his eyes met yours, he gave you a friendly smile.  At least, you hoped that his smile was for you.  He ordered his usual espresso, and set his cup down at the table next to yours.  He hesitated before sitting down, and you could feel his eyes on you for a few seconds, that actually seemed like hours.  Finally, he pushed his chair back in and instead slid down in the seat across from you.  ”I don’t believe we’ve formally introduced ourselves,” he started, clearing his throat.  

Niall: Ok, so maybe you had a small crush on the blonde barista with the easy going smile. Niall, he name tag read. And maybe your crush grew every time he said hi, and certainly when you found out that he did little gigs at the café with his guitar every so often. You had made it a habit of attending his small shows, to hear him sing covers of some of your favorite songs like “Wonderwall” or “A-Team”. He would glance up from his guitar, mid song and look into his audience, and you felt a twisting feeling in your gut as his blue eyes made short contact with yours before he looked down at his guitar strings again. This time, he held your gaze for a few more seconds and as soon as the show ended, he managed to catch up to you right as you were picking up your drink to head home. “You’re not an easy person to catch,” he panted, one hand still resting lightly on your shoulder. “I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you after the show a couple of times.” He flashed you a boyish grin, quite a charming one at that. “Let’s see…why don’t we start with names?”

Meeting Korey, Troye & Tyler in Singapore! ♥♥♥

What in the worlddddd. I wasn’t even expecting this. I was thinking about writing a letter to them last night but didn’t get down to doing it cos there would be absolutely no way (or so I thought) for me to meet them and pass the letter. Okay let me calm my nerves and try to type properly. This post is gonna be so disorganised please understand my situation here. Heh(:

My lecturer gave us free passes to Music Matters (some event that’s related to Youtube Fan Fest) and since no one else would go with me, I went alone. After registering with some lady at the booth, I felt less out of place with a name tag (yknow w the lanyard those name tags). There were so many professionals there like wth and I was alone and freaking out cos this wasn’t what I expected. Nevertheless I went boldly into the ballroom and listened to the talk for awhile (it was social matters talk, I guess I missed the music one) Couldn’t find a seat (or rather too scared to walk up to anyone to ask) so I left the ballroom after 15 minutes of freaking out on whatsapp to my friends.

I then left the ballroom, sat down in a random corner and tried to look busy while I contemplated my next move. I got up and decided to just walk about and check out the YouTube event area (The Music Matters event was one level below the YouTube event area thingy whatever) As I was walking up the spiral stairs, this woman walks down the stairs and declares to her friend, who’s behind me, that “The YouTube stars are here!” Theeeeeeennnnn I freeze. What did you freaking say. Anyway I continued walking up the stairs thinking no way, why would they be here. No. So I looked up and there they were.

This was exactly what I saw when I looked up and saw them. 

It’s really weird seeing the people you usually see on your computer in real life. I cannot process this.

My first thought was: OMG SHIT. That's…..that’s Tyler….and Troye. OMG Korey’s here too. OMG WHAT. They’re right in front of me. (Right at this point my legs kinda gave way a little and I started feeling weaker and weaker HAHAA YES THIS IS FOR REAL)

They were getting their name tags at the registration booth and there were quite a few security guards around them (celebrities plz hahaha) I figured that it wasn’t the right time to approach them cos there was so much going on so I just followed them around quietly. They went into some room, probably to take pictures, idk really. So I waited outside, once again, trying to look calm and relaxed and not so out of place. (I mean seriously everyone was chatting in groups and I was alone and not quite dressed for the occasion I should say)

They came out soon and I panicked a little not knowing when to approach them for a picture and a fangirl moment. When the security guard’s body was finally not blocking me from Tyler, I went up to Tyler and asked for a picture. He was like yeah sure dyou wanna take it over here then I was like maybe let’s take it over there it’s brighter. Then he had to settle some stuff at the registration booth again so he told me to hold on and stuff. I then approached Troye, since he was free now, told him I watch his videos and asked for a picture. I totally saw my fingers trembling as I passed Troye my phone shit hope he didn’t notice that HAHA. Took a few cos why not. He’s so cute really, all smiles and dem blue eyes. Gosh. Friendly. I asked to hug him and he went sure! So I went for it omg he’s so skinny whatttttttttt and tall. And I recognise his shirt HAHAHAHA.

Tyler was done by now so I did the same with him, selfie and hug. He is so cute. Don’t mind my EXTENSIVE VOCABULARY in this post I have no more brain capacity for that. His height and hair and smile. Ugh. Precious. HIS SKIN IS PERFECT TOO OMG. Oh and I made him do his selfie face hahaha. 


I entirely forgot about Korey cos some other dude came up to them and they had to talk to him so I politely left the scene with one more picture.


Soon after that, it was lunch (buffet) so I stood in a corner to wait for them to finish their food. Just as Korey was walking towards their table, I asked him for a picture and he told me after lunch(: So yeah, I was pretty much high by this point, I just stood in a corner trying to regain strength and not pass out. I kept my eyes on their table, making sure they stayed in my sight. I hope I don’t sound freaky cos I was sure to keep my distance. Some woman came up to me and asked who were those people I took photos with so I just briefly explained to her. And she went up to them to ask for a picture too (for her daughter) LOL.

Fast forward to after their lunch. They took quite a while and I used that time to call my friends and tell them about this miracle meeting (!!!) I saw some local YouTubers as well, and went up to chat with them and take some pictures. How wonderful. This is my life people. Well in case you don’t know them, check them out at www.youtube.com/treepotatoes I LOVE THEM. They were really friendly too, chatted with me and took photos etc. How nice. 

As I was chatting with Elliot from treepotatoes, I noticed that Korey kept glancing over. Then I realised that he remembered his promise to take a picture with me after lunch (AWWW SRSLY) So I shamelessly approached  the 3 of them again (I FELT SO BAD FOR INTRUDING) (APOLOGIES X 9431694362952) and the first thing I did was KOREY CAN I HUG YOU and he was like YEAH and he is so tall srsly I didn’t know he was so tall. 

HE IS SO NICE REALLY. FRIENDLIEST EVER. (honestly I’m not too familiar with korey but this meeting made me become a fan of him) 

Me: OMG you’re so tall!!!!! How tall are you?!
Korey: Yeah, 6'1?
Me: …
Korey: Uhhh right you guys go by centimetres? I’m 2 metres?
Me: WHAT?! REALLY? ARE YOU SURE? :O (cos bro, 2m is REAL tall.) I’M  1.65M! HOW TALL AM I?
Korey: 3ft is 1m so I’m 2 metres? You're… 5'6!
Me: Oh cool!

Korey then asked Tyler and Troye about height conversion so Tyler took his phone out  and asked SIRI. We then started discussing our heights; Troye’s 1.74 without his shoes (those were THICK ) and 1.8 with them, Tyler’s actually MY HEIGHT:O (i mean i thought he was shorter but ah well), Korey’s probably 1.84? Tyler announced that he’s 1.65 after checking with SIRI and I blurted out THAT’S CUTE and he was like all DID YOU JUST SAY THAT’S CUTE  (sorry i couldn’t think properly yknow you don’t get to meet your fave youtubers everyday they don’t fall from heaven  yknow) I also told Korey that SIRI never works for us asians cos it can NEVER understand what we’re saying. So I was really fascinated when SIRI responded so well to Tyler’s question.

Oh and halfway through I suddenly remembered I didn’t introduce myself, yes cos that’s what you do when you panic and freak out, you don’t introduce yourselves and blah. So I went OH BY THE WAY I’M SABRINA (shows them my name tag) and Troye was like HELLO SABRINA(: He then asked what’s POLYTECHNIC and it took me a while to gather my thoughts to explain it. Tertiary education I guess? I told them it’s like Pre-U.

I kinda also asked them to follow me on Tumblr and idk why Troye laughed when I told him my URL. LOL IS IT THAT EMBARRASSING. WELL THAT’S ME FOR YOU :> I also told him it’s a fangirl blog when he asked what kind of blog is it.

Anyways I kept apologising cos I was obviously just taking up their time and disturbing them I guess and I didn’t wanna leave just yet so yeah I felt really bad. Troye was all it’s ok but I still felt like it was quite rude of me (but once again this is such a miracle I can’t just leave without seeing them leave first) Oh and at one point, a security guard came up to Korey and (if I’m not wrong) asked him if he was okay with people like me disturbing them. Korey said it was fine so the guard just went back to his position or smth. Thank God the guards weren’t overly protective and violent. Towards the end there were a few more people taking photos with them so I just stood there awkwardly, just thankful that no one chased me away. 

A few more selfies to end the meeting. I am truly blessed. 

As they left I discreetly followed them to the lobby, maintaining some distance too of course. When I saw that they were really leaving for real, I decided to be embarrassing for one last time and shouted BYE TROYE! I was so prepared to walk away with the whole lobby staring at me cos I thought they wouldn’t hear me. But he turned, smiled and waved. Then Korey and Tyler turned, smiled and waved too. Goshhhhhh. That was like the most perfect ending to such a crazy meeting. 

And yup that sums up my day of bumping into Korey, Troye & Tyler. Phew. What a day.

PS: Can’t believe they haven’t tried local food yet! Told them to try chicken rice & chili crab. Idk why Troye laughed when I said chicken rice. Hope they try it tho. Oh and Troye, the place is Bugis. B-U-G-I-S.


Hope to see yall again soon x

It’s Only A Beginning (8/?) Louis/Nick

Louis/Nick, Tumblr/high school AU. Continued from here. Read the whole thing here.

“You going to move out of the way anytime soon, or what?”

Nick obligingly moved two centimetres to the left. “What are you up to tonight?”

Louis glanced at Liam. “Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Trying to take over the world.”

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I really liked your post on parents going their daughters things. But I have concerns because what about those girls that are out there messaging pedophiles. I don't think it's right for them to snoop all the time but sometimes it can help from putting in them dangerous situations. Maybe parents should just learn about how to address things they see their kids doing online. I hope this doesn't come off wrong but I would like to understand more if that's ok

Hi anon! That post is about a year and a half old now, so I’ve actually answered this question and variants on it quite a lot. You can check my parenting or privacy tags for more detailed responses, but the short points are:

If you want to protect your child rather than police your child, you should prioritize teaching them internet safety, not knowing all their passwords. Stranger danger stuff is obvious, but a very effective way to do this, imo, would be to help your kid set up their privacy settings. I’m sure I’ve made other suggestions in the past, but I can’t remember them.

I do believe different families can establish different norms and expectations of privacy, and even monitor a little, but all this must be explained to and negotiated with the child - it cannot occur behind the child’s back or without their consent.

As far as younger children, I would never suggest allowing them online unsupervised, but I would encourage going online with them, so you can help filter their experience without being sneaky about it (plus, this provides ample opportunity to teach internet safety).

If you suspect that there is an unknown risk or danger to your child and you have exhausted your other options, then do what you have to do. Understand that this could still damage your relationship, and that work may need to be done to restore trust.

Remember, what my original post specifically disagrees with is the belief that monitoring and snooping should be go-to solutions for parents. Emergency situations are that 0.1% I have a caveat for.

However, as with all anons who send me variants on your question, I encourage you to consider why, like my co-panelist who immediately leapt to cyberbullying, you immediately leapt to pedophilia. To “danger.” Maybe my personal story misleads the tone a bit, but in the original post, I was never, ever speaking about danger, because the question that was asked at the panel was clearly not about danger. The entire point of my response was to recover the question from my co-panelist’s derailing answer that pretended it was about a nebulous, unknowable “danger.”

The original question was about monitoring the hypothetical daughter for “bad language and inappropriate content.” Not about protecting the daughter from anything - cyberbullies, pedophiles, or otherwise. No, it’s about monitoring for, y’know, the horrors of saying swear words and (presumably) discussing sex - although note that “inappropriate content” is suitably vague enough to be “anything I, the Parent, find inappropriate.” It’s not hard to imagine how this could rapidly escalate to abuse.

Anyway, to sum up: there are, and always have been, alternatives to snooping. And honestly, while I know you meant well, I’m a little tired of people bringing up the 0.1% when I have always been talking about the 99.9%.


Hosted by the pop flying zexual manadarkmagiciangirl !~*°^`·o.

*waves wand* Yo! Welcome to ZEXAL OC Day! My name is Mana and I shall be your host for this event ^u^/! I have been in the ZEXAL fandom since day 1 when concept art was announced in Japan and that PV was shown after 5D’s ended it’s run. Since then, I have abridged ZEXAL and continue to do so with my ZealtheDeal @pendantposse team :)I also co-created ARC-V Abridged by YuGiOhKetchup with azzyfox !

Even though our beloved Kattobingu Stars are done, the fandom is most certainly not 8D! I have noticed that the ZEXAL Fandom in particular has some of the most amazing and creative original characters I’ve come across and its about dang time you show em off :D! The World of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL is a brilliant one filled with endless possibilities because we have Astral World, Barian World and the Human Realm!

We want everyone to share something precious they created because they were inspired by the show! What better creation than an OC!? :D

Wether you wrote the backstory of an existing side/one ep only/background character, created a family member of the canon cast, made up Astrals and Barians, you name it! We wanna see em all! So now is your chance to be proud of your OCs!~*°^`·o.

WHEN IS IT?!~*°^`·o.

December 1st


Got a ZEXAL OC?! We wanna hear about em :)! Humans,Barians and Astrals are welcome, even Duel Monsters or pets too xD!

HOW DO WE SUBMIT?!~*°^`·o.

*Draw a picture of your OC(Or Group of OCs cuz YES YOU CAN SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE) and post it on your blog with the name of the character(s) and “ZEXAL OC DAY” on your tags.

* No Explicit Content on the Art

* Digital or Traditional is ok

*Give a 1-2 Paragraph introduction for em! (Can be in Character or just a description )



* Your OC’s Settei (Character Model) Sheet

*Them Wearing A D-Gazer OR Dressed as their fave canon character.

*Your OC Hanging out with other OCs you like/or a canon character

* A Fake Screenshot or Sprite for the World Duel Carnival Video Game :)


*****At the end of your introduction paragraphs make your character yell ” (INSERT CHARACTER NAME HERE)-BINGU!”

So for example, my OC is Ginga Okudaira (Fuya’s dad) so I would say “GINGABINGU! or GINGABINGU DA ORE!”

*****And when you reblog other people’s OC’s you can tag OR comment with “Welcome to the ZEXAL Cast (character!)”

Its just a fun event where we can all share our love for the show and how many great new friends we can create for the canon cast!~*°^`·o.


IF YOU WANNA CELEBRATE IT AS ZEXAL OC WEEK (so from Nov 30th to December 6th, you are MORE than welcome to!!!)♥

If you have any questions,comments, or more ideas feel free to ask me at @manabingu !~*°^`·.


Special thanks to the following OC creators for allowing me to use em in this pic!:

@partridgeduelist -Tomoe Hanamori

ivmysterynumbers -Hirota Ichiyami

@akachuscifo - Syrin Misora

@shiro-no-sekai - Astrid Jinguji

thet-chan and @sylphwriter -Daiki Fujimoto

@casedlsk1253 - Abe

The rest of them are moi’s n.n/ : Ginga Okudaira, Takeo Okudaira,Sayuri Okudaira, Eita Wakusei,Isamu Wakusei,Fumiko Wakusei,Miu Wakusei and Ichio Hanabusa  n.n/ who are helping to protect the Galaxy of OCs!~*°.°^·`