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Hi! Your blog is amazing. :3 Well, my dog died few weeks ago, so I wonder how Karasuno would comfort their s/o when their pet has passed away. Thank you! (I hope my English hasn't been so bad. ;o;)

I’m so sorry ;-; I mean its probably been a while now but I’m very very deeply sorry. I had to give my dog away because of certain circumstances a bit ago, that itself killed me to do. But I hope you’re doing well and maybe even have another companion to keep you company c: 

DAICHI | He’d hold you against his body, letting you cry into his chest as he hugged you. Gently rubbing your back, assuring you that they are in a better place now and that they will always live on in your heart. Daichi will surprise you with something to take your mind off it, even if its only for a couple of minutes.

SUGA | Would be there the minute he finds out what happened, staying by your side letting you cry into his arms as soon as he sees you. He’ll even spend the night to make sure you’re okay and when you doze off from being tired of crying he’s there watching over you, trying to keep prevent anything from waking you up.

ASAHI | Each time your sobs get louder he holds you closer, running his hands through your hair apologizing for everything even if it he was not at fault. Patting and rubbing your back as you let your tears run down your face. He’s there handing you tissues and gives you a gift as a memento of your pet.

NOYA | When he hears you breaking into tears on the phone he hangs up, causing you to cry even more so. He’s running to your house as fast as his legs will go, he bursts through the door and quickly asks the first person where you are. He’ll knock on the door while he opens it, giving you a weary smile. “I’m so sorry”, he says before you run up to him and cry. From there he takes you outside to help you burry your pet, making sure to give a long speech about how great they were and how they changed your lives.

TANAKA | He’s trying to act tough, for you, but inside the news is killing him as well. He’s holding you like his life depends on it. Telling you the most random things he can think of to get your mind off it. Also saying that he will be there every time you want to visit their little grave. He spends the night, you both watch sad movies such as Marley & Me in honor of the pet, snuggled together on the couch.

HINATA | Maybe shed a tear or two himself, as the both of you hold each other for comfort. He’d come up with ideas on how to deal with the sadness such as maybe getting a new dog when the time feels right or having a little funeral with all the people that loved them.

KAGEYAMA | His actions will speak louder than his words at first, wiping at your tears, holding your face in his hands, his forehead is against yours as he says “They’re watching over you now, and they will always be in your heart.”
He’ll even arrange something, anything, to make you happy to see that sweet smile of yours because he hates seeing you like this.

TSUKISHIMA | He knows it’s best for you to cry, to let you set your feelings free because he thinks once you do it’ll help you feel a bit better. But while you do, he’ll play your favorite music, the songs you love and enjoy. Tsukki will stand up, taking your hand into his and embrace you, he’ll start to sway from side to side before letting you go from the hug and will begin to dance with you, slowly to one of your favorite songs.

YAMAGUCHI | From the moment he sees you cry he will hold you. At first he’s repeating that everything will be alright, he’s giving you a speech on why it is. Reminding you of all the wonderful memories that you had together, telling you that the memories are something you will never lose and on how those memories are a way on how you and your pet are still connected.

hot and bothered ; preference 14

hot and bothered

L U K E: 

Throughout the whole time of the movie, Luke’s hands stayed in your sweats. They boys were also over, making it even harder, having to hold the cover up with your own hands so they couldn’t see his hands moving, because you two would never hear the end of that one.

A S H T O N:

You were never one for foreplay, but tonight was different. Ashton was tied to the bed, exposed for you, and only you, and you loved it. He did too, probably. Either way, you had your way with him and you both enjoyed it.

M I C H A E L: 

He had you in your grandma’s bathroom, shoved against the door, whispering gently in your ear the things he’s gonna do. “When we get home, you wont even have time to think, before I fuck the shit out of you,” his teeth grazed your ear. “You’ve been very bad.”

C A L U M:

You pulled your shirt over your head, making Calum’s face turn red. You two were just really, really, really close friends, so he knew he shouldn’t be getting a boner, but he couldn’t help it, once again.

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