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my poa notes!! its been a while since i last posted original content so hello how are you, hope you’re good, if you’re not, i hope whatever you’re going through gets better and i’m sure it will!! ₍ᵔ·͈༝·͈ᵔ₎

+ this is my second weakest poa topic followed by incomplete records, someone send help ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ) but on the bright side, tomorrow’s my graduation and commendation ceremony, gonna be having a real sappy time, really excited!!!! i cAn’T believe it’s been 4 years wwoooOW

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i love hearing ur opinions so how do u think s13 will play out? & how do you think rcg will carry on this story line of den leaving? i really don't see den becoming a full time father figure, but at the same time, we saw in the finale that he really does care abt his lil baby :( & i don't trust three straight men making a macdennis-as-fathers plot line so idk what do u think !!

hi!! here are some theories i have about s13, ranked from most to least likely to happen:

  • s13 opens with a time jump and dennis is back and it’s like he never left and no one in the gang ever really addresses the north dakota thing except for occasional offhand comments, and life goes on, with the gang getting up to their usual antics
  • dennis tries to live in north dakota for a comically short amount of time before realizing he’s not cut out for that life (maybe like a week or two), so he comes back and the gang acts like they didn’t even notice he was gone and soon enough they’re all back on their bullshit - this would probably happen in the span of 1 episode
  • the first few minutes of the s13 premiere is a flashback to “15 minutes earlier,” showing that dennis never made it to north dakota because, if you’ll remember, the gang kind of blew up his preferred method of transportation. back in present time, they show dennis screaming and raging at the gang and when he’s done, one of them (dee, probably) says “good. glad that’s out of your system,” and the rest of the episode/season is just the gang getting up to their usual antics 
  • dennis actually moves to north dakota and the gang doesn’t hear from him in a while - but that’s okay because they’re all (relatively) thriving. mac has been casually dating men and being an all-around gay icon, and dee is $cammin’ and better than ever without her twin there to keep dragging her down, and she and mac gradually become best friends. charlie and frank continue being the gruesome twosome. about 1/3 of the way into s13, dennis comes back and he’s trying to hide how much of a crying pathetic Mess he was in north dakota until the gang starts pestering him incessantly about his time there and he blows up and reveals everything. soon enough though they’re all back on their bullshit
  • dennis tries to go to north dakota, but mandy, being the sensible goddess she is, refuses to let him anywhere near her home. however, she is open to moving to philly and letting dennis have brian every other weekend, and because they’re roommates, naturally dennis has mac help him out with brian and soon they fall into a co-parenting arrangement and it’s beautiful (…and mac and dennis each realize that they have never been more attracted to each other than when they’re doing domestic things and being a good father because they’ve lacked a reliable paternal figure in their lives????)

anyway i love discussing s13 theories so i would love to hear all of your thoughts too!! sorry this was so long i definitely got carried away oops


Happy Birthday to my brightest Sun!!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  I hope he keeps on making me happy for the next year as well~

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Heyo!! I was meandering on AO3 and found "Say Anything... Except That" after finishing up the Spider-Man Deadpool comics (They did NOT end satisfyingly, but I suppose that's par for the course). You did some good work there!! Just wanted to give my kudos more personally. Love your representation of May! I know it's from last year but you brought me some joy! Have a good one!

Oh wow…thanks so much! This means the world to me. I still have so much love for Say Anything, it’s probably the piece of fanfiction I’m most proud of tbh. Which why it breaks my heart that I’ve left it unfinished for so long. But, really life just got in the way. I honestly do hope to go back to it eventually. But after losing 75% of future chapters and finishing up grad school obligations, that is gonna be hard. 

But messages like this really mean everything. They show that people are still interested in my little fic that became a big fic lol. And if the interest is still there? I definitely would love to continue and finish it one day. So, thank you so much for taking out the time to send me this lovely message, I really hope that time permitting, I will get back to SAET sometime soon :)

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K and Z!

K - What character has your favorite development arc/the best development arc?

im gonna be really biased bc hes my fav but yuris development from Bratty Kid to Less Bratty Kid was so good for me man i hope he keeps developing in the movie bc rhmrhmrhdg i love my son

Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go!

*whilst in tears* ive honestly never been so hooked on a ship as much as ota.yuri and its had a huge impact on me bc i regained my writing muse back and have written more fics in 6 months than i have in two years and i got to meet so many amazing and sweet and supportive people and theres so much talent in this fandom and we’re getting So Much canon content and its just SO GOOD MAN I LOVE THE OTA.YURI FANDOM SO MUCH

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I just wanted to let you know that you're a really great writer. Like???? Whenever I stumble upon new ao3 fics I'm nervous they're gonna be horribly written, but if I see that you're the author I immediately think, "Oh alright, this one's gonna be good." because you always develop the plot really well, which some writers aren't great at. Anyways, I just really enjoy your fics and I hope you have a nice day!!

Oh my gosh, thanks so much!! It means so much to hear you say that! Though, I did slog through years and years of writing really bad fic (my magnum opus was a self-insert Yu-Gi-Oh GX fic) to get to where I am now! A lot of authors just need a little practice and a little encouragement to keep going!!

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Heya! I'm gonna try really hard this year to get a part time job! I don't know when I'll get it, but I was hoping that when do, if I had extra money by the end of the week, if I could still pledge to your patreon? It'll defs be /sometime/ this year, I was just wondering if you think it'll still be open by then? Thank ya, and good luck!!

most likely yes!! my patreon will be ongoing. sometimes people ask if they can donate so I think its a good, safe way to do so. it will probably stay up for quite some time.

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after all the garbage, I mean 'news', we've been hearing about s7, do you have any fic recommendations? anything good you've read lately? I'm looking to erase the whole of s7 (and 6 and 5, too, if I'm honest) from my mind :P

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I don’t know what this gif is, but it felt accurate. Here’s a quick list of fix its, old classics that have really stuck in my mind, and a bunch of new stuff. FIC AWAY.

Amazing fix-its season by season

Mickey Mantle vs. the T-Rex, by ZoePlacid, was written between s4 and s5 and it’s so incredibly well written and beautiful. It’s very sad, but hopeful in the best kinda realistic way. Ian/Mickey & Mandy working together.

Once a Gallagher, by merle_p. Great post season 5 fix it, the Gallaghers love Mickey and fight to keep him around. Ian fights for Mickey. Mickey & Lip bonding <3

We’re Not Scared & Familiar by MimiLaRue are two really brilliant post season 5 fix its that I love. Beautifully written and really lovely, and I’m a sucker for the tag ‘magical realism’. 

The New Year by LanJevinson (even though I haven’t read the second part yet because my fragile feels can’t handle it - I need to get a grip) are literally canon for me since I stopped watching the show.

Bunch o’ classic AU

The Halfway House by MintSauce is one of my early absolute favorites, it’s my fic equivalent to comfort food.

Rookie Mistakes by Delgay. Classic hockey AU is classic for a reason

Absolutely everything The Rat has written, but especially Flyboy and the Gearhead (space mechanic Mickey and pilot Ian and probably my favourite fic ever), Make the change (Mickey tries to get laid and Ian drives a cab, I think about this one a lot and my whole brain kinda hums it’s so good) & Test Run (I might be a lil biased, but this Star Wars AU is a triumph) <3 <3 <3 <3 like seriously 

I’d follow your love down a dead end street, by ZoePlacid, 10/10 makes me ugly-cry and 100% my favourite soulmate fic ever. 

Twenty-One, oh man, dystopian future AU. I haven’t read the last part (I have a problem, OK? I need to take my time with things that are long and emotional and brilliant) but yes. Vive la revolution.

Twelve Months. Y’all probably already read everything that Anomalously has written, and I could be recommending A World Alone or The Boyfriend Experience because they’re brilliant. But this is a short beautiful thing that I’ve re-read time and time again and it always makes me feel a little bit better about whatever ails me.

Eighty-four by kissteethstainred, I have a thing for numbers in titles. Judging by the number of kudos likely is you’ve read it, but hey. It’s time-traveling and kismet and a whole lot of warm feels, go on. Re-read it.

Ongoing and new stuff that are really great

Dealbreaker by Gemmavich, really nice AU about a bet but no unnecessary drama and a lot of sexual tension and feelings. (edit: argh I can’t believe I spaced on writing the author’s handle on this one and didn’t notice for so long, I suck)

Backdrifting, by Violet_Jones. Smart and funny about Ian and Mickey breaking up in season 3 and then reconnecting several years down the road.

Rhythm, by ObsidianQuill, is on its last chapter now, can you believe it? Mpreg, but also kind of a season 5 fix it and a really good one at that. 

Mickey Milkovich is Hot, by kubrickpotter, is a sexy, funny, properly well written smutty thing about everyone wanting a piece of Mickey (Carl just found a second dvd, this is gonna be goooood)

Hope is the thing with feathers, by Drago, super cute new AU, Ian buys a couple of birds and gets hung up on the guy selling them.

I’ll keep holding on by GaleTheSnail, canon compliant up to and including 6x1, wip about Mickey and Ian reconnecting after 8 years. Really good read so far.

Just a piece of paper, by PrettyCalypso. I’m slightly obsessed with this story? Mickey gets released early and because of a diagnosis agrees to marry Ian for insurance purposes. It’s a bit bleak, no-nonsense but hopeful, and probably not for everyone (totally get it if no one ever wants to read about Mickey being sick, ever) but I really, really like it.

Kiss your fist and punch me in the mouth by xSheepie. Boxing AU that’s looking real good so far. Mickey is a trainer and Ian has an older boyfriend who is probably about to get royally dumped.

It’s a deal, by shamelesstravesties, sweet high school AU escapism batman. Ian has a shitty boyfriend and, let’s face it, Mickey is irresistible. 

Feels like we only go backwards, by Violentsdelight. Mickey gets out and tries to figure out his life. I know I’ve read the first two chapters but I can’t remember if I’ve read more. I remember it seemed very promising!

The Ex by LivingInWonderland, Ian and Mickey reconnect in New York. It’s heavy on emotion and really takes its time to sort through and mend everything that happened in canon.

There’s probably a lot more but I need to stop at some point : (

Hey canon,

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8PM - Chapter 1 - bippi - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Hi everyone I’m writing an ereri fanfic about eren and levi being roommates and it actually has a plot and side-ships and its going to be really good i hope?? i put a lot of work into the first 5 chapters!! the first one isn’t that great because i wrote it three years ago but i promise it gets better <3

A rainy morning, painted with delicate drops of rain pelting the window of a bookstore. Eren Jaeger, a busy brunette, had his green eyes darting from place to place in the bookshop, from the pile of books on a table next to him, to the newly-formed layer of dust settled on the counter. It was pleasantly quiet. Eren tugged one of his sideburns behind his ear with slender fingers as he glanced out the window. The rain had been coming down a little harder. “I hope my flight isn’t cancelled,” he whispered.

Silence. It wasn’t like he was expecting somebody to hear that, nobody was around Eren. He had the shop to himself. Exhaling a heavy breath, he moseyed on over to a set of traveling suitcases that had been huddled in the corner. Eren reached out a hand and grabbed one of them by the handle, which had been attached to the other, so they both rolled with him. Now, he thought. I just wait for Jean to pick me up. Then it’s off to the airport. Minutes passed, and Eren’s thoughts began to grow outlandish as they bounced off of How many pieces of dust does it take to fill up a room? to What if Jean was a horse and horses accepted him as one of their own in the wild?

“Speaking of the devil.” Eren smirked as he saw a maroon colored car make a stop in front of the Shiganshina Bookshop. Bringing himself up to his feet, he turned around and held up his hand for one last good-bye. He wished his hand were holding his chest together—he wished his hand would hold together the broken pieces left behind by leaving this place. He’d long for the dust layers on the desks and books (Eren used to complain about having to clean the books and trinkets every morning), and he’d wish he could flip through the crisp edges of sugar packets that customers left behind on the dirty, tea-and-coffee-stained tables (the bookstore doubled as a coffee shop), and he’d wish he could greet just one more customer with an overly-cheerful “Welcome to Shiganshina Bookshop” with a fake smile plastered all over his face. If only the bookshop weren’t being closed down due to competition with another bookstore in town, then he wouldn’t feel nostalgia plucking at his heartstrings. The brunette tugged at his suitcases again and made his way to the glass door. His gloved fingertips were pressing up against the cool glass, and the door opened up swiftly. It was quiet. No chime or jingle bid him goodbye as he walked outside. Eren wished he could hear the bell that hung on the door whenever someone exited or entered just one last time, but he removed the bell days ago. Nostalgia clogged up his throat as he tried to yell “Hey!” to Jean, who was currently rolling down his window.

“Hey,” Jean choked up on laughter. “Loser, get in and stop your whining.”

Eren gave a faint smile, “Neigh, neigh.” Even though he was already missing France, Jean was right there, and with the opportunity to tease him wide in the open, he could hardly resist.

Jean’s smile faded and he stuck out his tongue, “Just get in.”

Eren reluctantly swung out his hand and pulled open the door. Inside the car, Jean sat at the steering wheel, his eyes focused on the unmoving road ahead. His hair was cut underneath; it was kind of a messy undercut, it looked like he had cut it himself with the rugged look it gave. The layers underneath were a deep brown, while the disheveled mess layering up on top of his head were a dirty blonde. Jean was wearing a faded grey t-shirt that flowed off his chest neatly as he leaned forward into the steering wheel. His skin was a light yet vivid tone—his tone kind of matched that of a canvas. You know, the tan ones that artists use. It was like the sun was covered by a layer of translucent maple syrup, and then threw on skin like pajamas, and boom! Jean.

“How’s Armin?” Eren opened the front door to the passenger seat after settling his bags in the back seat. “And Mikasa?”

“Armin texted me this morning,” Jean began. His hand moved up and toyed with things like levers and turning the keys in the car. “And Mikasa said she’s kind of busy cleaning up her apartment. Marco says he’s almost done putting away some things for my stay. Are you sure you’ll be okay with that roommate program you signed up for online? Do you even know the guy you’ll be sharing an apartment with?” Marco was Jean’s internet friend. Eren knew there was obviously something more.

“I’ve messaged him. He seems…decent. I’ll be fine. But you’re staying with Marco, right?” Eren cocked his head to the side. “And you won’t cling around Mikasa like a sloth?”

“I’m not a sloth.”

“Clearly,” Eren purred. “You’re a horse.”

“Gosh,” Jean groaned and the car started to move slowly. “You won’t let up with that stupid horse thing, will you? It was one time on the holidays.”

“And I still have the embarrassing photo on my phone.”

“You piece of–” Jean grunted and rolled his eyes, letting it go and changing the subject. “You know, it’s kind of sad that you have to move out of the country just because the bookstore got shut down.”

Eren grunted. He really didn’t want to be reminded of it, how the bookstore was forced into closing because of competition, and how he couldn’t tend to the shop as well as he used to because of his mother in the hospital. His mother had passed away a month ago, and the store was going to shambles. Mikasa and Armin insisted that he moved to the United States to be closer to them so he didn’t have to grieve alone. The only reason why Jean was still with him was due to a failed relationship that ended over a year ago. Eren shook his head, allowing the thoughts to dissipate and elude his mind. The trip to the airport wasn’t anything special. Between Eren changing the radio station every ten minutes, and Jean making a million wrong turns, it wasn’t really a quiet ride. Noisy, in fact. The car had been filled with lively commotion, and that was better than having Eren gazing out a window as his eyes tried to take in all of the scenery, and trying to forget every last beautiful detail of the Shiganshina Bookshop. Jean didn’t conk out and get them into a car accident, and Eren didn’t let sentimentality overflow his brain.

“Eren,” Jean would tease. “You’re gonna get all mushy on me, aren’t you? About leaving France?” Eren didn’t want to admit that Jean was right, so he distracted that idea by constantly correcting him for using “gonna” instead of “going to” like it was meant to be phrased.

Soon they were both anxiously tapping their feet as they waited to board the plane. Their flight left at eight o’clock at night, and it was currently seven-thirty. Eren pushed his side burn behind his ear again, his green eyes glancing over at Jean. Or so Jean thought. Eren really wasn’t glancing at Jean every few minutes, he was glancing passed Jean. A few seats down sat a young looking man with pale skin like porcelain, and a mop of black hair perched upon his head, below it shaved like an umbrella. Another undercut, Eren thought, Maybe I should consider getting one. The man’s face was painted with a bitter look; straight lips, and cold, narrow eyes that settled with a tint of grey. Wow, his eyes really are grey. But they’re kind of clear. Not cloudy, though. Foggy?

Eye contact. Accidental eye contact, and Eren had been so very oblivious to it. The man tilted his head up and glared into Eren’s eyes with a stare that could cut a watermelon in half due to sharpness.

“Hey,” Jean snapped his fingers in front of the blank face that belonged to Eren. “Shit, dude, how much sleep did you even get last night? Are you falling asleep with your eyes open?”

Eren grasped Jean’s hand and forced him to stop snapping, “I got enough sleep, you idiot. Don’t put your hand in my face again, seriously.” He tried to fixate himself on something else other than the enigmatic man that was only a few seats down from him.

“So,” Jean’s smirk stretched from ear to ear, “What were you looking at, my handsome face?”

“Don’t get your hopes up, nerd,” Eren chuckled. “I was just zoning out.”

“Dude, no you weren’t,” Jean wagged his finger around in the air. “Those were the eyes of a man who was totally swooning.”

“I wasn’t swooning.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“Jean, I’m not lying,” Eren groaned and crossed his arms, his index finger bouncing on his arm. “You’re being annoying.”

“I’m being annoying?” Jean jabbed his finger at Eren’s arm, scowling. “You’re being a brat.”

“Can we stop arguing? Seriously, if I get stuck sitting next to you on the airplane I’m going to have to jump out with a parachute,” Eren ran his hand through his bangs, averting his gaze away from Jean. Interrupting them was a robotic and foggy voice over a loudspeaker; the flight heading to Florida was taking off soon. Jean grabbed Eren’s wrist and dragged him out of the crowded terminal. The man with the black hair glared up at them as they bolted out of there. After a short while, they finally boarded the plane safely. Of course, after an extremely long series of Jean pulling Eren to the bathroom, and then to grab pamphlets, and then back to the bathroom to grab his purse (Eren called it a purse. It wasn’t, really, it was just some camera bag that Jean used to carry stuff in. Purse.)

Eren pushed his side burns behind his ear again—he really needed to get them trimmed—and settled down in his seat. A window seat. He wasn’t planning on complaining, at least he could take some photos of the scenery he’d witness.

“Move your bag,” a voice.

Eren was oblivious.


Still nothing.

“Hey, brat,” they barked. Eren’s bubble was finally snapped, and his gaze was placed on a man’s torso. Torso? No, that wasn’t right. He averted his gaze upward and settled on cold eyes, and a sour and twisted face. An undercut. A sleek, black undercut that looked as soft as a crow’s feathers. No way.

“You?!” Eren nearly jumped out of his seat. “I’m sitting next to you?” Here he was. The guy from the waiting area.

“Why do you seem so surprised?” The man popped his hip to one side, scoffing, “God, just move your things out of my seat. It’s irritating me.”

“Who do you think you are?” Eren snapped back, his anger bubbling over. What did this man think he could do, waltz in here and order him around like a puppet?

“Last time I checked my name was Levi, yours?” Smartass.


“Eren.” Levi repeated it. And again. And again.

“Just,” Eren pulled his bag off Levi’s chair and plopped himself back down. “Sit.”

“Okay,” Levi coughed up hesitantly. “Nice to meet you, Eren.”

They say it’s about the journey, and not the destination, Eren thought. Someone get me off of this journey.

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Hey Kayla! i just wanted to say that i love your content so much (i literally wait everyday for it bc its the highlight of my day). Also, you really give me a lot of hope because of your stories in your builds. Recently my best friend just straight up dropped me (and i'm a freshman yikes) and your story about that and seeing where you are now makes me feel like everything is gonna be fine. sorry this message was kinda rambly, but basically you're the best and i hope you're having a good day

Quick reminder that I got dropped by all of my friends in 6th grade and freshman year and it sucked a whole lot, but things definitely did get better.

I’m really sorry that happened to you. Just know that if that person was willing to drop you that easily it’s probably a good thing that they don’t have to be in your life anymore. You’re way better off without them. I know it probably hurts right now, but you’ll be okay. I promise. And maybe now you can call him/her/it Susan and rant about him/her/it on YouTube. People love that.

I noticed that slowly Kaisoo are getting back to what they used to be , more comfortable and close comparing to the mid of this year , I noticed this since Oct and now its getting even better , I really hope the complex “ whatever falsity it was ” that made them struggle is gone , I am sure cause they look more bright ✨I just don’t wanna remember how sad and hurt that time felt back on the beginning of this year , now its end with much better feelings and closeness .. I feel so warm right now , thanks god ❤️

The Loser-Taylor Caniff/Cameron Dallas Fanfiction-Part 1

A/N: So I restarted this goddamn fanfiction again… sorry,but i just feel like i haven’t been being myself lately. I hope this fanfic will be good. Never Ending is coming out properly some time in September. Enjoy my terrible writing.


My alarm went off, blaring an obnoxious noise ring through my ears. I lightly pushed it off my night stand. As I got up I slowly rolled out of bed and got dressed. I walked downstairs and walked into my kitchen. I grabbed a box of frosted flakes and a bottle of water. My eyes narrow down at the little note on my refrigerator. My mother was gone. Again. I sighed and threw the worthless note away.

My phone began to ring. Its like 6am in the morning. Who the hell has time to be calling me on a Saturday morning. It’s either my boss gave me the day off or–actually that’s all I really know who would call me at this time.

I picked up and answered it with a simple “Hello.”

“Hey, is this Rebecca?” I looked around my house and was skeptically about who was calling.

“Um, yes. Yes it is Rebecca.” I listened well and it had a hit of a southern accent.

“Its Taylor.” Oh its this bitch… “I was wondering if you have an extra study guide for chemistry…” I rolled my eyes and walked towards my backpack.


“Can you come to my house and deliver it.” I rolled my eyes and bit the insides of my cheeks from bashing out. Taylor Caniff is my neighbor. He’s been my neighbor since we were in kindergarten. Our relationship has drifted apart when we were freshman. He began to be so full of himself for becoming Instagram famous. I kinda drifted away into the gaming and reading some of The Outsiders or The Perks of Being a Wall Flower fantasy world. 

“Fine.” I hung up and grabbed the extra study guide I had laying around. Funny how I habit to follow directions so quickly. I walked over to Taylor’s house. I placed it into his mailbox and left. I made my way to my house and went back into my room. I walked into my small closet and changed for work.


I walked into Sandy’s Diner and clocked in. I was tired and restless. I grabbed my apron and notebook. I walked around taking orders and my hands began to shake as I saw this jaw dropping sight of a guy (did that make sense?). I smiled and looked down at my notebook.

“Good Morning? What would you like today Sir?” This guy looked up and rubbed his chin.

“Could I have a sunny side up-” I was completely mesmerized as his lips moved. I began to lose it. “-oh and could you make that two sunny side ups for my bud.” I snapped out of my day dream and smiled.

“Sure.” I wrote down some of the things I correctly heard. I hope this is all he ordered though. Oh Sandy is gonna get pissed at me. “What’s your name?” I froze up. Why the hell did I do that?

“Cameron.” He smiled his pearly white teeth. I flashed a smile back. “So what’s yours?” I felt my cheeks heat up when he asked that.

“I’m Rebecca.” He chuckled.

“What a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.” I cracked a smile and felt flustered.

“Thanks. Your order will be coming in a few minutes.” I walked away near the kitchen area and handed one of our Chef’s the order. I leaned against the counter starring at Cameron from a distance. I watched and his eyes went from left to right as he was probably typing something on his phone. The door chimed with bells and I quickly walked up to the costumer.

“Good Morning! Can I take your order?” My eyes met with the customer and that familiar face looked at me. It was not the good kind of familiar. It was bad. He walked past me and sat next to Cameron. My eyes were about to leave their places. What in the world? I walked back to the counter and sat there doodling on my notepad. I doodled a pair of eyes and a beautiful set of lips. I was startled by Sandy yelling for me. I quickly jumped off the dtool and ran to her.

“Ms.Rush, this boy wants one more order. Would mind ifyou could take his order?” I nodded as I saw that look in her face that meant no for an answer. I looked down at my notepad and back up at Taylor.

“Can I get one milkshake and a kiss?” I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen. This is gonna be a long shift…

A/N:Sorry for the wait guys. I’ve been busy with school and stuff so its been so hard to get on tumblr. i miss you guys so much!!! I hope your having such an amazing day/night! Stay beautiful!! I hope you liked it! A few imagines might come out soon. Really old requests with be coming! Im sorry for the people who requested like a year ago. I will be doing those too. Even those fanfictions that were requested! For now this is a good bye! I’ll be updating Never Ending during this month! Sorry its so short.

2,5 days or so later and the sketch/drawing is done (although I’ll probably end up fixing things up/changing things anyway (’: knowing me…). I do really like this though! I’m especially happy with how the hands actually look decent (I can’t draw hands at all to save my life).

Cyber punk anime dad is gonna be REAL

So the new school year in Japan begins in April.

The characters have been in 2nd year for pretty much 3 years already.

I’m gonna on a whim here and say that they’re probably going to go on to their 3rd year of high school this year.

Mayu is 15, meaning that he’ll be going onto his first year of high school.

He’ll probably go to the same school as Nozaki and the rest of the gang.

Do you know what that means?


HELLO FRIENDS and Happy Holidays! I haven’t made one of these since I think last December. So I’ve decided to make this follow forever because I felt obligated to after seeing the many other ones  I really love y'all and you are pretty much apart of my everyday life so I just want yall to know how much I appreciate you guys and all that good stuff. So this is gonna be mostly mutuals with a mix of blogs that I really admire. I don’t really know what to say other than to have a great holiday season and a great new year and I hope its filled with happiness and greatness. By the way I just want yall to know that you all mean so much to me like bless you guys for just helping me and keeping positive and happy on my worst days :) I don’t wanna do the whole bolding thing like I love you all and if you are apart of the squad you already know!


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anonymous asked:

What changes do you think the Rangers will be making in the offseason? :)


Okay I definitely believe they’re gonna try to get younger and faster. One of the biggest problems was the AV’s system relied on fast players, and we just aren’t as fast as we used to be in years past. SO I’ll go through player by player :) 


  1. Dan Giradi: I honestly think they’re gonna try to trade him, god knows if we’ll get any takers. But if its up to the Rangers, he’ll be gone
  2. Dan Boyle: Gone, he’s gonna retire
  3. Klein: Keep
  4. Either McIlrath or Diaz. Maybe both. Maybe neither. I honestly have no clue, Diaz is fast, Mcilrath has “grit” and is young. Who knows. 
  5. I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a free agent signing
  1. McDonagh: Keep obviously lol
  2. Staal: Not only do I think they’re gonna try to trade him, i think they’ll be successful. Staal still has trade value, so gone
  3. Yandle: Maybe it’s just me being optimistic, but I genuinely think they’ll keep him. Resigning him may be tough because he’s worth a lot, but if we get rid of salary from G, Staal, Boyle, etc. I think we can afford it. He’s the best offensive defenseman we’ve had since Leetch
  4. Skjei: I think he’s gonna be a permanent part of the lineup next year, so obviously keep


  • Nash: don’t get me wrong, he’s a very good player. HOWEVER, he is getting older and just isn’t worth his $8 million cap hit. PLUS i think whatever we get back in a trade would be worth more than he would for us. So… gone
  • Brassard: Keep, he’s had a very good year on a very good contract. Relatively young
  • Zuccarello: Keep for the same reasons as Brass
  • Stepan: Keep for the same reasons as Zucc and Brass
  • Miller: Keep, he’s had a breakout year and will only get better. No way he won’t get resigned
  • Kreider: Keep, he’s had his ups and downs and hasnt really lived up to expectations but he’s an absolut physical monster and the #1 guy you dont want to play against when he’s firing on all cylinders. I guess its kinda good he hasnt had a great year this season because he may take a cheaper contract. 
  • Hayes: I sincerely hope we’re gonna keep him, but AV has made it clear he doesn’t really trust him (even though Hayes has had a rough year to be fair.) I think he has amazing potential and is absolutely huge even though he doesn’t use his body enough. He is the most likely out of Miller and Kreider to be let go, but I think if he takes a team friendly salary he will be kept. 
  • Fast: Keep, he’s not the best offensively but it’s not his job to be, he’s good enough and hes very reliable defensively. 
  • Lindberg: He’s fast, good offensively, not a liability on defense. I think if he would take a cheap conract he’ll be kept, if its anything about 1.5 mill he will be gone. He’s very easily replaced, especially because AV doesn’t really trust him
  • Moore: I love him, but he’s a 4th liner and 34 years old. 4th liners are very cheap to get so I think he will be gone
  • Stalberg: Ditto ^^ He’s fast and can play really well, but he’s 30 and easily replaced so gone (unless he takes the same contract he has now which is pretty cheap).
  • Glass: AV loves glass. AV LOVES GLASS. But AV isn’t Gorton and he doesnt make roster decisions, Gorton does. I sincerely think Gorton will try to trade glass because he is a) older and b) slow and c) an enforcer in a game that doesn’t call for it anymore. AV has made it clear that if AV is on the roster he will play, so Gorton will need to take that option away from him. GONE
  • Eric Staal: obviously gone haha. no way he resigns with us.


  • Hank: is this even a question?
  • Raanta: I love raanta and he’s been very good for us. If he is willing to take a cheap contract I have no doubt in my mind he will be kept, but if he wants something more expensive he will be gone because we have an NHL backup ready & cheap goalie in Hellburg.

Also, I know some people have mentioned it but THERE IS ZERO CHANCE AV gets fired. He’s had enough sucess to have some leeway, also let’s not forget we did end with 101 points… not too shabby! AV will be back next year, who knows what happens after that. Like I said, Rangers are gonna focus really hard on getting younger and faster. BUT i am 100% certain they will not do it at the expense of the future! I think the days of trading picks/prospects left and right are behind us :) At least for now haha, Gorton has definitely made it clear he values the future as well as the present so if we get any players it will be in exchange for current players OR free agent signings, no trading away future picks or prospects.

Hope this was interesting haha, if any of you have any opinions or comments or whatever feel free to message me! Even if you disagree, I love talking about this type of stuff :)