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Something Unexpected [Part 2]

The request:  You’re Clint’s younger sister who is first introduced to the Avengers when they battle Ultron and they need to stay at the safe house. You are soon sucked into the world full of heroes and villains when Steve takes an interest in you. [Reader has powers]

Pairing: Steve / Reader

Warnings: Lol just a lot of talking? Seriously didn’t realize how much back and forth stuff was happening in this scene lol. But other than that, swearing like once? But that’s it.

Word Count: 1,293

A/N: Okay, so now I’m kind of just writing more of this because a) I wrote a lot originally b) its fun and c) some of you seemed to like it enough to want more, which is awesome! So I hope y’all enjoy. :)

[Part 1]

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“Ultron took you folks out of play to buy himself time.” You sat next to Nat in the kitchen as Fury spoke. You had hugged him when he finally left the red barn and came inside. He gladly took a cookie from you too. Steve had given you a question glance and you simply whispered secrets.

You watched as Lila, dressed in her pajamas, scampered from the living room and past Steve as Fury spoke. “My contacts all say he’s building something.” She went around the table till she got to Natasha and handed her a drawing of a butterfly. “The amount of vibranium he made off with, I don’t think it’s just one thing.” You smiled as Natasha squeezed Lila’s cheek.

“What about Ultron himself?” Steve asked and your eyes flickered over to him. He was leaning against the door frame in a hoodie, his arms folded to his chest as he looked at Fury.

“Oh, he’s easy to track. He’s everywhere. The guy is multiplying faster than a Catholic rabbit.” You snorted at Fury’s words as he got himself a drink and Steve looked over at you a small smile forming before turning to Fury. “It still doesn’t help us get an angle on any of his plans, though.”

Tony threw the dart, keeping his gaze on the target as he spoke up then. “Is he still going after launch codes?” Your attention moved from him to Fury.

“Yes, he is. But he’s not making any headway.” Was Fury really making himself a sandwich right now?

“I cracked the Pentagon’s firewall in high school on a dare.” Tony finally turned his attention to Fury. Your eyebrows rose in interest but when you shared a look with Clint you both smiled and shook your head keeping quiet.

“Well, I contacted our friend at the Nexus about that.” Fury didn’t even look up at Tony and again your eyebrows rose in interest.

“Nexus?” Steve questioned and you turned back to him. He didn’t know what Nexus was? But then you remembered he was still new to this kind of stuff.

“It’s the world Internet hub in Oslo.” Banner explained, “Every byte of data flows through there.”

“Fastest access on Earth.” You informed and Steve’s eyes flickered to you as you offered him a mysterious smile.

“So, what did they say?” Clint asked and you turned to see he was twirling a dart in his hands making you roll his eyes.

“He’s fixated on the missiles. But the codes are constantly being changed.” Fury informed, everyone was looking at him but he was looking over at Clint and Tony.

“By whom?” and just as Tony spoke three darts zoomed past his head hitting the bullseye. Your smirk grew as Tony gave Clint a look, Clint smiled at you before shrugging at Tony.

“Parties unknown.” Even though Fury didn’t show it, you knew he was just as amused as you were.

“Do we have an ally?” Natasha had her hands clasped on the wooden table and you could see her looking hopefully to Fury.

“Ultron’s got an enemy. That’s not the same thing. Still, I’d pay folding money to know who it is.” You slightly felt overwhelmed from all this back and forth. So much information you started to feel like you were part of the team about to fight this robot instead of just listening in on the conversation.

“I might need to visit Oslo. Find our unknown.” Tony made his way closer to us but stopped at the archway.

“Well, this is good times, boss, but I was kind of hoping when I saw you, you’d have more than that.” Natasha’s words seems to have no affect to Fury who was holding a cup in one hand and bread in the other.

“I do. I have you.” He gesture to everyone in the kitchen and again, you felt like you were apart of the team that was ‘you’. “Back in the day, I had eyes everywhere. Ears, everywhere else. You kids had all the tech you could dream up. Here we all are, back on Earth, with nothing but our wit and our will to save the world. Ultron says the Avengers are the only thing between him and his mission. And whether or not he admits it, his mission is global destruction. All this, laid in a grave.” There was silence for just a second as you all shared a look with one another. “So stand. Outwit the platinum bastard.” Fury had moved from the kitchen counter to where you sat and took the seat next to you.

“Steve doesn’t like that kind of talk.” You could hear the teasing in Natasha’s voice and you looked over at Steve with a smile dancing on your lips.

“You know what, Romanoff?” He had his own smile as as he rose his eyebrows at Nat. You watched as they shared a smile but Fury quickly diminished the playful banter by turning back to the subject at hand.

“So, what does he want?” Steve was serious again as he looked at Fury to answer him.

“To become better. Better than us. He keeps building bodies.”

“Person bodies.” Tony corrected and Bruce walked closer to Natasha, his eyes downcast to Lila’s drawing. “The human form is inefficient. Biologically speaking, we’re out moded. But he keeps coming back to it.”

“When you two programmed him to protect the human race, you amazingly failed.” You spoke up giving Tony a little smile but then turned to Bruce with a little frown when he spoke.

“They don’t need to be protected. They need to evolve.” The silence for a second seemed deafening as he finally looked up at everyone. “Ultron’s going to evolve.” You were genuinely confused now and Fury set his cup down on the table as you leaned forward slightly to look at Banner.

“How?” You asked and it seemed to dawn on Banner.

“Has anyone been in contact with Helen Cho?” His eyes met Tony’s before looking around and you felt the air shift.

“I’ll take Natasha and Clint.” Steve was suited up putting his shield on his back as Tony walked closer looking at his watch.

“Alright. Strictly recon. I’ll hit the Nexus. I’ll join you as soon as I can.” Both of the boys moved closer to the front door but stopped as they continued to talk.

“If Ultron’s really building a body-” Steve said but Tony finished his sentence.

“He’ll be more powerful than any of us. Maybe all of us. An android designed by a robot.”

“You know, I really miss the days when the weirdest thing science ever created was me.” Even though it was a serious matter you could hear the slight joking tone in Steve’s voice as he spoke. That’s when Fury came down the hall.

“I’ll drop Banner off at the tower. You mind if I borrow Ms.Hill?” Fury shrugged on his jacket before looking over at Tony.

“She’s all yours. Apparently.” That had Fury turning back but Tony continued, “what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. Something dramatic, I hope.” Fury gave them a ghost of a smile before turning to you. “Would you like a ride home?” Steve and Tony turned to you then.

“Wait, you don’t live here?” Tony asked and his face scrunched up in confusion.

“No, I got my own place.” You said with a shrug but before you could speak to answer Fury, Steve spoke up.

“Fury I don’t think she’ll need a ride home.” Now it was your turn to scrunch your face up in confusion.

“What?” You questioned and Steve hooked his thumbs in his belt loops giving you his own mysterious smile.

“You’re coming with me.”

[Part 3]

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