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Nice Try

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Jay x Reader

Nice Try

Prompt: Can you plz do a Jay (descendants x reader) where he tries to steal something from her after talking with her, but after walking away, he realized that she stole it back, plus she took his wallet, with cuteness AND FLUFF!!!! [PLEASE TAG ME CUZ I WANNA READ IT WHEN IT COMES OUT!!]

Note: I’m literally in love with Booboo Stewart rn, so expect lots more Jay fic haha. Also, I really like the pairing of Jay with Rapunzel/Eugene’s daughter, so…

Word Count: 585

He was staring at her. Again. His dark eyes were fixed intently on her long golden hair. It was pulled into a long braid down her back. Her attention was focused on her current painting: the front of the castle.

“Earth to Jay?”

Carlos’ attempt to catch his friend’s attention was unsuccessful.


“What?” Jay replied, his eyes not leaving her focused form as her brush carved careful paths across the canvass in front of her.

“Just go ask her out, why don’t you?”

“Me? Ask her out? Are you kidding? She’s a princess! And I’m a-”

“Villain. So what?” Mal rolled her eyes. “I think people are over the whole ‘labels’ thing here anyway.”

“Yeah,” Evie smiled, thinking of Doug. “At least talk to her. You never know what might happen.”

“I don’t know…”

“Just go over there.” Carlos gave Jay a shove. He stumbled over towards her.  


“Hello, Foxy…” an unfamiliar voice made itself known. Before you knew it, you were sharing your bench with a stranger. Well, he certainly wasn’t unattractive…broad shoulders gave way to defined biceps and shiny locks of raven hair flowed from the beanie that sat atop his head. “Name’s…Jay.”

“(Y/N) Fitzherbert.”

“Oh, I know who you are.” He winked. You couldn’t help the blush that crept across your cheeks. “It’s nice to meet you officially.” He let his eyes wander across your unfinished painting. “Wow, you’re really good.”

“My mom taught me.” You brushed a lock of hair behind your ear.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. I forgot she painted.” Jay nodded, pretending to remember while his fingers wandered elsewhere. His movements were quick, trained, and in seconds, he had one of your paintbrushes in his pocket and a proud smirk on his face.

“So…you’re Jafar’s son, right?”

“Yeah,” he answered. He looked a little hesitant. “Is that a problem?”

“Oh, not at all.” You told him. Your smile was reassuring. “My dad doesn’t exactly have the cleanest track record, you know…”

“Your dad is my hero,” Jay smirked. He couldn’t stop the words that followed. “But he’s nothing compared to you.”

“Well, you might be Jafar’s son, but I think you’ve got more charm than Aladdin.”

“Well, I don’t know about that…”

“I’ve gotta finish up my painting, but do you maybe wanna meet up for dinner?” You asked.

“I’ll pick you up at six.”

“See you then.” You smiled as he walked off. As soon as he was out of sight, you pulled your paintbrush from the hiding spot behind your ear. His wallet had found a temporary spot in your purse. He would get it back…on your date tonight. Then maybe he would learn he couldn’t steal from a thief’s daughter. Eugene had taught you at a young age to be quick on your feet, and more importantly, to be quick with your hands.


Once Jay was a good distance away, he reached into his pocket to grab the paintbrush he had ‘borrowed’ and was quite surprised to find it was missing. Along with his wallet…

In its place was a note.


Nice try. My dad taught me a few things too. Don’t worry, your wallet will be returned, but I hope you learned your lesson.

See you at six. Don’t be late!

-(Y/N) Fitzherbert”

Mal took a peek over his shoulder and smirked.

“She played you like a fiddle.”

“No, she didn’t-”

“I like her already.”

Jay smiled and gazed off to where you were packing up your paints.

“So do I…”


Affectionate // Cheryl Blossom

Summary: Following a tragedy you move in with your guardian, Sheriff Keller and his reluctant son. Over the course of Freshmen year Cheryl and you fall in love despite her parents viewing of her sexuality but will you ever truly be accepted in your new family?

Prompt #14: Okay, so I kissed you to get a girl off my back but it turns out I can’t stop thinking about you

Characters: Reader x Cheryl Blossom, Reggie Mantle, Sheriff Keller, Kevin Keller, The Blossoms, Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones.

Words: 2763

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters involved.

Warnings: Swearing, Cliff and Penelope Blossom, same sex relationship, drinking, mention of death and angst.

Requested: Yes. Anonymous.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: I conjoined two requests into this because it fit perfectly! I hope you enjoyed this. Add us on snapchat: caitsyandash


Prompt List


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Freshmen year was tough for Cheryl Blossom, her family was only just beginning to fracture under the disappointed of her parents. Jason was strongly telling their parents he didn’t want to take over the business and Cheryl had admitted to her parents why she wouldn’t date the red headed teen sent to their home for two weeks. The Blossoms and Denali’s had been friends since Penelope and Sarah were toddlers and when both became pregnant the families came to a decision. The Blossom daughter would marry a Denali son to bring the families together for mutual financial pros, the red hair, and to make Penelope and Sarah legally family.

When Liam Denali came to learn the family business and meet his betrothed it had been to the discomfort of Cheryl. The thing was that while Liam was okay with the made future, Cheryl wasn’t because she wasn’t into Liam. Cheryl preferred females instead of males and when she told her parents shit hit the fan.

“No way. This had been in agreement since Sarah and I found out we were pregnant. Young lady you will ignore those feelings and marry Liam.” Penelope sternly told her daughter.

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(This was sent to me off-anon, they asked to be anonymous)

Hey! I’ve been in the fandom properly since like, September, but I’ve been aware of it vaguely given this story. I wasn’t gonna say anything initially, but then I realised people tell their stories around here all the time, and this whole babygate thing has really got people doubting so I thought why not.

Okay so, looooong story short: I went to uni with a girl from Dudley, who went to the girls school that was next door to/across the street(?) from Liam’s school, and they were friends, did lunch together, got the bus home together etc. We’ll call her Friend X. I wasn’t into 1D at all at the time (2011), I didn’t even know which one Liam was, but I asked if he was a dickhead and she said no, but some of his other friends at his school were. (She also told me how he used to sing all the time at lunch and everyone’d be like “ffs stfu not again save me jesus”.)

So a couple months later 1D were performing in Blackpool and he’d given a couple tickets to his friend, who was friends with my friend, we’ll call her Friend Y. Anyway X asked me to come cause she didn’t want to go up and down to Blackpool on her own (it’s a shitehole) and I said aye grand. We went up earlier than the concert cause we figured we may as well make a day of it, and we called into their dressing room before the show so Liam, X, Y and another two friends could catch up. We said hey, and they were really nice, (I’m from N. Ireland, and Harry started imitating my accent at one stage so there was a bitta slaggin about that) and we just had some tea and sat around and talked about uni stuff and how it was going and he was talking about the tour and home etc.  

Anyway as we were talking the other four boys sorta splintered off to the other side of the room, I think they didn’t want to intrude, and Louis came up behind Harry who was looking at his phone, and started play-fighting with him, like throwing air punches and making punch noises, and Harry did it back, only he made his arms into wee t-rex arms and made squawking noises, and they were laughing, and then Louis grabbed his hands and pulled him in for a kiss on the cheek and I thought “awk bless”. And then like 10 minutes later Louis started lobbing orange segments at Harry, who got up, so Louis got up and just kept lobbing them at him, and Liam was like “omg shut up”, cause they were gettin a bit loud, so Louis just threw the rest of the orange at Harry (and missed) and then ran at him and hugged him and kissed his face again as he tried to pull away, and we laughed. We didn’t stay long after that, they had to get ready I think, and we went to get a sandwich.

Anyway we watched the show, its was grand, and as we were walking to the bus X got a text from Liam all, “hope you and your friend enjoyed the show, get home safe” and I remember thinking how nice it was for him to check in. So then on the bus I said to X “they get on really well for a put together band like, I was surprised” and she agreed, though she told me that Y had told her that Liam and Louis used to row all the time, but it seemed to have stopped. And then I said “Harry and Louis seemed to get on rightly as well, ye can tell they’re proper besties” and she said, “Yeah, they’re a really lovely couple” and I was like, “ohhh right, are they together?” and she said, “Well that’s what Liam told Y.” And I was like, “Aw cool, that’s dead cute.”


The Unknowns: Two

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This is a continuation for The Unknowns.  Which was a one shot and is now a long ass Prologue.  Part One.

Dean x Psychic!reader

Teaser/Summary: An AU sparked from a songfic challenge, The Unknowns is based on Season One Episode Nine, Dean met reader in Lawrence as a child and they created an unbreakable bond. At the end of The Unknowns, reader decided to stick with her boys because she felt something coming but she holds secrets; one she holds close to her heart and a few that she doesn’t even really know yet.

Word count: 6686

Lines borrowed from season one episode twelve, “Faith” in Bold.

The drive was quiet for the boys but their emotions were tumultuous even though they were trying to control it. Fortunately, baby always had a hypnotic effect on me, humming me to sleep when I truly needed it.

Fingers brushed over my cheek then my lips, the sensations pulled me from a dreamless rest. Dean smiled, his eyes echoing things churning inside me. He was getting worse but that familiar warmth still lit up and swirled at his touch.

He kissed me but it was too soft and too quick. I groaned and he chuckled, “we’re here. Sam’s waiting out in the mud.”

I sat up and looked out the front windshield as Dean opened the door. “I thought we were going to some special cardiac hospital?”

Dean climbed out and smirked as he held out his hand for me. “Yeah, apparently specialist doesn’t always mean doctor.”

I took his hand and climbed out then Dean laced our fingers together. Dean and Sam bickered as we made our way to the tent but I was too consumed by the heaviness hovering in the air to listen. I tried to pinpoint the source but the cloud cover only seemed to enhance it, bouncing it back down on the tent and mud.

The house nearby was surrounded by a flickering darkness. Shadows played off every corner as if the house itself were a black hole merely pretending to be an inviting object. It sent a shiver down my spine and Dean squeezed my hand.

We had stopped walking and I had twisted so far to continue studying the house that my arm ached. Like always, Dean had kept a hold of me, grounding me without derailing my perusal. I turned around and caught Dean’s glance, his brows drawn together before he looked forward with a tilt of his head. I followed his gaze to a pretty blonde woman in front of us. “Layla, this is Y/n.”

“Hi. It’s nice to meet you.” She stuck out her hand and I shook it bracing for the worst but I was surprised. She was so calm, like a tranquil lake on a beautiful day.

I gave her a genuine smile, “you too. Sorry, I was just off in my own world.”

“A nicer day than this, I hope.” I never quite believed it when I met a genuine optimist like the woman in front of me. She was dying but she was happy in her place, there was a hope there, a sense that everything had its time and reason. Not exactly someone I would associate with a faith healer in the middle of nowhere but then I’m a little biased. The tent revival scene reminded me way too much of cults and all that Jim Jones kool aid shit was terrifying.

“Thank you.”

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@starbutterflly thanks so much for the prompt! :D

It was funny to see bundled up in a knit sweater. And wearing pants - she had only ever seen his knobby knees in shorts, and he looked like even more of a beanpole in his jeans and oversized sweater.

Dipper caught her looking and narrowed his eyes over his hot chocolate cup. “What? What are you staring at?”

She swallowed a smile. “Nothing. Just…this is nice.”

Pacifica averted her eyes and took a sip of her mocha. Overhead, the trees were in their fall splendour. Gold, red, and orange leaves rustled in the breeze and tumbled to the forest floor, where they made a calico carpet for them to walk on. It was good to be home, and it was good to have Dipper here.

Dipper seemed a little bashful, but he said, “Yeah, this is nice. I’m glad my parents decided to finally come visit Grunkle Stan and Ford, especially for Thanksgiving. I’ve never been here in the fall before!”

Pacifica smiled and nodded. Oregon was surprisingly beautiful in the autumn, with its green fields and colourful trees.

“Your parents are so nice, Dipper,” she blurted, hoping there was no envy in her tone. With a soft snort she added, “Although I guess it’s not that big of a surprise, considering they’re your parents.”

She felt her heart beat a little faster, and she put her cup to her lips to keep herself from saying any more. Whatever was happening between her and Dipper, it was new and a little scary. They hadn’t kissed, hadn’t said much more than “I really like you”, and hadn’t told anyone. But during the walk, she had impulsively taken his hand and Dipper’s hadn’t tried to pull away yet. She was hopeful.

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Seven Pieces of You Ch. 4: Roy's Promise

Royai Week 2017 prompt 4: “Promise.” All chapters are linked below. I hope you all enjoy! 


Still reeling from Roy’s kiss, Riza quickly rose from the table and stumbled toward the flat’s small kitchen. She wrapped a shaking hand around her crimson-colored kettle only to realize she left her teacup behind. By the time she turned around, Roy’s cheeks perfectly mimicked its hue. 

 “That was a little much, huh?” he asked, his voice shaking. 

 Riza smiled and shook her head, “Not at all!” 

 She could feel the fire starting to creep across her own cheeks. Roy smirked. He noticed. “It… It was nice! It just… umm… caught me by surprise is all,” she explained as she rejoined him at the table. 

 Yet, as reality began to seep back into her skin, Riza realized his promise was as impossible as it was sudden. The young man seated across from her – this newly-minted soldier – was about to offer his dream for their country to a cause that always irked her. She watched that same institution eat away at her own father in his final years until death quieted his manic search. That day in the graveyard, Roy showed her a future she could believe in, as fantastic as it seemed. She even shared her burden with him because if anyone could control the beast that consumed her father, it was him. 

 She could feel his gentle gaze searching hers for an answer. With every fiber of her being, she wanted to guard that promise close to her heart and wear it proudly – a golden star on a gossamer chain. Yet, she heard the rumors of what happened at the front – everyone had. Ishval was inked across every newspaper and hung in the air of every neighborhood tavern, turning it bitter. All she could imagine was that star falling across the desert sky, only to be extinguished by the sand. To Riza, love was a very different beast than fire.

 “But… you leave tomorrow…” she nearly whispered. 

 Roy leaned back in his chair and shook his head. “I should’ve told you!” he responded brightly, “I’m not going straight to the front. It’s technically classified, but I’m being transferred to Fort Briggs for further training and team building.”

 “Fort Briggs?” gasped Riza, yet inside, she breathed a sigh of relief. 

 Roy’s gaze drifted to the snowy Central night lurking just outside the window of Riza’s flat. 

 “Yes!” he replied, “I need to start building a team to support me after I’m promoted. Using my time there with other State Alchemists to toughen up won’t hurt either.” 

Riza said nothing as Roy directed his attention back to her, his expression the same ever so idealistic one she witnessed in the cemetery only months before.

“Did you know King Bradley himself attended my certification ceremony,” he beamed, “I’m the youngest ever!” 

Riza couldn’t help but giggle at his child-like excitement. Roy’s grin quickly twisted into a boyish pout. 

 “Don’t laugh!” Riza shook her head, “I’m only joking! There’s no need to doubt how proud I am.” 

 Roy casually whipped his silver pocket watch out of his pants pocket to check the time. 

“Still,” he said, “There is more research and practice to be done.” 

He suddenly rose from the table and grabbed his coat as he headed down a narrow hallway to the flat’s front door. 


Riza rushed after him. With one hand on the doorknob, Roy reached into his coat pocket with the other to withdraw a small piece of folded paper before pressing it into Riza’s hand. 

“I always thought it was a little strange that even after years apart as we run in wildly different directions, we still manage to find each other again.” 

Riza said nothing as her cheeks went crimson. 

“I know I say big things sometimes, but a promise is a promise.” Roy whispered as he leaned in and a gave Riza a gentle peck on the lips. 

“Write me, will you?” he asked as he opened the door. 

Riza nodded and gave him a gentle smile. As he walked down the dimly lit hallway of Riza’s building, Roy shoved his hands deep in his coat pockets and shook his head. 

‘How lucky am I?’ he thought, ‘To know a girl with the universe in her eyes, and life blossoming in her smile.’

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 5

A/N: Thanks to the anon who requested this I know i was supposed to be for a short drabble ask thing but I couldn’t stop writing (which was a wow to me), so I decided that I may as well just post it as a single Imagine. Also, this is my first non Pietro one! look who’s branching out. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy

Pairing: Scarletvision

Warnings: suicidal thoughts, grief

Request: Wanda for the character and scream. I love your writing btw:)



If it wasn’t for her scream, Vision would have never found Wanda.

If it wasn’t for her scream, maybe Wanda would have gotten what she wanted.

Her brother was dead, what could this world possibly offer her now? Pietro and Wanda were born together, wasn’t it only right for them to die together as well?

So when she felt a pair of arms cradle her and begin to take her from her doomed home, a daze laced with both anger and defeat fell over Wanda.


“You saved me” Wanda said, though it sounded more like a question.

“Yes I did, Miss Maximoff. It was my honor” Vision replied

“I did not say thank you” Wanda seethed as she exited the helicarriers medical bay, leaving Vision in the room alone.


It had been two months since her brothers death and Wanda had not become any better. Besides the few missions Steve permitted her to be on, Wanda only left her room for food; and even then most days she found her meals at her door, something she was extremely thankful of.

“She needs to come out of it soon. How many times have we even seen her since she joined this team? On the field she can barely stay concentrated enough to defend herself, let alone civilians” Natasha said.

“I agree, but we can’t necessarily tell her to snap out of it” Steve replied

Since their interaction in the helicarrier, Vision had only seen Wanda once. He didn’t understand how emotion could control and defeat and individual so intensely, but he knew that he didn’t like it.

Placing some rice and fish onto a plate, Vision began his routine walk to Wanda’s room.

Wanda was going crazy, she was sure of it. She couldn’t stay in this room a moment longer, but the fear of leaving always tugged her to stay. “They wouldn’t understand” her mind reasoned. She was convinced of that. But she was past the point of caring. She needed to leave.

Putting on her coat, Wanda began her descent outside, a place she hadn’t been in what felt like years. Opening her door, she was met by a surprise. Gasping, Wanda instinctively stepped backwards.

“Oh! I’m sorry Miss Maximoff, I didn’t mean to frighten you. I was just here to give you your dinner” Vision replied

“I-um…its fine.” Wanda quietly replied

“Where are you going?”


“Oh, well in that case, may I join you? I’ve found some very nice places around the base, I’ll be glad to show you”

“No, I want to be alone. Thank you for bringing me my meal though…?’ Wanda drawled. Hoping the man, if he even could be called that, would take the hint of giving his name.

“They call be Vision” the ‘man’ replied


“It’s nice to meet you officially, Wanda”

Nodding, Wanda quickly began to walk towards the door that would lead her to her destination. After a few moments of walking, Wanda realized that she didn’t know where that was. Being in her room for weeks on end didn’t really give her the opportunity to learn the lay of the land

“Do you need help finding your way Wanda?” Vision asked

begrudgingly, Wanda nodded.

“Lets go then” Vision smiled


It had been four months since her brothers death and Wanda was beginning to feel like she could finally breathe. There wasn’t a day she didn’t think about Pietro, but her thoughts were now more fond than of sorrow when she thought of her twin.

Since that day in the hallway, Wanda and Vision had formed a great bond. Wanda’s complexity and Vision’s calmness had drawn them both together perfectly.

Wanda wasn’t anywhere near better, but at least she was getting there.

Without Pietro, Vision was quickly taking on the roles her bother used to play. Nothing could ever compare or replace her brother, his imprint on her was much too large to fill and she intended to keep it that way. But Vision had quickly become her person to laugh with, her person to talk with, and most importantly her friend.

As time passed by, Wanda began to think of the day half her soul died, and half got saved. She remembered the daze, the pain, andthe crippling question as to why. She always thought that Vision almost owed her an apology for not letting her die. But time had passed, and slowly Wanda was beginning to see the bigger picture. Some days she still wishes that she could’ve gone with Pietro, but through time she began to understand why her living wasn’t such a bad thing. Her brother died in the service in saving lives, and everyday Wanda got to do the same. It felt fitting, that she was living out her brothers final wish, making the impact that both twins for years has aspired to have. She was honoring her brothers memory, while making new ones for her own. If Vision hadn’t of saved her, not only would have her life been lost, but the thousands of others that she had saved since that day. The world was bigger than anything she could have previously imagined, and she was glad to be apart of it.

Tentatively, Wanda knocked on the bedroom door. After a few moments, it opened to reveal Vision.

“Wanda” he smiled at her, opening his door further to invite her in.

Wanda smiled back and entered the room.

“It’s 3:00 in the morning, are you alright?” he asked

“I’m fine. I just needed to tell you something”


“I’d like to thank you” Wanda said quietly

“Thank me for what exactly?” Vision replied

“I hated that you did it for the longest time, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and well, um..thank you for saving my life” Wanda said, eyes never leaving Visions. “I’m beginning to understand things better now,I suppose. I miss Pietro more than words can say, but my world does not end because he is gone. I get to carry the torch for both of us if you will. and I-I…well, thank you. Thank you for your friendship as well” she continued quietly, she found it extremely awkward to talk about things like this.

Vision face quickly turned from surprise to a warm smile. He had expected never to hear a thank you, not that he much cared or even wanted one. He just wanted Wanda to be okay, at first as his team member and now as his friend, and he was joyed to hear that she was overcoming the grief that had been consuming her. Human emotions could be horrible, as Wanda had shown him. But they also could be beautiful and empowering, as she had also showed him.

After a few moments, Vision again grinned at his friend .

“My honor” he replied  

Imagine Sam’s Mouth...

Words: 1361 (tis a little longer than its predecessor…)
: Oral Sex (female receiving)
AN: Welp, Imagine Sam’s Hands…’ was quite popular, and so… this happened. 
Again, it was an attempt to torture someone, however, it makes a nice change in that it was actually @poemwriter98 who dared me to make her go scarlet in her class… so I did. So you can all go blame her for this!
I think I’ve written this in a slightly different way to the Hands one, but oh well. I hope you guys enjoy this!!!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!! 


He started out by gently surprising you as he ghosted his lips over your shoulder and up the side of your neck, making you shiver slightly as his breath tickled your skin.

Then, as you tilted your head to the side, he started nibbling along the base of your jaw until he had you keening for more. Grinning, he gently tugged on the lobe of your ear with his, relishing in the blissful sigh that escaped your throat.

Once he had you facing him, he teased you, his lips mere millimeters from yours as his hands started sliding your shirt upwards, his fingertips leaving goosebumps in their wake as they brushed against you.

He refused to kiss you, always keeping just out of reach whenever you tried to capture his mouth with your own, making you whine softly in disappointment.

His hazel eyes sparkled with mischief as he discarded your shirt, and they remained locked with your own as his tongue darted out and wetted his lips.

As he leant forward, you once again reached up to try and kiss him, but he simply chuckled and ducked his head, nuzzling against your neck.

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Taming the Rage

TITLE: Taming The Rage

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Odin tells Loki that he has to marry and its you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he chuckles knowing all the duties you will have to perform as his princess making you cringe. He isn’t fond of you either but he can’t help looking forward to the challenge.

Chapter #18
Author: Lokilover9

That day Erika was supposed to have babysat Junior but her wounds prevented it. After spending the day reading and relaxing in her room, she got another visitor that evening. Jane showed up with two glasses and a bottle of wine.

“Well, this is a nice surprise!”
“I hope so, are you up for it?”
“Are you kidding me? Although I hope you brought an opener?”

Jane smiled pulling it out of her pocket.

“Sorry, I couldn’t come today.”

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More Then Just A Freindship

Title: More Then Just A Friendship

Ship: Karma x Nagisa

Anime: Assassination Classroom/ Ansatsu Kyoshitsu 

Words: 1856

Nagisa’s POV

    “He’s staring at you again Nagisa-kun.” Kaede-kun, my green haired friend said. “He is? I didn’t notice.” I lied. I looked over to the red headed trouble maker to see him focusing on Okuda-kun. “No, he’s looking at Okuda-kun, not me.” ‘don’t get my hopes up.'  I looked down at the floor, a blush rising on my face. “Hey Nagisa-kun!” Karma said walking over. “Whats up Karma-kun?” I replied trying to hide my blush. 'I was wondering if you got any new information on Kuro-Sensei.“ He leaned over my desk and looked at my note book. I quickly flipped to the page of notes on Kuro-Sensei and set it down on my desk. "Well, I learned that his favorite sweet is chocolate. I was thinking that if we paired it with his favorite adult magazines, we could make a trap.” I said showing Karma-kun my idea. “Or we could tease him and try to get him to hit one of us, so then he will have to die.” He said with a blood-lust look in his eyes. “Um, Karma-kun, I don’t think that would be a good idea. He could really hurt yo- one of us.” I stumbled. He grinned, “That’s why I would make sure that it would be me that he hit. Or are you worried about me?” “I’m always worried about you, thats what friends do.” I smiled at him. "Thanks Nagisa-kun!“ He said smiling back.

   "Nagisa -kun, you have to stop flirting with Karma-kun.” Kurahashi-kun said. I was taken back at her statement. “What? He’s just my friend, I’m not flirting with him.” I said looking away. “And besides, if I was why would you care?” I asked. “Because Okuda-kun has a very big crush on him. She plans on telling him at lunch.” She said. “Oh really? I hope it turns out well!” I said trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible. “Oh. I didn’t expect you to say that honestly.” She said sounding surprised. “What did you expect me to say?” I asked, curiosity peaking my mind. “Oh! Nothing!” she said skipping off. Okay?…

Lunch time ~

   I looked over at Karma and saw that Okuda was with him. She was looking at her feet, probably telling him. “Hey Nagisa, how do you think its going?” Kaede-kun asked, looking over at Karma and Okuda. “Probably pretty well, Okuda is a nice girl.” I said. I looked over at the two again, to see that Okuda had a tear rolling down her cheek. She turned towards us and started walking. “Nagisa-kun, why do you have to ruin this for me?” She said as she put her head in her hands. “What? I didn’t do anything!” I said getting glares from the girls in the class. “He said he liked someone else, someone he trusts a lot, so I assumed that it was you he was talking about. He trusts you the most.” she said still crying. “I am pretty sure he has friends outside of school, it couldn’t possibly be me!” I said rubbing the back of my neck as a blush was rising to my face. “Uh huh, sure Nagisa-kun.” Kataoka-kun said.

  The rest of the day I was quiet. I had no idea that this was going to happen, but I still feel like it was my fault. When the bell rang I was the first one out of the class, trying my best to avoid everyone. As I started walking down the hill I heard my name being called. “Nagisa-kun! Nagisa-kun wait up!” Karma said as he was running to catch up with me. “Did you know that Okuda-kun asked me out at lunch today? She talked to you afterwards, what did she say?” He asked, placing his hands on the back of his head. “Oh, she just said that you liked someone else. She seemed very upset.” I said looking at him. “Well, I did turn her down, but I still want to be friends with her. She could make some really fun prank supplies.” He giggled. “Yeah I guess so. But who do you like then?” I asked. “Hmm, that’s a good question. Did you still need help on the math homework?” He avoided the question, but I still need help. “Yeah actually. I just don’t understand exponents.” “Come over then, we can do the homework together." A blush crept its way on to my cheeks. "Oh, um okay!”

    We got to his house and set down our stuff. “You want a water or something?” He asked, getting up to go to the kitchen. “Um, a water please.” I replied pulling out my math homework. Once he returned he sat down next to me, placing the water on the table. He was looking into my eyes as I was looking at my homework. He ran his hand through the ends of my pig tails and turned his head to the side. I shivered and blushed. “You know Kagisa-kun, I really like that you went with pigtails. It suits you. Although I like it whens its down too, I can run my hands through it easier.” He pulled out the hair ties holding my hair in its usual style out, and let my hair fall down. I wasn’t allowed to cut my hair. When I was born my mom wanted a girl, not a boy, so she tried her best to raise me as a girl. She even puts me in dresses sometimes. He ran his fingers through my hair again, making me shiver. “You know how you asked who I like?” He asked. He stopped running his fingers through my hair and left his hand at my neck. “Y-yeah.” I studdered. “It’s someone who I trust very much, and the only person who has been to my house.” He said. He moved his hand from my neck to my chin, pulling my face towards his. “I trust you very much Nagisa-kun.” He pressed his lips against mine, pulling me closer with his other hand. I stiffened up, not realizing what was happening at first. After a few seconds, I melt into the kiss. He moved his hand from my chin and started running it through my hair. He tugged at it slightly and I let out a soft moan. I slid my toung across his lip, asking for entrance, which he gladly let me in. We fought for dominance, which he obviously won. He explored every inch of my mouth, making sure not to leave one part untouched. We broke away to catch our breath. He set me on to his lap and resumed kissing me. This felt so wrong, but so right at the same time. I felt bad for taking him away from Okuda, but I have wanted this for so long. Karma moved his hands and put them on my hips, moving them so it grinded against his slightly. I moaned. He broke away and looked at me with clouded eyes. “I hope you know who I like now. Also, if we don’t stop now we wont get any work done.” “But its not that- Oh.” I said realizing when he ment. I got off of his lap and sat back down in front on my homework. He pulled me back in for another kiss. Lets just say that we didn’t get that much work done last night.

The Next Day ~   

    “Nagisa-kun! Karma-kun is staring at you again! Do you know?” Kaede asked. “Um, I have no idea why!” I said blushing. “Oi Nagisa-Kun, you still having trouble with your homework?” He asked walking over. “Um, a little bit of trouble. I can just ask Kuro-” “If you want you can come over.” He interrupted. “He went over to your house?” Kaede said surprised. “Yeah, he was having trouble with the math homework. So I helped him out. Is that a bad thing?” He asked with a smirk. “No, not at all.” Kaede glared at Karma, but he just returned it with a smile. “So you gunna co- woah Nagisa-kun, your face is all red. You feeling okay?” Karma asked as he placed his hand to my forehead. “U-um I feel f-fine thank you. Oh and sure.” I said pulling away from his hand. “Then I’ll see you tonight, Nagisa-kun.” He said. He swung his hips as he walked to his seat. 

   “There is love in the air between two of our students!! Nufnufnufnufnuf.” Kuro-Sensei said as he flew into the room. “What are you talking about Kuro-Sensei?” I asked. “I saw two of our students together last night and this morning! It was so cute!! Although, I don’t think that one of them is from here.” Kuro-Sensei said. “WHAT?!?!” The whole class screamed. “Oh yes but it’s true! It was a short girl with long blue hair! Well, I think it was blue. Nufnufnufnuf.” Kuro-Sensei said, his body going pink. My face instantly turned red. 'I don’t look that much like a girl’ I thought. “Well who was it Kuro-Sensei?” Rio asked. “It was me.” Karma said. I felt my face get redder, if that was even possible. “Really? So that’s the girl!” Okuda said. “What is she like Karma-kun?” Sugino asked. “Yeah! If she got you she must be very special. Tell us Karma-kun!” Rio said. “Well, she’s very nice, and  puts up with a lot of my teasing. I would let her help me with anything, from assassination to just pranks. She is very observant too. Her hair is really soft too. I’m lucky that she didn’t reject me when I made a move” He said scratching the back of his neck. “What does she look like though? Does she have big boobs?” Okajima asked. Karma threw his pencil at Okajima. “No she doesn’t, but that doesn’t matter. She usually keeps her hair up in two cute pigtails. She has light blue hair that frames her face perfectly. She also has really pretty blue eyes and is pretty short. Most people wouldn’t give her a second glance, but she steal my breath every time I look at her.” Karma finished. He looked over at me and chuckled. “Really? She sounds gorgeous!  Your going to have to introduce us to her! She sounds wonderful!” Kaede said. suddenly Karma stood up and walked over to me. He leaned down and kissed me. I felt my face go red again and I was dying of embarrassment. “WHAT?!?! NAGISA-KUN?!?!” The class screamed. “Everyone, I would like to introduce you to my boyfriend, Shiota Nagisa.” He said as he slid his arms in the front of my neck and put his head on top of mine. I couldn’t help but smile. “Aww you guys are so cute! Nufnufnufnufnuf.” Kuro-Sensei said. “BUT NAGISA-KUN YOU SAID THAT YOU WOULD THINK THAT KARMA-KUN AND OKUDA-KUN WOULD BE GREAT TOGETHER AND THAT YOU DIDN’T LIKE KARMA!" Kurahashi yelled. "No, I never said that. I said that I hoped it turned out well.” I said and turned my head down. “Its no use now. Let them be happy! They are so cute!” Okuda said. “Congratulations Nagisa-Kun and Karma-kun! Nufnufnufnuf.”

Holiday Photo

Summary: A family photo at the Uchiha’s becomes an unexpected event. 

Sasuke finds Sakura in the back of the house, holed up in one of the empty rooms and surrounded by moving boxes that they still haven’t had time to go through yet to sort. She quickly glances up from the floor as her head pokes out from behind a stack of boxes. 

“What are you doing?” he asks as he walks up to her.

Sakura is seated on the floor with several photo albums in front of her. “Ah, I picked up some of Sarada’s baby photos from when she was born and was looking for an empty album to put them into. Then I came upon this.” She had a hand on one album and he recognizes it immediately as his old photo album from when he was eight. It was probably the last photo album with photos of him and his family.

She smiles as she flips through the pages. “Your clan was so big. I didn’t realize there was so many people…” she murmurs as she pauses on a page and lightly touches the photo on that page, her hand grazing gently on the plastic film. “I wish I could have met them,” she says softly.

He kneels down next to her as he looks at the photo. It was of him standing besides his mother, father, and brother. He feels a slight pang in his heart when he sees the photo but it quickly goes away as he glances at Sakura. 

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Bloomtale - Chapter 8 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 8 is up!!! Finally!! After a week of hiatus! Yay! I hope y’all enjoy this chapter <3

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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Part 1


Members : All of BTS

Genre: Pretty much everything fluff, angst - whatever it is Including smut of course

Word Count: 1.622


While I am facing the cracked screen of my phone still laying on the ground someone picks it up.

When look up to face who picked it…

I look at the small hand and follow to see the owner. When I recognize those very familiar sharp shaped dark eyes looking at me a wave of shock hits through.

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Closed || A Fluffy Christmas

Continued from “Cupcakes”


It was less then a week till Christmas and the new apartment was finally unpacked. The last of the boxes were emptied and tossed leaving them with a still very empty apartment. Steve was home on holiday alone one day when he noticed the rest of New York and the tower was decorated for Christmas and their oversized apartment was not. Maybe a few decorations would help fill up the place? They were saving money on rent, so he went out and found one of the last smaller Christmas trees at a nearby stand and hauled it up to their 87th floor living space. The entire tine Steve was trimming the tree with lights, he was wracking his brain on what to get Sharon. They have been living together for over a year which is where he got the idea for the only two ornaments on the tree. He had made them a couple months ago with clay; one was an imprint of their first apartment key and the second was their current apartment key each labeled with what the imprint was and dates. He thought it was creative and a nice way to show their memories together. But he still didnt know what to get the love of his life for Christmas.

By the time night started to cast its shadow over Manhattan, Steve had the tree strung with lights, two ornaments and some extra pine across the fireplace mantle. He could hear the elevator rising and he turned with a smile to greet his fiancé. “Welcome home!” He announced as he went to meet her in the kitchen. “Surprise!”


one year - a forever hold your peace drabble

Birdy was quiet that morning when she entered into Harry’s flat, closing the door behind her as she crept inside. It was early, enough so that the birds were still chirping to welcome to new day. Normally she would have been groggy and buried underneath her duvet until her alarm forced her up but this particular day was quite a special one to Birdy – in fact, it had been one exact year to the day since she and Harry decided that they enjoyed each other’s presences enough to put an official title on it. Boyfriend and girlfriend, specifically.

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Kitty cookies || Event


Halloween was quite the interesting festivity. She felt like she could understand the appeal much better here in Akounri than back in Japan. Most of the time it felt like a excuse from Suzu to dress her up in weird ways… but here there was so much to do! Sweets, and seasonal things and a party!

Always willing to help if requested, Sonico accepted working at the party. They needed someone to take care of the ‘cookie making’ table and she seemed like the right person for it.

She would hand over the cookies and explain how to use the different decoration things to whoever wanted an extra explanation… But now she had nothing to do. A little break. Walking around the table as if to make sure everyone was having fun, she stopped when she saw a little girl making some adorable cookies.

“Hello hello~ Those are some really adorable cookies you are making. Could that one be a kitty?” she asked curiously, a warm smile on her lips “I love the little whiskers~ ”

aaaahhhh, what a sweet episode. It was everything I was hoping it would be. Plus some! It went by so fast, I’m going to need to watch it a few times to catch some details.

So from what we’ve seen, Sapphires are rare and seem to have the role of a seer. I would guess her rare status is what makes her worthy of being an aristocrat. Rubies are common soldiers and seem to act as bodyguards and seems its common for them to fuse to fight.

I was certainly not expecting to see Blue Diamond! That was a nice surprise. Pretty much confirms the Four Diamonds theory (which was pretty much confirmed anyway) plus gives us some insight into how Diamonds were regarded. And she had a Pearl! Also, crushing gems seems to be the standard punishment for acting out of your station (for “common” Gems anyway)

Also, officially confirmed from what we learned in the Guide to the Crystal Gems, when Gems of the same type fuse they just make a bigger, stronger version of the same Gem. They’re also the same person, and all individual Gems of the same type are considered the same person (and probably are unless they’re given the opportunity to develop a distinct self) so the Fusion they make feels like themselves just bigger. We also learned from the guide that when Garnet formed, it was extremely unusual for Gems of different types to fuse. I had no idea their first fusion would be so public

I liked how mashed up Garnet’s first look is, reflecting how sudden the fusion was. Its very mismatched and uneven and I think it works really well for how ‘new’ the experience is and works with how much more balanced Garnet’s appearance is now. Its really neat

Rose Quartz and Pearl showed up, just like I hoped! And as we know, they were the first Crystal Gems (and seemingly only Crystal Gems until Garnet joined). There’s something interesting to me that initially there were only two rebels and they gradually gained more (I guess that’s how it always is, though). I like how Garnet described Pearl as “terrifying”, I’m reminded of the Guide to the Crystal Gems where Garnet comments that Pearl was “always a force on the battlefield” and it makes sense that Garnet first meets Pearl when she’s mowing down enemies at the Sky Arena (also, in “Sworn to the Sword”, Pearl mentions to Sky Arena was where the first battles for Earth took place. I’m guessing that was one of them). I also think it was really cute how both Rose and Pearl grin at Garnet when Rose says “Welcome to Earth!”

Its interesting how Ruby seems to still have the inclination to devalue herself, presumably because she was a common Gem. Like in “Jail Break” when Sapphire asks if she was hurt Ruby says “who cares?” and its similar to her attitude when Sapphire saved her in this episode (making herself a fugitive to do so)

I’m probably forgetting something. There were tons of great stuff in this episode. But these are my thoughts for now


MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Oh, Renren-chan, you are such a great artist, I am always happy when I see your art <3  I wish you every success, joy and happiness! It is not very X-masy, but I know you like this couple, so.. Take them! (in my mind it is like Tori is summer and Sans is winter, but you can interpret it however and whatever you want :D) (I’ll also “enclose” background and line version of this file in case you like it more)

OHMYGOSHHHH ;A;;; Waaaah, you didn’t have to do this! ohgosh, this is such a nice surprise;; thank you so much! <33 I hope you have a very merry Christmas too, full of warmth and good food and presents~ Thank you so much for drawing this for me, you sweet person youuuu! I love it! <33

here is day six on the day i should be posting day twelve this is going well

anyway i hope you’re having the most wonderful christmas (and a wonderful thursday if you don’t celebrate it) and i am off to eat my own body weight in christmas food

all i want for christmas is you

day six - naughty or nice?

Clarke was sitting cross legged on the floor of her parents living room, watching as gifts were exchanged, and the mound of wrapping paper on the floor grew, and grew. 

Her parents always hosted Christmas - growing up it had just been her own family, and the Jaha’s, but over the years, as they’d gotten into relationships and made friends and grown up, Christmas Day had expanded to include Bellamy, and Octavia, and Lincoln, and Raven, and Wells’ girlfriend Harper.

She leaned against the edge of the couch, and watched as Raven ripped open her present from Clarke’s parents. The Griffins had practically adopted Raven over the years, to the point where Clarke’s best friend even had her own room in Clarke’s old childhood home.

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