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“I struggle with what’s out there in the sense of faith, and what am I devoted to. I sometimes literally wake up, or have trouble getting to sleep, because I suddenly am ruminating, like, ‘What the fuck am I doing? Why am I doing what I do?’” 

“It’s all work-related, what I hope for myself in terms of a fuller life. Is life just going to be a series of movies? Am I devoting my life to fiction? Those questions about purpose, and what is purpose – I think about that stuff a lot.”

-  Joel Edgerton 


these three looked like they were about to drop an album so i figured i would have a little fun with them hahaha

Track 01. I’m Miserable and Everything’s a Wreck

[from this set]

Jealousy Games 01

Originally posted by jikookdetails

Description: You decide to play a game of push and pull with your ex Jungkook, bringing Jimin along for the ride. 

Pairing: JungkookxReaderxJimin

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.4k

Warnings: breath play, dom!Jimin, lots and lots of filth.

A/N: This is chapter one of… well, I don’t know. @ellieljade and I just keep brainstorming more and more for this sucker. To the point of us joking about finishing this when we’re in our 90′s….. Anyway. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be working on part two for Room for Dessert and The Guest House soon.

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so its christmas now

(This banner is shitty I Know but I have no access to photoshop rn so I literally made this in Paint) Hi friends! I just hit 500 followers ? Thank you all so much! I can’t believe I made 500 people press a button. wow. So yeah here’s a lil follow forever with my lovely mutuals, ily all!! My favourite blogs are bolded and my friends are italicized! <3

I’m really sorry if I missed anybody

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Fragments - Prologue/Preview

Word Count: 422

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None for now

A/N: This is my new Dean Series. It’s based on This Gif Blurb and I’m hoping I do it justice. The title may change. It’s a working title right now. If you’d like to be tagged you can add yourself Here

Fragments Masterlist

“That was amazing.” You laid your head on Dean’s chest, catching your breath while he ran his fingers through your hair. You pressed kisses to his tattoo, nuzzling against him. This was your Heaven. Just the two of you living your lives together like you should have. Nothing fancy.

“I love you.” Dean murmured into your hair, trailing his fingertips up and down your spine.

“Love you too.” You whispered back, nuzzling yourself further into him, pressing every bit of skin you could against his while his ministrations lulled you to sleep.

You woke up outside in the dark, face down in the wet grass. You were dressed in a flannel shirt with jeans and well-worn boots. The flannel was slightly torn and underneath was a black Led Zeppelin t-shirt with what looked like a dried blood- stain on the chest.

You pushed yourself up, wiping the grass from your face and clothes and looked around. You were on high alert. Any sound in the area made you twitchy and jumpy, like something was out to get you. When you were able to steady yourself on your feet, you did the one thing that made any sense, you ran. You ran through the bushes and the trees, letting them hit you and cut you. You ran until you couldn’t breathe anymore and collapsed on the ground, gasping for air and crying, trying to figure out where you were and how the hell you got here.

“Are you alright?” You jumped at the new voice and turned around, collapsing to the ground on your back and scooting backwards on your elbows. “It’s ok. I’m a friend.” You took a good look at the person speaking. She didn’t look very threatening. She looked sweet, helpful even. She was a woman with long, blonde hair wearing nothing but a white nightgown and no shoes. She looked just as lost as you felt.

“No.” You breathed. “I don’t know how I got here.”

“I don’t know how I got here either. We’ll figure this out, ok?” She leaned down, offering her hand and you took it willingly, letting her help you up. “My name is Mary. What’s yours?” You opened your mouth to tell her your name and stopped immediately when nothing came to your mind. You kept searching your mind for anything, but there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. You looked back up into her eyes, swallowing hard and shaking your head, trying to hold back your panic and your tears.

“I – I don’t know.”

Fragments - Part 1

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moodboard: andy flynn.
➝ generation one

ok kids…

sims moodboard challenge by @aandidas

i made this mood board for my sim, andy flynn, originally just for fun but then i thought how cool it would be if other people did this with their sims and so i figured this would make for an interesting challenge! :)

rules: put together a mood board using at least six images for the sim most associated with your blog (simself, legacy sim, character, etc.) and then tag more people to do it. {tips for making a moodboard here}

i tag: @keeksim @tinybittoxic @winterbjorn @simmpler @shyestsims @voidcrittersandplumbobs @ciruelabob @threelittleducks @paragon-polygon @cat-nerd-sims @sandy-sims @dazedpxls @seabubblee @celestitesims @evvvvvve  :) {of course this is just for fun and if you really don’t want to do this, don’t sweat it~!}

anonymous asked:

To all Ains, did you ever try doing an activity done by humans which is about writing down a person's personality/traits that you think they have to improve or lessen? I'm interested in how do you guys specifically think of each other so I brought it up. I hope it's not too much work q-q

Arme Thaumaturgy: A lone wolf perfectionist. Realist. Harsh on others but perhaps the most harsh on himself. Agonized by his sense of responsibility but hides his feelings well enough to be left alone about it. Tries not to think about things he has no control over, and only focus on things that he can control. Needs to relax a little.

Erbluhen Emotion: Optimist, with procrastinating tendencies. Can’t handle silence or awkward situations full of tension. Carpe Diem type. Seems to be fully aware of situations and others emotions, but pretends to be an idiot to lighten the mood. Needs to calm down.

Apostasia: Nihilist. Intentions are questionable. Needs to care more, especially for himself.

Base Ain: I wish he’d take my path.

Arme Thaumaturgy: The perfect tsukkomi to my boke.

Apostasia: Nice hair, but needs to brush it more often.

Base Ain: Spends way too much time with Erbluhen Emotion.

Erbluhen Emotion: Needs to care more about the mission at hand.

Apostasia: N/A

Base Ain: Idiot #1

Arme Thaumaturgy: Idiot #2

Erbluhen Emotion: Idiot #3

anonymous asked:

You previously made a post about how you easily made money online but I can't find the post, can you say again please because i'm in need of money!!

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foochiehoochie  asked:

matt's armor looks so close to the mystery "galra" keith saved when they were in the weblum ay ayyyy???? the colors are basically the same im not seeing anyone on tumblr talk about this what do you think 0.0

the second i saw the post i thought the same thing… but i went and looked it up and the armour’s a bit different

so i don’t think it was matt unless matt has like… an array of galra armour lol i really wanted it to be him too but it doesn’t look that way to me.

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I’m at this convention in Tennessee. We were waiting in line for gelato in one of the hotel’s shops.

This girl had at least 20+ people in line and I think she was the only one working at this shop.

I hope she’s doing well and gets a good paycheck for that. (She asked me if the line was behind me and when I told her yes, she looked so stressed.) I hope she gets a well deserved break.