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hey what genders are sylveon and glaceon anyway?

okay now this is definitely one of my most frequently asked asks that i get, and now i thought it was time to finally answer and put this question to rest

so here i made a drawing that shows off the differences between how i draw a male and female sylveon and glaceon

so now if you just compare these to the sylveon and glaceon that appear frequently on this blog…

now as you can see it should be OBVIOUS as to what genders sylveon and glaceon are!

i hope this helps and clears up any confusion!

Imagine being mute and Daryl saving you from Shane's advances


(Wooo Daryl :3 and shame on you Shane -_- lol sorry I made Shane an ass but that’s the request XD so hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

From the start of the outbreak, you found yourself being part of a group that had bonded over while stuck in the traffic.

Despite having difficulty communicating with them, as you were born mute, they had welcomed you and had found different ways to talk to you.

Over the time, you had grown close to Daryl, as he would often offer you help with whatever it is that you needed and just felt like he oddly got along with you a lot.

When he first met you, he was clueless about you being mute and simply thought you were quiet and someone who liked to keep to yourself.

He didn’t want to bother you with what might be some rude questions, so he just kept it to himself until one night by the campfire, he finally figured it out.

He notice how he had made you laugh but as no sound would come out, he forgot himself and asked you honestly, only to get an answer from the others around.


Since, he felt even more attached to you and would do all sorts of thing to keep you safe. He had even taken the habit of learning sign language from you just to be able to understand you even more.

Although, he would be confused and just straight up be clumsy, it all made you smile to see his efforts and just as him you felt like you wanted to be closer to him.

You had even taught him something you had never had the habit to do for anyone else but your older brother, the sign you had both made up for “I trust you”.

You put your hand to his chest to feel his heartbeat and with your finger simply crossed an x on him and tapped three times for each of the words.

After explaining to him in your way how special it was, he caught onto it’s meaning and teared up with a big smile.

“You’re silly…Trusting me? You really feel that way?”

You let out a smile and nodded at him. Putting your hand to his, you did it one more time, making him grab your wrist to truly understand the meaning.

He pulled your hand away and reached over to do the same.

It didn’t make you feel uncomfortable whatsoever and neither did it him as to you both, it was the meaning behind the gesture that mattered.

“And I trust you as well…Y/N…”

He looked into your eyes after it and suddenly realized how he had been holding your other hand and got embarrassed about it.

You noticed how he changed and simply shook your head at him. It made him ruffle your hair jokingly and say, “Don’t shake your head at me…You get embarrassed too sometimes…I see you…”

As your smile came back, he laughed along with you and you both stayed by the fire for a little while before heading to your tents.


As you sat there, smiling, someone else has had his eyes on you for a while. From his tent, Shane had witness everything and seemed to be particularly interested into seeing you being so casual about a man putting his hand to your chest.

It didn’t matter that it wasn’t sexual, he only saw it as an opportunity that he himself could have.

After Rick has introduced himself to all of you, Lori had dumped and pushed him away from her life and it just devastated him. He needed someone for a while and seeing you so comfortable around a man, gave him ideas.


With what had happened at the CDC and to most of your cars, you all traveled along the road to find a better place to keep you safe for the moment.

The weather was hot and the sun was starting to set, making Daryl move out to go get something to eat.

He quietly parted away from all of you and although you would want to follow him, he signaled you that he’d be back soon enough.

You nodded and with that, you were left with the others to help set up the camp. Suddenly, you felt Lori tapping your shoulder and as you turned to her, she kindly signaled you to help find some mushroom for the late dinner.

She explained herself that she had to stay by Carl’s side for the while as he had gotten sick. You nodded, understanding her reason and took the bucket she handed.


You walked further away from the camp and carefully searched for whatever was edible, really.

You touched the ground to feel whatever you could in the grass and eventually got on your hands and knees to pick up the goods you found.

Without noticing, you strayed further from the camp, wanting to completely fill up your bucket. You heard some rusting and crackling of leaves here and there but simply didn’t put too much thought into it.

At some point, the noise grew closer and made you turn your head to check around. Nothing. You kept searching for a moment and heard it all again. You felt like leaving but as you turned around, Shane appeared in front of you.

It made you jumped but only served to make him chuckle. Taking a few deep breaths, you managed to “ask” him, as to what he is doing here.

He simply shrugged and titled his head to the side as it still made him laugh to see you. You were wearing shorts, your shirt inside your flannel was tight enough to give him an idea of your body and the fact that you were mute, made it perfect for what he had thought of doing to you.

Far away, from any prying eye, he knew he could finally make you his and probably even hurt Lori while at it.

With you signalling him your question, he decided to not understand anymore and just hinted at you as to what will come to you.

“I’m sorry, Y/N…I don’t get what you mean…”

He got closer as he said those words and made you back away from him. You knew something was off and strange about him and couldn’t let yourself down.

You responded in a more aggressive way and completely forgot about the bucket, as you let it drop to the ground, in order to use both your hands.

He kept walking towards you and claiming that he really didn’t understand your meaning. You shook your head at him and kept trying to push him away with your “words”, only to suddenly feel yourself being grabbed by the arms.

He hold you closely to him and you knew of his intentions. You panicked and tried to fight him off but it came to no use as he pinned you down to the ground.

He gripped your wrists to have more control over you and with a cocky smile, he said “Don’t fight it…I saw you with Daryl the other night…You like being touched by men, don’t you…”

He proceeded to slide his hand down your chest and instantly you tried to get him away from you.

You moved your arms as much as you could but nothing would seem to make him stop. Quite the opposite, he took it as a sign of to start kissing your neck thinking that it’ll calm you down.

You hated each instant of it and tried to butt your head against his but swiftly he’d move to the other side of your neck. His grip on you tighten when you would try to kick him off and and his lips would only suck on you harder.

You wanted to scream out but nothing but your faint strangled groan would come out. You heard him chuckle and he just had to taunt you.

“Poor you, Y/N…No one can hear you here…You’re stuck here with me…And after this…you’ll just want to be mine…”

He kept at it and you slowly felt yourself growing tired from the fight you put out and your grunts only made you breathless.

You felt his finger slide to your pants and into your panties, you were losing hope and thought of how much of a mistake you made, going so far off the tracks.

You thought as to what the others might say and think and knew he had you in the palm of his hand. With Rick being his friend and how close the others were, you didn’t think anyone would believe your side of the story and that made you tear up.


You thought it over and over and tried to forget as to what was happening. Closing your eyes, you denied it until suddenly you heard some leaves rustling again and a familiar and angry voice behind Shane.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

In that instant, you felt Shane being lifted up and saw him being pushed to the ground.

It was Daryl and you couldn’t be any happier to see him. Daryl had straddled Shane and with no hesitation he started to punch him.

He didn’t had to witness all of it to know in his heart you wouldn’t have ever agreed to this. It angered him to see you being taken advantage that way and he couldn’t believe it would’ve been someone in the group.

He started to yell at him in anger and didn’t even wait for any explanation to keep going. Blood spewed out onto him but it didn’t matter to him.

He wanted to protect you and make sure that this kind of behavior never ever happens again.

“You think you can just take advantage of her like that? What the fuck is wrong with you!Don’t! You! Ever! Fucking! Touch! Her! Again! You fucking piece of shit! Do you understand!”

He yelled and kept striking him, making sure his message was understood. He didn’t feel his cuts stinging him so much he cared more to make you feel safe.

You closed your flannel to cover yourself and backed away from him. You didn’t want to stop him at all and just let Daryl take care of it.

Relief, was the only thing you felt to see him and couldn’t had hope for better.

Finally, after Shane had passed out from all of the pain, Daryl stopped. He took some deep breaths and tried to wipe the blood away from his face, only to actually smear it all over with his hand.

He looked for you with his eyes and just felt the need to go comfort you in that moment. He knew what it felt to be that scared, to think that you’re alone in the world and no one could hear you.

He got up and opened his arms as he slowly made his way to you.

“Y/N…you’re alright? Are you okay?”

You could hear and see the concern he had for you and it just made you weak. You couldn’t deny that you weren’t alright and just shook your head.

He finally got close enough to pull you in a tight embrace and you held onto his neck and shoulders.

You felt him stroke your hair and he reassured you that it’ll be okay.

“It’s alright…I’m here…Nothing’s gonna happen again…I promise…Okay…I promise…”

He pulled away to check for any injury to you and as he did, you felt your heart skip a beat and finally smiled at him.

It slightly unnerved him to see you that way and just asked you, “Why are you smiling…”

You wiped your tear away and shaking your head, you got shy from his question. You put your hand to his chest and slowly crossed on his heart before pointing onto him three times.

He understood your meaning and instantly teared up and smiled. He put his hand over yours and made it lay flat onto his chest making you fell his heart before nodding at you that he understands you.

He picked you up on your feet and just walked you back to camp, saying “Then you’ll have to trust me that from now on…I’m always going to take care of you…no more of this…”

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Hello Steph! Could you recommend some (preferably fluffy) fics where Sherlock experiments on John. I read "A Terrific Soporific" today and really liked it! So something like that?

Hi Lovely! 

Absolutely! I’m adding all kinds of versions of experimentation, so I hope these are to your liking!


  • A Terrific Soporific by antietamfalls (T, 11,269 w.) Sherlock, a long-time sufferer of insomnia, is forced to share a bed with John at a hotel while on a case. To his astonishment, he finds that spending the night next to John helps him sleep and becomes determined to maneuver himself back into John’s bed.

  • Unmapped by 221b_hound (E, 2,385 w.) – Sherlock wishes to explore more about his desires. To this end, he conducts a kissing experiment in the afternoon of Christmas Day. John is all for experiments of this nature. They are going to learn a thing or two together. Part 9 of Unkissed

  • Unrestrained by 221b_hound (E, 5,377 w.) – Another experiment in desire - it’s not just what about what Sherlock likes to experience, but what he likes to do. It turns out that it’s much more about who he likes to do it to, and the way John’s desire has become bound up with restraint. Part 11 of Unkissed

  • Thermodynamics Series by entanglednow (T to E, 16,300 w. over 4 works) – In which there’s no heating and there’s a dead owl in Sherlock’s bed. Sherlock conducts an experiment in John’s bed.

  • To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate with a Pillow by Linpatootie (G, 5,308 w.) – Sherlock wants to conduct a sleep study of sorts. John contemplates smothering him with a pillow. Part 1 of Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar Please

  • Bed-Sharing Between Flatmates by testosterone_tea (T, 5,053 w.) – 5 times Sherlock had an excuse to share John’s bed, and the one time he didn’t need one.

  • You fit me, Sherlock Holmes by orphan_account (G, 10,077 w.) – An unfortunate series of events leads to John accepting being a part of Sherlock’s study in physical intimacy. As the days pass by, John realizes he might be in for more than he bargained for. He doesn’t entirely mind.

  • Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by cypress_tree (E, 10,669 w.) – John helps Sherlock with an experiment: for an entire month, they are not allowed to touch each other and must remain at least one metre apart at all times. {{SOOOO GOOD}}

  • The Genetic Algorithm by Bitenomnom (NR, 3,786 w.) – Some problems defy the usage of cold, clean-cut linear logic. It is impossible to devise a way to take steps that ultimately lead exactly to an optimal answer. Sherlock believes John Watson is one of those problems. Part 28 of Mathematical Proof

  • Nightfall by CKLizzy (T, 8,001 w.) – Awoken by nightmares, John and Sherlock seek each other’s company at night. They find more than either of them knew they were missing. Part 1 of Solace {{more “exploring each other” than experimenting}}

  • On a Sunday Morning by SD_Ryan for jimmytiberius (G, 3,136 w.) – Sherlock has a little problem. He can’t stop obsessing about John Watson.

  • Paired Comparison Experiment Notes, Trials 1-24 by Bitenomnom  (NR, 1198 w.) – Sherlock plays footsie with John for an experiment. Continuation of The Paired Comparison Model.

  • Vatican Cameos by ALLthe-doms (T, 1k+ w., FFNet) – Quick story about the beginning of the phrase Vatican Cameos and the practice that went into perfecting it.

  • Who Else Would I Call? by Lastew (K+, 3k+ w., FFNet) – John sees Sherlock repeatedly entering a number into his phone, but when he questions Sherlock about it, Sherlock is evasive. What’s going on here?

  • The Perfect Place by SilverSmile (K+, 1K+ w., FFNet) – Sherlock attempts to find the perfect place to sleep, but his little experiment proves to be far more difficult than expected.

  • It’s an Experiment by YupThatsMySock (K+, 1k+ w., FFNet) – Sherlock kidnaps John’s jumpers for “an experiment”. John decides it’s only fair to kidnap the skull.

  • Unspoken by PipMer (G, 2770 w.) – Sherlock wanted to test a hypothesis. About John. He wanted a question answered that he couldn’t just ask, at least not under normal conditions, because John would never tell him the truth about that.

  • Last Christmas by Mazarin221b (T, 3,911w.) – That Earth-shaking revelation, then, leads to a problem, and one that Sherlock realizes should be solved quickly, before John’s dates turn into girlfriends or boyfriends, because sometimes girlfriends or boyfriends can turn into wives or husbands while your back is turned. Every time John hums happily at the mirror as he shaves, splashes on a little gift cologne Mrs. Hudson bought him for Christmas, Sherlock is drawn back to that night by the fire, and the way John’s touch had made the world stand still. {{LOVE this one. Not really “experimenting” but more “recreating a situation to make something else happen}}

  • Problematic by MrsNoggin (E, 6,164 w.) – Sherlock Holmes is fine with problems. More than fine. Problems are his job. More than his job. Problems are his life. Sherlock really wants to ask John something. Only, he’s not sure what… 


  • Manipulation by sixbynine (K+, 2k+ w. FFNet) – John Watson is not as unobservant as Sherlock thinks, nor is he above using what he knows. Even if it is just to make sure Sherlock eats and sleeps. {{John is the one experimenting in this one :D}}

  • Never Have I Ever by Hannelore-Grace (T, 2k+, FFNet) – In which the Yarders, Sherlock, and John play the time-honored drinking game. {{Everyone tries to get Sherlock drunk}}

  • A Stupid Person’s Talent by Cumberbatch Critter (T, 1K+, FFNet) – In which John tries to teach Sherlock how to ice skate.

  • It’s a Crime Scene! by Ttime42 (K, 1k+, FFNet) – John tries to coax Sherlock out of a bad mood at a crime scene. 

  • An Experiment in Empathy Series by belovedmuerto (G to T, 62 397w across 13 stories) –  In which John is an empath, Sherlock is Sherlock, and an epic bromance happens. In the aftermath of The Great Game, John creates an unexpected bond between himself and Sherlock. Now they have to learn how to deal with it. John is better at this than Sherlock is. {{I LOVE this SERIES SO MUCH.}}

  • An Experiment in Apathy Series by belovedmuerto (G to E, 28,701 w. over 13 stories, WIP) – John and Sherlock navigate their complicated relationship. I adore this series, and it feels complete where it leaves off :)


  • The Kissing Disease by cottonballz_of_death (E, 30,856w.) – John brings home a boyfriend, shocking Sherlock, who long ago gave up hope that his straight flatmate would ever take a romantic interest in him. In a bid to reconnect with John, he tries to infect himself with a “harmless” virus. Neither of them is prepared for the emotional fallout that results.

  • I’m Pretty Sure This Changes Shit by cwb (E, 7,672 w.) – Sherlock finds increasingly ridiculous ways to get John to patch him up after hurting himself.

  • Ravish Me by amalnahurriyeh (E, 10,025 w.) – Sherlock is experimenting with patterns of wear on lipstick in daily encounters. John is going to go insane.

  • The Great Sex Olympics of 221B by XistentialAngst (E, 58,611 w.) – John Watson thinks Sherlock Holmes should admit that he, Watson, is more of an expert on sex than Sherlock is. But Sherlock refuses to concede the point. He comes up with an experiment plan that will resolve the issue. The results will determine who wins the prize. But sometimes even the best thought-out scientific study has unexpected consequences.

  • The Cuddle Sutra by aceofhearts61 (G, 3,218 w.) – In which Sherlock orders the Cuddle Sutra; he and John try out some of the positions. Part 20 of A Love with No Name

  • A Study in Intimacy by doodle (T, 5,183 w.) – People don’t touch Sherlock Holmes, not like they touch other people. Then he meets John Watson.

  • 34 Minutes by bendingsignpost (T, 4,698 w.) – An experiment in eye contact.


  • Living In Fear by Lady Sam Mallory (T, 4K+, FFNet) – Missing Scene for Hounds of the Baskerville. John suffers from massive PTSD episodes upon their return from Dartmoor. {{The aftermath of Sherlock’s experiment rather than a running experiment}}

  • In The Wake by Ambikai (K+, 2k+ w. , FFNet) – After returning from Baskerville, Sherlock and John deal with the aftermath: unsure of where they sit with one another.


  • Equilibrium by augustbird (M, 12,351 w.) – At Baskerville, John is infected by a virus that turns him into a genius. But when the infection progresses into neurodegeneration, it’s a race against time to save himself. {{Sherlock’s experimenting to save John}}

  • A Symphony of Chemical Reactions by what_alchemy  (T, 2,351 w.) – Cooking’s just chemistry and time management.

  • The Engine by stitchy (T, 8,294 w.)Shortly after the events of His Last Vow, Sherlock has an opportunity to revisit the night of A Study in Pink and get some perspective on the destiny of he and John’s relationship.

  • A Quiet Murmuration by cathedral_carver (T, 4,684 w.) – Just pay me back with one thousand kisses. {{Not really “experimenting” more than “Sherlock is paying John back”. Still fantastic.}}

  • Too Visible by chappysmom (K+, 23k+ w. FFNet) – With his gift of being invisible, John has always worried about being locked away in an experimental government lab. Baskerville is quite literally John’s worst nightmare—and the hound has nothing to do with it. It’s all Sherlock’s fault, but will he realize that? Sequel to “Invisible” and “Still Invisible.” {{This was one of the first AU’s I’ve ever read, and I still love it. Read “Invisible” to make sense of this one}}

  • Experiments in Trust by oleanderhoney (T, 5k+ w., FFNet) – “I can glance at a dead body and instantly know their life, and where they work, and who their lover is, but with you I can’t tell what it means when you look at me and your eyes are so dark they look brown even though they are blue. Or what it means when your hand starts to shake at certain crime scenes, and yet can be as solid as iron after you kill a man…”

  • You Remind Me of a Man by columbine-and-asphodel (M, 17k+w., FFNet) – Sherlock is a living human experiment. John, an android medicinal ethics monitor, reviews the place that’s been experimenting on Sherlock and is thrown by what he finds. Inspired by but no spoilers for The Hounds of Baskerville. {{This is an abandoned WiP from years ago, sadly, but what is here is very good}}

  • 33 by Indigo Blue.x (K+, 2k+ w., FFNet)  “I haven’t made a zombie,” Sherlock says scathingly, which would be more convincing if there were not a zombie in the flat.

  • A Study in Linguistics by rizandace (T, 12k+w., FFNet) – Sherlock Holmes and John Watson had their own language. It was a language of few words and minute facial expressions, and John had learned that it was nearly the only way to have an honest conversation with his eccentric flat mate.

  • A collection of seemingly unrelated things by Volitan (T, 3k+w., FFNet) – An Axe Murderer, Five Stitches, a Banana and a New Pair of Shoes… They’re a seemingly random collection of things, unless Sherlock and John are involved, and then the items as a collective make complete sense.

  • LHR-HNL by scullyseviltwin (E, 35,066 w.) – In need of an endangered flora sample, Sherlock and John must make a trip to an unexpected destination.

  • The Semantics of Crop Circle Formation: a case study by Sherlock Holmes [unpublished] bycanolacrush (M, 41,710 w.) – “Look at these photographs,” I said, gesturing to the wall of crop circles. “What do you observe?”“Crop circles,” John replied.“Obvious. What else?”“Are…are those intestines surrounding them?”“Yes. The majority are bovine and ovine in origin. The farmers who have acquired these crop circles in their fields have also had a tenth of their livestock murdered and arranged thus.”“Why?” John said, presumably in a rhetorical fashion. I detest rhetorical questions. “That is what I must find out, John.”

  • The Dying Genius by JuweWright (K, 8k+w., FFNet) – John’s POV. Mrs Hudson comes to John’s clinic with alarming news: Sherlock has contracted a terrible illness and might be dying…

  • Dying Changes Everything by whitchry9 (K+, 1k+, FFNet) – Sherlock is having an existential crisis and wants to have a near death experience like John did to gain some perspective. “Shoot me John!” he insisted, gesturing to himself. John just looked at him. “Are you completely mad?” {{Unhappyish ending, TW for gunshot}}

  • Six Months by dreamergirl090 (T, 16K+ w., FFNet) – John doesn’t show up to a crime scene. Lestrade wonders if John and Sherlock had a row. Molly knows it’s more complicated than that. {{TW Major Character Death and hardcore angst!!! Sherlock is experimenting throughout the fic}}

Feel free to add some of your own, y’all!

i’m deleting this account . i’m happier than i’ve ever been , i’ve overcome depression and i can’t look back . i love you all . i can’t express how grateful i am that i had all of you helping me out of this . i hope i made a difference in someone’s life . once again, i love you and thank you . goodbye .

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Can I get Gladio headcanons with how he acts around a crush who's as athletic and muscular as he, but also sometimes as lazy and unmotivated as Noctis. She's just generally really chill and could easily beat him up if he asked her out and she wasn't into the idea (even though she is and she's just playing hard to get.)

First off I am so terribly terribly terribly terribly terribly sorry how long this has been sat in my inbox, i have no excuse other than holiday and death but imma get on it now and as per usual, fuck planning shit I’m just going to ramble this out so buckle your seatbelt, this could go all over the place. 

- So first off I believe it goes without saying that anyone that is as strong/could kick his ass he is a big fan off anyway.  He isn’t one of those ‘I AM MAN, I MUST BE THE STRONGEST’ asshat’s and instead can greatly appreciate the effort anyone else has put it in to be on a similar level as him.

- Its a lot of hard work, k, and if anyone knows its him

- Plus he thinks its hot that someone he likes could beat him up

- Because why not

- Buuuut the issue with Gladio is two fold first off he likes to believe that he is super chill all the time but as we all well know he is in fact the total opposite and is a very emotional human being

- And secondly looking the way he does 9/10 he doesn’t really have to put in much effort with flirting etc on account of being a hunk-a-lunk o’ man who can drop panties with a raise of an eyebrow.  In a way though this kind of makes him appreciate the chase even more and also means he’s not that much of a pro at it as he would probably like to think

- So onto the matter at hand

- At first he tried his usual charm (which lets be honest all he normally needs to do is just smile and they’re sold) but to no avail, thus situation is exacerbated.

- So he puts it off as a bad idea and decides that no he will get on with it, he will ignore the niggling crushing feeling and carry on with life but c’mon we’ve all tried that at some point in our life and we know how well it works.

- Bless him he would try his best be cool, calm and collected but you know when someone does a thing and you just (*/ω\*) so prepare for occasions particularly when say they are training together (because weeeerk) and there is gladio trying to pass off his blushing as ‘its really hot’ ‘really good work out’ ‘phew, sure are working hard, good job ahahafuck

- I mean its a pretty good cover up and generally always works so it can’t be all bad

- He has his times when he doesn’t even get his own feelings particularly when she is pulling a ‘noct’ as he likes to call it aka the unmotivated i don’t want to get out of bed but then all it takes is that one look and he is suddenly very forgiving and making plans for doing things later, much to his own annoyance I may add because every time he goes in all gun-ho and un-relenting and then, well.  

- Noct thinks it is very unfair that she gets a pass and he doesn’t but then when he clocks why he slyly mocks gladio relentlessly for it whenever she isn’t there (which then gradually leads on to the whole group doing it when they cotton on and its mostly the fact that he, the adonis among men, impregnate with a look is having lady issues)

- He does not appreciate this but it secretly spurs him on to do something about it out of fear that someone might say something and he doesn’t want to be that guy whose buddies end up asking someone out for him

- He has a reputation to uphold, yanno.

- So he’d probably wait until the adrenaline is pumping, feeling indestructable, swinging his big ass sword and it just falls out the line ‘do you want to grab a coffee after this’ like its not been eating him up this entire time and while he is awaiting the slap he just gets in response something along the lines of ‘it took you this long to ask me?’

- And then he stares into the camera like its the office because it really was that simple and he was over complicating it because it wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter

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Good luck sweety~ So, I'm trying to draw something myself. And I wonder if you have some advices. I am looking for any useful lesson that you learnt throught all your drawing experience.

Thank you so much dear! >//< One of the advices I always give is PRACTICE. I for sure know that everybody always tell this and it is true. I remember getting into drawing by tracing other people works or other anime styles.  

Doesn’t this remind you of something? (yes its hETALIA STYLE) But then I started drawing on my own by doing this

I started with having a picture near the sheet and tried to draw what I liked the most about that picture (art is by hiroki-art). In this case I liked the face so I tried to draw it as similar as the drawing. Then… you can start drawing on your own! Also, after some time tracing you can develop your art style by drawing with your memory (so no picture near the sheet).

About anatomy… you gotta see tutorials and reference poses! I reccomend this site or google images for the poses and also pinterest or deviantart for the tutorials.

This is how I developed my art style and how I started drawing basically (try to create your own art style after, instead of still tracing and copying others art syles!)

You will see the difference by only be determinated to improve!


Sister Mary Cynthia’s Journey - part two (6.6)

Patrick: I was once as lonely as you are now…But I was sent somewhere where people walked beside me.  And things got better after that.

Sister Mary Cynthia:  How can I want something I can’t imagine? It doesn’t make sense.

Patrick takes Sister Mary Cynthia to Northfield, the place where he was helped.  They are greeted warmly and she is asked what she wants to be known by.

Sister Mary Cynthia:  If I am allowed to choose I’d just like to be called by my name, which is Cynthia. 

help me immigrate? (repost)

hello! i’m an autistic queer/trans immigrant of colour. i have been dealing with various financial issues (link), mainly due to my residency status, but: i can finally apply for permanent residency! and with the recent turn of the election… i really want to finish this long, long journey

the only problem is that the actual application costs a lot of money. i need $550 for just the initial application processing fee, as well as $200 for the medical exam, and $490 for the acceptance fee. this doesn’t include fees for FBI check, keeping up with my other bills, etc. as explained in the post linked above, i can’t afford to save up for this right now, so i’m asking for help

the support i’ve received has meant more than the world to me, and i am so thankful for all of it. i don’t know how to pay back all the love and generosity i’ve received. i hope this will be the last time i have to ask for help, as getting permanent residency would open so many doors for me. i want to make things right for myself, and for all the people who believe i can and have helped me

i have a donation button on my blog, or you can donate directly to me at shinjiabrahams@yahoo.ca. if you are uncomfortable donating, i can do $5 sketches right now. either e-mail or PM me if you are interested in that! (this post will be updated soon with a place to view examples, sorry)

thank you, be gentle with yourself, thank you, thank you

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Hello your art is awesome! I'm not (emotionally) feeling good today but your drawings have helped me cheer up a little bit :)

Originally posted by mystic-snk

;; thank you so so much! I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling so good, days like those can be pretty crud… I hope things are going better for you now though anon *hugs* It makes me so happy to know my work could brighten your day up even just a little bit! ;u;

NCT-127 Reaction to you singing/rapping in your native language

Sorry this has been on my to do list for so long! I hope you like it, and thank you for the request! 


I can see him wanting to do a duet with you, and going as far as to learning a song in your native language so you’d have a hard time saying no. Even if you weren’t really good, he’d try to help you improve and give you pointers on how to improve your vocals  if you asked, but would be content just to listen to you and appreciate how fluent and natural you sounded in your mother tongue. 

Originally posted by neoculturedaily


Not wanting to startle or embarrass you, he’d watch quietly, amazed at you sounding so fluent and confident in your first language. He’d want to tell you how great he thought you were, and shower you with compliments to try and get you to sing/rap more often - no matter your ability, just enjoying how your native language sounded.

Originally posted by jehyoon


If you didn’t use your native language often, he’d be amazed, applauding when you were dine and encouraging you to use it more often. Even if you did slip back into your native tongue a lot - he’d still smile and watch you, enjoying you being carefree and comfortable enough to sing/rap along to songs you liked from your country. 

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


When he noticed you, he’d sit and watch, not trying to get you to notice he was there - but not trying to hide either. When you were done, he’d probably applaud and act like he was a judge on a talent or something, wanting to tease you but also show his appreciation in a roundabout way. 

Originally posted by chimchimerie


Another one to let his musical side come out, and try to harmonise or sing along. If you were confident, he’d probably tease you and tell you he was better, or give you random tips about what could be improved, but if you were shy - he’d let his caring side come out and tell you how nice you sounded and offer to teach you more about singing if you wanted. 

Originally posted by 1aeil


Enjoying how your language sounded so much, he might try and learn some words to the song you’d been singing, or some sentence’s to tell you how great he thought you were. Even if he messed up or got confused, it’d be the effort that would shine through - wanting to be supportive and engage with your language and culture. 

Originally posted by taeiljaeh


Rather than saying much, he’d watch fondly and enjoy you using your native language, and just being yourself. Being as adorably irresistible as he is, he’d convince you to keep going and sing/rap more, content to listen to you as long as you wanted to go on - and in return singing you something in Chinese, or even Korean to show how he was improving. 

Originally posted by stannctchinaline


At first he might be a bit shy and wouldn’t want to embarrass you if you didn’t realise he was around, but would be happy to hear you singing/rapping - impressed by your native language and how it rolled off your tongue so nicely. He’d want you to continue, joking around and trying to make you feel comfortable so even if you weren’t that good you’d keep going. 

Originally posted by lovingnct


Even if you were good, he’d try and record you and use it to tease or blackmail you, acting innocent and saying he didn’t hear you so you should repeat the song. Secretly, he’d probably be impressed and want you to continue just because he enjoyed listening to you using your native language. 

Originally posted by nctinfo

Requests open for NCT-U and 127!!

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Yooooo what's up Clara? I'm heavily procrastinating on the 9537383 things I need to to do but stiiiill. I wanted to see how you're doing. I feel like you don't get asked that often? Idk. I hope you're being more productive and healthy than me lol <3

Well currently I’m crying because this is such a nice message oh my god, who are you-

I’m going 120% right now between cosplay commissions, zine submissions, digital commissions, organizing the nsfw zine with Auri, and updating the cat au whenever I can. 

Being busy is actually good because it keeps my mind occupied! It’s stressful, but I want to give my all this spring, so thank you for everyone’s support!

I hope you manage to find the motivation to get all of your tasks done! I like to reward myself after finishing a task, maybe that would help? Have a great week!

stilinskidetectiveagency  asked:

I was having a rough time and going through your blog helped :3 Thank you cookie!

ヽ(○・▽・○)ノ゙ U r soo welcome !glad mah blog has been helpful !

thanks to u for spendin’ some time on it ! i sincerely appreciate this !

Hope everythin’ will be daijoubou for you !  (๑☌▽☌๑) //gives a cookie//

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How is the Sims 2 Yuri On Ice Disaster™? Is Victor still fucking whore island? Does Debu Yuuri still love spaghetti? Please help I must know. I also hope you feel better soon! Flus are the absolute worst.

thank you for your interest in my DISASTER YURI ON ICE NEIGHBORHOOD in the sims 2!! i go through playing the sims in obsessive phases, and haven’t played in awhile.  i opened it up today to answer these IMPORTANT INQUIRIES!! 

so, something that i did not realize is that in the sims, it gives your characters little identities when you click on the house? here is how the sims 2 describes the slutty yuuri frat house:

  • EROS YUURI: “love machine”
  • DEBU YUURI: “hopeless romantic”
  • DRUNK YUURI: “lusty lover”
  • PLISETSKY: “mini miser” 
  • PHICHIT: “real somebody”

which i feel like is an accurate representation of how all of these characters were intended to be, and the many facets of yuuri katsuki’s personality (not pictured: ANXIOUS MESS, LOVE URSELF BBY).  

anyway.  the first house i went to was OG Yuuri and OG Victor– the two that are married.  like i said, the last time i played, they recovered from the fact that victor was caught making out with Debu Yuuri on the front lawn when OG Yuuri got home from work, and OG Victor had easily forgiven OG Yuuri for running away with the newer, more romantic Victor that moved in across the street.  @wortwood watched me play and commented on the fact that it was very romantic to watch them dance in the living room while half of the trees on their property caught fire and no one really cared.  however, all of OG Yuuri’s goals, i realized, were not to DANCE and FLIRT and TELL DIRTY JOKE to his Victor, but Victor Across The Street, so i went to Victor Across The Street’s house.

Victor Across The Street lives in a much smaller home, and he had just made a plate of sandwiches to cry into and eat by himself at his small formica dining room table, because apparently he and OG Victor had been in a fight.  all of his goals were to be best friends with OG Victor.  like, what a fucking victor nikiforov™ move, like “all of my goals are to be best friends with myself.” what a dumb labrador.  so anyways, i had him invite OG Victor over and he challenged him to a pillow fight, and they instantly forgave each other??? do you know how many hours i had to put into OG Yuuri and OG Victor repairing their relationship??? victor is so fucking chill in comparison.  and then OG Yuuri came over on his own, and Victor Across The Street greeted him by practically tongue fucking him against the mail box, and OG Victor was like, whatever, i’m going to help myself to some of these Sadness Sandwiches, thanks alternate version of me! 

then i went to the yuuri frathouse.  everyone is mad at Debu Yuuri, because he is secretly the sluttiest out of all of them but the worst at hiding it.  OG victor keeps bringing him roses, and then he has been caught woohooing by phichit, who won’t stop leaving lonely single heartbroken roses around the house.  also Debu Yuuri ate all of the spaghetti in the house and Plisetsky, after a hard day at private school and editing the school newspaper, had to go grocery shopping.  he is the only responsible one in the house.  the only other sim with a job is Eros Yuuri, who is on a criminal career path.  i’m just excited for my sweet bby Yurio to finally graduate and go to college where i can introduce him to an Otabek sim, and maybe some other skater sims, and they can escape the frantic hellscape of several Yuuris and Victors (and one Phichit) all tryna fuck 25/7. 

@firespirited kindly sent me some lovely aqua doll hair, and I realized it would be fantastic for this Sun Set Malibu PJ head (the original hair fiber was not only blond, but also really hadn’t aged well…)  Thanks to the fact that vintage heads like this have significantly fewer rooting holes than modern heads, and this head was still a very soft vinyl, and the part on this one was not thatched as much as “big line of really thick plugs, split,” I was able to start and finish this reroot today (also helpful: warmer weather meant hand was less hurty, head not being all-over painted meant I didn’t have to be as careful about where I held it.)  I’m not sure if I’ll leave the hair this long or not (you know how it is right after you finish a reroot…)  Hope I can settle on a good skin tone match for a body tomorrow!

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Do you have have any recommendations when making or advice for making an OC? I'm trying to make my overwatch one but I can't decide on what I want him to look like and since I can't draw I can't really picture him. I also don't really know how to describe him when telling people about him and I hope to commission someone to draw him. I'm sorry I just really need help.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to hop on ye ‘ol pinterest and just go cRAZY with aesthetic lol. (Like clothes, jewlery, mood boards and what have you) Also faceclaims are a great way to start out as a base for the character as well! It also helps artist that you commission to get a feel of what you want the character looks like! (and you can always add descriptions of things you want different ect ect~) 

Hope this helps!

Masterlist (Updated to 26/02/2017)

Hello there everyone! I hope you are all doing great ^^. I just added all the things I’ve written between January and February to the masterlist so there you go! It’s mainly Exo, Bts and Monsta X with a couple of Seventeen drabbles.

 I hope it’s useful for you to find whatever you find interesting: 



The perfect ending for a trashy day (D.O)

You are totally worth it (Chen)

Caring Jongdae (Chen)

Uncle Yixing (Lay)

Two wins, one day (Sehun)

Manly laundry (Luhan)


A little help (Jungkook)

A white crayon (Rap Monster)

What a gentleman (Suga)

I don’t wanna talk about it -Pt 1. (Jimin)

I don’t wanna talk about it -Pt 2. (Jimin)


All In (Prologue)

All In (Chapter 1)



Exo reacting to you hitting them in the face while playing volleyball

Exo reaction to their idol crush being obsessed with their group

Exo reaction when they see/read a fanfic you made

Exo reacting to liking you and not admitting it

Exo Reacting to half of your photo library being cute/sexy pictures of him

Xiumin reacting to you freaking out over his blonde hair

Exo reacting to you being insecure about your height (small)

Exo reacting to you being afraid of puppets

Exo Reacting to you doing the hip thrust (and failing)

EXO reaction: meeting you (not an idol)                      


BTS reacting to a new foreign student in class (you)

BTS reacting to making you mess up your final project

BTS reacting to your Pokemon Go obsession

BTS reacting to you, your mom and grandma laughing out of nowhere

BTS reaction: confessing to their best friend

BTS reacting to you complaining about your weight (overweight)

BTS reaction of them loving to rest in your thighs

BTS reacting to you pointing out they’ve gained weight


Monsta X (bf) being jealous of Minhyuk being your bff

Monsta X reacting to their gf having colored hair/eye contacts






Oversized (Chen)

Unforgettable (Baekhyun)

An Elevator Thing (Sehun)

I already know (Chen)

Keep dreaming (Sehun)

That moment (Kai)


We Never Change (Jimin)

Try Hard (Jungkook)

Daddy (Rap Monster)

The Betrayal (Jimin)

The brightest star (Taehyung)

I need to tell you something (Jimin)


I Am Yours (Jeonghan)

Let It Flow (Jeonghan)



Namjoon reacting to you teasing him with meme pics of him

JHope reacting to you praking him with a fake bruise


EXO cheering their girlfriend up when she’s sad with them being away on tour

Exo texting their girlfriend craving for food on her period

Monsta X

Random texts with Wonho when you cook him ramen



Mtl to change religions for their s/o

Mtl to date first


Reasons why being an EXO L is lit

5 ways to die by BTS/EXO (Part I)

5 ways to die by BTS/EXO (Part II)

Question about BTS and GOT7 Height

anonymous asked:

Your blog is so amazing and I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm killing myself. I just wanted to tell you that you helped distract me a lot but I'm at my breaking point. I'm really sorry to be depressing and annoying but I just wanted to say I love you and your art and Goodbye.

Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot. I hope you can get assistance and find a way to keep yourself safe. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have a character reference sheet for Tord???

[Yes and no? I’m a writer, not an artist, so I don’t have much laying around…

 Uh…here’s the couple of references I know Moho did for the characters back in the beginning. There’s also this updated height chart I can’t find the original post for, but also belongs to Moho. 

>LINK 1<  >LINK 2<

The only thing I can really add at this point is that he does have some faint scaring around his right eye, and there’s a lot of scarring on his right arm, mostly deep cut type, but some burn scarring as well. If you need something else, I can give a full written description. 

Hope this helps. ~Mod Tord]