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I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately, so I decided to draw a smiling @therealjacksepticeye ! Not only is it relaxing, but I also have an unconscious habit of mimicking whatever expression I’m trying to draw - so if I draw someone smiling, it helps me smile too. So… thanks for lending me your face? Is that weird? Haha :P

It’s really messy and rough, but I hope you enjoy anyway :)

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I'm looking for an elusive fic and hoped you could help! It's an arranged marriage au where Sokka asks Zuko to marry Katara to get her away from the Southern Water Tribe. Someone raped her and she became depressed and suicidal. It's a Zutara fic but I liked it because it was largely about Katara healing from that trauma with the support of her friends, learning about who she was as a person, how to be intimate with someone afterwords, etc etc. Does anyone know the title/author???

Help, guys. I want to read this, too. 

Good Girl

Warnings: So, um, this is smutty. Yes! I do smut, and it has a daddy kink, and jealous Kylo. Oh and special thanks to my love @inabiart for helping me with the daddy kink. ^_^

Word Count: 1512

A/N: Requested by @ kittygoesrawrrzz

Ahh! Can I request it then? Kylo as a Daddy Dom

So, this one was REALLY fun to write, ahem. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it and it’s up to your smut standards. I tried my best. Lol.

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His breathing picked up, and he felt his eyes narrow inside his helmet. The sight of seeing her speak with someone, not just someone, but General Hux made him get extremely jealous.

Y/N knew of his animosity towards him, it was mutual. Hux didn’t like him, and he didn’t like Hux. He assumed that because of this, she would know to stay away from him.

And yet, here she was, speaking to that fool like they’ve known each other years; laughing, and she even touched his arm.

Kylo felt his blood boil at the sight. His fists clenched and his body was tense. All he could think about was taking out his lightsaber and slicing Hux’s face off of him.

He stalked towards her and Hux; both of them losing their smiles as soon as he appeared, “Kylo Ren.”

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You never said anything about a wedding!(6/?)

Imagine: Frigga, mother of Thor and Loki, was able to find a way to get Loki back on the right path.

A spell to bind his fate to a willing person, so he learns the value of other.

Thor was send to Earth to find that someone. He found this someone in the Reader, who he met at Starks AVENGERS tower.

The Reader was friends with Thor for a long time now and wanted to help him save his brother for a life of imprisonment.

But the god of thunder forgot to mention an important detail.

Warning: physical assault, a bit of fluff and a protective (?) Loki, swearing

Wordcount: 5888

AN: This Chapter is a lot longer than the others, I just couldn´t find the right time to stop : )

Hope you like this as well.

And please let me know ; )

Part 5

She hoped he started to see, she was here because she wanted to help him.

Loki was right, the pain was almost gone, when she woke up again

(y/n) had slept for at least four hours more.

When she stood in front of the mirror, she was surprised, her shoulder was almost back to the original skin colour- and the bruises on her back were gone.

The next couple of days went by after the same scheme: waking up (Loki was always up before her and sitting on the balcony most of the times, reading), getting ready in the bath and then went to fetch breakfast. After that, they sat in the library (she was still reading the book she found the first day).

After lunch, they would walk around Asgard until is would be time for dinner.

In the evenings they would stay in their room and do whatever they feel like doing.

Most times (y/n) would fetch her Stark-pot and take a relaxing bath while listening to music and reading a book.

Finished, she would either sit on the balcony and watch the surroundings or in the armchair she had declared her own.

Her husband would then use the bath to his amusement.

Loki had mostly resigned to insult her every opportunity he got and once or twice even handed her a drink or food on his own. But other than that, he was still behaving like she didn´t exist.

(y/n) didn´t miss the supressed smile Lady Frigga had on her face, whenever that happened, but decided not to act on it.

 They were sitting in the library as usual, when suddenly.

“SHIIIT!” (y/n) cursed aloud, panic started to wake in her voice.

“Forgot something?” Loki asked, looking up from the book he was currently devouring.

“Yes! What day is it?” She didn´t wait for an answer and was already standing.

“It has been three weeks since the marriage.” He informed her with a raised eyebrow.

After a quick calculation the young woman sprinted to the door.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. How could I forget about this!

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whenever i’m sad, i go back to look at all the old videos and art i’ve made, and it helps me remember how full of life and creative i can be. it serves as a reminder that i’m capable of doing great things, and helps even more when i see all the positive reception people have about how much they like what i do. it’s a reminder that things won’t always be bad and if i weren’t a part of this world anymore, people wouldn’t get to enjoy what i create. that’s what i hold out for

BTS reacts: S/O has a migraine

a/n: So this wasn’t requested at all, but as someone who suffers from migraines it makes me sad to see the lack of content of BTS or any group really and helping someone with migraines. Warning I will be inserting a lot of my personal symptoms into this since that is what I know best. I hope you enjoy! ~Admin Bagel

P.S. If anyone wants to rant or complain about migraines or headaches in general I am 100% down to rant or complain or listen to you.

P.S.S I will do this for my other groups too.


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Jin was prone to overreact to some things. The first time you had a migraine and told him was one of them. He started to run around trying to do everything he could to help. He took you to the bed, made the bedroom as dark as possible and was extremely quiet. After the next few happened and he learned the tell-tale signs of one starting, he took all of what you said helped to heart and followed those. He would try to lighten your mood with his jokes and all of his sass. Speaking very softly all the while.


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Yoongi hated to see you in any emotion or situation that was even the least bit negative. Coming home to you crying while gingerly laying your head on the cool wall of the bathroom, broke his heart. He knew about the migraines (you had told him early on in the relationship), but never had to help you through one since the medication you used to keep them at bay worked fairly well and you two didn’t live together until recently. His first instinct was to put you into his arms and that’s exactly what he did. That position didn’t last long though. You pushed him away telling him that his cologne was too strong and making your migraine worse. Feeling worse he left you alone researching to see what could help. He only embraces you again after you fell asleep in the shared bed. When you woke up, he was already up asking if you were better. Fortunately you were and he had you discuss with him everything to do with your migraines and how he could help.


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This ball of sunshine would try to get you to laugh. Thinking that if he could take your mind off of the headache, maybe you’ll feel better. Even though he had every good intention, his way of making you laugh involved lots of loud noises. It didn’t help you what so ever. So he decided to take a different route. Smothering you in as much love and care he could. Making sure that you had enough water, that you were eating, he even sang to you when you asked him too. Afterwards though he would make sure to sit down and talk about everything so he was prepared the next time it happened.


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Namjoon was frozen on the spot when he saw you throwing up into the bathroom in the middle of the night. He didn’t know what to do or what was really happening. All he knew is that you were in the bathroom and that you obviously didn’t feel good. Stumbling to you and making way too much noise, he plopped down by you and gently pulled back your hair. Whispering sweet nothings into your ear while half alseep. The next morning he would ask what happened last night. When you told him about your migraines, he would research them to death making sure that he was prepared and made sure to ask you so many questions about your personal experiences, triggers, and what helped.


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He knew something was off the day before. Your words were slower, you yawned way more often than normal, you were spacey. So when you woke up the next day and refused to leave the bed due to the pain in your head, he almost expected it. Having silently noted what helped you in the few times you talked about it to friends and family, he felt somewhat confident in what he should do. Grabbing a cool washcloth, water, closing every window, and making sure to be as quiet as possible. Cuddling with you when he wasn’t getting something. Taking note to ask you if he needed to do anything else once you were better.


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This puppy. He would ask you what he needed to do to help you. And he would follow it to a T. Which in this case was hold you as he sang and talked quietly in his low voice. Letting you use him as a barrier to the outside world by burying your face in his chest. After that first time though he would sit you down so he could be better prepared and stock up on stuff if he needed to.


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This poor baby was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. He tried to remember everything that you stated that would help and would worsen the pain. He did remember everything and helped you it was just that he was slightly panicked that he was going to make it worse. As he delt with more of your migraines he became more confident and knew exactly what to do.

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so many people care about you from what I see.You have impacted these people that much,they would miss you to bits if you were gone.I hope you feel better soon!


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hey, that "reblog if you don't mind interacting with an autistic rper" post is kind of really ableist because it exceptionalizes willingly interacting with autistic people, as though we're some kind of burden. maybe don't do that? if someone is unwilling to interact with us, they're ableist & gross & it's not exceptional to not be that way.

While I am answering this here please send comments like these to @sexlessrpmemes-mod-human​ so that I may answer things over there and not fill this blog with too many non-Rp related things.

First of all I am just going to state that I am saying what I am as an autistic individual, not as someone who merely reblogged that post on a whim.

As well I’ve been slowly discovering that quite a few of the Rpers I love to interact with are on the spectrum as well. We’re definitely not a burden, and we’ve got some pretty damn amazing Rpers in our midst.


Personally I don’t see that post making it seem like being willing to Rp with autistic individuals is an exceptional thing, and furthermore I find it reassuring to see people reblog it.

I have heard stories of people who have been quite rude upon discovering that a mun they interact with is autistic, or who have acted in a manner that infantilizes them.

By putting those posts out there on their blog people are stating that they are safe where other blogs may not be, which unfortunately sometimes needs to be done. After all how many people would put up a post that said “I won’t Rp with ____ people because I hate them”

Posts of that kind exist for all manner of people, those of different ethnicities, of different religious backgrounds, and of other walks of life where they may be afraid of revealing who they are just in case someone reacts poorly.

If an individual, let’s call them X has been faced with people who are ___ist in the past, who seemed perfectly nice until they found out that X was ___ then it makes perfect sense for X to be a bit nervous about telling other people.

If X sees a new person they were considering interacting with (Y) posting that they will Rp with those like X then they might feel a little more at ease, and that’s always something that I think should be encouraged.

Finally the OP themselves is autistic (I have deleted the first version I reblogged because I realized that part was missing and reblogged the proper version) and  if you take a look at the tags people have put on that post using the tag viewer xkit extension many of the tags people have placed on it are ones stating that they themselves are autistic as well.

Long story short sometimes some of us are a little worried about people’s reaction if they find out, as people can always seem nice then later reveal themselves to be unpleasant. Seeing a post like that being passed around can be quite reassuring, and as such I felt it might be of interest to those on this blog.

Hope this helped explain my views on things, and here, have a kitten.

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sorry if you've answered this before!! but what's the difference between 감사합니다 and 고마워요? when would be the right context to use each of them? thank you!!!

감사합니다 is more formal then 고마워요 because of the formal ending added to it, if you were to say 고맙습니다 there would be less of a difference - basically interchangeable. with the endings you have used you could say 감사합니다 when saying thank you to someone older than you and in a formal situation and 고마워요 in less formal situations although because of the added 요 it still has some formalities to it so you wouldn’t have to say it to someone younger than you, you could just say 고마워. I hope this helps 


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I've been having really bad depression attacks lately. I just cry for no reason usually around the afternoon and its been really stressful. I was wondering what the septic egos do when they're feeling down and how they help each other when another ego is feeling sad?

Oh golly, I’m sorry to hear that! I hope you feel better soon, Anon!! ;w;

I’m gonna list the headcanons under the cut, tho, so ye!

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Hi there! I hope these types of questions aren't annoying but, what would you advise for someone who wants to get better at drawing anatomically, realistically, figure drawing? Your studies are amazing and I just can't seem to get form, likeness or proportions down. Is there anything I can do? Any courses or books on getting better? Thank you!

Something that helps me is thinking about proportions in relation to other parts of the body (eg. forearms are the same length as feet, hands are slightly smaller than the face, arms reach down to approx. mid thigh level). Having a strong grasp on the skeleton and muscles is also really important to figure out where landmarks are and how muscles/volume wrap around the body. I’m not that helpful when it comes to capturing likeness, since that’s something I also really struggle with haha… But I like to find a feature that stands out the most on a person’s face and exaggerate it slightly if that makes sense? It’s not so much about capturing a photo-realistic image but capturing their personality and their expression.

For books, the one probably recommended the most at my school is Classic Human Anatomy by Valerie Winslow. Force by Michael Mattesi is also pretty good to see how you can push poses and keep them dynamic without losing structure. I personally don’t read too many life drawing books (though I probably should lol) but I find actually drawing and practicing helps me more. Drawing from life is so important! Remember to draw through the form instead of just focusing on the outline. 

I hope this kind of helped?? 

A few days ago when I was in a sour mood,someone suggested I make this as a form of venting. After doing so, they said I should polish it up and post it, so that’s what I’m doing.

I should add that bad asks were not the reason for my sour mood, but they usually don’t help when I’m already feeling pretty prickly.

I should add that I’m not intentionally trying to tone police, which is why I was hesitant to post this without a bit of pushing. You have the right to ask for whatever you’d like, however you’d like. However I likewise also have the right to ignore your requests if they make me uncomfortable. I know a lot of you have been saying this for a while already (and bless you for that), but it’s hard for me to acknowledge that personally unless I lay it all out, which I guess makes this somewhat helpful for me.

This is specifically geared towards sending me asks. I don’t speak for all artists. Some would probably not enjoy getting joke requests, for example. Likewise some would probably like additional details for prompts. I do not.

Basically the best way to get me to draw something you’d like to see is to be as non-specific as possible, or to ask me about something that would make me think about an answer. Those are my favorite types of asks. I also like getting other people’s opinions on any given topic, so don’t be afraid to toss in your own feelings when you send an ask.

Lastly, all of these examples are made up, but they’re based on the type of request asks I usually get, good or bad.

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so i've seen a lot about trauma that has happened physically but i've seen nothing about how someone emotionally abuses you. It's traumatic too and is hard to explain unless someone has been through it themselves. i was in an emotionally abusive relationship and its so hard to talk about considering there is no physical evidence on my body. I feel like i'm trapped in my head and i don't know where else to turn to but i really need someone to help me.

emotional abuse is just as awful as physical abuse, and i agree that it is rly difficult to explain. I’m sorry about what happened to you, I hope you are able to reach out for help of some (healthy) form soon and I wish you all the best in your recovery! it won’t be easy but it will be worthwhile x


I’m going to be ghetto a second in hopes it helps someone else since I was asked what glove I use. 

I have stupidly small hands for an adult! I wear children’s sized gloves. Buying an art glove/tablet glove is a damn mission. None fit me and I’ll be damned if I will buy online and “cant return”. Also living in SoFlo I still get really warm inside so anything that makes my hand sweat is just gross!

ANYWAYS a friend of mine from Italy suggested I buy Cotton glove liners! Ingenious I love you Rachele! It gave me another idea!

I went to Amazon, bought a pack of 24 cotton jewelers gloves. Since I only need 1 hand, that = 48 gloves for 12 USD… of course, putting them on was a bad fit and I had issues gripping the pen so I just cut off everything I didn't need.

I do hand wash them as they will get dirty after a while, but now my hand glides across my tablet and won’t interfere with anything and I can keep my hand clean when doing pencil. Also having a small pack to pull from is awesome if I lose one! No freaking out required lol.

I know I am not the only one with no money falling out of my pocket for art gloves, and if you are in need or your hand is causing probs with your tablet, I hope this will help.

Hello @taylorswift !

I am so excited for your tour this summer! I am lucky enough to have the opportunity of going to both of the Toronto shows on August 3rd and 4th. I  hope you know that I was very sad I could not be able to go to the Nashville Secret Session to meet you. Getting that invite meant the world to me in more ways then ever. 

During that time it was very difficult for me. I lost someone close to cancer and was starting treatment for my anxiety. Reputation has helped me through many ups and downs as well as my first semester of college. I hope to finally be able to hug and meet you thanking for everything this summer. This album has been my motivation for the past few months and has made me so so so happy! 

A great life update is that I was told I didn’t need a heart valve replacement this year. YEP! I went to my hospital for a follow up and they said my heart has been stable during the MRI scans the past years. I was wearing the reputation album tee when I got my results back and they talked to me about your music. 

I’ll be around 21 when I go see the tour and it’s been crazy to think I grew up with your music and I’m glad that you are a role model in my life. Can’t wait to hopefully be able to finally meet you! I’ll post my seats closer to the tour date but I’ll be in SEC 224AL on August 3rd and SEC 127 on August 4th!!! 

@taylorswift @taylornation


A little WIP sneak peek of those cryptic ideas I jotted down in my sleep a few days ago. Nothing big, but I love me some banter at the nightclub!

@vorchagirl - I promised you an update ;) Hope it’ll make your day a little brighter <3

Now, I know you prefer your boys human and originally it was to be an asari but I couldn‘t help it and will forever burn in turian hell *blushes*


„Got something to hide from C-Sec?“ he teased, again running one hand up her arm, so casually, so close. There was no anger in his voice. „No problem. No strings attached, right? I‘ll call you Star. It fits the color of your… hair?“

She chuckled softly, and wondered how someone so foreign had managed to make her feel at ease so quickly.

Yet here she was, two mere months after a tough breakup, drinking shots with a turian who obviously was interested in her, and whom she knew she would invite over to her apartment quite soon. A few feelings of doubt started creeping up into her throat, made swallowing difficult, but she dismissed them with a shrug.

„You live far from here?“

She nodded slowly. „Yeah… How about you?“

„Just two stations by CRT. I warn you, it‘s a little messy.“

His place, then. No going back now.

„Wanna ditch the club? I think I’d like to savour your company… in private“, he said, leaning in to her, barely audible over the loud music. His warm breath, tinted with the sharp spice of the brandy, washed over her. She felt her eyes fall close at the sheer intimacy of the moment.


Play it cool, play it cool.

She got up on shaky legs, tried not trembling too much from all those feelings rushing through her. Curiosity at what was going to happen, nervousness, arousal. For a strange reason, she felt more alive than she had in ages.

They walked side by side past the dance floor and down the stairs to the atrium, heading for the exit. The music all around her, the only thing she felt was this rush of adrenaline, of freedom.

But she felt up to something stupid, all of a sudden. The beat was still pulsing inside her, through her veins, urging her on, daring her to try something new. All she was missing was that tiny little nudge that would send her over the point of no return…. and right in that second, he decided to brush one hand lightly against the small of her back, so softly, accompanied by a purr full of anticipation that went straight to her core.

What happened then was a blur, very unlike herself. On impulse, she grabbed him by the front of his tunic, dragging him behind the curtain separating the storage area from the atrium. They both stumbled, crashing against a table in the near-dark.

And she pressed her lips to his mouth plates, so desperate for affection, closeness, something, to make her life more exciting, to make the hurt go away.


…So far. I hope I can finish this sucker soon because there‘s a bunch of other stories that are like… 85% done that have been lurking around XD

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so I've found a name that I like and its basically like a nickname of my actual name (more gender neutral) but i already HAVE a feminine nickname and i dont how to "change" nicknames without it being odd

The TTSG mods say:

Hi anon! Unfortunately, your ask has been sitting in our inbox for awhile now and none of the mods are quite sure how to answer it or don’t have enough time to give your ask the answer it deserves.

However, we really like your question, so we’re going to hand this over to the followers and hope that one of them can help you. You can also check out our Other trans resource blogs page and re-ask your question to someone else, as different blogs have different specialties.

We’re sorry we couldn’t be of more help, but we have over a thousand unanswered asks in our inbox, and we have to clear it out for a fresh start in the new year. We hope a follower or another blog can provide more assistance.

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How do I get over bottom dysphoria? It comes in waves for me, and when it does, I really hate myself and get suicidal. It feels so silly of me to want to end my life over something like this. I’ve tried packers, strap ons during intimate times, and prosthetics that I wear 24/7, but it still isn’t the same. I feel best with them, but they don’t help very much when it’s really bad. I’m not a Christian, but sometimes I find myself praying to god that my body would change. I need some kind of hope.

As someone who doesn’t experience much bottom dysphoria, I’m afraid I don’t really have any experience to draw from in giving you advice. What I can say though, is that modern technology is amazing and phalloplasty is an option that many trans men opt for. You can read some more information on it here and here.

If any followers have advice/suggestions please feel free to chime in! 

Stay strong brother.

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smokes and mirrors. keep everyone happy while everything continues to be shit They like to make it all seem better before delivering another blow so that it hurts more and the chances of shit this weekend are high..

Hi anon,

We will see. I mean I could see it work out that way. Nothing’s changed so far. And even if they trade in Eleanor again for someone else, the same status quo contains to exist.

But I think fear-mongering won’t help. I’m just gonna go, quietly expecting nothing to change at all, and continuing to vote and stream and request, while also hoping that we will see things change.

Celebrate the good: he did interact positively and he is actively encouraging people to vote for this award on twitter. Whoever did that is doing something positive for once. Whoever followed those songwriters and artists is at least portraying an image of someone looking to work with a lot of chart topping artists. That’s good. I’m happy with that. Now if the press would actually pay attention to that, it would be even better.

Same with the little press coverage we got about his philanthropy- though I’m still waiting on any press of importance to report on it. It’s still a good thing. Louis is a good.