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how do you draw tears?

Hi, Anon! I’ll do my best to walk you through my thought process. 

(This post got kinda long, so if you’re not up for reading, here are kawacy’s process breakdown and JaneMere’s Water Drops Tutorial o/)

Tears as seen in real life are…pretty uninteresting, tbh so to make them look more feel-inducing than reality, it helps to exaggerate, especially when it comes to size and contrast

Here are some things I consider when sketching:

I like to keep it to two trickles per eye flowing from the corners to, but by no means is that a rule. To give tears a sense of weight, I draw them as thin streams that gather into large droplets depending on where gravity is taking them. 

You might want to push the size even further so that they’re more visible at a distance. Context and mood is also an important thing to consider; as a general guideline, thinner lines imply delicacy while gushing waterfalls are usually more comical. Feel free to let anime/cartoons/comics (etc etc) be your guide, since they can go really heavy on the exaggeration for a wider range of expression. Have some Mako Mankanshoku tears from Kill la Kill as an example!

Awww :’D
I mean
Awww D’: 

Anyways, once I have my sketch down, I go ahead and block them out. I’m using a white tinted with blue for color contrast from the warm colors of the skin, but it doesn’t matter that much if you lower the opacity as much as I have. In any case, I don’t want to use my whitest white yet since I’m saving that for shiny highlights.

I then duplicate my block-in, darken the layer, then erase from inside the shapes I made. This is my “line art” of sorts.

Time to shade! Since tears are essentially water, I treat them like gemstones/translucent objects. Similar to shiny materials like metal, there’s a high-contrast transition between light and shadow in both edges and value, but with transparent objects, light passes through them, bounces around, and “gathers” on the side opposite of the surface that’s receiving the light, like so: 

Not the most amazing rendering in the world, but I hope it gets my point across x’D

Moving on!

To compensate the loss of detail from zooming out, I use black to amp up the contrast (doubly important since I’m using a pale-skinned person in my example). If that’s too harsh for you, feel free to play around with colors and opacity. (Again with the whole emotional context thing. Adapt to the situation!) You can even use a soft brush or put the shading through a blur filter, but I usually choose to keep the edges hard because again, contrast.

Now for the fun part: highlights! Shine bright like a diamond : DDD

Amping up the contrast some more by breaking out the whites! I suppose you could stop here, but this still isn’t shiny enough for me yet, >:3c

I go over the edges of the tears with white to punctuate how ridiculously shiny they are. I also like to throw in some bright reds/oranges reflecting off the droplets to imply healthy, glowing skin as well as a dash of a cooler color for general environmental lighting. I also added some cast shadows to the tears. Not terribly dark, since light passes through the tears as opposed to being blocked out.

Again, while I am basing my decisions off real-life principles, a lot of these choices are highly stylistic. Whether you’re drawing small, have time constraints or you’re just plain lazy, you can always pick and choose! This is just my current approach, so while you’re free to try out my workflow if you literally have no idea what you’re doing, I do encourage you to experiment to see what appeals you personally.

Hope this helps! Honestly, I’m quite flattered that anyone would ask me how I draw things :’D
If anyone does end up using this guide, poke me and show me what you’ve come up with; I’d love to see :D

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Hi my love, I just wanted to tell you how much I adore your artwork - you portray women in their infinite vibrancy and variability with a beautiful hand and you have an amazing ability to convey an emotional space within your art :) I saw that you are a double major in visual design and consumer science, and wanted to offer a few words of encouragement; I'm a double major in architecture and political science, and I've been searching for ways to combine the two for a long time. (1/2)

I’m a senior now, and I’ve realized that in the design field our future career could be something that hasn’t even been invented yet! There is so much you can do with the diverse range of interests that you have, and you don’t have to know what your trajectory will be yet. I know that doesn’t sound comforting and I always got annoyed when people told me that, but I learned that they are actually right and a path will present itself to you when you are ready for it! <3

oh gosh thank you so much. it definitely is comforting to hear someone who’s majoring in two different fields of studies feels the same way as i do! i actually decided to study both design and consumer science because i felt that there couldn’t be a “good” design without a deeper understanding of the people who actually encounter these designs and of our current market etc etc. anyway, i too hope that what i’m studying now will help me be ready for whatever opportunity crosses my path in the future & i wish the best for you too! x

ps thank you for your compliments on my portrayal of women. that’s kind of my goal in life!

The Art of Getting Drunk

So, a lot of you are going to be freshmen in college soon. A lot of you are going to be drinking for the first time. Around people you have never met before in a town you barely know. If you are anything like I was, the first year of college will be a crash course in alcohol consumption. So, here’s a guide to how do handle it without dying in the process.

  • Bread is your friend. Bread absorbs alcohol and is a good way to prevent hangovers. Eat some when you want to sober up. Won’t work after the fact though.
  • Water is your friend. The headache of a hangover comes from dehydration. Stay hydrated, drink water, no headache. NO CAFFEINE. Caffeine makes you piss. 
  • Breaking the Seal: when you start drinking and then use the bathroom, you lose the ability to hold your bladder for the rest of the night. 
  • If you feel like puking STOP DRINKING IMMEDIATELY. Park your ass by a trashcan, sip water, and wait until the feeling passes. Your body is sensing you are at Dangerous Booze Levels and is trying to stop you from hitting Critical. Listen to your body. It is trying to keep you alive. 
    • if you feel like puking EAT NOTHING. Bread will not help in this situation. You’ll only vomit. 
    • NEVER LIE DOWN. Sit up and try to stay awake. If you lie down, there’s a good chance you’ll fall asleep, vomit, and choke on it. 
    • If you are past Maybe Puking and are in Definitely Gonna Happen territory, find a trash can/sink/appropriate bucket and puke. Trust your body on this. 
    • Puking won’t purge your system of alcohol. It will only get rid of the stuff yet to be processed by your body aka the shit in your stomach. You’re still Very Drunk. 
  • You can just try a drink. A lot of alcohol tastes good and is nice to have with a meal. A lot of it tastes nasty. It’s perfectly okay to try a drink and not finish it. 
  • You don’t have to get drunk every time you drink. It’s perfectly okay just to have a beer and not even get buzzed. You don’t have to be plastered at every party. 
  • Drunk You is the same as Sober You. Except they are going to say the first thing that came into your head and do the first thing that they wanted to do. Own up to the shit that you did while plastered. Never accept “I was drunk!” as an excuse. 
  • Don’t get drunk during Frosh Week. It will be tempting as hell but the worst shit happens during Frosh Week. Nobody knows what they are doing but every single one of them is convinced they should do it. Ambulances were at my school almost every night during Frosh Week. Stay sober and know that there will be better parties later in the semester. 
  • Don’t get drunk around people you don’t know well. If people invite you to a party, stay sober the first time. A good party is still a good party whether your drunk or not. If you still feel safe around them after you’ve seen them drunk then go ahead and hit the booze the next time. 
  • Friends who only want to hang out if people are drinking aren’t your friends. They are alcoholics who don’t want to drink alone.  
  • NEVER MIX LIQUOR. A glass of wine and a can of beer are fine companions if you are not having a lot. A shot of whiskey and a shot of vodka are going to hit you like a One-Two Punch from Mohammad Ali. Stick to one. Avoid the hospital. 
  • Pour your alcohol first when making a drink. It’s near impossible to figure out how much alcohol you’ve added to a glass when drunk unless you can see it. Pour the liquor first then add your mixture. You’ll get a better tasting drink and less chance of over doing it. 
  • You never know how drunk you are sitting down. Stand up every once in a while and walk around a little. 
  • If your drink is ever out of your sight it is dead to you. Say a little eulogy and get a new one. Preferably in a new cup. 
  • Google the bars/clubs. Learn their reputations. You’ll be able to avoid the bad ones and enjoy your nights out more. 
  • Find out which areas are safe to walk through at night. Find out which ones you need to call a cab for. Find out which ones you should never go to. No party is worth your life. 
  • If you have never been drunk before, don’t know anyone you feel safe around, and still want to know what it’s like, get some alcohol, pick a movie, and start a drinking game. Have the rules on a sheet in front of you so you won’t get mixed up. Start with beer/wine/cider the first time and ignore the shots rules. If you handle that well, wait until you’re sober to do it with liquor. 
  • If you need a ride to get home, always make sure you have enough money for a cab to get you home. Make sure your phone is charged too. Getting stuck somewhere because your ride fell through never ends well. 
    • If money is an issue, some universities offer a free-ride program to students. Program the number into your phone and know how far they will go from the university with pickups and drop-offs. 
  • The number one thing to remember when you start drinking is that nobody decides to become an alcoholic. Nobody. You’ll have to make the conscience decision to limit alcohol in your life if you don’t want to be an addict. 

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@the last anon: Hello! I'm an internationally recognized figure skater and I'm giving my two cents on your ask if that's alright! If it's after a public practice, I think you're 1000% okay to talk to them. However, if they're talking to an official/coach/etc., I'd say it's best to wait a bit! I hope this helped a bit. Most of us are sociable people, and I get really excited when someone wants to talk to me, so just be mindful of what's going on around them. Hope you're having a good day, anon!

Thanks for the help!

H.S. Album Series: Carolina

Word Count: 2606

A/M: I feel lowkey that if more time and more talent was involved, this could be decent low budget rom-com. Who will help me produce this masterpiece? Who will be my leading stars? Stay tuned for nothing to come of it besides this little story 🙂. Though if someone were to make something out of this credit and include me in the production 😎. Also, cause I’m curious with writing this series, I ask you this question: What is your favourite song off the album? 
Hope you enjoy it! Tell me if you do!

*Disclaimer- obviously this is only (one of) my interpretations of what I think about when I hear the songs. Of course you may have your own, these are just one of mine.*

H.S Album Series Masterlist | Ask

“I am a writer. It means that I was able to remember every little detail about them. Their scent which would put me in a trance every time I smelt it, the way that their eyes would change colour and sparkle in the sun. The way they would giggle shyly at my jokes, always looking at me with their sparkly eyes and looking as if they wanted to hide away from laughing at my horrendous joke. Sometimes I couldn’t even find it funny. But they did.”

“I am a singer. It means that I can remember the feelings I had when I was with them. The sadness when they found out their pet had died and I became their shoulder to cry on. The nerves they felt when they went in for their big job interview, and the happiness when they found out they had gotten their new job. Or the heartbreak I felt when they decided to leave me. People wondered how I could display such emotion in my voice when I sang. Not knowing there was a muse behind my music that did all the work for me.”

“I am an artist. It means I can remember both the feeling and the little details all in one. I can remember what it was like to fall for their magical, colour changing eyes. I remember what it was like when I became their shoulder to cry on, watching their eyes turn dark and red with sadness and how my shirt turned wet with tears and how I didn’t care. I remember what it was like when they left me. How the piercing of the blade felt in my heart when I watched them walk away. It was then I knew they weren’t just anyone. No.”

“They meant a whole lot more than that to me.”

You walked in to the little coffee shop, not knowing what to expect. But when you heard the poetry that came out of his mouth you knew exactly what he was talking about. 

You were glad that it was crowded, feeling awkward if it was empty. However as he met eyes with you as he spoke his last sentence, you began to question if he actually saw you or if it had been your imagination. However, if it had been real, you wanted to leave immediately. 

You walked out quickly, pushing past the new customers that were coming through the door. You walked into the wintery night as snow slowly began to fall from the dark sky. You wrapped your coat tighter around you as you walked down the street. 

You thought you heard your name be called out but you ignored it, thinking that it was impossible. But as you felt a tap on your shoulder you stopped and turned around and was face to face with the one you thought you could say goodbye to only a year before.

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Hi everyone! Do I have any pals at SDCC today? I was hoping to get these ponies, and since people are reporting that the booth where these sell is pretty empty, I hoped someone could help me out without standing in a big line!

If you can help me get any of them, I’ll pay you for their cost, crayon you a picture of your choosing, and make you a special custom helper button! (I was thinking “Concerned Pony’s Big Helper’!) Just DM me!

There are so many posts today saying Jessica @k9kesi was one of the first people to talk to OPs when they joined dogblr, and that she has reached out and helped them during tough times.

I can certainly mirror these sentiments as she was the first person I followed and who talked to me, she helped me through some hard times with nothing but kindness and good advice.

She was a kind person with such a good soul someone who was well respected for her positivity and her extensive knowledge.

I hope from today in our grieving for this great person we can take a page out of her books and in future try to be as warm and welcoming of newcomers to this community as her and be as kind and thoughtful in our friends times of need as her.

She will be so greatly missed by so many of us here she has truely left a huge and positive impact on my life and I can see I am not at all alone. ❤️

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Hi! Lately I've been using They/them pronouns, but oddly enough I still use she/her and refer to myself as female in third person, and I can't stand it...Have you talked to other people who deal with this? Hope you've had a good day!

Yes absolutely this is normal! I do it too, accidentally misgendering myself. We’ve had it wired in our heads since forever that we’re one thing, and when we finally realize we’re not, it can take months or years to fully change our perceptions of ourselves. Don’t worry, anon, you’re not alone. The process is just like learning someone else’s gender/pronouns. It’ll take time, but you’re not invalid because you make mistakes. Hope this helps!

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This is a little NSFW-ly worded but for bottom dysphoria I like to try to think of my clit as my dick because it will eventually be that. And that my balls are my labia because they will also. It helps to relieve a bit of my anxiety when I focus on that. I also pack on the days it isn't difficult to. I don't mean to be so blunt but I hope this sincerely helps someone else.


SouRina Headcanons (Souma Yukihira x Erina Nakiri)

These are mainly for my beloved friend @mxryfer but I hope that everyone can enjoy them! (I’ll fix the format once I can get on my pc)

• With these two you can always expect petty arguments over the dumbest thing ever. Did Erina say she enjoyed Hisako’s food more than Souma’s? Better get a seat, they’ll be at it for hours.

• Did someone say jealous Yukihira Souma?

• The poor guy can’t help himself, Erina isn’t just an amazing chef but a very beautiful one, she has admirers everywhere, too bad for our protagonist’s heart.

• Oh, but he won’t say a word about it, no way. Prideful Souma won’t ever admit that he’s jealous over some randoms.

• Erina, on the other hand, doesn’t mind the attention Souma gets from other girls. Maybe because she knows that guy is denser than a rock, or maybe because she knows he has him eating from her hand.

• Much to Erina’s surprise he was the one who asked her out. It took him so long she thought she would be the one to say it, but then again Yukihira is unpredictable.

• Cooking dates 24/7. Some on the Polar Star Dorm (Though rarely, they barely have privacy there), some on random places of the academy or at Nakiri’s place.

• Souma an extra boyfriend?? Yes?? He goes out of his way just to make Erina smile.

• “Is she in class? Well, maybe she’d like seeing me blowing her kisses on the window.”

• She does not.

• The poor girl doesn’t know where to hide. But she secretly likes it. (Would never admit it, at least not to anyone who’s not Hisako)

• Erina likes spoiling Souma just as much as he does.

• This develops a gift-spoiling war between the two.

• They are only stopped by Alice when they go to her to see “Who’s the sweetest boyfriend/girlfriend”.

• They tend to sneak out and just spend the day doing nothing, talking about everything.

• Winter is their season and no one can tell me otherwise.

• Christmas date while it’s snowing? Yes. Holding hands awkwardly to keep each other warm? Yes. Cliché kiss under the mistletoe? Absolutely.

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Had to get on my laptop cause mobile was being weird. ^-^; ✆ and & for our handsome art boy, please! Also big fan of your blog, like Yusuke best boy for sure.

thank you very much, it warms my heart to see that someone actually likes the things i wrote 8″)

Send “✆” for a MORNING text.

Good morning, my dearest.
The dawn have come and brought sun to rise from the horizons, so, how was your morning? how did you wake up? i couldn’t help but imagine that you’d still look as stunning as ever as you woke up, how the sunlight that permeates through your window would accentuate your silhouette. Relishing in these thoughts, i am now forlorn by the fact that i couldn’t be there to witness such occurrence. nonetheless, i hope you have a good day, can’t wait to see you soon, my muse.

Send “&” for a LOVING text.

How is your day going, Love?
Believe me, i’m trying my best to focus on my studies but i can’t help that i keep thinking about you. Right now, i am reminiscing the times that we went to the planetarium together. Marvelling at the mysteries of the universe as well as the beauty in them. i remember the stars and the intricate patterns of each nebulae, but the moment i came to see your eyes, they seemed to lose their brilliance over the sparkles in your eyes. i wish that it will never fade. 

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I had mixed feeling about you. I heard both bad and good things about you. But my opinion about you got clear just few weeks ago. You are nice and kind, you're an amazing friend and you help everyone. You are the star of this community ⭐️

Thank you for this and for deciding to make your own opinion. I have heard so many mixed things about people in this community but its clear we only ever know half the story. We never know who is behind the other computer screen and how they act may be related to their past and present. Its so hard to judge over the internet without personally knowing someone. I am glad that it sounds like you talked to me and that we became friends ☺️I hope I never do anything to change your opinion of me and that we keep talking!!

I’m beyond stressed, I think my head may just explode but if it does I hope that the mess is nothing but glitter and confetti because I feel like that’s what should be insane of people’s heads instead of all that nasty stuff. I can only hope and dream that is the case when it comes to me because I’m teetering on the edge of going absolutely insane. Someone please send help in the form of baked goods and cuddle sessions.

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Jared is very busy can you do some hcs of him making his daughter feel included and loved so she doesn't feel forgotten? 😬

I always think, since Jared is always on the move, he’d never want his daughter to feel like she has to try and be included. Or feel like she has to do something to “prove” in a sense that shes included. Like he’d want her to by default feel like wherever he is then of course she’d be there and it makes sense for her to be there. Since he travels so much so much and is always doing something for movies/music. He realizes it’d be easy for someone to call behind. But he’d want the atmosphere in general to be and teach her to feel like shes meant to be there and when people look at her they know she doesnt need a ‘reason’ to be. I hope I’m phrasing that right. Like whether shes actually helping with musical equipment for example or just sitting somewhere with coffee. Because Jares carries that sort of charisma or purpose with him that hed want to pass on. BUT ANYWAY.

Jared always checks his outfit with her and she helps him go through the gucci to pick out what to wear on stage.

He gives her his phone while hes performing and she posts snaps/insta stuff for him.

She get’s to hold his script while hes shooting a scene and reads through it while they’re on break in his trailer.

They go grocery shopping together to stock up the tour bus.

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Hi! Are there any fics where isak or even has a sibling, and they're not only mentioned but is actually part of the story? And are there fics where either isak or even has a child before they met? (I'm so sorry if this id confusing. english is not my first language)

Hi, Lovely!

In these fics, Even has siblings who are pretty prominent characters: 

  • I feel it when you look at me by photographer_of_thoughts
    Summary: “Did you hear about the new guy?” Jonas asked, motioning over to the other side of the cafeteria. Isak looked up and became rather breathless at the sight of the tall, blonde, and totally gorgeous boy wearing sunglasses. Wait. Sunglasses? Inside? “Must suck to be the new transfer and blind. I hope someone is helping him find all his classes.“ Or, Isak and Even learn to see each other.

  • if i knew it were true by smokeshop
    They’ve both been broken. Even hates his brain and Isak hates his life, and the past is always lurking. Friends With Benefits AU where Isak loves Even and Even loves Isak, but they’re afraid to make it work.

Also, Isak’s sister plays a pretty big part in this one:

  • The Notion of Falling by smokeshop
    Summary: Isak hates Even and Even hates Isak and Sana is the only one who knows why. 

Single dad fics: 

  • Better With You by iriswests 
    Summary: Isak and Even don’t know what they’d do without the other. Eventually, they realize they don’t really need to find out.

  • The Nanny by allisonbucky
    : Even is a hot stressed dad of two little girls, and Isak becomes his nanny. Rom Com shenanigans ensue.

  • Doppelganger/ She Looks Just Like You by Jamz24
    : In which Isak is a single dad, and Even is a film director looking for a cute baby for an advert he’s shooting. But haven’t they met somewhere before, when tragedy struck? “How had it come to this, Isak asked himself. How had he come from being top of his class at Nissen with a med scholarship and a glowing future before him, to being a teenage father? A lonely, single, jobless, gay teenage father?”

  • waiting outside (‘til you’re ready to go) by miucrew
    Summary: An AU where Isak’s daughter is an actual little devil that he can’t control for the life of him, and his neighbour Even offers a helping hand. 

  • Universe At Its Finest by Skamtrash
    Summary: The universe brings Even into Isaks life, he just didn’t know Even came with a full package. A kid fic with 90% pure fluff.

  • undefined, spiraling out of touch, forgot how it feels by dreamocacy
    Summary: Our children are best friends.“ Isak said with a shy smile, hands clasped together. “And we both just happen to be single dads.” Even said, grinning while rocking on his feet.

Much Love,


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okay okay i’m banning myself from using shift otherwise this will be a whole load of uppercase text and there will be a lot of text it’s so hard not to use shift omg i wanna scream rn

((i’ve finished writing this long-ass essay and decided to actually edit and format this as i’ve actually calmed down a bit now… this and long and rambly but if ANYONE has anything to add PLEASE DO anyway have fun))

((okay no there’s too much i’ll just put it into paragraphs and fix the spelling errors))

lily was the doctor treating scott like they would blame her because she should have known he would have deteriorated, but if the post mortem reveals they couldn’t have known, the blame will be put on all that were involved in his care, including the nurse that was in there. like should a patient in a high dependency cubicle (yes he was being moved soon but still) who was lying flat, monitors turned off, like come on, should he be completely unsuperviseD???? i don’t think so. 

i mean this dude was a homophobic racist bastard, suspected by the entire ed to have killed their colleague and friend, in the department at the same time as ethan like come on negligence much??? i’m surprised no-one let him die beforehand but they all have an oath so i guess i’m not that surprised but still i mean it was all veeeeryyy convenient but i guess Drama. 

but there will be serious repercussions for lily, who was in charge of scott’s care. there were so many things. i mean scott shouldn’t have been left alone for reasons aforementioned (seriously i saw that word the other day and i fucking love it i hope i used it correctly do i sound Smart now) 

i mean there will be consequences… and fucking ethan too, like if he owns up (which i would expect of ethan because he’s v v impulsive atm but he always thinks about it after and tries to do something about it) wtf will happen to him? i mean he let scott die which is against everything and he could get in serious trouble… but hanssen might cover it up because of the circumstances?? but even then there’s no proof that scott killed cal and no-one knows what scott said to ethan so literally nothing will happen to give a reason for ethan letting scott die. from the outide it just looks like a doctor walked away from a struggling patient and didn’t even get the patient help. scott. was. not. charged. no-one. knows. he. is. guilty. there. is. no. reason. for. ethan’s. actions. from. the. perspective. of. everyone. else. apart from his seriously declining mental health i mean he is not well.

i have done a lot of research trying to figure out what would happen to ethan if he says what happened and all i came to in the end is culpable homicide:  an act which has resulted in a person’s death but is held not to amount to murder. and ethan didn’t murder scott since he was not responsible for his deterioration. but he didn’t save him and he didn’t get scott help. he played a part in scott’s death (if the post-mortem reveals scott could have been saved if he received help earlier) but even then, ethan is not fully to blame. 

scott was left alone. his monitors were switched off. (aside from the postmortem stuff i keep mentioning), lily didn’t realise the possibility of deteriorating (if there was one that could have been predicted). i don’t know how long they tried to save scott for but it didn’t seem to be long. scott was a possible killer and no-one gave a shit about him.

but no-one can account for where ethan was at the time of deteriorating, and in a busy ed my guess if everyone else can be accounted for. alarm bells.

there’s no reason to assume foul play. not at all. unless ethan admits to what he did, or rather didn’t do. and if the guilt eats away at him (i mean look at how he reacted last year when he felt guilty about olivia and jess) he probably will tell someone. there’s no reason to assume ethan did anything, and no reason to assume foul play.

but but but let’s hold on to the hope that the post-mortem will reveal that nothing could have saved scott, even if he received treatment as soon as he deteriorated.

now about the mum - honestly don’t think, in her small and twisted mind, she could kill someone. saying that, scott killing cal wasn’t exactly planned nor was it what he wanted - as i’ve said in the past, i don’t think scott meant to kill cal and i think he really regrets it. i think denise (is that her name) will need answers, and her target will be lily. of course, it would be. she already has a problem with lily because she was being treated at the same time as her (dead) husband, and lily is chinese. i mean that’s a great mix right? so yeah i think she will go all out on targeting lily, and also the rest of the hospital. but i honestly don’t think she will kill anyone, at least i fuckin hope not.

now now now the mickey situation like i don’t even want her to reconcile with him? mickey is a good egg, he doesn’t need that sort of person in his life. maybe denise will have the outlook scott did. “i can accept you’re gay because you’re my brother/son… but not with a black guy”. but even then stay well away mickey. i mean it leaves denise on her own but i don’t even care, like i feel sorry for the woman, yeah, but i don’t want her to reconcile with mickey. but she might do now scott’s gone?? i dunno. scott did seem to be a pushing force in keeping her away, but not in her original decision of it’s ‘us or him’.

side note my internet history is filled up with the ethics of killing people, the laws about killing people and stuff about murder and homicide etc in general… i mean it looks kinda bad.

also alarm bells - i know ethan has just lost his brother and everything he’s done is probably because of that… but

ohhhhh fuuucckkkkk


the ellissons aren’t on the cast list, and all it says about ethan is he “throws himself into work”. he’s not high up on the cast list so i don’t think anything major happens.

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Is it appropriative to wear a Kannon necklace/have a statue of her if I'm Konko, but not part of a Buddhist sect? I like having reminders of her around to remind me to be more compassionate in my everyday life.

Personally speaking,  I think it’s okay! 
In Konkokyo, Konko Daijin was very close to two Kannon temples as he was growing up as well. One in his local village, and another he visited far away, especially for New Years.  (I visited them both while I was in seminary school :)  )
I am also touched by her compassion and desire to help others, and I think it’s very fitting for someone who practices the way of Konkokyo. 
You also don’t need to be a member of a Buddhist sect to worship her, as she is worshipped all over Japan by people who are not always Buddhist!
Hope this could help!

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I think I saw you posted that Chester Bennington saved your life. I don't know the details, but please remember - YOU saved your life, YOU decided to keep on going, YOU found hope/solace somewhere. Please don't give away your strength and put it on someone else. YOU saved YOU. Even if CB was the source of your hope, YOU decided to look there for hope, which means YOU can find hope somewhere else too. I promise, you can.

thank you so so much for this. you’re absolutely right. his loss still hurts acutely, but i’m going to continue to live my life. it’s what he would want, i think.

to everyone else- you’re stronger than you think you are, even if some days it doesn’t feel like that. please reach out if you need help. please. you are important, you are loved.