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Hello! I'll be meeting some online friends at a con soon, do you have some tips to make it fun? And def not awkward since we get along pretty well online so I hope it'll be the same irl and want to do anything to prevent it from going sour

Kiriska: Hmm, honestly I don’t have a lot of specific advice for this because these days, a vast majority of my friends I either met or interacted with online first before meeting them at cons. Or even if I did meet them in person first, we interact and chat mostly online. I don’t make much of a distinction between online friends and “offline” friends because they’re all kind of the same to me.

That said, these suggestions can probably apply to any meeting with a friend you haven’t hung out with in person before, or whom you haven’t seen in a while:

  • Make plans ahead of time about what you guys want to do; even if there’s no concrete itinerary, have a list of a few options that everyone is okay with, and be ready to just pick one if you need to. It can be hard to plan things spontaneously, especially at a con, so it’s better that everyone is on board with a few options ahead of time. It’s also no fun continually delay things because everyone is “you decide” “no, you decide” so be ready to be the person to call the shots if no one else wants to. :P

  • Be honest, flexible, and understanding. If there are particular situations you’d be uncomfortable in or things you don’t want to do, be upfront about them and plan around them. For example, if you really don’t want to hang out at the pool or whatever, don’t just try to avoid the topic. Just be honest about it. And if your friends want to do the thing anyway, let them know it’s okay to go without you, or suggest something else to do. If your friends have a thing they don’t want to do, be understanding about it. 

  • Stow away a few conversation topics, things you want to bring up/ask your friends, or things you want to show your friends. You don’t need to write them down or anything, but give some thought to what you guys might talk about during downtime or lulls in conversation.

Interactions with people in person are always going to be different from interactions online, but I don’t really think they’re that different. The usual things apply. Joke around, but don’t be mean. Be honest. Make sure everyone’s comfortable with everything that’s happening, whether that’s with restaurant choices or activity choices or conversation choices or whatever.

Have fun!

Nattosoup:  Love all of Kiri’s advice!  Only a couple things to add:

Consider making them a small gift!  It’ll help break the ice, and it can be a good conversation topic.

Exchange phone numbers ahead of time!  Just in case plans change last minute.

Don’t worry about being awkward- sometimes that fear makes you MORE awkward.  Just try to relax, have a good time, and think of them as you do when you’re online.


My Boss, John Lasseter has the craziest offices I’ve ever seen  - here’s his Pixar office. I found most of these online. The top image is from a book that I hope gets printed by Greg Preston called The Artist Within vol. 2. Here’s a link to the first volume:


I’ll have to post some photos of his Disney Animation office soon!

Got7 reaction to their S/O losing weight because they’re receiving hate

A/N - This one is something I hope doesn’t happen to the boys or their S/O but here it is and hopefully you enjoy~ Keep on sending in your requests and I’ll have them posted as soon as I can!

Mark: Mark would want to call out the haters but also knew that might add fuel to the fire so wouldn’t address it on social media. But when he noticed that they were eating less and beginning to lose a lot of weight, he’d step in and ensure they were healthy before talking about it online to make sure it stopped. 

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JB: JB wouldn’t know how to react to the idea of his S/O getting hate because he just couldn’t see why anyone would not like them. He’d make sure to show his love for them even more than before so they didn’t feel like they had to lose weight since he thought they were perfect no matter what.

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Jackson: I think Jackson would really understand why his S/O was so affected by it since he has often talked about losing weight due to pressure. Jackson would be super supportive and would be non-stop worrying about them and making sure they were okay, even if they had stopped trying to lose weight or had stopped looking at the hate some people sent.

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Jinyoung: We all know how savage our Jinyoung can be so I think he’d be doing an interview or when they asked “what’s your pet peeve?” he’d respond like “people online thinking they have the right to hurt my partner” and he’d just be super shady to the people sending hate. Jinyoung would be really caring towards his S/O though, making sure they were happy and healthy.
(ignore the caption in the gif hehe)

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Youngjae: Youngjae would be 100% ready to fight whoever sent hate to his partner. No one should be able to get away with hurting someone like that and he’d make sure they knew that. He’d want to comfort his S/O as much as possible because he had noticed the weight loss and was worried they weren’t being healthy.

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Bambam: Bambam wouldn’t hesitate to confront the people sending hate online. He’d call them out and say how much it affected them. Once he was done posting about how much he hated those haters, he’d cheer up his S/O by going back to his usual playful state but not before making sure they were okay.

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Yugyeom: If his S/O was getting hate from fans or the press, Yugyeom would be so upset because they couldn’t see how beautiful they were and also how badly it was affecting them. He’d do everything he could to show them that he didn’t care about their weight and that the people sending hate were the ones that needed to change, not them.

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hey, I'm sorry to bug you with silly, idle things, but my day has been pretty fucking terrible. Could you just tell me a few comforting things about jughead with a significant other, and I understand if you won't do this, because if one person brings it up, everyone will want one, but I simply figured I'd ask, seeing as you are online at the moment. thx xoxo. I adore your blog, and you're a very kind individual.

anon i love u so why not, i haven’t written anything in a while and i love my bf and i hope you feel better soon anon !!

  • when you’re at pop’s together and he’s busy writing away on his laptop, there isn’t much conversation between the two of you. you work on your homework, and he writes, stopping to ask your opinion on something or asking you to edit his work, which is something he trust no one with but you
  • he likes giving you forehead kisses, which is easy to do because he’s so tall
  • he likes napping with you a lot during the day, mainly because it allows him to be awake during the night hours
  • he ditches class sometimes, sneaking away with you to go spend time together elsewhere
  • he’s always critiquing most films, television shows and writing, but if it’s something that you really enjoy, he won’t say anything negative about it (unless you do)
  • whenever you’re feeling down, he takes you to the park, where you just sit down on the grass together silently, talking only if you want to
  • he loves teasing and poking fun at you sometimes (i.e. “aww, you missed me? really? lil ol’ me?”)
  • he’s low key really protective over you to the point that he’s willing to get into a physical fight to honor and protect you (even though lbr, what can that string bean do?)

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The Horrors Of Spring | Chapter Three

Summary: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The four courts that serve as the pillars of the fae realm, united in peace, and yet their words could not be further apart. Natsu Dragneel, Prince of Summer, feels as though the weight of royalty will be his undoing. But when the Courts begin to gather, he soon discovers there are those far more trapped than he.

Rating: M                                      Words: 2980

Prologue / Chapter One / Chapter Two

A/N: So long time no update. Life is so busy lately and I am so stressed I am barely online at all these days and unfortunately I haven’t had the chance or the motivation to write any more of this but I thought since it had been a while since the last update I should at least post something.So here’s chapter three! I hope you enjoy it and that you let me know what you think! 

The Pinioned Princess

      “All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.” – Kait Rokowski

Natsu squirmed in his royal finery. Igneel had instructed him to dress in his best clothes for the Gathering of the Courts, but his best was not his most comfortable. His coat was tailored to fit him, but the red fabric felt heavy on his shoulders, another reminder of the burden of royalty. The high collar grazed his jaw every time he turned his head, and he didn’t even bother trying to fasten all the golden buttons. He’d rolled his black pants up to just below his knee and departed without any shoes, causing Igneel to frown at him when they had left for The Shared Plains, the place of the Gathering. Or as its centre was more commonly called, The Crossroads.

Igneel and Erza chatted idly in front of him as they crossed into neutral territory, but Natsu’s own thoughts were too occupied to offer much in the way of conversation. He noticed the way they both carried themselves with an air that requested respect, and he knew they both got it. It made him grimace to himself slightly. Natsu didn’t know how to give that sort of impression, but he was realising now that his dishevelled appearance wouldn’t help him much. The other fae gathered at The Crossroads would regard Igneel and Erza’s entrance in admiration, he was sure of it.

He did not know what kind of reaction he would get.

Gods, he really hated these gatherings. He would have fled for the day if not for the combined wrath of his father and his most trusted guard; and the desire to make a good impression on the Spring Court royals in order to find Lucy again.

“Something on your mind Natsu?” Igneel questioned.

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  • what’s doin’ chickens! how are we all, are we good? 
  • me? i’m a vibrating meat sack of excitement & anxiety thanks for asking
  • some updates: i finished my grad film, and got my final uni results so i’m… officially finished w my first degree….. nice
  •  film has been screened twice and i’ve had to be drunk both times in order to sit through it without screaming which, was to be expected
  • i’m entering it into a few festivals which will likely be a venture of varying success, but i’ll get it online as soon as i can! in the meantime please enjoy this video 
  • as of monday i’ll be flying to london and floating around in europe until i head up to denmark to study until june. sorting out my affairs has been like herding cats so im.. stressed… but also v excited
  • mimon is happening!!!!! i’m hoping to begin posting around the 12th of december, but i’ll make a separate post with details soon 
  • i’m going to be updating my society6 store very soon, and i’m very seriously looking into getting a patreon up and running. would anyone be interested in that kind of thing from me?? hmu
  • as for commissions: for now they remain closed while i finish personal projects. after that it’ll depend on my workload in denmark
  • thanks so much for ur patience guys, this year has been a madhouse, and i’m really, truly grateful for the support. kiss ur pets for me

Hey you. If you’re anxious or nervous about your big plans today, I just wanted to stop by and tell you everything is going to be okay. You’re going to do just fine on your tests, performing your public speeches, getting that job interview, landing that new job, moving to a new town, settling in with a new group of friends, starting and fitting in at a new school, everything. You’re going to be all right. All the best things in life come with change. Have patience and faith in yourself. Keep trying. Breathe.

What about a heads up...

… concerning future videos and the podcast?

Here it is: I am currently working “full steam” on my video-series “What About?” about photography. The first couple of episodes - two are already online here - are especially targeted towards beginning photographers - but don’t you worry, we will be going IN DEPTH in this as well.
And of course, I’ll be happy with trying to answer any kind of photography related questions. Either here or - if better done via video on my YouTube channel http://youtube.com/c/tvoomphotography/. So please don’t hesitate to send questions.

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Since these videos are all very short (5-7 minutes), I hope to be able to publish one video per week soon.
The podcast will be of course also mostly about photography, but is intended to cover a more broad spectrum of all creative “work”. And since (for whatever reason) some of my very old posts about photography on this blog got a bit of attention lately, I will probably even already start audio-podcasting in March (in case I got all the tech-side covered).

So… yeah… that just that you know what is going on ;)

P.S.: Since there were quite some questions about this lately, I will throw in a German episode in the podcast here and there. I have no clue whether there is some bigger interest about that, so if you are interested in a German podcast, then please drop me a note!

Also: If you’d like to be ON the podcast (pre-recorded and edited) with me (or be part of an “In Conversation” live-stream with Fern @qbn-scholar and me - the next episode is scheduled for February 25th, and you can find the last streams here), please send me a message. It would be more than a pleasure to be talking with you.

- Pete

I Need You

Characters – Dean x Reader

Summary – The reader injures her back on a hunt and is forced to rely on the Winchesters for a while.

Word Count – 4,549

Warnings – Back injury

A/N – This was a request by @squirels-angels-and-moose.  I hope you feel better soon, sweetie!  The injury and symptoms are a combination of online research and the one time I threw my own back out, so if it’s not 100% accurate, I hope you’ll forgive me!  :)

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Your name: submit What is this?

You knew the exact moment when everything went wrong.  Just as Dean had dropped the lit match into the open grave, all three of you had relaxed a little bit.  You smiled at your boyfriend and his brother, congratulating them on another successful hunt, and turned to begin walking back to the impala.  A shout behind you cause you to turn around, expecting to see the Winchesters and instead coming face to face with the ghost you thought you’d just roasted.

And that ghost was angry – very angry.

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Short Hiatus

Hey everyone. I think I need to take a few days off.

If you haven’t already heard, something horrible happened today. Sensei is gone. We’re all in pain and I can’t concentrate so answering asks would be useless. I need to be with the turtles right now. I need to support them. They need me.

I just need a few days off to grieve and clear my head. I’ll try to be back online soon. I’ll still be replying to direct messages whenever I feel up to it. I hope you understand.

Don’t need mistletoe to kiss you

I finally finished a gift for @delta-roseblr for @pjosecretsanta2016
It’s not as long and as good as I wanted it to be, but I’ve been working hard on it and although I write a lot, it’s the first fanfiction I’ve ever posted online! I hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas! <3

Don’t need mistletoe to kiss you 
Pairing: Solangelo
Words count: 2274

Someone opened the door.
The mid-light crept into the cabin, falling on the back of Nico’s head. His messy dark hair was sticking in a lot of different directions, giving away the fact that he was asleep just a second ago. He let out a tired groan, covering his head with a pillow as soon as he felt sunlight on his face. What time was it? Why was anyone bothering him so early in the morning?

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looking for lesbians and bi women, especially near the Twin Cities (MN), who would like to be a part of the photography in my gay women’s poetry anthology

general info

my name is Avi. I’m a lesbian writer. this is my main blog and my writing blog is @metukah​. I don’t have much current writing there because I’ve been saving my good recent stuff for a poetry collection I’ve been working on, and hope to finish soon (at the latest before the summer). 

the collection is currently untitled, but themed around varied experiences of love (relationships, loss, hope, heartbreak, crushes, sex, romance) specifically through the lens of women who love other women. 

this project is short (it will have at least 12 poems and at most 20) and I hope to self publish it online as a book for sale through Lulu, and if possible, have paperback copies available by order. 

something I want to incorporate into the pages between the poems is photography of lesbian and bi women to go along with the themes of the writing. I would be the photographer; creating gay art through photography is something I’m learning and becoming more invested in as an artist and I wanted to tie my first published poetry project into that interest. 

depending on the poem it corresponds to, a photo can be Specific (pictures of couples, a full picture of a person in a certain setting or a face, and so on), but it can also be more Abstract (a closeup on a facial feature, or hands or legs linked in different ways, or a special piece of clothing or accessory, or a room or a piece of furniture that has context to you as a woman who loves women, etc).  I could use both abstract and more specific photos to correspond to different types of poems. 

a friend of mine (she may participate) has brainstormed some example ideas for photos already, just so you have an idea of a few possibilities of concepts we could come up with: a closeup of her hands/arms as and her girlfriend’s hair as she brushes it in the morning (this is a happy routine in their relationship), a wider angle picture of her particular style of clothes hanging in her closet, slightly “unglamorous” pictures of two or more women eating a meal together (taking big bites of their food, talking, laughing, not paying attention to the camera), etcetera. the sky’s the limit with ideas really, I just want to capture gay and bi women existing comfortably and lovingly around each other, and the interactions / settings / objects / contexts of their everyday lives, ranging from the abstract to hyper-specific.

credit / privacy

volunteers to be photo subjects can choose to remain anonymous, go by a pseudonym, or have their real name credited in the book. if you want to remain anonymous and not have your photos discovered as attached to you, the option of more abstract photos that are less revealing of your identity could help.

if you are interested, and you live in Minnesota / the Twin Cities, or are close enough that you can plan to commute for a couple hours sometime in the next few months to do the photography, please contact me by ask or direct message. feel free to ask me anything about my collection, the intention behind my collection, etcetera. whatever you need to feel comfortable being a credited part of my project.

subject matter / types of poems and photos

people who participate will be able to let me know what type of poem (nostalgic, cute, heartbreak, slightly more sensual, romantic, etc) they prefer to have their photo correspond to. I can send you a sample of a poem or two, that will be in the book, and once you decide on a poem or poems we can discuss ideas for what kind of photoshoot to take of you in relation to that poem(s). 

a small handful of the poems in the book relate to sex or sensuality. if you choose a poem that has a sexual topic, photos will NOT be explicit, and you can choose what type of poem you want an image you participate in to be juxtaposed with. with that kind of topic, they would be abstract (for example an up close photo of an eye or mouth or other part of the body that the subject is comfortable having photographed, or a picture of a room or a bed or another setting). NEVER literally depicting explicit sexual images, and ALWAYS within the comfort level of the volunteer. I will not put anything in the book without you knowing exactly what and where I am putting it.

what will I get out of it?

I don’t have any personal funds to speak of and am trying to raise money for college living expenses through commissions and publishing my art. The collection is short and will be offered at for sure less than 10 dollars online. I cannot promise to pay all subjects of photos a chunk of revenue unless my book generates a surprising amount of money, in which case I will rework my plan to include that, but yeah if I have more than 3 people model for images (which is the goal) plus myself as the author/photographer, unless I have an unexpected popularity I can forsee it being really hard to realistically offer split profits up front. that is why I am advertising this clearly from the start as a volunteer opportunity for lesbian/bi women who want to be part of a published project by a lesbian artist, and be given full credit/recognition in to the extent that they want it.

since two people have asked me this - if you live far away, and can’t come be a subject for my photography, but are really interested in having images in my collection, you are welcome to take them yourself and send them after reading some of the poems, and I will fully credit you as the photographer. but I understand that that isn’t an attractive option for most people since again I can’t guarantee pay unless sales take off and I can reconsider a plan, and the only thing you would be getting out of it is seeing your images / credit for them in a published LGBT women’s project (which is for sure something, but I understand if it isn’t enough as incentive) I’m not requesting that people do this, but since a couple friends have asked, I figured I’d mention that the option is there.

Back online

I had a super crappy internet connection for the past days, so I haven’t been able to read or answer your messages, I’m sorry about that! It seems to be back to normal today, so I’ll hope being able to catch up soon!
Thanks for your patience, and my best wishes for 2017!

Face Timing With Jungkook ^^

Plot: Jungkook is your online friend and who is in love with you

A/N: Again this is shit


I’m so sorry I had to re-edit some stuff!!!


“What is it Jungkook?”

“I miss you!!” cries Jungkook

“Awww I miss you too Jungkook!!”

“When will we meet each other?”

“I don’t know I hope its soon”

“Me too..’ whispers Jungkook

As you started talking Jungkook face turns serious

You stopped to look at him

“Yeah Jungkook?

As you stare at him you see his face turning pink
“I just wanted to say that…”

You continue to stare but he wasn’t saying anything


“I L-”

You hear your mother’s voice from downstairs meaning that it is your time to leave

“Ah I’m sorry Jungkook I have to go now, I’ll talk you later!!”
“But Y/N wa-”

*Call Ended*

As the call ended. On Jungkook’s side he looked so sad because he wasn’t able to say what he wanted to say to you since he first started to fall for you…

“That..I love you”

Online Shop!

Wahh gave into peer pressure!
Set up a Redbubble shop where i’ll post MTG-inspired that is non-copyrighted c: 

Want a bag where you can put your deck boxes and what not in? 
Want a mug to drink your opponents tear with when you counter their spell?
In need of a Pillow to cry into when they counter your spell? 

Then keep an eye out! I already got some merch for up, and hope to put some more silly stuff up soon! ( gonna see if i can put up some stickers soon)


Dune: Another Exciting Announcement For Dune Fan Artists!

With news of a confirmed director for the new Dune projects I thought today would be perfect to announce some exciting Dune news of my own. I have been writing a book with the working title: 

‘Secrets of Dune’ to focus on the religious themes and Arabic meanings and connections to history. It’s a work I hope to make available online as soon as its done (within days hopefully).

Here’s where you come in:

If you make Dune Fan Art, now is the chance to get your work featured in the book. If you are interested in making a book cover, let me know. I hoped to feature some Dune Fan Art inside too, with those themes in mind. The contributions are purely based on whether you want your work exposed in the book. And you may well want to because another exciting announcement:

Brian Herbert himself may be interested in the work. And hopefully this will lead to working with him or on the Dune film itself! 

Message me privately if you are interested! Please share this to get the word out.