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What is your go to "'makes you happy every time you hear it" song??? I think we all need a little bit of happy now.

hm! that’s a good question babe!

here’s some songs i like to listen to that sound happy:



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFTZvE5qBCo (this one’s dumb but i love it)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LOmFBBq4T0 < this one’s the best





20 questions, 20 answers

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name: micha

nickname(s): mj

zodiac sign: cancer

height: 5’3/160cm

orientation: idk??

nationality: filipino

favorite fruit: mango, apple, avocado, melon

favorite season: winter (although there’s no winter here in the philippines)

favorite book: ari & dante, and more 

favorite flower: carnations, acacia, dasies

favorite scent: coffee, freshly cleaned house, clothes that just got out of the dryer

favorite color: i looooooove yellow! it makes me very happy :)

 favorite animal: i loveeee cats and foxes a loot <3

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: it depends on my mood rly

average hours of sleep: 4 - 7?? i think??

cat or dog: both

favorite fictional character: korra, ryuji, kaneki, ice bear, ron swanson, castiel and so much more

number of blankets you sleep with: 1

dream trip: i wanna travel the whole world

blog created: around january this year (i had to make new one because of certain issues)

number of followers: this is v embarrasing but i only have like 2 real followers cuz the others are just bots

tagging: (since i dont have much followers, im gonna be tagging ppl i follow who i wanna get to know) @enochsdoll @teasugarcookie @ask-bts-stuff @yuuriviictor @si-de-rum @the-orgasmic-cypher @a-nd-july @j-ungah 

for @ladyliberty7476 who wanted some more usnavi and sonny,, aka the worlds best cousins who love each other very very much


Seventeen’s Official Colors in MVs: Rose Quartz & Serenity | insp

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How do open snoot??? I have so many problems when it comes to drawing open mouthed critters/expressions!! I just can't wrap my mind around how open snouts work with the skull or the circles I use for the skull anyhow.. Do you have any advice on this??

 I’M GONNA TRY MY BEST TO EXPLAIN THIS because, man i feel u but at the same time I know very little about the technical anatomy when it comes to skulls ;;

Let’s do a sorta above ¾ view for this rlly quick, when I start out, I always like to establish one part of the snout at a time, instead of trying to just DIVE RIGHT IN. So I start by putting vague upper muzzle shapes here, just to get the direction goin’

NOW WE GOTTA GIVE THIS THING A LOWER JAW to help keep it symmetrical, I like to pull the lines from the corners of the upper lips. DON’T BE AFRAID TO OVERLAP, OVERLAPPING IS IMPORTANT IN GENERAL BUT ESPECIALLY WHEN DRAWING OPEN MUZZLES LIKE THIS!! See that line that goes from the upper right corner of the lip and through the top half of the muzzle? I basically use that as my guide to keep from pulling the jaw too far out, or too far in. Don’t worry if it looks a bit like they have an underbite either, depending on the angle, perspective will do that..it likes to fuk with ur brain a bit

OKAY NOW we’re bringing back the overlapping line because chins are still hard for me to draw and I change how i do it constantly but this is a good method to get a chin that doesn’t thrust too much outwards or inwards (unless that’s the specific jaw shape you were going for with ur character, then by all means do so!!! ) bring the line from the further corner of the eye, form the cheek, and bring it down (overlapping over the top jaw as we are wont to do) and bring it AROUND TOWN. You see here that it’s kinda boxy and I could probably curve that line some more to give a more slender look but w/e IT WORKS WITH MOST SHAPES

if you’re referring to something like the BND draw I posted recently, it’s pretty much a similar course of action, so let’s use this  asshole as an example because his mouth is obnoxiously wide when it’s open 

Start off with the upper jaw, again, it’s easier to piece these things together vs trying to shove all the shapes together at once (for me it is anyways) 

i’m doing this from profile view this time but you can see the overlapping lines still work!! I roughly places where the otherside of the upper corner of the lip would be on the side we don’t see and used that to help me get an idea of how far down the lower jaw is gonna go~! Don’t worry, it’s gonna look awkward most of the time  and it’s a perfect chance to go in and fix the length of the upper/lower jaw before you start adding in deets like the tongue and teeth! <:

there we go!!!! looks a lot less awkward LOL

you can also do something like this if ur feeling kinda toony (it’s really fun, simple yet effective!)

It can work for a lot of different styles, from realism to toony to my stupid doodles i do a lot when being a Serious Artist ™ is just 2 much for me :^)



travelling with jimin 💝🌷