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RPG Map Making - An Extensive Guide - Introduction

Some people were asking for advice on how to make maps for the RPG games and it turns out I have a LOT of thoughts about maps.  So, I decided, “Hey, why don’t I put together some of my thoughts into a guide for people who would like to make their own maps for their RPG games but don’t know where to start. That sounds like a good weekend project.”

Then I started actually organising my thoughts and putting together an outline and… well, it ballooned into a project and a half.  So fair warning I have a lot of time commitments so this series is going to take a long time to put together in its entirety but I still think it’s worth doing.

For some background, I’m a geologist who specialises in making geological maps. Basically, my job and speciality is making functional maps for a very specific purpose and also being completely obsessed with earth science. That’s going to be reflected in the guide, in that I’m going to 

a) repeatedly make the point that functional/useful is more important than pretty even though I LOVE pretty maps and 

b) give tips on “realistic” vs “full-on-fiction” approaches to world-building so that those who aren’t worried about the nitty-gritty of realistic climate generation, for example, can skip right on by those sections and still make fun and functional maps for their world.

As this intro already gives away I’m a very verbose person naturally.  It’s something I take great care to edit down in my paid professional work but in this series, it’s likely I’ll be only doing one or two editing passes, so the verbosity is going to remain in… so… I apologise in advance but hopefully, it’s not too big a price to pay for the content.

My hope is that this guide will help GMs of all art skill levels (from chicken scratch to “I art for a living” but don’t know how to start with maps) make maps that help them build their own worlds, run their games and that they enjoy using. I’ll also try to address any specific questions that people send me with regards to making maps or help with the specific maps they are making.

An outline of what I plan to cover can be found here and will be regularly updated with links as I complete sections: https://oldearthmapping.tumblr.com/post/172704733221/rpg-map-making-outline

So here’s to Map Making and let’s get started!


[Simplified map of Vancouver in watercolour that I drew/painted as a mood-setting and practical prop for my Fate: Dresden Files game.

Key Location markers are missing because I’ve added them digitally afterwards to make it easier to change/add to them on the fly during the Roll20 game]

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How did you guys collect/start your campaign? Was it online or in person, which is the best way for someone new to DnD to find a party?

Our campaign started at University, which is where we all met - but by no means is that the only way to find a group to play DND with.

In Person:

I waned to play DND so badly that I decided to just be the one to DM, and so as a group of friends we got together to play and the rest is history. You know some people who want to play but have no Dungeon Master? Try it out, it’s not as scary as you think it is!

At school or university? You might find there’s a club or a society you can join. If you’re in the UK you can join the Student Union, and start a society with funding from the Union, so you can even buy books, dice and supplies to help you and others at your Uni get into DND.

Support local business and make new friends by checking out your local game store. Most run games in the evenings. These might have joining requirements, like previous expereince or you’ll need to pay to join in some cases. Liam - who plays Nagar - played at our local store before we started and he had a great time (especially considering it was our first year of university and none of us really knew anyone - Liam always had a group of local people to see everyweek).

Can’t play in person?

These days literally the only thing stopping you is the speed of your internet connection and those blasted timezones. Skype, Discord, Google Hangout (if that’s still a thing?) or whatever your favourite communication tool is, can be used to play DND. Audio is certainly easier, but in smaller groups instant messenger works great too. We play a High School AU of our campaign over Discord sometimes, and when we do timeskips, I’ll run small group roleplays if need be over instant messenger.

There are people who want to play literally everywhere: check the comments on the High Hopes speed paint and grab a couple of them. I’ve heard Reddit has a pretty good DND community - but so does tumblr.

Roll20 is a good tool set both for actually playing the game and for finding people to to play with. There’s a ‘Join a Game’ tab on their front page.

Thanks to the folks of ‘How to be a Great GM’ the internet is now blessed with https://www.rpgtablefinder.com/ with which you can find both online and irl tables to join.

Finally, I can direct you back to Wizards of the Coast, who have a whole forum  on DNDBeyond just for people trying to find players or parties.

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Hi I kinda know d&d and I've done some research including getting a reference app and character sheet app but I'm a kid and can't really buy a game but I really wanna play and even if I did get it I don't think I could play it super often and would have to play with my brother and sister what should I do? I'm also not sure how to play online. Sorry I just made you read that mess.

Actual advice question!

You can get the basic rules online for free: http://www.d20srd.org/. There’s no fluff and in the case of 5th ed some of it is missing, but it’ll be enough to play a game. You’ll just need to make up the details of the monsters and setting. If buying other stuff for the game is also a problem there are plenty of free online dice rollers and character sheets are just a google search away. Mapmaking things usually do cost money, but can be fairly cheap- certainly cheaper then a D&D rulebook at least.

Playing online, Discord (https://discordapp.com/) is specifically designed for gaming, and most video chats can be used fairly easily. Apart from checking the technical side of things, there’s not much different from any other game or video chat. The worst that might happen is difficulty confirming dice rolls, but I think the thing with that is simply to remind everyone that it is a collaborative game and cheating can mess up fun for everyone. My main game group is online and we have never had a problem with that.

Not being able to play very often isn’t a huge problem- in my game group we have someone whose work schedules means they effectively just have to message us whenever they have a free day. As long as you check everyone is ok with an erratic/intermittent schedule first, it can still work just fine. Make sure you have notes so you can remind people what is going on if it has been a particularly long time between sessions, making an online timeline to keep everything in order is not a bad idea. 
As for your siblings, I don’t know your relationship, it is really up to you to decide if you would be ok with them being in a game with you or not, alas.

Basically, running D&D is not as hard or complex as it can often seem, read the SRD, arrange it with people around you and have fun! If you have never GM/played before there are lots of advice things online, but it is basically just acting/improv with rules, and really isn’t as a scary as it can seem once you’ve tried it.  I hope you manage to play the D&D soon friend!

 Also just to keep the contractual one bad idea per post going-  I dunno, a beholder that’s actually two beholders, there we go.

-Mod Pencil

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hi im stupid, what exactly is DnD about? how does it work? my feed is full of it and im so lost ;; sorry

DnD, aka Dungeons and Dragons, is basically just an advanced kind of roleplay!!

generally, you have a party (which is a group of people), and each of you makes your own OC to roleplay as. for example, i decided that my character, Bom, would be a changeling (species) and a demolitionist (class). each character you create will have a species and class!!

and after you’ve got those down and make your character’s personalities (Bom is playful, innocent, dorky, intelligent, and very protective/stubborn if need be!), you roll for their stats. a character’s stats will tell you what they’re good and bad at. for example, Bom’s stats are:

  • Dexterity: measuring agility (15 +2)
  • Wisdom: measuring perception and insight (17 +3)    
  • Charisma: measuring force of personality (14 +2)
  • Constitution: measuring endurance (10)
  • Intelligence: measuring reasoning and memory (14 +2)
  • Strength: measuring physical power (14 +2)

having a high stat for something means that, when you have to make a roll for, say, a Perception Check (which falls under wisdom), even if you get a low roll for that, your character still has a chance to get a good point score because they have a high Wisdom stat and they get points added on for things that fall under Wisdom. 

say Bom rolled a 11 on a Perception check. because he has a high Wisdom stat, he gets an extra 5 points onto that, so he gets a 16 Perception check, so he’s able to notice more of his surroundings. 

and when everyone in your party has their characters created and their stats finalized, the DM (aka Dungeon Master, or sometimes the GM, Game Master. they’re basically the god of your world now) will come up with a plot that they want to happen to your characters, and any rolls and actions you make have to go through them. 

a lot of times, DM’s plans don’t always go through b/c players keep messing around LOL so it creates scenarios that are unexpected, but that’s what makes the game so fun

anyway, ahhh i hope that makes sense!! also here’s a great resource that my friend @tandembicycles made for DnD a while back that you might wanna check out if you’re curious about the game!!!

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Do you have any recommendations of games that work well for just 6-8 hours of gameplay to have some sort of closure, work well with creative people, are simple to learn for players, and don't require a lot of GM prep? Preferably that can handle from 4-6 players. (IDK if that's enough info to start. I normally run D&D 5e, but like doing something mechanically and mildly thematically different for a month during a half-term thing at college. Last time I ran Cogs, Cakes, and Swordsticks)

There’s a whole family of all-in-one games that include a complete system, setting and pre-made adventure in a relatively short package - that’s generally what I’d go with for that set of requirements. They range from ultra-light options like Lasers & Feelings to more medium-weight fare like Lady Blackbird, and from high-concept psychodrama like Ocean and Our Last Best Hope to goofy romps like Pokéthulhu and Sea Dracula. It really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of content, tone, etc.

If you’re okay with a bit of GM prep, you might also have a look at Rose Bailey’s Patreon. She does mini-RPGs ranging from 16 to 50 pages in length, any of which might be what you’re looking for. There’s currently about eight of them available to backers at the $5 level and up, though you’ll have to crawl the posts archive a fair bit to find them all; organisational skills are not her strong suit!

First I wanna apologize for my recent absence. I’ve been having a really hard time focusing on anything lately and have even been struggling to get my thoughts in order. This weird brain fog is slowly leaving me so I may be able to post again soon, but I make no promises

Second of all. Some assholes in this fandom are really getting my ass to post something when doing so is a real struggle for me. Because some of you MFers have been very transphobic towards trans creators and people with trans headcanons in this community

I do hope none of the people who did that follow my blog, but if you are one of these people please just fuck off. Catra is trans in the D&D AU, Perfuma, Bow and Micah are also trans. Double Trouble and GM are both nonbinary. I am trans

If you have a problem with that, FUCK OFF. If you are one of those people that sees a story with a lot of trans characters or sees people having trans headcanons for mulitple characters without “canon confirmation” like that means anything and you’re like “why can’t you let the characters be cis. not everyone has to be trans” congratulations you are basically one of those annoying heteronormative assholes no one likes, and also FUCK OFF!

And most importantly of all, if you harass trans content creators who want to see themselves represented in their art, please shove your opinion far up your ass and then kindly FUCK OFF!

Alright that is it, rant over. Thanks for listening

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gm 💞 i love your works so much! can i request head canons for jealous nishitani? 😳 youre a fantastic writer thank you for all the work you do

Thank you for requesting and reading this blog, dear! I hope I did well with these! Sorry for not posting too much but I hope I can go back into writing soon enough!

  • Oh boi, if Nishitani is jealous of you then you must’ve really struck him: he is far from monogamous as anyone knows he has more lovers than you can imagine, he has never been anyone to commit to a relationship or to expect his various partners to only be with him so you just think that he’ll act that way with you too. You want to have fun, to experiment and occasionally go on dates or one night stands with other people but in the end nobody satisfies you as much as a Nishitani does and you always go back to him.
  • You notice how Nishitani reacts upon knowing you went out with someone else, he doesn’t seem sad or jealous but it looks as if he’s trying to hide some of his feelings and that makes you feel a bit conflicted on wether to ask him what’s wrong. When you do ask him he just laughs it off and starts getting as handsy as he usually does with you, the sex is especially great because your partner seems much more emotionally invested than usual. Even if you try your best to match his pace and the fervor of his kisses it becomes harder the more he pounds inside of you, he makes you come multiple times that night but he only grants himself release when you can only moan his name in ecstasy.
  • It’s after sex that you ask him what was wrong in the first place, you’re usually the one who snuggles to Nishitani after the rougher sessions but now it’s him who while hiding his face in the crook of your neck admits to you that he’s been jealous. He has such a way with words he makes you blush and is more needy than usual, he’ll cuddle with you and peppers kisses down your shoulders and neck which is a thing he has never done before.
  • “Yknow, I don’t say this often but I really can’t get ya out of my mind… I don’t know what makes ya special but even when I’m with someone else I just keep thinking of you. I don’t mean to be the jealous type with you, sugar but I just love it when ya scream my name like earlier, makes me feel like the only man who makes ya cum like that.”
  • It takes a bit for both of you to figure out your feelings but in the meantime both have only been seeing each other, everybody else has been wondering what was wrong with Nishitani not getting handsy with the hostesses anymore or with anyone else really but you’re aware that that’s all your doing,
  • When he’s jealous in public he’ll become absolutely shameless, even going as far as making out with you in public and even making you moan a little because he’s just so good with his tongue. If his little display of who you belong to isn’t enough he’ll definitely go and confront the person directly even while you’re pleading with him not to hurt the poor person, you like how he gets when he’s a bit jealous especially upon coming out when you can feel all of the raw emotion that he has been keeping to himself and will all release on your body.
  • He will absolutely get dirty with you in public places, more times than not a hand of his will travel from your shoulders down to your crotch and he’ll start fondling with you even though he knows people can clearly see. When you get pouty with him because of his behavior he’ll just laugh and tell you it’s to prevent anyone from not knowing you’re his, deep down you know it’s actually because he just wants to get handsy in public and you let him be because you love him the way he is, also because now there’s no way that anybody in Sotenbori doesn’t know about your relationship now.

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gm! "if someone asks me how's life at the moment, i will take one look at you. because in you, lies the world that i treasure." — morning, tea^^ just a little reminder that you are so magnificent in my eyes! i saw that yesterday has been rough to you from all the post that you upload. i hope today will be a better day for you! love you so much, tea, you awesome woman

grrrr thank u sm anon <333 sigh ilysm u really make my morning <3