i hope it turned out ok anyways

It’s finally here! This is what I was working on! I tried to draw it as a first meeting with Misako (yes that is Misako ) and I think it turned out pretty well! Hope you like it!

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I'm still laughing cause Goth calls all version of Geno mom. He calls naomiiisenju's geno 'mom', he calls fatal 'mom' and i think there's more? If he meets MCQ geno would he call him 'mom'? Sorry for thus long random question.

yup definitely- sorry @alainaprana

phichit chulanont: hamster king, fashion extraordinaire, ready to kill a man


i have had them married since the mOMENT i made this au. saihara doesn’t remember, but he still has his ring!! ouma is still wearing his!!

i hope this au has a happy ending, my buds

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For the writing prompt, 28 with andreil please

I…… hope this is the right prompt. I’m pretty sure this is highkey OOC but a sleep-deprived writer tends to make bad decisions.

28. “That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.”


“Watch the cats while I’m gone,” Neil had said. “Be safe. I’ll be back in a few hours.” Andrew could take care of cats. They’re cats, so there’s very little they could really do. Andrew’s pretty sure that Neil’s worrying a bit too much. He knows how to take care of cats—not that they really need much nurturing—but as always, he insists on telling him to watch them every time he goes out.

This time, Neil is going out to meet Allison, who is in town for a visit or something like that. Though the relationship between the original Foxes improved with Neil’s efforts, there’s still a certain antagonism between Andrew and Allison. There will always be that small rift, especially considering how long she had called him “monster” with no care for what that had meant, so Andrew opted out of joining him. Neil hadn’t even tried asking in the first place though, knowing he wouldn’t want to, and if he did feel the need to come along, he would have said so.

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Imagine Sam and Dean making up

A/N: This takes place S1E11, Scarecrow.

Before the Series Imagines

Series Imagines Season One

Dean’s age-26

Sam’s age-22

Reader’s age-15

Dean x Sister!Reader     Sam x Sister!Reader

You sat next to Dean who was driving while talking to Sam on speaker phone. You were trying your hardest to not show any interest while Dean told Sam about the close encounter with the scarecrow last night.

However Dean knew, he always knew.

“We’re on our way to the community college now, you know since we don’t have our geek boy sidekick to do all the research.” Dean joked.

“You know, if you’re hinting you need my help, just ask.” Sam responded with a chuckle.

You let out a scoff with his words before grumbling “We don’t need him.” Just loud enough for Dean to hear.

Dean sent you a look before speaking again, “Actually, I want you to know-I mean, don’t think-” Dean began his attempt at getting an apology out.

“Yeah. I’m sorry too.” Sam spoke, knowing what Dean was trying to say.

“Sam. You were right. You gotta do your own thing. You gotta live your own life.” Dean told your other brother, causing you to look at him like he had grown another head, where was this coming from?

“Are you serious?” Sam responded, sounding just as shocked as you were.

“You’ve always known what you want. And you go after it. You stand up to Dad. And you always have. Hell, I wish I—anyway….I admire that about you. I’m proud of you, Sammy.” Dean spoke into the phone.

“I don’t even know what to say.”

“Say you’ll take care of yourself.” Dean offered.

“I will.” Sam replied.

“Anything you wanna kiddo?” Dean questioned with a hopeful look, wishing that you’d apologize to Sam.

“Nope. I’m good.” You said quickly before turning your attention to your window.

Dean let out a sigh before speaking again, “Call me when you find Dad.”

“Ok. Bye, Dean. Bye Y/N.” Sam said sadly.

Dean hung up the phone then glanced over at you, “You really can’t stay mad at him forever you know.” You simply shrugged your shoulders and continued to ignore Dean, “You also can’t ignore me forever.”

You looked back at Dean and narrowed your eyes at him before making a ‘time out’ motion with your hands, “I can and I will…unless its related to a case.” You said before giving him a smug smile.

“That’s not how that works Y/N.” Dean informed you.

“I do what I want.” You replied before putting your hands back in the ‘time out motion’, signaling that you were going to continue to ignore him.

Dean let out a groan as he gripped onto the steering wheel tighter, “Teenagers.” He mumbled to himself while continuing his way down the highway.



Exactly a year earlier, while I was walking along the beach, climbing rocks, along the shore came Paul McCartney, just before he played the Super Bowl that year. - He just turned up, said he’d found out where I lived from my neighbor Bruce Willis. He said, “Oh, I just came down. I hope it’s OK. Sorry I didn’t ring.” And since I don’t answer the phone anyway, it was the only way he could do it. - Paul started to turn up every day, when his kid was sleeping. - We fell straight in, talking about the past, talking about songwriting. 

We talked about such strangely simple things as the difference between the Beatles and the Stones and that the Beatles were a vocal band because they could all sing the lead vocal, and we were more of a musicians’ band–we only had one front man. He told me that because he was lefthanded, he and John could play the guitars like mirrors opposite each other, watching each other’s hands. So we started playing like that. We even started composing a song together, a McCartney/Richards number whose lyrics were pinned on the wall for many weeks.

- Keith Richards on his relationship with Paul McCartney

i really wanted to draw @cherubunny‘s etoile!! i love him sm!!! 

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If you're still taking requests can I ask for a crush and dean rough threesome where the reader is a thick curvy black girl and she's feeling insecure about her body and both of the guys show her she's beautiful(basically a poly relationship). If you're not taking requests it's ok, but thank you anyway if you are!! Btw your outfit was sexy asf for the monsta x concert 😍😍😍

Thank you love <3 this is really late but thank you for your compliments I hope you enjoy it.


“Baby girl.. Someone is on the phone for you.” Hyoseob called out gently shaking at your shoulders. Groaning softly, you turned under your covers to look up at the male that was holding onto the phone. You shook your head trying to bury yourself more under the covers and Hyoseob chuckled softly climbing under the covers with you. “Baby talk to him, both of us are worried about you.” Knowing that he was right you grabbed at the phone and pressed it to your ear while Hyo cuddled closer against your side kissing on your forehead.

“Hello?” You answered softly shutting your eyes and enjoying the attention that you were getting by your lover. Hyoseob smiled as he started to play with your hips softly, tracing his fingers up and down the plump flesh before he moved lower to grip onto your thighs enjoying the feeling of your skin under his fingertips. You on the other hand were in no mood to be touched, not because you didn’t like it. But because you were feeling insecure today. Everything that you tried on, you felt that the particular article of clothing didn’t fit you right. Everything was so tight on your curves and yes you usually liked it, but today you didn’t. And you weren’t always like this. You had great days were you felt sexy and confident but you thought in the back of your mind that today just wasn’t one of those days.

“Bonnie and Clyde, Bonnie and Clyde one night who cares who cares?” You heard Dean’s voice ring out in the speaker of the phone causing a bigger smile to paint your lips as you hummed alone to him singing. With Hyoseob hands eagerly trailing your body, your hands tried to swat them away and you laid on your back looking up at the ceiling. Hyoseob not wanting to be ignored, got down under the covers spreading your legs wide as you rambled on with Dean telling him what was wrong. Hyoseob pressed a kiss against your pussy and you jerked your hips gasping softly.

“What is it?” Dean asked hearing the commotion and you shook your head stuttering.

“H-hyoseob.. It’s nothing much actually.” You stated watching as the male pulled the covers from his head to stare up at you. He gripped at your panties and pulled them from your thighs throwing them onto the floor. He went to work kissing on your pussy and letting his tongue taste and lick all over your moist lips. One of your hands gripped at the sheets and the other clutching on the phone trying to keep it close to your ear.

“Don’t tell me he’s playing with you already? Doesn’t he get tired of sucking on your pussy?” Dean teased chuckling at your silence.

“Don’t… Say things like that, but I wish he got tired too. Like you do.” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes as you listened to the male in the phone act like he didn’t try to take you as much as he did.

“I can’t ever stop getting enough of you though, you taste so sweet and you stay so wet around my dick baby..” Dean admitted and you tried to squeeze your thighs around Hyoseob’s face but it didn’t stop him only provoked him to add two fingers thrusting them in and out of your wet pussy.

“Is this really necessary to talk about right now?” You asked him as you tried to control your breathing but your hips were grinding down against the fingers that were inside of you.

“It is necessary because I don’t get my turn with you until later on tonight.” Dean growled into the phone and you shook your head your hand moving instead to tug on your lovers hair. All of you were intimate. It was a title without a title but you just didn’t talk about it. They were close friends, and when they needed you and vice versa you were always willing to help them out. They tried to stay out of your way when you preferred one man over the other because both of them were jealous lovers and you found it cute. You pushed his face closer against your pussy as he lapped at your clit, his fingers scissoring you open before he added a third and then a forth. You wanted more, something much bigger but you were trying to be patient for him and ride it out.

“But it’ll be soon, you know that I can’t handle much.” You whined into the phone.

“I want to hear you moan for me.” Dean interrupted your little excuses to instead give you a task. You bit down on your bottom lip being a bit reluctant but it was like Hyoseob was on Dean’s side, pulling back from you to give you an expectant look.

“Alright, fine.” You nodded giving a moan of Hyoseob’s name to tease Dean because he wasn’t there. Hyoseob loving the attention lean down to start eating away at your pussy again sucking on your folds as his fingers abused your spot and pressed deep into your womb. He was good at working his fingers and you were loving every second of it. Your back arched out as your hips eagerly rutted against the male’s palm. A shrill left your throat as you threw the phone down about to chase your orgasm until Hyoseob abruptly pulled back from you. He sucked on his fingers and he started to undo his pants aligning his shaft with your entrance. He slid inside of you and you gripped onto his shoulders, rolling your hips up against his.

“You’re so beautiful. You’re so wonderful and I love you. Every inch of you, every inch of your skin I adore it beyond words. I don’t want anyone else but you baby. You have me so fucking hooked for you. You’re always on my mind. I see with everything I do. And I love being inside of you, being able to hear you say my name. Being able to feel you scratch on my body and pull me close when you need me.” Hyoseob admitted as he slammed his hips against yours. He always made sure you knew just how much he treasured and adored you. It made your heart flutter with love and adoration from how he talked to  you. Your head rolling back, moans spilling from your lips as he fucked you into the mattress. Your legs spread wider to take him deeper and the male complied pushing his shaft deep into you trying to press against your cervix to hear you cries that were border screams of pleasure. Looking up into his face, you noticed the hair falling into his eyes, the way he grunted for you and tried to keep his voice from saying too much. He leaned down to press your lips together as he gripped at your hips sliding you down onto his shaft. Switching his hips to angle himself to pound against your spot. Your hands continue to grip at his shoulders as your hips fight his until you were gripping onto his dick and finally having your release. You knew you weren’t going to last long anyways because you were already on edge when he denied you. Hyoseob continued to snap his hips until he was pulling out, cumming on your lower stomach taking deep breaths. Your lips continued to tangle against one another and he pulled back slowly letting you calm down.

Hyoseob got up and he got a warm damp towel cleaning off your body and making sure that you were fine. He ended up cuddling up to you from behind holding your body as you fell asleep. He watched your frame, taking note of your breathing and how at peace you seemed when you were sleep. He pressed a gentle kiss against your forehead and soon he was getting up to leave you for the day. After putting on his shoes and grabbing his personal belongings, opened the door seeing Dean with a hand lifted up about to knock.

“She was shifting in her sleep so she may be up by the time you go up there.” Hyoseob stated giving the man a clap on the back and he nodded in understanding leaving the male’s side. Dean walked into the house, taking off his shoes and then finding your room and sure enough you were up. He had seen you throw your phone down and pretend to act like you were asleep. He smirked to himself, climbing in behind you and pulling you close to spoon him.

“Fuck Dean harder!” You cried out on his lap as he bounced you quickly. Your hips rocked against him, your pussy tightening up around his shaft. You had been talking about what happened today and your feelings. You were also asking him about his day because you had wanted to know that he had a great day as well. But within you talking, you could see him poking out through the covers, and his simple touches to your body became much more dominant as he pulled you closer. Devouring your body with kisses and hickeys trying to make you forget about the mind blowing sex that you had earlier. You had both been a few positions, on your back, against the headboard and now in his lap. Dean was entering inside of you repeatedly, making sure that you felt every inch of him in your pussy. He whispered sweet nothings to you and sang in  your ear, causing your heart to leap as you gripped onto him, your hands sliding to play in his hair. Your teeth biting on his earlobe as you moaned out for him. You moved his hands above his head, pushing yourself down on him sinking on him repeatedly until your thighs were quivering with your release around the corner.

“Come on baby, milk my dick. Let me make that pussy feel better.” He cooed out at you, his fingers lacing with yours as he flipped you back over one more time. Wanting to stare down at your face, he sunk back into you and gave you a few powerful thrusts that had you crying out his name and clamping down onto his shaft. Dean unlike Hyoseob kept pounding into you until his cum was lacing with your pink walls, and he pulled out once everything was emptied. Dean moved to press his face into your chest nuzzling into your skin and your legs wrapped around his waist playing in your hair.

me: I wish God would just give me a sign, to know if I’m going in the right direction.

Friend: hey here’s a random call supporting you and confirming that you’re going in the right direction!!!!

Me: haha cool. Anyways I wish God actually would talk to me for once and just be clear FOR ONCE

Uncle, next day: hey I know this is random but God wants you to know you’re going to be okay. I had peace just thinking about you.

Me: haha coolio. Anyways why doesn’t God give a damn how I feel, why can’t he just talk to me and show me just once what to do.

Dad, next day: hey I was praying for you just now and God wants you to know He loves you and wants to use your gifts.

Me: awesome thanks. Anyways does God just not care at all bc he obviously doesn’t wanna bother with me


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I'm super upset about this new Eleanor website. I never liked the B one either. I dislike both girls, but that's blatant targeted harassment. The URLs are public and in their names. I feel like we live down to the perception of us as cruel trolls whenever I see posts celebrating these sites (on other blogs). I'm sure it's not something you can discuss publicly, but gosh, I really wish it would stop. But everyone is so stubborn I fear they'll never see it from the other perspective.

everyone pretend i just put on a velour tracksuit hoodie à la brooklyn 99′s gina linetti bc it’s TIME FOR KATE’S OPINION. and full disclosure i’m gonna answer this then just turn off my inbox bc i have neither the time nor interest to discuss it further. so anyway. yeah. i will admit that i got a chuckle out of that website when it first went up! i rly did. i hate that garbage family too so it was like LOL OOP! but then it updated…and updated again…and again…and……again…and it was like oh ok so ur like. rly doing this then…ok…well, i mean hope you’re enjoying the anonymous attn and that this is somehow satisfying for you?? bc quite frankly i find this shit embarrassing. not to mention, B probably LOVES that website lmao. that’s right up her alley. but like truly, that shit is the stuff that makes it SO easy for antis to be nasty to and about us. believe me, i KNOW they target us for literally just existing (i get hate frequently and all i do is fuckign reblog cute pictures and memes and stay in my gd lane 98.7% of the time) and i’m absolutely not blaming larries for the actions of antis, but i’m saying that that website and the like is the type of shit antis hone in on and the shit that gives them ammunition. that’s on their level, that’s shit they understand bc they, too, run blogs and websites abt ppl they hate. it’s as childish and oftentimes cruel when larries do it as it is when antis do it. it’s middle school and high school level immaturity and it’s literally just embarrassing.

and now w/the eleanor one too lmao like my dude,,, i think it’s time to step away from the internet?? think abt what you’re doing. i don’t fault anyone for disliking her. el*unor was…nothing short of awful at times. but like skjdhfk “how many desperate, pathetic women…” ??? if anything, this website strikes me as more desperate and pathetic than anything else right now. ik everyone has their own ways of coping w/stuff but idk, man. be decent. you’re not doing the good and noble thing w/this shit. it’s 2017. be nice. be good.

Take a Picture- Auston Matthews

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(Look at that smile!)

Ok so as a plus size girl myself… I hate taking pictures. So it translated into this imagine for you guys! Hope you guys like it! Enjoy!

Warning: body insecurities

Anon Request: hey!! was wondering if you could maybe do an imagine where the reader is kinda chubby and dating auston n gets kinda insecure about not bein ~conventionally attractive and comfort ensues (dont @ me a thicc girl can dream ok lmao)

PS- Girl! Thicc girls can do whatever they damn well please! You go boo!


              Auston was laying on the couch, his head in your lap as you vegged out watching cooking shows on the TV. Auston was scrolling through social media and chuckling at all of Mitch’s stupid antics.

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first dates w/ mark lee

• ok so
• you’re at the mall just minding your own business
• (looking at your phone and not knowing where you’re going tbh)
• when you bump into this boy
• and that’s how you end up with a smoothie all over your shirt
• you’re kind of dazed still from the collision
• but when you snap out of it
• there’s this adorable boy in front of you apologising repeatedly
• avoiding your gaze but you can see the blush on his cheeks
• and you can feel your heart skipping a beat when you make eye contact with him because he’s actually so adorable???

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