i hope it turned out ok anyway

I’m seeing some takes on the lauren zuke situation that strike me as kind of baffling. people are being all like “this is what happens when you get too zealous about social justice, you have to let people be imperfect!!”

but as far as I can tell this wasn’t even ABOUT a social issue or about zuke doing something imperfect/problematic. it was about frickin ship wars. it’s terrible people violating boundaries over petty shit, and that definitely merits some tough talk and soul-searching, but there’s no need to turn it into “you kids are caring too much about queer issues”

like, when you take the “let creators be imperfect” tack, you’re implicitly conceding there was even something wrong with posting cute art of lapis/peridot hanging out, which there very obviously wasn’t, how could there be anything wrong with that

anyway I hope shes ok

ok I really need an episode of Supernatural where Sam and Dean are trying to find a witch or something and the boys track it to a forest and at one point they get split up and so of course Dean starts yelling for Sam, and then a moose walks up to Dean and he’s like, “ oh no Sammy, it turned you into a moose, don’t worry we’ll find a way to reverse this i’ll sell my soul or smthn,” and then Sam comes crashing out of the the woods and he’s like, “Dean what’s wrong i heard- Dean wtf that’s not me,” and Dean stares at Sam, then slowly turns to the moose and it just kinda huffs and walks off into the woods and Sam’s like, “Dean wtf,” but Dean’s already halfway to the car and he can’t look Sam in the eye for days afterwards

New Mommy

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This was requested by @lovelyredcookie

Request:: Can I request a girl’s day yura smut?? I don’t know the plot really just write your own imagination. Thank uu

**warning  warning**

there is the use of sexual toys and dirty words used in this writing along with the use of the mommy kink and semi-public sex. If you aren’t comfortable with any of the listed items please don't read this 

Anyways I hope you enjoy and please request

Y/N pov
I lay in bed about to close my eyes when my phone buzzes. I sigh opening my eyes grabbing my phone and turning it on.
Hey babe come to the club with me

I sigh looking at the clock realizing that it’s not that late.

Fine but your paying for me to get in

Ok hurry up though

I sigh getting out of bed. I walk to my closet pulling out a sexy but appropriate outfit. I grab my black with red lace underwear and bra slipping them on and pulling on my dress. I put my hair in a high ponytail and put on my long necklace. I apply natural makeup and I grab my favorite black heals. I quickly walk outside going to my car getting inside turning on the car. I drive to the club and find a parking spot. Once I find one I get out of the car walking over to the line. I find Y/b/n there and walk over to her. She sees me and smiles hugging me “hey, your here, finally” She giggles
I smile nodding my head. Once we get to the front we show the guy that we are 18 and he nods letting us in. We are at a club for people 18 and over. We just can’t drink until we are 19(I’m using the South Korean age system).
We walk inside and I look around and sigh walking over to the bar.
“One Coke please” I say smiling at the bartender. He nods walking to the back. I yawn swinging my legs. “Are you tired sweetie” I jump up seeing the prettiest woman ever. I smile nodding and she just smiles.
“ baby how old are you?” She asks
“I’m 18” I say. She nods sitting down beside me when the bartender walks back over handing me my bottle of coke. I smile thanking him, he smirks and winks. I frown suddenly uncomfortable. He leans forward “what’s a pretty girl like you doing all alone?” I lean back looking over to the women seeing her watching him. “Umm .. I’m not?” I say. He smirks chuckling.
Suddenly I feel hands grabbing my shoulders and turning me around. My eyes widen when I feel lips press against mine. I pull away to see the woman smiling down at me I smile back. Then we hear somebody clearing their throughly behind us. She growls not letting me turn around looking up at him “Yes, how may I help you?”
He scoffs and walks away. She lets me go and sighs “I’m sorry that I did that but I didn’t feel happy with him flirting with you”
I smile “that’s okay he was scaring me anyway. I don’t usually go to this kind of club.”
She looks up “what kind of club do you usually go to?”
I sigh “I’d rather not say”
She frowns “why not?”
“Because it’s not your normal club” I start “it’s a kink club”
She smiles “oh really” she stand up and walks towards me “what kind of kinks does a cutie like you like” By now she’s in between my legs and has me against the counter. I bit my lip looking down shaking my head “I l-li-like umm”
I feel her fingers start tracing my cheek then my neck “ how about you tell me your name first sweetie”
I nod “my name is Y/N”
“My name is Yura” she smirks “but you can call me mommy”
I look up shocked “what”
“I’ve seen you at your kinky club” she says “I don’t like all the girls trying to make you their sub”
I sigh “well I need someone to take care of me”
She smirks wrapping her arms around my waist “alright, well I’ll do it”
I look up shocked “what”
She smiles leaning down pushing her lips against mine. I smile leaning up pushing my face up deepening the kiss.
I pull away “Mmm mommy”
She smirks grabbing my hand and pulling me to the front of the club. I look over to the dance floor to see Y/B/N smirking at me. I smile at her and she mouths “good luck”
Yura pulls me outside of the club and drags me to her car. She pushes me against the car leaning down pressing her lips against mine. She pushes my legs open and wraps them around her waist. I starts grinding my hips against hers. “Wait, stop, not here sweetie no one else gets to see you like this”
She picks me up and walks around to my side. She opens the door putting me in the seat. She closes the door and walks to the back of the car opening it. She pulls something out and walks back over to my side of the door. She opens it and leans over putting a collar around my neck and brown cat ears on my head. I smile when her hands cup my face. She pulls away walking back to her side of the car. She opens the door getting inside and starting the car.
We drive for twenty minutes until we get to her house. Once we get there she parks the car and opens her door. She rushes over to my side pulling the door open. “Yura Unnie calm down”
She freezes and looks at me “sorry baby”
I sigh and get out of the car. I grab her arm and quickly drag her to the front door. Once we get to the door I wrap my arms around her neck and crash my lips to hers. Her eyes widen in shock but she quickly starts moving her lips against mine. She slides her tongue against my bottom lip and starts exploring my mouth. She pushes me against the door and starts kissing me harder. I open my legs and she puts one of hers in between them. I start grinding against her leg leaning my head back moaning as she starts kissing my neck.
“Mommy we have to go inside” I moan out
She sighs pulling away and unlocks the door. She quickly opens it pushing me inside. She slams the door behind her and grabs my hand guiding me to the couch. She sits down and pulls me down onto her lap. I lean down attacking her neck with kisses I reach the top of her shirt and I pull away grabbing at the bottom of her shirt tugging it over her stomach. I slide off her lap and get on my knees in front of her. I lean forward and lick her tummy. I leave kisses all on her stomach and start sucking to give her hickeys. I pull away after a while and look up at her. She’s leaning her head back and moaning my name softly. I smile getting back on her lap. I grab the bottom of her shirt and I pull it over her head. She’s left in a black and pink lace bra and skinny jeans. I unbutton her jeans and start pulling them off. Once they are to her ankles I grab her foot and take off her shoes. After her shoes are off I slide off the rest of her pants. I stand back up and unzip my dress sliding it off after I kick off my shoes. I walk back over to her and get on my knees in front of her. She smiles looking down at me and pulls my hair out of its ponytail letting it fall and frame my face. She pets my hair and I smile leaning into her touch.
“Do you want mommy to touch you baby?” She asks
I look up at her “yes please mommy”
She grabs my hand and pulls me up onto the couch. I sit down and she leans forward smashing her lips on mine. We start making out and she starts touching my waist. She slides her hands up and starts playing with my boobs over my bra. She pulls away from my lips and leans down pushing my bra to the side. Taking my nipple in her mouth and starts sucking on it she then takes it in between her teeth and bites down softly. I moan from pain and pleasure. Her hands slide up until they are by my mouth. She pulls away to say “suck” then she goes back to attacking my boobs. I grab her hand and put one finger inside of my mouth rolling my tongue around it. I put another finger in my mouth and do the same thing. Soon there is four fingers in my mouth and I’m moaning because she’s pinching the nipple of my left boob and biting the nipple of my right boob. She pulls her hand out of my mouth and guides it to my vagina. She pushes my panties to the side and slides one finger inside of me. Soon it’s three fingers plus her thumb is rubbing my clit. I’m moaning and rocking my hips into her hand. My legs start shaking and I start moaning really loud. With one last jerk of her hand I’m cumming. I sigh leaning my head back against the couch. She sits up and pulls me to her chest making me sit on her lap. “Mommy that was so good”
“yeah baby” she smiles “do you want to make mommy feel good now my kitten”
I quickly nod my head. She smiles and picks me up walking over to a room. Before we get inside she pushes me against the wall and leans up crashing her lips into mine. Soon we’re making out and I’m grinding against her. She moves backwards and walks inside of the room. She lays me on the bed and walks away into the bathroom. I lean my head back staring at the celling. *omg am I really doing this*
I hear movement in the bathroom and bite my lip closing my eyes.
“Baby are you ready?” I open my eyes slowly to see her wearing a strap-on. My eyes widen as I’m staring at how big it is. “Mommy that’s too big”
She giggles “come on baby, I know you can take it.”
I bite my lip shaking my head quickly. She sighs saying “how about we start smaller?”
I stare at her as she walks over to her drawer. She pulls out a bright pink vibrator and I bite my lip as she puts it in her mouth. She walks over to me and lays on top of me. I pull out the vibrator from her mouth. I lean up and kiss her licking the bottom of her lip and flipping her over. I get in between her legs sliding down so I’m facing her big  strap-on. I push it up and move her panties to the side. I lean forward licking her vagina from bottom to top causing her to shudder. I quickly start licking her vagina and sucking on her clit.
“Yes baby don’t stop” she screams holding my head. I stick my tongue inside of her and start tongue fucking her. Her legs start shaking and I pull away before she cums. I grab the vibrator and turn it on rubbing it on her clit getting her wetness all over it. After its covered I quickly push it in and start thrusting the vibrato into her. She moans loudly and with one last push she’s cumming all over the vibrator. I giggle pulling it out of her and putting it in my mouth sucking all her juices off. She sighs and starts pulling me up so I’m laying on her. “Did I make mommy feel good?” I asks
She quickly nods her head and slides her fingers down my waist to my vagina. She quickly pushes her fingers inside and I moan rocking my hips into her hand. She adds another finger but I’m still not satisfied “Mommy more, I want more please?” I whine out. She pulls me up so I’m straddling her and I feel her grab the big strap-on and quickly shoves the dildo in my vagina. I scream in shock but moan and start rocking my hips. She starts thrusting up meeting mine in the middle. Soon I’m screaming and crying rocking my hips so fast that it hurts then I cum falling on top of her. She smirks flipping us over and continues to keep rocking her hips into me. I'm  exhausted but when she goes to pull I grab her hips to stop her from leaving. “Mommy don’t stop, I’m still horny mommy”
She giggles and nods moving her hips faster “does my baby like that? Do you like that I’m fucking you so hard?”
She starts rubbing my clit along with her thrusts “MOMMY” I scream “I’m gonna cum again mommy”
She speeds up and my legs start to shake. Soon I’m cumming feeling exhausted. She lays on the bed and pulls the strap-on out and takes it off of her. She lays her head on the pillow and closes her eyes trying to catch her breath. I slowly sneak in front of her. Her legs are wide open so I slowly place my vagina against hers, shuddering when I feel her warmness against mine. She groans rocking her hips up into mine but I hold her hips down so she can’t move “let me do this mommy” she bites her lips and nods her head so I start to grind slowly against her. I starts speeding up and rolling my hips into hers. She’s groaning and moaning causing me to move faster. I don’t stop until I feel her legs start to shake then I slow down keeping a steady pace. Giggling when I hear her groan I look up and see her drawer still open and I see something I want to try. I pull off of her before she cums and walk over to her drawer. She growls but sighs when she sees me walking over to her drawer. I look at her waiting for her to say it’s okay or to give me a sign. She smiles and nods so I pull out the two sided dildo and the lube. I open the bottle squeezing it so it comes out on the dildo. I rub it all over walking over to Yura. She opens her legs and I get back on top of her. I slowly insert the dildo into her vagina, once it’s all the way in I grab the other side pushing it inside of me. I start grinding my hips after the dildo is put inside and I smile when I hear her let out a long moan. It’s not long before I make her cum over the dildo soon after I follow.
“Mommy was that okay?”
“That was better than okay baby” she smiles
I sigh in relief, she giggles and looks at me “baby do you want to be my girlfriend?” I look up shocked but smile and quickly nod my head.
“Yes of course”
She looks at me and opens her arms. I crawl over to her laying in her arms and I pull the dildo out of us both.
She looks down at me “I love you baby”
I smile back “I love you too mommy”

I hope you enjoyed. Please keep requesting this is the last request I had. the texted with unnie isn’t supposed to be like a relationship thing just a friendly thing. babe is used in a friendly matter, that is an actual conversation with one of my friends.

love you always


tatice  asked:

hey! I love your art! Especially the one where the ocs swap techniques. I stop counted how many time I only had a bow to defend myself in combat cause I left all my other weapon behind... Anyway, good luck with your computer!

Aww, thank you! 🌸 I’m happy to hear that! Yeah, sounds familiar. My thief is so focused on stealth archery (and usually lets his follower handle all that messy close combat anyway) that I keep forgetting to equip him with sharp and pointy things - which would actually be handy to have around at times.
And thanks! I’ll need all the luck I can get - some data has been secured at least, but there’s still the matter of getting my computer working. I hope it turns out ok!