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a bunch of updated Redesigns ..

i just modified some of the ones i did long ago… ^_^ hope u like it

Nemo Von Silver

Age: 25

D.O.B: 3/15/92

Height: 5ft 4in

Ideal Voice: (x)

Relationship: Taken by Frizz (He often refers to Nemo as his waifu) @ask-frizzmane

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Ideal Type: “H-humm.. w-well I.. I always notice tall stallions. W-with really broad shoulders and a heavy build. I uhm.. I can’t help but stare.”

Occupation: Model

Personality: Nemo looks and behaves very feminine. He is a very petite stallion with a build similar to that of a mare. He is a very cheerful and happy stallion. He’s very loving and affectionate. He is also very motherly. He has a very gentle nature. But he can also be pretty gullible. His kindness also gets taken advantage of. Nemo doesn’t like to see other ponies sad or in distress. He sings his lullaby to help sooth their minds and bring them hope. He wants to make sure that everypony feels loved and important. Nemo loves all living creatures. He’s the type of pony that would literally cry if he accidentally stepped on a little bug. He’s scared of thunder and fireworks. They’re too loud for him. He doesn’t like it. He actually really enjoys rock music. Just not the kind that features screaming. But besides his rock music, he also really loves to listen to Taylor Swift. He’s such a cinnamon roll.

Our Own Kind of Valentine’s-Stiles Stilinski

Valentine’s Collection:#3

Teen Wolf Imagine:#102

Word Count:999

Warnings:None that I can think of?

Summary: When the rest of the pack have better things to do on Valentine’s day Y/N and Stiles find themselves doing their own thing. Together.

A/n:This includes a request from an anon asking for something where the whole pack is busy on Valentine’s day except Stiles and the reader and so they decide to spend time together and end up kissing. I hope this is similar to what you were looking for.

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Halloween Surprise

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A/N: Happy Halloween, y’all!  Last year, I got to go to Disneyland for Halloween with my mom (coincidentally aka not really, our costumes were the same as reader and her mom in the story) and I loved it.  Wish I was there tonight!  Also, I couldn’t write a story about Disneyland Halloween and not include a character kind of similar to my awesome, Disney-loving mom, so yeah.  The ending’s a little rushed, so sorry for that.  I have one more story that’s a Bucky x Reader Halloween story that I’ll try to publish tonight…?  We’ll see.  Anyway, hope you guys like it!

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Your phone rings just as you’re putting on the finishing touches to your makeup.  You look down at the caller ID to see Steve smiling up at you.  You immediately pick it up and answer.


“Hey, (Y/N).”  Relief floods through you at the sound of his voice.

“Steve.  Good to hear your voice.  You’re okay?  You’re safe?”

“Yes,” he says.  “Mission’s over.”  You smile and hold back tears.  It’s been a couple weeks since you’d seen Steve.  He’d been sent on an undercover assignment, meaning he couldn’t contact you like on normal missions.  You had spent the better part of the last two weeks worrying, imagining the worst.

“Are you on your way home?”

“Yes,” he said.  “Just finished the debrief with Fury and I’m on my way to you right now.”

“Oh,” you say, realizing the problem.  “Steve, honey, do you know what day it is?”

“Monday,” he answers and you nod.

“Yes,” you reply.  “Monday, October 31st.  It’s Halloween.”

“Yeah,” Steve says, seemingly unfazed.  “I know.”  You sigh.

“I don’t know if you remember,” you say, biting your lip.  “I was talking about flying to California to go to-”

“Disneyland for Halloween night,” Steve finishes.  “I remember.”

It’s then that you hear a knock at your hotel room door.  Your eyes widen, but you take a deep breath, not wanting to get your hopes up.  You walk over to the door and open it cautiously.

It’s Steve.

You throw yourself forward, into his arms, wrapping him in a giant hug.  You move your arms up behind his neck and pull him to you, planting a gentle kiss on his lips.  You lean back, resting your forehead against his.

“Hey,” you say softly, smiling.

“Hey,” he replies.  “Happy Halloween.”

“It certainly is now,” you reply.  “How did you get here?”

“Flew out of New York right after the mission briefing,” he said.

“You poor thing, you must be exhausted,” you say, taking his hands in yours.

“A little bit,” he admits.  “But I know how much you love Halloween and how disappointed you were that I was gonna be gone, so…”

“You’re the best,” you say, pecking him on the lips again.  “Although I am now going to have to redo my makeup, so thanks very much for that.”

“You’re the one who launched yourself at me,” he protests.  You shrug, knowing you can’t argue with that.  

Just then, there’s another knock at the door.  Steve furrows his brow and looks at you.  

“Are you expecting someone else?” he asks and you laugh.

“So, because I obviously thought that you weren’t coming,” you explain.  “I invited my mom to come with me.”

“Your mom?” Steve repeats, disbelieving.  

“Yep,” you smile.  “Brace yourself.”  You open the door with a smile.  “Hey Mom!”

“I left my key on the night stand,” she says, brushing past you.  “Are you almost ready to go?  We should-”  She stops short as she catches sight of Steve.  

“Mom, this is my boyfriend, Steve,” you say.  “He was able to make it after all.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am,” Steve says, reaching forward to shake your mom’s hand.  She pulls him forward into a hug, her face breaking out into a smile.  

“Well, I’m glad you could join us, Steve,” she says.  “(Y/N) was worried sick for the past few days, constantly checking her phone for updates about you, terrible company really.”  

Steve looks at you, his eyes widening.  You never tell him how much you worry for him when he goes, mainly because you know he’s Captain America.  He’ll be fine.

“Guilty as charged,” you smile.  “All right, I’m going to go put on my costume and then we can go!”

“Wait, we’re going in costume?” Steve asks, finally seeming to realize that your mother’s wearing a fully Minnie Mouse costume, complete with ears.  “I didn’t bring anything.”

“Oh, I thought that was your costume,” your mom says.  “I thought you were going as Captain America.”

“Mom, he is Captain America,” you say.  “You knew that right?”

“Oh…” your mom says, her eyes widening.  “That makes sense.”

“Mom, did you not realize I was dating Captain America?”

“Not until this moment, no.”

“Ok,” you say.  “While I gave Tony so much shit for being ‘Iron Man’ for Halloween yesterday, I will give you a free pass.  Plus, it kind of matches my costume.”

“What’s your costume?”

You duck into the bathroom to fix your makeup and slip into your costume.  You reemerge dressed in a USO girl uniform.  

“Wow,” Steve says, taking your hand.  “You look beautiful.”  You blush in spite of yourself.  

“All right, shall we go?”


The park is already pretty busy by the time you get there.  You love coming to Disneyland at Halloween because there’s so many cool and unique costumes.  You point out all the cool costumes to your mom and Steve, asking to take pictures of all the little kids dressed as your fellow Avengers.

Surprisingly, no one seems to recognize that Steve is actually Captain America. A couple people compliment him on how accurate his costume is, one even asking where he got it.  You can’t help but laugh as he awkwardly says that his friend made it for him.

It’s when you’re in line for the Haunted Mansion that you feel a small hand tug on your skirt.  You turn around to see a boy and a girl, both dressed as Captain America.  You smile and kneel down so you’re at their level.

“Excuse me,” the little boy says.  “Is that really Captain America?  The real Captain America?”

“Can you keep a secret?” you reply and the kids both nod.  “It is him.”

“I knew it!” the little girl says.  “I thought it was him!”

“Do you want to meet him?” you ask and the kids immediately shrink back.  “Don’t worry, I promise he’s really nice.”  The kids nod and you turn around.  “Hey Steve, there’s someone who wants to meet you.”

Steve turns around and spots the kids dressed as Captain America.  He kneels down next to you.

“Hey guys,” he says, smiling.  “Those are some cool costumes you’ve got there.  What are your names?”

“I’m Lily,” the girl says.

“I’m Ryan.  Captain America, what was it like when you were fighting in the Battle of New York?” the boy asks immediately.

“It was pretty intense,” Steve says.  “I never thought I’d be fighting aliens one day.”

“What’s Black Widow like?” the girl asks.  “She seems so cool.”

“Black Widow is pretty amazing,” Steve answers.  “I wouldn’t want to mess with her in a fight.  Or ever.”

“Was it weird when they woke you up from the ice?” the boy asks, the two kids keeping a relentless pace of questioning.  Steve doesn’t miss a beat in his answers.  

“It was a shock,” he says.  “I missed a lot of things, and a lot of people.”

“Do you ever get tired from holding your shield?” the girl asks.  “I bet it’s really heavy.”

“Sometimes,” Steve says with a smile.

“Can we get a picture with you?” the boy asks, handing you a camera.  You nod and the two kids wrap Steve in a big hug.

“Say cheese!” you smile, snapping a couple pictures.  “Is it okay if I take a photo too so I can show the other Avengers?”  

“Yeah!” the girl says.  “Make sure you show Black Widow!”

“I will,” you say, snapping a few more shots with your phone before handing the camera back to the kids.  “Ok, where are your parents?”

The kids turn around, scanning the crowd.

“Oh no,” the boy says.  “I don’t see them.”  His mouth turns to a frown and you see tears start to appear in his eyes.

“Don’t worry,” the girl says, taking the little boy’s hand.  “Don’t cry.  We’re with Captain America.  He’s going to help us.”

“That’s right,” Steve says.  “Don’t worry about it!  We’ll find your parents!”  He takes both of the kids’ hands and starts to walk away.

“Wait, Steve!” you call.

“You go ahead and ride the ride,” he says.  “I’ll meet you at the exit, okay?”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with?” you ask and he shakes his head.

“I know this is your favorite ride,” he says.  “Don’t worry, I’ll meet you after.”  With that, he exits the line and approaches one of the cast members, kids in tow.  You smile and turn back to your mom.

“He really is something else,” she says and you nod.  “I think he’s the first of your boyfriends that actually deserves you.”  You smile and take her hand.

“He’s a good one, Mom,” you say.  “I really love him.”

“I can see that,” your mom says.  “So can I expect a wedding and grandchildren soon?” 

“Oh my gosh, Mom,” you say, shaking your head.  “Way to go from 0 to 100.”

As promised, you find Steve at the exit for the ride, just in time as the firework show starts.  The three of you watch the spooky, villains-themed show in awe, clapping as the fireworks come to a close.  You all follow the rest of the crowd out of the park, you and Steve hand-in-hand.

“You ended up finding the kids’ parents?” you ask.  

“Yeah,” Steve says.  “They were relieved.  I also kind of invited them to New York, to come meet the rest of the Avengers.”

“I’m sure Lily’s excited to meet Black Widow,” you smile.  “Nat will love her.”

“I bet,” Steve says.

“Well, those parents were lucky you were there,” you say, squeezing his hand.  “Captain America, there to save the day.”

“I’m just glad I could make it,” Steve says.

“Me too,” you say, leaning in to plant another kiss on his lips.  Right before your lips meet, a flash goes off.  You turn around to find your mom holding up her phone, clearly trying to take a picture.

“Mom!” you say, half-joking, half-exasperated.

“Sorry,” she says sheepishly.  “I didn’t realize the flash was on.”

Stained Parchment

Prompt: “Hey! You have a cool blog here. I was wondering if you could write something about Newt comforting the reader about her skin disease because she is extremely self-conscious and hard on herself. If it isn’t too much to ask, I have a similar kind of situation and it would really cheer me up to read something fluffy and cute on that prompt. Cheers!”

A/n: I’ve chosen to give the reader Eczema since it’s one of the most common skin diseases. Hope you like this one :)

Word Count: 917

Warnings: self-loathing I guess?

You had always hated Spring. You loved the way the beasts in Newt’s case seemed to be extra energetic, as so many newborns had graced the environment in this season. But no matter how cute all the babies looked, they couldn’t help you take your mind off the intense itchiness starting to spread all over your body. Spring, although left your boyfriend Newt looking more beautiful than ever, left you in hives of splotchy skin. You had eczema. It had gotten better over the years, now only contained seemingly to the season of Spring, when pollen floated densely in the air. Along with the horrible feeling of irritated skin, it left you a lot less confident than you usually were (though around Newt this confidence already seemed to falter a lot). You did anything you could to cover up the affected areas of skin, even faking injuries so to cover the redness with bandages instead of a hot long sleeved tee-shirt. You only wished that your disease would come to you instead during the winter, since heat + your condition = a worsened state of discomfort.

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Art trade with @blatterburystreet ! She wanted me to draw Slit giving Nux Max’s jacket, since Nux doesn’t have as much warpaint as the other war boys which means not as much protection against the sun. Now what kind of lancer would he be if he’d let his driver go out without any protection against the sun or die historic without looking totally awesome.

I really hope you like it and that it’s at least somewhat similar to what you imagined! Thank you for sharing your amazing art and for being such a gal dang nice person to be around. (psst here’s her half of the art-trade if you wanna look)

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Hi! This might be a bit specific but can you recommend some fics with "epic" romance scenes in them? I mean similar to 100-day challenge by Jeosheo, where in one scene Jimin runs through the rain back into the building to say "I Love You" to Yoongi before midnight. That sort of cheesy romance moment (sorry, only example I could think of!), Basically really emotionally heavy charged scenes! Thank you~

Heroes, we come in all shapes and sizes

Sandalwood and Clove


-admin n

I’ve been wanting to post some original artwork without any Photoshop retouching for quite some time now and I thought why not start with the Black Widow variant since it was conveniently on hand and fresh in everyone’s mind?  Admittedly, it’s also a cover that required minimal editing, but also very important editing.  People ask me all the time how much of my finished pieces are done traditionally and how much is done later in the computer.  It varies from piece to piece and is dependent on a few factors.  How much time do I have to finish the piece?  What kind of effects am I hoping to achieve and would it be easier to do it digitally, traditionally, or as a composite?

For this piece, the color and lighting and value all came out pretty close to how I intended them (which is very rare), so the overall change from scan to finish looks pretty similar.  But there are some pretty important edits in there.  Obviously, I composited in the bullet holes in the window,which I did outside of the computer in pen on bristol board.  We toyed around with the idea of having them out of focus and it looked a lot better, to my eyes.  Also added in the old-timey gun “pow” and bullet trajectory.  The other big edits all happened around Nat’s face.  I had so much trouble with her eyes while I was painting her, and originally, I was going to forgo retouching.  But after having her dead, dead eyes staring back at me from my monitor for a few days, I knew I had to get in a revision if there was still time.  I struggled a lot with making her face and expression look natural and relaxed and alive.  I’m happy with how we ended up and happy I was able to submit a revised version.


So my plan to review for a week straight kind of fell through because of last minute things happening, but it’s all good haha~ Anyway, as I’m starting to go through this book I mentioned in my last post, I’m also realizing more things about my progress. 

I bought this book when I was in around 10th or 11th grade. It used to be so hard; i was a slow reader, and I mixed up similar looking kanji all the time - even the “easier” ones. I had always felt insecure about my progress in Japanese, even up until now. I still keep thinking things like “Oh, it’s been this long but why can’t I do this yet?” even though I know I shouldn’t be so hard on myself because of high school and now college classes taking priority. But looking through this book makes me feel happier about my progress, even though it’s been really slow. Since there’s a little box you can check if you get a question correct, I can see how many questions my high school self got right and wrong. And now that I can answer all the questions I used to get wrong and in half the time, I actually feel pretty accomplished, haha~ Sometimes you don’t see how much you’ve improved at something until you look back.

The point I’m trying to make is that progress doesn’t have to happen quickly, and it’s okay. This is something I couldn’t understand that well until now. Just because you don’t progress as quickly as you would like to doesn’t mean you’re failing. It doesn’t matter how big or small the steps you make are; any progress is still progress. Be proud that you’ve gotten this far by yourself, and keep on going. :D

Potential ta-ta's

As you all (mostly) know, I’ll be having a double mastectomy in May or so. So..I’m only 30 so I want to reconstruct. I’ve always been big breasted..especially for my 5'2-105lb. body frame. So I can’t just be flat chested. I know I won’t like it. So….thanks to someone on here reblogging a topless photo of some model/girl that I don’t know and have never seen.. I found the boobs I want. 😊 and they’re beautiful. lol I just hope they’re able to give me the same ones or ones that are very, very similar.

I won’t post it because I don’t post those type of photos…but y'all….imma love my boobs if they can get them to look like this!
Anyway….. hoping they’ll be my new boobs!

*you try and find any kind of silver lining when it comes to having your boobs taken from you.

Owari no Seraph Chapter 55

Yu and his group are all at Ferid’s mansion in hopes of taming Yu’s demon. The chapter starts with Ferid and Krul still burning at the stake. (I guess to remind us that’s still happening.) Also it seems that vampires can also sense demon presences even though he can’t see her. I was kind of hoping for her to get hurt though.

Honestly she seems like a bitch. Her smile is similar to Shinoa but at least Shinoa shows other emotions not just creepy smiles. Guren looks disappointed but he knew it was going to happen. Makes you wonder how many times he tried to attack her before. 

Lol he likes girly ice cream. Leave him and Mika alone. Mika doesn’t want to drink blood because he’s worried about losing his humanity but now that he’s a vampire he needs to though. 

 Dang Yu saying that so naturally. Mika hella thirsty for you. (Pun intended)

Shinoa’s looking at them like bitch no he’s mine. (Not really she’s probably worried about them both losing their humanity) 

Ok so he’s implying that he could stop him if he wanted too even though demon Yu is super powerful. What kind of traps could sense that there are humans nearby? 

Lol they both have the same expression. He looks like he was attacked by a cat.

It’s because he’s been through it. Ferid is a jerk and I don’t feel sorry at all that’s he getting tortured at this moment.

Yu going crazy is a possibility since whenever he’s emotionally unstable he just goes into fighting without thinking.

Crowley is right. Yu needs practice to control his demon and the best practice is watching his friends be in danger or seeing his former family dead.(wow that’s dark) Again showing how Crowley is much stronger than all of them and could probably kill Yu if he wanted too.

Narumi blushing. Lol Yu is making all the guys gay for him.

Ok I know this is supposed to be a touching moment and all but this kinda creeps me out.

Right listen to Mika. It’s not good to respect people who died. Imagine the world destroyed again. Humanity wouldn’t even have hope for surviving. I think Mika means that Guren also fell into Ferid’s trap.

Ok Yu you’re being unrealistic. The way Yu is saying things, I feel he is too far gone. Mika needs to knock some sense into him.

Wow a flashback to Yu’s past. Don’t get me wrong I don’t disagree with what Yu is saying but I feel if he does what he wants he’s going to lose himself in the process.

Oh my god! My poor Yu is crying! Mika’s holding his hand while he’s crying. God I feel bad for Mika, he can’t even cry. His humanity is fading and he can’t even be sad about his family.

Narumi’s family was there but I didn’t know Crowley had someone. Vampire don’t have desires other than one feeling that they keep. For Mika it’s his feelings for Yu but I wonder what Crowley feels.

Shinoa is disturbed by the Demon Army crest but I mean they experiment with people and sacrificed a bunch of people. It’s safe to say that they’re not good people. Oh is Guren coming?

Oh no this is just a fight waiting to happen. Mika is probably gonna fight Guren or Shinoa will. After what happened in Nagoya, things aren’t gonna just stay peaceful.

The next chapter is most likely going to be about Yu controlling his demon and/or Guren getting his ass kicked by Mika and co.

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hello!! i'm not sure if you got my ask earlier but i just want to ask if you know a fic that's similar to 'heaven can't help you now'? like not necessarily priest!au but you know..a kaisoo fic where there's no romance involved and ksoo is as dark and as disturbing as you might imagine him to be. i hope this is not too much of a bother. thank you in advance!

i didn’t get it! but better to receive twice than never

i think all the kaisoo on this list might be what you’re looking for (although in some of these there’s still some kind of sexual or romantic interest between them)

and these aren’t disturbing but you could also try my soo-centric tag

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SAME, ANON, SAME. I was editing the screenshot and when I finished i looked at him and went: “Holy fuck I unleashed something i can’t control.”
(I kind of hope that Shiro has a similar look when he returns from the astral plane)

Sorry (Jackson Version)

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Requested by: The character has been requested by @willstripforbangtan but the story is purely personal :)

Characters: Jackson Wang (GOT7) x You (OC/Reader) x GOT7 members (mentions, cameo)

Genre: Angst

Length:  2,857 words

Plot:   Jackson seems to be the perfect boyfriend; he has good looks, he is rich, he is kind-hearted, and most of all, he loves you so damn much.  However, one thing seems to be wrong with your “almost perfect” boyfriend; the girl that he chose to love.

A/N: This is the 2nd version of my break-up angst stories, Sorry, the first version is for Song Yunhyeong of iKon, where you can access here.  Please take note that this story is not related in any way to the first version, but you will see similarities in the plot and all J (I hope I made sense)



You stepped inside your house, to be welcomed by a delightful scent of chocolate coming from the kitchen.  You assume that your boyfriend is already at home, maybe his work ended early.  You removed your shoes and coat and you dropped your bag on the couch before making your way towards the kitchen.

“What are you doing?”  You whispered at his ear that caused Jackson to yelp in response, almost spilling the chocolate drink from the small kettle that he’s holding.

“________-ah, you scared me!”  He clutched his chest before dropping the kettle on top of the kitchen counter. You giggled at his reaction, causing you to snort and that made Jackson’s eyes form into slits.

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Are you kidding? I think that your art style is wonderful, and can I just say that just because someone's art style is similar to yours does not mean that they're "copying them" or "trying too hard to be like them". That's just ridiculous. Also, just because you may think that someone will always be better than you, doesn't mean that you're not a good artist ((Aa I'm sorry that was way longer than I intended hope you feel better))

^^^^^^ look at this kind good person being smart and nice thank u!!!!

anonymous asked:

Any fics of vkook starting out as kids/young and then growing up? tyyyy (can be childhood friends, can be high school to older, can be rivals, can be not friends, etc)

Heya! ^^ There are unfortunately only few fics that follow Taekook through the years and haven’t been previously recommended but there are couple that might still fall into that category. I hope these are at least a bit similar to what you were looking for!  

Have Faith In Reality A Bit  Jungkook thinks that he can view the world in a better perspective as long as he has Taehyung by his side. However, those kind of things only happen in his head.

Catch My Eye ‘Aren’t you that tiny boy who followed me around like a puppy in middle school and looked at me like I hung the stars? Ok well we’re in college now and you still have a huge crush on me and the only difference is now you do ridiculous things to try to impress me and honestly you’re so adorable even though you’re huge and stronger than me now’

I Wonder If You Feel The Same (But I Can’t Really Tell) Jungkook was scared of elephants.

Elephant Bandaid  When injuries don’t go fine just by band aids.

Iron Man Has Nothing On You When Taehyung wakes up as a kid, everyone wonders why Jeongguk is the only one Taehyung wants.

Check out also the relationship progression & childhood bestfriends tags! ^.^ 

✄ Admin A [(◠‿◠✿) i’m a newbie-admin so I’m still learning how everything works!] 

I’ve put some thought into what kind of setting Project Sonic 2017 or “Sonic Resistance” will be and well, the more likely this ISN’T Sonic Generations 2

Let me start out by saying, the background is not City Escape, or from 06

A lot of people are saying that it could be inspired from New Orleans. Which if you look at it, it looks similar. 

Those are not the streets of City Escape or Crisis City

Now another reason I have hope for this game is because the game is being developed in America, which hasn’t been done in over 10 years. Which is most likely so they can study the land and take inspiration from it.

Last time that happened we got Sonic Adventure 2.

In which Radical Highway and City Escape were inspired by San Francisco.

Another reason it isn’t any of those stages are the bridges.

Also again the buildings.

One more thing.

The light posts and fences. If you look closely the fences appear to have tires attached to them, most likely put there by the “resistance”

I believe that what ever happened has happened for a while, and maybe even in a different timeline. And something about the timeline being messed up is why Classic Sonic is there.

So not Generations 2, it’s a new adventure. And I think it’s going to be a good game.

F For Fake (Optional Bias)

Genre: Comedy-ish, fluff-ish

Authors Note: So I found a little motivation to write this… like a week ago and I was supposed to post it this friday, better late than never right? sorry for being so inactive.

couldn’t decide on who i was gonna write it for since it kind of fit all of them. 

also! something similar to the beginning of this happened to me recently, that’s kind of why I wrote it, but with more imagination lolz! I hope you like this piece!

You sighed loudly as you sat by the computer leaning your chin onto your palm and was supposed to do assignments, ‘supposed to’ being the key words. As usual you were distracted by the internet and kept looking through your social media’s over and over again to the point were there was nothing new to see.

You refreshed your twitter feed for the twentieth time this hour, expecting to see nothing new. To your surprise you saw that the post on top of your feed was a link to an article that claimed your all-time-favorite idol have finally created an instagram account.

You instantly clicked on the article taking you to the page. You quickly read through the short text getting more excited by the second.

At the bottom of the page there was a link to what was claimed to be his official instagram account and you didn’t even hesitate for a second to click it. You waited as a new window popped up and the new page started loading. You could barely sit still in your chair, wriggling around like the little fangirling mess you were.

Finally the page loaded and your jaw dropped to the floor.

”What?!” you burst out in an outrage. ”Whyyyyyyy?!” you continued to shout as you banged your forehead against your desk. ”ow…” you mumbled as you felt the pain.

”Y/N?” your mom called from down stairs in the house. ”Do your homework!” she continued to shout at you.

”I am!” you shouted back and prepared for if she would enter your room. But she didn’t.

”Good!” she replied and you were thankful that she actually believed your lie. ”I’m going to the shop, I’ll be back in an hour or so!” she informed you.

”Okay mom!” you replied. Close call… she had threatened to take both your computer and your mobile phone before, if you didn’t focus on doing your work, and probably wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. You really didn’t want that to happen. You heard the front door open and close followed by being locked from the outside and then you knew you were safe. You could finally breath out.

You opened your internet pages again. ”Why do you keep your account private!” you whined to yourself as you went back to the article page to scroll through the comments.

Oppa! Why is your account private! TT

I swear it was open before! Oppaaaaa! TT_TT


Is it really him though??? O.o

His acount isn’t even verified, its a fake!

You went back to the instagram page to whine at him somemore. But instead you leaned back in your chair and pouted at the screen.

Suddenly you saw the little button that said 'Request To Follow’. You thought for a moment whether or not you should try it. Fuck it! You thought and clicked it and the button instead said 'Requested’. What was the worst that would happen? Probably that he didn’t accept, and the best? That he did accept. The second though made you all fuzzy inside.

You decided to actually get back to work this time even though it would be a little difficult to concentrate. However after a while you were completely absorbed in work, writing diligently to get it done in time.

Suddenly your phone vibrated beside you. You casually pressed the home button and the screen lit up. You glanced over quickly and saw a notification and went back to writing. After finishing the next sentence you realised that it was an instagram notification and looked over at your phone again.

”its probably just someone who liked my picture or something…” you tried to convince yourself for a moment but the jumped over your phone to actually check it.

’____ has accepted your request’

Your jaw dropped again, you could barely believe it.. You went through the few pictures he had; a few cute selcas that made you squeal inside even though you’ve seen plenty of pictures looking just like it and then just pictures of food and such.

After you were done fangirling you just sat in your chair feeling blessed. Suddenly your phone vibrated again and you picked it up. It was another instagram notification… you had received a message. At that point you almost dropped your phone.

Hey :)

the message simply read but there was something off about this. This simply couldn’t be real, it just couldn’t. You weren’t going to let some creep fool you, nope, not today.

Are you a fake?

You replied simply feeling satisfied that you weren’t easily tricked and waited for the fake to reply.

What? No!

He responded. You huffed at his stupid reply. He was still trying to fool you.

Sound like something a fake would say to be honest

You replied sassily

Seriously, I’m real

he once more tried to convince you but you were having none of it.

Prove it.

You challenged him

I’ll call you on skype?

He suggested.

Sure! …I dare you.

You responded and then gave him your account name, it wasn’t like you used it often and you didn’t really have any personal information for this creep to find.

You put down your phone and signed in to Skype on you laptop and waited. After a short moment you received the awaited call. You huffed to yourself once more before you pressed answer. It took a few seconds for the two of you to connect and you waited with your arms crossed over your chest.

Suddenly you saw his cute face in on the screen. It was actually him. He was the real deal… and you were having a Skype call with him, your all-time-favorite idol. Your jaw dropped for the third time that day. Being caught by surprise you leaned back in your chair a tiny bit to fast.

You felt air pass you by and your legs flew up in the air. You let out a little scream. A big bang echoed through the room as the back of the chair collided with the floor. You heard him laugh and you quickly got up from the floor and put the chair back before taking a seat. You felt your cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

“That was actually really cute, you know” he chuckled. You had heard his chuckle a thousand times but nothing compared to this. Also he complimented you falling of a chair? You wanted to disappear right on the spot. “But are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?” he continued asking in a more serious tone.

“Um.. Yeah, I’m fine” You cleared your throat trying to compose yourself. “not even a scratch” you continued, still blushing.

“ah okay” he said and smiled cutely. “Anyway do you believe me now?” he teased you with a smirk pulling on the right corner of his lips.

“I do” you admitted shyly and he smiled widely, the cute smile you’ve seen so many times on pictures through a screen.

“So I take it you’re a fan of me?” he asked and looked a little more shy and uncertain. You noticed how he bit down on his bottom lip slightly.

“Yeah, you’re my favourite” you confessed shyly and smiled. He was cutely taken by surprise and his lips formed an 'o’ shape and then he corners of his lips were pulled upwards as he was unable to hold back the proud smile.

“Really!” he said and continued to smile shyly and let out a little giggle. “you know…” he started again, making you curious. “we’re having a concert tomorrow” he continued to explain and then hesitated slightly. “…do you want to come?” he finally asked. You stopped your jaw from dropping a fourth time. “Maybe you have work or have to study, I don’t know” he started to ramble and scratch the back of his neck

You’ve heard about the concert and you had pratically begged your mother to let you go but you didn’t have enough money.

“i don’t have a ticket” you said and couldn’t hide the dissapointment in your own voice.

“you don’t need one i’d fix it for you” he said and shrugged. “but It’s fine if you say no.” he said as he believed you would decline his kind offer.

“can I come?” you asked and tilted you head slightly. “I mean is it okay?” you clarified your question.

“Yeah, I’ll get you in back stage, if you want to?” you thought it was cute how he was so uncertain about this.

“you know, I’d love to” you smiled at him making him smile in relieve. He gave you the address to the concert hall and told you what time to be there.

“I’ll be there and I’ll hopefully look a lot cuter than I do now” you joked and let out a little giggle.

“You look totally cute right now though, you rock that messy hair and that bunny pajamas” he complimented and smiled widely.

“please! Don’t remind me!” you whined at him cutely. “If I would have known I would have been less of a mess” you blushed again.

“I’m not joking though, you’re really cute” he smiled again.

“Thank you” you said and there was no point in hiding the obvious blush on your cheeks. Suddenly you heard the front door open.  “oh, my mom is home… I have to go now” you told him.

“oh” he said and you could hear the disappointment in his voice. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“yep!” you said cheerfully.

“oh and I forgot to ask, what’s your name?” he said embarrassed that he had missed that very important question along the conversation.

“Y/N” you said simply you saw him smiling and repeating your name to himself and you found it seriously cute.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N, Goodnight!” he said and the call ended.

Exo Reactions To Seeing You Cry

Okay, so I have no idea if this is even worth posting but I did my best. It’s kind of hard to do 12 reactions to something like this, especially when they’re all kind of similar. But I hope you like it. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: “Don’t cry. Look! I bought you a puppy.”

Chanyeol: “It’s okay, it’s okay! Please stop & tell me what’s wrong.”

Chen: *singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” while poking you*

D.O.: “I… don’t… know. what. to. do.”

Kai: *does stupidly cute things to try & make you laugh*

Kris: “Are you really crying right now?” *confused*

Lay: “But… I made you cookies. Doesn’t that make you feel better?”

Luhan: *eyes glazed over* “I don’t understand what’s happening…”

Sehun: “If you’re not dying, then I don’t care.” /honestly, he’d probably care a little but sassy Sehun is the best/

Suho: “Tell me who made you cry so I can have them murd- I mean, yelled at.” *totally not part of the Korean mafia*

Tao: *cries with you even if he doesn’t know why you’re crying*

Xiumin: “Will it cheer you up if I let you call me Baozi?

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo