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[TRANS] BTS Festa 2014 - Post-its to BTS


“Hey V!
When hyung look at you, uh, my heart hurts so so much.
I said you just need to trust and follow hyung right?
Why don’t you know that ㅋㅋㅋ Be obedient ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Wanna gang up and fight off Suga-hyung? Deal?” - Jimin 

“Hey V…
What’s your next hair color?
I’m curious too.” - Suga 

“V, speak to the point and precisely.” - J-hope 

You’re the kind of kid that makes people love and hate at the same time.
You’re similar to me in many things but sometimes I can’t understand you… Be more obedient.
P.S. Am I weird too?” - Rap Monster 

“Be a human.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 

I don’t mind you resting in my room when I’m not at the dorm but clean up after you go~ Let’s live cleanly at the dorm! You’re No.1 on my blacklist ㅋㅋ” - Manager 


Hyung ㅋㅋㅋ I demand a duel with you and Suga-hyung ㅋㅋ Right now you guys think I’m cute but the day this table is turned will come soon. Wait a little bit more.” - Jimin 

“Hey Hope…
These days your variety sense is getting better.
It’s good.
But thanks to that it’s twice noisier too…” - Suga 

You’re always hopeful and cheerful but I think you must go through hard times too. If you do, you can look for me and talk. I can listen to your stories. […]” - Jungkook 

“Hey J-hope.
I heard you saved my contact as ‘Kim Seokjin-hyung’.
It’s okay.
I saved yours as ‘Bighit Jung Hoseok’.” - Jin 

“You pervert… ㅡ ㅡ
For example when I’m playing games, don’t turn off the outlet.” -

Sometimes you’re earnest, sometimes you’re the laziest. Show the world more of your abilities.” - Rap Monster 

“Chief Jung who always work hard and look after BTS. Wait, now that you’re promoted, you became team leader Jung right? ㅎ I believe there’s no doubt you’ll get good reward and result with how hard you’ve worked. Let’s get promoted to President Jung!” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

“Team leader Jung who’s always very helpful! Thanks~” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


“Hey Rapmon, shower cleanly.” - J-hope 

“If you borrow something you have to return it back.” -

“Hey Rapmon…
These days you’re not snoring…
Thanks to that I’m sleeping peacefully.
Thank you…” - Suga 

“Hey Rapmon.
I don’t know if I adapted myself to your snoring or if your snoring got quieter, but I got used to it.
It’s fine, it’s all good.” - Jin 

You must be tired from going through a lot for the 6 of us right. I’m sorry I can’t do anything for you. I’ll work harder so you’ll have less hard times.” - Jungkook 

You’ll stand by our side right? You will right? I like you a lot but nah, I think you’ll betray us ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll leave you out. It’s a coup d'état!! Kakakaka.” - Jimin 

“Go to the bathroom before we start practicing.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


“Suga-hyungnim, thank you for thinking I’m cute ㅎㅎ I’ll fight you off some day. I’m gathering the team for it. Just wait. From the coolest guy in BTS.” - Jimin 

Please be more obedient.
I know your childish inner self better than anyone else ^*^!” - Rap Monster 

“Hey Suga.
I like your lazinism. Really.
I feel at ease when I see you lying down.
Really.” - Jin 

“You only need to show a little bit of your lethargy.” -

You must be tired from working and composing until late at night. You don’t seem to gain any weight so please eat a lot. When […] I’ll buy it for you.” - Jungkook 

“SUGA fighting!!” - J-hope 

“To. Suga Rebel.
Old soul. Genius artist?
Thanks to you BTS can be BTS. I hope you can keep being that way and become a great artist!!
When will you write a title song? ㅋ” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

“Take care of your health when you’re still young.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


You’re doing great.
Please show us the ✨eldest hyung✨ side of youㅡ
P.S. Thanks for your cooking! ^*^” - Rap Monster 

“Jin-hyung, please shave.” - J-hope 

“It’s too much if you know you’re handsome yourself.” -

Must be tired doing all the assignments for college right…?
You just need to avoid getting academic probation…
I’ll always support you.” - Suga 

Hyungnim T_T~ I’m going to fight off Syubsyubie-hyung and Hope-hyung but I need your help! If you’re there those people will ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ㅋㅋㅋ So you have to help me!!!
The most handsome cook in BTS, Jin-hyung.” - Jimin 

“Jin-hyung. Thank you for making us many delicious dishes.” - Jungkook  

“To. Jin BTS’ shoulder-slash-eldest-hyung!
You always stay behind quietly but I know you are their mediator and their shoulder to lean on.
Maybe the day when you’re called Korea’s best actor will come soon too?^^” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

Thanks to your ability to cook tasty dishes from limited ingredients, I always get to eat deliciously~ Take care of me in the future too~” - Manager 

“Hoot…” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


“Hey Jimin…
Why do we stop growing so soon…” - Suga 

You’re having a hard time these days because of me right.
I’ll be more obedient.
Thank you.
Let’s work out together 3 years later ㅋ” - Jungkook 

You know I love you right?
It’s no joke~” - J-hope 

“Don’t touch your thighs you pervert.” -

“To. Jimin
Hardworker, in charge of charm, Jiminie!! ♡
From someone who joined BTS the latest, you have now become an irreplaceable part of the team! Keeping working hard in the future too!! […] the saying that heaven will help hardworkers.” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

“Go to the bathroom early. Don’t go when we start.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


Stop working out…
Let’s not work out with me…” - Suga 

“Hey Jungkook.
You listen to me well so you’re good.
This brat.
Good. But refrain from working out…” - Jin 

Jungkook, I’m not pressuring you! I’m planning to kick out Suga-hyung and Hobi-hyung but I won’t pressure you to stand by my side. But I’m treating you really well!!! Right? Our kind and pretty Kookie…” - Jimin 

“Jungkook, you’re so good even at practicing. I think I need to learn more because of you too. But be more obedient~” -

“To. Jungkook
Golden maknae!! Is there any word that can describe better than this? ㅎ
I believe that if you are not settled with your natural talents, not hate doing repeated things and work with passion, there’s no doubt one day you’ll become the best singer in Korea!
Hope you will never forget your passion and effort!!” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

“My manager. Once a manager, forever a manager.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 

Wake up when I wake you in the morning! Sometimes I’m scared when no matter what I do, you still remain motionless like a stone stature. And sleep on your bed~! Don’t sleep in weird position on the floor too~!” - Manager

BTS Reaction to him being ‘too big’

Anon Requested:  Hii, can you please do BTS reaction during the first time and you have a little ‘trouble’ and you say it’s 'too big’ ?

I hope this is what you were looking for! I was having kind of a hard time writing 7 different reactions so I apologize if they sound kind of similar.

Jungkook: Jungkook figured something was wrong almost a minute into trying to push all the way in. You would constantly whine and make sounds showing all of the uncomfort you were going through. Jungkook would slowly pull out  and sit back on his knees trying to think of what to do. “Here sit up.” He would say helping you into your new position. He’d slowly push on your back having your chest press against the mattress and back arch more. Jungkook would align himself with you again slowly pushing in, you wouldn’t have made any other sounds other than you quietly gasping from him filling you up.

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Taehyung: Taehyung hadn’t really gone as slow as he should have, positioning himself he pushed in already getting half of him before you started to lightly push on his chest. “Ow wait..” Taehyung almost instantly looked down at you and slowed down, he pushed in slowly but that didn’t make anything better, you pushed him back more and groaned a “Stop.” Taehyung halted his motion and just looked down at you, pain clearly written on your face. “You’re too big..” You whined looking up at him, he slowly pulled out making sure not to hurt you anymore. “We can try another time okay? Let’s just do something else.” You nodded, you were okay with waiting just a little longer.

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Jimin: You knew Jimin wasn’t the biggest in length but the second he had pushed himself halfway in you felt pain, he was stretching you out and he was big in width. You tried pulling away from him as the pain was just too much, Jimin immediately stopped and checked to see if you were okay, he was attentive and made sure you wanted to continue. You whined when he had asked if you wanted to continue. “You’re too big Jimin..” He couldn’t help but chuckle at how quiet you had gotten when saying that. “We can do something else, we don’t have to continue. I can wait.”

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Hoseok: You shifted again biting your lip trying to take as much as you could but if you were being honest it hurt. It wasn’t a pain where you felt like you were going to rip in half but it was enough to make you tear up. You felt your throat close up and a quiet “It hurts.” slipped from your lips. Hoseok’s attention immediately went to you, wiping the tear that had slipped from your eyes. He stopped any movements that went on and made sure you were okay. He wanted you not to feel any pain and if he had to wait then so be it.

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Namjoon: “O-Ow..” You whimpered out squeezing your eyes closed as Namjoon started to move his hips back and forth. Your voice was quiet but still loud enough for Namjoon to hear and slow down to a stop. “Do you want to stop? I can stop, well I did but I mean all together.” Namjoon asked but your head immediately start to shake. “N-No, it’s just..you’re really big Namjoon.” You looked up at him as he hovered over your body. “I want to keep going.”

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Yoongi: You never said anything about the pain, you didn’t want to be that cliche girl that cried during her first time so you kept your mouth shut. You may have not made a sound but the pain you were in was written all over your face and Yoongi say it quite clearly. He had pushed himself almost all the way in when he stopped all of the sudden. “H-Huh?” You opened your eyes looking at him to see that he was already staring down at you worry covering every inch of his face. “I-I’m fine..you’re just a little big.” He pulled out completely and sat down in front of you. “Not now then, you’re in pain so we’ll try again some other time. I don’t want to hurt you.” He spoke as he caressed your cheek wiping away any tears that had slipped out.

Jin: “Stop, stop, stop!” You cried out scooting away from Jin as he thrusted just the slightest. Jin froze, eyes widening not knowing what was wrong. “What’s wrong, did I hurt you? I didn’t mean to..”

“You’re too big..” Jin only nodded understanding what you meant. He slowly began again not pushing all of him in, you needed time to adjust and he was going to give you as much time as needed.

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Sparrow Hood! I finally gave up on ever seeing Mattel make a Sparrow hood doll. So I decided to make one of my own. Though he’s not perfect, and I do believe that Sparrow really could have used his own face mold, I will take what I can get with Mattel slowly winding down EAH. Sparrow was made using a Dexter doll. He was re-rooted using several different shades of orange/reds/browns. His jeans and jean vest are both make from a very thin stretch jean material (the jean material was way easier to work with the leather type material). The pants were made from a pattern purchased from RequiemArt, and the vest was make using a pattern I constructed. All this buttons and studs were hand glued on…and I have to say it took forever. I included an extra piece to the sleeve of the vest, so the extra piece would fray, creating a look similar to the animation. I hand printed his t-shirt using paint and stamps to get some kind of pattern that was as close as I could get to the webisode look. All his accessories are constructed of Fimo clay, with some having studs glued on. I have to thank @kara-relm and @wscttfrbs-eah for the help with Sparrow’s pins. I’ve never painted so small in my life so hope I did them justice ;) His boots are not show accurate, but I only had a pair of Hunter boots to work with so I made them as close as to the animation as possible. His belt is made using a faux leather, and is attached together with Velcro in the back, making it adjustable. I don’t even want to talk about the making the hat…lets just say it was a pain in my….. Now onto his guitar. I used a MyFroggy video for the basic construct idea (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIpXisS0OPc&t=154s), made a pattern, cut out a lot of card board pieces, glued them all together, painted on the details, and ended up with a pretty light and show accurate guitar I hope you all like him. He was actually really fun to make and I’m so happy to have added him to my collection.

Been there, done that

Choosing your first job in veterinary practice can change the course of your career. The right place will set your habits for the rest of your working life, the wrong place will break you and make you leave the profession. When I chose my first job, a part of what attracted me was a senior vet who I empathized with. I could totally see myself becoming her in the future.

The new graduate I have now, I look at her sometimes and recognize her demons.

This is most obvious in surgery. I can see the sweat on her forehead, and pooling in her gloves. Her hands shake sometimes, when she’s worried. Her questions are short. She really just wants somebody to check, to assure her that everything is fine when she’s unsure.

Ah, hello anxiety and panic.

On the one hand part of me wants to jump in and save the day, and I absolutely would if there was actually anything bad happening, but there never is, and so I never do.

I have a look, make myself comfortable and talk her through it.

This is how you know for sure it’s okay.

This is how you check.

This is how you double check.

I am not worried. You have checked everything, it is all fine, and now you should not be worried.

But I will stay here until you tell me you’re not worried.

Because I remember what I wanted needed to hear when I was new. I would hope that I can teach her from my mistakes so that she doesn’t need to make them herself. We’re similar kinds of people, and that makes her easy to guide.

A Meteor’s Fate | Pt. 1

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Genre: angst, fluff, a tiny bit of humor || kimi no na wa! au

Member(s): Park Jimin || Kim Taehyung & Jeon Jungkook

Words: 6.9k

Summary: Fate had already decided for you, someone who lived her whole live in the countrysides, to be in a somewhat ill-fated relationship with Park Jimin, the typical city-boy of your dreams. You knew that fate had its own ways to bring you to the one you belonged to, but you never thought that switching souls and bodies was actually one of them.

“That day when the stars came falling. It’s almost as if a scene from a dream. Nothing more, nothing less than a beautiful view.”

A/N: kimi no na wa is such a beautiful anime movie i couldn’t help but make a fic based on the plot ;-; 

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 (coming soon!)

“Isn’t it ironic?”

“What exactly?”

“That fate brought us together in the most ridiculous way you could ever imagine.”

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anonymous asked:

awh get better but here's a prompt? I just came up with this for you to feel better: lance being the castle's walking spa, like if anyone (you can pick) is feeling sad they just go to him and he has everything to make them feel better and fresh, maybe even memorizes everyone's likes or dislikes (he probably keeps Keith's mullet silky and soft even though he 'claims' to hate it)

anon, i have been gushing over this prompt this whole weekend with my friends and then… i accidentally wrote a little drabble

my hand slipped

The mission had been long and hard, and everyone was exhausted. As Lance landed Blue in her hangar, he quickly hopped out of her and ran up to his room, grinning from ear to ear despite the tiredness that clung to his limbs, making his movements rather sluggish.

While he heard the others shuffling around and complaining through their comms, Lance muted his own and hummed a bit as he gathered everyone’s baskets. After a day like today, they all deserved a break. A moment or two to just relax!

“Lance, hey, it’s time for debriefing upstairs, come on. We’re waiting for you.” Shiro tells him before the radio goes silent– everyone probably took their helmets off. Arms filled with small baskets piled on top of one another, he headed to the control room.

He noted when he entered that the others had already started, setting each thing down before taking a seat next to his best friend and listening to Shiro and Allura speak. It took a few minutes, but once they were done, Lance stood excitedly. “Um, excuse me!”

Shiro raised a brow at him, turning back to the group just as he had been about to walk away to the training deck, motioning for Lance to continue. The Cuban boy bounced on his heels in excitement before addressing them all. “Okay! So, I have these things…” He begins.

As they sat their on the round couches Lance explained how his mother used to always explain to him how important self-care was, how she would always take care of her babies when they were down.

“I want to do that for you all now. We had…  a tough time out there. We all deserve a little bit of R&R time.”

At this Allura tilted her head, arms crossed over her chest as she spoke. “Um, Lance, what’s ‘r and r time’? It sounds… Odd.”

Lance merely smiles, hands stuffed into his pockets to hide the slight tremble they had gained from talking about his family. “Well, it’s basically just when you take time to take care of yourself and relax. A human saying.”

Allura agreed to let Lance ‘take care of them’, as he had put it, and with that he began to hand out each person’s individualized basket, himself included. “I’ve been collecting these things every time we go to swap moons! I made each one based on what you all like and what would be best for your skin types and stuff!”

“Like, Mullet, I put the tea tree oil shampoo in yours because it makes your hair soft and keeps it less greasy, and I put what I hope is similar to a hydrating mask in there to keep your skin from getting super dry.

“But Allura got a lot of the same stuff I have skin wise because we have similar skin types! And Shiro got coconut oil-ish stuff because it’s gentler on scars but still keeps skin healthy–”

A hand found it’s way to Lance’s back and gently patted it, making the tanned boy jump a bit in surprise. “Thanks Lance, that’s really nice of you.” Shiro tells him with a kind smile, looking down at him with slight admiration while Hunk and Pidge voiced their agreement.

“So… Space family spa day?” He questions, looking around at the group.

“Space family spa day.”


request:  Hi, I don’t know how this works, but can you do 1, where like it’s set at the 2013 VMA you’re bffs w Rihanna and you walk up to talk to her and since Harry is behind her, he and EVERYONE looks up and is like star struck bc ur like Beyoncé level famous 😇

hello loves! this will be kind of similar to my other imagine called ‘Celebrity’ but hopefully still unique to your liking. i’ve decided to switch writing prompt lists. this new one came from a very talented writer known as @hardliquorhaz, so check out her writings! send in requests from the new list or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

Being invited to the VMA’S in 2013 was a very big deal to Harry and the rest of the boys. They were even more happy to find that they had not only been invited, but had been nominated. This was at the start of everything they had, so they were more than glad to attend any award show they were invited to. But they were a bit nervous for most of the event. 

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@mechengmama‘s request: Drarry babysits Teddy?

I am 100% for this. Also this is so so long bc I loved writing it sorrryyy

My Writing

“Draco come on, we have to go.”

Draco glared at his boyfriend.

“I don’t see why we have to go. If I recall correctly, you were asked to babysit, not me.”

Harry rolled his eyes.

You are coming because you love me. And because Teddy is your cousin and I think it would be nice if the two of you got to know each other.”

Draco let out a long, dramatic sigh, but got up so they could leave.

Harry grinned and took his arm so they could apparate to Andromeda’s.

Before they knocked on the door, Harry turned to Draco.

“Andromeda is your aunt, so please just be nice for the five minutes you have to see her before she leaves.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Draco grumbled and knocked on the door.

They were met with a woman who at first glance, looked shockingly similar to Bellatrix. Draco was taken aback for a moment, but then after looking closer, realized this woman was much prettier, and had a very kind look to her, unlike Bellatrix’s crazy look.

“Hello, Andromeda,” Harry greeted and then stepped forward to give her a hug.

Draco stood back awkwardly.

“This is Draco. He’s my, uh, boyfriend. I hope it’s okay that he came along. I just thought that since he and Teddy are cousins-”

But Harry was cut off by Andromeda immediately taking Draco into her arms. Draco was stiff at first, but then relaxed into the hug, slowly hugging her back. He still looked uncomfortable, though, when she released him. Harry smiled at his effort.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you, Draco. Well why don’t you two come in, then. Teddy has been going on all week about how excited he is to see you, Harry. I’m sure he will be pleased to have a second person to play with as well.” She smiled at Draco who hesitantly smiled back.

They walked through the house and up the stairs to what Draco assumed to be Teddy’s room. He stood a few feet behind the others. He felt like he was intruding. But Harry grabbed his hand and pulled him forward so he was standing at his side.

Andromeda opened the door and there was a boy around the age of five, with bright aqua hair that was turning purple slightly at the tips, sitting on his bed.

“Teddy, Harry is here! And he brought someone with him. I have to go now though, be good for them, okay?” She leaned down to give him a kiss on the forehead and turned to Harry and Draco to thank them again for babysitting before disapparating.

“Hey Teddy!” Harry greeted the small boy.

Teddy immediately jumped up from the bed and launched himself at Harry to give him a hug that reached no higher than Harry’s waist.

Harry chuckled and bent down so they were at eye level to give him a proper hug.

Teddy then turned to Draco and looked at him skeptically.

“Teddy, this is Draco. He’s my boyfriend and he also happens to be your cousin! I thought you might like hanging out with him as well.”

Teddy continued to stare for a moment, but then must have decided that Draco was okay, because he then shot towards Draco to hug him, too. Draco was shocked at this and just stared down with wide eyes at the little boy.

“Hi Draco! Your name reminds me of dragons! I really like dragons, do you? They’re some of my favorites!” Teddy babbled while staring up in awe at Draco.

Draco looked at Harry, who had a smile on his face.

“I, um, yeah, dragons are alright,” he said.

Teddy then let go of Draco, much to his relief, and turned to Harry.

“Is that why you like him, Harry? Because his name sounds like dragons?”

Harry laughed.

“Yeah, that’s the only reason I can put up with him,” he joked.

Draco shot him a glare.

“I have some toy dragons! Do you want to see, Draco?”

“N-” Draco stopped what he was originally going to say when Harry shot him a look. “Yeah, okay, let’s see.”

Teddy grinned and grabbed Draco’s hand in his small one and pulled him over to the toy box that was in his room. Harry sat on Teddy’s bed and watched them.

Teddy pulled on Draco’s hand for him to sit down on the floor. With a sigh, he did, and watched as Teddy rummaged through his toys. He then pulled out four toy dragons. They were small and harmless, but moved as though they were real.

“Harry! You can come play too!”

Harry grinned and joined them on the floor.

“These look like the dragons we chose for the Triwizard Tournament,” Harry told Draco.

“Draco, you can choose which one you want first!”

“Wow, Draco. Teddy never let’s me choose first. He must really like you.” Harry smiled at the blond.

Draco reached forward and immediately went for the emerald green dragon with silver spikes. Harry snorted out a laugh at Draco’s obvious reasoning for his choice. Teddy, however made a face.

Draco glared at the little boy.

“Is there something wrong with this one?” He asked, a little too harshly for Harry’s liking, who elbowed him in the side for his tone.

“No. It’s just…that one is my favorite,” Teddy said with a slight pout.

Draco was not going to listen to the kid scream and throw a fit for not getting the one he wanted, so he quickly offered it to him.

“Well you can have it, then,” he said kindly and held the toy out to him.

“No, it’s okay,” Teddy smiled at him. “I like this one, too.” He grabbed one that was an icy blue color and then leaned over to whisper in Draco’s ear, “This one is Harry’s favorite. He always gets mad when I take it.”

Draco gave the little boy a real smile at this.

“Teddy! You know that one is my favorite!”

Teddy just smiled and held the toy up mockingly.

Harry finally chose his dragon, and they played for half an hour. Draco had to admit that it wasn’t a terrible time.

“I’m hungry,” Teddy said and threw his toy down.

“Alright, let’s go down to the kitchen and see what we can get you to eat,” Harry told him.

The three of them stood up, and Teddy immediately grabbed Draco’s hand and tugged on it to get his attention. Draco looked down at him.

“Can you give me a piggy-back ride?”

Draco looked incredulously at Harry, who just laughed and watched with amusement.

“Fine,” Draco grumbled and bent down so Teddy could jump on his back.

Draco looped his arms around Teddy’s legs, and then they made their way down to the kitchen.

Harry opened the fridge to see what there was to eat, and Draco set Teddy down and then lifted him back up to sit on the counter.

Harry then began rummaging through cabinets and pulled out a box of mac and cheese to make. Teddy sat on the counter, swinging his legs, and looked at Draco.

“Draco, were you and Harry friends in school?”

Draco glanced at Harry, who just gave a small nod.

“Yeah, well um, we weren’t in the same house, so we didn’t see much of each other, but I guess you could say we were friends.”

Harry fought to stifle his laughter.

“Harry was in the red house, right?” 

Teddy clearly didn’t remember the names of the houses yet, or couldn’t pronounce them. Draco nodded in response.

“What house were you in, Draco?”

Draco smiled at him.


“Um…let’s see. There’s yellow, blue, and, and…oh yeah, green! Oh, I bet you were in the green house! That’s why you chose the green dragon!”

Draco actually grinned at the little boy.

“That’s right. The green house is the best one, by the way. Don’t let Harry tell you otherwise. Green also happens to be my favorite color, but that might just be because it was my house.”

“Don’t corrupt him at such an early age, Draco!” Harry said, but was laughing as well.

When Draco looked back at Teddy, he noticed that the tips of his hair had changed from purple to dark green, and the color was spreading even more through his hair.

“Might be too late for that, Harry.” Draco said, chuckling.

Harry turned to look and saw Teddy’s change in hair color. He rolled his eyes but gave Teddy a wide smile.

“That’s a good color on you, Ted.”

Teddy giggled and turned the rest of his hair green.

“I kind of like the yellow house…I like yellow,” Teddy said.

Harry looked over to Draco, knowing how much he used to hate Hufflepuff, but Draco wasn’t paying any attention to him.

“Hmm…that house is nice. I believe that was the house your mum was in.”

He turned to look at Harry, as if for confirmation, and Harry nodded and grinned at Draco.

“Really?! Do you know what house my dad was in?”

“Red, he was with Harry’s mum and dad.”

“Wow,” Teddy said.

Harry finished making the mac and cheese and put some onto three plates that he set on the table.

Harry lifted Teddy down from the counter and they all sat at the table to eat.

“Draco, did you play quidditch?” Teddy asked with a mouthful of food.

“Teddy,” Harry sighed. “You know you’re not supposed to eat with your mouth full.”

Teddy just rolled his eyes and waved Harry off.

“Yeah, I was seeker. Way better than Harry,” Draco said with a smirk.


Harry shook his head.

“Quit filling his head with lies,” he joked.

When they finished eating they went into the living room to watch a movie.

Draco sat on the couch while Harry put the movie in, and Teddy plopped himself onto Draco’s lap. Draco would have preferred that he didn’t, but he didn’t have the heart to tell the little boy no.

“And where do you suppose I should sit?” Harry asked with a quirked eyebrow when he turned and saw the two were taking up the whole couch.

“On the floor,” Draco told him, to which Teddy responded with a fit of giggles. 

Both Draco and Harry smiled at this, and Harry reluctantly sat on the floor.

“Y’know Teddy, I’m not sure how I feel about how much you like Draco. I’m starting to think you like him more than me,” Harry said while smiling at the pair of them.

Teddy shifted so he could wrap his arms around Draco’s middle and rest his head against him.

“No…I like you both the same! But Draco is more comfy than you, Harry!”

Draco stuck his tongue out at Harry, who just laughed and turned back to watch the movie.

Teddy was asleep after only 15 minutes of the movie. Draco smiled softly down at him. He decided that maybe this wasn’t so bad. He gently wrapped an arm around Teddy to make sure he didn’t fall off or anything.

When the movie was over, Harry realized that he was the only one of the three that was still awake. He stood up and stretched and then smiled down at his boyfriend and godson. He gently pushed some hair out of Draco’s face, waking him up.

“Draco,” he whispered so he wouldn’t wake Teddy up. “Andromeda will be home soon.”

Draco mumbled something incoherently, but made no move to get up.

A moment later, Andromeda walked through the door. Harry greeted her and then she looked over at Draco and Teddy.

“They fell asleep while we were watching the movie. It just finished,” Harry chuckled and then woke both of them up so Teddy could go to his bed.

“Hi Teddy, did you have a good time?” Andromeda asked.

Teddy nodded sleepily.

“Grandma, can Draco tuck me into bed?” He asked her.

She smiled.

“Of course.”

Draco picked Teddy up and walked up the stairs with him. Harry and Andromeda followed behind quietly and watched from the doorway as Draco tucked him in.

Draco covered Teddy up with his blankets and was about to turn to walk away when Teddy grabbed his hand.

“Draco, will you come visit again?”

Draco sat down on the corner of the bed and smiled at the little boy.

“Sure, whenever you want.”

“Do you promise?”

“Yes, I promise. You can even come over to me and Harry’s if your grandmother will allow it.”

Teddy’s tired face lit up at this.

“Can I really? She’ll let me Draco, I know she will!”

Draco chuckled.

“Of course. Maybe you can even sleep over. But for now you have to go to sleep, okay?”

“M’kay,” Teddy said, but then leaned up to give Draco a hug. 

Draco hugged him back and then laid him back down.

“Goodnight, Teddy.”

“G’night, Draco.”

Draco smiled and then turned to the door.

There he saw Andromeda and Harry watching him, he didn’t know they had followed him up. They were both smiling.

Andromeda saw them to the door.

“Thank you, again, for watching him. And I think he really enjoyed your company, Draco, so thank you for tagging along.”

Draco gave a small smile, then they said their goodbyes and Harry apparated them home.

“That wasn’t so bad,” Draco admitted once they were in their own bed.

“Mm, I’d go so far as to say you even had a good time,” Harry told him before he wrapped an arm around Draco to pull him into his chest.


Harry smiled and gave Draco a sweet but short kiss on the lips.

“Thank you. Teddy loves you. Probably more than me,” he laughed.

“Can you blame him?” Draco teased.

Harry smiled and kissed Draco’s forehead.

“Not at all, love.”

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I'm hoping your infinite awesomeness can work to my advantage. I've recently read unacceptable by Patchouli (lifelesslyndsey) and now I'm hankering for similar Omega Stiles fics. Sterek preferable. So instead of Omegas being treated like weak fluffy sex pots that need big strong alphas to protect and knot them (though i love that kind of fic too) i'm looking for fics where Omegas are strong, sexy, devious and completely in control of who knots them and when. Have I mention your awesomeness?

We do our best!  ;)  I found a few, they’re probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but they contain non-traditional A/B/O dynamics.  -Emmy

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To Fill a Home by cloudsarefluffy 

(5,345 I Explicit I Complete)

Written for this Anon prompt here: Hello, love your writing. Prompt, Sterek with mpreg. Stiles as modern and intellectual as he is, all he ever wanted to be was a homemaker (a seriously highly educated mum) with a dozen of mini him and his spouse, implementing home teaching as well since he have a PhD in child psychology so why not use it. Though nowadays society looks down on homemakers. Kinks: Tactility, Stiles loves Derek’s manboobs (only buff guys have these), preggers!Stiles, scent-marking, possessiveness, jealousy, marking.—Stiles could care less what they say, he was truly happy with how his life was going. He was mated to a possessive, providing alpha named Derek Hale, now heavily pregnant with his first pup, and studying hard to get his degree to become a professional stay-at-home dad.What was so wrong with that? 

Flower Bomb by rispacooper 

(6,220 I Mature I Complete)   *writer!derek, writer!stiles

When an eligible omega glanced your way, you were supposed to glance back. Derek could hear an echo of his mother’s voice in his head, gently reminding him there were alphas who would kill to find themselves the focus of an omega’s interest.

Derek didn’t have the dominating personality or drive necessary to be classified as alpha, and there was no bright spark of appeal about him to say he was omega. He was tall and in good shape. He had a pretty face, dark hair and light eyes, good bone structure. But he had no need to get in fights or conquer the world. He didn’t even like arguing with his family. He was solidly beta, and wouldn’t have minded, never had minded, except for when Stiles was near.

Darkness by cloudsarefluffy

(12,833 I Explicit I Complete)   *dark!stiles

My friend, Shelby, asked for this in her sequel: tying up, pack omega, darkness

The beta is compliant, and his eyes are still flashing at Stiles as he whines for forgiveness.

Stiles rumbles deeply at him, “I’m your omega now.

Hey Lover, I got a Sugarcane by pibroch (littleblackdog) 

(17,306 I Explicit I Complete)

“Put Peter on the phone,” Stiles says, too sharp to be polite.

“What?”  Derek sounds completely thrown.  “Stiles, I don’t think— Okay, you’re obviously not understanding what’s happening here.  Peter isn’t talking.  He’s basically just growling at this point, and he’s rounding on anyone that gets too close.  He actually bit me when I tried to take back my pillow.  I nearly lost a thumb.”

“Derek.” The reality of this shitshow of a situation is finally kicking in, undeniably, and Stiles needs to hear Peter’s voice.  “Just trust the omega, okay?  Tell him it’s me, and give him the damn phone.”

“Wrangling Rut-Drunk Alpha Boyfriends 101” by Stiles Stilinski, omega and responsible adult person.

SNSD Reaction - Dating Scandal

blackpink version : here


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She hadn’t heard anything about it until they were all on a variety show. One of the MC’s had been talking about the recent pictures of you and Irene that were floating around the internet.

“What do you guys think?” The MC asked, “I kinda hope they are together, they’d be pretty cute.”

All the girls laughed politely, a few of them looked at Taeyeon to make sure she was okay with what they were saying.

“You guys are pretty good friends with both of them aren’t you? Being label mates and all.” The other MC added in, earning an unsure laugh from a few members.

“Yeah, Y/N and I are pretty close.” Taeyeon agreed, “They’re not dating Irene.” she added politely.

The MC laughed a bit and nodded, “Alright, sorry about that tangent there, let’s move to the next question.”

After the show, Taeyeon walked backstage and was surprised to find that you had been watching the whole thing. When she saw you she walked over to you and wrapped her arms around your waist, resting her head against your shoulder. You hugged her and leaned your head against hers.

“I guess you and Irene are a thing now huh?” She asked looking at you.

“Yeah.” You agreed, laughing lightly, “don’t tell her, but I kind of have a thing for someone else.” You whispered, rubbing her back gently.  

The MC who had been teasing about yours and Irene’s relationship walked past, “I guess I was wrong about you and Irene huh?” she asked you with a laugh.

“Yup, Y/N’s all mine.” Taeyeon joked, hugging you a bit tighter.


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“So is Y/N dating Solar?” Krystal asked her, handing Jessica her phone which was opened up to a picture of you and Solar when the two of you had been working on a photoshoot. Jessica scrolled through the pictures, not quite sure how she felt about it.

“On and off camera romance?” Jessica read aloud, showing her sister the caption under one photo that captured you and Solar talking off set.

You walked through the door, your hair still messed up from the photoshoot. You set your bag on the table and walked into the living room, flopping onto the couch next to Jessica. You leaned against her and looked at what she was looking at.

“The photo’s already got out?” You asked, “How? I just did the shoot today.”

“You and your girlfriend are so cute.” Jessica said, showing you all the pictures. “Where’s this Y/N during date nights?”

You lightly hit her leg, and shook your head, “I’ll be there next time you pay me to go on a date.” This time it was her turn to gently push you away from her for a moment before pulling you against her again. She handed the phone back to Krystal, and pulled out her own. You rested your head on her shoulder and watched her take a selfie of the two of you before posting it to snapchat, which earned a questioning look from you and Krystal.

“The cutest couple photos are the ones of real couples.” She explained, proceeding to flop back against the couch and continue to play on her phone.


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She had been looking on your phone, playing a game as notifications kept popping up. She finally gave in and pressed on one of them, leading her to a swarm of comments under one of your Instagram posts. She looked through the comments and saw a bunch of hashtags of ship names. She read a few of the comments, trying to figure out who the ship names of. She nodded a bit with a smile before looking at the picture of you and Victoria.

When you walked into the room, she smiled a bit and walked over to you, “You never told me you were dating someone.”

You looked through the fridge and pulled out a soda, you turned back to her and raised your eyebrows. You took a sip of the drink before responding, “I didn’t think I’d have to tell you that I’m dating you.”

“No dummy, I thought you would’ve told me that you’re dating my label mate.” She said waving the picture in front of you.

“Ah yeah, totally slipped my mind.” You said jokingly, “We’ve only been on a few dates, nothing too serious.”

“Next time you should tell me, I could help you plan something.” Sunny said, leaning against you, “I think you could use my help.”

You smiled and kissed the top of her head, “Ouch. Maybe I should just stick to planning dates for my girlfriend, I think I’m pretty good at that.”

“You’re okay.” She said lightly, pulling you into a gentle hug.


Originally posted by chimchams

“Hey did you see this, people think you’re dating Chanyeol.” Tiffany said, showing you an article with a picture of you and Chanyeol.

You nodded a bit and cuddled closer to her, “I thought I was too.”

Tiffany laughed and hit your arm lightly, “Shut up.” she said shaking her head lightly. “I’m being serious, look you two even have a ship name.”

You turned a bit and looked at her, “Are you okay?” You asked her, the joking tone in your voice gone now. “If this is bugging you, you’d tell me about it right?”

“I want to be able to go on dates with you,” she pouted cutely and looked through the photo’s. “Look how cute these are, I want to go on dates as cute as this.”

“Me too, but we don’t really have an option. Not unless we go public.” You said, lightly kissing her, her pouty face too cute to resist.

“Go public.” Tiffany said, nodding a bit, “That doesn’t sound too bad.”

“Do you want to?” You asked, slightly taken back by her nonchalant attitude. She smiled a bit and nodded, giving you all the confirmation you needed. “Let’s talk to your manager.” you said happily. You paused for a moment and looked back at her with a grin, “Maybe I should thank Chanyeol.”


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She ended up being in a similar situation as Taeyeon, the two of you had decided to go on a show together. After a few questions, the conversation had turned to relationships.

“So, as I’m sure you’re aware.” The interviewer began, looking directly at you as he spoke. “There have been some pictures going around of you and Taeyang that have kind of been plastered everywhere. With all these pictures, come some, well, rumors. About the two of dating. I was hoping for you to clear up everything, are you and Taeyang dating?”

You laughed a bit, “No, he’s just a close friend of mine.”

“Aw, are you sure? Some of these pictures kind of make me want to date you. You seem like a cute partner.” He said showing the two of you a few of the pictures going around.

“Y/N is an adorable partner.” Hyoyeon agreed, gently squeezing your hand. A signal that the two of you had previously agreed on, a sign that she was going to do the thing that made you two choose to do an interview in the first place. “Yeah, we’re dating and they have the most adorable habits in the morning.” she finished, earning a curious look from you. The rest of the interview was spent sharing embarrassing stories between the two of you.


Originally posted by kimtae-yeons

She wasn’t really sure how to feel, she knew that there was no way you would do anything to hurt her, but those pictures were not something people easily overlooked. You weren’t even aware that the pictures had even been taken, definitely not that they were plastered all over the internet. So your girlfriends oddly quiet demeanor when you got home felt weird. She had barely said anything to you since the moment you got home. In fact, she had barely been in the room with you, you swore that every time you walked into the room she left. Finally, you had had enough. She had hidden herself in your shared bedroom, and was refusing to come out, so instead you went to her. You had a plate of her favorite food balanced in one hand a a cup of tea in the other, you doing your best not to spoil the stupidly warm drink over your hand. You set the plate and the glass down on the table next to the bed before climbing in next to her. The two of you sat in an air of silence for a few moments before she looked over to you, and finally you spoke.

“You’re mad at me.”

“I don’t know.” Her voice was soft and she lifted her phone to show you all the pictures that had been taken. You looked through them thoughtfully and sighed before putting down the phone.

“You know that I didn’t do anything right? We went out for lunch, but that’s it. I’d never do anything to hurt you.” You said softly.

She didn’t speak, just offering a nod as an answer. “I think I could forgive you.” She said, a small smile playing at her lips.


“I dunno, you may have to earn it.”

You smiled, and put your arms around her waist, pulling her closer. “If I have to, I guess I could be nicer.”


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She wasn’t upset with you, this was part of your job. You only did the video because it was your job, not because you had feelings for Eric Nam. That’s what she told herself whenever she watched the video, or heard the song, or saw you and Eric talking off screen. Which, whenever that happened, she became pretty clingy. She’d come up and hug you when you were talking to him, resting her head on your shoulder when you and Eric were talking about more song ideas.

You had noticed her slightly odd behavior earlier, but it was most obvious when the two of you had gone home. The ride was nearly silent and she pretty much disappeared when you both got home. You waited outside for awhile, not sure what was bothering her. After awhile you got up and walked to the bedroom, where she was looking through her computer just like she had been for the past few hours.

“What’s bothering you?” You asked, sitting next to her and nudging her gently. “You’ve been acting weird lately.”

You waited for a few moments, not getting a response. You sighed a bit and shook your head, offering her a smile before moving her laptop and tackling her in a hug. You cuddled her tightly.

“I’m not letting go until you’re not mad at me anymore.”

“I’m not mad!” Sooyoung said, giggling a bit when you tickled her. “I just don’t want to lose you to Eric.” she admitted, her voice quieting as she spoke.

You frowned and pulled away, “You’re not gonna lose me to him.” you promised quietly, “I don’t want to be with him. I actually kind of have someone else I’m into."you finished by kissing her head and cuddling her close to you.


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She hadn’t mentioned anything about the articles that were popping up after your on screen kiss with Lee Sung Kyung in your new drama. She didn’t want to bug you about it, knowing that it was just your drama. Honestly, had it not been for the articles with your co-star talking about how you were her ideal type none of this would have been a problem, but after all of these articles coming out the kiss went viral. Everyone loved you and her, and the whole thing made her feel uncomfortable, especially when she posted couple pictures with you and there were loads of comments with yours and Sungkyung’s ship name.

After one time where there were a particularly large amount of comments, you had noticed that Yoona seemed kind of down.

"What do you want for dinner?” You asked, looking through the fridge, “We have almost no food, but I think I can make something.”

“I’m not really hungry.” She murmured from the living room.

You turned around and walked over to her, sitting on the couch next to her, “What’s going on? You seem upset.”

“You’re not going to leave me right?” Yoona asked after a few moments of silence, “For Sungkyung?”

You frowned and pulled her into a tight hug, rubbing her back gently, “Of course not. I love you.”

Yoona nodded a bit, cuddled against you gently. “I love you too.”


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Pictures of your previous relationship with Amber had resurfaced recently, a lot of people thinking that the two of you are still together since you and Seohyun hadn’t talked about your relationship publicly yet.

“So, you’ve seen the pictures right?” You asked, sitting next to her. “‘Cause otherwise, forget I said anything.”

She lightly hit your shoulder and nodded a bit, “I’ve seen them.”

“Okay.” You paused for a moment and an awkward silence fell between the two of you for a few moments.

She looked over grinned at you before nudging you gently, “You guys are so cute!”  she gushed, taking your phone and looking through the pictures. She cuddled closer to you and found one of them, “These are cute, but we have ones that are much cuter.”

You wrapped her arms around her, and kissed her head softly, “Yeah we do.”

She went to your camera roll and picked out a few of the pictures, “I think we should post one of these ones, they’re the cutest ones. What do you think?”

“I like the second, you look the cutest in that one.”

She nodded a bit and went on Instagram, setting everything up before looking at you, “Are you sure you’ll be okay with this?”

“I’m more worried about you, will your manager be okay with that?” You asked quietly.

“Already asked, its a yes.” She murmured before posting the picture.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Nemo Von Silver

Age: 25

D.O.B: 3/15/92

Height: 5ft 4in

Ideal Voice: (x)

Relationship: Taken by Frizz (He often refers to Nemo as his waifu) @ask-frizzmane

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Ideal Type: “H-humm.. w-well I.. I always notice tall stallions. W-with really broad shoulders and a heavy build. I uhm.. I can’t help but stare.”

Occupation: Model

Personality: Nemo looks and behaves very feminine. He is a very petite stallion with a build similar to that of a mare. He is a very cheerful and happy stallion. He’s very loving and affectionate. He is also very motherly. He has a very gentle nature. But he can also be pretty gullible. His kindness also gets taken advantage of. Nemo doesn’t like to see other ponies sad or in distress. He sings his lullaby to help sooth their minds and bring them hope. He wants to make sure that everypony feels loved and important. Nemo loves all living creatures. He’s the type of pony that would literally cry if he accidentally stepped on a little bug. He’s scared of thunder and fireworks. They’re too loud for him. He doesn’t like it. He actually really enjoys rock music. Just not the kind that features screaming. But besides his rock music, he also really loves to listen to Taylor Swift. He’s such a cinnamon roll.

JOKER X READER ; THE OATH. ft. Harley Quinn

Author’s Note; This is actually my first Joker imagine so hopefully it’s up to par with the thoughts you were thinking. I included Harley in this one since you made her presence known in your ask, but I really hope this is what you were looking for. Hope you don’t mind me throwing in a name for her at the end. I tried to make the oath scene DIFFERENT but SIMILAR the way you asked so I HOPE that was up to par too. I kind of made it up as I went along to be honest with you >.< I really need to do more brainstorming before writing. Hope you like it!

   Your eyes scanned over the the meal you were cooking absently as you shifted your weight in an attempt to subdue the upcoming annoyance you were trying your best to control. It wasn’t like you to be so emotional, but the fact that you had completely thrown your life to the wolves in an attempt to please a maniac who didn’t seem to appreciate you set your rage on edge. 

For an entire year you had worked under the Joker like some secretary assistant; fetching food, picking up coffee, cleaning up blood and other unknown substances at his beck and call just because he was too afraid to see you for what you really were; an asset. 

How many security systems had you broken into for him and his hench men? how many bodies had you piled up to prove your loyalty? And how many of his friends and followers had you patched up to save their lives all to prove your usefulness? Well, you were done. No more.

“Fuck it. I’m not gonna keep doing this to myself. If he doesn’t want me to be part of the crew then i’m done. No more favors, no more tests, no more free help. Just fuck it.” You grumbled aloud to yourself before letting a shrug ripple through you. 

Frost had paid you a good amount of money to patch up those gunman the other night, and even more for being available to help them out every now and again, but as of this morning you denied any further payments and refused to answer any of Frost’s or Joker’s phone calls.  

the distant sound of your phone vibrating against the table to the right of you pulled you from your thoughts and a flimsy hand reached for it to examine the name. 

“J” it read simply and instead of declining it, you placed it back on the table and allowed it to ring until it went to voicemail. You weren’t kidding, you were done.

Stirring the wooden spoon over the now fully cooked pasta you had been making, you placed the sauce soaked end of it in your mouth and held it there. Perfect. Pulling the finished product into a near by bowl, you couldn’t help the smile of accomplishment that plastered itself across your lips. How long had it been since you were able to properly prepare a meal for yourself? Your time had been so engulfed in doing the dirty work of mister j and his company that you lost sight of your own simple pleasures. 

The small bounce in your step was nothing compared to the giggle that resonated in the pit of your stomach. For some reason you felt empowered by it all, the idea of standing up for yourself and cutting off the head of your misery in which was also known as mister J. You were a jack of all trades and every skill you had, you offered him. Your hacking skills. Your medical knowledge and supplies. Hell, even your cooking skills, for you made sure no one went hungry. Yet, instead of making you a part of the gang, he kept you at arms length and for what? 

You could feel your frustration growing, but before you allowed it to reach its peak you laughed again. He would not upset you tonight, tonight was your night to yourself to relax and you’d be damned if that was going to be taken away from you. Tonight was dedicated to patching up the gash on your ankle in which you suffered while on a mission for him. Tonight was dedicated to remembering who you were outside the hive of him. Tonight was dedicated to normalcy and that was a fact. 

the darkness of the room was half illuminated by the television and the sound of one of your favorite sitcoms filled the air. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It had been too long since you were able to fully relax and let loose. The pasta hit your stomach with a heaven that you couldn’t describe and you found yourself slightly dancing around your apartment singing the FRIENDS theme song that you had become so familiar with over the years. You felt as though you resembled a small child the way you radiated excitement, but a distant pounding on your door stopped you in your tracks. 

A glance to the wrist watch around your forearm revealed the time as 2:45AM, who would be knocking on your door at 2:45AM? Could it have been your neighbors complaining about the noise? Although the tv wasn’t really all that loud, they weren’t used to you really being home given your side job as the joker’s, well, what would you be considered? a secretary, a fool, an idiot, a fangirl, what?

you scoffed before pulling the spoon from your lips and peeking out of the peep hole of you apartment door. it was pitch black and you couldn’t tell if someone was covering up the hole or it was just dark as all get out. Instead of taking a chance on it you decided to ignore the knock and return to your spot on the couch. If it was one of your neighbors and you didn’t answer they would just assume you were asleep and come back tomorrow, however, the knocking persisted and you found yourself growing impatient. who the fuck was it, it’s 2 AM. 

Your frame slid over to the door to glance out the peep hole only to see nothing once more, but the voice on the other end alerted you of the identity of the knocker. “Knock, Knock Doc-tor.” the voice instructed sliding through the confines of the door and gripping the back of your spine with a hold so strong you couldn’t move. 

Your body slid against the door to insure it was locked and you attempted to stay as quiet as possible. Your car wasn’t in the parking lot, and there was no possible way he could be sure you were even home. You stood there for a glimmer of a moment listening to the sound of the tv playing in the background and his chuckle was strained. “Come on Doc, knock knock….” he urged once more. Your eyes rolled in annoyance, a knock knock joke, really? Your pearly whites raked over your bottom lip to ensure you kept quiet and his finger removed itself from the peep hole for you to see him clearly. his frame leaned elegantly against the door way but there was a strange limp to him. what was he doing?

His fingers reached to his pocket and the back of his purple and gold phone gleamed against the light of your neighbor’s porch lamp. Your head twisted violently in the direction of the couch and the silent prayer you spoke to yourself in hopes that it was still on silent was answered when the small sound of buzzing hit your ears. Your body tip toed in the direction and you swiftly declined the call with a message. 

“Picking up food at a friend’s. Can’t talk.” you typed back before pressing send. There was another chuckle at the door and you frowned. 

“Clever, but no dice. C’mon doctor……” he answered more irritated than before and the casual knock from before was more aggressive now. A second text was sent to your phone.

‘open the door. you know i hate repeating myself.’ it read. you frowned. 

‘i’m not at home. i leave the tv on for the cat.’ you lied. The knock from before turned into 3 loud bangs against the door before you finally spoke aloud.

“Whaddya want?” you question while folding your arms across your chest and balancing your weight on one leg. 

“That’s not the joke doc. Knock, knock.” he insisted and his breathing was off as if he had just did 7 flights up and down your apartment stairs. You were in no mood, and instead of playing along you simply opened the door. 

“It’s 2AM. I don’t do jokes at 2am. what are you doing here?” you question while the look of aggravation spread across your features like the plague. The look on his face sent a flame through the back of your spine that warned you to back down, but you wouldn’t. Never had anyone from the gang visited your personal home, it was a boundary that you had set from the beginning of time. The simple fact that he crossed that line only infuriated you more. 

Should you really be surprised. The joker knew nothing of valuing someone’s personal space. He’d walk into the bathroom as you pee’d or showered without a second thought while maintaining complete composure. It was nerve shattering. 

An eyebrow tensed as you stared down at his posture, his hand was cupping his side and he was leaning against your door way. Was he injured? 

Frost’s expression was apologetic as he stood behind him, and you knew he had no intention of taking him any where else.

“The hell happened to you?” you questioned folding your arms across your chest an in attempt to hide your concern. “You shouldn’t be here.” You warned while peeking out of the door frame only to hear him laugh.

“I called. When I call, you answer.” He grumbled and your shoulders slid back in offense.

“I ain’t some errand girl, I got other job to do outside of you.” You mocked. Truth be told, most of your clientele backed down when they found out you were working for the joker. Something about not wanting to step on toes and fear of occupying your time when he needed you. He was a selfish creature, the joker, and the idea of someone else using his resources always ended in some form of violence. “Sides….” You trailed off pulling the door closer to you and leaning against it in a gesture to inform him that he wasn’t welcome. “Ya had ample opportunity to lemme in your little crew, and you dissed me. I refunded ya money. Leave me be.” You instructed, but there was a low growl in his demeanor.

“Non-refundable. I pay you, ya work….unless ya want me to break those little money makers of yours.” He threatened glancing down at your hands.

“Then what use would I be? That makes no sense.” You argued only for him to smirk at you in return.

“Ohhhh? I’m good at spottin’ a good thing when I see it, and if I can’t have your expertise then…..no one can….Now, ya gonna be a good girl and lemme in pumpkin?” he questioned, but before you could actually answer Frost pushed passed you both. He was never one to really stand by and let you two argue, he was an action person and was most likely fully aware that this was going no where.

“What is this, a slumber party?” You asked allowing your arms to stretch out on either side of you as Frost held up his injured boss. He guided him into your living room and proceeded to lean him over the couch.

“He said you could patch him up, and we all know you can. C’mon …..i’ll pay ya double.” Frost pleaded. His eyebrows knitted together into a look that could rival the cage of a thousand puppies crying for assistance and you knew full well that you were faltering long before he even entered your home. Frost was acutely aware that it wasn’t the money that lured you, you genuinely adored him to a degree; he was like a brother to you. Although Mr. J was a sadistic boss, he also had a small place in the back of your mind when it came to his health.

“Patch him up? I’m not some home health care doctor. I can’t keep patching you up every time you get hurt J. You need to go to a hospital, where they’re trained to handle this, with legit medication.”

“Yeah, got it, got it, got it, got it.” He answered in a slight whisper while waving his right hand in your direction as if to dismiss you. His frame slid down to sit on your couch, but you frowned and slightly shoved Frost in his direction.

“Don’t get blood on my couch, put him on the floor or something!” you urged while turning back towards the front door to ensure that it was locked. You couldn’t help the growing aggravation that centered at the forefront of your mind. The entire situation made you uncomfortable because this was your home, your private place of peace and he was invading it with blunt force. You had one boundary, ONE boundary that you didn’t want to be crossed and yet here he was gracefully ignoring your wishes. What or WHO ever had hurt him, could have followed him here and been lead straight to you, and that was the last thing that you wanted. Your business life and personal life was kept separate for obvious reasons, and suddenly the swift collide of the two of them left you slightly disoriented.

“Mr. J, she said….” Frost trailed off while J flashed him a look of utter annoyance.

“I heard her, ain’t deaf.” He grumbled kneeling down onto the small wooden end table that sat in front of the couch. Even in this state he couldn’t follow directions, how unsurprising. It didn’t take you long to retrieve your medical kit and the supplies you were sure you needed to aid him in his injuries. When you returned to the room Frost’s hands were gripping at the joker’s coat in an attempt to help him undress and you instantly frowned.

“Don’t undress him, he’s not staying.” You urged moving over to them both and resting the box a few inches away from his body. His body leaned back slightly and his features were drenched in an expression of disapproval.  

“We got a deal kid, and there ain’t no walkin away. If ya can’t hack it, I can give ya a bullet right now.” He advised putting on a show with his hands and aiming his middle and index finger in your direction. The tips of his fingers grazed your lips before he sounded off an auditory “bang” while pulling the imaginary trigger.

“Still enough energy to talk slick out ya mouth. Good sign. - - I ain’t take an oath with you Mr. J, remember? Ya pay me, I give you services, isn’t that what ya wanted?” You stated in an as-a-matter-a-fact tone. Truth be told you were slightly offended by it. You had done all this work because it gave you purpose, Frost and the other henchmen were like your family, and to reduce you to nothing more than a paid handler instead of making you a hench girl only pissed you off. He didn’t need to blackmail you, he didn’t need to threaten you, you cared for them all, but he was so gung hoe on not trusting any one that he kept you at arm’s length like some errand girl. It wasn’t fair.

“What happened to your leg?” He questioned while tilting his head to the side and you rolled your eyes at the idea of him trying to change the subject. Was he really that dead set against giving you the oath like all his other hench people? What was so fascinating about pushing you away like this? Was it fun? Was it all a game? So much for family. Perhaps you should just accept it, be the cold hearted employee that he yearned for. Stop caring, stop striving to do more just be callous. 

You didn’t answer him. Your attention was no longer on him and instead you focused your mind on patching up his injury, he was shot at. The bullet went through and through but his bleeding was irregular and if she didn’t stop it, he’d surely bleed out onto the floor.

“Get me some towels outta the bathroom, and some alcohol. I gotta stich ya.” You stated bluntly. Opening the small kit next to you, you sharpened your irises on the small needle and thread sitting at the bottom of the right corner. It shouldn’t be hard, stitching was usually the easiest part, getting him to hold still was an entirely different story. There was no numbing agent, but the faster he let you get it done, the less it would hurt.

Frost was timely with the materials. A long towel in hand for the floor, a hand towel within reach for you to wipe away the blood and the alcohol to sterilize. It was time.

Your emotions were rattling you, and the pent of rage you could feel towards his current actions caused you to be slightly unsteady. A deep rooted sense of you was delighted that there was no anesthetic, you wanted him to feel this pain, for it was nowhere in comparison to the pain he had caused you.

His flesh was tender, and throughout the first 3 stitches he was handling the pain well until a constant purring continued to fall from his lips. It radiated through his body and caused your fingers to vibrate against his skin.

“Don’t be a pussy.” You warned trying once again to focus. You stop immediately when you feel his eyes on you and you look up at him only to have it confirmed. You had never seen that look before, it was a mixture of offense and a hint of rage. “Your growling is only making your blood pump faster. If you keep it up, there’ll be too much blood around the stitch for me to continue. My house. My rules. No pussies.” You urged again, firm in your threat. Although he was the infamous Mister J, he was in your house and you wouldn’t stand for disrespect. If he thought this one bullet wound was bad, he’d hate to be the brave soul that chose to face off with you in your house of wonders. Everything, was a weapon.

“Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah….” He trailed off more to himself than to you and in an effort to emphasize your annoyance, you pulled tighter on the stitch. His grumble was audible and his hand reached up to cup your chin in a grip that you were sure would bruise.

“Careful.” He said simply, and with one word you were slightly terrified. All banter aside, you didn’t like that tone; it was drenched in lethal acid and surrounding by cautioned signed duct tape.

The remainder of the stitching didn’t take long and with a borrowed patch, you stuck gauze over the polished stitch and handed him some pain relievers.

“I don’t wanna see you again.” You urged. His head tilted back before returning to the center of his being with a look of patience.

“Don’t you?” He questioned.

“I ain’t a part of your crew, remember. Just a working Jane. Next time if I’m not available, you’ll just have to wait your turn.” You nodded. You were surprised when his eyes rolled off to the side before a smile slid slowly across his lips. It was like you could almost hear the click in his head as he realized your true concerns.

“Ya really wanna know why? I’m a man with a plan Pumpkin and nowhere in it, does it include you.” He answered truthfully while using his hands to motion to himself before finally allowing his right hand to fall down slowly in front of you.

“Jesus, ya act like I’m askin to be your wife or something. I’ve done everything you’ve wanted, everything I’m capable of to help you and the rest of your little family and all you can do is throw money at me and treat me like some errand runner. I’m more than that. I’m valuable, and if you don’t want me around then fuck off. Don’t call me, don’t pay me, don’t drop by my house, just leave me alone if that’s the case.” You answered tossing the money from earlier that week in front of him on the floor.

“Already told ya, ain’t no walkin away Princess.” He warned.

“Then I want in, and I mean really in, not this intern crap you’re givin me. What’re you so goddamn afraid of?  Ya think I’m gonna betray you or disappear? I’ve been runnin with all of you from the beginning, everything you and Harley have needed of me, I’ve done without a problem. Even Frost likes me, Frost!” You answer angrily while motioning your hand in Frost’s direction only for him to shrug in response. “So what is it?”

“Ya want me to truuuuuust you? Give you the keys to the kingdom all because you can complete a few tasks? Uhhhhhh.” He patronized with an ending sound of annoyance before turning his back to you. His right leg inched backwards, tapping the side of the brief case you had just thrown, and sliding it back in your direction. Was he not listening? You did not want the money, you wanted IN. Being an outsider was something you had always been used to especially when it came to your normal life, but you had recently discovered that it was because you weren’t normal and you didn’t want to be. Being a part of Harley’s crew, doing everything you did for your fellow hench community always made you feel like you were a part of something bigger than yourself. You found solace in them, and in return they trusted you, but instead of fully listening to you and giving you what you wanted, Mr. J always found himself sadistic enough to watch you fall apart over the idea of ONCE AGAIN not belonging any where. You had become so alone that you convinced yourself it was your choice, but it wasn’t. You were already half way there but you lacked his blessing, and without HIS blessing, nothing mattered.

Your anger bubbled over, and before you could stop yourself you grabbed the alcohol from the table, poured a few inches onto the brief case and lit it aflame. The small silver plated lighter engraved with your name fell into the fire you had just caused and your chest heaved up and down with the emphasis of your rage. When you were originally recruited you were set to be the doll of Harley Quinn. You were ordered to do her bidding, keep her company, and assist her in any way possible. These tasks were child’s play at first, until you slowly found yourself doing so much more. Aiding the henchmen in heists, thievery, murder, you had offered your soul to him and instead of giving you a firm price, he continued to bid. Well, no more.

His neck rolled around his shoulders while his lips fixed themselves into a hard line. His eyes glanced over to Frost for a glimmer of a moment and Frost instantly removed his jacket and tossed it over the result of your indiscretion. It took a moment for the fire to dissipate, but you were immediately sure that Frost’s jacket was ruined.

Your eyes did not leave the Joker’s frame, even when his irises sharpened so deeply against your that you could have sworn that the fire was still blazing under you. You could swear he had run across the room and shoved you against the wall, but it was only a glamor put forth by your mind because he had not moved. His eyes faltered for a moment to the half burnt money sitting between the two of you before returning to you.

“It takes more than thaaaaaaat.” He scoffed before stepping around the tarnished currency elegantly. His body circled yours as if he were a lion strategically seducing his prey while Frost stood perfectly still in the distance.
“Is that the kinda restraint ya practice in ya daily life, pumpkin pie?” He joked throwing his hands on either side of him and motioning to your life style. He was demeaning you, throwing the casual nickname around to emphasis to you your place, the child, while he, the adult or stature in the room commanded dominancy. You wouldn’t give it to him.

“When ya ready to let that go, come find me.” He bargained with a grumble while flicking the small area between the bottom of your chin and the center of your chest. A small stammer backwards tarnished your posture while he slowly grabbed Frost and exited the room.

The night has passed slowly and you spent most of the day doing trivial tasks that were only meant for the hands. Your mind studied his words as if they would reveal the location of the holy grail if you pried them apart enough, but instead you gathered nothing. What did he want from you? Hadn’t you done everything he’d asked? Everything Harley asked?

When ya ready to let that go, come find me

It repeated in your head like a mantra as you slowly began to realize the double edged meaning behind his words. Your normalcy, your frailty, and everything that made you who you were decorated the halls of your apartment and the empty life you were trying so desperately to hold on to. You had no family, and what little family you did have, you never spoke to. The friends you once had in school, dissipated years ago and you couldn’t remember the last time you had actually seen them. You’d never been in love or been loved so that wasn’t an issue. The crew was all you had, so what in this life were you so desperate to cling to? Were you willing to let it all go?  

Night came quickly and you found your body lifelessly heading in the direction of the pent house associated with Mr. J and Harley Quinn. Why were you headed there? You didn’t even know how to do what he had asked of you, yet you couldn’t stop yourself. You needed more.

Your hand rose to knock on the penthouse door only to hear the joker on the other side tell you to come in. How did he even know you were there? A chuckle nearly passed your lips, you designed the security system, the cameras, of course he knew you were there.

You weren’t surprised to see Harley leaning against the large window that took up half the wall of the pent house. The curled dip died pigtails sat elegantly against her shoulders as she flashed you a smile. You had never seen that smile on her face before, it was a mixture of acceptance and mischievousness.

“Whaddya want?” He questioned demanding your focus.

“I….” you trailed off. What did you want?

“If ya don’t know, ya shouldn’t ‘ave come.” He warned while fiddling with the small bar of alcohol in front of him. His back was to you again as he spoke and you didn’t like the idea of not knowing what to do.

“Ya told me to come.” You stated as a matter a factly. He scoffed.

“Yeah…..when ya were ready. Are ya ready?” He questioned finally turning to you and casually leaning against the bar.

“Yeah.” Before you could fix your face to show your seriousness, you heard Harley laugh to your right.

“Get outta here, Kid.” She urged with a sly smile looking off to her right and away from you. Your heart beat quickened and you turned toward Mr. J.

“Ya heard her.” He nodded while tipping the glass in his hand in her direction. They were orders, orders from your bosses that you were taught to uphold and ever so slowly you felt your body tense back towards the door. You should leave, you should get in your car and just leave, but the aggressive voice in the back of your mind stopped you. It mirrored yours but held more stature with your brain. The deep sense of hatred loomed in it and you slowly began to recognize it as the same voice you usually heard when you were killing, stealing, or doing something you felt you had a purpose for. How many long nights, forgotten days, bullet wounds, cuts, scrapes, gashes, bruises, black eyes, internal bleeding, heists, business deals, and drugs had you been involved in? How many times had you risked your life out of sheer obedience and love for the two of them? You are powerful beyond reason and you weren’t just an asset, you were a solider. You knew it. They knew it. And it was about time that everyone else did too.

“No. I ain’t leavin.” You spoke up mirroring the voice in the back of your frame. Mister J’s eyebrow rose while Harley tilted her head in response. “I’m part of this and ya don’t just get to throw me away. I’ve done everything you’ve asked plus more. All your trials, all your initiations, all your stupid tests I’ve passed with flying colors and THIS, this is my decisions. I’m not leaving. I want this.” You answered setting your chin and raising your brow. Harley nodded before flashing a smile towards Mr. J.

“Show her, Puddin.” Harley’s voice echoed in the darkness of the room that was illuminated by nothing more than the mood shining through the window. Mister J’s eyes flickered from her with acceptance while he rested the drink back on to the bar.

“Is that what you want. To embrace us and only us? Will you consign your soul to me and laugh at the world in disgust the way we do?” He questioned sauntering slowly in your direction.

“Yes.” You stated.

“I’ve only asked this of one other, and only one has taken this pledge. Do not take this oath thoughtlessly. Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power. Think carefully now, for once you’ve taken this oath the gates of sanity and normalcy will be forever closed to you, and the self you knew will cease to exist.” He urged, once again invading your personal space and closing the gap between the two of you.

The sound of Harley moving slightly in the distance caught your ears, and the audible lighter in her hands flickered a small flame nearby. She was burning something, most likely out of boredom, but you couldn’t look away from him to see what it was; his eyes were like hypnotic oceans pulling you into a trance you could not escape.

“Yes. I know.” You stated simply.

“In order to be reborn, one must die. Would you die for me?” He questioned seductively.

“Yes.” You responded.

“Would you live for me?” He questioned again and your eyebrows wrinkled. A nod slid through your posture and he shook his head softly.

“Use your words….Say it, Say it, saaaaaaay it.” He demanded placing his hand under your chin.

“Yes.” You answered and suddenly his eyes released you allowing you a second to finally breathe. Harley was by his side now, how long had she been standing so close? Her right arm slid over the back of his shoulders while her left hand handed him a ring. She slid it onto his finger delicately and the center of it caught your attention. The decorated “J” was slightly orange and for a moment you could tell it was glowing, but you assumed it was catching the light of something in the room.

“Then, it’s been a pleasure knowing you ( insert reader’s first and last name here ).” He stated simply while looking down at his hand and refusing to maintain eye contact with you. Your eyebrows knitted together in a hard line of confusion as he finally glanced at you. You were caught off guard by his fingertips against the sides of your neck and the gentle massage of them caused your eyes to flicker in Harley’s direction. What was he doing?

The sliding of his thumbs around the front of your neck gave you insight to his intentions as the burning sensation of his ring digging into your throat caused you to gasp. The grip of his hands around your neck cut off your air supply and stopped you from screaming at the burn resonating on the left side of your throat. Harley’s light show earlier with the lighter was her burning his ring in preparation of this moment, he was branding you, but even after the brand was sure to have taken to your skin his grip did not end.

 Your fingers were steel bars around his wrists, but he did not budge and the lack of oxygen to your frame forced the room to spin. Your frame moved backwards in hopes of colliding with the floor to get him off of you, but instead he only flowed with you. The floor came slowly and after a few seconds you could’t feel anything anymore. There was a heat in your chest that rivaled against the flame filled ring that had already burned his infamous symbol “j” into your neck. It spread throughout your body and left you limp under him. You were dying, why was he killing you? 

His eyes connected with yours and you instantly felt yourself let go of his hands preparing yourself for what you knew was coming. Death. It didn’t take long for him to fade from your view and the sensation of being under water over took you. Your body felt heavy but light. The encompassing darkness was inviting rather than scary, and there was an overwhelming peace to it all. 

Oh infamous Clown of Gotham, you are a magician. Mystically pull me together the same way you have broken me a part. Every day you awoke with the realization that, that day might be the day, but you never knew it would end like this. 

A force of great proportions leveled at your chest and before you could stop yourself you felt your body lunge forward. A gasp of air entered your lungs, but the breath was not yours, it was placed there with the assistance of another. Shallow breaths slide through the base of your lips and the coldness of the room slowly became apparent. With the realization of life hitting your brain, your limbs twitched ever so lightly beneath you and the growing migraine at the base of your skull alerted you that life was restored.  

A peek from behind stubborn lashes revealed Harley’s hands on the base of your chest and Mister J’s lips inches from yours. 

“What should we call her?” Harley questioned looking over at him. 

“More your pet than mine, whaddya think?” He questioned absently with a shrug. Harley’s eyes shifted to the side before returning to you.

“Ava.” She stated simply. 

“Ava?” he questioned.

“It’s old English, means the breath of life.” she nodded. 

“Aren’t you clever.” He muttered. 

BIG BIG thank you to the beautiful, wonderful, talented @remember-me-forever-silent-angel for making me this amazing edit<3

Welcome to Hannah’s Weekly Reading List! This is the longest list I’ve ever had the joy of creating and writing reviews for :) 25 amazing writers are on here - make sure to show each and every one of them some love!!! Writers, if you’ve written anything recently and don’t see your fic on the list, don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten about you or your fics!! These fics were posted over a week ago :) I will be trying to catch up when I make my list for next week xx

Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

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anonymous asked:

Request where a person who has a crush on BTS reads about BTS's ideal type and realizes they don't fit their type. Thank you!



Y/N had been friends with Jin since the fourth grade so it only made sense that they their friendship prevailed through his fame. Y/N was walking around the bookstore, waiting for Jin to pick her up for their friend-date. Y/N had always hoped to lose the “friend” in “friend-date” and just go on a real date with Jin whom she believed was the love of her life. She browsed the magazine aisle and picked up a new issue of W magazine and flipped through it. However, she couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between the two young teenage girls standing against the shelf behind her, noses buried inside the teen magazine featuring Bangtan on the cover. 

“Ideal types.. God I hope I’m Jin’s,” I hear the taller one groan. “Here, right here. It says that he likes: A girl whose looks and personality is similar to that of a puppy,whose good at cooking, kind and takes good care of me.” 

I frowned hearing that. It was as if he described the exact opposite of me. I am an absolutely terrible cook! I like to think I’m kind but its hard for me to show it sometimes because of how awkward I am. My personality is far from that of a puppy. I’m shy around you if I don’t know you but as soon as I’m comfortable I’m more like a wolf than a dog. I couldn’t help but feel sad hearing that, imagining that jin had actually put thought into this. Did he use me as an example of the kind of girl he didn’t want to be with? Just then I got a text from him.


Hey I’m here, I can’t go in ‘cuz I just saw a hoard of girl sporting some of our merch. Wouldn’t want to start a riot and ruin our f-date. I’ll wait for you out front. :)


I’m not feeling so good. I’m gonna go home. Sorry.

I type, pressing send immediately and shelving the magazine I barely read. I stalked out of the bookstore, my mood spoiled and the need to be cuddled up in my room growing. I felt my phone buzz and checked to see that Jin was frantically texting me. Texts I chose to ignore. I knew I was being petty but I didn’t care. It hurt to know that the man I loved wanted to be with someone I was nothing like.

He was calling now. I sent each call to voicemail, while directing myself to the back exit of the store. Reaching the door, I was startled to see Jin stalking in towards me. 

“What the hell Y/N? Are you okay? Why aren’t you answering your phone?” He interrogates, creating a block in the path for other customers to maneuver past us.

“Jin, what are you doing here? You don’t even have a mask on!” I try to push him out of the store but he doesn’t budge. “No, I don’t care. What’s wrong with you? Why are you canceling our date?”

“Because it’s not a date!” I yell in frustration. “It’s not a date Seokjin, it’s a friend-date. And I don’t want to do them anymore so why don’t you just go on a real date with a girl that fits into your ‘ideal type’.” I say harshly and brush past him out the door. Seconds later, after walking down the pavement into the parking lot of the store, I am turned around by a firm grip on my arm. “Y/N, stop. What are you talking about, ‘ideal type’?” He asks. I look up into his eyes and I can tell how sincerely oblivious he is. “Some girls were reading an interview of your where you said you like puppy girls and girls who can cook and kind and whatever.” I say flailing my hands in exaggeration. 

Jin takes a step back and looks at me completely shocked for a moment and then bursts out in laughter. “Stop Jin, I’m not in the mood for this.” I say. “I-I’m s-sorry,” he says in between hysterics. “It’s just, I didn’t think you were capable of being jealous.” He says finally. I feel the heat run to my cheeks as he says that. “I’m not jealous!” I say. “Yes you are. And I’m happy you are. I said that actually based on you. I thought of everything I loved about you. They just changed some of my words. I said that I loved it when you tried to cook for me because you always looked so hopeful when I try it. I love how you aren’t the basic cute kind of girl and instead you surprise me everyday.” He says and I feel the anger wash away and it is replaced by pure shock and joy. “Really..?” I whispers. “Yes really.” He says, hiding my cheeks. “Y/N, will you go on a real date with me? Not a friend date but one where I can hold your had halfway through and maybe kiss you goodnight.” The heat rushes to my cheeks and I gush a smile. “I would love that!” I say. 


I turn to see a crowd as formed near us, obvious fans who are taking pictures of us. “Oh no.. Jin..”I start but he shushes me. “Don’t worry, it’s okay. They were going to find out soon, I wouldn’t ever want to hide you when you’re mine.”


I hope you liked this :) Been having a good time writing lately. I usually like writing scripts so I’m thinking of maybe writing an imagine in that format. Let me know if you think that’s cool. 


wikianswers-deactivated20170621  asked:

Priority #3 (thanks for answering by the way! sorry to hear there was something going on! i hope it's alright now!) I'm super confused on how to do Tracer's leggings? I'm kind of thinking about dying the tights? But I'm still nervous about going about it rip. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi @wikianswers,

I’ve gradient dyed leggings similar to Tracer’s before. I’d look into some cotton leggings or stirrup pants for the base.

There are 2 methods for gradient dyeing that I like: slow immersion and separate dye baths.

There are lots of tutorials  online regarding how to to dye like this, I’ll try to break it down as best as I can. With slow immersion you start with the leggings in the lightest color you want them. In your case bright yellow. You make sure the the area that you don’t want dyed is carefully covered. I like to seal off that area with a plastic bag and tape. The you slowly dip the  the leggings into the dye bath. Dunk the area that needs to be lightly orange in a few times and the keep the area that needs to be bright orange submerged the longest.

Or you could set up different dye baths with varying amounts of orange dye in it and submerge the leggings up to a certain point with. Example: pot one has only a few drops of orange dye in it. You would submerge the legging up to mid-thigh, pot 2 has a few more drops of dye and you would submerge up to the knee etc.

With how bright tracers leggings are I’d recommend looking into Acid dye.  You can get this from Dharma Trading company.

You will need to a complementary brown stretch fabric (I recommend 4 way stretch) for the panel on the side. I might try looking at spandexworld.com (fair warning, they aren’t the cheapest but if you need weird stretch fabrics they are a great resource) for fabrics that might work. You might be able to find another pair of leggings in brown too for cheap to use as parts. Save the yellow and orange fabric you cut away for the brown panel for the loops  to create the lacing. Perhaps try elastic cording for the laces?

I hope some of that helps!

Our Own Kind of Valentine’s-Stiles Stilinski

Valentine’s Collection:#3

Teen Wolf Imagine:#102

Word Count:999

Warnings:None that I can think of?

Summary: When the rest of the pack have better things to do on Valentine’s day Y/N and Stiles find themselves doing their own thing. Together.

A/n:This includes a request from an anon asking for something where the whole pack is busy on Valentine’s day except Stiles and the reader and so they decide to spend time together and end up kissing. I hope this is similar to what you were looking for.

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Last Imagine

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Happy Fourth Birthday, Hannibal!

In honor of the show’s birthday, I wrote a little birthday themed ficlet. There is a very fine line between Hannigram fic and Hannigram crack fic sometimes, and this lies more on the cracky side. That’s what happens whenever I start out writing from Hanniba’s point of view. But, enjoy anyway!

Surprised by the knock on his door, Hannibal sat down his book and smoothed his hands over his suit jacket. He wasn’t expecting any visitors or patients today. His slightly curious expression changed to one of pleasant surprise to see Will Graham standing in front of him, in what was clearly supposed to be a nice outfit of a dark button up shirt and pants with less pockets and creases than usual, holding a box.

“Hello, Will. This is a pleasant surprise,” He said, gesturing for Will to come in.

Will shuffled and mumbled slightly, “Sorry,I should have called.”

“Not at all. I’m glad to see you. To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?”

Will handed him the box. “I know your birthday isn’t until tomorrow. But I figured you would have plans already, so I thought I’d give you my present tonight instead.”

Hannibal had in fact been hoping to see Will on his birthday, and although his fantasies of a birthday present from Will started out similar to this, their endings were usually a bit more…unorthodox.

“Thank you, Will. You are too kind. May I?” He began to open the box.

“I mean that is why I came all this way.” Will was smiling, clearly excited but also a bit nervous about the present.

Hannibal lifted the box to reveal a cake. While not quite up to his decorating standards, it didn’t look awful.

“I know it’s not near what you could make, but I wanted to make something for you. You’re always cooking for me.” Will pulled a bottle of champagne from his bag. “I thought we could celebrate together.”

Hannibal very much liked this addition. He smiled and took the bottle from Will. “Thank you, Will. It’s very thoughtful of you. There’s no one else I’d want to share a bottle of champagne with on the eve of my birthday than you.”   

They sat across from each other at Hannibal’s dining room table, sipping champagne and eating the cake. “This is quite good, Will. I’m impressed.” Hannibal’s eyes met Will’s, and they shared a smile.

Will’s hand fiddled with the stem of the glass, slightly outstretched near the middle of the table. Taking a risk, Hannibal reached out and brushed his fingers against Will’s. Holding his breath slightly, but Will didn’t flinch or move away. Instead, he grinned and acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

While not the sex romp fantasy Hannibal had been hoping for, it was a start and that made this the best birthday in his mind.