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Discovery - Deniall fic

Today is my buddy Simon’s birthday (happy birthday bruh!!) and he is deniall trash so I wrote him a deniall fic for his big day. This is for you @lifegoeson-wecarryon​ <3

word count: 696

In which Baz finds out about Deniall and Dev and Niall find out about Snowbaz


“Baz, when was the last time you spoke to Dev and Niall?” Simon asked, leaning over the counter and reaching for the flour.

   Baz held the sieve over the bowl as Simon poured, reading “150g” from the scone recipe on his phone.

“Well, I suppose the last time I saw them was at the Leavers Ball”

“Don’t you think you should give them a call, catch up?”


   Baz put the sieve in the sink and leant over Simon for the bag of sugar, attempting to ignore the sudden questioning over his childhood friends.

“Baz, you were friends for seven years.”

“And I haven’t seen them in four.”

“I think you should call them.”

“I think you should preheat the oven.” Baz dusted Simon’s nose with excess flour.

   Dev and Niall didn’t want to hear from him, he was sure. Regardless, how would he explain that the boy he had them scheming against for years was now his boyfriend?


Dev pulled away from Niall, met with the frowning face of the boy he was just kissing. “My phone,” he said, reaching for the coffee table to answer the call.

   A look of surprise spread across his face, and he answered the phone while locking eyes with Niall.

“Baz Pitch?”

Niall mouthed a shocked ‘No!’, leaving his mouth in an ‘O’ shape.

“What in Merlin’s name do you want?” Dev smiled into the phone, his voice laced with the light heartedness of the comment.

   Niall moved closer on the sofa, trying to listen into the conversation. When Dev put the phone down, Niall immediately asked, “Well?”

“He wants to meet us for coffee.”

“Baz Pitch wants to ‘catch up’ with us?”

“Why shouldn’t he, you numpty. We knew him for seven years.”

“He just…never seemed like the kind of guy who would be interested in a reunion.”

   Dev had to admit, he was surprised to hear from Baz after all these years of radio silence, though he was interested to hear what he was up to now. He never did learn what came of his feud with Simon Snow. More importantly, how would he explain that the boy he’d been best friends with for years was now his boyfriend?


“So Baz, let’s cut to the chase, why the sudden interest to reunite with your childhood cronies?” Niall asked, prompting Dev to shove him in the shoulder.

“Idiot.” Dev whispered, rolling his eyes while Niall grinned back at him.

Baz raised an eyebrow at the exchange across the table. “To be honest, this was Simon’s idea. Though-” He was cut off by Dev.

“Simon…Simon Snow?”

“Don’t tell me you’re now friends with Snow,” Niall scoffed, then continued, “after all those years of plotting.” He and Dev both let out a sigh, but neither of them could say they were at all mad.

   In fact, it hadn’t taken long before the three were comfortably chatting, just like old times. Dev and Niall were pleased to see just how happy Baz seemed; after years of teen angst and a pretty depressing childhood, they were beyond glad to notice that post-Watford life seemed to be treating their old friend well.

“Friends with Snow?” Baz repeated, “You could say that.”

   The look in his eyes told the two sat opposite him everything. After years of friendship with the heavily guarded Pitch boy, both Dev and Niall had become experts in reading him like a potion recipe.

   Taken aback slightly, they shared a glance, while Baz continued “And you two, still friends I see?”

Niall turned back to Baz, always the one to speak without a filter, and simply replied “You could say that.”

   A smirk fell onto his face as he leaned closer to Dev, the other leaning closer to and shrugging at Baz indifferently.

   Baz merely raised an eyebrow. He couldn’t say he was surprised, but he was glad that the three of them had finally grown up into lives that they were happy with.

   Even though he was pushed into this meeting by Simon, Baz was pleased to see his old friends after so long, and to see them happy together.

“About time too. Good men.”  

I was going to put lyrics to words fail here, but the whole song is literal gold. Anyway, it’s not my usual style of drawing, but I drew Thomas from his snap story when he sang Words fail from deh. It was amazing! Also, this was going to be watercolored but, quick tip, never rush watercolors before swimming because it won’t turn out well. Luckily I take progress shots of my work!! Anyway, be kind to yourselves!!
I’ll tag, @thatsthat24 and wish him a restful day after Vidcon ((and no more spiders)). I’ll also tag @pattonpending @prinanalogicality @vortexart @pansexualroman @velocifoxy

Would somebody who ships destiel and headcanons Dean Winchester as aromantic be interested in talking to me about it?

I’m not looking to be convinced of anything (meaning I’m not gonna argue against it cause I think it’s a totally valid interpretation of his character even if I personally at this moment don’t share it), I just honestly want to hear your thoughts/meta about it - same like how I’m interested in bisexual!dean or ace!/pan!cas meta


              —  MUSE  ADDED  !      

       LAYNE  ZHŌU  (  previously  shimohira  itsuko  )  is  a  japanese  born  master  thief  ,  gun  -  for  -  hire  ,  street  racer  ,  a  part  of  what  is  known  in  the  underground  as  the  ‘  skeleton  crew  ’  comprising  of  her  ,  sam  wellington  ,  two  others  michael  ellis  jackson  ‘  jack  ’  walters  .  when  layne  was  five  years  old  ,  could  already  speak  her  native  language  fluently  ,  her  family  moved  to  china  to  be  closer  to  her  mother’s  sick  parents  .  there  she  was  welcomed  lovingly  by  her  chinese  community  in  shanghai,  picked  up  hanyu  lived  a  life  fronting  as  studious  school  girl  as  she  got  older  ,  but  hanging  out  with  the  local  kids  in  a  chinese  hip  hop  group  ,  ‘  lóng shēng qǐ  ’  龙升起  /  dragon  rising  )  ,  where  she  went  under  the  name  zhōu  lái  ēn  (  周莱恩  .  when  itsuko  turned  seventeen  ,  she  sought  out  her  dream  of  going  to  america  ,  she  ran  away  with  money  stolen  whilst  out  with  the  hip  hop  group  ,  that  was  more  of  a  teen  crime  gang  .  she  met  sam  wellington  after  he  had  held  her  up  at  gun  point  ,  she  had  offered  to  steal  for  him  if  he  let  her  go  .  she  was  taken  into  the  skeleton  crew  ,  that  at  that  point  was  just  committing  petty crimes  sam  ,  two  years  older  had  already  been  to  juvie  transferred  to  a  penitentiary  when  he  came  of  age  to  finish  his  sentence  ,  cut  short  for  ‘  good  behaviour  ’  )  ,  she  helped  them  make  a  name  for  themselves  ,  being  exceptionally  good  at  stealing  ,  just  as  good  ,  as  she  would  come  to  find  out  ,  at  street  racing  .  itsuko  /  lái  ēn  took  the  new  name  of  ‘  layne  ’  for  herself  ,  renouncing  her  japanese  heritage  ,  claiming  that  ‘  china  made  her  ’  ,  that’s  where  her  people  were  her  mother  being  chinese  herself  )  .  when  travelling  back  to  china  ,  she  refers  to  herself  as  her  own  chosen  chinese  name  zhōu  lái  ēn  ,  whilst  using  her  birthname  of  shimohira  itsuko  with  her  family  only  .

I really don’t think people who aren’t Autistic or who don’t struggle with sensory issues understand that when it comes to certain stimuli, those things provoke actual feelings of pain, nausea, disgust, discomfort, etc for people that are Autistic/have sensory processing disorder.

Take “picky eating.” I was labelled a “picky eater” even as a little toddler. I couldn’t eat sauce, tomatoes, or have my food touching other foods. People said stuff like “She’ll grow out of it” or “She’ll eat it if she’s actually hungry” or “Tastebuds change; she’ll like it when she’s older!" 

But the fact was, if it was a food I couldn’t eat, I literally couldn’t eat it. I’d try to eat lasagna and start crying, and gagging, and I’d have to spit it out. Guess what? I didn’t "eat when I was hungry” if it was one of those foods, I just didn’t eat. This was especially an issue when I started going to school and daycare (I eventually got a note from my doctors that detailed my Autism diagnosis and sensory problems, so that the local kids center would provide me with alternative meals. They treated it the same way they did with kids with allergies, basically.) 

Also, I didn’t “grow out of it.” I still cannot eat tomatos, sauces, and most mixed food dishes. Because I just can’t even make my mouth chew and swallow without gagging and spitting the food out. Just a couple months ago I went to grab some chicken wraps from the local taco place, and I asked specifically that they hold the sauce. But they didn’t, so when I took a bite I got a mouthful of pain and chucked it right into my napkin (gross, I know. I’m making a point here though.)

So when Autistic people, or anyone with a sensory processing related disorder, tells you that they cannot handle something-whether that means being touched, wearing certain clothes, being around noise, or eating certain foods-remember what I just said. That’s how it feels, when people willfully ignore our reminders and warnings about our stimuli and triggers. That’s what you’re doing when you touch someone when they tell you it hurts them, or make them wear that suit or outfit, or put sauce on their food when they politely ask you not to. Granted, overload is different and presents differently in everyone, but bottom line-you’re choosing to disrespect someone’s boundaries, and their medical issues, and you are hurting them when you force certain stimuli on them after they’ve asked you to stop. Just respect people, and don’t shame people for not being able to handle or do the same stuff other people can. 


It’s a story about hockey and friendship and bros and trying to find yourself during the best 4 years of your life.