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I foung your tumblr by reading "Limerence". Just wanted to let you know i liked it and thought the JayTim was noticible, but not overwhelming. It was cute. Could you do something in the future where Jason stumbles on Tim's stash of photos of him as Robin, or Tim shyly sharing the results of his photography with Jason?

Hey there :) I’m glad you liked it!

*Can be seen as a sequel to Limerence or just a future Stray!Tim x Robin AU.

Length: 1500ish

“Is that the last box?” Tim pants, slumping against their living room wall. “Please, tell me it’s the last box.”

Jason smiles, shaking his head at his dramatic boyfriend.

“Yes it is, princess. But damn if it isn’t a heavy one.” Jason grunts, adjusting the way he’s holding it. “Where does it go anyway?”

“We labeled the boxes for a reason, Jason.” Tim doesn’t have to say it, but Jason can hear the ‘Duh, you idiot’, behind Tim’s words.  He glares toward the sounds of glass clinking together as Tim unpacks their dinnerware, a gift from Babs.

“Well you obviously didn’t label this one correctly. It just says R on it, what does that even mean?” He grows concerned when he hears the sound of something clattering to the ground in their kitchen. He’s about to drop the box and head in there when Tim comes hurrying out to meet him.

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Instagram au - 02/?

Modern au where Charles and Erik go traveling around the world. Charles documents it on his instagram.

I should be drawing apocalypse stuff because I’m HYPED, but this was half way done and well, here it is~ :) thanks for all the support on the last one! ♥


character aesthetics: ty blackthorn- the dark artifices by cassandra clare 

“Tiberius Nero Blackthorn. I think his parents may have gone a little overboard. It’s like naming someone Magnificent Bastard.” 


Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You experience something that makes you begin to think: Are you really doing what you want with your life? Are you living your life to your full potential? What would happen if you made a Major Life Decision? Bucky helps you through it. 

Words: 3,096

Warnings: some language

Author’s note: Written for and inspired by @barnestans. I hope you like it! Also, I wrote this in the “notes” app on my phone, and I didn’t do a second read through after I wrote it. Any errors are my own. 

Tagged: @rogersxbarnesx

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This thread tracker is a godsend- also great at seeing who hasn’t replied to me yet *eyes you all*

#324: Green-Eyed Monster
  • Niall: He’d made his way over to you, dodging the closely pressed bodies until he was right beside you with a slanted grin. “Hey babe.” He leaned in to press his lips to yours, letting them linger a bit. He pulled back, taking his lower lip between his teeth, “Whose yer friend?” He asked with a raised brow motioning with his chin to the guy stood beside you. “Oh this is Caleb…we used to go t school together.” You smiled letting your eyes trail between the two. “Well what’s up man I'm Niall…[Y/N]’s boyfriend.” He smirked shaking the outstretched hand that was offered before circling his arm around you. It was happening, Niall was jealous and it was quite apparent. His fingers spread out over your hip while he pulled you in closer to him. He’d seen it, you and Caleb chatting it up, laughing over unforgotten incidents that occurred years. You glanced up at him with a knowing look, and he scoffed, before turning his attention back to Caleb. “What was it you two were talking about before I rudely interrupted?”
  • Louis: “Are you jealous?” You teased with a quirked brow, a giggle slipping past your lips as he rolled his eyes before dropping his arm around your shoulders. “Me? Jealous?” He scoffed leading you closer to the exit of the party. “Is there a reason for me to be jealous [Y/N]?” He retorted and you shook your head with a grin circling your arm around his waist. “No of course not Lou.” You giggled, beaming up at him and he couldn’t push back the smile that was taking over his lips. Once a few blocks away from the party he cleared his throat, “Who was he anyway?” He peered down at you, quickly darting his tongue out to run over his lips and you shrugged your shoulders with a slight upturn to your lips. “You know just an old friend of mine.” You muttered, looking up at him through your lashes as his brows knitted together slightly. You held it together for a minute before giggling, “You’re so jealous.” You said between your laughter, giving his side a quick squeeze, “That was my cousin actually. I was gonna introduce you two but he needed to get going.”
  • Liam: He rolled his eyes as another giggle made it pass your lips after your phone buzzed in your hand, “Am I not entertaining enough for you?” He asked with a raised brow. You turned away from your phone, eyes still trained on the message, “Huh?” You retorted and he sucked his teeth with a shake of his head. Once the message was sent you turned your questioning gaze to him, “What?” He sunk further into his seat, annoyance apparent in his posture, “Nothing, just wondering if I'm boring you or something.” He mumbled under his breath with his eyes glued to the movie on the TV. Your phone buzzed once again and he let out a sigh, “You know…‘m just gonna go.” He grumbled pushing himself up off the couch, “Hope you continue having that hilarious conversation with whomever you’re texting.” He muttered with a slight frown forming on his lips as he turned to leave. “Li…Liam c’mon don’t leave.” You hopped up from you seat to grab a hold of his hand, “It was your sister.” You said shooting him a crooked smile, “She was sending me all of these pictures of you babe.” You giggled, looking on as a hint of pink crept up his neck.
  • Zayn: “Are you jealous?” He whispered in your ear as you scowled at the girl that was once pressed up against him. You could literally feel the smirk form on his lips as he leaned in pressing his lips to your neck lightly. With a roll of your eyes you pushed at his chest, putting some needed space between the two of you. “Jealous for what?” You asked with narrowed eyes directed at him, “If you want some random pressed up against you so be it. S’not my problem.” You spat turning hot on your heels to get as far away from him as you could in this over crowded club. You didn’t get far, he caught a hold of your elbow pulling you back into his chest, “Oh but you are though.” He whispered, taking your ear lob between his teeth and biting down on it briefly, “You didn’t like seeing someone else on me yeah…I know didn’t cause I felt your eyes on me the whole time babe.” He ducked his head to trail his lips along your skin, “Was hoping you’d come over there and pull ‘er off me but no…that’s definitely not you right [Y/N]? But don’t worry yeah….wasn’t interested in ‘er. Only you.”
  • Harry: He couldn’t fight off the grin that was growing on his lips as he peered over his shoulder, catching a glimpse of you with narrowed eyes as he pulled away from yet another embrace. He had a lot of female friends, you were aware of that, but with a few drinks in you that went out of mind and all you saw was girls on him. With hands stuffed in the front pockets of his jeans he made his way back over to you with a dimpled grin, “Sorry about that.” He motioned behind him, leaning in to connect your lips softly. He looked down at your slightly grumpy expression once he pulled away with a chuckle. “Stop looking so mean. You know they’re just my friends babe.” He spoke softly with laughter still in his tone. He brought his hand up to cup your cheek, smoothing his thumb over your frowning lips. “You know you’re the only one for me yeah…it’s just you [Y/N].” He whispered before pressing his lips to yours once more.

“Only your light can bring it back to my life.”

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An Isaac one shot where y/n is practically the modern reincarnation of Ebenezer Scrooge when it comes to all things Christmassy? Because for the past several years, she hasn't had a happy Christmas, and doesn't think it's possible for her to have one at all. (I hope this idea isn't totally crap haha! Your writing is unbelievably epic by the way!)

You hate Christmas. It’s been a really long time since anything even remotely nice has happened at this time of year. You hate seeing smiling faces filled with the hope of good things to come. You remember the last time you’d looked like that, the way it felt to have your hopes dashed that first Christmas you were told there wasn’t enough money for the gift you wanted. And then the year after that when you’d set your sights a little lower so that your gift wouldn’t cause a strain on your parents’ budget, but there was a death in the family and Christmas was pretty much overlooked. You didn’t really feel much like celebrating anyway. You haven’t felt like celebrating in any of the years to follow either. Something always goes horribly wrong.

You know the pack is trying to cheer you up, but all the little things that add up to a happy Christmas for them, just remind you of all the things you’ve been denied. You know you’re lucky to be in their pack, all of them moving to New York a few years ago when Beacon Hills was burnt beyond recognition while making a final attempt to shut down the Nemeton. Whatever they had done worked, but the Nemeton took the town with it. You’re kind of surprised the rest of the pack can be as cheery as it is.

“C’mon, you know you want one of Allison’s gingerbread cookies,” Scott tries to coax you for the fiftieth time.

“Scott, I don’t want a damn cookie, alright?!?” You yell, getting fed up with everyone pushing all this holiday crap in your face when you’ve told them you don’t like it.

“Ok, sorry,” Scott mutters, taking the cookies back in the kitchen with hunched shoulders.

Why does it feel like you just kicked a puppy? Maybe you should get out of the loft, stop yourself from destroying everyone else’s day with your crankiness. You grab your coat and carry it out with you, not wanting to be in that cinnamon scented, Christmas wonderland for a single minute longer.

You’re only about half a block away from Derek’s loft where everyone else is gathered when you hear Isaac trying to get your attention behind you.

You kind of don’t want to wait for him but then you remember the way Scott had looked when you yelled at him and Isaac is just as bad, if not worse, when his feelings are hurt. You don’t know if you could handle it.

“Hey,” Isaac says through white puffs of breath when he catches up to you. “Where are you off to?”

“Just taking a walk,” you answer with a shrug. “Sparing people my grouchy attitude toward their favorite holiday.”

“Oh,” Isaac nods like that’s a sensible reason to be out in the freezing cold. “Want to go somewhere?”

You stop walking and turn to Isaac with a huff. “’People’ includes you, you know. Besides, shouldn’t you be on top of a tree somewhere?”

Isaac laughs abruptly, surprised by the strange suggestion. “I’m not sure if you’re calling me a star or an angel but I’m going to take that as a compliment.”

“Ask Erica which I meant when you get back,” You say as you turn to start walking again. It’s been Erica’s opinion for a long time that Isaac looks far too angelic to be a werewolf. It makes him a great packmate to have at your back because everyone always underestimates a lovely face.

“I’m not going back,” Isaac informs you as he falls into step beside you.

You stop again. “Isaac—”

“I swear, I won’t try to feed you cookies or get you to decorate a tree or anything. I’m just… hanging out.”

You sigh. “Fine.”

You’ve been walking a few minutes in silence when Isaac begins talking again.

“So, do you want to go ice skating?”

You glare at him.

“I wasn’t asking because it’s Christmas,” Isaac promises, hands raised in surrender. “It’s winter. Can you think of something better to do?”

You go ice skating.

You have to bite down a smile when Isaac gets on the ice because he’s terrible. You end up holding his hand in an attempt to help him stay upright. It only works about half the time.

You’ve just managed to stand again and are helping pull Isaac up when his grip on your hand tightens a little and he smiles at you. “There’s that smile I’ve been looking for.”

You’re a little distracted by the look on his face as he traces the smile you didn’t even know you were sporting with his eyes, so you don’t expect it when Isaac pulls you back down to the ice.

You fall on top of him, laughing. He’s laughing too as you raise yourself up to hover over him, one gloved hand on the ice at each side of his head.

“Is it really so bad, being happy at Christmas?” Isaac asks, eyes sparkling with mirth, lips quirked in a grin.

You manage to nod your head a few times before another laugh spills from your lips. “No,” you answer truthfully. You honestly didn’t know it was possible to still feel this good during the holidays.

“Merry Christmas, (Y/n),” Isaac says softly, reaching a hand to cup your cheek.

“Merry Christmas, Isaac,” you return, leaning down to kiss his.

Isaac turns at the last second and you get the corner of his lips instead of his cheek.

Isaac’s smiles widens. “Just what I always wanted.”

“Good, because I didn’t get you anything,” you grin back.

“Well, I got you two things so…” he trails off, staring up at you innocently until you scoff playfully and lean down to press a second kiss directly on his lips. He doesn’t let you end it so quickly this time, but that’s okay. It’s Christmas, and for the first time in a long time, you’re not wishing you were somewhere else.

Always You

We were having a fun games night with our friends but now everyone’s left your flat apart from me because we’ve played twenty games of connect 4 and still haven’t managed to find a winner and gdi I will beat you. AU

Also on ff.net and AO3

The tabletop was cool against her forehead when Emma banged her head against it once, twice, three times. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” she groaned. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

The sound of the plastic chips hitting each other as they were released from the grid were starting to become far too familiar. Turning her head so that her cheek was pressed against the table, she watched as Killian started to separate the two colours. His cheeks were looking as pink as hers felt, and she wondered whether he was feeling as tipsy as she was. Tipsy wasn’t drunk, though, and - “If I have to play one more round of this stupid game then I at least need another drink.”

Pushing herself to her feet, Emma made her way over to the fridge and felt her heart sink when she didn’t see anything except for soda and leftover pizza. “There’s no more beer left,” she called out, closing the fridge door and looking around the kitchen. Everyone else had left half an hour ago, but surely someone must have left something behind.

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gossip girl // faora & carol

“Open the dooooor, or I swear to god, I will blast it open, Faora. Trust me. I’ll do it.” Carol shifted her weight on her feet with an impatient sigh. It was going to take about seven seconds before she either a, picked the lock, or b, blew the lock off. And with how badly her patience was shot today? It might end up being the last one. Crossing her arms, the blonde glanced around, biting her lip. She probably wouldn’t be so on edge if everything around her didn’t feel like the walls were crushing in. 

Don’t fly.

What did those words even mean? But, that was the purpose of being here. Faora was a distraction. And, while Carol was unsure of her intent, the fact that she was pretty damn sure she could hold her own against the Kryptonian kept her grounded.

Eh, fuck being grounded.

“Faora, pleeease. Today sucks enough, let me in!”

When he had agreed to go on vacation with Skyler’s family, Spencer wasn’t sure what he had expected. He hadn’t known what it would entail – not thinking that there would be every single person that he was remotely related to the boy. Maybe he should have. Hadn’t he been listening to Skyler talk to him about the events for years now? That was beside the point though. Everything was hectic and cheerful and almost magical. He was enjoying this far more than he thought that he would. There was something about this, the event and even a bit of pretending to be in a relationship with Skyler, that he was more than a little appealing. So after baking cookies with the boy’s grandmother, he found Skyler and walked up behind him. Hooking his chin over the blond’s shoulder, he grinned. “I think your grandma likes me more than she likes you. It’s a fact. We just bake cookies and I think she wants to make me her honorary grandchild. I’m going to take that as a sign I’m doing a good job, right?”

I know a lot of people have been talking about the inevitability of Haruka going pro. Now I cannot say anything for definite as I do think it is possible but I want to hopefully shed some light on this matter ass to why (hopefully) he won’t choose to go into competitive swimming. At the start of season 1 Haruka quoted what his grandmother had told him when he was younger.

“When you’re 10, they call you a prodigy, when you’re 15, they call you a genius, when you hit 20, you’re just an ordinary person.”

Haruka also states that he really wants to be ordinary and we can tell that his swimming talent is far from that. Which would make you think he would stop completely, but since he enjoys being in the water and I believe it helps put his mind at ease, he is not going to give it up.

Once Haruka was given the opportunity to be scouted, pretty much everyone (Gou, Miho etc) assumed that Haruka was going to go pro and that is what he should do. This makes sense considering he is talented and could definitely do well. However, to Haruka this more than likely became and expectation of him rather than a choice. But whilst everyone was talking about him doing so, Makoto was thinking this.

After being best friends for more than 13 years it’s safe to say Makoto knows Haru better than anyone else, which means he isn’t sure if Haru would want to go prop at all. He does ask Haru, but nothing is set in stone either way, as Haru says he would do “nothing, probably”.

Furthermore, although I do not know much about the world of competitive swimming (a fair bit of my swimming knowledge comes from this show so..) I’m pretty sure that when going pro there are extremely strict and tough training programmes as well as strict diets and the like. I can’t see Haru enjoying this at all, as he is the kind of person that just wants to feel the water. Since this is how Haru can be ‘free’, by going pro he would be the complete opposite. This is also why a lot of people don’t go for a career based on their hobby, because then what they love becomes a chore. Although I highly doubt Haruka would never get 'bore’ of swimming, he swims because he chooses to. He wouldn’t have much of a choice if he went pro.

If he did compete there would be a lot of press attention and interviews after races, again I doubt Haruka would like this as he doesn’t appear to like being the centre of attention, when he gets complimented on his swimming it feels almost like he brushes it off and wants to change the subject?

However, to me this was the main reason as to why Haru wouldn’t go pro. In episode 5 when Nagisa goes round to Haru’s and they end up discussing his career path, Nagisa is the only person to point out Haruka’s other talents besides swimming.

“I mean, you’re good with your hands, you can cook really well, you’re even good at drawing! You’re lucky Haru-chan. You can do anything.”

This moment really stood out to me! When you look at Haru’s face you can tell people were just going to assume he would swim for a living, but Nagisa actually points out that he is so much more than that. He can also cook and draw and I don’t doubt he has many other talents that haven’t been mentioned. Haruka might not have even considered himself to be particularly good at anything else.

So I whilst I do still think he’ll keep going pro in mind, I actually think he would prefer to do something else. Haru said so himself that as long as he can swim he doesn’t care what he does. That may mean as long as he gets time to swim, so he could have a completely different career but as long as he can make time each day to go to a public pool or something, he will be happy.

Now of course I can’t rule out the idea of going pro, as it is still a possibility, but I still don’t think it will happen. At the very least, it isn’t the choice what Haru should make as I don’t think he would be happy about it in the long run.


Luke smiled widely as he looked around at the main market that he and Obi-Wan had just walked into. Though they came fairly often, all the different things on display, and all the different people, always enchanted him. He looked up at Obi-Wan, gently tugging on the hand he was holding to get his attention. “What’re we going to get Ben?” He knew that he was told before they had left the house, but he had forgotten on the way here.

Okay, this is relevant. I was asked by the lovely lord-of-potatoes to write a story with the key words “maple syrup”. Seeing as I am Canadian (and naturally have a bottle of syrup in my cupboards), I decided to use this as a basis for the story

Now I haven’t written anything for quite some time so this may really suck, but nevertheless I hope you all enjoy!

The year is irrelevant. The setting, however, isn’t. A small town in southern Canada, where the most important thing is maple syrup. Why is it so important, you may ask? Simple. It’s the lifeblood of all Canadians. Without their syrup, they will die a slow and painful death.

“But there’s no way this could happen,” you’re thinking. “Maple syrup is so common in Canada.”

Oh, dear sweet foreigner. That’s where you’re wrong. This small town once did suffer from a syrup shortage. It was terrible. People were dropping like flies left and right. It seemed like there was no hope.

But there was. A young girl decided to take it upon herself to go in search of maple syrup. Unfortunately, no one believed she could do it. She was always so quiet and unobtrusive. She couldn’t save the town.

The young girl wanted to prove everyone wrong. She could do it. She would save the town and then she would finally be respected.

The journey took three days, but it proved successful. The young girl returned, tired and hungry, with several gallons of life-saving maple syrup. The entire town celebrated and showered her with gifts. But she didn’t want the gifts. “I just want to be remembered, that’s all,” she said in her soft voice. “Please respect my wishes.”

And the town did. They built a monument in her honour and from that point on she was remembered as the girl who saved the town.