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Today stream and the process!

Thank you very much for passing by, I really had a great time, I’ll try to make other streams again~~

Have a beautiful day <3 <3

thank you @rozillustrations for all your advice about streaming and Twitch <3

Quick Question

Another one-shot that no one asked for! Sorry guys I can’t really explain myself… hope you like!

Summary: Jughead is not one for grand gestures and expertly planned romantic moments, just simple moments of spontaneity.

(or read on ao3)

Jughead let his eyes flutter shut as he leaned against the back of the couch, utterly content. There were many reasons for this; one of them being that certain comfort a person gets after stuffing themselves completely full with Chinese food, the empty food cartons laying abandoned on the coffee table. A more lingering reason for his happiness was the girl tucked beneath the crook of his arm, nestling into his side. Her whole body was radiating warmth into his, it felt like sunshine trickling into his bones. Her face, lightly pressed into his chest, was tilted towards the television, watching it while she lazily traced delicate patterns and swirls on his torso with dainty fingers. He wondered how her absentminded actions were making his stomach contract and flutter, despite the thin material of his shirt preventing skin to skin contact. He wondered how, even after 6 years together, she could still make his heart beat harder when she looked at him with those impossibly green eyes.

Jughead had never known another love like the one he shared with Betty Cooper. Sometimes he stepped back, observing the apartment they shared, admired the life they were building together, and he questioned if he had somehow fallen into someone else’s story. It seemed impossible that the kid raised on the wrong side of the tracks, the boy who was homeless at sixteen years old, had been blessed with the blissful love of Betty Cooper. Somehow he had, and he thanked the heavens for every day he shared with her.

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just want you to know that a 14U member didn't actually diss Kyungsoo's acting. it was someone else that said that but and exo-l made it seem like it was the dude from 14U. as foe the plagarism claims, i haven't done much resesrch but from what i can tell, it's literally like 1 or 2 moves that were similar.

I really hope it’s fake and it can be explained publicly or something bc this whole thing can really end their careers before they even started

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Sorry to ask this, but is riveda based in your girlfriend or someone you like? ~*just curious*~ pls don't hate me OwO

I’m sorry, but it’s not the time yet… Someday, I promise, cross my heart, hope to die, I will explain this to all of you, and I trust you would understand if you knew.

And don’t worry anon, I don’t hate you ;)

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if you don't mind me asking, what's your novel about? :)

omg hi! i haven’t explained it in a while so i hope this doesn’t sound too weird but it’s about a fantasy world where people rise the sun, move the moon to change the tides, and read the future in the stars (basically, when a person dies in this world, they become a star. the star readers can communicate with them through studying constellations and occasionally seeing the dead in dreams).

the main characters are oriana (princess of the sun kingdom), ander (prince of the star kingdom), and mei (a general’s daughter from the moon kingdom). the first third of the novel takes place in their early teens when the three of them attend a sort of boarding school together in the years leading up to an impending rebellion. when a wicked dictator takes over the sun kingdom, the three friends are separated for two years, but then reunite and go embark on a dangerous journey to end the war. that’s a very, very bare bones summary. i’m afraid if i start explaining it in detail i will never be able to stop typing!!

you can read the prologue and the first chapter here. (keep in mind it’s still in the early stages and this is a draft that has gone through hardly any editing!!)


Background Tutorial

requested by ion4ever. sorry it took me so long to do this for you but hopefully I was of some help? 


  • I use CS6, and this was mostly done with default hard round brush at around 50% opacity or higher, 100% flow, and size pressure on. I made some random brushes for the greenery by modifying the default ones.
  • always use a large canvas. I go about 3000px x 3000px.
  • with enough practice, painting backgrounds like this will be a fairly quick affair. this one, for example, took about 30 minutes? it’s just a matter of time/experience. :)

So yeah, good luck doing backgrounds, and have fun!! :D


YOI Flora and Fauna AU [Victuuri-centered] 

Floras are the peacemakers of the mythical world. They have the ability to rejuvenate and control nature, and they can heal those who are in physical pain. They might be fragile beings, but when angered, their power can be destructive. The royal Flora family is protected by only the chosen mighty Faunas.

Faunas have anthropomorphic bodies, and they used to serve under the Flora kingdom as their guardians. Most of them have gone to live a free wandering life, but some chose to stay with the Floras. When they reach their absolute form, their strength increases tenfold. 

In this AU, Viktor and Yuuri were raised in the world of the mortals. And one point in the story, they go back together to where they originally came from to resolve the conflicts of their kingdom.

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Self-Improvement with Astrology -☉Sun
  • The ego, life force, identity, who we are to become, our core energy
  • Ruler of Leo, exalted in Aries, fall in Libra, detriment in Aquarius

Stressful aspects to the sun can indicate issues with the father or the energies of the other planet(s) can be perceived as a threat to the individual’s identity and ego and they can display negative traits of the sign or appear immature. Sun in Libra/7th house or in Aquarius/11th house can have a harder time trying to establish their identity, Libra only having an image of the self in the presence of others and Aquarius finding themselves in groups and society. Aries/1st house and Leo/5th house, being strong placements for the sun, may not have as much difficulty. Aries has no trouble establishing and asserting their identity while Leo could never let anyone forget who they are. However, in understanding where positive aspects help and harsher aspects challenge, astrology can be used as a guide to grow and evolve.

Harmonious, soft aspects = talents, gifts, laziness
(sextiles, trines, conjunctions to benefics) 

Harsh, hard aspects = challenges, blocks, diamonds in the rough
(squares, oppositions, conjunctions to malefics)

Sun/Moon: Soft: Nurturing figure supports identity, emotions align with who they are Hard: the nurturing figure doesn’t hold a consistent presence or influence, what they feel is at odds with who they are

Appreciate the nurturing figures in your life, whether it be your mother or a friend. Understand that receiving emotional support and expressing emotion does not make one weak or lesser of a person. 

Sun/Mercury: The only aspect the sun can make with Mercury is the conjunction (sun and Mercury can only be 28 degrees apart at most). With the conjunction, thoughts and ideas are infused into and define the identity of the individual. If this person feels as though they are not being heard or truly listened to, they can take it as an offense or threat to who they are.

Understand that your voice is important and makes a difference whether or not you are speaking or are being heard directly. Resist the urge to analyze, define, and criticize every aspect of yourself.

Sun/Venus: The only major aspect the sun can make with Venus is the conjunction (max 48 degree distance between both planets). Here all of the qualities of Venus join with the identity of the individual. The individual can be all of the grace and charm typical of Venus, but requires love, affection, and attention to feel validated.

Love yourself and afford yourself the attention you might otherwise (negatively) seek from others. Avoid laziness and use your ability to harmonize to solve issues peacefully rather than ignoring them. 

Sun/Mars: Soft: Easy assertion of the will, their desires and instincts align with who they are and who they strive to become Hard: Identity/Ego is asserted in situations where it may not be necessary, forceful nature and short temper can run roughshod on others

Assess situations before taking action. Know that putting down the sword can be more honorable than fighting to the death. Understand that roadblocks are put in to be driven around, not through (you’ll still reach your destination).

Sun/Jupiter: Soft: Ego is wise, identity easily grows and develops, individual naturally draws positive things to them Hard: Ego inflates like a cheap balloon and is just as fragile, they might get themselves in over their head and get out of trouble just by the skin of their teeth

Appreciate the fortunate nature of your life and every good thing that comes your way. Avoid pushing the limits just to see how far they go. Repay debts and stay in good character regardless of how you know people will treat you.

Sun/Saturn: Soft: Slow and steady growth of ego and formation of identity, although the identity may take a long time to form it is relatively peerless to the individual Hard: Ego tries to form either before it faces necessary lessons or it is met with debilitating situations before it can handle them, individual is constantly held in check

Listen to and acknowledge each lesson Saturn has to teach. Understand that Saturn will ultimately refine you and polish you with the finest grit. If you push, Saturn will push back, so roll with what life brings.

Sun/Uranus: Soft: The identity changes easily and quickly, the ego alters and adjusts in order to adapt and survive Hard: Difficulty handling change, individual may act out in shocking ways or dramatically alter some aspect of themselves, identity shifts suddenly as a result of being denied change by the father figure

Accept and find ways to handle and appreciate change. Understand that it is okay to change and to stand out. Being “unique” is not an uncommon thing. Life is never steady, let Uranus teach you how to maintain your balance.

Sun/Neptune: Soft: Ego is colored, but not defined by, the suffering and dreams of others, identity centers around artistic expression and higher vibrations of love Hard: Life feels too mundane, ego shaped by the issues of others, escapist tendencies, takes on issues they cannot handle

Understand that at the end of the day you have to close your eyes and go to sleep and let other people’s issues be their issues– not yours. Offer what of yourself that you can to help and guide people, but understand your own capabilities and limits.

Sun/Pluto: Soft: Individual transforms as necessary in their life, Ego is powerful and holds immense depth Hard: Ego refuses to change and grow without catastrophic event, individual does not face their deeper issues or is in a constant clash with them

Understand that true transformation comes when the things we refuse to face are looked at straight in the eye. The world is not out to get you and there is a generation of people who can benefit from your insight or learn something from you. Pluto will destroy what’s faulty if something better will be able to be put in its place.


watch out it’s History Time ™

loving a football team is so weird. you dedicate your fucking life to a group of people you will never meet. they lose, you are devastated. they win, you are elated. you have absolutely no influence on what happens, but still they are so important to you. you love a football team and it changes your life and all just because 11 players manage to score more goals than the other 11 players

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How do open snoot??? I have so many problems when it comes to drawing open mouthed critters/expressions!! I just can't wrap my mind around how open snouts work with the skull or the circles I use for the skull anyhow.. Do you have any advice on this??

 I’M GONNA TRY MY BEST TO EXPLAIN THIS because, man i feel u but at the same time I know very little about the technical anatomy when it comes to skulls ;;

Let’s do a sorta above ¾ view for this rlly quick, when I start out, I always like to establish one part of the snout at a time, instead of trying to just DIVE RIGHT IN. So I start by putting vague upper muzzle shapes here, just to get the direction goin’

NOW WE GOTTA GIVE THIS THING A LOWER JAW to help keep it symmetrical, I like to pull the lines from the corners of the upper lips. DON’T BE AFRAID TO OVERLAP, OVERLAPPING IS IMPORTANT IN GENERAL BUT ESPECIALLY WHEN DRAWING OPEN MUZZLES LIKE THIS!! See that line that goes from the upper right corner of the lip and through the top half of the muzzle? I basically use that as my guide to keep from pulling the jaw too far out, or too far in. Don’t worry if it looks a bit like they have an underbite either, depending on the angle, perspective will do that..it likes to fuk with ur brain a bit

OKAY NOW we’re bringing back the overlapping line because chins are still hard for me to draw and I change how i do it constantly but this is a good method to get a chin that doesn’t thrust too much outwards or inwards (unless that’s the specific jaw shape you were going for with ur character, then by all means do so!!! ) bring the line from the further corner of the eye, form the cheek, and bring it down (overlapping over the top jaw as we are wont to do) and bring it AROUND TOWN. You see here that it’s kinda boxy and I could probably curve that line some more to give a more slender look but w/e IT WORKS WITH MOST SHAPES

if you’re referring to something like the BND draw I posted recently, it’s pretty much a similar course of action, so let’s use this  asshole as an example because his mouth is obnoxiously wide when it’s open 

Start off with the upper jaw, again, it’s easier to piece these things together vs trying to shove all the shapes together at once (for me it is anyways) 

i’m doing this from profile view this time but you can see the overlapping lines still work!! I roughly places where the otherside of the upper corner of the lip would be on the side we don’t see and used that to help me get an idea of how far down the lower jaw is gonna go~! Don’t worry, it’s gonna look awkward most of the time  and it’s a perfect chance to go in and fix the length of the upper/lower jaw before you start adding in deets like the tongue and teeth! <:

there we go!!!! looks a lot less awkward LOL

you can also do something like this if ur feeling kinda toony (it’s really fun, simple yet effective!)

It can work for a lot of different styles, from realism to toony to my stupid doodles i do a lot when being a Serious Artist ™ is just 2 much for me :^)



Hey, guys I finally made them! ヾ(^∇^) Sorry for the wait (it was Keith’s fault). Coran and Allura are the same as canon (the only change is that Lance is Allura’s little brother). Also, I noticed that I never edited Pidge in long shot and It’s the first time you see her legs lol.

Anyway, I hope this explains a little more about this multiverse AU because I don’t know if I can write a fic about it (๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑).


ty @jvvvk for being the mastermind of the sniper!lance craze and for enabling me to work on my au :’) 

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Can you explain 7 till the end? I'm kind of confused

Got7 “Fly tour” The memories of 115 days [youtube]

They are 7, nothing more, nothing less, if they are not 7 then there will be no GOT7, so they will be 7 till the end.