i hope it helps somebody

anyway guys, here is some ACTUAL solid advice i can give to you:

  • exfoliate your lips twice a day, once when you wake up and the other time before you go to bed. 
  • speaking of before you go to bed, always apply chapstick/lip balm before going to bed. trust me, if you have problems with dry lips then this’ll improve things greatly 
  • exfoliate your face twice a week!! that way you’re getting rid of dead skin and all that jazz but don’t overdo it or you’ll really make your skin sensitive
  • this might be common knowledge already but if you’re using your hands to wash your face, wash your hands before you use them to put anything on your face otherwise you’re just getting dirt and stuff on your face
  • if you’re having trouble getting rid of acne scars, then applying bleaching cream to those spots will diminish them in a few days’ time if you apply it every night before you go to bed

ok that’s pretty much the only good advice i have, i hope at least one of these helps !!

The sun and the moon have spirits. They change every thousand years or so, cycling through new and old souls to take on the burden of being an inanimate celestial body. It’s grounding, ironically enough: a stable starting point for the new and a reset button for the old.

The sun and the moon aren’t the only ones with spirits, of course. Every planet and star and moon, every comet and black hole and void has one, but the sun and the moon are different this time. The sun and the moon are special.

They love each other. Observe and persist—that’s all they are meant to do, but they are drawn to each other in ways that can’t be explained.

The sun is a new soul, and she can see a lot from her position. She can see all of the planets and each of their moons, and she can see plenty beyond that as well, but there’s nothing she loves more than gazing upon the face of the Earth’s moon. She’s beautiful, really, and in her boredom the sun names each of her dark spots as if they were seas and her craters after astronomers.

The moon is an old soul. She’s had thousands of lives before, but they’ve been cleared from her memory. Now, all she knows is loneliness; she’s too small and irrelevant to be of any significance to anything else, not like the sun, whose light and warmth are necessary to life. The moon is in love with the sun; she may be impossible to reach, but she is bright and beautiful and the moon wishes she could meet her, just once, perhaps in another life.

When their time is up, they become goddesses. The sun is put in charge of changing the seasons and the moon is given control of the weather. It isn’t what one would think godhood is like; they have no form, existing everywhere and nowhere at once, and they cannot speak or interact in any way a physical being would understand.

The goddess of seasons does what she can. She has a strict schedule to follow, changing every leaf in the fall, frosting the right places in the winter. Her favorite thing to do, though, is to bloom the flowers in the springtime. Every year, she does it specifically for the goddess of weather, unfurling each bud and sending the message with it that it’s for her, for that powerful and striking deity who she can’t explain her attraction to.

The goddess of weather clears the clouds and sends a pleasant breeze to tickle the flowers whenever they bloom as an acknowledgement, a thank you. It’s as if the season goddess knows where she is at any given time; they bloom where she goes as she roams the Earth, and it never fails to make her feel alive, to feel loved.

The others pity them. Deities aren’t meant to fall in love; there’s a reason they’re only given enough power to do their duties and don’t have the privilege of having a voice or a body. They don’t pay it any mind, though; after all, it’s better than being the sun and the moon, even if they have no memory of that.

So, they perform their duties as long as they must, for hundreds of years, until new spirits are chosen to replace them. It’s like a release when they are finally freed from their responsibilities, and they’re placed on the land they’ve cultivated as a mari-morgan and a hyleoroi nymph. It’s almost cruel for them to finally be given animate, corporeal bodies but to be separated by domain, but still their love perseveres.

The morgan lives in a lake in the woods, appearing as a stunning young woman with a face framed with golden hair spun from starlight and cloudy seafoam in her eyes. When she smiles, you can see the glinting tips of her mouthful of fangs, retracted so that they’re not sticking out at all angles when they’re not in use. She tends to her water gardens and combs out her hair on the shore of the lake, because that’s what mari-morgans do, and she takes any man who falls prey to her lures, because what else is there?

The nymph is afraid of her at first. She watches the forest in which the morgan’s lake is located, keeping harmony as well as she can. Sometimes her skin is green, sometimes gray-brown and rough like the bark of her trees, sometimes multi-hued in a way that allows her to blend in with patches of wildflowers. She blends in and watches the morgan, watches her leading these men to their deaths, until one day she thinks, isn’t that lonely? When has this woman had the opportunity to bond with someone when her nature forces her to kill?

The nymph wanders out of the shade of her trees as the morgan sits on the shore and sings a song with words from a language she doesn’t understand, and she sits right in front of her, half expecting to be brought to her death as the men had been. Instead, the morgan stares at her in shock; nobody has ever approached her like this before. She sees the same fascination and kindness in the nymph’s face as she does in the men she drowns, but this is different. This is kindness not for the sake of the nymph, but for that of the morgan.

They speak until the nymph must return to her duties, and they bid each other farewell, the morgan wishing she could leave the lake to go with the nymph and the nymph wishing she could survive beneath the water. They meet for an hour every day where the edge of the trees meets the lake’s shore, and they fall in love as quickly and easily as each life before.

Life as a spirit of water or of the wood is dreadfully dull, as each would attest to, and they’re relieved when time takes them to their next incarnations.

They’re humans. Fragile, insignificant humans who mean nothing to every spirit and deity and celestial body in existence. They’re humans, but they’re happier than they’d ever been. The seven years spent before they met each other was nothing compared to the duration of time they’d spent waiting for this in their previous lives.

The sun, the goddess of seasons, the hyleoroi nymph, is now called Riley, Riley Rosalyn Matthews, and she is born with no knowledge of the universe and no powers just as every other human being is. When the moon, the goddess of weather, the mari-morgan climbs through her open window and introduces herself as Maya, Maya Penelope Hart, Riley could swear she knows everything, could swear she could sprout wings and fly. There’s familiarity there that neither of them can understand, but they know that there’s something special about each other, even at only seven years old.

It shows as they grow up; never have two human beings fallen in love so quickly and easily and completely as this. Like many humans, though, they fail for years to realize it.

They sit in the dark of Riley’s room under her covers, hands entwined as they stare at the ceiling and talk about anything and everything they could possibly think of.

They sit side-by-side on the subway that takes them to school, Riley leaning into Maya’s shoulder as sleep threatens to take her, and Maya smiles softly to herself.

They sit on the roof in the dead of night, when everything is quiet, when it feels like the world only exists for the two of them. Maya watches the sky in silence, and Riley watches her with the same amount of wonder. She sees the light of the city and the light of the moon in her eyes, and she sees her chest rising and falling with each gentle breath, and she sees the faintest hint of a content smile on her face, and that’s when she knows she’s in love. Thirteen years old is dreadfully young for a human to know such a thing, but it doesn’t scare her. She only feels utter tranquility as she takes Maya’s hand, hugs her arm, and lays her head on her should as she had so many times before.

It takes Maya a little longer. She’s in denial for a long time, afraid her feelings would be bad for their friendship if they weren’t returned, afraid the relationship wouldn’t last if they were. She tries to love Riley’s uncle, Josh, because that can’t go wrong. He’s unattainable, something to chase after, something to keep her preoccupied. If anything were to ever come out of it, well, he was nice, and it would keep her tethered to Riley’s family forever.

It isn’t until he tells her himself to stop going after him, that perhaps she’s projecting (he says this with a meaningful nod in Riley’s direction), that she can’t ignore it any longer. “You love her,” he says, “and she loves you. Don’t try to fight it.”

And she kisses Riley, sitting in the bay window of the ski lodge, just like that. She takes the advice and doesn’t try to fight it when Riley rambles on about their “extraordinary relationship”. She cuts her off mid-sentence, one hand on Riley’s face, her eyes closed out of passion and nerves. It’s stilted and clumsy; their noses bump and Maya nearly misses, but it’s the closest they come to remembering who and what they were before. It’s just out of reach, fuzzy memories made fuzzier by the cloud of their emotion, but it’s there, and it’s powerful.

There’s a stuffy silence when they break apart, each of them staring at the other as if she were the sun and the moon, until Riley says, “I love you,” and the air comes rushing out of Maya’s lungs in a breathy laugh.

“I love you, too,” she says. “God, I love you so much.”

“What do we do now?”

Maya shrugs and shakes her head, the kiss still bright in her chest. “What do you want to do?”

Riley pauses for a moment in consideration. “I think,” she says eventually, “I want us to be together forever.”

“That’s cheesy.”

“I want us to be together for longer than forever.”

“How does that work?”

“Well, we’ll just have to find each other in our next life. Easy.”

“What do you think that life will be?”

“I don’t know,” Riley says, “but whatever it is, it’ll be good as long as we’re together.”

Maya nods. “I think I like that idea,” she says. “We’re starting now?”

“Yeah, we’re starting now.”


Tip on dressing like an SB on a budget!!

Sign up for Trunk Club!!

Trunk Club is completely free to sign up for, and they will send you a bunch of clothes in a really pretty box to try on. You have five days to try them on at home and then you have to send them back.

Girl! Get them clothes, go on your POT date!!! As long as you don’t spill anything!!! You can send it back for absolutely free 99. If you get 3 boxes w/out buying anything they get sketchy. But w the money you should be making in gifts from your incredibly impressed POTS, buy yourself a few items and keep pushing!

They also assign you a personal stylist who *should* be really interested in how you want to look and everything you need. USE THEM. Send them pictures of your ideal style and let them do it for you!

That’s my 0.02 for the day, I hope it helps somebody!

So I’ve always had an innate understanding of math. I view it as a language, with each new set of skills as a new secular task for me to learn. (which is how I learn all languages).

In that sense, I can equate something like long division by polynomials to past tense reflexive verbs in French, both are separate entity’s. 

So, my question is, do other people do mental math the same way as me?

So let’s say somebody’s total rings up to $7.38 and they give you a $10. I start from the lowest decimal and add up. 

  • 8+2 is 10, which makes $7.38 into $7.40. 
  • 4+6 is 10, turning it into $8. 
  • 8+2 is 10 again. 
  • Then you have your three numbers. 2, 6, and 2. 
  • Flip them around, so your largest number place is at the front.
  • $2.62.

For multiplication, I have my square roots memorized. For example, what’s 7x8? well, 7x7 is 49, and 9+7=6, so 7x8 has to equal 56!

9′s are easy. When adding with them, it’s simple. You subtract one from whatever you’re adding and add ten.

9+18. 18-1=17. 17+10=27. 9+18=27.

Then for multiplication, you add one digit to the 10′s place and subtract one digit from the 1′s place.

9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90, 99, 108, 117, 126, 135, 144, 153, 162, 171, 180, 189, 198, 207, 216, 225, 234, 243, 252, 261, 270.

I just multiplied up to 9x30. I don’t even have to check my work after reaching 270, because 9x3 is 27.

just because you started badly, doesn’t mean you have to end badly. 

just because today started off badly, doesn’t mean it has to end badly. 

just because this week started off badly, doesn’t mean it has to end badly. 

just because this month started off badly, doesn’t mean it has to end badly.

just because this term tarted off badly, doesn’t mean it has to end badly. 

just because this semester started off badly, doesn’t mean it has to end badly. 

just because this year started off badly, doesn’t mean it has to end badly. 

try to keep hope in situations which seem hopeless :) 화이팅! 

I’ve gotten an overwhelming response to my classpect/moon post, but amidst all the answers, there have been a surprising number who don’t know what their Homestuck moon is, or how to find out! I decided to gather my favorite methods/observations into one convenient post. There’s no one correct way to place somebody, and I actually use different combinations of these methods, but they should shed a little light on the subject. In the end, you’ll want to stick with the moon you feel is right for you or the person/character you’re sorting! If enough people show interest, I may also do a masterpost of classpect tests/methods, but for now, I hope this helps somebody out.

(Unfortunately, since some of these have been passed around and repeated so many times in the fandom, it’s become difficult to find the original source of the idea. If you have a source, please let me know.)

  1. Prospit dreamers are Heroes who need to learn to be Warriors, and Derse dreamers are Warriors who need to learn to be Heroes. Alright, so this is pretty abstract. Still, I like it because it puts into words something I’ve always noticed I’ve been unable to articulate, so, y’know, to each their own.
  2. Prospit dreamers keep their beds neat or their recuperacoons visible in their main living space. Derse dreamers have messy beds or keep their recuperacoons separate from their living area, out of sight. This doesn’t really apply outside of canon, since a messy bed can be attributed to lots of unrelated factors (and I’d hope ya’ll don’t have actual recuperacoons), but it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you’re designing/sorting a character. Vriska and Terezi are the exceptions to this rule, as Prospit dreamers whose recuperacoons are not shown in their rooms. I’m not sure why this is, but it seems significant that it’s those two in particular.
  3. Prospit dreamers usually have passive masculine-tendency or active feminine-tendency god tier classes. Derse dreamers usually have active masculine or passive feminine classes. This one is my favorite, because it’s mostly concrete but still allows for people to be people and for sessions to have irregularities, as they generally do. If you don’t know what categories your class falls under, there’s a chart below that should help, along with a handy-dandy flowchart that covers pretty much everything you need to know about this option. Exceptions: Any troll that shares a class with a human is on the opposite moon, except for Tavros, Nepeta, and Eridan (who happen to be class buddies with Jake, Roxy, and Dirk, respectively. Not sure if this means anything). Kanaya and Calliope dream on Prospit, despite their passive classes, possibly because they are Space players. Aradia and Damara, both active gals, dream on Derse, but it’s difficult to say whether this is because they share classes with kids, because they are Time players, or both. There is little evidence for aspects affecting dream moons, except for Space and Time (which are consistent throughout the comic), so I wouldn’t worry about it unless you fall under either of those.

Keep in mind that Sburb/Sgrub sessions are shown to have an even number of Prospit and Derse dreamers. You may want to take this into account in fan sessions.

Class chart:

Heir, Mage, Seer, Rogue, and Knight are shown to be more on the neutral side, but in the interest of simplicity, they’ve been assigned genders based on several elements found in canon (except for Mage, that one might be the only True Gender Neutral Class™, but I’ve assigned an M to it to keep things symmetrical). Assuming the Alpha trolls dream on the same moons as their counterparts, Kankri, Rufioh, and Latula all identify as the opposite binary gender from that to which their class is traditionally assigned, but they dream on the moon that fits with their gender preferences (ex. Kankri is passive masculine and thus dreams on Prospit, despite Seer being traditionally feminine) Ultimately, the gender is up to you.

Tumblr screwed up the flowchart, but here’s a link to a full sized version.

None of these methods decide anything for certain, even the more concrete ones. Everything is ultimately up to you. Go forth, Homestucks, and pleasant dreams!

(Also, it’s interesting to note that Sollux has his recuperacoon visible in his room, indicative of a Prospit dreamer, but method 1 points to Derse.¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

anonymous asked:

I love your lala's design and you seem like a genuinely nice person, kinda hoping we could at least be acquaintances or mutuals one day - but I've not check my followers in years so I... DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE LATTER... but you're cool, yah.

Thank you! That’s such a sweet compliment! I’m always so happy to run into positive people in-game - it means a lot to me when I hear that I can help somebody have a nice day, too!

I hope we get a chance to meet/Follow each other too! :D


Here’s what tags on perfume at Ulta look like babies! I’m more of the brains of my lifting buddy group. So instead of stealing I rather use my skill to scope out tags and be a good lookout to keep my friends from being caught (only because being caught scared me from doing the actual deed ever again). I’ve done some research, and can conclude that you will either see one of these or both on a perfume package. I noted that they mainly use silver RFIDs on lower price range perfumes, and use what I like to call the “Tricky RFID” (lmao you aint slick Ulta) that looks like a corporate call line sticker or whatever tf–on higher priced perfumes. Hope this helped somebody out there. I have no idea if perfumes are source tagged however, so anyone that knows if they are or not hmu with info. 😂 Cuz if they are you’ll pretty much beep unless you debox the god damned thing.

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I wish I could have a game of adorable aliens like yours, but I'm also really fond of my current saves. What should I do? Do you know if there's a way to have a whole new save without having to get rid of the current save? I hope you or somebody else can help me!

Of course you can start a new save! When you’re on the main screen menu just hit the new game button and go for it! Give it a unique save name and you have nothing to worry about. Now when you load up your game and want to switch to a different save hit load game instead of the big old play button. I have multiple saves and never lost one, hell I still have my old saves from when ts4 first released. x.x

Straight Allies

Dear Straight Allies,

You are appreciated. You have as much reason to feel the need to fight inequality surrounding the LGBTQIAP+ community as anyone else. Not being the people who are being discriminated against shows how empathetic and kind you are. It shows everyone what it truly means to be a good person. It isn’t easy to fight back when you are the one in pain, but it can be really difficult to stand up for or with somebody else as well.

So thank you. Thank you for standing with us against the hatred that surrounds us. You are appreciated, you are making a difference, together we are making a difference. Don’t stop calling out homophobia. Don’t stop being you because you are truly so appreciated and valued. Keep standing with us and together we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

This is what I believe, and what I know many others believe. I am not the most eloquent person, but I hope what I have said helps or encourages somebody. Even one person would be fantastic.

I am NOT saying that anyone’s journey regarding homophobia is easy! I am just expressing my gratitude to straight allies. There is no offence meant here, and if anyone does take offence I am deeply sorry I offended you. Only love is spoken here.

Thank you again. 

Fluent Chinese speakers?

UPDATE: I found a translator (several volunteers actually) - thank you SO much for the support!!!

Hey guys! This is a massive and out there request, but I’m hoping somebody can help out.

I was adopted from China when I was one year old. Because it wasn’t a US adoption or any kind of adoption where I could potentially find hospital records, I have virtually no information. I know when and where I was found (in a rice field in Tuanfeng province) and how old I was estimated to be (3 days), and what orphanage I stayed at, but beyond that I know nothing.

Despite these setbacks, I want to do my utmost to find my birth mother. It’s a crap shoot and there’s probably a 0.01% chance it will work but I at least want to unearth as many details about that year in the orphanage as I can.

I found a possible email address of my orphanage’s director and I want to email her. However, I doubt she speaks English, and while she may be able to find a translator, I would like to send her a copy of my message in Chinese (I assume Mandarin).

This is where you guys come in. If you could signal boost this, that would be amazing. If anybody is fluent in Mandarin and can translate, please contact me via IM (I don’t check my inbox regularly because of my hiatus) at your earliest convenience.

Thank you so much! Cross your fingers for me that at the very least this email may go through, although of course there’s a possibility that it’ll be a dead end.