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A Witch's Guide to the Moon

  The moon. Every witch keeps it in conscience. Nearly every religion seems to have something to say about it. In science, history, religion, even in architecture, the moon has come to show its importance and status. Babylonian astronomers in the 5th century BC recorded a lunar cycle, and back in 4th century BC, Chinese Astronomer Shi Shen created a guide regarding the prediction of lunar eclipses. Civilizations like the Han Dynasty thought the moon to be a driving force, while many Native American tribes associated it with female divinity. So, with all this in mind, how can we use and understand the positioning of the moon to better our witchcraft today?

  First, we have to understand a lunation. A lunation is a roughly 30 day cycle, from new moon to new moon. The word moon actually comes from the word month. Ancestors used and understood the moon phases to tell time. Each phase lasts a few days to the naked eye, though the moon is really only in each phase for a brief second. It appears the moon stays in a certain phase due to the time buffer in which we on earth see the light. The New Moon represents the start of a new cycle.

 So, exactly what does each cycle mean, and how does it correspond with the craft?

 New Moon - The new moon is a time of new beginnings. The Sun and Moon are aligned, leaving the moon dark and invisible to our eyes on earth. It will also rise and set around the same time as the sun. It is a time to start new projects, jobs, friendships, and to seek new intentions. Starting a diet, trying to kick an old habit, or redecorating will all be made easier by the energy given by the New Moon. Wishing upon a New Moon is also a good way to bring in some luck.

Waxing Crescent -  Also known as the ‘young moon,’ the crescent begins the move towards a full moon. A small, sliver shaped section of the moon is illuminated. Plans or goals that were made during the New Moon can be solidified and worked towards, and often clarified.

First Quarter -  The first quarter moon is a small pause from the motivation and working to balance oneself out and discover possible mistakes and holes in plans and ideas we had made. Now is a time to focus and fine tune little things in your life. Meditation and introspective journeys are at hand.

Waxing Gibbous - Also known as the three quarter moon, the waxing gibbous is ¼ away from becoming the anticipated full moon. Spells for success and goal reaching work best, especially in relation to the project you’ve been working on. Think about positive spaces and constructive magic–bringing in money, romance, etc. If your project so far has failed, the Gibbous will help recharge it.

FULL MOON - The full moon. Esbat. Regarded highly as the best and most effective time to cast spells, lore and tales have surrounded the mysterious full moon for centuries. It is a time of heightened psychic awareness, in which everything comes together, including family, friends, plans, and ideas. In Wicca, the full moon is the mother’s moon, and in folklore, the full moon represents divine female power. Divining is especially powerful during a full moon. It is a perfect time to make Moon Water and to perform any exciting or lengthy spells you’ve been working on.

Waning Gibbous - As the waning begins, so does the shedding of old or toxic things in your life. Removing bad habits, curing illnesses, quitting bad jobs, ending addiction, or even breaking off relationships can be planned or started. This is also the time of the goddess Demeter.

Last Quarter - Continue banishing work here, especially focused on your emotions and negativity. Remember things you want to improve and save them for the upcoming new moon, but for now, simply make room for them.

Waning Crescent - The final waning phase before the start of a new cycle, now is a time to confront head on what is causing chaos in your life. A little hexing here and then, if such practice coheres with your beliefs, might just work out during this moon phase.


Lunar Deities: Phoebe, Artemis, Selene, Hecate, Chang'e, Sin, Mani, Tsukuyomi, Ibis, Chonsu, Thoth, Set, Chia, Wadd, Elatha, Luna, Nepthys,


The Moon Tarot

 The moon tarot invokes the unconscious, introspect, and discovery. The face of the moon is half seen, symbolizing pregnancy and the mystery of the soul. The rays of light represent creation and power, and are a vital symbol of life. The animals, perhaps a wolf or dog, sit opposite of a river, mouths lifting to howl at the moon. This can represent the cutting of ties with someone close, and is especially poignant in the idea of hiding or forgetting ones ancestry. A crustacean sits in blue water at height of a pond, symbolizing hidden emotions and sensitivity. The water flowing towards the moon along with the crustacean and dogs rising towards it can be seen as a unity of self. The water at the bottom, where the crustacean sits, is drawn in by the moon, evoking female cycles, as well as passage from life to death and vice versa.


This will most likely be updated and added to, but for now, here this is! I hope this can help somebody out.

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Can we get more details about ur hacked genji au? the poor boy :c (pls destroy him)

Well uh there are a lot of details I’d like to elaborate on through comics and drawings and stuff but I guess the basic premise is that sombra’s taken control of his body and plans to use him for Talon’s benefit (where it suits her lol). Which means hurting his friends but also spending time with her between missions watching her flex her cool hacker muscles

Meds n Stuff

first of all, everyone responds to meds differently so this is just my experience with these medications, but I thought it may be helpful.

Zyprexa- worked very well for my hallucinations and mood stability, however I gained over 50 pounds while on it without changing my eating routine.

Prozac- my best buddy. sometimes makes me a bit manic if the dosage is too high, but overall has “cured” my OCD symptoms and helps with anxiety a ton.

Latuda- I was only on it for about a week and a half and I was constantly throwing up and felt even more depressed than before.

Klonopin- mildly helps with anxiety and sleep but I have such a high tolerance to the stuff that I’d only really notice a difference if you didn’t give it to me.

Xanax- similar to Klonopin, much faster acting, but less long lasting.

Abilify- I know a lot of people hate it, but for me it works to a degree and I’m on the maximum dosage. It doesn’t stop all of my hallucinations, but it’s so much less severe than before that I’d say t’s doing a good job. As for mood stability, I can’t say it does much for that.

Restoril- good for sleep and panic attacks.

Minipress- amazing for nightmares (especially trauma related), if you have nightmares please tell your psych and ask for minipress. Only downside is it lowers your blood pressure so it makes you kinda dizzy, but ideally you’ll be asleep during this time so that doesn’t really matter.

Lithium- I have a love/hate relationship with lithium. It sure as hell stabilized my mood, but at what cost? I was flat and emotionless and just wanted to feel something. That was why I stopped taking it. 

I hope that helped somebody, please discuss your experiences with these and other medications that I didn’t mention! 

[EDIT] as requested, my diagnosis is schizoaffective bipolar type, borderline personality disorder, OCD, PTSD, and other various anxiety disorders.

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Have u played Ieyasu's route? If u have, i wanna know what u think of him cuz i'm thinking of doing him next but he seems REALLY mean in the little bit i've seen of him.

Firstly I have to say that I like Ieyasu as a character. He’s actually one of my favourite characters in SLBP, I think he’s a great villain, BUT I do not like him as a romantic interest. (And just not to start any drama, this is my personal opinion and other people have theirs and I respect that.)

His main story has great character development (imo the best in slbp) and gives him a good backstory. His retainers are a weird and entertaining bunch and I wish he gets more event stories where we get to see them. Story wise, I think his main story is one of my favourites.

As a romantic interest, I do not like him for the same reasons why I think he’s a great character. He’s abusive, manipulative and dishonest. He physically and verbally assaults MC and Tadatsugu trying to push them together is questionable at best (like I get why he does it but pushing somebody to be with their assaulter is not cool). The romance revolves a lot around MC “healing” Ieyasu and Ieyasu “needing” her.

I still have to say I recommend the route if you don’t find physical assault triggering. If you do, then please stay safe and away from his route.

I don’t remember who were Yasu fangirls, maybe they have something to say about him too? Um, @dreamsinparadise ?

anyway guys, here is some ACTUAL solid advice i can give to you:

  • exfoliate your lips twice a day, once when you wake up and the other time before you go to bed. 
  • speaking of before you go to bed, always apply chapstick/lip balm before going to bed. trust me, if you have problems with dry lips then this’ll improve things greatly 
  • exfoliate your face twice a week!! that way you’re getting rid of dead skin and all that jazz but don’t overdo it or you’ll really make your skin sensitive
  • this might be common knowledge already but if you’re using your hands to wash your face, wash your hands before you use them to put anything on your face otherwise you’re just getting dirt and stuff on your face
  • if you’re having trouble getting rid of acne scars, then applying bleaching cream to those spots will diminish them in a few days’ time if you apply it every night before you go to bed

ok that’s pretty much the only good advice i have, i hope at least one of these helps !!

Be proud of yourself. Please. Even if it’s something that’s hard for you right now. Please try your best to be proud. You deserve it now more than ever. You are working so hard. You are making progress every single day, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Through all of your thunderstorms and your bad times, you’ve kept going every time and gotten yourself through it one way or another. You did that. You are still breathing, and still moving forward and still working for yourself. You are amazing. Okay? Say it in the mirror today.

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Hey the boys said once in an interview that each item on the landmark artwork represented a song on the album. Just wondering if you knew which items represented which songs

hi ! i think some of the items are still undisclosed (bc i’ve seen fans piecing together songs-items so i guess there’s still some mystery to that). nathan said this, though:

“The cover is a graphic illustration of our rehearsal space,” explains Stocker. “All of the items in the room are representative of the songs on the album. The calendar represents ‘Monsoon,’ the tree outside is ‘Boyish,’ and the boxing gloves symbolize ‘Buttercup.’ And that room itself is a major landmark for us, and we wanted to pay tribute to that. It’s like the most relevant thing in our lives. Spending all that time writing in that room, it’s where it all started. From the beginning, the band started there.” [full interview]

Pro tip || Phil Lester

A/N: Hey! Surprise!! so many of you wanted me to write a Phil imagine so I did! This was a request by @shyecti! Sorry for the awful name by the way I just had to!

POV: Reader

Word Count: 1.4K


Originally posted by astronautdan

He walked in and for a second time slowed down and the earth stopped turning. Working as a waitress on the weekends I see a lot of people all the time. Most of them just look the same to me, but he was different.

The stranger had dark black hair and really light skin. Although he was wearing an expensive looking suit he was wearing bright red socks underneath his leather dress shoes. He was maybe a little bit older than me but I was never the best at guessing somebody’s age.

I was interested to see if somebody was accompanying him but he seemed to have come on his own.

It was a Saturday night and the restaurant I was working at had been pretty busy all day, now that it was getting late there were mainly a few couples who were drinking wine left.

To be honest I was totally exhausted, I had exams all week and having to run around the restaurant all day really made my feet and back hurt. The cherry on top of this great week was probably the little kid that spilled spaghetti all over the apron, that I had to wear as my working uniform, today.

With surprise, I noticed that weird-sock guy didn’t sit down at one of the tables. I was standing behind the bar and cleaned a few glasses since all of the guests were currently sorted and secretly watched him.

He spoke to one of my colleagues and seemed to have ordered something before he started walking directly towards me.

The young man that had all of my attention sat down on one of the bar stools right in front of me. I freaked out a little, he was even better looking close up.

“Good evening. Can I get you something?” I asked him with a friendly smile.

“Sure, I’ll take a gin tonic while I wait.” He said, his Northern accent prominent in his deep voice.

“Already on the way.” I chirped with a nod before I started preparing his drink.

By now I figured that he had ordered some take away and he was just waiting for the food to finish.

I was just pouring the gin over a few ice cubes that I had put in a glass as he introduced himself to me.

“I’m Phil by the way, are you new here? I have never seen you before.”

There was something about him that fascinated me. I was so glad that he decided to start a conversation.

“I’m Y/N, I just work here on the weekends.” I explained politely and handed him his gin tonic.

He took the ice-cold drink into his huge hands and delightfully took the first sip.  

“And what do you do when you don’t work here?” Phil wanted to know, setting down his glass and looking at me. He seemed genuinely interested.

“Well, during the week I struggle at college.” I said with a little laugh, but it was one hundred percent true.

Since I have to work all weekend I need to do all of my school work during the week and also attend my classes. It was pretty stressful and sometimes it just got too much especially because my parents expect me to have amazing grades all the time.

“You may not believe it but I can totally relate to that!” Phil laughed while I shot him a confused and shocked look.

“OH no, I’m not at college anymore, I graduated like 3 years ago, but I haven’t forgotten those times.” Phil explained eagerly as soon as he saw my facial expression.

That made sense to me, I would have been surprised if he weren’t older than me.

‘He is only 3 years older than you’ the voice in my head screamed with excitement. That was indeed a reasonable age gap.

“So, what are you majoring in, Y/N?” He asked me curiously and the way he said my name made my heart melt.

“English Literature” I answered. “…I know it sounds boring.” I quickly added, already expecting the standard reaction.

“Boring? I also did English Lit but then I started an additional IT course and now I run an IT firm. Life has a weird way of working, but I am not complaining.”  

I tried to not seem too impressed but that sounded incredibly interesting. The reason why he wore such a nice suit was because he was the head of a business that seemed to be pretty successful!

“Enough about me, I want to know more about you. Why do you struggle at college? Is Mrs. Horthon still teaching English Lit?” Phil wanted to know, laughing a little.

“Oh my god, you know her!? She was awful! We threw the biggest party of the whole semester after she retired.” I told him excitingly remembering the possibly craziest night of my life so far.

“I wish I was at that party!” Phil chuckled and then asked me to continue talking about myself.

“Well, I guess I’m just a little bit stressed out all the time. I barely manage all of the work I need to do for college but I can’t quit this job because I need the money.” I explained with a sigh as I dried off another shot glass.  

After that me and Phil ranted about tuition fees and he even told me that he had to work at a pizzeria during his college times.

“The order for Lester is ready!” Andy, one of my colleagues exclaimed.

“Oh that’s me then.” Phil told me as he got up from the bar stool and put on his jacket.

“It was really nice to meet you Y/N.” He smiled and said goodbye as he placed some money on the counter to pay for his drink.

I was disappointed that he had to leave, I wanted to talk to him all night. Just as he walked away I realized that I would probably never see him again.

‘Phil Lester, the one that got away’ I joked in my head, remembering his last name.

I never really believed in love at first sight but because of him I wasn’t so sure anymore.

With a sad smile, I grabbed his money only to find out that he had given me a roll of cash. With pure shock, I realized that those weren’t one dollar bills but one hundred dollar bills!

I had never in my life seen so much money at once before. It was so much that I wouldn’t have to work at all anymore, but I couldn’t keep it.

My eyes quickly scanned the room for Phil’s black hair but he was nowhere to be seen. I headed over to Andy, the colleague that got Phil his food.

“Where is the young man with the weird socks ?!” I nearly shouted at him, earning a few rude stares.

“He took his food and left?? Why??” Andy told me, looking at me like I was out of my mind.

“He already left? He left a way too big tip, I need to give it back.”

“C’mon a tip can’t be too big, I bet he just liked you.” Andy tried to convince me but as I showed him the money in my hands his eyes doubled in size.

“Holy shit, Y/N! That’s like more worth than my entire existence!”

“Not helping, Andy!” I complained.

Not knowing what else to do I opened the roll of money. My heart nearly jumped out of my rib cage as I saw a little note between all of those dollar bills.

It was a simple sheet of white paper that somebody had quickly scrabbled something on.

I hope this helps.

I was internally screaming with both happiness and utter frustration. But then I saw that there was also a note on the back.

Ps. Now that you won’t work here anymore I need a way to still see you. Why don’t you call me?

0987654321 – Phil

“Ha I told you he likes you.” Andy grinned and although I playfully hit his shoulder I was staring down at Phil’s phone number with a huge smile.


I made this leaves brush today for a pic I’m working in.

First table of settings is on pen, second one is on brush.

The pen one is great to put the base shape or a branch or something, while the second one comes handy for the special thing brush makes: blending colors. Make some more leaves with it and look the magic happening before your eyes. The brush also is useful for an acrylic-like technique.

The 2 flower-things you see above came out in about 15 seconds each one.

Try them out if you like!

I’ve gotten an overwhelming response to my classpect/moon post, but amidst all the answers, there have been a surprising number who don’t know what their Homestuck moon is, or how to find out! I decided to gather my favorite methods/observations into one convenient post. There’s no one correct way to place somebody, and I actually use different combinations of these methods, but they should shed a little light on the subject. In the end, you’ll want to stick with the moon you feel is right for you or the person/character you’re sorting! If enough people show interest, I may also do a masterpost of classpect tests/methods, but for now, I hope this helps somebody out.

(Unfortunately, since some of these have been passed around and repeated so many times in the fandom, it’s become difficult to find the original source of the idea. If you have a source, please let me know.)

  1. Prospit dreamers are Heroes who need to learn to be Warriors, and Derse dreamers are Warriors who need to learn to be Heroes. Alright, so this is pretty abstract. Still, I like it because it puts into words something I’ve always noticed I’ve been unable to articulate, so, y’know, to each their own.
  2. Prospit dreamers keep their beds neat or their recuperacoons visible in their main living space. Derse dreamers have messy beds or keep their recuperacoons separate from their living area, out of sight. This doesn’t really apply outside of canon, since a messy bed can be attributed to lots of unrelated factors (and I’d hope ya’ll don’t have actual recuperacoons), but it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you’re designing/sorting a character. Vriska and Terezi are the exceptions to this rule, as Prospit dreamers whose recuperacoons are not shown in their rooms. I’m not sure why this is, but it seems significant that it’s those two in particular.
  3. Prospit dreamers usually have passive masculine-tendency or active feminine-tendency god tier classes. Derse dreamers usually have active masculine or passive feminine classes. This one is my favorite, because it’s mostly concrete but still allows for people to be people and for sessions to have irregularities, as they generally do. If you don’t know what categories your class falls under, there’s a chart below that should help, along with a handy-dandy flowchart that covers pretty much everything you need to know about this option. Exceptions: Any troll that shares a class with a human is on the opposite moon, except for Tavros, Nepeta, and Eridan (who happen to be class buddies with Jake, Roxy, and Dirk, respectively. Not sure if this means anything). Kanaya and Calliope dream on Prospit, despite their passive classes, possibly because they are Space players. Aradia and Damara, both active gals, dream on Derse, but it’s difficult to say whether this is because they share classes with kids, because they are Time players, or both. There is little evidence for aspects affecting dream moons, except for Space and Time (which are consistent throughout the comic), so I wouldn’t worry about it unless you fall under either of those.

Keep in mind that Sburb/Sgrub sessions are shown to have an even number of Prospit and Derse dreamers. You may want to take this into account in fan sessions.

Class chart:

Heir, Mage, Seer, Rogue, and Knight are shown to be more on the neutral side, but in the interest of simplicity, they’ve been assigned genders based on several elements found in canon (except for Mage, that one might be the only True Gender Neutral Class™, but I’ve assigned an M to it to keep things symmetrical). Assuming the Alpha trolls dream on the same moons as their counterparts, Kankri, Rufioh, and Latula all identify as the opposite binary gender from that to which their class is traditionally assigned, but they dream on the moon that fits with their gender preferences (ex. Kankri is passive masculine and thus dreams on Prospit, despite Seer being traditionally feminine) Ultimately, the gender is up to you.

Tumblr screwed up the flowchart, but here’s a link to a full sized version.

None of these methods decide anything for certain, even the more concrete ones. Everything is ultimately up to you. Go forth, Homestucks, and pleasant dreams!

(Also, it’s interesting to note that Sollux has his recuperacoon visible in his room, indicative of a Prospit dreamer, but method 1 points to Derse.¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

That old cliché

An image: Harry pressed as far back into the cold stone of Hogwarts’ wall as he can get, Malfoy stepping ominously closer until he’s right in front of him, invading his personal space, face intense, eyes even more so.

He’s so close, Harry thinks he can feel the heat of the other boy (no, not a boy anymore) in the scant distance between them, blanketing his exposed skin and making his cheeks and forehead feel like they’re inches away from live fire, not another human being.

He would be glancing wildly around if Draco’s eyes didn’t have a magnetizing effect. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t look away. Malfoy looks so severe, and the flickering torchlight only emphasizes his angularity.

Malfoy takes another step impossibly closer. His hips barely brush Harry’s, and he leans in, presses their foreheads together. All the while, he never breaks eye contact. Harry’s eyes begin to burn, but he can’t bring himself to blink.

They’ve been building up to this all year, Harry thinks. For longer, probably, than he wants to think about. He’s been waiting–anticipating, dreading–this very moment for a long time, and now it’s come, he doesn’t know what to do. His palms feel sweaty, he’s alarmingly aware of his heart beating a tattoo against his ribcage. He swallows nervously.

Malfoy catches the motion, and the shadow of emotion morphs his face for a brief second before it’s gone. Fast enough to leave Harry reeling.

“Scared, Potter?” he asks, and his voice is pitched so low, Harry barely catches it. His body jerks minutely under Draco’s smothering presence, and he–finally, finally–has the permission to blink. Involuntarily, his gaze drops to Malfoy’s lips.

“Yes,” he gasps.

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Help I'm so stressed out for tonight! I am sick feeling and so worried.

Listen listen, I am probably the worst person you could talk to to find any type of solace. I have bit off all of my fingernails, my stomach is a mess, and I have insomnia. But I will say this, we have seen the evidence to suggest romantic potential. If not for a ‘relationship’ then to prove it’s not parental. 

Whether or not they remain true to what they’ve written, I just don’t know. I’m hoping and praying that they see what they’ve created. It’s not just parental because of the sexually charged scenes. Which I’ve stated before you CAN have a sexual relationship with paternal aspects just NOT the other way around.

I won’t be able to watch live tonight because of my sisters concert (which could end up being a godsend) but you are welcome to message me all you want. As matter of fact it would be appreciated.