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I got the books for my Renaissance Art History exam and this happened.
I did Leliana first, inspired by an angel on a fresco, and then I thought “oh let’s just make them all”

*lies down on bed and dies*

I think I wanted to prove some kind of point to myself by drawing these but sadly I can’t remember what the point was

(open them to see tha pretty details)

not only was guan shan’s phone on the inbox screen for he tian, but his phone is literally about to turn off from low battery. so he has been lying there for who knows how many hours wasting his battery and refreshing the screen so it doesn’t dim/turn off, waiting for a message (inevitably) to come through


[ 16 • 3 ] 1 / 100

rainy afternoons are best spent in the library !

Um, based on the fic Chill or Be Chilled by @totalskeletontrash. (specifically the new chapter’s cliffy hangz that just killed me)

I probably spent way more time on this trash than I should have. ye

this post has been forever in the making.

raise your hand if you remember when started a fic based on this ask and then neglected to update it for ten months!

well here’s an update! this is part four. this is part 1. this is part 2. this is part 3. this is part 5 (but read this one first!) this is part 6. I recommend reading all of them to refresh your memories (because I had to do it too while I was writing). there’s no toy action in this part, but there will be in the next part! this was already just so long and I’d gotten to a good stopping point and I figured I’d go ahead and post it as a thank you for y’all getting me to 2,000 followers!

After seeing Luke take his turn with the new toy, Ashton’s still a little wary about it. Luke helps him warm up to the idea.

2,815 words; not the longest installment but honestly this is just Luke and Ashton having sex and feelings. I hope everyone likes it! :)

It’s a few weeks before Ashton gets his turn with the plug. They have plenty of days off in that time, but with tour coming up soon, they spend most of their downtime coming up with ideas for stupid stuff to do on stage and learning how to say important things in other languages (my name is…, what’s your name, where’s the bathroom, various curse words). Calum and Michael are constantly making out (to the point that they can’t sit next to each other in interviews or they’ll start fucking on the couch), and Luke and Ashton are, well…

They’re stuck, if you had to use a word for it. Sure, they made out for a little bit before Luke’s turn with the plug, but they haven’t really talked about any of it yet, and they haven’t kissed any more since that night, either, much to both of their dismay. Luke doesn’t want to push Ashton too far too fast, and Ashton’s just afraid that that night was a one-time situational thing, never to happen again. Truth be told, Ashton’s apprehensive about his turn with the plug, and right now he’s not sure that even Luke could talk him in to it.

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