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Hogwarts! Hoshi

anon requested: “Hi! can i request a Hogwarts Hoshi please? thank you so much💓💓💓” and “Heyyy! i really love your Hogwarts!Au and i was wondering if you could do a Hoshi!Hogwarts AU???? thanks in advanceeee”

  • honestly people don’t really know if he’s Hufflepuff or not 
  • like somethings yeah, and other times no…
  • like what Hufflepuff disco dances on the chairs at lunch 
  • people really only have two thoughts about him 
  • “sheesh people are trying to eat here" 
  • "lmao that Soonyoung guy is really funny" 
  • walking around the school, he’ll be really playful 
  • and seemingly not serious about anything at all 
  • but you’ve never seen him in class or working 
  • paying attention most of the time 
  • if he’s not, he’s probably goofing off with someone 
  • or trying to sneak in food and pass it around 
  • freaks out when he doesn’t have all the notes 
  • and goes beg someone wonwoo for them 
  • but seriously studies so hard for exams 
  • because he’s muggleborn 
  • and pretty open about it 
  • all about proving everyone wrong, that muggleborns can succeed too 
  • and gets really angry when some people bully others about it, or just any bullying in general actually 
  • he used to stand back, because he was scared to go up 
  • but one day in second year, he gained confidence and just exploded 
  • "you’re not even HALF the person he is" 
  • ever since then no one bullies anyone while he’s around unless you wanna face his wrath 
  • and 12 others 
  • Hufflepuff’s cheeriest beater 
  • hits the flying balls with a smile on his face 
  • still hella competitive though
  • if anyone can pull off being serious but bright it’s Kwon Soonyoung 
  • doing tricks on his broom whenever they win
  • with the announcer Seungkwan screaming in the background 
  • best subjects are Charms and Astronomy 
  • in his first year, they had to learn ‘incendio' 
  • a spell to create fire 
  • waved his wand around and said the word once and all of a sudden the desk was on fire
  • screamed his head off 
  • he was like okay Charms isn’t my thing 
  • a week later Jihoon was like 
  • ”??? it means you’re good at it, just learn how to have some control"
  • shows off to to all the new first years at dinner annually 
  • it’s basically a tradition now to have Soonyoung light the tip of his wand on fire and creating smores for everyone 
  • and consecutively getting detention 
  • in third year, he got this brilliant idea after he had got a high grade in astronomy 
  • for a while everyone was looking at him like wtf 
  • but he legit said it like 17 times a day though 
  • so they gave in 
  • somehow, it became understood you only call him Soonyoung if you were close 
  • or a teacher 
  • you’re a Gryffindor meaning you have Herbology with Hufflepuff 
  • you stand right across from him 
  • so whenever he makes a mistake and looks up in embarrassment to check if anyone saw 
  • you normally catch his eyes and offer an eye smile then put one finger over your mouth 
  • making him giggle loudly the first time 
  • "are bowtruckles funny to you Soonyoung?" 
  • Hoshi’s kinda notorious for ruining plants 
  • so you guys have these exchanges often 
  • but really the only things he’s good at is creating fire when needed, 
  • the only reason why he’s passing 
  • you guys have had this 'inside joke’ going on for about two years now, being in fourth year currently 
  • you both don’t really talk much outside of class besides the 'hey what’s up’ in the hallways 
  • but on this day he musters up the courage to walk up next to you
  • "heyyy y/n" 
  • looking away from your friend, you grin, "heyyy" 
  • glancing back at your friend, she wiggles her eye brows and leaves winking 
  • yeah you pray Hoshi didn’t catch that 
  • walking together, talking and making jokes, you eventually get to your class
  • "this is me, bye Hoshi~” you wave and walk into the classroom
  • “byee~” he calls happily before turning around and sighing 
  • not before being pulled to the side by Jun though 
  • “I see you there, make a move” Jun smirks 
  • Hoshi simply groans, ”she called me Hoshi though, i’m basically being friendzoned!!!“ 
  • "but you never told her to call you Soonyoung!!! you have to tell her!" 
  • "what if she thinks i’m weird!" 
  • it’s known between their group of friends Hoshi has a major crush on you 
  • "you can do it okay!” Jun cheers before walking into the class also 
  • and although Soonyoung didn’t show it, he was lowkey stressed for the rest of the week 
  • because how was he supposed know how you felt about him 
  • ooohhh but Jun knew but the sly fella wasn’t gonna tell Hoshi anything, gotta learn himself 
  • that doesn’t stop Jun from walking up to you in the common room one night 
  • “y/n!!!" 
  • you look up from your essay and give him a look, "what?" 
  • you unwillingly let him slide into the couch you’re sitting on 
  • "sooooo about Soonyoungie" 
  • you don’t show a reaction even though you’re freakin out on the inside 
  • "Hoshi? what about him?" 
  • "next time we go to hogsmeade, i’ll come over to you with Soonyoung and listen to me, MAKE A MOVE!!" 
  • "uhhh” you say speechless, you eyes wavering, “are you trying to break my heart?!?!" 
  • it’s obvious to you by now, Jun knows you have a crush on Hoshi 
  • well seems like he’s tryna put Hoshi im a position he doesn’t want to be in
  • "what NO never!! i’m telling, you. unleash your Gryffindor!" 
  • you roll you eyes at him, "don’t you have better things to do, i’m trying to finish this essay that’s due tomorrow" 
  • he simply smiles before leaving, and of course excessively whispers "Hogsmeade" 
  • yeah well that time came 
  • with Jun’s girlfriend dragging you to Hogsmeade and very obviously making the two of you sit in a specific four seater booth 
  • with her sitting across from you 
  • you stare at your friend, "Does Jun think he’s a master at love now that he’s got you?" 
  • you can tell you friend gets a tiny bit flustered, "ah what are you talking about?" 
  • "mhmm” you nod sarcastically, “well i’m getting a butterbeer" 
  • she shakes her head, "NO" 
  • "ooka-" 
  • "HI BABE” Jun suddenly comes over saying a little too loud, sliding into the booth next to her, “heyyy Y/N" 
  • this of course only gives Hoshi the option of sitting next to you 
  • you smile nervously, "hey Hoshi" 
  • "a-ah, hey y/n” he flashes the most adorable grin ever 
  • “sooo where’s the butterbeers at? excuse me can i get two butterbeers?”
  • he calls someone over then gives Soonyoung a smirk 
  • “can i get two butterbeers too?” Hoshi calls also 
  • 'okay??? like am I just supposed to assume he’s buying one for me?? or maybe he’s just thristy??’ you think 
  • “I-” you start 
  • “I got you don’t worry,” he says with a smile, cutting you off 
  • you laugh sheepishly, “ah you don’t have to, i’ll pay" 
  • he shakes his head, the corners of his mouth twitching up 
  • at this time the butterbeer arrives
  • Hoshi reaches in his pocket and quickly hands them to the waitress who’s already walking away  
  • "i can pay you back” you blurt looking into his eyes 
  • “it’s no big deal, here drink” he hands you the drink 
  • his eyes are the cutest when he smiles 
  • “well okay we’re gonna go do couple stuff so i hope you guys do too” Jun leaves you and Hoshi with that statement, taking his girlfriend and your friend with him 
  • you whip you head back at Hoshi who’s already looking at you 
  • it seems like the both of you just decide to ignore jun’s words 
  • with blush tinted faces 
  • “soo Hoshi-" 
  • "just call me Soonyoung” if possible the redness in his ears is more noticeable 
  • “a-ah okay, wow I’m getting cut off a lot today” you joke 
  • “my bad” he chuckles
  • the both of you sit there making jokes as you finish the butterbeer 
  • he stays sitting next to you and doesnt move across from you 
  • it might have looked uncomfortable to others but you were okay with it 
  • completely okay 
  • “let’s go look around!” he suggests excitedly 
  • when you both were walking down the streets, his elbow grazed yours 
  • you wanted to hold his hand so badly 
  • well he wanted to hold you so so much too 
  • you guys end up looking at candy 
  • “i love the chocolate frogs” you say looking at a box 
  • “i’m trying to collect the cards” he laughs as if he’s embarrassed 
  • “well if i get anyone important i’ll give it too you” you nudge his arm smiling 
  • making his heart jump 
  • soon it’s time to go back so the two of you ride the carriage together 
  • and as it’s time to part ways, you don’t want to leave 
  • not without something happening, what, you don’t know 
  • “i had a great time,” you say softly, wrapping your arms around him 
  • burying your head into his shoulders as you feel his arms wrap around you 
  • “let’s hang out again, anywhere, the hogsmeade trip is too far” he says by your ear 
  • “i’ll find you soon, soonyoung,” you depart with a smile on your face, winking
  • “i hope you do,” he laughs, showing off his brightest grin
  • you don’t turn around at the sound one of Soonyoung’s friends 
  • but you raise a hand to your mouth to muffle your giggle when hearing Soonyoung’s pleads to stop the teasing

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Only One - Jaehyun [4]

A/N: FINALLYYYYYY I hope you guys aren’t disappointed :/ i know yall are hyped so i hope it meets your expectations (it prolly doesnt TT) More action will happen in pt. 5 but this pt. got some stuff too… hopefully I won’t take as long to write the next part tho. My apologies again my friends for taking 10 years to finish this… 

-Admin Kay

Prologue   Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3   Pt 4

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Part 4 - Indecisive 

Genre: Angst, Drama

Rating PG

(slight language)

Word Count: 3,771

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Izuku’s giggling makes his heart flutter but it’s the little tree that barely has two meters from the ground what makes his heart soar. It’s standing like it’s proudly declaring he’s a survivor, winning against the odds of sprouting from the infertile ground and persevering regardless of it, barely tall and with branches so thin it makes one believe the thing is a—


aka I’m hopelessly in love with @soulestring‘s fic Falling, seriously please read it IT’S PERFECT I’M A DROWNING FOOL FOR THESE IDIOTS.