i hope it does

New role for Angel! She will be playing Melina in the upcoming action adventure series Hooten and the Lady.

The 8 x 60-minute series follows adventurer Hooten, who teams up with Lady Alexandra from the British Museum to track down lost treasures, including the lost Amazonian golden city of Z, the Buddha’s missing scroll and the lost tomb of Alexander the Great.

The show will air on Sky 1 next summer.


i watched Turbo after reading @penmaries‘ post and somehow this happened

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cloud-watching, fields of lavender, crystal greenhouses, pearl necklace, the mediterranean breeze in your skin, bath salts, the feel of grass on your feet, italian balconies, strawberries dipped in chocolate, white wine and moleskin notebooks.

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Hello I’m auditioning for the role of ‘hot friend in the movie that hardly goes out and only consumes discount pocky knock-offs and vodka.’
What’s that? I got the part?

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I thought episode 18 was pretty good, but I really felt bad for Chat. I mean in episode 15, he (as Adrien) was talking about how he really didn't contribute. Then here comes the newest episode where Ladybug kicks his ass and four other villains'. I hope he gets an episode where he actually does most everything.

Same, I loved how badass Ladybug was, but I felt super bad for Chat. I don’t think the episode was trying to make him feel bad, but i do think it’s build up for something major near the end of the season. Keeping my fingers crossed for happiness!

Double Take

Okay so I was reading Double Take by The Committee for the hundredth time. Seriously why can’t I find more fanficiton like this?!?!!!!

I mean…

Kikyo and Kagome are twins! They love eachother! And just when Kagome comes back…

We find out Kikyo has a stalker! Kikyo hasn’t been taking it well but now she’s not alone. She’s got Kagome here to help her!

And as this is a true High School AU we get to see Kikyo in all her High School glory. Inuyasha and Kikyo hate eachother, but without any Kikyo-bashing (thank god amirite?) It’s all just a misunderstanding between them. It’s wonderful.

Then Kikyo’s stalker attacks! And Kagome goes to school in Kikyo’s place. Ooooh this parts to amazing. 

And now we have this drama where Inuyasha thinks he’s falling back in love with Kikyo (who’s actually Kagome). And Kagome’s feeling jealous every time Inuyasha says Kikyo. AAAhhhhh. This part gives me so many feelings. 

Then I read until it stops because this fic hasn’t been updated since Aug 8, 2007. And I cry and cry. Because I need more. I’m not creative enough to think up even how this fic could end. SOMEONE TELL ME AN ENDING I NEED ITTT!!

I don’t even care that I pretty much spoiled the fic cause I know no one will read it. But I will continue to check every so often for updates. I still have hope that maybe one day….it’ll update!

ready to see my pal Bruno Mars do halftime! I hope he does as well as he did back when we performed together at super bowl 48. For those of you who don’t know, I was lucky enough to perform in the super bowl halftime show 2 years ago. It was a life changing experience!

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Osho <3

changing leaves, emerald gems, singing offkey and not caring at all, colorful socks, fragile antiques, honey brown eyes, early mornings, beautiful views, the smell of paprika and flickering lights.

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BodPosFeb Day 8- something you are grateful for allowing your body to do.

Although I am by far the biggest person in the vet clinic, I am nowhere near the least strong or the least fit.

I wear a fitbit, and when the weather’s food I will accomplish 10k steps per day. One of the nurses saw I was wearing it, and decided to get one too. I think she thought that if I, at my great size, could reach those step targets, then she should be able to easily.

She made the target once in a month, then ‘forgot to charge it’ and her fitbit hasn’t been seen since. I hope she’s not embarrassed that the fat woman does more exercise than she does.

I can also routinely lift large bags of food (15kg+) and heavy dogs on my own (up to 30kg). I find it particularly frustrating when the young, fit nurses who always talk about the gym and boast that they can lift or bench press 30kg wont even try to help me lift a 40kg dog. That’s only about 20kg each to lift! They’d much rather get the 56 year old boss to lift it instead.

I might not go to a gym, but at least I can use my strength in a practical way.

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How does can Haise still survive in the CCG While he's an investigator!? I mean he can just eat human meat right!?or there's another reason makes him still survive with the CCG in the whole TG:re without eating human meat!?Please answer this!!

Ah hey Anon! We don’t know yet, what Haise really eats, but there’s a chance that he gets the same food as the prisoners in Cochlea.  And we don’t know yet what the ghouls there really eat, but Hinami’s diary (x) tells us, that it’s some kind of “stew” :). 

Update via Queue

I’ve had a lot of questions about when certain fics will update and when I’ll be posting new fic updates. The short answer is: soon.

The long answer is: my energy levels were already severely depleted before my little near death experience in the hospital in January. Ever since then I’ve been really, really, struggling with even the most basic forms of self care. I get exhausted going for a shower at the moment, let alone being able to update my writing to the standard it needs to be at. On top of this I am trying to find a job because we’re financially sinking. We just plain can’t afford my medical bills anymore, and although I am still getting some minor editing work and the incredibly rare and generous donations from people who read my work and want to show their appreciation…it’s not enough. Even if I had editing work every single day, it still wouldn’t be enough.

So, where does that leave fic updates? I am hoping to put some sort of schedule into place whereby you can expect a fic update from me every other Friday, (every Friday if my health allows) whether it’s from a multiple chapter fic or just something else, #Friday Fic will now be a thing on this blog. As per usual fandoms will be labeled (#Dishonored Fic, #Discworld Fic etc etc) and at present that is the easiest way to rummage through my tags to find what you’re looking for. You can also check out my Ao3 which will also be getting a serious update, hopefully by the end of this month and I’m also still toying with the idea of setting up a patreon account for writing but we’ll see.

So, yea. Thank you to everyone sending really sweet messages of support and for showing a continued interest in my writing. It really means a lot, more than you’ll ever know <3

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Rose! ♥ -danisnotonfiretm

vintage keys, fresh fruits, fancy drinks on glass flutes, cat ears, nails tapping against wood, golden cutlery, butterflies, high places, pink lips, small black clutches and long hugs. 

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i literally have no one in my life to be emo about and yet here i am nodding along to the front bottoms like “tru she probably does hope i’m cursed forever to sleep on a twin sized mattress”