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I saw a shipping post of the got7 members and was upset, then I saw your tags saying "why is this on my dash bambam said no shipping" and like... yes. Im following the right people. Love you, love your blog, love your content. Have a good day/night!!

Ok lemme explain

I still “ship” the members in got7, and also a lot of other kpop groups too. I dont want them to like MAKE OUT AND FALL IN A DEEP LOVE with each other but i just think it’s cute when pairs within the group do cute things together.
I’ll respect Bambam’s request to stop shipping in front of them. I never really liked that in the first place. I would be super uncomfortable too if a huge mass of people shipped my friends and me together in my face. (Like that one time when that girl at the US fanmeet had a shirt that said a super inappropriate thing between Jinyoung and JB D:<) 
BUT shipping is and has been a thing within every single kpop group, and every single fandom since forever. I think it’s stupid to go up to, let’s say, Bambam and be like “You and yugyeom are such boyfriends,” because it would, of course, make them uncomfortable. But, like i said, shipping has been a thing forever. I think it’s impossible to tell an entire fandom to stop shipping especially after all these fanfictions, edits, and other material has been created by talented fans.
 I also think shipping (WITHIN BOUNDARIES) is good. If it makes the people in the fandom happy and excited then why not, AS LONG AS THEYRE RESPECTING BOUNDARIES (meaning that they dont do it in front of got7 for them to become uncomfortable). 
So what I’m saying is, I continue to ship the members of got7. I still make gifsets of cute moments between members. But i think people should stop commenting on vlives saying “Markson” or “Yugbam” or anything related. Stop talking about ships to them in person. I can understand why got7 members are getting tired or that.They might think that you only see worth in Got7 because of the ships ya know.  
But if it makes people happy to watch “Markson Moments Compilation” on YouTube or read/write fanfics then go ahead. You do you. 

Love Got7, Respect Got7

True end

Teenage Angst Edgelord Baz Pitch

I’m very funny i know and the basil joke totally hasn’t been made a thousand times before ahaha

Also isn’t this the laziest shading you’ve ever seen?? The answer is yes but do i care?? also yes absolutely please don’t hate me

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hello!!!! i just discovered your blog and i have to save your writing for future reads! welcome to the shallura community! im so glad you're here 🤗

you’ve caught me at a very prolific time! i feel like i’m constantly flooding the tag, but given that i came in right as Ship Discourse started it’s probably more welcome than other nonsense to be found in the tag. I hope i’m not annoying people but I have a lot to say and about 80% of it is either star wars or shallura right now, so. drop by anytime and say hi I love chatting!!

Thanks for tagging me @onesliceofcheese  I dont know you, but I love you

Rules: Basically answer 20 questions or some about yourself and tag 5 people. You don’t have to answer any questions you’re uncomfortable with answering and you can change the questions if you like!

Favorite color: Blue, any shade of blue. God I love blue

Favorite songs: Right now or all-time favourites? Imma do both cause im avoiding responsibilities. Right now: Call them brothers, One more time with feeling, Two birds – all by  Regina Spektor (yes im really obsessed). All-time favourites: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen, I’m still loving you - Scorpion, Once upon a December – Anastasia (animated movie), I will survive – Gloria Gaynor. Tbh what kind of question is this I swear to god, this is rough buddy.

Favorite bands: Queen, The Beatles, can “Disney movies’ soundtracks” be a band?

City I would love to live in one day: Venice, for some reason? I guess it’s because of the water

Gender: Female yo.

Hogwarts house: Idk i got Ravenclaw in pottermore.

Constellation: Bootyful Libra.

Birthday: 19/10 (day first, month second. I shall never surrender to the American system)

Places I want to go: Japan, Canada, Switzerland (wanna get sum of dat chocolate), China, South Korea, Egypt, Morocco, can I say everywhere?  

Currently studying/working in/doing: studying Computer Engineering, forgotten what sleep was.

Why did you choose your URL: Actually I didn’t choose it, a friend of mine threw me to this hell site and I was never able to run away from it (in all honestly I don’t even mind, I’m all about dem memes)

Are there people from this website you’d like to meet: Hell yeah, joodlecoodleb im looking at you

Are you the kind of person who goes to talk to former classmates if you see them in public places or you avoid them?: It really depends who we are talking about. Am I gonna go talk to the misogynistic fratboy? Um, no thanks. But other than that, sure why not.

Last book you read: “The public confessions of a middle-aged woman” by Sue Townsend. I swear, it cracks me up.

Favorite movie: I’m not really into movies unless they are from Disney or dreamworks, But lemme tell you, I came out of Interstellar as a changed woman.

What did you want to be when you grew up: I’m honestly seeing where my career will take me, I’m not picky.

Do you want kids?: Nah, but do I want grandkids? Hell yeah. How? Well, that’s easy, I’ll just be like a really cool grandma and move out to a neighbourhood full of children, bake them brownies and let them pet my dogs and cats, and boom, instant grandkids.

Religion: Jew, but mostly because of the food.

Passions: Music, my PC, drama (when it doesn’t involve me, obviously) memes, water I guess.

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