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How would you describe the way Mitch feels about Joey and vice versa? I am just wondering what they see in each other.

oh man as someone who is extremely emotionally-constipated this miiiight be a bit of a challenge for me to explain but bear with me

mitch has had a crush on jonas practically since they first met as TWEENS, before he even fully realized he was gay. he,, thinks the world of jonas. practically obsessed LOL. as far as mitch is concerned, jonas is perfect mostly because he is nothing like mitch. he sometimes has trouble conveying his feelings tho. here is a handy diagram of what goes on in his brain

as a boyfriend, mitch is a bit smothering and anyone else might find it a little uhhh Too Much but for jonas its ideal

jonas comes from a weird place and kinda reacts to relationships in a different way. he and his sister were abandoned as kids and grew up in a household with not a whole lot of outward and obvious love? so he attaches somewhat quickly to people who show him real affection, but also has frequent fears of ppl he cares about leaving him. he’s pretty needy and needs to be constantly reminded that he’s loved and won’t be abandoned or forgotten. AND even though he’d probably never admit it he needs to feel safe and protected LOL he’s a very soft wimp (when he cant use his powers in public etc) and mitch keeps the scary ppl away. bc       hes scarier

they also balance eachother out quite a bit. mitch is a lot more conscious of how he acts and mellows out when he’s with jonas, while jonas becomes a little more self-confident!

SO UH jonas is afraid of ppl leaving him, and mitch has a rly hard time accepting the idea that anyone would actually love him (oh my god im sorry) THEYRE A MESS but they make it work and they make eachother happy so thats whats important

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*pokes softly* °w° Do you still draw for others? If yes. Would you, maybe, draw me Magnus cuddling with a MMA-bear plushie on a couch? Please? *purrpurr* If not it's okay. Just wanted to ask. :D

YEAH!!!! this is a real quick doodle but this ask is soooooo cute omg

I don’t what it was.
The light?
Your smile?
But in that moment, you looked so
—  i could have stared at you forever

splickedylit, two things. 

Headcanon that Gamzee has very soft lips because he compulsively applies lip balm to them as a sort of nervous habit, and a little pale gamkar fic to go with it. 

His lips are so soft. You think. They are, really. He’s on his knees, his hands tied up behind his back, bound. Soft, fluffy hand cuffs in a shade of purple, with your sign engraved on them. You can hear laughter coming from down stairs, in the living room where the humans and most of the trolls are. In fact, it’s just you and Gamzee that aren’t there. Even Kurloz is down there. But your mind isn’t on the game you won half a sweep ago, and it’s not on the laughter and shouts from down stairs.
 Your mind is how Gamzee looks half a sweep after the game. Because you’ve finally tracked him down, and finally got him alone and finally got him calmed down enough to talk to you and to let you near him.
 You can’t stop thinking about how thin he is, even after almost a perigee of feeding him. He looks so much better, but you can’t stop thinking about how you could probably snap one of his wrists. He kisses your wrist, and your mind spins.
 You yourself are sitting on the edge of the bed, and he’s-as mentioned before-kneeling in front of you. One hand is down, extended for him to kiss and nuzzle. The other is on the bed, but you quickly change that and move it to rest on his horn.
 You tilt his head up, exposing his throat, and then you bend down and kiss his throat. He makes this noise, and your heart flutters, and his cuffed hands come up to grab your shirt and hang on, clinging to you like if he were to let go, everything would come crashing down and he’d lose it all, again. He makes the noise again, when you kiss a second time, and somehow, his grip gets tighter. You’re scared your shirt is going to rip, but not scared enough to stop kissing his throat.
 Then you sit back up and the noise turns into something resembling a cat dying and you sort of want to stop for a moment. But you don’t, because this is important. You keep your grip on his horn and pull up, and after a moment he crawls on the bed. You crawl over and snuggle under the covers, dragging him along. He stays on the blankets, as if he thinks you don’t want him to follow.
 You change that by pulling his head-gently!- to the pillows and pulling the blankets over his body. You wrap an arm around his waist and pull his back to your stomach and put your mouth to his ear.
 “Shhhhoooooooshhh. Shhhhh.” You say. He begins to cry after a little while, broken, heart wrenching sobs, and you continue to shoosh him, and run your fingers down his chest. You give soft, comforting pats and he sobs harder, letting it all out.
 After he stops crying, you move to get out of the bed and he grabs your arm.
 “Brother…” His voice is a rasp and it hurts, like someone rubbing sand paper on your pusher. “Don’t, leave.”
 “Shh, sh, I’m going to go get some hot tea, you…” Your voice drifts off, because even you can’t bring yourself to cuss him out right now. What are you coming to these days? You slid off the bed and he makes a mournful noise. You force yourself to ignore his cries as you go down to the kitchen. You duck into the room and almost bump into Jane. You don’t stop to talk to her, just make a cup of tea and run back up to the room.


He’s curled up in a blanket, sobbing, getting his purple on the blankets. You sigh and mutter something about him being a bulge munching waste and sit on the bed. He crawls-crawls- to you and rests his head on your lap. You pull him up to lean against your chest and hold the tea to his mouth. He swallows it down the best he can, but a bit runs out of his mouth and he babbles wet apologies. You slowly shhhh him again until he calms down.
 You accidently brush your fingers over his lips when you try to get him to take the next cup of tea and inhale sharply at the feel of how soft his lips are, again. And it doesn’t even make sense, that his lips should be soft, because you’ve seen the way he gnaws them.  You get him to actually swallow more then he spills this time, and then you set the cup on the ground and take his head in your arms and shoosh him. One of your hands finds a horn and gently squeeze and rub it as he clicks and chirps at you. His lips find your wrist and kisses it and it’s so submissive. You exhale shakily.
 “My palest of brothers.” He wheezes out. You can almost feel the words fighting to get out. You give a half laugh, half sob and throw your arms around him, squeezing as close as you can. He wheezes again, and then winds an arm around you and squeezes back. He kisses your neck, nuzzling under your chin, and the last thing you can think before you drown in the pale feelings completely, is, his lips are so soft.


Later, when you’re washing his clothing, you are completely surprised to find a container of lip balm in his pants pocket. You look over to him with his blanket-The one with crabs all over it-wrapped around him and chuck it at him, and he gives you this goofy grin. You roll your eyes and mutter and throw his pants into the washer and hand him the lip balm.

Also all of your stuff is so awesome oh my gosh. :3

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Got some candles and I'm reading some Chimamanda in a bath of pink water. I think this is the kind of update that matters. All the lobe boot queen.

Here’s a thing I made of you treating yourself as my way of showing i’m glad you’re feeling empowered! All the love and hamburgers right back. :)

the  amount  i  miss  writing  octavia  is  off  the  charts  ,  so  imma  make  this  a  small  starter  call  hit  that  heart  ,  if  we  are  mutuals  ,  to  get  a  small  starter  once  i  get  off  work

idk what that yellow striped dude did in my dream like two days ago but i cannot get this dude out of my mind it’s stuck to me no matter what and i keep looking around the street to find him like as if im hoping he’s there 

@ilovejooheon JDJDJDJK god….. shouldnt he be dreaming abt his #1 supporter nd most beautiful girl ever aka u i mean. hes just my boyfriend friend…..

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i followed you on insta and i realized that it probably seemed creepy if I followed you out of nowhere so here i am.just letting you know that I hope i didnt come off as creepy ^^''( IM TRYING REALLY HARD TO NOT BE AWKWARD)


“There’s a lot of pretty, pretty ones
That want to get you high” - MM

I really hope im not creepy but i honestly just think these girls are so cool and they are such a fun little friend group; i love watching your guys smoking vids and just vibing with you so thanks for making me smile:-) @shay-gnar @psychedelic-freak-out @thcolleen

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i know youve talked about owning a jelly cat and i was wondering which size bashful bunny you have and if its big enough to hold in your arms when you sleep at night? ( i really hope this doesnt sound creepy im just trying to make sure a jelly cat is a good investment for me since theyre a bit pricey, and i wanted to know if theyre big enough for me to hold when i sleep )

its okay it doesnt sound creepy! sherlock is a small (18cm) jellycat (i believe) which is sort of big enough to cuddle but i definitely think the medium ones (24cm) are better for cuddling than the small ones (i have both sizes + use the smaller one as a more portable kinda thing + the bigger one for cuddling at night)