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Got free VIP Suite tickets to the BTS concert in Newark last night //
My sister already went to the first concert the other night and she had a good spot but even so she still wanted to go a second time and was begging me to go with her even tho i told her i was busy and lazy ((she didn’t want to be left alone with my workmates who were also going to be in the suite))

I was all “i don’t even know any of their songs and i have artworks to finish” but anyway ya I still got dragged

I liked some of their songs tho (and the choreography HHH) haha the concert was enjoyable even tho I had no idea what was happening 99% of the time (it was my first ever akjshskjdf) – also, that Rainbow Ocean (?) was so littttt

Hi! I love your art style…it’s given me the courage to start posting again instead of just reblogging everything. (I have already posted a picture of a poster I had done for international women’s day.) I hope to start posting more before my break is up! If not by then than sometime really soon!
Anyway, I love your your Jamilton and Jonsnavi posts. So I thought why not combine the two. This is in fact this is my first time drawing Usnavi and Johan and my first time drawing Jefferson and Hamilton in a lovers light. I love the reincarnated lovers AU with a bit of anguish. I think these two ships could mix well in that universe. And thus this piece was born! Thanks for the ship posts for the inspiration.

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hi nissi,,,, i don't know if my ask didn't come through or if you haven't had time to answer (in that case pls ignore this, take ur time replying!!) but a couple weeks ago i asked you if you knew any "epistolary" fics, similar to "you have 1 new message" by bazooka, or just anything based on texting/social media. it could be any ship!! i hope i'm not bothering you, i'm sorry if you saw my ask already, thank u for always helping us all out you're the bestest! have a good day

99% of the time asks just get buried bc im slow so if i take too long to reply feel free to send them in again !! especially fic questions.. anyway here r some epistolaries / social media fics
you have 1 new message by bazooka; namjin
pig and bird by bazooka; minjoon
- i’ll follow you (on twitter) by ohh; vhope
blanket kick by duchesscass; taegi, jikook
- upvote by mnsg; jikook
don’t say all the right things by sugodemic; sugamon
- dear jimin by melecs; vhope
- can you be (mine?) by melonnim; taekook
- (annoyingly) you still look good by yoonmin
- follow by darling; kookiemonster
you’re my genie, lamborghini (you’re my teeny weenie meenie) by mindheist; jikook
- love at first swipe by maxx; vmin
- suga, how you get so fly? by jonghyunslisterine
- namjin watch by vppa
- everything feels like a dream (don’t try to disappear) by kaythebest; vmin
- oh, how the mighty fall by euphoriae; vmin
- i don’t even know you by k506rl; yoonmin

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Hii! I hope your day was awesome, and you are as magical as unicorns! Really random question. . . i hope you're ready. . . whats your opinion on cheese lol. You're awesome and im gonna stop wasting your time peace✌✌😛😛😛

My time is never wasted on cheese– cheese is worth ALL of my time– cheese is the dairy god’s gift to humanity… but specifically the dairy god’s gift to me. I’m pretty tight with the dairy god. I eat ice cream on a weekly basis as a symbol of love and devotion to the god of dairy.

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(okay no we have to change that you don't get stuff for ask memes so if you're up for it how about 84 or 85 in the writing one :3? Because your hamburr au au was really really cute btw!!! )

This has been sitting in my inbox for the longest time now I am so s o r r y

So! Here it is! Number 85: Write an AU fic! Including canon era idiots, a soulmate au premise, and canon divergence because I wanted to avoid death if at all possible!

For most people, soulmates only exist as a nuisance. As something to complain about when they stub their toe or trip and skin their knee, because when one of a pair does, the other feels that pain as surely as if it were their own.

Most people don’t meet their soulmates in their lifetime. The world is, after all, very wide. Those who do are considered fortunate. Those who don’t find them, though, tend to find love on their own terms and are none the worse for it. Even though the pain that your soulmate feels is a constant that never goes away, no matter how hard you fall for someone else. An aching reminder that there is supposedly someone out there meant for you and you alone.

Burr has never given much thought to his soulmate, and when he does, it is nothing but annoyance, because it seems that whoever they are, they are constantly getting themselves into trouble. Have been since they were a kid. But as soon as the gun goes off, he knows, because he is watching with dread to see where the bullet strikes, his shout still ringing in the air but doing nothing to stop its deadly advance. I didn’t mean it, he thinks, and the bullet strikes right between Hamilton’s ribs.

An identical pain blooms in his chest, and it is all he can do to stay upright, and he knows.

He thinks he staggers forward. Hard to say; everything has gone a bit blurry and indistinct. He can hear nothing but the roaring of blood in his ears, can feel nothing but the sharp, stabbing pains running through him. The wound could very well be fatal, but he shies away from that thought. It won’t be; Hamilton will pull through, like he always does, and if he could just speak to him-

Then, he is being pulled back, and it is Van Ness’ hands on his shoulders, Van Ness who is saying something to him, his face frantic. There are few people out there who he would actually consider his friend, but Van Ness is one of them.

Once upon a time, Alexander had been another.

“-pull yourself together! We need to get you out of here, and-”

“William,” he breathes, a hand coming up to clutch at his chest. There should be blood there, but there isn’t, because it is Hamilton’s wound, not his, a wound that he dealt and-

He doesn’t know what his face looks like, but it must be a sight to behold. Whatever expression he’s making makes Van Ness stop where he is and stare, his gaze flickering back and forth between him and where Hamilton is lying on the ground.

“Shit,” he breathes after a moment, and Aaron can’t help but nod in agreement. “He’s your…? Nevermind, that just makes it more important to get you out of here right now.”

This time, he doesn’t protest, allows himself to be escorted away. His mind has gone blissfully numb.

Miraculously, Hamilton survives the night. And the next. And the next. Aaron begins to suspect, even as he rubs at the incessant ache, that while the literal bullet hit its mark, they have dodged the figurative one.

One of them, at least.

And that is how he finds himself on the Hamiltons’ doorstep one day, in no small amount of distress as Angelica Church glares at him, halfway hidden behind the door to her brother-in-law’s home. “Give me one good reason,” she is saying, “as to why I should allow you inside. Haven’t you done enough damage already?” Every word is like a viper sent to bite at his ankles, and for a moment, he considers running.

But that is not what he has come here to do.

“My sincerest apologies, Mrs. Church,” he says. “I have no intentions of doing anyone any harm today. But please, I really must speak to Hamilton, it is of utmost importance to me-”

Her glower deepens. “Oh, you must, must you?” she snaps, and then her attention is taken by a voice from inside. “Yes, it’s him,” she says, and pauses. The indistinct voice says something else. “No, I was just sending him on his way, but-” And then, the door opens wider, revealing Elizabeth Hamilton, eyes tired and sad.

“Come in, Mr. Burr,” she says. “I assume you are not here to carry out what you started with?”

“I am not, and even if I was, I am unarmed,” he assures her, and enters at her bidding. She leads him down the hallway in silence, their footsteps echoing one another’s. She stops at the foot of a staircase.

“Your actions almost cost me my husband,” she tells him, and he bows his head. Before he can respond, however, she continues. “And I fear they still will.” She stares pointedly at his chest, and he realizes with a start that he was rubbing at it again, absentmindedly. And looking into her eyes, he can tell that she knows exactly why he’s here.

“I have no intention of taking him from you,” he says.

She smiles, a small, sad thing, and shakes her head. “You couldn’t if you tried,” she says, “and I doubt you would. My worry is that he will go with you willingly.”

The worst thing is that he cannot even tell her that her fears are unfounded. And she knows it. She sighs.

“Do what you came here to do,” she tells him. “His room is the first you’ll come on.”

He thanks her and walks up the stairs. What else can he do? He cannot ease her pain anymore than she can ease his.

Eliza, he thinks, is a wise woman. She will outlive them all yet.

Hamilton is waiting for him. It is obvious in the lack of surprise in his eyes and bearing when he knocks and enters. And the way his gaze holds for a breath too long at his chest makes something else glaringly clear.

“You knew,” Aaron says, slumping into a chair by Hamilton’s bedside. “You knew.”

Hamilton’s eyes are tired too, though in a different way than Eliza’s. Perhaps this is why he answers in the way he does. “Yes,” he says simply, without prevarication or elaboration.

“You would have let me kill you.” It is not a question. Aaron already knows the answer. What he wants to know is why, and Hamilton knows it too.

“I suppose,” he replies. “I have to admit, I didn’t really expect you to. That came as a surprise. I still don’t understand why you were so angry. It was politics, not personal.”

Aaron laughs, and is surprised by the bitterness in it. “With us, it’s always personal,” he says, and feels slightly gratified when Hamilton concedes the point with a nod of his head, cracking a wry smile.

“You have a point,” he allows. “And in any case, I had no intention of hurting you. I’ve never wanted that, even putting all of-” He gestures to the two of them- “this aside.”

And that brings them right back to the point, something for which Aaron is grateful. He doesn’t particularly want to discuss the duel at the moment. Or ever, if he’s being honest. “How long have you known?” he asks, and they wince in tandem at the pain that shoots through them when Hamilton shrugs.

“Since the war,” he admits, and Aaron is surprised at the red hot anger that the words summon. “When you got heatstroke, do you remember? I’ll admit, dealing with that on top of everything else made things rather-”

“You knew all this time and you didn’t tell me.”

“And what should I have said?” Hamilton snaps, and oh, yes, there is that temper. Aaron can almost admit he missed it, as little sense as that makes. “I had Eliza and you had your Theodosia, and we were both happy. Upsetting the balance seemed foolish.”

“You mean upsetting your reputation seemed foolish,” Aaron corrects, and stands. At this point, he doesn’t know what to think anymore. One one hand, he knows that Hamilton makes a good point; he loved Theo and still does, and adding Hamilton to that would only have caused unnecessary confusion and strife.

But at the same time, knowing that Hamilton, his soulmate- and he still doesn’t know what he should do with that information- was within arms reach for most of his life and saw fit not to tell him about it… that burns.

“I don’t know what I thought I’d accomplish here,” he says, and moves toward the door. His visit thus far has caused him nothing but frustration, and at this point, he is ready to leave. There is only so much exposure to Hamilton he can take in one sitting.

He has almost exited before Hamilton makes his move. “Burr, wait!” he calls, and he must shift in place or try to sit up or do something, because a fresh wave of agony rips through him and leaves him fighting for breath and leaning heavily on the doorframe. Behind him, Hamilton is panting in a similar manner.

You did this, he reminds himself, as if he could ever forget.

“What is it you want from me, Alexander?” he asks, the familiar name slipping out without his consent. He hates the way his voice sounds far more pleading than angry, but it is too late to take it back.

There is a beat of silence, and then:

“Stay?” Alexander asks softly, and he turns to look at the man, this man he has known and loved and hated his entire life.

He should leave.

But he doesn’t. Instead, he crosses the floor to sit back down in that chair, and he stays. And he knows exactly the reason why, even if it’s not something he’ll ever care to admit.

Alexander has always been a difficult man to say no to.

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Heck I've been through a lot this week. Headcanons for tfp Wheeljack coming back to his autobot s/o after being held prisoner by the decepticons in the show?

Sorry this is late, hope you’re doing well ♥

  • Primus, he missed you. He’s so glad to see you that he practically falls against you. 
  • He insists he’s fine. You still convince him to get checked out by Ratchet but the whole time he’s trying to catch up with you and not cooperating. 
  • Finally, he can get you alone! He ushers you off to the Jackhammer to cuddle you. You run your servos over him gently and brush his finials until he’s practically purring against you.
  • Now that it’s just you and him he tells you everything he’s been through. Not just on the Nemisis, but in the war in general. He wants to know about you, too. Are you okay? He was so worried he’d never see you again…
  • Your conversation dissolves into kisses, and he pulls you flush against him and holds you tight.
  • And then… well, use your imagination, darling ;)

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headcanons for a practical magic au?

omg i not so secretly love this au. ive mentioned it a couple times before but never done a full post. arya and sansa aren’t dead ringers for sally or gillian (so im gonna take artistic liberties) but i feel like the general themes are really applicable: sisterhood and love and magic and redhead and brunette sisters and all that good stuff so

  • arya “i hope i never fall in love” stark is a gifted witch. she’s practical, loyal and determined. she’d do anything for her family. she feels like an outcast but stays at winterfell manor after the death of her parents to care for bran and rickon
  • during her childhood she was bullied for her magical abilities but this au is about her learning to accept them
  • she cast a spell as a girl to avoid falling in love: he’ll be strong as a bull, with eyes like blue ice, his favorite…..tool is a hammer lmao
  • nymeria is her wolfdog familiar and there are cats crawling all over the place too
  • obvsly arya’s very in tune with the natural world. she loves plants (herbs + poisons) and animals  
  • sansa “i can’t wait to fall in love” stark is a charming dreamer. she’s also a very poor judge of character. worst taste in men lol. she can’t wait to escape home so she can go to big cities and meet beautiful people and have an extravagant party life
  • she gets involved with rich playboy joffrey. at first sansa is blinded by his money and beauty but when he reveals his cruelty she calls arya for help
  • while defending her sister arya kills joffrey
  • sansa freaks and makes arya bring him back but she kills him again
  • [office gendry waters enters the scene] he’s investigating the murders surrounding joff. him and arya are INSTANTLY into each other
  • they try to be professional but True Love cannot be tamed  
  • “did you or your sister kill joffrey baratheon?” “oh yeah. a couple of times.”
  • arya can’t help but confide the truth to gendry - of who she is and what she did
  • gendry leaves for awhile w/ a heavy heart. (”i wished for you too”) he covers up the murder 4 her. he’s sprung tbh
  • sansa gets possessed but arya bran rickon and friends use the power of love to save her and banish joff’s spirit back to hell where it belongs. arya and sansa mend their strained relationship a great deal thru this ordeal
  • arya calls gendry back w/ magic and they get their big damn kiss
  • everyone lives happily ever after at the winterfell manor
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Pick a band, tell me your bias and post your fave pic! I’m just curious. :P

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(Yes, im doing it again since person asked for Kiki spam and I just can’t say “no” to that hehe 💕 )

Band : Highlight (aka B2st/Beast)

My ultimate Bias : Kiki (aka love of my life, my angel.)

Ahh, I wanted to add more but ill stop here, its already too long haha  😊

I won’t tag anyone this time, but feel free to do this if you want

P.s. I hope you enjoyed the Kiki spam @busrayang 😘

Grayson Smut (w/ Gifs)

For @lexani-dolan 

Hope you like it :) !!!!


Im a singer. and right now, I am trying to write a song. But its kind of impossible with my boyfriend, Grayson, trying to distract me. “Baby, please. Stop bothering me. You know I’m trying to write,” I say, annoyed at him. “But I want to see you. We never spend time together anymore because of this stupid album, Dyimin.” 

“No,” I say, shooing him away. But he walks over behind me and trails kisses down my neck, sending shivers down my spine. 

Originally posted by scrittoapenna

I shrug my shoulders in an attempt to get him to stop. “Let me finish this song, please, Grayson.” He doesn’t seem to care so i stand up and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him deeply. He picks me up and turns me around, placing my on the couch. 

Originally posted by lovershub

We continue to kiss for a while until he breaks away, saying out of breath, “I need you. Right here, right now.” I nod my head and take my clothes off and take his shirt off slowly, trying not to break the kiss. But he senses me struggling and steps back. “Let me, Dyimin.” I take in his torso as he removes his shirt.

Originally posted by trashyprinces

He does a turn, showing off and bends over to kiss me again before shoving me into the wall and trailing kisses down my bare torso. 

Originally posted by couplenotes

He stops just before where i want him and pushes me into our bedroom and shoves me onto the bed.

Originally posted by couplenotes

we tangle ourselves into the sheets and he stops and looks into my eyes. “I love you, Dyimin,” he whispers. “I love you, Grayson,” i whisper back as he aligns himself with my heat. He pushes into me and i moan loudly at the intrusion. 

Originally posted by pinkriver69

He trusts hard and steady and bends over me, whispering hot things into my ear, his hot breath caressing my cheek. He pounds into me and i  feel close to the edge. “Grayson,” I moan, “Im close.”

“Me too.” he says and thrusts one more time and yells out my name. I go over the edge and he does and we lay there in silence.

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

He goofs around for a bit before saying, “Go finish that song, sweet thang.” 


Hope its what you wanted!

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yesterday a bunch of ppl asked my crush if he was gay or bi (because he trolled the whole class into thinking he was gonna have sex w an older guy for money). he said he definitely likes guys but isnt sure whether he's gay or bi. i have the impression that he likes me (had it already before he said he was into guys). i just hope im not the reason he's questioning, because i am in the exact same position (i thought i liked girls) and that feeling is so confusing.

It can only be a good thing that you’re understanding your own sexuality! Hopefully, it can only become clearer as time goes on!! I’m sure if he is into you, they’ll be some kind of signal eventually. Then you get move on from there. I guess if the topic is being discussed, he’s thought about it and coming to grips with it! I wish you all the best <3 xxx

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Hello, umm... this is my first time doing this so I'm nervous. Can I request something with (you/reader) as Jensen daughter spending time with Jensen and her uncle Jared? At a con or whatever. Anything is fine, really. If it's not much of a trouble! I really hope I did this right and didn't miss it up... Also I want to say I really love your blog it always cheers me up whenever I'm feeling down, love ya and thank you for your hard work 😍❤

Word Count: 415

Warnings: none

A/N: thank u hon for your kind words, I really do appreciate them:) im sorry this got out so late, ive been in a bit of a writing slump lately:| but it’s put now!!! So I count that as a win

“Hey everybody!” Jared called out to the crowd. The audience went wild as the two of them went on stage, waving to the fans. Jared walked onstage first, doing his usual preamble as Jensen walked awkwardly onstage. His bowlegs went as close together as they allowed, and he seemed to have something behind him.

“Guys!” Jensen was beaming, hiding something. “I’ve got something- er, someone to share with you.” From behind his legs, a small figure appeared. He and Jared smiled brightly at the figure below them.

“Everyone, say hello to Y/N!” Jared dipped towards the small girl, scooping her up into his arms as she giggled.

“Uncle Jared!” she squealed. The noise was barely audible through the mic, but it carried to the speakers easily. The audience went ‘aww’ unanimously, and Jensen looked proudly at his daughter.

“This is my daughter, you guys!” He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. “This is Y/N. Y/N, hon, say hi.”

“Hi,” she said softly into the mic. Jensen turned to the audience, pretending to choke a sob. He turned towards Y/N, attempting to take her out of Jared’s arms. He, however, seemed to want to hold on to Y/N for a little while longer, and twisted away from Jensen’s outreached limbs. He frowned.

“Give me my daughter, Jared,” he said slowly, as though he was partially confused.

“She’s mine now!” He laughed manically, walking swiftly to the other side of the stage. Y/N giggled.

“Y/N, baby,” Jensen cooed at her through the mic. “Wouldn’t you rather be with daddy? Not boring Uncle Jared?”

“Uncle Jared’s taller!” she exclaimed, pressing her lips firmly to the mic. Jared’s face lit up as Jensen’s fell. He turned to the audience, mouth trying to form words that refused to come out.

“Yes!” Jared lightly bounced Y/N, dancing over to where her father was. “Oh, sweet, sweet victory! Mwah!” He pressed a firm kiss to Y/N’s cheek, which she hastily rubbed off.

“Sorry, daddy,” she said softly through the mic. “He may be taller, but you’ll always be my favourite.”

This time, Jensen laughed in Jared’s face. He hung his head in defeat, letting Jensen take Y/N from out of his arms.

“I knew you liked me better,” he smiled, pressing a kiss to the top of her forehead. She scrunched up her nose in disgust, frowning at her father.

“You both kiss too much.”

Of course, what better cue would there be for a kiss-attack from her father and uncle?

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Have you listened to adventure zone nights? I recently donated to maximum fun and listened to them and they are a++ i love Tom Collins, and the way Clint sings as Lenny Manelito is just a++++ i love them. I hope that when the first campaign ends they may just pick this up as the next campaign they play i love it that much.

i haven’t listened yet but im a maxfun donor now too so i’ve got them ready to go as soon as i get some free time! i want to draw along with them like i’ve been doing with the main campaign

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omg i know its so stressful. Maybe ask around see if you know anyone who knows a good groomer. you probs don't want to hear about this now but one time my cousins took their dog to a groomer and he got a cut but the cut an artery or a vein idk it was so bad but anyway i hope you find someone that does a good job!!


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there are TWO BOYS i am GAY FOR one is two years older than me and he looks like winter and frost dance on his cheeks but his smile is infinitely warmer than anything i know AND THE OTHER ONE is a year younger than me with long hair and a honey green tea vibe as if he has no regrets and no reason to regret and. they could both be STRAIGHT but my GAY DRIVE DOESN'T CARE also i barely know them and im trans so Trying Times Ahead but. tldr i wanna kiss boys really badly help

oh no you poor gay… i hope they’re into you but also i hope that you’re all at an age where any gap wouldn’t also mean a huge developmental gap… be safely gay and drink some tea

Oh mintyyyyy lookie hereeeee I got a present for ya…

Not gonna lie this has been finished for atleast four weeks…. So if the artsyle seems diffrent from my current trash then… Yeah.-.
I actually wanted to make a special little speedpaint video for this but it kinda backfired since i just dont have ANY free time.-. Im really sorry for being SO GOD FREAKIN LATE… But HEY HAVE THIS.



apparently like half the khurain chars in aa6 have puns for names and for the longest time i didnt understand them because im fucking Asia like

ga’ran is apparently supposed to be “grand” but i pronounce it like “gah rahn” and datz’s surname like “ah reh bal” so the whole time i thought datz’s name was supposed to be “thats horrible”