i hope im getting taco bell for this

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Random sentence starters to throw to my inbox(don’t forget to say with who x)

  1. “How come you never came inside?”
  2. “Oh, wow!  You were actually tall enough for the ride?”
  3. “If you kissed me right now, I’d feel a lot better.”
  4. “Whatever, I hated go-karting anyways.”
  5. “You’re leaving?”
  6. “What do you mean you don’t know what a s’more is?!”
  7. “This… Could be a problem.”
  8. “Don’t you dare pick me up off the counter, I almOST GOT WHAT I WANTED STOP IM NOT SMALL!”
  9. “I’m in the band.”
  10. “When you said ‘let’s get wet’ I was expecting something else.”
  11. “Excuse you?  You like the band that I love and we’ve never spoken about this before?!”
  12. “I was hoping you would hold my hand.”
  13. “We’ve been on three obvious dates, but you refuse to call them ‘dates.  Why?”
  14. “It’s three in the morning…. Taco Bell or McDonalds?”
  15. “Sorry, I lost focus like four minutes ago– How come you’re lips are so pretty?”
  16. “Babe, oh– I mean, I didn’t mean to call you babe, umm- why are you smiling about it??”
  17. “Okay, so, texting me “I have a surprise for when you get home,” made me expect something sexual, but instead you have a puppy?  I’m not even mad.”
  18. “You can’t come with me.”
  19. “I need you to remember how much I love you.”
  20. “We’ve been through tougher shit than this, so why are you letting this tear us apart?”
  21. “You got me the off-brand cereal.  Are you trying to start a fight?”
  22. “You mind sharing your umbrella with me?”
  23. “You mind sharing your jacket with me?”
  24. “Wow, if I knew you were this comfy to cuddle with, I would’ve done this so much sooner.”
  25. “You fit so perfectly in my arms.”
  26. “It’d be great if you dropped that topic.”
  27. “Okay, I know you like talking during movies, but you could please not for this one?”
  28. “You’re not seriously picking him?”
  29. “No. Just, no.”
  30. “You can’t earn back trust.”
  31. “I’m not falling asleep, but your shoulder is really relaxing to be fair.”
  32. “There’s this carnival an hour away and I need to go to it.”
  33. “This is what happens when you don’t listen to my directions.”
  34. “If I wanted to get fucked over, I could’ve gone back to my ex.”
  35. “Maybe we’re moving too fast.”
  36. “The bra straps in the front, dope.”
  37. “Are you blushing?  That’s so cute!”
  38. “Who made you cry?”
  39. “It’s been way too long.”
  40. “I need to get away.  Join me?”
  41. “Don’t laugh at me! That was scary!”
  42. “Kiss me and I’ll forgive you.”
  43. “How come we’ve never made out before?”
  44. “Can we quit pretending we hate each other already?”
  45. “No, this was your idea.”
  46. “They’ll have to go through me.  I got your back.”
  47. “How did you even trip?”
  48. “I can’t describe you and it makes me mad.”
  49. “Is that your old tree house?”
  50. “And to think, everyone said we’d never last.”

anonymous asked:

What language do you think season three's episodes will be titled in? Or what language do you hope for it to be?

i want s3 episodes to be named after things you can get at taco bell 

im talkin like 

  1. quesarito 
  2. crunch wrap 
  3. gordita supreme
  4. doritos locos taco 
  5. baja blast 
  6. nachos 
  7. large pepsi 
  8. triple steak burrito 
  9. waffle taco 
  10. fiesta taco salad 
  11. small pepsi 
  12. cheesy fiesta potatoes 
  13. another crunchwrap