i hope i'm not taking this too fast

  • you: why do you even still like rwby?
  • me internally: because it was a huge special interest of mine when it came out, practically saved my life at one point if I'm entirely honest like yea I know it has plenty lot of problems like one of the writers can't take any sort of commentary or Jaune being too much of a focus but still I find the characters super endearing and love the designs a whole lot really I just keep hoping that it'll get better and in little ways it has despite the ways it's weak
  • me externally: sniper....scythe....go fast
something to get used to - shipeo - 文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

before you read - i own nothing but the words. based entirely off ch52 of bungou stray dogs, written by Kafka Asagiri.
rating/warning - t, character study. 
pairing - akutagawa ryuunosuke / atsushi nakajima

special thanks - @socksghost (without whom this fic would not exist in its current form)
thank you - @bungoustray-translations, @popopretty, @gvenevera, @recklessopinions (for summaries & translations i’ve referred to while writing this)

a speculative look into akutagawa’s head during his first mission with atsushi, as shin soukoku.

It takes a while for Akutagawa to acquaint himself with the rhythm of partnership. He watches Atsushi dart across walls, propel himself away from stray rocks with razor sharp reflex, turning to shoot him split-second gazes mid-air– cover me – and it’s only then that he understands.

Akutagawa may be their pulse, but Atsushi is their blood.

It’s a little like re-learning the use of his own body – back when he knew nothing about Rashoumon, its limitations, and what it could do. Atsushi moves too fast for him to even think; he usually only has less than a second of lead time to cover Atsushi from Goncharov’s boulders while he’s vulnerable in the air. It takes a riot of missteps – muttered curses and bruises down to their spines, but slowly, they test their capabilities and limitations as a team.

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i hope everyone will stop worrying about the charting and stop comparing them to other groups because ikon are releasing songs they like and enjoy and i know many groups don't have that privilege to do that. i'm so proud and happy of our boys!!!!!!

music is there to enjoy. Sadly, most kpop fans only care about the numbers. iKON didn’t flop. They are currently doing pretty well on charts when you take into consideration that many groups and big artists made a comeback at the same time. The MV views are rising pretty fast too and they gained many many new fans. But the most important is, they obviously had much more fun this time. They looked confident and less stressed. I feel like they genuinely enjoy this cb and don’t even care about charts. The fact that their growth is showing too when comparing the debut to the cb, just makes it worth all the wait. I’m super happy with this cb and if they win, they win. If not, it’s not the end of the world.

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Hi, do you have any tips about creating a good storyboard or know any literature that could help? I will have uni entrance exams next year and I will have to create a storyboard with artistic values for a short animation, that is why I ask, hope I'm not bothering you ^^


sorry for the delay of this answer ^^’ : I have just got a storyartist job at Illumination Mc Guff, so I m really busy these days..

well everybody has his method, here is mine, I still have a lot to learn but maybe I can help:

_ first you read your script, then you try to think about how to improve it.

_ you do other stuff, while you’re think about your script. you take the time to be sure to visualize every sequences. don’t be too fast at the beginning, let your brain proceed.. storyartist seems often to chill but itis only because they need to think without pressure of what they have to tell through their storyboard…

_ you should if possible draw the map of the area of your sequence,
and put your character inside of it, especially if they move during the sequence. try to play with them. so you will be more confortable with puting the camera wherever you decide

_ then you don’t draw but only write on paper every shots, describe them, without drawing them. try to describe the mind of each character in each shots. How they react, why they react like that.. if you draw already at this point, you will loose your time. you need to be sure of what you’re drawing..

_ then use this to do a basic thubnail sequence.

_ Then you redo it with trying to improve it, pushing the meaning of every shots.

_ when you are certain of your thubnail sequence, you can do the pre layout of it. you do only one or two pannel per shot and be careful with the composition, the layout (size of every characters in the shot)

_ when you are sur of your pre-layout, you do the storyboard clean, with developping every acting, most key poses as possible of course.

I use this method because I need to go through many steps before doing a proper storyboard. but as you wish of course.

other tips (I myself need to apply much more often but anyway -_-’):

_ watch a lot of old movies, not only the most famous .. Animation is movie cinema, not only animation. if you only like animation you willbe probably stay a basic storyartist and not a good enough storyartist

_ GO OUT and live your life. travel. ask yourself why you act like this or this, question yourself about your own behaviour. GROW UP.  You need to have something to tell when you do storyboard.. even if you are a great technical storyartist, if you don’t understand human relationship, you will never be able to tell properly a good story. (this is not me who say that but master Miyazaki ;)) (of course I myself have a lot to learn about it.)

_ Interest yourself to other kind of arts. Theatre, dance, opera, classic book, mythology; history, astronomy, sciences, economy… by example I don’t read so much but I can say that I m very influenced by some kind of litterature. Even if itis not a visual art, it is very important.

_ read “how to film” from Eisenstein in order to get tips about scenography, howto think about your background design before thinking about your storyboard

please share this if you think it can help!

good luck

Mihashi’s skin is soft.

That’s the only thought going through Takaya’s head right now, and it’s not exactly helping the rapid beating of his heart. It’s after dinner, the rest of the team inside playing cards or reading manga or doing whatever it is that high school boys do in their free time at training camp, but here he is, sitting under the stars with one nervous pitcher. 

Mihashi has been quiet all day, which is usually a warning sign that he’s thinking something ridiculous again, but his pitching was fine, and he answered to Tajima’s yelling with as much stuttering enthusiasm as he always does. Takaya assumes this means he’s fine, but he doesn’t miss the way the pitcher would zone out in the middle of a conversation.

So here they are, sitting on the bench outside the cottage, with the intention of cooling down and, in Takaya’s case, figuring out just what the heck is bothering his ace. But somewhere in the middle of their slow process of communication, he was distracted by an eyelash, so, naturally, thoughtlessly, he leaned in, and now he’s hovering in front of Mihashi’s pink face with his hand on the other boy’s cheek.

Mihashi’s skin is soft. His nose is slightly sunburned, but other than that, his skin remains pale and easily flushed. His face glows healthily from the physical exertion the camp demands of him, and after the bath they took after practice it’s like touching a newborn baby’s skin; smooth, warm, and so incredibly soft. Takaya knows from experience that Mihashi’s hands are the opposite; they look soft, fragile, but in reality they are rough and calloused from years and years of stubbornness and hard work. So when Takaya’s fingers made contact with Mihashi’s cheek, he freezes from the unexpectedness of it all.


This close, Takaya can see the smattering of freckles that spreads across Mihashi’s pale skin. He finds himself comparing them to the map of stars above them, and instantly feels himself turn as red as the boy in front of him. Mihashi’s eyes glint gold in the moonlight.

“Eyelash,” he manages to say, pulling his hand back to show Mihashi the evidence on his fingertip.

“Oh,” Mihashi squeaks, blinking owlishly at his finger. He glances up and meets Takaya’s eyes, once, and then back at the eyelash. He leans forwards, and before Takaya can register the movement, he blows the eyelash away. Mihashi gives Takaya a shaky, sheepish smile. “A w-wish, right?”

It takes Takaya a few seconds to find his voice. When he does, it’s gruff, barely concealing the sudden embarrassment and strange… nervousness he’s feeling. His heart is pounding very fast; he wonders if he’s coming down with a fever. 

“Right. I, ah. I hope your wish comes true.”

Mihashi’s smile is suddenly too blinding for the night. Takaya can’t find it within himself to look away. “Me, too, Abe-kun!”

Alright so, today a friend tagged me on this post reblogged by @drinkyourfuckingmilk and after discussing certain points and all regarding the ACWNR manga/ova/vn and making comparissons between them, I wanted to write this rant, and I hope it makes sense, i’m sleep deprived, my english isn’t good as y’all know and i don’t know what i’m doing

another reason why i hate the ACWNR ova: they cut out Hanji and levi’s first interaction.

As we all know, Levi and Hanji’s first interaction varies A LOT in both manga and OVA. In the manga, we can see this:

We have a young Hanji expressing her admiration and excitement over Levi, Isabel and Farlan’s recent titan kill and flawless team work. For those who read the manga, you might remember that the trio successfully took down an abnormal titan by themselves, working in unison and perfect syncronization which showed us the deep trust and bond they had. Hanji (and the rest of the survey corps) witnessed this, and she was THE ONLY ONE who made a REAL effort to talk to them to congratulate and compliment them. And as you all know, no one else, not even their squad leader, had shown kindness towards them. Nope, they all ended up treating them like criminal scum instead and showing some classist demeanors.

When they introduce themselves:

Hanji was actually the only one in the troop of soldiers who didn’t look at them as if they were about to kill everyone.

Basically, Hanji didn’t give a damn about his past or his roots. Nope. Not at all. She just showed up and complimented him and his friends for his team work and actually wanted to be friends with them! While everyone isolated them and treated them like scum for their past, Hanji didn’t give a fuck and wanted to befriend them.

ALSO, may I mention that Hanji had a key role in chapter five? (when she first interacts with them) look at this:

She gives them a speech regarding their recent fight. She tells them that everyone watched them fight, she tells them that watching them take down a titan was ENCOURAGING, that their skills makes them have high hopes about the future and that humanity will not lose to titans. She tells them THEY’RE INSPIRING. And now, if you analyze it: three young people from the underground, who went through a lot of shit in their lives, who were treated as scum everywhere they went… they are suddenly receiving kindness and inspiring words from someone they have just met, from someone who’s not part of their little family… do you know how much that means to them? People who grew up surrounded by misery, hardship and people being mean to them just for being thugs from the underground? (Come on, even people down there treated them like shit) 

And now, quoting what @trash-god said on the post:

That I think Levi’s so ?????? because 1.) he’s not used to praise, 2.) he’s not used to people acting positively toward him or his friends, and 3.) nobody else thus far has made an effort to be nice or even cordial to him or his friends. And here’s this random woman coming out of freakin’ nowhere all excited to tell him how cool he is and how much she admires his skill and it’s like. What. Why. Who are you. Why.

There is no doubt in my mind that Levi will never forget that. Ever. People don’t forget kindnesses like that. Everyone else treated him like a criminal/leper and Hange shows up and doesn’t give a shit she thinks he’s pretty neato and she’s gonna tell him. And it’s not a dare or anything. She’s genuinely. Interested. In him. (And his friends but mostly him since he’s the one with the skill.) But like. UGH. She’s just so nice and friendly here.

Exactly. I mean, just look at him!

He’s all “uhhhhhh” because he doesn’t know how to deal with this. He has never received kindness from someone. He was already used to be treated like a miserable criminal by people down in the underground and by his own superiors in the survey corps. The fact that a random soldier showed up and bathed him and his family in compliments was just to… beyond description. I just can’t imagine what he had thought when Hanji started talking to him all naturaly and gently. Come on, just look at Isabel after Hanji tells them how inspiring they are! She’s TOUCHED!  She’s clearly touched! And she goes from glaring at Hanji, silently demanding her to leave, to be truly interested in her and her opinion.

And at the end, when Hanji leaves, both Isabel and Levi end up thinking about her words.

To summarize what the manga shows us: Hanji being the first and only character to show kindness to the trio and treat them like normal human beings regardless of their past and roots, complimenting them for their hard work and efforts AND giving them a speech that has a certain influence in both Levi and Isabel beliefs and thoughts regarding the Survey Corps. Not to mention that in this chapter, Levi meets for the first time a character he’ll gradually become close with, one of his most important bonds after the loss of Isabel and Farlan.

And then we have the anime cutting out this meaningful scene to show us this Hanji spazzing over his skills and not even complimenting him directly. 

While Hanji does have this reactions in canon when it comes to titans and stuff related to them, I think the anime studio focuses a little bit too much on showing this stereotype of her??? idk it’s my opinion, feel free to disagree with it, but I honestly have prefered to see the manga scene above and not a 10 seconds appearance where she doesn’t even talk to him.

While I get that they couldn’t animate 8 manga chapters, it would have been nice to keep the important moments and not focus merely on Levi. Watching this OVA, i had the feeling that everything was too rushed and fast and that Levi’s bond with Isabel and Farlan was left behind, let alone the beginning of his relationship with Hanji, a character he’d get very close to in the main manga.

I might have forgotten to add something important /sweats but I really wanted to voice my thoughts about this whole scene. I hope this makes sense tho???

/holds your face in both hands, kisses your forehead, whispers softly

you’re gonna be okay. i know it’s scary out there right now, and the world is spinning too fast and things happen too much, but things will settle and it’s okay if you need to take time for yourself, take time to hide away and just breathe. just breathe. i hope you can find it in yourself somewhere to believe when i say, you’re going to be okay. you’re gonna be okay.

Stories (A BnHA Fanfic)

Word count: 1440

Rating: T

Summary: Shinsou Hitoshi wants to rewrite the stories that he tells himself.

Notes:  Inspired by a fantastic piece by @animeaves, please check it out! They are very talented and deserve all the recognition they can get! You can find it here! Thanks to @sugarmagic for the beta and thank you for reading this!

TW for some violence and depictions of bullying.

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Simon takes Keiren on a trip to the city to show him where he grew up.

He even picked out his least ugly sweater for the occasion! (‘They’re all hideous’ - 'Shut it, Keiren’)

This should totally happen on the show, soooo: WE NEED A THIRD SEASON!

What you can do? Watch the schow on BBC Three online, send messages to their tumblr or create something and tag it #saveintheflesh.

Still sceptical? You can get more information here.

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I hope I'm not too late but how to you draw kisses?

go to your nearest park, aquarium, cafe or what have you. find a couple. watch them. wait for them to kiss. draw them. Or take pictures if you can’t draw that fast. there now you have a reference

This might be too biased with Seungri but I don’t care. This might get many hate but I hope some people would sympathize. I hope.

I am just a fan, my assumptions might be wrong but all of the things I would put here are my opinions and my emotions. I’m sorry if somebody would be hurt or irritated because of this. I just thought that I should put this out of me since it’s somehow a heavy burden in my heart.

Yesterday, September 12, Seungri had an accident. His car swerved on three lanes and flipped after hitting the concrete barrier. YG’s first statement was “he did not get injured.” But apparently after some tests have been run it appears that he has hepatorrhagia, or hemorrhage in the liver.

It’s a shame that I read a vip said, “it was two hours ago, so we stopped talking about it.” How can you move on that fast? Did you see how his car flipped? Don’t you even worry that much? Don’t get me started about comparing the same scenario on other members. When a little accident happened to Jiyong in Busan, vips we’re too concerned. But when it happened to Seungri, why did I not feel the same intensity of concern that they have for the other member?

I am aware that Seungri isn’t the most popular member, but why can you do that? Make me understand. Also I read some people who are cursing him and blaming him. The accident might be completely his fault, but as a vip, how could you say such hurtful words? Especially if you tweet it to him, you’re aware that he can read every single word you say but you still did it, you still tweeted it to him. Didn’t you think about how he will feel if he read your words? He’s probably in a lot of physical pain right now and how can you inflict more emotional pain for him. Knowing that if someone said those words to you, you’ll be hurt too right? Where’s the humanity on your words?

My pain isn’t just for the vips who doesn’t care but also for the other members. I am waiting for Jiyong or Youngbae to post any ‘get well soon’ message, but why do I only see pictures of them having fun in Singapore? Maybe they post that in order for fans to not worry but why can’t they post a single ‘get well soon’ message? Is it hard to post it? Is it too much?

Maybe I’m seeing it in a different perspective but this is how I view it right now. I might be biased with Seungri so much but this is how I felt. I mean if you don’t stan him, you wouldn’t feel what we Seungri stans can feel. It’s a sad feeling, especially if you know that you have to be numb enough to all the hate he keeps on receiving from people whom he didn’t do any bad thing too. It’s sad, to be honest, but it’s the reality. And I hope it would be changed soon.

I pray for Seungri’s fast recovery, I hope he gets well soon. And I hope you guys understand what I wanted to point out in this confession. I am just too hurt right now but these are my thoughts and feelings.

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Hi! Request 1/? and please take your time! Fitzsimmons + 76 because I'm such trash for that trope it's ridiculous :)

This one grew long enough to warrant a cut, hope you don’t mind… :)

“I need you to pretend we’re dating during my parents’ visit,“ Jemma said, too fast, as she nervously twisted her fingers together.

“Okay,” Fitz replied before her request even fully registered. It wasn’t like he ever denied her anything. “But… why?”

“Because I sort of told them we were together?” She winced.

“You what?”

Jemma huffed a sigh and started pacing. “They’re always asking about my relationships as if it matters more than my grades, somehow. After a while, I just… caved and sort of implied we were together. Just so they would stop prying.”

“How long ago was that?” he asked faintly.

Jemma muttered something unintelligible.

“How long, Simmons?” Fitz demanded to know, as a feeling of dread coursed down his spine.

“About five months?”

“Five months?” He gaped at her for a few moments, until his expression of shock turned into a deep frown. “But we weren’t even friends, back then. Of all the male students in our year, why would you even mention me?”

“I don’t know,” she replied, her face growing bright red. “It seemed to make sense at the time.”

“I don’t understand,” he admitted before sitting heavily on her bed. He rubbed his face with his hands silently for a while. It was a lot to take in, especially when he never even had a real girlfriend yet.

“I’m so sorry,” she moaned. “I thought after a timely fashion, I could tell them we broke up and they would leave me alone –long enough for me to get over your cheating on me, at any cost–”


“–I never thought they would make a surprise visit so soon!”

“Too soon for me to have cheated on you, you mean?“ 

Fitz was outraged. Did she really think so little of him? Besides, it wasn’t even plausible. If one of them had the opportunity to cheat on the other and ruin their fake relationship, surely it would be her.

“Well, they’re landing at 8 o'clock. It might seem a little sudden. I mean, we were doing fine when I last spoke to them on the phone–”

“Bloody hell, Jemma! How much do you tell them about our imaginary romance?”

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so i guess that’s it, guys *wipes tears* see ya in two years. take care

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Keeper of the Birthday Unending, I find myself in need of solace that no mere mortal can give me. My boyfriend of the last 5 and a half years, the man I thought I would marry, broke up with me yesterday because he believes he cannot give me what I want and need. I still love him, and he has said he still loves me, though I'm not sure what shape that love takes. I bring myself, the fragments of my hopes and dreams, and an unbreakable will to persevere despite my agony of the current time.