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dude I know right when my mom told me I was heartbroken I couldn't believe that it's so crazy I hope he's doing better now tho

he’s not doing anyhow..which can’t be said about his wife, 6 children, bandmates, family members, friends and many, many other people who loved him… I don’t know what led him to it (no one will probably ever know) but suicide was NOT the solution


6x10 “Caged Heat” // 6x16 “And Then There Were None” // 12x13 “Family Feud”

“Like Father Like Daughter?” or “The Thing about Family and Betrayal”

For @spn-idjits-guide-to-hunting

This season really reminds heavily of S6 (kind of interesting it happens exactly six seasons later in S12) and of course the central element connecting all of the above is Mary Winchester. The myth, hopes and memories surrounding her and how it conflicts with reality. In any case when looking at all of these parallels it seems unlikely for Mary to not at some point be caught between BritMoL and her sons (well, she is already kind of so…) and the fact that Gavin’s story seems like such a major piece of parallel too for the end of the season, it is highly doubtful that Mary does not expect something in return from the BritMoL. I don’t think it’s crazy to assume that she may hope to be united with John again. Wether by bringing him back to life or her going Gavin’s road…

Don’t judge a Book by its cover.

You know the society you live in is really fucked up, when a stranger can judge another person based off of their portrayal of and them relating to a fictional character; when ALL the evidence points against them being a bad person and more likely you not knowing what you’re talking about.

That a person whose shown to be selfless, kind, hard-working, funny and humble can be debased by some fuckers pathetically cruel and idiotically nasty take - cause they think they know best due to his personality not conforming with societies boring bullshit and him acting differently towards people cause he’s doing his job and getting into character to give us the best performance possible, just cause he’s not being happy go lucky with every single person on set (even though Adam ‘I hate hugs’ Driver allowed John to continue hugging him even though he must have felt uncomfortable) especially the OT actors like Mark cause you’re a die-hard “fan” and can’t imagine why somebody wouldn’t… ugh.

There’s a reason Adam has social anxiety, and went/goes through depression, that he’s humble to the point of being heartbreakingly self-deprecating or that he doesn’t like physical contact- it’s judgmental fuckers like the ones going against every great thing the SW cast has said about him and in general what the themes of SW actually are - just cause they can’t get their ignorant heads out of their own backsides. It’s not a hat honey. It’s sickening, and disgusting, and it doesn’t just happen to Adam, but so many other people too. My friend’s little brother is autistic, and he is one of the smartest most awesome little lads I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing - yet people treat him differently just because he’s different from them - it makes me so angry sometimes, and sad.

I don’t like hugs, I’m introverted, I’d prefer an interesting book and a good cup of tea over conversing with other people most days; I don’t need to explain myself just to satisfy peoples self-righteous egos nor do they have a right to judge me - a person they know fuck all about or why I am the way I am.

It has become normal in our society for us to have to explain ourselves on anything and everything we say or do. Why the fuck should we have to explain ourselves? What right do you have to judge us? People, not all, have lost the ability to respect their fellow human, that we are complex creatures and you must first learn before you judge - otherwise it’s just a cycle of judgment and segregation and misinterpretation…it leads to walls between people, this can lead to hate and we all know where that leads to…suffering.

Until I was about 7, I didn’t actually know that racism, or sexism, or homophobia or discrimination or anything like that existed. It never crossed my mind, I’d always treated everyone equally and I never judged somebody on their skin color or their sexual preference/gender or the way they acted - I’m not saying I was perfect, cause I’m not believe me - I’m just saying those things weren’t concepts to me, they never crossed my mind. I found out through a history lesson on the Holocaust. Yeah. It left me baffled, asking why are humans seemingly so eager to hate one another for reasons that seemed so pointless to me? I’m still baffled to this day.

Star Wars especially has always been about hope, forgiveness and most importantly love. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. It’s about people coming together, about transcending those walls, and finding hope there in the darkness of our own reality. It’s fiction, yes, a story - but to every story there is always some truth. Our spec of time in infinity is not worth wasting on pettiness and judgmental hate. I know I’m a nobody, that my voice is just a soundless plea echoing into the endless void, but please. PLEASE. don’t be a puppet of ignorance. Our lives are our own stories and in the most basic way possible what I’m trying to say is…

Don’t judge a book by its cover.  


If you got to the end of this little rant of mine, bless you for having the patience to deal with my tired queer mind. I don’t know I just thought about all the stuff going around about Adam being creepy and BS assumptions of Adam from the VF interviews, and my sadness at the hate from some antis in the tags (especially as a Reylo shipper), and needed to just release my inner rantersaurus-rex. So thank you, and I hope you took something from this that wasn’t 'wtf is this weirdo going on about?’ X) and I hope you have a lovely day and know that for all the hate in the world, there will always, ALWAYS, be people who understand and are kind. Damn that was some heavy shit, sorry guys I’m not usually like that, lmao. 

May the force be with you. 

anyone else have really spiritual family members who tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you and that all of your hallucinations are real and they’re spirits and you’re “gifted” and like they’re probably trying to make you feel better but ????????? they’re making it so much worse ?????? because literally I depend on my personal labels/dx’s to feel safe and real and not crazy ?????? and it’s scary to hear that the things I’ve learned to believe a little bit aren’t true ???? does this make sense

Sunscreen and Splashing - Chapter 1 - CheekyBrunette - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 2/?
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Relationships: Kim Namjoon | Rap Monster/Kim Seokjin | Jin
Characters: Kim Seokjin | Jin, Kim Namjoon | Rap Monster, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung | V, Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Min Yoongi | Suga, Park Jimin (BTS)
Additional Tags: Family Bonding, Foster Care, Adoption, This is part of a series, but I don’t think you need to read any other works to understand this one, but if you’re interested in how the kids were placed with Namjin you can check out Welcome Home, This was going to be a oneshot but now it will have chapters
Series: Part 7 of Creating a Home

“Splish splash,” Jungkook said, smushed up against the edge of his playpen. Seokjin detangled himself from Jimin and Taehyung and freed Jungkook from the tiny fence encircling him. The sand engulfed his tiny feet when Seokjin put him down.

“Do you wanna come walking with us, Jungkookie?” Seokjin asked.

“Splish splash with Chim Chim,” Jungkook said seriously, his cheeks flushed from the hot sun. Seokjin held his hand.

“Okay, let’s go splish splash,” he agreed, looking to see if Namjoon was ready to go. He had Taehyung clinging to his back and Hoseok’s hand in his.

“Ready?” Namjoon asked.

Seokjin squeezed Jungkook’s hand. “Ready.“

(In which Namjoon and Seokjin take the boys to the beach.)

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Hiii! I hope you're having an awesome holiday week! If you're not too busy, could you talk a little about what the characters would do on Christmas day? OR (since I'm Jewish) what do each of the characters order when they get Chinese takeout? Not necessarily on Christmas day, but in general. OK, that's all. Happy New Year!!!

I think the only character that really goes all-out-Christmas-crazy is Caleb and his family. They are into it. Like, matching-Christmas-sweaters-on-Christmas-morning kind of into it. They go to church on Christmas Eve (mostly the afternoon service with the pageant, though in the past few years, Caleb has been going to the midnight mass with his parents, which he loves) and then spend all of Christmas in their pajamas covering their living room in wrapping paper. Caleb usually drags everyone outside after present opening to play some sort of game (if he can talk them into it, touch football; if his sister is running things, then Quidditch) and then they eat a lot of food and spend the 26th in a food-induced coma. 

In the past, Joan and Mark have taken the day to hang out, just the two of them, eat whatever Mark feels like cooking, and watch a bunch of old Christmas movies. The day usually begins with It’s A Wonderful Life and ends with White Christmas or Meet Me in St. Louis, by which time Mark is drunk and performing all the songs for Joan in front of the TV while she throws popcorn at him. 

Chloe and her mom do a lot of baking and singing and then go for a long walk in the afternoon. They almost always give each other hand-made gifts. This year, Frank joined and now has about six different knit hats. 

On the years when Hanukkah and Christmas don’t overlap, they celebrate with Adam’s aunt Annabelle (his mom’s sister), which usually entails a nice dinner and then board games. If Hanukkah falls during Adam’s break from school, they’ll use the holiday to go to Ohio and see his dad’s family. 

Sam usually listens to Christmas music and gives Darwin some gifts. When she’s feeling especially festive, she’ll go to the most expensive bakery in town, get a Buche de Noel, and eat the entire thing herself. 

Damien goes to a bar. It’s one of the few days a year where he gets drunk and tries to actually talk to people as himself. It doesn’t usually go great. 

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Hardcore crying and looking like a total blubbering mess because of episode 12. Thank god my family isn't home right now or they'd think I'm even more crazy than they already think I am. I feel so refreshed after watching it but also pretty sad because it's over. I need a hug lol. But I have hope that they're definitely going to make a second season! I'm so glad that I watched this show💖

me the entire episode ^ yES ANON, I feel the same!

I honestly think the entire fandom deserves a hug after what we’ve created and shared. I’m extremely thankful for this show because of the great characters, story and animation. I can tell that it sparked so much inspiration among artists (including me!) and writers here on tumblr, it was so refreshing to see floods of analysis posts, gifsets, fics, art, etc. after every wednesday night! Thank you all for the creative content!

I believe season 2 is confirmed, don’t take my word for it because I may be wrong, but I’m still very much satisfied with this season and it certainly exceeded my expectations!

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Me & my family have chickens & they eat their eggs. But when i became vegan & found how chickens are supposed to eat their own unfertilised eggs it made so much sense, and i now sneak out to break their eggs open & let them eat like they're supposed to. They LOVE it! The family just think they're laying less now (they get to the eggs before i do sometimes so i'm hoping the chickens start breaking them open themselves soon)! Call me crazy but i think they've been more affectionate to me since!

Aww you’re too sweet.. That’s really cute and lovely of you. I’d probably do the same if I had chickens.

Hey there, friendos! Come see my family album!

Hi there! My name is Ali, and I’m the creator of the blog @gastersans​!

(Yeah, Ali, present your tryharding picture as you introduce yourself. Great idea). 

Currently, my blog is has a little under 5,000 followers! AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT’S A LOT OF PEOPLE FOR A GOOB LIKE ME IT’S FUCKING AMAZING. (To learn more about Gaster!Sans, please see @borurou, the creator of this au). But, amazing or not, I’ve beginning to notice that I’ve been unable to connect to people as much as I used to–messages get unseen, inboxes unreplied, etc., especially with how busy life has been lately. 

Because of that, well… I decided to come up with “Fam Fridays.” And, as silly as that sounds, it means a lot to me–one of the things that drew me into Undertale (and its fandom) was the amount of pure love and community that grew so astoundingly quicky. So, how does one keep that with so many people involved?

Well… I decided, at least to start, to do a “family album,” of sorts. A way for people to see themselves and others in whatever sense they wanted to portray–ideally, their selfie, but also a picture of a body part, art, etc. that they felt represented them. Somehow, people were generous enough to respond to my wish.

So…If you feel that crazy, heartmelting feeling towards these fellow human beings who love this amazing game, this family album is for you! If you want to be a part of it, click here! For those who wish to see their family, well… Just keep reading below the cut!

Welcome to your family, friends! ♥

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You know what... I am sure that one day (I hope soon) Jen and Josh will announce that Joshifer is real and they are together. And do you know why I am sure? Beacause that kind of love (like theirs) last forever! And they will build a family together. And no, I'm not some crazy Joshifer shipper... But their love is so obvious, they adore each other.. you can see it in their еyеs... there is a sparkle that I see in the eyes of those 60 yearolds coples that wold give up their lives for each other

You need to come off anon so we can talk about this, because everything you said was so on point. BRAVO!

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family!au where Sawamura is the dad, "you" is the mom and the rest of karasuno are their sons / daughters? maybe kinda like the dad has 4 kids or you've 5 kids! I'm dying to read something like this! thank you

Another family!AU ;w; I hope I did this one justice! I think my muse for this one was too thirsty so it’s longer than what I normally write. Some background info here just so you don’t get confused: Sawamura and ‘you’ recently got married and some of the kids are from your previous marriages and the same goes for Sawamura too. They’re all closer in age with Asahi being the oldest and Kageyama being the youngest.

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if taylor swift follows me i will proclaim my love for all cats on my balcony. and then do the whole rap in shake it off. really loudly. I promise. cross my heart and hope to die. (i live in a 30 block building & i’m on the 19th floor) and we are surrounded by other buildings cuz i live in hong kong so i guarentee you like 100 families will yell at me for it/at least hear me and think 'that girl's definitely gone crazy'. i’m serious i'm so serious.

you can hold me to my word.

will you guys be nice enough to reblog & spread this so taylorswift​ will see it?<3 i’m fully ready to embarrass myself and i’m depending on the swiftie fam:) pls help me out*v* 

*whispers* i’ll even film it yo

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Asalam alaykum, I feel like there's no sinner out there like me. I used to be better than I am now. I feel no peace, I always cry, feel depressed. I never feel happy. My family make matters worse. I just don't know what to do anymore. I constantly cry.... I just want to be happy. No matter what I do it's never enough. And no one hurts me more than my mom. You wouldn't understand. There's only so much more I'll be able to take. I'm literally going crazy. Please can everyone pray for me? Thanks.

Elikum Salam,

Calm down. You are not the worst of sinners - you are not like Pharaoh or Abu Jahl. Do not lose hope. This is the trap many fall into and become hopeless - they assume that they have committed too many sins and that they will not be forgiven - this leads them to become depressed and this is exactly what shaitan wants. He wants to see the believers depressed. 

So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers. (3:139)

“Depression/grief weakens the heart, dampens one’s resolve and erodes one’s will, and there is nothing more pleasing to Shaytan than the sorrow of a believer. So rejoice! Spread cheer! Be positive and think good of Allah. Trust in Him and rely on Him. Indeed you will find happiness and deep contentment in all circumstances" - Ibn al-Qayyim

In this hopelessness, we forget that we as human beings do not even have the power/ability to commit soo many sins that Allah will be unable to forgive us. Allah forgives all sins. We forget this soo easily.

Say: O My servants! who have acted extravagantly against their own souls, do not despair of the mercy of Allah; surely Allah forgives the faults altogether; surely He is the Forgiving, the Merciful (39:53)

“And never give up hope of Allah’s Mercy. Certainly, no one despairs of Allah’s Mercy, except the people who disbelieve.” (12:87)

The Prophet ﷺ said: “Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, says, ‘O son of Adam, as long as you call on Me, I shall forgive you of what you have done, and think nothing of it. O son of Adam, even if your sins were to reach up to the clouds in the sky, and then you were to ask for My forgiveness, I would forgive you and think nothing of it. O son of Adam, even if you were to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth, and then you were to meet Me after death, not worshiping anything besides Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great as the earth.’” (Tirmidhi)

Imagine all of the sins you have committed - they will never ever be enough to fill up the whole planet or reach the sky. I don’t know what the reason is behind your depression and sadness but if it is because of a certain even that has occurred then know that whatever has happened has happened only because Allah SWT willed it to. It may seem to you right now that this isnt what should have happened but this may actually be a mercy from Allah SWT, may have protected you from an even bigger problem that you could have gotten into or it may simple be a trial sent from Allah SWT to test the strength of your faith and help you draw closer to Him. The believer does not get depressed over what has been decreed - one might get sad for a while but then quickly realizes the importance of putting their trust in Allah SWT to have chosen the best for them.

And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know. (2:216)

“Let the days do as they please. And be optimistic when destiny decrees. Do not despair due to the events of nights past. For the events of this world were not meant to last.” - Imam Shafi'i

Every time you feel like sadness and depression is taking over you, or every time you feel like crying, stand up and establish two rakah salah. This is what the Prophet   used to do when He was sad. It healed His () pain and it will heal yours too in’sha’Allah.

As far as your relationship with your mother is concerned, I can’t say much since I don’t know both sides of the story. I can just advice you to be patient and talk to her about what upsets you - if you let her know that something she does upsets you she might stop doing it. Also, there may be things that you do that upset her - try to stop doing those things. Have an open two-way conversation with her where you both try to be calm and let each other know what you dislike about the other person - in’sha’Allah it will help. Human beings often want others to know what they are thinking without actually telling them but no one can read minds - if something that your family does is upsetting you, tell them clearly that they are hurting you. 

You can check out the following links - they might be helpful: 1 2

Supplications you should recite to help you feel better: 1 2 3 

I have you in my prayer. Keep asking Allah SWT for help and don’t ever lose hope in Him. Takecare.

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Yom Kippur is approaching & I have to decide whether to fast. When I do not eat (low blood sugar) I am a highly unpleasant (maybe even a little violent but not like really dangerous or anything) person. My family doesn't want me to fast but I feel pressure from my friends to fast. To me ignoring the fasting feels like taking the easy route, but I don't know that I can really atone when I'm being a horrible/crabby person. Should I fast? eat? follow the rules for illness? (I'm Reform/Conservative)

Hi anon!
That seems to be quite a predicament that you are in. The pressures to do what our family and friends hope us to do can drive a person crazy!

In a situation like this, I would normally say to follow your gut. That you know what the correct thing to do it. But in a situation specifically like this, I fear of your health. I think that we all need to be super careful and prepared (to fast and or make tough decisions about fasting) on this and every fast day.

I personally think that you can find meaning in Yom Kippur without fasting. There is a beautiful prayer (below) in the new Reform Makzor for North American congregations. (Mishkahn Henefesh for Yom Kippur, p 10)

No matter what you choose to do, I hope that you have a safe day (possibly an easy fast) and of course a hag Sameach!

Gmar Hatima!

For Those Who Must Eat During Yom Kippur

Rofei chol basar - Healer of all living creatures;
I thank You for the breath that is in me
for the community of Israel that lives
for the possibilities of today and tomorrow.

May my eating be as a fast ;
May it be dedicated to You, to t'shuvah-
to the renewal and respiration of my relationship
to you, to others, and to myself.